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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

J' "II III i i-n 1 In This Section RENTALS VOL. CV OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, JULY 18, 192 NO. 17 g. In This Section MERCHANDISE II 1 It AUKS IAUCHI WOMEN 101 CONTRACTORS, CARP'iS LOST (Continued! (Continued) i aa A SCHOOL of power machines needs 5 girls. 5419 Bond St. GRIP, trainmen's, containing 2 pair of glasses, way bills, reward. Return Melrose station, S. We Use Only Our Hands P. Co. COMPLETE course In beauty culture, marcelling, paper curl taught. Calif School of Hair- HAT and coat, child's, Wed by Lake Merrltt Kennedy-208a drcsslos 175 iidway Lit. 6461 DRESS MIC, weeks' course reas. 3258 Grove. Pled. 8935VV. Harrison. Lake. svoa. itewara KEY CASE, gray leather. downtown district, Friday. Chinese Theories Gastritis; and Other Stomach Troubles EARN WHILE LEARN Davlsson, Oakland 7437. A UUILD East Bay School ot Beauty Oil PARTY who found a purse The Sing Herb to the right Is ture, 607 Stewart Bldg. Lake. 2650 Bungalows." flats, great tie and a Masonic containing $12- enroll in a recognized ring would please place ring in niand. Make your money earn 20. Plans specifications free Co. has treated Oakland people GIRLS picture of H. LOW, direct- school. Learn a pro ma 1 box of 1227 8tli st. They We furnish money. Phone, we call. fession during vacation. Also may keep money. No questions since 1912. ing- herbalist. 1 Inns. eves. Oak asked. Ring is memento of my CALIF. BUILDERS CO land Sell. B'ly Culture, D75 10 St. dead husband. Please return it 163C Franklin Oakland 72. LEARN to repair at Oakland SEVERE ASTHMA RELIEVED A Carpenter jobbing. Auto bchool, UiU2 Adeline street. PIN Stick, gold set with pearl 5(14 23 st. Lakeside 898. and garnet: lost on 9th ave. be For anything In the building MEN WANTED as forest $125-f-'iO mo. and home tween 12tlf and 17th st. werr. She' Noticed Improvements in 3 Days 2620; 910 E. 17th reward. line, Just this tip from me: That S. Kodgers, contractor, fiirnished. for details, write Nor 1 MAY'S SCHOtH, Plenty "urar- Alpha Chi PIN, fraternity, Pho. Return to Elks Club Is the man you want to see. After Many Doctors Had Failed, Oakland. May 23. 1925. tlce, actual psi. Pan. bldg. L. 3151 Berkeley. Reward. He makes them high, He makes them low. PIN Eastern Star. Past Ma "MARCEL, full course paper An Article by FONG WAN, who has been acclaimed "King of the Herbalists" by the American Public, and who is no self-styled "So-and-So" Herbalist. TO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN: A flat, a store, or bungalow, tron's, with engraving on back. wave ao; flay or eve. u.l.ii) E. 16. on the job both early andjphone' Fl.Uitvale 929CW. Reward For five years I suffered from asthma. I tried numerous medl cines. some giving me temnorarv relief. SPECIAL SUMMER TERMS Hie. i During the last year I tried several doctors, the last one beinu: Our instructors Marlnello grad uates. Model of School of Cosine urn one or tne leading doctors of Oakland. After he hart treated me If you need him call Lakeside PURSE, brown leather, large, gH8 from machine, Oakland High. No matter if it's cold or hot, Reward. Pied. 2629J. You'll find S. Kodgers on the PunSE. brown, vicinity of Al- ticians. 414 Physicians Bldg. ior some tune lie told me that a change of climate was the only thing that would hell) nie. Oakland. Lakeside 2430. After this I was confined to my room for six weeks, sitting up sPot- Ibanv or Emeryville. Wednesday According to the genuine, Chinese educational articles HELP WANTED -MALI- 12 pari lime 10 get my breath, weighing only ah pounds, and very 744. CARPENTER, Al; day or con- night; reward. Phone Hum. published by the. F.ONG WAN' HERB if the five prin- wean. i lien my sister-in-law advised m.e fo see H. S. Low Herbal Specialist, and this is what he did for me: tract; prices reasonable; no jobi RINGS. 4. In tiny bag. July 8. automobile mechanics lo too small. Lakeside Phone Humboldt 1 824. Reward. After 3 months' treatment I am a well woman. Though helped work on high grade cars. Men with Packard experience pre builder: alter, repair. upstairs tc his office the first time, after three days I walked SHEPHERD, small black and estimate free. H. Glynn, F. 1037J seven to his office. I now do my own work, take care of white, bob tail. Reward. Pied. ferred. Good pay. Ideal working my in-. ee cimaren, reel well and happy and am gaining in weight 8009. conditions, steady employment. CARPENTER, day or contr. ngnc uiong. expert on aiieraiioii. jj. t. TIRE. 32x4. Hood tire and Ask for Jlr. Bailey or shop foreman. Earle C. Anthony. 21st teei H. s. Lowe has saved my lire, and I hope all sufferers who read tills will no and see this wonderful Chinese Herbalist at once tube, between Hay ward and FRAMED double garage, tltio and Webster streets, Oakland. lift moiilli 'Rerk Piedmont or Emeryville. Pied. I know of several other cases, and in every instance his treat ment has been most successful. 516. GEN'L carpenter, cabinet wk. I will be glad to accommodate any one who cares to ask me WRISTWATCH, Gruen, metal 4852 Telegraph. Humb. 5183. band, initials R. B. L. Reward HOMES built right and reas. Elmhurst 579. AT MERCANTILE Service 1 404 Franklin Shipping clerk storekeeper Plans free. Thorn. 885. WATCH, gold, at Neptune LOT owners 1 build, finance Reward. Thursday homes, bungalow courts. clpal. -thfe mineral, water, lire, vegeiaoio ana earth elements, maintain equilibrium of power and action the. five vital organs, the heart, liver, lungs, stomach and kidneys, will function properly. We classified all herbs under five natural elements, according to their color and taste. We also classified the five organs of the body under five principal elements. The natural color of the earth Is yellow. As we believe that tTle stomach gets its power from the spleen, and as the gastric Juice of the stomach" is 'yellow? we classified the spleen and the stomach as -belonging to the earth element. i As the stomach Is the principal organ of digestion, every part of body is dependent for nourishment upon the When the five principal elements are working with equal balance and power, the stomach and the spleen are in unison and are free' from complaints. The stomach the spleen depend Upon the' fire element (heat) of th blood for their digestive Just a(S the cooking of tht food in a pot depends upon fire' and water. (Note: The words fire. Inflammation, acid, heat, or' used with ''regard to the human, system, all Indicate the fire Phone evenings, Frultvale 4142J. stores and duplex. Carl G. Lassen concerning 11, s. Lows herbal treatments. My address Is (Signed) M11S. H. G. KNIGHT, 723 Tenth Street, Oakland. HIS UNDISPUTED ABILITY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY PROMINENT FAMILIES OF ALAMEDA COUNTY Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Kohrs, 2900 Ellsworth Berkeley. Mrs. Adelie I. Hewitt. 1310 92nd Oakland. Mr. and Mrs. William Ten Eyck. 537 53rri Oakland. Re- WRIST watch, diamond AT ONCE Four neat appearing young men to lill vacancy at our, Apply 8 a. in. sharp, 383 17th Palm Pled Humb 67 -4 Ward. Oak. 5597. Why Not Build Oakland. If vou have clear lot will finance Our Method Is Painless We do not jump on your back, pull your arms or legs or use hammers. We do not distort your body or cause you pain We do not use medicine, surgery, massage or violet-ray. We do not' use electronic reaction or colored lamps. Many individuals have the wrong impression regarding our work, thinking that we use such methods, as mentioned above and half kill people in working on them, etc. For that very reason we want you to know that do not use any electrical or mechanical appliances whatever. We use only our hands on your spine and in a most careful and scientific manner. Our method is not painful' to you in any way. see Conditions such as neuritis, rheumatism, lumbago, constipation, appendicitis, nervousness, tired, rundown feeling, kidney trouble, stomach and liver high blood pressure, headaches and insomnia are but a few of the many ailments, entirely corrected through 'our work. Your trouble, too, without a doubt, can ba entirely well. No matter what your or how long standing, we are sure that we can help you. An examination costs you nothing and offers you so much your health. USE THIS COUPON TODAY entire cost of apt. house. Cam AGENTS to sell our new line ADDRESS of H. F. Nelthorne Bldrs. iD-io u. li of Esmond blankets just re Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Ferguson, 357 Santa Tiara Oakland wanted by former wife; account ceived, rugs, spreads and other household, necessities. Highest 162 HARDWOOD FLOOR failure of payment for child support. Please send Informa- mi. anu mi, lIlHIieH IlOBg, JUS 3 i) OllKiand. Mr. and Mrs L. A. Potter, 1930 13th Oakland. -Mr. J. Fillelli, 15U7 Webster Alameda. commission advanced weekly. Apply C. F. Adams 706 14 ii5 tion to Box M119787, Oakland IVliyaKe rltlW iX IjO. 428 Tribune, Oakland; 567 Valceni ia S.F. mis ACTUAl, KGSI-'LTS AND CASES THESE PEOPLE CA Floors laid, finished, elec. sand ANY information will be ap AN OPPORTUNITY for a man ULL.L. iuu WILL PROVE THAT H. S. LOW CAN BRING VOU HEALTH AS HE HAS HUNDREDS OF OTHERS. HERBAL TEA ng. polished, Al work predated regarding accident of who is neat, airressive. and able 10 i r. tu ky. vii j.iiu -rn vn tu tvi to deal with public. Permanent. element. yellow Stutz touring car, new highway on Tunnel Road, Fri THESE PEOPLE. LEARN THE FACTS. THEN COME TO H. 161 PAINTING. PAPERING, Apply 812 Central Bank Build LOW. day, 9:43 p. m. A. J. Rodger. If any part Of the human system is poisonously inflamed ing. 10-4. TINTING ON DROPSY, DIPHTHERIA, RHEUMATISM 30U9 Texas street. A PPR ENTIC Pai I i ng. pa- ANYONE knowlner whereabouts would swelling of glands, tonsilitis, tumors, gas b'patedness, etc. Al GOOD reliable papering. HLOUt)- PRESSURE, DYSPEPSIA, HERNIA ECZEMA, GALLSTONES, ABSCESSES. TONSILITIS, nerhanigng, 2.50 day start; of Elmer A. Flash, write his S40 roll: painting, tinting. (uick advancement to willing iTi.rt.Mjn, iuMBAtiO, CARBUNCLES, PARALYSIS. PILES, EA I 2148. worker. Box Ml 19707, Tribune. If 'either the stomach or the spleen is inflamed and" weak. wife, 1174 Seminary Oakland, Cal. 'GATAKRH. SKIN ERUPTIONS, DISORDERS OI A FIRST CLASS painter, paper BOY wanted, over 1.8 years, KDWKYS. LUNGS, STOMACH AND MANY GIRLS In distress or trouble of hanger, wants work. Pled. 8ii39VV uiN Al OFFICE. CHOICE HERBS FOl KVhKi ILL. gastritis, pain, indigestion, biliousness, a grating sensation, an empty, annoying feeling after each meal, or ulcers mav result. When the stomach is merely weak 01 with bicycle for evening work. Good pay, permanent work. Apply Western Union Telegraph Al oaintlner. papering, tint any kind will find a friend Li the Superintendent of California Rescue Home. 1218 Jast 21st st Merritt 2186 Reasonable. Schneider. Mer. 3 0 2125 Shattuck Berke THE SING HERB SPECIALISTS is lacking In the fire element, the food may lie there undi X-RAY COUPON Al papering, painting, neat. ley. gested and cause-continuous pain until it Is vomited oui quick. House painting. F. 8258. ANY erirl tn sorrow perplex BOX STRAPPER, wire, ex This condition causes many people to fear that they have ity, needing a friend, adviser 1s perienced preferred; special in A better papering. S3 rm. up: paint, tint. wk. guar. Fr. 9653. ducement if you have auto. E--n-t Hours: 10 to 7 p. Sunday. 10 to- 12 m. 491 10TH OAKLAND (Bet. Broadway and Washington) invited to ran or write miss Hudspeth. Salvation Army Home Bay Works. Box F18604. Tribune. A ROOMS papered Jo up, inc. "Z8th st and Garden oaKiana ulcers of the stomach. Frequently surgeons operate upon the stomachs of people thus afflicted, but upon finding no ulcers, sew them up again without discovering-the cause of the pain. paper; painting Fruit. 2519W BOY. 18 or 19 work in Fruitvale 3122 Al PAPERING, tinting, paint 2nd hand furniture store; steady work; a little experience. Call TRUE HERBS ONLY. OAK. 3259. NO OPERATIONS PERFORMED E. A. F. Are you coming back All sick people that present tilts coupon at the offices of the Wehinger X-Ray Chiropractors 3239 Telegraph Oakland. or 312 GOLDEN GATE THEATER SAN FRANCISCO, within five days from date, will be given a complete X-Ray examination, showing the1, exact cause of their trouble or sickness, absolutely free of charge or obligation in any way. Hours: 10 to 1. 2 to 5,. 7 to 8:30 in. daily. Sundays. 9 to 12 a. m. ing. room up. Elm. 438S. to your family? Write. Lulu. 11 Broad wavy. BXT int. furn. refin- GAS Consumers' Assoc. reduce BOYS Mane money and prizes 'COULD JMOT RETAIN FOOD G. Atwater G. 4184 mCOCTlON ACENCl ES Ishing your bills 1W, to 30 3C4 12 st. selling Liberty during vaoation HOUSE and roof paintinE e-none IF sick or In trouble, will BAY CITIES COLLECTION CO no ELECTROLYSIS smngiing. oitl roots repaired; in Stomach Ulcers Overcome by Honest and Capable pray for you gratis (unknown BOY wanted. No collection, no charge 170(1 surance. Elm. 15a4. Gross- Emanuel Broadway. Box MiMi ii. Tribune Hat Works. 122E tsroaaway. noom 8U2 Oak 1957 Electrical Operation A i Vli. nainier. Krainer.K-rr-Trtr, ktvt r.t,-cDnvci ofiiees also at 1.XUS W. 7th Los AliEreles: 4th and CANDY MAKER now not em t.dvl, -TU llrl.V. I P-tlLimy Ul I BIT ITY A Herbalist i Alameda, July 16,. 1926. lTnJf lovcral vears I tried different doctors and remedie- permanent removal of hair Locust. Long Beach; 8th and K' Streets, Sacramento ployed. Call at 2121 Hopkins no pay. nnl a wflv resnonslble for wans ana moles: urn reet. OLD TIME PRICES Experiany debts or obligations con iruuing eyeurows reduced: I 1 iLK Uetecti ve Agencv CEMENT man with a mixer housepalnt traded by my wife. Helen Raser. 4118 12lh suite 309: oldes' aiscomrort or injury to tissue Call Sun. 238 Oakland ave. 15 vrs. success here. W. McDou- on and after this date. pstah In Alameda Co Lak. BI40 A. ti. Chafree. Xorol iver. SOS -MALE HELP WANTED- 12 gall, 161 John St. Pied. 9568. for Stomach Trouble but6 obtained no relief. 1 got so bad that .1 could retain no food, of any kind on my. stomacii I became so weak that I could Scarcely walk. I finally consulted FONG WAN. He told me I had ulcers-In 'mv I decided to trv his Herb Treatment waueneiu 17 st. Oak. 1656 DRIVE Ford grocery truck (Signed) CLAUDE A. KASEK Dated: July 14 1926. (Uontinued) NOTARFE.S Boy wanted; light work, short PAPERING. 35c roll. House CUPERFLUOUS IIAI NOTICE I am responsible for hours; small pay to start. Phone painting. Lakeside 3672. ONF. married man to represent HAYNIE Doctor Margaret no debts or obligations contract Fruitvale 777. V. Maxwell's Hoover part NOTARY PUBLIC i A IlMTTlVrr Papering. which 1 have now been taking for about four weeks. 1 feel wonderfully improved and believe that I am all right -I hls-hlv recommend FONG WAN as an honest and capable St ha ri ed by my wife, Bertha Mattrogi time inside store, part time out 14 Years' Chiropractic Experience t111' Terms. 10 months n' nr after this date ESTIMATOR for plumbing and Permanently removed by multi i nbune Office 13th and Franltllr Carman! Ftvl 6461.1 heating department; young man side. Appearance and fair eau cation more essential than ex pie electrolysis, only method Lakeside fiflOO Signed Edward M. Crowe. Dated herbal. st who does what he says he can. capable' of reading blueprints 6 Adj. 65; El. Tr. papering, best work. July 17, 1926. NOTARY Ins. man. Averv and figuring estimate for plumb Known to science which destroy roots of the hair without injur; to surrounding skin tissue Kve perience because we train you for your new work. Must have cheap. Giencourt 768. ZiJusS: Blake 8d floor. MAUD home: Whitney. 305 17 st. Oak. 1617. ing and Heating system desired Rm 200 at 12th: 27' a roll, Wm.lstrong; nothing from West. Glad a car. Good pay every ween to PAPERING, 40c Apply to Montgomery Ward Sll. Haight ave. ji.wson. Chronic Dysentery Overcome Oakland. July 9, 1926. brows and neck line perfectly shaped; no pain, no scars. Work Mother. right men. Call for interview Moran, 564 6th st Lake. 1899. for you. Co. 14th and 29th avenue. rTlITRV REMOVED vUl 1 ACj pjach m3L after 10 ni. Monday. 520 reatmcnt- Treatme guaranteed perfect, inventors of PAINTING, papering, for less Broadway. Do not call at store DR. EFFIE SUTHERLAND, BUSINESS CHANGES multiple needle method. Thirtv Warren Sons. Lakeside 9650 CARI'ET CLEAMMO D. C. Electric bath and OUTSIDE VOKt Two met F-or tne bentefit of other sufferers, I take" pleasure in giv years in Dusiness. MADAME STIVER. PAINTING, tinting, papering BOUGHT restaurant. wanted Must be neat appear Suite 202, 1805 Tolsgeaii ave. reas. Pied. 1467W 944 67 St. A. B. C. CARPET oaCwea5n7s CARP TER to-work with a cooperative organization building homes for themselves; no investment; steady employment. $8 a day. American plan Teleerranh Isend bill Suite 424, 1st Nat'l Bank Bids ing arnoitious ana or gooa nau its. Good oouortunitv for nifh Phone Oakland 2521: 133 Gearv before July 23. LEDEKi-JK, si PAPERING. $2 rm un: tinting HELP WANTED MALE 12 men. See Mr A Schlue- painting: work gUar. Ftv 5627WClay street. -p rnone uougias 111 FLOOR POLISHING (Continued) ter Co. 1418 Webster st. be iween 8:36 and 9:30 VIKING house papering. S-101 job. Room 229, Builders' Ex cheap. Humboldt 8559. SOLICITORS, ex newspa Bum 119 OVERWEIGHT REDUCING hange Hobart near OFFICE machine, mechanic HOUSE cleaning. windows. per: for country work; only hon 1ST CLASS papering, painting Webster. Call from 4 to 6 in state experience. salary ex floors polished; Jap Oak. 6449. est and conscientious met need contract. Pied. 86.I9W. AUCTION TAI GH1 pected:" strictly confidential apply See Mr Conrov. Tiftlr- I ELLE RoSS REDUCING SYSTEM 1 4: i I 4 4 CARPENTERS MONTGOMERY WARD'S ADDITION, E. Latest rules Berkeley 3472W Box 1 1-7574, Tribune. LAUiNDRIES tioor. rntnine mag PLASTERING COACHING entrance ex PAINTER, state experience REDUCES YOU EALTI fS'UL I4TH AND MITCHELL. WELLS BROS. CONSTRUCTION CO. CURTAINS neatlv done ul ims history classes wrreian uid wages expected. Box A. No -drues. No exercises PLASTERING, oalch work a THE FRED T. WOOD COMPANY Miss -Ambler Lake 6750 home, will call. Lake. 10075. 119705, Tribune. Hiuhest ref. Particulars free CEMENT ana excavating. Ap specialty. Tuttle. Ftvl 1448W Phone, call or write 4S2 iMXxf ing this testimonial. I was troubled with Chronic Dysentery for four or five years. 1 had tried numerous physicians with no results whatever. Having seen an advertisement of the Fong Wan Herb I took up herb treatments and continued for two months. This was two years bUt 1 have had no return of my former complaint. I have been well ever since, my general health also having been wonderfully improved even though I am past seventy. E. G. MURPHY. 3821 Opal street. Stomach Ulcers Oakland, Aug. 16, 1924. For about three years 1 suffered so terribly with stomacii ulcers that I could neither eat nor drink without great pain: I was unable to get relief.from any of the remedies that I took. A who was a brakeman on the Southern Pacific, advfsed me to try the FONG WAN HERBALIST. After two months of the herb' treatment, my stomach was entirely healed1, and I could eat and drink without the slightest discomfort. This was more thana year ago, but I am still in first-class condition. It will be a pleasure to furnish details of my case to any sufferer desiring them 178 California Berkeley. NICK CONNELLY. ply on player piano. Fruitvale I'nACHiyii Make up you LACE curtains carefully PAINTER, stage work; $6 pel oaklnncl, plinne PTed. 7547.1 cleaned; called Frt. 1 476J. poor work He promnteq day. 466 21 street. ROOITNG 167 requires a man for sales zation. Experienced and car preferred, but not necessary. Wa DELLE Ross Reducinir System CAR owners to put up ou: FRENCH nrlv classes coach PORTER, country. 11 119 STOVE REPAIRING signs. See Mr Sutllff, 832 1 1 SI Mme Sart ron, 552 22 St. L. 8329 Al ROOF repairing and paint Broadway, R. 3, Monday. train you for success. We ask uept. Blooming ton. 111. We reduce you health ing reas. Grandluna. Ala. CARPENTER, finisher, first INTER coaching school: ex REAL estate salesman with full. No drues, no exercises. for hard work and a willingness to Sell our way. ANDERSON makes worst ra class. Apply 2XS Oakland ave. pert faculty. 614 25 St. Lk. 8120 ALL KINDS roofs repaired nr. exuerience unnecessary. Ev Hiahest references. Particulars burner better than best 439 reliable. Mer. 3160. We guar. ery assistance given. Old estab free. DELIVERY and office work. Apply Mr. Everson 1801 Franklin St. OAKLAND Sen. Dressmaking 341 19 Ft L. 3780 lished office. 390 E. 14th st 149 LAWN MOWERS Pa tterns cut. BOWERS shingler. reshingling hoy 18; good opportunity. $60 2908 Telegraph avenue, Oakland. Broadmoor, San Leandro. Ph. San 0 SLEND 0 TWO men to work regular specialty: wrk. guar Liability SHARPENED. REPAIRED PARKER GODDARD Secreta Leandro 400. routes with no sales carried: 25 exp Lake 834.1 FOLEY BURKE show wants rial School U21 Washington Cream experience necessary, can earn workingmen to work Sun. night, NEW and used lawn mowers RADIO SERVICE MAN H. J. EDWARDS, reshingling Lake. 4000 Day and night Guaranteed harmless and will July 18. Apply show grounds. Icourses Individual Instruction "a 1 1 and deliver Ftvl 3548 and repairing roofs: 30 yrs. prac $30 per week. See Mr. Gates between 5 and 6 p. 1705 Broadway. Apt. f5. Year round job, must absolutely 14th and Kirkham, Oak. positively give results. Free con tice in liability. Oak. 7246. know your onions; able repair su Ration. Mrs. E. D. Stevens SUMMER SCHOOL 149 WINDOW CLEANING HARDWARE MAN, experienced. THE Fuller Brush Co. wants 3 533 ZSth St. Phone Oak. 7241. iny set. If you cannot quality itav away. "Sunday 10 to 2 EXCAVATING to take charge of store. Inquire 169 All grades, all subjects. Intensive married men with car for sales department, good references. WINDOWS, new and old. Call tor Mif Gardner, 415 Bancroft Howard's Radio Shoppe, 1409 eollee-e Drenaration. Evenmtrs. Mack. Merr. 5o74. S. P. Station, San Leandro Gen.excavating. plowing, haul Park Alameda. Foreign languages, music.c Adult 119 Suite 210, 1744 FACIAL in; Innm Rim IfifS Pern education, international scnooi HELP in shot), boy 15-16. Oak 614 25th St. Lake. 8120. RADIO salesman, about 18. fome knowledge radio apparatus UPHOLSTERING 119 2200. Ftvl. 201 1W. Why -Look Old? necessary. 1200 Franklin st. JEWELRY engraver fur large 9 MUSIC. DANCING. DRAMA UPHOLSTERING. 1st class SOLICITOR FOR NEWSPAPER RAG, brown leather traveling. work. Elmhurst 499.1. FONG WAN HERB CO. The Largest Chinese' Herb Company on the Coast Direct Importers of Chinese Herbs y- "576 10th St Oakland, Cal. Consultation Free. (Formerly S48 Eighth 'St.) Phone Oakland 3767 Herbs Compounded for Each Ailment Hour's: 9 to 7 daily; 9 to 12 Sunday jewelry department. Must be ex-perienced. Apply tn Montgomery Ward E. 14th and containing clothing, near The Scientific European-method for face rejuvenation. Tissues lifted Contours restored. Call CAN PLACE A FULLY EX PER1ENCED SQUARE SHOOT ALL modern dances. private Wawona: initials W. E. B. Jr. and class lessons, day and eve 29th avenue. Return to 800 Market S. ER. PERMANENT CONNECTION AND GOOD FUTURE TO RIGHT and judge for yourself how Ludwlg's. 640 14 st Lake 6632 Reward. woman past 50 haH kept her MEN, READ THIS 150 DRESSMAK'G, MILLINERY MAN. MR HEN NINO. 5 I ia or saxophone. 8 les DAIXJU Mer. 3063 il25E17c RILL book containing lodgf 1 OUTH. No cutting or filling FLOOR. FRANKLIN STREET If ynu have ever sold a dinles Incomparable, effective. fjon- ENTRANCE OA KLAND "TRI B- cards and fishing license and some money, at Ball Park or on A I dressmak ladies tall worth of real estate and are RE a good dancer, learn to sultation and advice free. Hours "WANT ADS EASY TO FIND Want Ad. classifications appear in numerical order and all related classes arc grouped toyteher. For ax-ample: All advertising of Rooms to Let is numbered 20 to 29. The numbers appear on the headings So, if vou seek room and board, iook through tin "20s." Board is No 25. and always follows Housekeeping Rooms (24) Note: Every "For Sale'' or "To Let" heading has a "Wanted" classification with the same number but followed by the letter UNE oring work guar 8095 lead popular steps. Berk. 89K3J car No. 2 Finder notify J. 10 to 5 or by appointment. Mrs still in the game plugging alonu hoiing that the law of axerages SALESMAN can earn $15 per O'Neil. Reward. Apt. 4, Onedia DRESSMAKING. remodeling Maxwell Harvev. 1523 Harrison will take care of you -vou are HAWAIIAN SCHOOL Apts. Phone Lakeside 8T74. elining coats. Merritt 5341. Oakland. Lakeside 6224. lay selling dishes, silverware, locks, rugs, linen, blankets riirht: IF YOU ARE SELI.lXi PROPERTY THAT IS PRICEI OF MUSIC MARRIOTT, silver. Thins. Ret. FASHIONABLE THE SING HERB CO. dressmaker bedspreads, electrical appli 33SESH Steel guitar. Spanish guitai THE PRESENT A It sew home or out. to 3774 Rdwy. or 421 19th. Humb. 2734 H. S. LOW, Directing Herbalisi. ukulele. 1237 Mer. K. But if vou are bucknm BELL, old silver, valued as 120 ATTORNEYS PLAIN SEWING at my home 491 10th st. nr. Wash. Est. 191 he usual bard old game wbei- ances and other lioiisenold necessities. Sold on easy payments Catalogue and samples. Ask- for Mr Levinson. Golden Credit Co 52S 16th St. piano, pop songs, rapid DON WOO HERB CO. keepsake. Phone Humboldt 326i'-. oc per hour Glen. 2855. on have to get a price for i course hnsiensen Liberal reward. L. L. STEELE. 11 Bacon Block it that you feel sure in yoiii REMODELING. School, 3S47 Telegraph Pd 1624 Fastest growing herb company 4. nikisnH with best educated. mend -1 in. furn. Advice free, collect, legal matters iwn mind is too high at present in Colonial Cafe- Coals rellned $2 RILL. 15. JAZZ piano, easy course. Winn whv not use the same energy on 51S3.I. Rew. L. 8245. teria. Pled. 101 PYSICIANS YOUR LAWYEK7 Advice free experienced' herbalists for all riieroKps. has moved from Av property Hint people realize School. 2267 Clinton. Ala. 53.9. Fain, affairs law cases HARPIN. nlatinum. diamond SODA FOUNTAIN AND LUNCH MAN Exiierlenced. to assume responsibility in charge of department, must be capable of proflucina priced to sell in a location thai IAZZ PIANO 12 LESSONS Rodolph Hat-field. 2S9 Bacon bid in center, July 12. reward. Phone will be considered central in WATERMAN METHOD DR. CALLENDER EXPERT SPECIALIST p. ew liM.nlhs. WE ARE SELL CLASSES 160-169 ANNOUNCEMENTS Anrruncements come before the other Want Ads and follow Fraternal Notices ltth t. to their new and permanent home. 66S al Orova, 3 blocks west of Broadway. Key Route train, or ra itnn at front of house. ruitval 6636 Piedmont 2f6: 121 HATEM ATTORNEYS ING INSIDE THE OAK LAN I satisfactory results. Equipment CAT; SHORT HAIRED. 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CARPENTERS ou vour own solicitor ami PATENTS Write for free WART) Child. Sats. Odd Fellows Building Trades. Business Cards. Lost and Found. Personals. Educational 10 a. m. to I. p. m. 820 Mead lose vour deals for ynu. Get In free. Oak. 4224. Hrs. sun. -z opportunity and excellent futi for right man. Address Box 1 19207. Tribune. icuide books and "'Record of In nr. cor. San Pablo, hn the gravy, boys, with a bunch IF YOU ARE GIVEN UP by 25-26 sts. A GOOD -job at a fair price Baum Pateman. Builder? FROM IN FRONT Ut clock. 3ii2v vention Blank" before disclosing inventions Send model or sketch AUTOMOTIVE real iMieck grabbers. Sec alesnigr. 4718 E. 1 Hit morn- Qt'IT TOBACCO EASY. Asl Remodeling ira rates, new work SALESMAN apable of taking charge of of inventions for inspection and ts. 1 renting, repair. Selling. ll Fruitvl. M2T.1 laity; 4. in C. F. Conway, 475 Rose Oak Estimates Phone Ai 5477 Instructions free Terms reason -si land." bunnalow department; good proposition. MAX to take orders with able. VICTOR EVANS fit LAKESIDE 4928. AN 1 ravel Classifications 8" to Merchandise. THEATER ORGAN ethers, coma to us. Po Kwong Shew Herb Co. 191 Telegraph, near 19th St AM America's most L. Lill All celebrated alist, -Consultations free. 161 -Webster nr. 17th. Oak. 6982. manauer, must l-e satisfied to 1010 Hoi. art San Francisco 2fi5u up will bid 4 Span Dung. gar. Apts remodeled ng. finance Elm. 426: 1. RICHARD AINSI.EY 9 17th st. Realtor Ph. Lake. I'aiight by California's preini. i SWERS TO NAME urn 2.i per week at start. Ap-tv -4S Pa- on bldg. 'all Sun Main office. 819 Ninth. Washington. D. C. rganist. guaranteed in 20 les AA-CA RPKNTER work, alter SHOE shine man. with in lon. and Tues. sons If you play piano. Ileal TIP ED of naylna the other without stand, call at 2109 Al lions our specialty. Let us give MATTRESSES. fellow's doctor bills? Cash saves its ston way. Berk. 2161. stimate. Ft. nd. 1331 me' at U. C. theater. Berkeley, oi plmne Billy Knox, Tliornwal 4372. half here! COLLIE, male, strayed M.VX to take i-f lelitiii -pai for ton it town on commission basis. Itox Dr. Wong Him Herb Co. JOSI lVlstert Lakettde 42 AS 1 1 1 lit "ma I tr es "re li has fits, nut safe with children Al CARPENTER, eon. or day: See black headin? at top of ench page EMPLOYMENT Classifications 11 to It, follnw-ing instruction, preceding "To Let FINANCIAL Clarification ft' to It. follow iiiK Kealty nrcdfntf Reward for Information. Elm. 7 Tri-Mine obs reas. Elm. 4 273. DR GIFFORD. M. D. TELEUHAPH AVE. Office wprk one dollar cash. 10 TRADES' TAUGHT MEN 282U. 1838 66 ave. vatlna servire Remember "You'll truly rest in clover It Mulkey makes "em over." Completely equip your homt with Al carpenter foreman. Can COLLAR, fur. large black. ive ref. Phone Lakeside 8268. A NATIONAL Barber Sehool- Friday. 9th, Return to 1329 Al El 'HA NH'S Auto. 2. must me own tools Gad-llae. Quick ork E. 23 Valdex tt MAN who understands the -t-ui and running of Garnet heddlne st Mulkey's Low price WOISGYICKTEA has been- secured by Osgood Drun Stores after much hard persuasion. Get this fsmout rfprlngl tonle. II a box. at Osgood's 7th-and Broadway or 12ih ALTERATIONS plssteting. it l.earn trade commission hlle lesrnlns 41? "ih st 'I in ton Alameda. Reward ment work painting Pied R93 MerrIM COLLI E. black, white and yel-l OPIOMETRISTJ' 1(13 ALTERATIONS. REMODEL! Mulkey rttrees 5- MERCHANDISE niiehine meadv work. has. low. Reward. Pled. 23.1HJ. PK1CKLAYERS. CARPEN REPAIRING Ftvl 4374J and wssninKmn. CI RRKNGY. flu ifold certi ft-ITERS AND BUILDERS WANT rann Mattress fai: a I-I-. ave. (II tn ft walk Al CEMENT Meps ate. i. currency. Park ave. orf.D. rite for sample lnnMtnt C5D "Foo Wing Herbs re Sr. "I to I LAUFER ifl Fourteenlh lreel Phone Oakland 4il(i rtvi- found Kim 37 Clssstications Livestock, etc fotliimg etlinfc, Aai'. Alameda car. 4 p. lit. Sat. Re-1 Man n(l hooKlet How to lieved my rheuma Finnnrlsl. NOTICE ward. Ala. 3S.15J. Mailed free. Al THIS WAY TO THE ca WHITE E'FPKANTv SALE tism In two weeks BUILDING PLANS- ir.i'iti pkit i ILL PA A I UIAMO.ND sel in Kohl. A drop (HII'JIM TKCIL I I Knit FIVE Vol Nil ML. irtim an earring. in I'HAT WILL APPLY Tltl.M liinwn Ml ilXed rale S1 RAT PLANNERS Marrisoti 5 Oakland 12th SI at 6th Ave BEAR MATTRESS CO. Mattresses ind oxer $.1 New -overs 12 nn I'hv servicR: S-e nr Ssii Pnt.lo "FACTORY TO YOU MATTUKSSKS reniad- $3 ih new nt)4 un if -fHf1 fi l(N MATERNITY HOMF SERVICES of phvsichtn and setting Kianii nusiness ti I in A REAL AN! 1 1" and I am back working." (Signed) Richard Fletcher. FOO WINl Muc-stul Herballsir llrritt 1.173 hard, a pi: nurse; ati- rea Glen IU1I1U I11AIM.V,I.MII II I.T'ILDING repairs. Lis ATE CLi to la To Let preceding inn. i i LET ('Uai Ik stu.n 1J folding F.ntplfi n. n' preced-; i rally. iTliN IX IEW Tn Till HIHT MEN. I PI.Y A .7 'J h'Pening 1443 Sixth ave oi est. given. P. nua pei. jnniiiie iveii. i ji i HAIR DRESSING 119 HAPP IT iHKI.AXI' CF.MENT gxraues and general siae mm. uioerai rewara. nH fr fof I generations Al IVi'l'NI onm ruction Oakland -5I 108 Tel Pled. 417 EYEGLASSES lady's robi lei.urf. b. Expert Kmduate in CUT hair nn comlnngs made KEVA BEDDING CO PAINTER HI- Mii' I rimmed ltrgnetie. Reward struvtor P.vduced rutes open "ARP coot or day work: r- tw nkTt. lml slin Humb. S4S7. up bv exn of rellnbll-Uy. t'tiS Telegraph ATI, nr. 2Hh. ar-artmcnt Merritt 205S Ing class. Merritt 121. Piedmont Hi-8 modeling of all kinds Mer 11(0. 4x7 Clifton St

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