Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1954
Page 4
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&v&$ A R f H O I* fc , ARKANSAS Irt NEWSPAPER sg'UlJB. | ST m ^ reedom , ot-jhej rsHop OCT. 8-8 1954- NEWSPAPER-WEEK.- As the official paster yon, the keynote Is ttut your dally newspaper is » j tarmh'Ot freedom, & meetto* gwund,<ror, oplhlon; a market plaee , of vle^»olht. Like so many other Institutions thafchave been part , oHM *cciife?Volr generations, newspapers are sometimes taken for eranted. This 18 the rtwt o* * series, telling: you how newspapers let%ach dtften-know-what-Ws.ftllows are-doing and thinking. , *tr IV ' he TO f 'HILT—The B-57 shows part of its destructive < n tanhs hanging urider Its, broad 'wings and a, "lethal load of explosives In the open bomb-bay door. The new bomber is now in production at the Martin Co.; in Baltimore, Md. Botchelor Is Sentenced to SAN AN1'(JNIO, Tex. (UP) — pi. Claude J. Hatchclor \vns oiind guilty .last nifiht of colabor- tifig with his (Chinese Commu- ist captqrs and squealing on ttl- ow Aerirfans during 35 months s a POW. He was entenced to :fe imprisonment at hard labor. The eight officers on the court naa-tial, all veterans of the Kocan war, took only two hours nd , 14 minutes to convict Batche- or, and. another 30 minutes to de- ermine tho, sentence. It was ihe stiffesl possible sen- efice. Th eramy had barred the ourt — before llntchelov's Irial began Aug. 30 — from consider- ng the death penalty. tJatchclor's attorneys made no mmedlatc statement about an apical. Under military lav/, the con iction and i sentence must be lUtomatica.'ly reviewed by three soards. A fourth appeal then can made to a board of three civi ian. * , 'I can take it," Batihelor said vhen the verdict was announced. 3ut his mother, Mva. Clara Mae 3atchelor of 'Kermit, Tex. ciied. Wrien she continued sobbing, he said, "now you're getting me alp- set.:' 'I was prepared for it 1 ' Mrs. 3atchelor said later in an interview. "But it ,hit me sort of Shy began to cry ngain. If I could just take him home with me" she said when she re- ained her composure "That's all I'd ask." Sunday & Monday at Saenger Rory CALHOUrsTmakes a pbyToTMarilyn MONROE id20th Century- Fox's "RIVER OF NO RETURN," in CinemaScope and Technicolor, Not Unusual for People to Have Allergy to Money But Money Often Alergic to Them Ex-Committee Leader Dies hefv^OTld t rEf&ennbw- -VI'"' 1 *''" " H-> "*-'- ! i rstumping • with* ,'*.< LAUREL SPRINGS, N. C. (/P),— Robert L. Doughtou, chairman of the HOUSIJ Ways and Means Committees in the Franklin Roosevelt and Truman administrations, was found dead in bod at his home here today. He was 00. .Doughton, who introducer! • more J.aj^ bills than any man in U. S. history and authored tliu country's first social security law, -retired from politico in 1353; after 42 years as.a representative. He since had limited his activities but; had made occasonal speches in support Democratic candidates -in North Carolina. national . the •f •*, tr> . i fftSpare/l',,8 major ' •vvryi-j- "T^r*.? " $J#4Hpp, -T;:«4. They 1 imja^ca^ texfd;- ••&fotf£ *,Jh»v ir,"4he es •%Vi",' [ t ST. LOUIS LIVESTQC^ ,1 NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. 6p) — Hogs, 9,500; moderately ac- ^v4; r "b^rubws ,<and gilta 180 lb up £0-(fo .lowo.-. tlian yfcsterday'S aver- itgo; lighter weights 50-73 lower; EOWS ,'wenH. to 'mosfl.v 25 low^'" choice 180^36,0 lb 19.00-25 with 19.00101 most frqely fcaJd: load mostly choice No.' 1 around 200 lb 10.35; load aroynd'280- l hlS.SO;' 15C-170 1W 18.25-19'00} few 120-140' lb 17.5018.25; sow.3 400 lb down..l v .OO-18,2S; mostly' 18,00 down, heavier sows j.OOOC.Tb;, boars 12 00-10.00. Cattle 1,200, cnlve», 500 1 , stcrs incliidedr ar.c lot clvpice yearling 'steers at 23.50; vniious small lots commercial, and good, stcrs anc butener yearlings' 18,00-22'00; these « v enej-Rlly , steady! cows opening fea^y^ . utility and comercif. ftOO ; 13,00;; canner and cuHers 0.50 '9,OOi,.bullS steady; utility and^om mer<?iarril,5Q43.00; fl.wner and cutter bulls a.OO-ll.OO; vealers and calves* steady although slaughte calves closing to wt-ak soiv ai^ full; few indivHVinl head, high choice an,d prime- veajers 7.2.00 23.00' good, and choice, 17.00-21.00 comercial' and low good 13.00 1B#0; culls 7,00^0,00; comercia id" good slaughter calves 12.00 15.00;*- ' ' •' . Shep ?00: dull,' weak •'upderton. »i' lamb trade'; fe\v solds 25-5 Jower; eai'Jy, sale's choice -ant 2(1:00-25'; smull' lot t ^ butfih(er»20.00; iwiiicrous Jots stl ' unso}'dj','ag«'4 '' steady; (.laugh 3'.00 NJ5W YORK W — ' Tlie' Stoc Market presenlod an' irrogula nylce picture, today' jn 'tho earl nfterpoot} with,, tt somevvliat Jowu tendency ip 5 ev4d9n«o, §o'm ,e, ''jptopkii moved 0:25; 92 A 59.75; 00 B 58; 89 C 5.75; cars 90i B 53,5: 89 C 50.2. EggH weak; receipts 14,227; vhOlesalc buying prices 1 to 4 eht Ipwer; U. S. largn vf'hilcs 1; mixed 41; U. S. mediumes 21; S, standards 23; current, re- eipts 22; dirties 19; checks 185 He served as the party't. comitteeman fro m North Carolina after retiring. Affectionately known .an "Muley B6b" Dpiighton who- grew up in North Carolina's mountain country said he goti the name be cause, "I don't like to change a decison, once-mad-?.' By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK >ff\ — Pickup items from a Pavement Plato: It is 'not at all unusual ( for .people to have an nUcrjjy to money, Hhough ficnerally it'<; the other ay around money seems to be llergic ,to us. What most of us allergic to the fact we often get less money or a jofi lhaii we Tcel we should, ut even here we protect our- elves against the allergy with the onsoling remark, "but after all, s nothing to sneez-: 'at." Some years ago I knew a woman 'ho actually suffered physical dis- ress from handling mony. Every me she touched cash, her hands roke out in .a rash. Ironically, she worked as a crsh- er. The only way she could itop ntil she met and married a well: He post was to wear white cotton gloves. Life was quite a problem to her o r do businessman. He gave her a big checking account, and that cured her I/and• rash almost overnight. .Somehow nobody ever seems a 1 .- ergic to' a checkbook. For thai npatter, I never hoard of a man jeing; allergic to cash. It must be an,occupational disease peculiar senator, he expressed regrets that he hadn't brought a live lion back from his African hunting trips. "I could have turned him. loose YORK COTTON NEW YORK I/V) — Cotton xutures vere lower today, as further liq- lidntion came into the market and lontinued talk. .of a higher government cotton crop forecast on Frilay next week. Late afternoon prices were 20 o 45 cents a bale lower than the previous close. Oct. 34.88, Dec. 15.03, -Mch, 35.32. TO GET MENTAL TEST 'HARRISBURG f/P) Thirty-two yeai>old Kenne.th, Sultan?;, the las of thre emon to be captured afte they broke out of ^Poinsett County Jail early last month,- has ben re leased to doctors for a mental ex amination. Sullens is one of three men charged with robbing the E. Ritte 1 Co, store at Marked Tree, Ark. June 25. His escape from jail las, month was made with'two me not .connected in the Market Tre robbery charge. A report on the mental examina tion is expected'. next week. y.omen. .Our odd notions about : foreign ers are equalled only by their odd notions about us. An. Italian lady, who came t< Long Island to live, after marry ing /a former American Army of fer, recently Tet.iirned: . to he hornelancl ' for a visit. • She found th'e Italian children in. her villag \Xearing cowboy guits, and ever some of the old folfe wanted i< know how she guarded 1 hersel in th against Indian ambushes United States. Is it true that the Americans when they finish a meal, put thei feet up on the dinner table' aske< one child. 1 All- Americans-presidents, at on time or another, have their brusl ep with the legislative; branch. .No exception was Presiden Theodore Roosevelt. Rjminiscin about a verbal collision with on Segregation Group Is Successful By BILL LOFTU3 MILFORD. Del. W — Triumph ant segregation forces said today the temporary defeat of integra- lion in Milford's high sc'iool is "the first step toward our mate goal of making sure thnt no Negroes attend white schools in the state." The pro-segregationists scored n victory yesterday when a new school board in Milford announced it was rescinding an order integrating 11 Negro pupils in the 10th grade of the Lakovicw Ave. school "in the best interests oC the pij- pils in the community." The board's statement did not say whether segregation was permanent, or only effective for the period until the II. 15. Supreme court hands down its decision m how integration shall be carried out. The president of the Delaware chapter of the National A?sn, for the Advanmecent of Colored People, Wagner P. Jackson, denounced the action as a "shameful, degrading spectacle of our dully constituted authority gnominiously surrendering to the illegal actions of a lawless mob. He said "we Friday, 6ctober 1, 19S4 ^ He declined to next legal action.' elaborate. ' NOTICt RODIO VISITORS lOhickehs ready t'o eat TSHced pork-beef Bar-Bid, sandwiches .3 for $1 BURt'S BAR B Q Jfiear A&P and Kroger Stores H 5 f.-l* S t A * , t , A * K A-N S A I SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 6 A. M. and 4 P. M. at 521 Peach street. The Rev, Ernest- Hollaway, Jr.. missionary to' Japan, will give a talk and show pictitres 'fit the First Baptist Church oft Monday evening at 7:30. TURNXIP CURL for that growing out stage. Come in today . . . at MARY.EDNA BEAUTY'SHOP 115 S. Elm Ph. 7-2615 n the floor of the Senate," he aid wistfully. "Aren't you afraid he'd cat the /rong man" asked a friend. Not if he 1 was trnre long nough," replied Roosevelt cheer- .illy. Which came. first the chick- n or the egg That is .one of the uman race's favorite riddles. Recently it puzzled the • small daughter of a lady reader of this iepartment, who forwarded her hild's solution. "The chicken . must have come irst, mama," reasoned the child. 'I pan see how Go'd could make a hicken — but 1 can't imagine lim laying an egg." The trouble with columnists is hey like to make big flat-headed generalizations they can't >rove. I find myself in this pickle. The other day 1 mad* the bad statement that never in history of'the world lived there a woman vho hadn't sometime secretly searched the trousar pockets of ier husband or growing boys. Today I have a rebuttal from Vtrs. Cora Holmes of Big Spring, Tex., who has reared two sons and has been twice widowed. "I hereby make oath and affidavit that I never put iny hands (either of them) in any pocket of any o fhotse men at any time, never not once/' she wrote in a; letter that bear:i the seal of a Texas notary public. All I can say in self-defense is that this is just one more proof that Texas has everything. have already begun planning our Relieve Suffering Fast-Effectively with For Quality and Beauty in Finest of WALLPAPER see us, Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Phone 7-3495 422 E. Div. ARMY SURPLUS Folding Cots • New G. I. Field Shoes • New Navy Hip Boots • New B-29 Army Field Coats • New & Used Combat Boots • Guns • Short and Long • Gas Can «... Jeep Tops • Cool Buckets.. REAVES BARGAIN HOUSE and PAWN SHOP Across From Post Office § Calendar Sunday October 3 Sunday, October 3, tho Primary and Junior Children of the Methodist Church parents with 5:30 families working together will a treasure hunt, followed by ppor on the church lawn and singing in the Sanctuary. will entertain their a family party. At Monday October 4 W. S. C. S. Circle 3 of the First in the home of Mrs. Circle 4 of the W. S. C. S. will meet at 3 p. m. Mortday, October •iVfethodist Church will meet Mon-]4, in the home of Mrs. Don Smith in the I with Mrs. W. T. Franks as co-hos- [DOROTHY D1X, Mofhervs.Girl'Frfend day. October 4, at 3 p. m. home of Mrs. Garretl Story with Mrs. Stith Davenport and Mrs. J. W. Henderson as co-hostesses. Hope Band Auxiliary will tess. Dear Miss hix: I'rrt 19 and haVe, been going with Boyd for a year. Recently his parents gSvfe a party for his twentieth birthday and I Was invited. All .evening he showed so much affection for and at-, tention to his mother that I was embarrassed. 1 felt neglected and; join you in discouraging the girl's attentions. t ^ 4 Teddy Jones will be giiest spea- I'm sure our friends noticed how. ker at a meeting of the Hempstead he ignored me. 1 have observed' meet County Classroom teachers at in Cannon Hall on Monday, October Paisley Elementary school .ort 4. at 7:30 n. m. The executive meet- Monday. October 4, at 7 p. m. The ing will he held at 7 o'clock. At 3 n. m. Monday. October 4, Circle 2~of the W. S. C. S. will meet O. W. Amos subject of his talk will be " omic Freedom." 'Acad- with' Circlc (3 of the W, S. C. S. of the First Methodist' Church will meet alsd that if his family, has thing special to do he'll go them evening tor marriage, or db you think 1 am News Briefs i in preferences to spending the ing with me. Will he ehahge af' unreasonably. Final Devotion Answer: A'boy's v *** BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM HARRIET . „ _ affection tot his - | in the home of Mrs. Syvelle A. | mo ther certainly is no- cause f6r I Burke, with Mrs. David Waddle. you to be ernbartassed- after all, Monday afternoon. it can j, c assumed 'that sh6 went to considerable trouble to have the party. Therefore- a proper show of appreciation isn't at all oitt'of'oi 4 ' der. Whether you are' confronted BY REFRIGERATION • TODAY & SATURDAY • co-hostess, October 4. on at 2 o'clock. The First Baptist Woman's Missionary Society will have a business Dear Miss Dix: We're a group of office workei-s with a problem. Due to illness, 1 took a leave of absence and a young girl was hfred as tenv pdtAfy replacement. Since my return to work last jnonih she has continued to come in every day, just sitting arotma, getting in every- bhe's way anB askihg a million questions, What can we do abbut her? MARY Answer: Surely ah appeal to your boss could keep her away, unless, as seems likely, she's a relative ot his. Iii any case, you definitely should tell the powers that be that her presence is interfering with the efficient operation of the office. LONDON (Ut*> — John 31, began a yeftr's imprisonnjient as on "incorrigilfle roff'ie" today be cause he refuse* t3 say why he Wants to break into art factory in London's seedy End. Corlls has Jjjeert jni!ed six times for illegally entorinij the disused premises, and each lime hi has made a beelirte for the empty factory as soon as 'he wns leased Ho hps refused to tf.lk to police or court official who tried to get an explanation of his strange behavior. GETS YEAR'S SENTENCE. LITTLE ROCK (fi*> — Charles Avery,' 22, of- North Little Rock, convicted of grand larceny by a Pulaski Circuit Court jury, has baen sentenced to one year in prison. Avery was convicted of takhv plumbing fixtures from a North Little Rock house July 23. Judge Harry C. Robinson pro nounced sentence. STAY AT A HOTEL If's on experience for the Children— they will love it! Children Under 14 Free , At THESE LITTLE ROCK HOTELS Marion • Albert Pike Grady Mannnig • Lafayette i meeting and program at the church with a ybunfi man wh'd has deep re-' 'at 1:30 p. m. Monday. October 4. | gar( j for his parent^ or one'who will never outgrow the apron strings is a matter only you can decide. Your short, letter didn't indicate much except that you like to be the center of attention. Truck and really save going all-out to give the Best Deals TEX and BILL ELLIOTT Two Fisted Stars of the Wild West Prairie, Hittin' the High Road to Action & Melody! "BULLETS FOR BANDiTS' • ALSO • m 3v years! \vei5p, logses, There -were Oils,, ar4«jtherR wor.? numerous plus signs ;i> chemicals and rail' adg, MpiPjv issues and uu'lines me^ .Joww, T^e ste)?, ajrcrafts, /, 6HA1N , t: p, ( 1,57V No/> 5 Oats; npne low, 2,^19, Bpyl,ey 1.56. t' Nip- 2 >«i. waiting 1,3 W>9; feed ".^HigAQO (l^_-« J^'vo poultry ;y receipts W saving now a Chapter 4 of New Serial 'Manhunt in the African Jungle'' & COLOR CARTOON, "MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE" SUN. & MON. »J 5; ^. Triple Economy She's the Hongyv tonk Dancer, the Gambler's vffloll, the Sultry Ballad Singer . . • Hear Marilyn Sing . . . River Of .No Return Down in the Meadow One Silver-Dollar I'm Gonna F'ile My Claim -i YOURFORPO ^^-li, "TOUCH ME ...AND I'LL TEAR YOU APART" C : * iM The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of he Unity Baptist Church will meet or the regular weekly meeting at ! p. m. Monday. Mrs. John H. Arnold will be hos- .ess to the W. S. C. S. Circle 1 of on Monday, m. Co-hostess vill be Miss Mable Ethridge. ,he Methodist church October 4, at 3 p. Tuesday October 5 Popular Grove 190 Woodman Circle, will have its regular month- y meeting at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, October 5, at the W. O .W. Hall. The Alpha Delta Chapter of tlje Dear Miss Dix: My sister Is oy- ersweet to my husband and tries to seek his company at every opportunity. He avoids her as much as possible, as he knows the kind of person"she'-is. AS she ls-"'a-mehv her of my 1 family, I am obliged to be restrained, but find her conduct most annoying. • SUSAN Answer: Your best course is to make a joke of the whole thing. A little kidding can do much more , . ^,:^?CPt¥J52 "third members",oft where places ftt-e bl State officials i«mt some of the counHe', ., rutes exist the BisnUTcfaUe nOrrii nees have endorsed me« adVSr*eert by two factions. , Ordinarily the slate bdard tfflteS Delta Kappa Gamma Society will- than a heavy dose of indignation meet with Mrs.; B. B. McPherson since your hus b an d also is annoy- on Tuesday, October 5, at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. R. E. Jackson will be associate hostess. ed at her demonstrations he can Notice The Primary and Junior children of the First Methodist Church and their families will meet at hte church at 5:30 p. m. Sunday for a treasure hunt in family groups. followed by supper on the lawn of ' ally-tucked, white mums and asters. Palms were used at either side of the altar. Wedding music was by Miss Delores Thomas, organist, and Mrs. Robert Boulter; soloist. The bride, given in marriage by her father, chose a gown of frost white tulle over satin. The' diagon- Dear Miss tilx: In a recent letter you t6ld a young' mah that his fiancee was being unfair and childish in her treatment of' him. fid you take into consideration that there may be reasons for her aC' tions? Perhaps she feels she's unworthy of him, or her health may be mpaired, or she may have a mental difficulty. Surely If' she's disturbed'or nervous, and'doesn't want to burden the'ohe she loves with her troubles, she .doesn't deserve to be'called childish. NOR AH Answer: Since I am vouchsafed only one side of a story, and since even that is usually compressed in k quite short letter, my .advice or opinions must necessarily be based on whatever conclusions I can draw rom the facts presented. Reading as much into any letter as you olit- ine Would, certainly be impossible. Most young girls are of'good physical attd : mental health. Many of hem'do'act selfishly toward their young men. This is no crime — just an attitude that'the man must learn o recognize 1 . Your concern is lavt- dable, but as much trouble can be caused'by'making excuses f6r people' as 'by being too harsh with them. DJAKARTA, Indonesia 'UP) -Russia wants to buy 100.000 tons of Indonesian rubber, but officials here have noi yet tlecided Whether to supply the Soviet demand, diplomatic sources snirl today. Representatives of the two nations were said to hav-? discussed the proposed deal in London and later in Amsterdam, so far Without Striking a bargain, NEW CASTLE-ONTYNE, EntJ- land (UP) Streetcar 1 ? will , halted when Queen Elizabeth visits this famous coal port next month to insure her against In jury .fr'6'm a live power cable. Police Chief Gcori'e S. Jackson said trolley power will bo .shut oft during the queen's hour-long stay downtown to guard against the I,00b,0ti0-to-l" chance of a cable ircak. molded' bodice was the church. They will then go to the ' defined with a portrait- neckline Sanctuary at 6:30 for group sing-! am j brief sleeves edged in Venice ing and discussion of "The Bible'' in the Home." Mr. and Mrs. John McRae Cox On New Orleans Wedding-Trip . Mr. and Mrs. John McRae Cox are on a wedding trip to New Orleans and Gulfport, Miss., following their marriage at 8 o'clock Saturday Trinity TeXas. The bride night, September 25, in Baptist Church in' Tyler, ' is the former' Miss Barbara Ann Simmons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Simmons of Tyler. She is a graduate of Tyler High School and Tyler Commercial College. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. ; and Mrs. Charles J; Cox of Hope. He Was graduated from Hope High School and Tyler Commercial College. The Rev, C. Waldon Sanders read the double-ring vows before the altar, which was centered with an arch of silver and white cafi- delabra, banked 'with baskets of lace. Tiny satin-covered buttons fastened the bodice.,The full waltz- length skirt of tulle-over satin was 1 embroidered' in Venice'lace"motijt. A tiny hat, encrusted with seed pearls, held'her veil of tiered : illus' ion. She carried a white prayer book topped with a white orctf.d and stephanotis and'showered with satin streamers. The maid of'honor, Miss Sandra Milam of Dalla'sY, was attired in a .bouffant organza- dress of green shading into blue tones. She car ried a nosegay of feathered carria MAIN & COUNTRY, CLUBRD8. (DOUBLE FEATURE • FINAL NITE•> BARGAIN KITE l-A Whole Carload For Only . . . 50c chool Lesson BUENOS AIRES (UP) — Presi- 1cht Juan D. Pcron has wnined he Catholic church not, to meddle n the affairs of Argentina's gov- rnment-sponsored labor unions. In a speech yesterday at the leadquarters of tho General Fed oration of Labor, the president sail "religion must do its work outside union organiatiom." Six New England churches have Steeples designed by the famous architect, Christopher Wren. CANOVA HEIRESS • ALSO • FRED MacMURRAY VERA RALSTON "FAIR WIND TO JAVA''. TRUCOLORI Plus a Good Color Cartoon Saturday Only Double Feature tions and and feverfew: Donnell Bagley of Shreyepbrt Lia., was best man. Ushers were Raymond' Layne and Charles-Seal of Tyler. The mother of'the bride' wore a dress' of grey Alencon lace' and tulle over taffeta 5 with a''bronze mum corsage. The bridegroom's mother was'attired in a rhinestohe trimmed ava'cadp 'faille suit with a corsage of bronze 'mums. A reception was-held in the Fellowship Hall'of the church. The table was covered with a white' satin cloth overlaid in'ruff led aqua'net. The centerpiece was of white 1 mums and button chrysanthemums and' clusters of 'white 'chrysanthemums were at the corners -of', the' table; Tapers in can'delabra lighted the table. Th'e tiered wedding cake was top' ped with a miniature groom. Mrs. Charles^ Beall presided at By WiltiSm E!. Gllr6y, b. 1 D. In this and in future comment for a time I propose to f look into the Old Testament, the scriptxrres which devout and deep-seeing. Jews wrote I out of'their intense quests for truth. It is a record of their experience, afteh eVen in suffering and'per- secution as they sought to make known the ways of God to men, and 'ttie responsibilities of'men toward God and toward .their fellowmen. It is a fascinating! study, ; and wh'at is more it is profitable for enlightenment and guidance in the affairs of'tbday. Beyond the individual experience of saints and prophets, enlightening for those who would follow in their footsteps today, the social and natural history of' Israel constitutes the most profound and valuable textbook concerning- the rise' and fall of nations. It tells what makes a people great and what brings downfall and tragedy when the moral and spiritual foundations give Way. , When, in addition to my' own family, I used to have with me in the summertime my nephews and nieces, ' I followed the old-fashioned custom of family worship each day, with reading from the" Bible. The children often would say, "Read the Old Testament, Uncle," I sus- .pe'ct.that their interest was not so bride and muc h in the deepest that the Old Testament has to offer, but'in the Fresh Banana LAYER CAKE Brown Sugar Fudge i LAYER CAKE s Old Fashion & Fudge ' Topped BROWNIES • Fresh' * BROWN 'N' SERVE ROLLS Daily JOE'S •OFT BAKERY Fojliwec! t>y Basket'O'lnrfe^ ^^""A^'""' George Montgomery in '''(SUK'BTItt" TECHNICOLOR Plus: Popeye Color Sun. $ Mon, * the punch bowl, Mrs. C, A'. Denson served the wedding cake, and Miss Pat Fuliertoh' was at the bridg's book. As the couple left for their wedding trip, the bride wore a navy Italian cotton with. metallic button trim, navy velvet, hat, white gloves, and a white-,orchid corsage: They will niake their home in Danville, Ark. Out-of-town guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cox--and-dau- ghtei-j'Betty; Mrs. Rosa Harrie.'Mr. and Mrs. John Harrie and Coil Ardithy Mr. and ; Mrs. Thomas ivic- Rae Cox and daughter, Sara, Athel Dean 1 Roach' ; and Robert'Hu'girCoSc, all of Hope; Mr. and Mrs, Josejrtij Cole and son, Joseph, ! of San 1 Antonio; Mf. and Mrs, J. A: Deeds, Mr. artd'Mrs: W. W; Simmon's, Mr; and Mrs. J. R; Deed's, Mr. and' Mrs. Jack Kelty, Mi', and Mrs. J.' O. Milain. Mr. ^nd M,rs. Fred Simmon's, MK and : Mrs. T; I/. P'u'ckett and' Sidney^ Kuykendall of Dallas; Mrs; Myrtle \Vhite', Mr. ^nd Mrs. Fat' White, Mr.' and' Mrs; ; ^ivin Grimes. Mr .and'Mrs. M:' E5. IrtThite and Mr. and Mrs. ,W. C, \Vhjte of'behton; Mr. an'd .'Mia. Arthur Watson, Mr. Mrs. G. Tl Simmons, .Mr. apd A. L'. Slmrnops, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. J2d JBartschmidst' Mr. and M£s. Fred Simmons »nd Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Chesney of Marshall. Cgming-ond Goln'g Mrs. E. O, Wingfield has' just returned from 1 New I Yoflfiwhfcre"she l w?s a'patient at Memorial Hospital for ten days. fascinating stories and all the many events and incidents, as wonderfully in the telling as in what occurred. ,$ere' in th'e Old Testament with ajl.jts realism, is the story of hu- jnpn life' with all its shallows and its jiepths, sin and righteousness peace" and strife, happiness and tragedy! Men and women are'' set forth for what they were, the Ruths an'd Hannahs and the Jezebels! the national heroes unspared in that intense and honest realsm, Solomon in 'his oppressiveness as well as in his splendor, David in his adultery as' well as in his youthful courage afjfl his psalm-singing. is marvelous; but the marvel is not in what the Old Testament of man, but in What it tells ng" God, and man's search for the meaning of life, arid ; the 'truth concerning man and his' world. ,i,With great spiritual daring ear- ifijit, discerning men linked the life tail' Was in them with the great Source of 'all life. They said that God had made man in His own image, which meant that man was maHWg Ood m Ms image, reasoning 'from 'what' he saw in himself toward a' spiritual God and Creator. What a contrast between that spiritual conviction and' the" gods of 'wood and stojie ot the' pagan World, From that conception of God as the- perfect Being,' th'e Creator, wbp.se- glory the heaven? declared aha whose handiwork toe ' firmament revealed, came the aspira ton of men; toward 'tWpef faction God they worshiped. and 1 JHJQW my any' way ta me, an.#')?ad'me - w LIFE STRIDE brings you Luxui at a Welcome Price JVqkiog" heel??, slendered, 1 stfa 1 alertly high young and l elegant ?u<?de, glossy ... in new sa'Jehr q and 'b'eautiftrt «t»f»ic*ftiffti trim-.. tpwches t , f,t)tfw§^pJpiflifn liCiflg,' \><*M JMtf.UjM (fuftp 5^1^ 4.^k*m TUNI m to KCM^-TY

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