Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1954
Page 12
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MvOPI 8 f A ft , HO Ft, .ARKANSAS pe pef SOt pec Wh |VtttJt>t«j ab&v« «f« tor eon• itertteh*. Ittfesulaf or "-'•" awaw*-*** \d until S.p.rt. (Of ' " Vihfl day. lllk „ *vT 1H* rldM W jHltementi 6f- „, and' }o rtWSt .odveVtHIno tub- loWfti retfaffs, feglflaiing. Ffee estimates, Factory cxper- ierifce. M> L'. Heifer, 423 Malrt, Tex. 23-6t WtfnWd - UNITED . fAftM AGENCY LSdal Officfe — Thd Oaks Co'urt u PhoHg PRospfect 7-5883 We Need 141 •''-' to Sel d. B*. OdfckfifiVS, Hobby Shop nrtd ^UrnltUfe repair. We pick up and deliver. Buying old guns that can be p'ut in use, 222 East 3rd. Hope. 28-St UPHOLSTERING, tailored seat Covers, do&f panels, Headlining , We repair old $eat covers, paint jobs Ibw as $40.00.Fdf fi'<te estl- , mate, sod Sfine'f K. May at Ben son Ailio Sefvlcb. HlW&y Ot Wos"t. Hope, Ark. • 20-3t t)ue to many recent Sales, dhd ,lhe ,"F,arm buyittg 1 ' Season approaching, we must llhve more farms to sell. N^Uoh Wide AdVertisiftg bfitf J* 30 yeai* reputation. Fot. results: CALL US NOW: 'Boa T84 . Hdpfe, Afk. Opportunity Bobcah Face Another tedm Friday Hope's Bobcats with a Single wiri against two losses go up against an undefeated eleven hefg Friday nig'ht at 8 o'clock in Gammons Stadium; in the Fprdyce RddbUgS, The visitors,: sco?bd a ;;to , victory over S'heriaan in the season opehcr" then really got, going SPORTS ROUNDUP NEW YokK I/Pi— Some rtiilhorts ttf fans to whohi Vv'iilic Mays is only a name get thelt- first opi- gbHunity tbda.V to see the Alabafha b&auty in afctioli aHil to dctermir.e f6i- themselves wtitither dll tbe Worlds they have read about him were justified. OUi- -lifM is that they will rernenibet-,tHelf first look at the boy who is iljsJvtiiied to be- son opener men reau.y gui, gums „,,,_,_ „ i.-- 0 i,Aii JHirrtHttal thd following week to soundly tro- c °™ * ^TJ 1 ™ 'ft. Funeral Directors oi' i).n spo- *,, InVWAnt, Adi unlert eolled. to our oHehtion oihbUrn, Bulldlrtf. h* Audit »U>«du,«» <5tes (poyabW In ad- nce): pe '>,and neighborly Nevada, ofid jMHtor eoUn- .85 ..},.,. 1.60 ....S.. 2.60 3.50 Prwt: ress li entitled ex- repMbllcQtlon pr nted In this oll,AP. n«w» OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE, 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF J-iluff Mercantile wants man and wife to collect established rdute^ - in Hope, Prescott, and Ourdon. Chr necessary. Good .commissions.-' Set Mr. Ahdersdn at The Oaks after 7 p. m. Monday through Thursday. 27-Ot tmce Arkadelphia by a lopsided 40 to 12 score. And it was just about as bad last week when the Redbugs jumped on Bearden's Bears 32 to 6. So again this week the Bobcats face some mighty potent opposition. The Bobcat scout reports a fast, can give most any opposition about, all they want. Meanwhile the Bobcats are working hard in practice sessions, trying to smooth over mistakes which have proved, very costly to he green local lads. Hope has lost 6 Smackcwcr and DeQueen and holds a win over Stamps. ' Willie played in tho 1951 World Series against the • Yd • 'rtlccos, but television was a compaintivc pup at that time. Today even the set owners in Cuba will have Uioir eyes glued to the pktuve tube, and by the time the series ends there H'ERNDON CORMEL1US BURIAL ASSOCIATION .Largest and Oldest In South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our ' ag'erits ' A23-1 Mo. For Sole .Instructions CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballet and toe. Krttharinc Windsor, lt)4 E. !4tK. Phohc 7-3327. ' 22-1 mo. For Rent Plenty ox USED TIRE BARGAINS Exceptional values in. 2 Used Detroit' Jewel Gas Ranges Fully guaranteed Good, USed Practice,Piano Oklahorhd Tire & Supply UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. P'rlva'te' bath, • rent reasonable. 1311 W. Avenue B. Phone 7-3696. 10-tf 4 ROOM liouse, electricity, gas good water. % mile of city limits Priced right. Ph. 7-2243. 28-6t GRAVEL bed. See at 1517 S.'Plhe. 27-3t EOPER Tfible top gas range in ' good condition. 217 N. Elm. !Phone THREE ' roam ' apartment, private bath and private entrance. Neai school. 808 W. Fourth. Phone 7 3152. 28-t World Figures and Other-facts NEW YORK (UP) — Facts arid figures on ilie I'Jii* World Series opening today. (American League) vs. New York Giants (National League). Managers — Al Lopez, Indians; Leo'Durocher, Giants. Length of series best-of-seven games. Dales and sites — Wed,^, and Thttrs., Sept. 29- ant.1 30~'"at Polo Grounds, New York; Fri., Sat. and Sun. (if necessary), Oct. 1, 2 and 3, Municipal Stadium. Cleveland: LOVELY air-conditioned one and Mon _ and Tues Oct 4 arid g (if an authority on the New York Giants' pheenoml Those who did see Willie in the 51' play-off can .'orgot about that. The Negro boy was only 20 then, an din his rekie season. He was overshadowed by sucn veterar teammates as Monte Irvin and Bobby Thomson, and there can be no denying that the Yankee pitchers made a monkey • of,, the ner. with a .345, matk and blasted 41 horrier's." This surprised everyone connected with the Giants, including Loe .Durochtff ;.who said before hand that he would bo happy to have Willie play tenttr-rfielcl for lifn -agairt and hit nvoilhd .230. Wfllte'-'gaVe-p^rliaps-his most revealing performance in the season's final 4 a )D e against the Phils. He Begat! the contest in a virtual three-way lie willi his teammate, Don 'Mueller, ani\ Duke Snider ol Brooklyn for the leiRUO • batti-i* title. He was f acini.' ttte league's best pitcher, Robin Roberts.. Willie wrapped it u|j with a triple, a double and a sin'gle. Off that ilisplay. wo find it diffi cult to believe t!)s<- Cleveland's righthandcd pitching, however gooc will hold Willie, in,chock. It will not. be surprising if he does his greatest damage to the Indians in their-home pailc in the games starting thcro on Friday. Willie is essentially a, straightaway clubber, ahtl many of lits king-size wallops arc hauled down in the vast centerfiol clreaeher, at the Polo vous kid. They limited him to four Grounds. Almost anything he. half- singles in 23 attempts and made>ay gets hold of will be a home- him hit -into three double plays.run in Municipal Stadium, which in ons • game. .But, as we said, thij is another Willie Mays, the fjreatest player in the game today. Two years in the has an artificial'.barrier looped around tho outfield ' only 380 feet away in right and left center. In comparing Willie's ground Army put another 10 pounds of! covering ability with tliat of his muscle on his frame, and brought scries rival, Larry D6by, it seems significant that, playhig in two few cr games, ho made 4*50 n'utbiits him back p. finished star. In '51, when he sparked the Giants to their "miracle" pennant, t.gainst Doby's :•»!!. •: One can only Willie,hit for an average of onlyjreason that Willie's great speed .274 and stroked only 20 homo and agility enabled him to ha'Ul runs. In the race just ended he',down a few balls that got past the led all National League hitters big Indian. THE QUEEN— Lovely Henriette Lambart, left,, beams after being named "Queen of the Riviera," in Nice, France. Con- Germain of Juan-Les-Pihs. 7-3353. 27-Ot FORD tractor with discs, plow, mower. Inqure 312 South Walnut. 27-3t TAG'GERT seed oats, germination 96%. $1.25 per bushel. Phone 7.4931., ' 27-Ot CHROME .breakfast • room suite. Call Mary Hamm at 7-3584 or 72615. , 29-3t REGISTERED guernseys, Bred , J( heifer cows, bull calves. Hale 'Guernsey Farm. Prescott, Ark. 29-3t y>'.., LOS* ^ WHITE Jersey, muley, weight about 050. Has sale barn tag No. 830 in ear, Call 7-3898. 27-3t , WHITE-faced bull weighing about 1500 Ib. When last seen had lariat around neck and will be somewhere around Richard Arnold's place South' of DeAnn. Liberal ' * UxMor any .information. Con- Guy Martin, Patmos. Phone 7-2035. 29-31 two' bedroom apartments redecorated inside and out. A nice place to live for reasonable rent. J. I. LIEBLONG REALTY CO. PHONE 7-2228 29-3t DOWNSTAIRS furnished or ; unfurnished two room apartment. 418 S. Elm. Phone 7-2132. 29-3t The Negro Community i\\, I By. Helpn Turnar , £ >,, I ,11/Phone 7-6830 n Or bring Items to Ml*i Turnar »t Hicks Funeral Home and thundershowcrs likely ;by iight. . . - ; Odds —• Indians favored at 8.'to 5 to , win series; .Inliam favored at 11 to 10 to win opening game. Probably opening game attendance •— 55,000. : . >? ; World Series standings — Amer- 33 times, The Senior choir of BeeBee Memorial CME Church will rehearse Thursday night, September 30, at 7:30 p. m. OUT OF DOORS with lc nr>ssary> Polo • Grounds. Times of games — 1 p. m. EST laily. Weather forecnst — Increased , ,. , . . , . . cloudiness and warm w.tn showers^ ^ anul - ac turer usually has.mbrc By Al McClane Relatively speaking, the cheapest part of any rod is the ferrules. o£ investment in the vanishing can League has wo.n National has won 17.' Previous scries • records — Indians won two, lost nohe;:Cii- i«nts have wo/i four,' lost '.nine'. 11 .' Radio" 1 broadcast .Mutual' Broa'd- castini» System,/Al Heifer and Jimmy Dudley (air time d2:45 p. m. and 1 thread winding operations than he does in the all important "joints" of a rod. , , Other than the fact that ferrules allow a rod to be broken down into convenient •- sections for carrying, these Atnobstrusive plugs and joining spckets serve no function. But oh, the ferrules: that! don't work! And the ferrules that break! This researcher recommends nickel silver ferrules, and I'll:' tell -you why! . ' - . Nickel silver is an alloy consisting Of nickel, zinc, a"hd copper, oi-tsc**? When cold drawn to a hard temper is Jack rou ghly 15,000 pounds per square Television T— National Broadcast ., „-, , .... , . /v ing Company, 191) sLntioiH - i«nitl»a-.»Uoy. s ultimate strength cities. Russ Hodjjoj and Attti-Ytittk Gf-otip Blocks Team transfer NEW YORK '<UP» -An "pfttlk Yankee" combine has been lined up to block trans! ;r of the Philadelphia Athletics' f^'rtcMse .,?? Kansas City* ' Oifr Uhitc'd Press leaifled today. '•-'•• • , ... Wallet- O. (SpiKe) Brlggs, /owner of the-Detroit Tigers, is lead-< ing the iisht and .lie has _ttt? full support of owner Clark Griffith of the Wdsh'Uigtoti Senn&trfi. "Who do the Kankees think they, are, anyway" Bi-igg.i said sarcastically. "They think they .can run everything. Well, we-ran tncrn ri"ht out of the meeting yesterday. When Dan Toppln.it couldn't get li's way, he picked tin his marbles and .walked out with the rest of the Yankee crowd." Briggs said ho was "sick tired" of the way in which rdcent franchise switching problems nad been handled withjn the league:. He said that the Kankees previously ha.-l tried to get. the St. Louis Browns to move to Kansas City "even though (her.; are at least two or three place:! that arc better suited to handle a major league franchise." . . . The club owners met for --six hours yesterday and adjourned tttw til Oct. ,12 when Roy Mack. the. gratulatlng her .is D'orriipque v i cc . pves 'idnet of tho ..'Athletics will J A I L E ti — Roman Catholic Bishop Stephan Trochta, of Leititz, has be'en Sentenced to 25 years in prison by a Red court in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He and three other priests were convicted of trying to overthrow the Communist regime. report back and tell what progress, he has made on getting new financial banking from Philadelphia interests next year. , .', Griffith, who would like to.,., so the Athletics moved from Philadelphia said-he would continue to fight every eifort to br.irtg the club to Kansas City - "because that is too far west and upsets the geographical arrange-By merit." , . Minneapolis and St. Paul inter ests,-who did not attend the nice-tins today, aro said to be ready to inuster a lar<.;e civic dfteaation for the Oct. 12 conclave rti which time they will tell if the plans for their now multi-million dollar stadium located about 10 miles south of the two towns. It would be a brand new plant ready for the 1950 season but tin- changes«j for the twin cities getting .1 fran-*" chise by next season aro remote because neither-the St. Paul nor Minneapolis parks as -now situated are adequate. \.*l>*i^a< -tvwtio J.iuu;o.o Hi tvi u ui^rv ... f~, • n* 11 Brickhbuso (air tune 12:45 p, m. ! Jtnch -, S ° even ve , ry thm w« u sec : EST). Umpires Al . Bjrlick, Jocko Mrs. Daisey Turner has return Con'lan _ and Lob. Warnekc,- Nation- For Lease ed to her home in Albany, N. Y., a few days Douglas is .ill. 144 ACRE farm, modern home. 05'the acres' tilqbV. Write or see Oreh John L. .Harris, 7'A miles south of Hope on L,ewisville highway. Route 1, 27-31 There will be a wiener roast at home of Mr. and Mrs, Frank son Saturday night, October 2, sponsored by Mt. Zion CME Church. PlANO tuning repairs, Free , estimates, Factory exper Jence. M. L. Reiter, 423 Main, Texaj-kana, Tex. 28-6t SMITH'S GENERATOR & STARTER SHOP ! - '1 We rebuild generators and starters for 11 makes and mod- fi^ryce New Holland Balers and Fjord Tractors '« 'OP Wrjtf Tractor Co. «.gnolio ( Pho, M2, 6&9 4 1140-R "QUSTOM. SLAUGHTERING There will be a tea given at the home' of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson Sunday, October 10 from 2 to 5 p. m, for the benefit of Mt. Zion CME Church. al League; Charley Borry, John Stevens and'Lary Napp, American League, , -•;.-.. Official scorers ' El Me Auley, Cleveland News; Barney .Kremenko, New Y.ork Journal American Harry Jones, Cleveland Plain Deal- tions are super strong when used in a rod. . \Vhen polished a bright silver- Vfinlsfi is obtained, and it re- Mrs, Mary L. Taylor has returned home after spending six weeks visiting, her daughter, Mrs. Ethel B, Greenlee in Des Moines, Iowa. Joe Duffie of Hope died suddenly at MsTiorhe Tuesday morning, September 28. Funeral arrangements AWAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS Blpyclcs, Tricycles and Wagons From WESTERN AUTO Associate Store Aged Hurlers Start Wbfld NEW YORK, (UP)— A pair of pitchers who figured tljey . were lucky to be in the big league's squared off today in the opening game of the World Se.ries. It was curve-bailing Sal Maglie, cnce a four-year refugee from the Mexican Xcngue, for the New York Giants. And opposing hi mfor the Cleve land Indians was a sinker-ball ace Bob Lemon, who only becarne a ! pitcher in I94fi after a mediocre career as an outfielder ond infielder. CLOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-3369, ( Unrge Enough to Serve Youl 8ma(l Enpuoh to Know Youl Increasing cloudiness with temperatures in the micl-70's were forecast for the game, starling al 1 p.m. EOT before an expected crowd of more than 50,000. Anc the Indians, who this year snapped the five-year monopoly of the New York Yankees, wer$ ( rated as }1 to .10 favorites to late the openei of the best-of-sevun classic and fet 17 to 10 fpr their third work championship in as. many tries. tainj that luster for about a year. Slow oxidation will take place on the,surface until it gradually turns a pearl gray in color. But this can be .polished again. The zinc in this, alloy gives it a greasy, self-lubricating property which permits easy joining and disjoining of the ferrules even if OU neglect to keep them oiled. Probably the second most used eri-ijle "1fffftaf 'is'trass. Hard drawn right plated brass is commonly ouhd ,on low grade ro'ds for reasons f economy. But I have seen brass errtiles on very expensive rods al- 6..- '.',:. . '• ' • ' If .critically made they are ac eptable, but the fatigue life of iras's is short cornpared to nickel ilver. Hard drawn brass tends to :rack with age and its ^assistance to :orrpsion Is poor unless it is plated/,/,:. - ••-.''.. . • • • Brass, ho\yeyer, is not nearly is poor as aluminum'which enjoyed a recent vogue. Closely fitted aluminum mem- are • characteristically diffi cult to assemble, and in some cases practically impossible to dismantle tnless surface-created or lubricated. Aluminum alloys with anodized surfaces have been used in tjie man ufacture of ferrules since the close of World War II, but h.ave enjoyed 16 widespread acceptance. The lard surface is extremely thin, and although performing quite well when new, wears rather rapidly to expose the untreated metal below. Havfe Your Cpr PAINTTO °« $35.00 While ypu are having yoyr ?ar painted we con do that work on your motor, t?r$jkf? or body ' '" Top Radio Program! NEW YORK 'fl — Selected radii programs tonight: NBC — V;15 Frank Sinatra; Grpuoho Marx; S) Fibber am CBS — 6 Tennessee Ernie Show 7;3tt 21st Precinct; 8:30 Amos and Andy. ABC — 6:30 Low; Ranger; 8:3 Whileman Varieties. MBS — 7:30 Nightmare witr Peter ter. Lorre; 8:30 Family Thea are incorpplete services for Emanue we»-e he!4 W tember ?9, at Chwi-ch, Hill CME Church with Hicks Fwiera.1 Horn In. charge. Fights Last Night • By The Associated Press HALIFAX — Richard Kid, Howard, 1345A, Halifax, outpointed Armand Savoie, 133, Montreal, 12, for Canadian Jig'htweight title. San Antonio, Tex. . Harold Baby Face) Jones, 144, Detroit, mocked out El Con'scrlplo. 142, VIexico City, 2, Detrqit Duke Harris, 151%, Detroit, outpointed Billy Pinkus, 147 y 4 , Winnipeg,. 1 B. GUESS WtiAf?-its red, it has a horn on its head and resembles Satan. Actually it's a tomato grown by Tennyson Freck, of Asheville, N. C. Six Countids Ask More Poll Taxes LITTLE ROCK (/P) — Six Arkansas counties are askim? for addition^ al poll tax receipt blanks to meet the demands of persons wanting, to qualify for the Nov. 2 general electibn. i State Auditor Oscar Humphrey says h? has received, rernaejst for a total of 5,000 more blanks to.- Garland, Green, Hot Spring, Mac|ison, Montgomery and Sebastian Cdun-^ ties. Humphrey originally sent 601,- p 500 blank's to, the 75 Arkansas counties. He said he used the rec**( ord issuance of receipts in 1952 as a yardstick. , ' OKAYS NEGRO DOCTOR'S /\ LITTLE ROCK iffl -• Arkansas Baptist Hospital nere has given final approval of four Negro doctors for staff 'membWflhfp. They are,Dr. G. W> S. Ish, Dr. O, B. White, Dr/ J.; B. Woods and Dr. J .M Robinson Atlanta Wrhs Dixie Series Off Houston ATLANTA NT) -- Atlanta's South ern Association cl\pinpioiis, \^ht never knew when tju-y were pettt- en, owjjed the Dixio Sewes title toddy itfter sweeping the last three gnmeg . iof the, poj,t-seascm clasn with Houston o{ the Texas League. who rallied to win th,e S.oitfheu - n peu'ient and same from behind in both iutra-league playoff series, climaxed their uphill strngpls with Wouston witi» r a 7-1 victovy last night. filenji Thompson, a straping 0- fog.t T 5 righthander pitching with pnly two days' rest after on a Uu-a-hJUev, on live blows and. with a How Would Like to Go to the ,.-. COTTON BOWL AT OUR EXPENSE? An added feature of the KXAR Football Contest this year is d -complete, expense paid trip to the Cotton Bowl on January First for two people including tickets, meals, hotel, jand travel expense. Join ifhe fun each week. This week the winner will receive two tickets to your choice of the Arkansas- Baylor or Arkansas-Mississippi game plus 10 gallons of gas for the trip. RULES OF THE CONTEST: Everyone is eligible to enter/However owners, Employees and their'im- mediate families of KXAR and the football sponsors will not be eligible fo win prizes. Weekly winner awarded oh basis of,greatest•'nifrjiber of winners. In case of tie, point spread of the-game of,the. week will determine the winner. The person with the best season's average will win the grand prize. You must enter the contest at least six of the 10 weeks to be eligible. Your weekly average of winners will be the determining fgct'on In case of a tie, the person with the best point spread on the games of the week will be winner. In addition you must enter the last two Weeks of the contest o be ellgibje for the grand prize. i i.^'j r , Cards will be available by Wednesday of eQCh week at the following stores! CRESCENT DRUa STORE THE TRAPING POST GROVER THOMPSON SERVICE $TA, * •", . BARWICK ELECTRIC '-" Your card must be returned by 4 P. M. Friday, this week, ' Listen for Football Scores eqcf, week end over KXAR a» fallow*; • 10?3Q PM Spturcjay 7:g§ PM, $ PM ond 1 <#'• let A y, September 2$, 1914 • SLONDII 1 i-<at ^^A Sports f' ACROSS | 4 Golfers', j mounds i 8 Snow I enthusiast's fpptgear 112 Era 13 Site of Taj Mahal 114 Orient 15 Strong drink 16 Pertaining to • Moab 18 Lower 20 Pittances 21' Hearing organ 22Ireland 24 Injury 20 Group of :: three 27—^ Sneed, .'golfer 30 Sir Galahad's mother 32 —- cf Liberty ^football play 34 Rip again . 35 Landed property 36 Watch, as a game 37 Mrs, Osiris 39 Home-run hitter's pace into home plate 40 Used for • winter sports 41 Damage 142 .White poplar 1 4p Female •! advisers '49 Lines of s longitude 51 Historical period 52 Of the ear 53i_^._VThe . Man" Musial t S t A* ft» ' '•' ''« ; > f ? ^•A*ilMM^", * 1 *-» "'i.jLi.-.-.tZ- ._, TRY A FREE ''Y\\\ti SAMPLE OF "LOVEOTSEAM By J. R. William! .THAT- ANJD , , SMELLS. M A.TAWNSP THS MOUSE... , TH 1 - H FELLfeRSITS YOUR. MOVEMENTS Ills BARBER W A siLEMTAS.7H'c«a:.. Ill SHOP M HAIRCUT,. ' BUT YOUR. HAIR- JllL HAIR gj^ HE LOOKS-CUTS ARE LOUO <- =4 OIL? Hi> PARTLY TWO OP- THE /WAUB occupy THIS »?av\, TH& WltlPPS HAVB (ZOOMS AT WASH TUBES Ye5...0ROME OF m H000LUM& FOR WE SOU t*ftfcfcltlf i lift »««• At I MM I /v*tlliit* m i*t >*>.* tt/kul THEN YOU : THINK 5AMCHO WHO SLUfiSEP VOL) AND THREW YOU OVERBOARP?.: ARE M APE-NOT BORKJ c.,,. „,. V,V. V.'^."^ <_ • With'Major Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSE ESAO, SOVS/ I'M LITCRALUY IhJ A KEAVEM.EM^l^lQfc)! BLISSFUL OPei?ATIOM ^ PAROOM OURCDRlOSITy ?DT Al?£ YOU IM of -ro 6PiM A COCOONS AROUMTD CARCASS TILL ^ POOTi AND HER BUDDIES ./srvr-TivVt v»-vAV 1 1* iXvJ/x\J liaiVT'liVs^ie.u; CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei ALLEY OOP MATTER HOLYCCW, POC, ARE \ IT® MV GOING COURTING ] SUNDAY ATHIRP-CENTLJRV jj.MEETING "As senipr member, I appoint you, Senator Sm0lt, and you, Senator Sneed, as a committee to investigate this score our colleague has turjieg in!" SIDE OUNCES By Galbraith "He's just like his daddy—can't stay put!" SWEETIE PIE By Nomine Selier isciuA'SPOP^ ^^' • " , ,; 4 -;«>';^ _ _., ,,• a ... *' ..U V. PRISGILLA'S POP TH1 STORY OF MARTHA W^YNI

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