Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 7, 1926 · Page 56
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 56

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 7, 1926
Page 56
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V .--IT-.1 ' -f SUNDAY afelanD Crffiune MARCH 7, 19261 T All 11 ! )' EZELL-PHEBUS CO. CLOTHIERS GO. Ezell-Phebus Company Offices Now opened at 1916 Broadway. Roy Phebus (above) and Marion Ezell. The company is handling the new Oak Knoll Country Club development. In Larger Quarters Silver's' new etore at 418 Eleventh St TO HANDLE OAK LANDS BUILDS ES INTO Kill PROJECT OP RAPIDLY LARGE STORE C R. Post Selects Vellknown Homes and Sites In Large Demand In Sub-division Near Industries. Silver! Now Occupy EstaJb-ishment At 418 Eleventh Street. Local Men To Take Charge wf Club Development 19 7 I MELROSE HIGH J tl I j MO mmmh:- .-i-I. .... R " Clere following; the announce neat that construction of the Oak .Knoll Country Club. Oakland's new eat development, would be ated hortly, Fzell-Phebus Company, realtors, has been organ-wed and selected by Carroll L. Poet, president of the land hold-In company, to handle the pro-Jeet, H te announced. Th company is headed by two weH known In California and Oakland real estate and development circle, Marion H. Ezell and Roy Fbebua, Both have been interested for Several years in large development work bath in the East ba territory and In Los Angeles and Tleinity. eH is known to Oakland as the nndfvMer of Seqnovah Hills, exclnslve property adjacent to , the Sejnoyah Country Club, and ha headed the Marlon Ezell Company in Oakland for two years paat. Coming to California oriel- j Bally from Texas, he located first in Southern California, and for everal years was special represen tatrre for the Henry E. Hunting-tea land Interests in the vicinity i i-eemaena. Eseii joins the new eotttpany after eelllns out practical ?y ail the Sequoyah Hills prop- &(r' fchj associate In the rr eempany, not a newcomer Om Baatbay district, although he spent nearly fifteen years realtor tn Los Angeles and 'Malty. Friar to becoming; a-eetated with Carroll I Post as a - Special representative tn v&rioni todertaktnga, Phebus had noees- ffvaty bees a special representative ' at ta Huntington Interests and, .'M auctr ot the Frank MeUne Qosapaoy ef Lee Angeles, bad di-J raot eharae ef development of 1 aw me ef the moat exclusive districts i 'ef Pasadena. Two year tare, Phebus, who had revloualy lived In Oakland, re-., .teamed here to Investigate local conditions, and returning; recently, expressed himself as astounded with the development that had vaxen piaoe. jater, to compare xae possibilities oiiered in Florida with those of Oakland and the Beatfcay territory, he journeyed mere Mt, he says, found no such firm foundation for solid growth neb as that ef Oakland. AM announcement from Phebus latest "We are happy to make vie jnmai annonneement or our formation and location In Oakland, ad we xpeet to be very active In realty development work. We have met wKh hearty eupport from both ine uaaiano Real Estate Board ana the Oakland Chamber ef Com 'it A v" 1 " !i " I 6IG AMOUNT IN CONSTRUCTION OF E HOMES according te Fhebua, Important plane ef the company will be an-: aoonoed to the nubile as a remit ef their formation here to handle me interests of Carroll L. Post, the first ef Which to the develop- . tnent ef the Oak Knoll Country .d. vfnnia a lew aays, he said, the definite date of starting; the eotistraetioa ef the country club wi be known, and Willie lock, widely Known golf course architect, has already laid out plans ' for the It -hole golf course which wta leatnre the property. HUGE ACREAGE OF MILLER & LUX IS mors than $18,000,000 was Invested In home construction in Oakland during 1918 and of this amount more than $1000,000 was Invested in Lakeside Highlands homes," declared Harry E. Lelmert or tne Walter H. Lelmert Compnny, today In discussing the remark able home building record in Oak land. "Evsry survey made shows that Oakland and the Eastbay is stepping ahead In building construction than any other Pacific coast City. There is every indication that this progress will continue. And home building Is a neces sary adjunct to community development. Industrial and commercial development go hand In hand with hovne ownership. Twenty-five thousand newcomers a year eome into Oakland and must find homes. "It is this tremendous Influx of newcomers that has brought about such a big volume of home building. Lakenhore Highlands commands a large percentaee of the higher type of dwellings now being i built. The reason is simple: here I Ground Broken For Boulevard Hotel Last Week p ROUND breaking ceremonies for the new Boulevard hotel, to be built at San Pablo avenue and Twenty-eighth street, were held on Saturday, February 2". under the anpices of the San Pablo Development association and the United Income Properties, Incorporated. A large crowd attended the ceremonies and listened to addresses made bv Mayor John L. Davie and by Ed. F. Schuli and Robert Vixon, respectively president and secretary of the San t aoio Avenue uevelopment association, and bv representatives of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce. L. Sterner, secretary, of the United Inco-., Properties. Inc- also spoke. Present plans, it is stated, call for completion of the hotel early in 1927. United Income Properties, Ine have opened a laree office at 2701 San Pablo avenue, close to the prop- ertv. L TORS N I E OR NEW BOARD MEMBERS Is a residents! park accessibility, distinctive home envlronmen. mod erate prices, rising: values, sensible building restrictions plus beauty of view. In the greatest state-wide drive ever recorded the California Real Estate Association's membership week from March T to IB this coming week is stirring every realty board to activity to gain a goal of 6000 realtors in the ranks of local, state and national organi zation. Florida challenged California in January as a leader and President Harry H. Culver, city builder, who was drafted to lead the California association, accepted the gauntlet and started out after members. The response has been electrifying. More than 25 per cent of the total sought has already been obtained In preliminary work. Every board city from Redding and Eureka on the north to San Diego and El Centro on the south are actively campaigning for banners and other awards, which include a free trip to the Tulsa convention in June of the National Association of Real Estate Boards; two free trips to the Del Monte state convention in October, Block by block Melrose High lands is being rapidly transformed from a vacant little valley to a solidly settled community, according to reports of sales and construction activities issued (1by C. P. Murdoek, Incorporated, developers of that subdivision. Melrose Highlands is an Fast Oakland tract, located near the Chevrolet and other fac tories, and is designed particularly to meet the needs of working men ' In search of a comfortable home : at low cost, the company says. i The plan which is said to make i it easy for any steadily employed man to have a home of his own is described by the company as follows: A man interested in Melrose Highlands property has three propositions from which to make his choice. In the first place, he mav buy only a homesite. The second proposition is a combination offer of a homesite and enough lumber, plaster and other materials for the erection of a three-room house. A third choice Is provided by the offer to not only provide the homesite with the building materials but also to furnish the labor for the erection of the house, so that the purchaser gets his home completely finished J and all ready to move into. This Is I J - ' 1 j ,, i :i-4lfe';i3 " i ;;V, S ipedHwewwcKef the most popular proposition offered in Melrose Highlands and the construction work Is done so well and at sueh low cost that a number ef painters and earpenters hare requested the company to erect their homes, as they have done for those leas skilled la the But three year after the tnatl tution of their business, Silver' clothiers to men, have found it necessary to expand and hare moved into larger quarters at 418 Eleventh street. The new store IS modern in eyery' respect and according to M. J, BlU ver, manager, unusual care was taken in the planning and equipping of the new establishment. "We have every confidence In',' the future of Oakland and thsu. great Eastbay," Silver says. "TcA say we are pleased with our business growth and the establishing-' of many friendships, would be put ting it mildly. We are endeavoring to g-ive Oakland men a credit clothing store on a par with any to be found In any metropolitan city." building trades. Under the third plan, a buyer pays down cily 100 and agrees to pay $1 a d;.y, or S0 per month, including interest, on the balance. , "Much of the success of Melrose Highlands is due to the en thusiastic recommendations given the tract by people who have Dougnt tnere. They state that is one of the warmest spots 1: the East Oakland hills, and we! protected from wind and foi HOMMARKE T! major in land Announcement that the art ef ee.oee acre of the dairying and diversified farming districts of Stanislaus, Merced. Madera and Fresno counties will fce offered for sale in small or large tract by Miller A Lux, inc.. owner ef the property, was made !at week by James E. Fickett. president of the company. The sale of this immense tract of land in the north Ban Joaquin valley means the breaklnr un nf rh lnnrot ri. vately owned farm acreage holding ' sj California, as a result of which I the population of the four counties ' mentioned is expected to be rreatlv ' Increased, as well as the volume' f farm produce all kinds in ! that section of the state. It Is claimed. The Miller I,ut lands, title to itiechwf which was obtained mrr than fifty years ago by the late 1 Henry Miller and Charles I,u. j comprise epproxlmately l.00.0i' ' e-es la California, Oregon and ! Nevada, the greater part of the acreage being In the r.orth Pan ' Jeequln ralley." skid Pkett- "This land has been aned in the pant largely for livestock raiclrg. but cbanged conditions. Ir,-!udirtg .tie ennetructlon of paved highways In , II directions through it In recent '' years and the development ff Immense Irrigation system. ha jrc It tee valuable for thi purp''S r.n ' lerge areaa. Water from the Fan , Joaquin river an4 other sourr irrigate hundreds of thr.uand nf , mtrm In that valley thst r 'ana- Me ef growing diversified t.M ard ' frwlt rrope. but shich st preent t re etillsed principally for produc-I taf feed fr cattle. Only lnterif;ed firming ran Hing this land to Its full prvdu- ! ttwiwi, and this ru,r the ', breaklnr P of the land Irto rrm- j raraUvely sniall units for coltiva- , t ton. Miller Lux. Ir,o.. r-l;7 that tbe HiMl ronslderaMe por- ' tkna ef thte land will reeult Ic greatly lnrresd pr aT va!u. , hrl nrlng a blraer populstixn snd ' ' tbereby a more qu:tt l litrit i- I tK of taxe. better railroad farm- i tt. lFK-ra la the vilun of trlht hafxtld. tb IntloniDfti 1 f mere w.ala Mrhir. it will alee re!t In a erral readjum-nvTrt of tbe rattle indutry. as nnlv reeb lend will h ud for lWt k a lb ranre as It la prr,rr erd j twef (table tn prte. IViib the j eitir.n In proerx-t M Is t b i feeltnc f this fprf ht tt . te eve lenrer JucnlfiaMe that m rreet a f this prd9-tlTe eree be rrialaod by aa IndiTidual cr-. 1 believe tkat In a rt tite i. e r: , , ,t.j ,"--, V"" ' 'v .--i .' v V -v v . . . ... . . . . ' ' , , I -t , a are built or'under construction in t n.r.-.'. bar ben exprdfd tn home conatructloa In J'KRJf-.-, 1. than tn m-rtha after the eompieUoa of roads la i c i-r-i-s -:':rr,t re. .!r.t:al district borne after home of a wide d . .:. of errhi'ec'ural tj;s have been erected. (' more nw borr.es will be conntmcted wlthla the next few w ' k. Jj- th fct th.it lmlte aaVs have been phenomenal Jt.'re are at;!! mar.y f.r.e I'.ta to be purchased lo Fernslde at the or.g'.oal ojc:ng pri. Ferrate t.si every'hirg t cTTer tfce Investor or botneeeeker e-;rt SchocK f.r.e Churcr.a, riayrrounda. Beaches and i.:t I-!L'r:: Trir.p' rtatkr.n tmlimited, wlthla foar bleaks ef A;rrIa s eV.prlng eecter ard wih tbe comlr.f ef the Tube or!y a few minut' frcm 0kland. The price i at FerniiJ art right Lower than they will ever be again Term are eoty. MAKE A TRIP TO FERNSIDE TODAY In Alameda Tk a C's'a e- P-fc Street ttn te tract, er kw at H S e4 East FerWeth eVtreeta, ee by way 4 M $h Street beidge te tract ee fsi i eTswe. FRED T. WOOD Lduvt S ef A tat I " - "a Fast Replaces Schoolroom Weariness et v THERE'S a tonic in the pine scented air of Merriewood. It's amazingly refreshing to anyone who has been in-doors all day. The school teachers now living in Merriewood find it an ideal spot. Fast transportation to downtown Oakland and San Francisco is in service. Everyone who loves a charming home in an unusual and beautiful setting can find just what is wanted in Merriewood. Sheltered by the pines and commanding a view of all San Francisco Bay, you will find here some of the most attractive and really home-like places that Oakland has. They make you wonder why anyone keeps on paying rent when they could have a comfortable home in Merriewood for a small sum down and $30 per month including interest. Merriewood homes are large enough for comfort and small enough to be taken care of easily. The new models have built-in cabinets in the kitchens and complete modern bath room equipment. The one price includes everything your house is already to move into. Check over the floor plan below for the rooms and arrangement of a tvpi cal house. Plan now to make your tart toward independence without further delay. Pick out your lot in Merriewood select your floor plan and exterior style. Let us show you what real life is. $2450 Buys a Lot with House complete COME OUT TODAY AND LOOK AROUND Realty Syndicate Company Tract Office Thorn Road TtlcphoT Humboldt 2850 4058 Piedmont Ave (40th and Piedmont) Telephone Humboldt 7700 10th Floor, Syndicate Bldg 1440 B toad way Telephone Lakeside 1600 USA AMY J'' V Alt j X ml How to Get Here By auto, drive out Park Boulevard or Moraga Avenue to Thorn Road which rum rieht Into Merriewood. Tear out the map to use as a puide and watch for the Merriewood arrow. By street car, tale lied-mont 'A' car on Broadway and get off at 40th and Piedmont Transfer there to Montcltir Bus. P1CB v l cse"TVjB. I 4Mb iMe ae it I i t-e "t ! ef roc In tfe viara e-trtt( of the Tm.,y Ptewtnaa. OeWle, jtm fWaa. fW nt. rrbaert aa4 Mer4Ma mill k-ie la fwr-atsa u ef tie C ' lirii taj farmtf9 fe-' tKt tber W'l s-r-w 1mi iry a'l f the re.- ia ef tbeae dcrVcta," Tract Offci Vea ie ad C-rl a OaUanJ Of fie I Ci free L ri r 1 . 1 Tvt.e- Aleose 1

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