Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 3, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 3, 1894
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MARCH 3, 1894, WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. 6 eoaponii of different d«tM tint lowed Mcar«« in* currant number of Art PorUot- IOT. S*»stivi-rtl»Mii«it, VOL XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. SATURDAY MORMN", MARCH 3.|8«4. NO. 53 THE VERDICT OF fflt PEOPLE. Again pr-'iiounced in most unmistakable action in favor of The Best of Everything at Reasonable Prices, Ii eride-ce of which The Ree Hive Dry Goods House -vas crowded all of the pa»-t week Por everyo' e line * rhai t r >e hes r of eve ythmg iu the kept at the BEE H VE. We ate row ready to open up the 'S INK IK e truest, in as much as Our Own and Direct Importation Order of Fro ach aa,i Rugl sU Ore j s (JoocU from Mes-r3 Antony Mahlor & <>o , <>f Paris and London, htve just c me to hand Ke^'des the ibove the following i ewirpr>ng goods have arrived *nd are now o.i stle: Fiuc M->irc »d Spia^Je Triaiminja:^ and Fancy Braids, Fu I Li' c if Printed li,dia Silks, 2,9c up, Black ^ hue und Butter Colored L*ced, Wtite (>ood-< fi'id R'ch H)mbr'>idcry, Our entne »tock of the Onyx Brand Hosiery, And KV«>nch Swiss Ribbed Underwear 'mportfd by us« through th^ hfie cy if Messrs Lord & Taylor, New Y<-rk Prices < f ail goods lower than ever at CERTAIN TO QUIT. Gladstone's Resignation an Assured Faoti Hit Retirement Will Take Place In F«w Dtvt— The Premier Celled to Windier Castle. filled The liabilities are pi.iced 1120,000, while the asiteis are estimated at 100,000, of which WO,000 are pro ferred, KILLED BY A BRIDE. RIB CAB«M ABOUT CLO1BD. LONDON, Maroh 2.— It seems absolutely certain that Mr. Gladstone'* reslgaatioc as prime mlnUter will bs> offered before the opening of the new Million of parliament March If. ID fact, he ha« definitely conveyed thle Intention to the oommjttee of the Iriib party, althongh DO public an noun oe- raent of this (act ha* been made. Other Cabinet Chances. It ii ftlso M (food at ae'Uled that the earl of Rosebnry will succeed Mr. Glad- i t*ken home THE BEE HIVE, 315 Fourth St Appropriation Bill* How Cp- WA§HI«OTOI», March 2.—The great appropriation bills will engage the attention of the house now that the Bland silver bill is disposed of. There are four appropriation bills on the «aleadar. the fortification? bill, pension bill, District of Columbia bill and sundry civil bil.u The fortifications bill carries a tott.l of about *5,000,000 for seacoaAt batturie* and various fortifications. The pension bill, \-hich comes next, carries about $131,000,000. This measure 1* likely to bring out an animated .abate on the pension system. Thetoi.il of the bill is $16.000,000 IMS than the appropriation last year. For Hanging' Morton In Efflry. JfuBHASKA CITY, IsVb., March 1.— fleachria T. White was arraigned Defore Judge Chapman for sentence Thursday morning lor hanging Secre-, tary Morton in efflgy. Tbe judge reviewed the case, saying hanging a man in rfflgy was the worst insult that •coald be offered to him. He then imposed a fine of $ttOO and costs. A motion for a new trial was overruled. "White's attorneys then prepared paper* JOT appeal to the supreme court Brsill HM an Election, sbo J*.»*i«o, March a.—The elections •took place Thursday and passed off ejnletl/. They were conducted In an entirely honest manner, neither sol- <li«rs nor police being present at the polia, Trouble had been expected, but none occurred. No official returns have yet been received, but it seems almost Wiler & Wise Bead Wbeal neeaeo; ST. PAUL, Minn., March i—Gov, Nelson and a committee of farmers from the northwestern part of the state are making exertions to secure seed wheat for the spring sowing in Stevens, Grant, Traverse and Wllkin counties. A total of about 18,000 bushels is needed. Last year the legislature made an appropriation for the relief of such cases, but this year the farmern are thrown on their own resources. stone as prime minister, having Riven sufficient assurance" that he will fully carry out the Gladstone programme, including home rule. He will resign a* forrlpn minister and be succeeded in that office by the earl of Klmberley. John Morley, the present chief secretary for Ireland, will succeed Lord Klmberley as secretary for India. Candidate* of the Irlih Pitrtv. • The Irish party has submitted to the government the names of two men to tucceed Mr. Morley us chief secretary tor Ireland—those of Herbert Gladstone and Arthur Acland, V. P., of the committee of council on education. But ,be cabinet is anxious to appoint Edward Majoribanks, tbe present lib- iraJ chief whip and son of Lord Tweedmouth. The Irian party also insists hat H definite declaration of tbe con- Inuance of Mr. Gladstone's policy as to home rule shall be made in the queen's speech by the new premier in opening the new session. pppoeed to Koneborr. All this has been agreed to except that the Irish secretaryship is not yet definitely decided upon. Mr. Labouchere Is vigorously protesting against tbe choice of a peer fur premier. So far he has fourteen radical supoorters, and they threaten to withdraw from the liberal party if Lord Rosebery is •elected. But this ia regarded as a vain threat. Called to Wlnd»or. It is definitely stated that Mr. Gladstone wilt be present Saturday at a privy council to be held at Windsor* A Newly-Married Women ftbnot* One o a Party of Keri'intdvr*. K*w YORK, March 8. — Duncan Parker was married Wednesday nigh *tNorth Afton, A puny of men am boyi surrounded the house and u-eatei the newly married couple to an old finhioued "skimmiugton." Parker warned the crowd to dispensa, but the noise was continued. Suddenly the bride opened the door and tired ftvover iuto the crowd. One ol tie party threw up Kin huuda aid {ell to tho ground. His comrades took frig-lit und ran away. Upon Investigation it was found that Alonzo Phillips hud been «b</t through the bowels, the ball entering the body below the ribn und coming out on the other Hide. Phillips wan and died Thursday morn- l&g. He is Rild to ue a respected c-it- Iton and leaves a wife and daughter. The bride says she was excited und Only fired to frighten the crowd and with no intention to kill, fche is 50 year« old and a woman ot good stand- in* FOUR ARRESTS. Btu<l*-u't> In Trouble Over the Cornell 1'Mlverelty Trt»g-««ly. ITHACA, N. V., March 2.—The coroner's inqueut in the student banquet affair wan resumed Thursday. F. C. Tayicv, C. L. Dinifens' room mate, upon tskiug the stand, by udvice of counsel rsfust.d to answer questions. The jury immediately went into executive si-*- sion and Taylor's attorney was excluded from the room. The following students are under arrest by order of the coroner for refusing to answer questions: F. C, Taylor, Plalnfie,d, A'. J.; C, L. Dingens, Buffalo; C. H. Mitchell, New York olty, and C. B. Gorby, Pittsburgh, Pa. Finally the Jury retired to deliberate, and returned with the announcement that they had adjourned until March ]« without arriving at a verdict District Attorney Jennings presented all the witnesses who refused to answer questions with subpoooas, except Din(fen», to appear before the grand jury March 12. SKINNED ALIVE. Terrible Fate of a Kidnaper the Hands of Lynohers. at THE PUBLIC DEBT. Tile ebrnarr Ht*t«ro«nt Khowl »n In- creuie ul Over (MO-,OOI>,uiK>. WABBIKOTOM, March 8,—The public castle and formally tender hi .j ^statement,Issued Thursday shows J "" I that the net increase of the public debt Captured and Plsyed—Hia Victim, • Young Girl, Sets Him Afire and He Burn* to Death. TOO .BOBRIBI.K FOR BEI.IB7. BABBOUBSVILLJC, Ky.; March a.—It is reported from Harlan county that Len Tye, the negro who murdered Miss Bryant near Willlamsburg about a year ago. has recently visited Hbrlan county, where he kidnaped a farmer's daughter and kept her (secreted in the woods for some time until a party of hunters found her. They waited for his return, when they caught and tied him and proceeded to skin him alive and before he was dead the girl built H tire on bin htad and he wa,s*roastcd alive. It is said he confessed tho murder of Miss Hryant and said that he had taken three other victims in Kentucky and Tennessee, and l<ept them in the same manner he had the Harlan County girl, until they died for want of shelter and protection. : NOT GUILTY. I A Florida Jury llrclnrei Corliett Innocent at l-rlie Melt I ing. JACKSONVILLE, Kla., Murch 2.—At ;f:;M uVJock Thursday Bfternoon the I jury in the east- against James J, Cor- :>ett chiU'ired with violating the la'.vs of Florida by engaging in a prize fight, rutired to make up a verdict. At 4:07 o'clock, or sixteen minutes later, Jie jury returned a verdict finding the lefendant not guilty. Charlie Mitchell was present when the verdict was announced, and 'no leaned over and frasped Corbett by the hand and whis- »red congratulations. Mitchell, of course, considered the verdict in the ight of a practical acquittal for h.m- ieH, as a case against him of B. similar ; naturn is pending. | JACKSONVILLE Fla., March 2.—The ttorney general haa nolle pressed the ease aguinst Charles Mitchell for fighting by previous appoint.njoni, and also the case against the Duval club members and others for aiding and abetting a tight by previous appointment. TRAGEDY IN OREGON. OVER THE STATE. Telegraphic New*} from Vartowi Town* in Indiana. Died IteTloe • Friend's Life. WABSAW, Ind., March i.— C*sp*r M- legas, 18 yean old. lost bin Ikfe Thursday morning in hU effortu to save Charley Davis from dron-tv lug. The two boys were skating on Upper Tippecanoc river, without any warning cry young went into an airhole, but managed <s> get a hold on the ice. Millers* ha* skated quite a distance before BM missed his companion, and wheat he returned to where Davis vta» found that life was alnost •«- tlnct. In his efforts to save »l» be expended all bis strength, and wheat he slipped and went into the same hoi* from which he had pulled jonng Davit he had not the power to extricate himself. End of the H>md*jr-Clotlaf right. CHICAGO, March 2.—The world's fair Sunday-opening fight was recalled Thursday morning when, in Judge Groescup'scourt, the case of the United States against the World's Columbian exposition was stricken off the docket on the motion of District Attorney Mii- ohrist. The case stricken off wu the suit to enjoin world's fair officials from closing tbe fair. Four Perionl Reported Urownetl, Ind., March 3.—It was re- resignation of the premiership. At the request of the queen Mr. and Mm. Gladstone left for Windsor castle to remain as the guests of her majesty until Saturday. The departure of the premier is looked upon aa tending to substantiate all the current rumors affecting his resignation. His audience with the queen may possibly b* devoted to matters i of stHte and to the selection of his successor. RAILROAD DEPOT ROBBED. B«rcl»rs Work the Hat* Combination and Carry Off •»,«oo. Wyo.. March 2.—Tbe Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley depot at this place wa» entered by burglars Wednesday night The combination to the safe was successfully worked and all the money it contained, 12,600, taken. Entrance was effected through B window. No suspici us characters have been seen about the city for the past few days, and the opinion prevails that the work was done by parties familiar with the premises. Martial Law Declared. CHAHLBSTO.Y, W. V«., March 2.—Martial law has been declared at Eagle and the town i* now under absolute military authority. At noon Oov. McCorkle received a dispatch from MaJ. Banks, In command of the three companies of volunteers still there, that the sheriff had asked that other troops be vent to Powellton to protect life and property, a* this was threatened with violence. Oov. McCorkle wired Maj. Banks that he would not •end troop* unless absolutely certain that the sheriff, with a strong posse were drowned in the Tlppecanoe river at Bloommgburg, northwest of this oltj, while attempting to cross the river on t&« Ice. Tbe story has not been Ttrifled at a late hour and no particulars are furnished. Indiana ai no OU Producer. IMDJAHAPOLIS, Ind., March 2,-Thi Indiana oil field is gradually being extended. State Geologist Uorby, who baa recently been making an investigation ol the field, says he believes thai «erUiothat8enhorPrudentedeMorae«i within the next five yearii»0 per cent. fca* been elected president and Senhor Victorioo vice president. J«d«e Long Warned. WAemiiaTox, March a. — Commis- slonor Lochren has sent Judge Long, of the Michigan supreme court, a second formal notification that unless within thirty day« he establishes by additional evidence his right to his ^recent pension rating, his pension will be reduced to $50 a month. This is in accordance with Judge Cox's recent decision. Fell Dead In till OUIc«. UIIU. Pa., March i—Col. J. Wesley Awl, a prominent lawyer and e«-»ol<lit.-r, (ell dead in hia office at BUB p. m of the oil produced In the United States will come from Indiana. Oxscr, III, March 'i.—At the house of Nelson King, 3X miles southeast of this city, Tuesday evening during a quarrel over a business transaction between George King, aged 82, atd Andrew Uorden, aged S3, step-brothers, Borden kicked. King, causing Injuries which resulted in death Thursday morning. Duel* 8»m to Make no Inquiry, CoN8T*.j|TiHOpi,it, March a.—It is rumored here that owing to the vexatious pcta of the police in Armenia the United States government has decided ] to send a special commission to Sieves Mt Opal In tbe World. CALDWBLL, Idaho, March 8.— Word comes from tbe opal mines near hare of the finding of the largest opal in the world. It i» said to be as large as a hen's egg and without a flaw. It is estimated that the gem will dress 835 earats and prove of the highest quality and immensely valuable. k*roun While In Prayer. IUADINO, Pa., March 2.— The corps* of James Hess, an aged citizen ol Friedensburg, wa» found in the road near that village during tbe cold snap. He was in a kneeling posture, and it is supposed that, overcome by cold, h« knelt in prayer. He was only half % mile from home. Ilundrerti Killed In Battle. BuBMOa Ay»K8, March a. —According; to a dispatch received from Rio Urando the insurgents have met signal defeat at Sarandi, suffering the losa of 400 men killed and many wounded. Tho povi'rjiment forces also captured a number of prjaonorn and guns. daring February waa $40,wM 215. Tbe inter«»t-bearing debt amounted to 1626,872,000, which is an increase of 840,831,910 during the month. The debt on which interest ceased since maturity decreased 113,810 and the debt bearing interest increased f 1,895, IH9. The cash balance shows an increase of 154,1180,- 2hB. The Interest bearing debt is shown to have been t62A,B73,oOO, the debt on which Interest has ceased since maturity 11,871,020, and the debt bearing no int-rtreit 1879,312,D2S, making a total of *t,007,3M,(M"i of interest and non-interest bearing debt. The total cast) in the treasury was $787,075,S84, The amount received on the new issu* of bonds to date is $57,427,904. HE DIED GAME. W. R. gheltnn, Thnnirh Shot Thron«h the Heart, fmtmlly Woanat Hln Ai»ll nit. RALF.IOH, N. C., March 2.—While a dance was in progress in Madison county George Uensley told his wife it wits time for her to go home. W. R. Shelton, Jr., told her to stay us long as she liked. Both took hold of her. Hensley Bliot Shelton through the heart, but despite his wound Shelton shot Hensley three times and then fell dead with his pistol cocked for the fourth shot. Hensley fled to the woods and is supposed to havu died also. Young Fu-vAF KUle » Woman. HkooU Two Other Fer»oni HDI! T»k*i His Own Life. BuoBif*, Ore., March 1—A terrible tragedy occurred a few miles from here. Albert Moss and hia father quarreled and David Colcman. a farmer living near by, took sides with the father. Thursday night young Moss went to Coleman's house and cbmmem ed shooting at the family. He first at tacked a married daughter of Colemai, shooting her twice) and killing her instantly. He then shot another daughter through the wra and finally attacked Colrman, whom he shot through the abdomen and fatally injured. Moss then went home and blew out his own brains. BLOWN TO ATOMS. I in order to inquire into the grievances > Waterman * Kt I complained of. { o»"tUe houA in failure. POKT TowksKND, Wash., March s.— . Waterman 4 Katz, the largest mer- Port Townsend. hay* Want Amerlrauii in l**ipiio. LIIPSIC, March 2.—The American so cletieH which are preparing to visit Germany In 1886, upon the occasion of the celubration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the capitulation of Sedan, have been invited by the military associations and by the municipal council of Leipsic to choose this city aa the •cent) of the proposed celebration. McNitbb-i Victim Dlri. PiTTHBURGH, Pa., March 2. — Mrs. Louise Rockwell, tbe actress shot by 1'itcher McNabb Wednesday night at the Hotel Eiffel, died at 4:40 o'clock a. m. Her husband was notified Thursday and left California for this city at once. McNabb's body was shipped to his old home ut Mount Vernon, (X, Thursday evening. An Erobeulrr Sentenced. PHILADELPHIA, March 2,—Theodora F. Baker, ex-paying teller of the Con- nolidation national bunk, who pleaded g-uilty last week In the United States Workman ID • rh«ntlc»l I.e.t><>r*tor bj » Terrific Kxp)"*ff>n. PHILADELPHIA, Murch 2.—A terrible ' explosion occurred in the waste separating building of the Kepauuo Chemical company at Gibbsttnvn, N. J. The force of the slock fras no great that it was felt in towns 15 miles away. Levi Evins one of the work mon, was blown to ut.mns. The sep- aratiiip building was destroyed and the surrounding structures were damaged. Objected to Heine; Snowtmllcrt. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Marc'h 2.—During the recent snow at Asheville, St. Clait county, Albert Freeman snowballed James Montgomery. The latter became offended and a quarrel ensued. Wednesday night they met at a ball and renewed their disagreement A savage fight ensued, in which Montgomery drew a larpe knife and plunged it several times into FreemaD'&alde, inflicting injuries which have sinei proved fatal. Montgomery was arrested. Charced with ErnbeiileraenU GRAND RAPIDS, Mich,, March 8.—Amherst B. Cheney, prohibition candidate for governor four years ago, was ar- .-ested Thursday at the instance of thi Western Wheeled Scraper company oi Aurora, 111, on the charge of embeule- ment. He is a private ban ker at (Sparta and, it is charged, failed to turn Over the proceeds from a sixty-dollai note sent to him for collection. Stole * Uolden ( np. NKW YORK, March 2,-^Tiffany 4 Co, arn mourning the loss of one of theli „— -, most beautiful and .valuable creations, dltttrict court to the embezzlement of Jn gome mysterious manner last Afon $47.000 from the bunk, has been sen- dBy n ; K0 t a gold cup studded wltfc teiiced 19 seven imprisonment. years and six months' Ordm-d to Lfiavo. Ala., March B.— Notices have been posted by wnite cup< commanding all negroes to leave Piku ciiuuty, Ala., by .March ^0 under pen- ally of lynching. Kx-Uov* Uowuej UleM la C»lHornl». i,<w ASOKI.K8, Ciil., .March 2.— Kx- gov. John C. Downuy died Thursday iUU-r un Illness of three days, lie was tt7yeurs of aje. gems, worth when finished JSO.OQO, wa» stolen from the factory at Prince and - Mulberry streets. The case haa been kept very socrt't. Riptlit Mlnl«t»r Murdered, HOLY Si'RiN«8, Miss., March S.—News l-a« been receivad here of the murderoJ liev, Stephen A. Wells, a UaptiHt mln- inter, by Williiim Gurley. Tbe troubU between the two mefl commenced more than a year ago und was rcncwid when they met Thursday. Ourley cut Wells' head open with an »x. Wells leaves s large family. Employe! 1 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind,, March first suit In Indiana under the eaa- ployes' liability law WAS ended in Us»- circult court here Thursday. The Uw seeks to make a coemploye Marble as a vice principal where the Injury occurs without negligence os> the part of the company. The jury found that I'hillip Ebaugh, wke- lost an arm «n a division of the Pennsylvania system. was entitled to rrooves 16,000 damages from the company. Attempted Trulo-RoDberi Comf«e»> RICBMOSD, Ind., March ». — An ait- tempt waa made to wreck the Pennsylvania pay car January 10 between here and Cincinnati but proved unsuccessful. The car contained I5U.OOO, b«4 by some chance waa not derailesL Since that tiene Detective Alezaa- der Morgan, of ibis city, has been work- in? on the case and Thursday arrested Clarence Early and George Wineboli, two young m^a. They made a full confession of the deed and were iodged s* . . JuiL _ Oood Crop of Sprint Elopement*. I jKPifKBBONViLLE, Ind., March 2.— J. F. Wrtjfl and Leslie Morris, Georgia Miller and Minnie Sturgeon, Willia-. Pointer and Viola Learn non, Alfred M. Thurman and Mattie liamlln, Robert fiuyder and Li/.zie Stewart, Jamas Martin and Eliza Burlingame, Jamea A. btuaplea and Julia Worth, John Millig&n and Isabella Williamson, W. H. Odell and Mary Burke, all from Kentuckyi comprised the elopements k) this city Thursday. Fate of a Mmok«r. SIUNCiK, lad., March a.— Miss Ella Dickerttoo, an inuiato of the Dei- aware county intirmary, while lighting her pipe set flre to her aprcn, burning her clothes (root her body. Her flesh waa burnoeJ to a crinp and she died in a short tine, She was at one time a woman of goeA standing in Muncie, but lost her mine?. Mm. 8. Watson, while attempting to save her. inhaled the hot air and is b»~ aciitieal condition. Almoet !»• Year* Old. IfPiANAPoLis, Ind., March, fc— Ufa. Elizabeth Goings, who will be 109 je»m old next Sunday, i« fast slaking 1 away, and it is thought i>he can jive onb/ a short time, Mrs, Goings is on* of the few old colored people abovt whose age there has never been mOf dispute She waa born in MiddlcUw. Pa.. March 4, 1785, and still retain* her mental i acuities. Mrs. Goings' fatbM lived to be 111 years old and her motel* er 100. __ _ Killed bv • Boiler Rxploilon. WARSAW, Ind., March 2.— A fatal boiler explosion occurred at Freeljfc mills in Etna township, completely Crocking the planing and lawmiUs and selling fire to lumber and destroying icucb valuable machinery. Frank Rippc-y, the engineer, was killed; anal Charles Dawson, superintendent, Johsv freely, one of the proprietors, and Wfl- liam Webb, fireman, were injured. M Inert Keruie the Cut. TKBRB HAUTB, Ind., March £.— Tb« miners in state convention Thursday voted to adhere to the yearly contract scale of seventy cents a ton. Thi* was their answer to the operators' statement that nothing lex* tuan a twunty- cent reduction would be accepted. Taken to Tnrre Haute for Trial TKRKK HAUTK, Ind., March 2.— Jokn Uuhbman, who shot and killed UiuUv* Cline at Clinton Locks, Park county. two month* ago, was brought bet* irom Kockville Thursday. lie will •* tried in this county ou a change ot VrDUC. _ Detective Bonfleld'e Wife Expire*. VALPABAISO, Jnd., March «.— Mra. Eliza Bonfleld, wife of Detective Michael J. Kouiield, of Chicago, died here Thau- day morning of pueutnonia, aged M years. The remains will be taken to Chicago for interment. Hriln-raun Lo>e« HU Life. WAEHINOTON, Ind., March 2.— C, Me- llamburt,, a freight brakeman, waa- .uiocked from H car at 1'lniurille Thursday aud killed under the wheels, liav v^ifo and twa childreu lire in £raa*« vilie. _ Given DjAm*ff6*- NKH-CASTLK, Ind., March 8.— Joh» H. Oausu was awarded 12,000 damage* .fcuinst the Pennsylvania railroad fo» Hie killing of his two children at thi*- . place v

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