Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 14, 1926 · Page 48
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 48

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 14, 1926
Page 48
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2-B MARCH 14, 1926 afclanU Crffiutie SUNDAY PROF, SIFOi Tfl LECTURE UPON LITEIUr :IU Tire Xectures Arranged by Uakland Forum Review Field of Romance. CaliforniaVGolden Age That is tJie era in literature and art upon which California has entered in the opinion of Professor THOMAS FREDERICK SANFORD. here shown. Professor Sanford will deliver a series of talks on "California, a New Voice in World Literature," under the sponsorship of the Oakland Forum. The lower picture is of an Indian attack on an Overland stage. The passengers, provided with rifles and revolvers, are defending themselves. This is one phase of the Greet West which in Professor Sanfordjs opinion has helped to produce an inrlr.idu.il touch in literature and art. j Th. time Is auspicious in Cali- -r- Corala for the creation of a gTeat literature and a great art, in the v wphiitm f Professor Thomas Frederick Sanford of the English department of the University of Cali fornia, who is to deliver the first Of a' series of lectures Tuesday . rnlnfr in the ballroom of the Hotel Oakland. The series is sponsored by the Oakland Forum. There are five lectures in the series and ".'. the funeral subject is "California. a New Voice in World Literature." In the first lecture of the series, entitle "The Influence on California Literature of Her Early Ro- mantle History and Her Varied Picturesque Background." Professor Sanford will discuss past events which have piven this state a separate place in the world of litera- ' Cure. A brief resume of the history of California from the day that the : Spanish explorers sailed into Pan Francisco and Monterey hays and the .Mission fathers cut their trails , aoross country, down through the days of the gold rush in 'forty-nine, rill be given in the opening lecture. EXPLArVS CHARACTFR. This historical sketch will serve te explain why California litera-i tare lias a character all its own, according to Professor Sanford. History and landscape make the difference, he contends. Diaries of the explorers will be read by way of illustration of the life of the time. In succeeding lectures, Professor Sanford will discuss the out-cctandins; writers that have made California famous in the field of literature. For his Fecond talk, he , has chosen the subject, "Days of Forty-nine; Bret Harte and Mark Twain." This lecture will be given a the evening of April 8. TITLES OF LECTTKES. The titles of the other lectures In the series are: "Prophecies of the New Land by Her Poeta a:d 7athfinders The Bohemian Group. Poets Ina Coolbrith. Poet Laureate; ' George Sterling, Edwin Markham and Joaquin Miller. Pathfinders, Charles W. Stoddard, Stewart Edward White and John Muir." on April 22; "The Teller of Tales Ftevenson," May 6, and "National Problems in California Romance." May 27. In this last lecture he will discuss Helen Hunt Jackson. Kate Douglas Wiggin. Ambrose Bierce, Harry Leon Wilson, Frank Xorris and Jack London. As a lecturer on California literature. Professor Sanford is widely known. For the past seven years he has been speaking on the subject, He has delivered lectures before the Century club of San Francisco, the Mechanics Institute . and has given the Le Conte Memorial lectures in Yosemite. Members of the Forum will be admitted to the lectures upon pre- sen cation of their membership --' cards. To others, a small admission fee will be charged. TRIPLE-SHIRTED VICTIM. ST. ALBANS, Eng. A man found shot here has refused to give his name to the police. He was wearing three shirts. PROBATION URGES STERNNESS Radio Speech Plan Stirs French Solons PARIS, March IS. Several members of the French parliament are greatly perturbed over the proposal that in future all the speeches be broadoast so that every voter with 'a wireless receiving set will be able to listen to what his rep resentatives has to say and check the manner in which he is keeping his election pledges! Many deputies are much op posed to the proposal. They describe it as dangerous and likely to give rise to misunderstanding. Lafagette, the originator of the idea, one of the youngest members of the 'chamber of deputies? considers the broadcasting of parliamentary debates an up-to-date and democratic reform that would per mit the electors' to keep In closer touch with the government machine. Daniel Vincent, minister of commerce, whose task it would he to install the broadcasting machinery, thinks the idea excellent. It would shorten the finppf hps. ne declared. "There can be no adequate re spect for the law if we coddle criminals," In the opinion of Cap tain Rufus M. Whaley, new assistant adult probation officer of Alameda county. whaley be lieves there Rre some occasions when probation is warrant ed. however, and where unnecessary harm would result from its denial. In select ing Whaley for the post, the Alameda county probation rrmimntee has added to itsCAPTAIN WHALEY. staff one of the 300 men who received special citations from General John J. Pershing during the World War. Ho was among the first 10.000 troops to reach Fiance from this country and took part in the battle of St. Mihlel and the Argonne drive. He hart previously had military experience Mexican border. Whalev is an active American Legion member and also a member of the Forty and Eight. sistant adult pro- J' y I (nation oiiicer oi f& tl ' I El Alameda county. it -- . Whaley be-JS. 8 I I U Mt J .-,t- f some occasions J?Ng!---- 1 wn en pronation " IF If Ms warranted.!- tr t3 however, and f a 11 I I Whaley for theft I V .pH - S I res'. the Ala-W. 4 S II -.11 mi- imjfWsSSi : n meda county pro-rajgrag. V 1 , Mil 'i. I) hation committee " wiilutaii m ". II hls added to hssaptain whaley. ma V$m'!-'- if staff one of the 300 men who re- Iffk liK:.-- lilt reived speeial citations from Gen-l (S UW k llM eial John J. Poshing during the, ta 111 YVC , 'l" - II K Uoild Aar Ho as among the Hit tW. lit? fust 10 000 troops to leaih Fiance 11 mVP V,S ML?'! llll oi tlie tonj ana Likm. iir PlMjJ!-. 'JN Hh DRrCGLDAXDROIlMO. U V HfvVil ' rJ. sC il& M CHICACJO, 111 H M Colston) f v 't NvVn, Sul, i lllli was lobbed of $7000 woith of lew- ! lV$lrfVy1k sS5"" X. lIMli fliv after taking a dunk with a' K''AAlift?V' J' , s X If Off stranger on a train The llquoi m is . p49t;Vlft lot! I. fl!ll drugged i fc-vAx iAlia.iihlM':l,,l ; . - - - , ,! win m ft, Si4v1Wr 1 JWIS'W 1 i i 1 lot of Junior Lamp Standards Reg. $10.00 value. Choice S4.S0 i EassIsllBBslIlESSa 50c Scrims 36 in. wide, come in ecru or cream. Choice, nn yard LVC S;t.O(i Kulfle CURTAINS Complete with tie-backs. Come in blue, rose and gold. Choice, pnlr $1.95 B aJMIMN'miril 1 Gilchrist's Corner 13th and Clay Streets opposite Athens Athletic Club OWNERSHIP OF OUR BUILDING HELPS MAKE LOW PRICES $60,000 Worth of Furniture and Floor Coverings WILL BE SOLD AT ABSOLUTE SACRIFICE PRICES We are overstocked to the point where we can not properly display our merchandise on our 6 big floors, and to quickly relieve this condition we are going to sell to our Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and Hayward customers this large amount of high-grade merchandise at almost UNHEARD-OF LOW PRICES. ' With this limited space we can only quote a few of the thousands of bargain that await you. Activities At&OM& Negroes Delilah L&easky mm ri irrr UUttH I) i The March issue of National J senatives of these different races. Xotes, official organ of the Na- The several reports read by the dis-tional Association of Colored Wo- trie t manager and Inspector M. X. men. is devoted to the cniinp hi- Johnson, showed that the people rnnial me..-tine of that hodvin Oak- wele improing me ouiwara up Mrs. 1 ' x-'ttisy ianij)Kiiis vi i ui'-nur,':), by Mrs. 'Watkins, the wife of the newly appointed colored branch Y. M. C. A. secretary. Mrs. Watkins served all during the World War in France. She told of the splendid work done by' colored soldiers, and particularly after the signing of the Armistice. Her story of the American cemeteries, where' reRt the American dead, was so effective the State War Mother asked if she would not go before all the chap ters in the state, especially the "Gold Star War Mothers." and repeat this part of her address, he-cause it would be most ctmfortin?j to these women. li-jd July 31-Au--:ut f INDIGESTION The "Alameda Countv Lonaiu of their property, and i Colored Women Voters held its of Oakland was co-iretrular monthlv meetinc on Wed- uiie-;i r inc with the chih. nviHav ftmt.r.r Ar tV r in.Un Ta., chairman on transportation, The committee that had charge branch Y. W. C A. The most im-1,ts announced the first cor.ven- of pi -esentinc the petitions to the i nortant business transacted whs the reading of the Legislative report for the state and the nine bills that traffic city street demartment and also the police department reported the dig. trict had been promised a Chew a few Pleasant Tablets Instant Stomach Relief! tion spcclnl all-Pullman train will rcich Oakland on the morning of Tul.. It I res.dent Mrs. Mry Mcleod st nou c.hilfil en of Longfellow Hethune has a splendid nrtlHe in ' school at(1 th;u tne street depart-this number in npnrd to the mn- ment of the citv had placed refuse Pletion of the Scholarship Fund catl!i at Apu-ar and Market streets !-ive. She said in part: "One r,fland oth-r points for waste paper, the hrij.-hust pots in the his-oryjin an effort to keep the district of the i;-(.rro in this country, nnicle.in. were presented for consideration. Of this umber each unit must endorse five. This Is the first time in the history of this lenprue it has had A bill for consideration. Mrs. Mary Grasses, presided. A committee of five was appointed to consider these bills, so the endorsement i could he sent to the Legislative 1 Lot of Full Size MATTRESSES Consisting of 35-lb. and M 40-lb floss; also 3 box jj sprinsr Mattresses, values cjjj from JUT. 00 to S4o.U'J. ty Some slightly damaged; pS hardly noticeable. Choice, S19JS 1 Lot of LARGE FULL VANITIES Broken from hish-grade bedroom sets, some in walnut, sonio in mahopuny finish; values from $S5 to $125. All In one great lot. Choice, 38-00 WILTON RUGS Near. At and Below Actual Cost 9x12 size xow WAS $1011.00 vnluos $1 10.00 values $ 125.00 vnlues $150.00 values Smaller sizes may be had at same comparative savings. $61.75 $66.50 $78.50 $95.00 nwrwmi uium $10.00 Ivory Enamel full size 2-inch continuous post METAL BED With 10 filling; rod. Sale Price $5 .70 $37.50 Tennessee Red CEDAR CHEST 48-In. Siz. Sale $91 Price .85 f3 $45 Library Extension DINING TABLES li Sale Price $23-75 Choice of conibinaflflh mahogany or walnut. A library table when closed, a convenient dining table when extended. of th most assurlre evidences of; The music for the evening was'chairman in time to be inserted in the possibility of inter-racial co- j fui nishe.l by the Community or. the State convention program. A ( perat;"n. is the extent to whl !i I chi-s-.ra of the luh. Miss Helen I communication was rend from the If yon feel full, lck or nrcom- fortabl after fating, tier, la barm-Ma atomach relief "Pape'a Dia-papain" aettlea the atomach and orracta d gettlon th. moment it raarb.s th. itmrtch. The suarD.f3 atcmach cor. racuva eo.ta but a t.- cent at y 6rur atora. Ktep It har.dr) AO T.rt lament. If Ruptured Try This Free Apply It to Any Rut ore. Old Or ilecent. Larfe Or pmall an-1 Vou Are on the Road Ttiat lias Coo- , vtarrd Tlioasa n la. Sent Free to Prove This of learning standi as a monument to the generosity of white p'T't. ind th'ir f.'ith In the posi!litles of black people." Continu.nc. Khe aald: "Thfy are contan:Iy inquirinif. however, a to the extent neToes are invf.t-ir.c thtir own money in the edu-r:!-i'n ff thlr children. They kr.ov. n the r.fgro hae atronu no ial, re:iL-;oU". a:.d fraternal frariza-lion. T-v know that in the early hist' ry cf this country. In the days tf lean th.r.ts. they tad to Rive of the r l:'-ie to staM!h the preat srho ! whi'h are t'day the jrlory of ,. nation. Thy b li-ve th.-!t the"r.cro can and biiouhl do more to buiid and aut port hi own in- r-it'jti r." hhe thn call the attention of 'ir ii-iit v :. n to the fnatter of Ko.rc to -j;;f ri.ia m;th the ftvov d ii.'eii'i' n r.f fi rr.j l"':r.l the shM rl.:p hunt, of which ther ' i j; ? . t il'.'jvO jet to be rais-d. , i ri i i.t.i !u!---n "Our jT- -iiz.,.;ri . v.r t en' uRh o pet ' r;;n uh, t e(ore Ju:'. V.'vtn'-n .v.- v r 1 een the i-:e:jT't a-T r.'u ii and 'II tif to our ; e ur a' .c t- ;, I n-riiti. Lax us live up I to our pie. tradition of srie ! ,r, -t f. tr.-' f-raM f.el.1 It us. to :t.t vur.d tnt t. ,4'.. j f,;,-, r.'.e.r fionl- writ ar t . ai. i. r. I l d ' )'-n ri M . a.v. h 1 t . f re tri. cf i a . m w , ri - r V .f..1 Cia a Uri. 4 . ki i tre.. to i i . ry a at a Mr riLi Ht.ffi t m, t. , f. m..t t IWa -w ti Iimi n .'' ft U . trfi ta It tmtt ! f wa fcui tnm . 4 ' I Na m ... '' as . ai; a i rtia tr.a rrr,y m ti m,:: I ,.f ln!re,t m 'tU. 'oT tZm'V?"!Z ! f'rr.UK fce-9r.(if.,iUM MM whi-e people. both North and 'H 'lz. a pupil of Mrs. O. Dallstrom, "outh. have contributed to negro , s" rK- education. With the exception of , M "he address of the evenlnp was a few of our denominational , y", ' . . !J chools. Rnv larfre nerro institution her.d who told in detail how the money was apent that had been raise. I through voting the school bonds. H- also told of the tre-mrndous t:isk the school board had to confront in an effort to not waste the money of the taxpayers, and the number of schools that had been erected and were also under construction. He promised thl district should In time have the promised Junior Hiirh school, de-riarira; It hail not been built because the school board waa unable to acquire a suitable cite. I Last Sunday afternoon was a hli-! tory making; day for the colored people of the city of Oakland, when i their new modern fireproof ho- ipltal was opened to the public for .Inspection. It Is located on Harlan street and contains 22 bed. Th plr.r.s are in accordance to spcf. ; rations required by the city of Oak-' land for such structures. It ia a icnnrret buildlnc wi'h every mod ern equipment and with hardwood floor throughout. Ir. Writ. Watts. th owner and builder, rame to the state from Houston. Texaa, about three and a hVif ea. aco. After apendinf on and a haif year, in traveling over th tt deride. that Oakland th city of tha rret posslbtlltl. i I I'.oland l!ay will soon mak hi st'l'rin' e In Oakland aa mualcal r r, matter 'attraction. He ha won many ad- '-at nrcsiiT 1 , dltional honor durlnp the past tM, , ettjiiy ear. ie na nrounni inapira ,r.)' n ' ; ;P ' f f r r i. : a T.r mi . ,i r. ' f 1'er.n-t -n i r I .;- ooe to m ? ' f . e I . t ,- t,n r-''W t It f -l.o It f hicht.on and jor t hi own rac by . pre-!; pr1ra" on evrl nccaalon wn- r th i "T ln arancn i. . . A. orr.nn-;..-. in Chicaso and Cincinnati 4 im.k thm to ralM mnner to n-larr their buildincs. On the oc-r;, .,or. a. at other tlmM. th lra-auditorium In h city wa tir.t U c nourh for thoa h would hear h m air.;. California Leapue of Women Voters asking for a contribution to the state quota for the National I.espue of Women Voters. The Alameda County League of Colored Women voters voted to accent the offer of one of their member to deliver a lecture in an effort to raise thii required sum. The lecture wjll be on '"The Valu to the American Women Voters r.f the National League of Women Voter." It will be Riven Sunday. March 21. at 2.30 In th afternoon at Heth Eden Bap-tlst church bv Delilah L. Beasley. The public will be welcom. FrUnd of Mr. Hettl B. Tlhrh-man are sending; her condolence. Whll th funeral cortaa-e of her sister, the lte Mr Chandler, wa about to tart to the church a tela-phone message from Marysvllle told of the very aerious illnes of the father of her dauehter-ln-l w Mr. Tllehman'a on and his wife left the funeral party and hastened to the railroad station. A the bodv of Mr Chandler wa being; lowered Into the grave, another message came telling; of the death of tha daurhter-ln-Ia w' father, who was Mr. Looney. a pioneer citizen of Peialum. but who had lived many rear ln Marysvlll. II leave a widow, a daughter and severs I son The funeral of Mr. Chandler was the Urg.it ever hold (or colored, woman In Oakland. $325.00 3-Piece Kidney Chesterfield Set Sale Price $156.75 t'pholstered in taupe wool denim. and consists of Chesterfield. lar:e chair and companion chair. ii $295 Comb. American Walnut BEDROOM SET s171.oo Sale Price Consisting of J2 twin bow-foot beds, large full vanity and chifforette. $585 7-piece American Walnut BEDROOM SET !;..$277-95 Consisting of full-size bowfoot bed. large full vanity, chifforette, dresser, night table. chair and bench. $450 3-Piece Mohair Chesterfield Set Sale Price $249.50 VphoUt.r.d In fin quality brocad.d taupe mohair. Best of filling and full web construction. Consl.tlng of Chesterfield, fireside chair and lady' chair. Combination Walnut China Closets and Buffets At cost and below eost. $38.00 !h.VO China l'lcis4t . f 115 (M) C'lort. , $T5 no Huf fet . I III. KI ntif tn . S42 50 ..SST.OO S38.00 S76.00 Jl Positively Closing Out - All Reed FURNITURE ... $7.00 ....$8.00 ... $8.75 . $14.50 ...$6.25 $15.00 1J.U0 Arm C lialr. fit. AO Arm Clialr. ti;.ro It.M'krr. . . . 27.AO lln krr. . . . II 50 v"-norr 2MM) Itouml Table, 45-lnrh M M m mramt a rfw t M ft 4 wm f -ft T mmm Writ. Vvva Tw K.M.r IT. Il Kr. Im, It Mat fx. Aawa. K. 4 m aa mm 'h;o w the Urr.r ,'e t our lart tier.ial r4 taiaefl 111. t-tir a f' tttt m'f ; In the t Wi;j yt.vr (utt try i the lr.r.f en. t ir en ties. Ul la fki(1. Ca !lfirr 'a ?" Olh.f aruri cf rrt.ret .4 f. e4 at a later at. Tt.a Norn oic lirw. r-e Uk t"4 l' r-.;r ri-rt Tmr mwi ia ft aali- lar. a;t!-!. w wr.a Th MaHa X Fldn chantar of Amrt'n Wr Mother entertain'! laat rr4r afterfcwia in the cr.ap-rxosn 1 Oclden Oat. 1 1 Sr.ry hwlldieg f-w fh. ?t War Moth.a Mr a. M. DUa from Fresno. Sh J'jt r"in1 from lb. rer.il Vti.nal War Mo'hera' conrrrtto In rh:i4tr-M. Among o he thine mX ti4 .( th. .rly m',or4 dJrt. rrent. wh. rtaM I Hat h wa a rrr.r,tat:T. f rem th. Mh r Ut t..r chapter In ! f. nmr lh. -' frti : r rr' t4 r rf t.Uff M U rt.54.1. r H.rtar T.. act r M hr Mr. m.r r t rr-T i t ... rcM ir:W IMt tMlir eelarM catrr vn-.rm i ewr-. n t. ! . fnr;rf I. H'-r.r Farmers9 Families To Learn Accounts BERKELEY. March JI Th California farmer will not have to alt up lat worrying over Ma account In th. future. If plans no under way among th. farmer' wlr and children In Btanlaiaua county pro. euccaful. After group of Ftanlalau county women announced the) j wer. going to lrn accounting and kp their husband book com- ith formation of th Junior Farm ! Bu1na Club with aitnilar pur- ', pt in mind. Th mormnt. n- ' tared by boy and girl Urine farms near Huehaon, waa I nt 1 -rt4 by L. W. rioharty. ar-tal. let la acrlcultural tronomi' a for th agricultural sten!on rrlc of th. l"nlTrity of Califnrr.1. "Farm book keeping baa a egftKtd that atom. m r.m rr at b der.lp4 to tak. car. of thl. mwt fxiMllf ttetnr im wvrm fal farm crert !'." -dIar Fitiharty. Tfc trr.itm bar -fM4 t. lak. tnatiar In hard. Fellowirg . their fey. th br.r M girl, will attack ao-r arl cf th. .rt.atWv.. T4r e'tib' wiU rrat tkrowf t th. Fin. a- GATELEG LIVING ROOM TABLES AT PRICE 12.54 Value .... 7.S Value .... . j oo Value .... rtmkw of Comhinalloi Ualnat or Mahogany $21.25 $23.75 $27 50 $75.00 5-tiece Combination' Walnut dining' set SQ0.75 rnce .... OU Oblorg Table, ft- tn Inn; 3 Ida chair, and mrm chair, leather seat. $200 7-pice Walnut DINING SET r'l. . .H18 75 S Price Obion Tab!. 1-ft. tt. ion; I aid and arm rhalr to tr.atch. lafveatry aeata. 60c Curtain Net Cornea in cream or ecru. Choice, j jnrd Entire Floor $ of Fine Home F urnithlnft Gilchrist's Corner 13th and Clay Streets opposite Athens Athletic Club OWNERSHIP OF OUR BUILDING HELP MAKE LOW PRICES Axminster Rugs At litxk-llottoni WAS s.;:.io.; i.o. .stiii. im $!.'. (U i)12 t-1.e .HI).".. 00 ll12 Prices-SOW $33.25 $36 50 $47.00 $54.45 .:i..tKI IIdiiIiIc- lt:iK ltu.. I 'HIT $14.25 5 Sale Price $275 3-p ie.ee Chesterfield Set iO Choice oT" brocaded ov I Iri in taupe nuli;iir, mul ooiiMts of Chi sici fii ld fireside chnir ;md liidy's clmlr. EES w ",1 u $290 3-pc. Mahogany BEDROOM SET $J42.50 Sale Price Consists of extra l.ne chifforette. bowfoot drcaser bed, and SILK BEDSPREADS ."..-.oo alne. :t7.ri0 Value f l.von alue. . oo value. Way Below Cot . ... $12.50 ... $13.50 ....$16.50 ....$18.50 ?J50 7-piece Combination Walnut Sale Price DINING SET . . s76 00 OMnnr Tai l. ft in-irt; t aid" ar.d 1 arm rhair lo ttiatrh. ttry t awnd l-arlc. m ar.a 1 . aaaaaaavi Corner 13th and Clay Strcett, Oakland OPPOSITE ATHENS ATHLETIC CLUB Hdqvari9T for HWi trooi Slottt atnaf Fen get Entire Floor $ of Fine Home Farnithinft tk at ww. rfrm-1 ajk. waa tw4 bw m a lira ' tl.asl aak mt Kijtjoa,

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