Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 18, 1926 · Page 72
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 72

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1926
Page 72
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A SUNDAY OiUilanD Crfbttnc JULY 18, J926 M-5 v 1 L OPENING OF Mi BOUNCED E BT BUILDER JCasa.Linda JL Bull t . by-B. Pcppin, Offers Latest Features to Home Seekers. Furnished Home Open to Visitors Exterior and interior of the new Peppin-built home at 4100 Culver street. The home, which is known as the "CAS A LINDA," is furnished throughout in excellent taste by Montgomery Ward & Company's retail store. I f J, B. Peppln. owner and builder, annnuncrs thn opening for In-?.'XecUnn. . of L furnished home, Cnsa Unda," In his latest tract on Culver street between Hish and Knstrnan. The new cro'nn. known as FTtirh Street park, will comnrlse thirty. one homei of the most advanced Spanish designs, with manv plenslnff Innovations In color and deslcn. "Casa Linda. " which In open for lnsnertlon every afternoon and eve-nine: gives an excellent conception of the ad'nnre In California bungalow architecture, Touches of Individuality ire shown In the Spanish galleon designs of the handmade parchment .lamp shades, a motif which has also hpen carried Into thp moldpd stucco medallion of the fireplace mantel. The walls of living and dining rooms are finished In a painted plaster, on which the flood of light from the large arched window .rnsts strong high lights In varying tints and shades, tn the efficient kitchens, cheerful environment Is created by the innovation of orange striped tile harmonizing with the bright colors of the wall papers and the hand decorated furniture of the breakfast room. The bathroom is replete with fittings decreed by modern taste, while the tile floor Is of he newest herring-bone de sign. The charm of the exterior of "Casa Linda" is enhanced by the patio entrance, with stepping stones and fish pond, and a plentitude of shrubbery. r ppin states: "We are present In -, p very favorable plan of financ ing to purchasers In High Street -ai ne that eliminates refinanc lng, though requiring only a down payment of 10 per cent with 1 per cent a month until -ald off. Prices Ir the tract range around $5950 varyi.ig slightly iccause of differ ent finishes. Shade trees are to be planted on both sides of Culver street. if Ar 1. C 4f Ot ftj. , ait, 'b I 1 xv-: 'v -...v.-s- v.-.w. w a , w 5t 'i 1 1T.A ., .... 11 nil 1 ii miiilMiitr Ml c 1 1 u 2 Safely of iltivesimoni AND LOAfJ 1 1 mil? 1 Tl:cr is nothing to compare with our 6 pass book account or our 6 full paid coupon certificates. Investigate their merits. A Guarantee Association Under State Supervision. iMkhti ivte24 ry&iP 'CI SI LINDA." PEP PIN HOME, OPEN TO PUBLIC Morlel - Residence- Furnished by Montgomery Ward & Co.'s Retail Store. ART STUDENTS POSTERS ARE CITY BOOSTING Added to the furnished home displays of the Kastbay, and ppen for Inspection as an educational exhibit for the public. ls'Casa Linda," the latest Peppin homo furnished by Montgomery Ward & Co's retail store. The display is In charge of Martin H. Vaughn. special representative of tha company, who announces It as the fore runner of other educational dis plays of high grado furnishings and furniture to be installed In oak- land, showing the possibilities from the standpoint of economy when Montgomery Ward purchasing and manufacturing power are applied lo quality lines. Vaughn states: "casa unaa. located a 4100 Culver street near l-Ugn. irue to lilt; sin lliL:uaiii:c ui its name, is a "Home Beautiful, not only in architecture and ar-. rangement. but In Its decoration and furnishings as well. tvery reature is distinctive, pleasing and harmonious with new combina-tionsof color and ornamental effects In furnishing this home the Montgomery Ward retail store has -lupplied a quality to suit the most s fastid ous taste, and at the same time; due to great buying power, has been able to keep the cost within the range of modest pocket hooks. , "The living room Is complete with Chesterfield set, center table, 'wo wall tables, a bookstand, two occasional chnlrs, vases, humidor, large rug, pictures and tapestry hanging. In the dining room is a ten-piece set, with Wilton rug. The set includes a table and six chairs tea wagon, buffet with candle type :W3SmmMmm,Zmmm aile lights, a server, and a sliver service. Fred TV Wood Co.-Notes Big Response in Poster Contest Here. Artistic posters, relating the spirit of Oakland's great development, have just been received by the Fred T. Wood Company, national subdivlders. In their recent contest. The fifteen competing designs are the work of students In th.e California 8chool of Arts and Crafts, Oakland. "These posters are modern art applied to the task of selling the Eastbay district," declares Glen Weasels. Instructor at the School of Arts and Crafts. "They represent a careful study of the beauties and the tremendous Investment possibilities of the Eastbay. from the Highlands of Oakland Business Conditions In Western Canada Business In the four western provinces is much better than at this time iat year, especially In fuch important lines as agrk ultura Implements and machinery, automobiles and hardware The farmer has become an active buyer and with excellent prospects .or the Til 2 wheat crop the commercial trend Is definitely upward. General conditions In wholesale trade are considered normal. Retail trade Hhows a nllght Improvement. A u- tomobll' plants are active Cotton mills In the vicinity of Montrel are well employpd. The 'teel plants In the Toronto district are reported to have capacity orders for some time. Estates, Ardmore and Best Manor In San Leandro. "A few have chosen their subjects In the future of Oakland as a world port. Other students revealed the Influence of Industrial activities on the permanent growth of the region Several posters deal vidldly with the rare charms of the Easthay for beautiful homes among the hills or the orchards. "We consider the results of the contest highly successful and congratulate the Pred T. Wood Com pany upon Its brilliant display." The contest marks a step In the efforts of the Fred T. Wood Company to awaken more general Interest In the future of Oakland and to the subdivisions of Estudillo her neighboring cities. CONCRETE-TILE FEATURE OF T CONSTRUE Among the feature! of the Can- ada Arms apartment, la the use of concrete hollow tile n the con-Ftructlon of the large 80 car rapacity garage. The oullders state that this Is an Innovation In Ensthav building, though Its use la quite extensive In eastern cities and in Portland and Seattle. The ad vantages pointed out are the fire proof qualities or the material ana a lower cost tnan in tne use or brick. In the East concrete hollow tile is used for the walla of many larere structures and It has also been adapted to the construction of all classes of homes The material Is manufactured in 'akland at the yards rf Meaker and Black, at Fifty-eighth avenue and the Western Pacific railroad tracks. A. P. Meaker la salea man ager of the concern. Throughout the United States there are 3.204.442 persons directly employed In the automotive lndue-try There are an additional 241,-200 indirectly so employed. ECCKOCCCKCCi VISIT BEAUTIFUL IMPROVEMENT TRANSPORTATION TO BROADMOOR BUIL0iNG-L0AN Chas. H. J. Truman, Pres. Roy R. Waterbury, Sec-Mgr. 1451 Franklin St. Oakland 1841 "The new express service over the Southern Pacific between Broadmoor Park and San Fran cisco shortens the trip 13 minutes," says Howard Field of the E. B. Field Company, owners and sub-dividers of Broadmoor Park. "A fast electric train -leaves Broadmoor Park in the morning and a fast train leaves San Francisco in the evening. "The other" trains run every 20 minutes throughout the day. "Three blocks from Broadmoor Park Is East Fourteenth street, re cently repaved, with cars running on io minute schedule to all parts of Oakland. "Broadmoor Park is located in the golf and country club district. Tt is close to the picturesque Oakland municipal golf course and within easy driving distance of Sequoyah and Oak Knoll Country clubs and golf courses. "To protect, those buying In Broadmoor Park, either ljor a homesite or an Investment, j rigid race and building restrictions have been placed on the property." REAL ESTATE INFORMATION BUREAU PLAN Designed by Local Architect M The new EMBASSY CLUB, plans for which have been drawn by W. H. Weeks, noted Oakland architect. It is slated by the originators of the project that more than $2,000,000 are to be expended on a clubhouse in San Francisco and playgrounds at Santa Cruz. American capital Is moving to Colombia In increasing amounts. A large part of this capital is used in the purchase of American machinery and supplies articles which formed the major part of I tional Association to study the pos- natlonal last year 8 recora imports or more simmy or organizing a than $85,000,000. multiple listing system. Possible establishment of a national bureau of Information to facilitate the sale of real estate was suggested at the multiple listing conference held In connection with the National Association of Real Estate Boards by George Danziger of New Orleans, chair man of the associations' multiple listing committee and chairman for three years of the New Orleans multiple listing system, who pre sided at the conference. The New Orleans Listing Exchange has for three years been at the head of the list of cities using a multiple listing system, both In point of sales and revenue. Property to the value of $32,000,000 has been sold through the New Orleans system in the past three years. The conference was the first national conference upon multiple listing method for the sale of real estate ever to be called by the association. Resolutions were passed by the 0 conference, endorsing this,- and urging that the national association establish a division or bureau with Its brokers" division, to assist member boards to establish multiple listing sys tems, and further urging the Na- We have organized the East Bay National Bank of Oakland as a further and substantial contribution to the sound growth and development of our community, the great East Bay region. ARTHI R W. CLARK" VIcF-Prenldrut Clitrlc A Henrrr Coimtrnctlom Co. OSCAR I- COX Prmldrnt Enat tfonnl Bank JOH. HEAKE1T Vtre-Prmidtat Hearer, Moore Com puny. Inc. HKJHV K. JACKSO.1 PrexMrnt Jarkaoa Faral-tnre Compaar ALBERT 8. LAVENSOX Vlca.-PrrKlrirnt aad Secre-tarr H. C. Cap-rrell Com. pany. ROBERT W. MACDOXALD Attornrr at Law A. LESLIE OLIVER Director California Cap Co. CARL S. PLAIT President and M a a a a; Sanllarr Ire A Cold Storage Company) Prealdent Mtller lrf Creum Compnnr, I'nfl-vrralty Inveatmenta Company. JAMES 8. ROGAX Vlce-Prrslde!' Eaat Bar Rational Bank. HARRISON B. SMITH Caoltallat. SHERWOOD SWAJT of WhHthorne A Swaai Ylee-Prraldent Hale Bros. Storea. lap. he.xry h. nBrnxo Prealdrnt and General Man. acjrr Heat Steel ( ntlnB Companyt President Pneiflt Malleable Caatlaara Com. pear. I1 DIRECTORS East Boy National Bank wilt open for actlre business lata tn August at 266 Fourteenth Street. Oakland, with Capital, Surplus and Reserves totcling $1,500,000.00, all fully paid in cash. It will provide complete commercial and savings banking facilities adapted to the needs of Oakland'! largest enterprises and to the convenience of Its individual depositors, whose patronage is respectfully solicited and will be cordially welcomed.- . fssil 4 B I 2 t mill I ji i Wmu 3 tin? J wk . ' 'URBAN' FARMS CASA INDA ! THE LATEST DISPLAY HOME BUILT BY PEPPIN ASA LINDA, as the name implies, is an unusually beautiful Spanish home, and embodies in its design and ornamentation new and pleasing innovations by our architectural service. Orange is the keynote, of kitchen tile, the hand decorated furniture and wallpaper of the breakfast room. Spanish galleons are the motif of parchment shades, with the same figure modeled in the medallion above the living room fireplace. Large windows, beautiful wall decorations in Oriental shades, herring bone tile in the complete bathroom, are other features. Stepping stones lead to the unusual patio entrance, while shrubbery and bird pool lend their charm. We are building thirty-one of these unusually charming homes in our newest tract on Culver street, between High and Eastman. Prices will average $5950 for five rooms, with a down payment of only 10, and 1 on the balance. No refinancing will ever be necessary. . I " Directions Drive out High street, turning into Culver a few blocks below Hopkins. Casa Linda is at the corner of Culver and Eastman. Open for inspection every afternoon and evening. J. B. PEPPIN, Owner and Builder TRACT OFFICE: 3125 High St. DOWNTOWN OFFICE: 318 17th St. DRAWS PLANS Fll EMBASSY CLUB DEVELOPMEMT Invitations are being: sent to a nicked list of citizens of the East-bay by the Embassy Club, a newly formed social and recreational organization, It was . announced by the executive committee of the club. More than $2,250,000 will be spent on a clubhouse in San Francisco and playgrounds at Santa Cruz. No one can Join the club unless sponsored by some present member, it is announced by those directing the club's activities. W. H. Weeks. San Francisco and Oakland architect, has designed a beautiful city club building. It will be 17 stories In height, will contain 250 guest rooms, a fully equipped gymnasium, card and billiard rooms, bowling alleys, general and private lounges, public and private dining rooms, grills, swimming pools, plunges and steam, shower and electric haths. Architect Weeks declared yesterday that the club will be one of the most beautiful in the United States. It will cost approximately $1,500,000 and will be constructed In the downtown club section of San Francisco. Several sites are now under consideration by club officials. It Is declared. Member ship in the Embassy Club will be limited to 6000 members ana a chosen number of membership In vitations and a prospectus have been sent by the directors of the club to a selected number of busi ness and professional men of the Eastbay district. The Santa (nil clubhouse and playgrounds will be on 17 acres of private beach property situated on Cliff Drive on the famous Scenic h'ghway. It Includes 600 feet of private beach frontage and Is protected on one side by a natural Impassable bridge and on the other by a high bluff which assures com plete privacy for the Embassy Club. There will be 150 guest rooms. each with private bath, besides lounges, card rooms, a ball room billiard rooms, an Indoor swimming pool, 44x100 feet, locker roms aond all the conveniences for the outdoor sportswoman and sportamwn. Standing In front of the club house will be a huge esplanade. 4fi0 feet long and ii feet wide, for liorgir.g and outdoor promenading. The home seeker's paradise Is coming to be a region of two-acre farms near enough to the heart of the city ro that part of the family may carry on urban Jobs while others raise fruit, vegetables," flowers or poultry, according to discussions cnrrled on at the annual convention of the National Association of Real Estate Boards. And a suburban farm subdivision should ..be laid out with wide, curved streets, to. follow natural contours of the country, and (should be given the modern comforts afforded city homes, according to J. E Miller vice-chairman of the farm lands division of the association, who led the discussion of the division on selling suburban farms to city dwellers. The present trend of home hunters Is toward the outskirts of the cities via the best automobile roads. Miller said. He prophesied a great increase in the population of areas Just outside the corporate limits. PLAN BOOK FREE! Floor plsns. interior and exterior views, new building Idess. decorating, heating, etc A Copy of this Ill-rue book given KKFE to residents of Oakland or vicinity Get your copt st t.n r"lr. proof Warebniis. !no Broadway, or send the coupon torts jr. It's free. flranMitk Co.. in rifth at e, ni.,o Ctitf. 0nttn.- Without cM'rnt'tir We !! arae at rout - fliES alia Knefc. RMB aeon tea a asa iLiecaa The Home Beautiful" u v ti v. ri -tfJ ftt'S '.tnv f Z'l'lK ' h ' vfr si - : ;-4-v ? .Ui : i - 't"V ??:; avV , r-SZh.i,Y "ri .' A. ..VJv.ll- v U- ' j : ' ' iaM.- 31 fir- rt-;-. .' Located on an Ideal Site in the New High Park Tract Eastman and Culver Streets Completely Furnished by Montgomery Ward & Company Retail Store East 14th Street and 29th Avenue Oakland

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