Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 29, 1954
Page 9
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Aft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, September 2$/ 1954 i * *-• -firifirtst PRESCOTT NEWS jjj_j_FiLilS imfriiiittm^^^ •mdrtiimiimiiMiii Wf'V' " " '''"** *i,*J' t *• ' _ ,_j ^ ^ jejL ' ., ."f ., ^.^..i^ ^lil>.i-, t--. ttss» iMnt-in Bible Class of the f ftssbyierian Church will have sup- bet at {he thurch Wednesday hi- ^ftl hoftorlrtg the class officers. Following the Supper there will be a program and evening of fellowship. at^ft party giveh by her mother, MrS. Edward Bryson, at their h6me on Saturday afternoon to celebrate her nfaith toir'thday, After a picture show party at the Nevada theatre the guests returned to the flryson home and were served refreshments on the tile porch Tfafi choff 6! ihe'Methodist Chur- frotn a glass topped table centered dh'Will practice oh Wednesday £hfhg at the., ehufrch, v ? thucsday 8ftptettlj»*«' '^ The Southern Pine Garden Club frill meet on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 irt the home of Mrs. George Christopher with Mrs. ftalph Gordon co-hostess. ' ' ,»slhefed"ha* just', ro- lij> Tucson, The choir o fthe Presbyterian Church will practice on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. Ingram—Garrett V<?yve Exchanged •In a simple ceremony performed Wednesday September 15th at 8 p. m. in the Pcverly Vista community Chapel BcVerly Hills, California. Glenda Garrett daughter' of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Garrett of Prescott became the bride of A/IC P. C. Ferguson, Son of Mr, and Mrs. J. L. Ferguson of Hope, The brides gown was of pale blue satin fashioned with a full skh-t and off the shoulder neckline. She wore a single, strand of 'pearls with an arrangement of pink and white rbses. The white and pirtk birthday cake was topped-with White candles in pink animal hold': fers. ' •'" ' • '' Games were played with prizes being awarded tb the winners. The guests list included Helendale Ledbetter, Ruth Mairston, Gyh- thia Arnold, Mai«ia Buchanan,. Karen, Ann Bouse, Sarah • Janet Bryson, Nancy BrattOn, Nancy Hillery, Linda Scott, Ann Scott, Kathy Langley .Sarah Margaret Purtle and .Charlotte Jane Duncan of Lit tie Rock. he 1955 general/ Assembly unless an "emergencv rtee'd 1 ' for it arises. Only on* 1 man. State Sen. Guy Convvay, who may wield Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard, Mrs. Bob Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robcy and Gus were among Ihose from- Prescolt who attendee ]bhe - Austin .Peay-Hendcrson foot ball game in Arkadelphia Saturday night. a" gift of gtoom _ jThe matron of honor. Mrs. Dpu- glbs Huegin, sister of the bride was jErttlred in a royal' blue wool" knit as BUlt.' A/IC JJ/ C. Ladner served best man. After a wcddjng, trip the couple " reside, in Marysvllle, California, ivhere Airman Ferguson is stationed. „ j Mary Beth Bryson Celebrates Birthday Mary Beth Bryspn was honoree ,C. Ti Tompkins has returned to ShrcYepprt otter spending the week end, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs C. H. Tompkins. Legislature Leaders Frown on Tax Hikes By WILLIAM W. HUGHES V LtTTI E ROCK. (UP) — Ai-kah- A as legislative leaders today wefe ,-eatly unnnimouV ,iri stating "they suftpoft increase in" et worked lower today in a quiet manner 1ft the early aftertwon. Almost ail major divisions of the market were mixed to lower. Losses went to b«twesh i and 2 oinw n?hlJe gJjifis extefided to round -a p6lnt. , • Walt Street Was well i fcprcseht- d at $ha opening 4 Vdrld Series, ah<|'ij)uto«Se attcntioh 9 baseball instead^of business! Had dampening* effect on tlie market. Mr.--,and Mrs. Dwight Scott of Little Rock were the weekend guests of RJrs. Vick Scott and Miss Carol-'.Scott, :Mr .and .Mrs." Otto Holloway of Rosston were Saturday visitors in Prescott. considerable? 'influence in the egislature, cp.mc forth wilh any specific lax, proposals With which .o replace revenue that may be ost from (he seed, feed and for* ilixer tax repeal. Gov. -nominate Orval E. Fnubits las said lie will ask for repeal « .he sales lax on tho farm prod nets, an action that will cos 1 e state somewhere bctsven $1, 000,000 and $3,000,000 in annua revenue. Jones, a 1954 gubernatorial can clidate who supported Faubt.is in the Democratic run-off primary said there were several possible means he was studying for repine ing the lost revenue.. "I coujd 'support an ad valorem tax," Jones said. (The state ra moved itself from the a;l va'orer property ,t;ix field during the at' ministration cf former Gpv. Be Laney.) "I could also support an incom tax increar-e on all nat .income above $10.000," Jones said. added that "the federal governmen gets most of the money above tht Mrs. S. T, White Jr., who is teaching in the El Dorado schools, spent the weekend here. • bad become intrigued with the country around- the New Mexico ranch of her husband, Buddy Fo eeison. $he had done soinc research into • early New Mexican history and discussed it with Butler. '''Armed' with somo of' her material, he went" aheaU with the story. ^ ' , jOadly enough, the locations had to be doijp in Arizona. '' ' f ''Th'e'y 'looked 1 ^or places in New Mexico," ' Mirfs Garson 1 ' explained, J 'but they found that the Indian pueblos were "'wislHni?'with TV aerials. The towns all looked too *no'de¥n"'"for the period' arovmd Lt; and Mrs. Will Ed Davis of Houston were the weekend guests qf r Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Davis and relatives; in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis have returned from Fort Smith 'where ttyey wgre -weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fadjo Cranner Jr., Miss Bittey Bemis remained for a longer visit. ; Mr. and Mrs. Minor Gordon o) Kilgore, Texas -yVere the Sunday guests of relatives and were accompanied home by Mr.; Ed Gor dbn, who is'their guest. pi? ' IATIHQ AfPHS ff.^W If -the location was rugged on Mrs.'Robert Maxwellof Texark ana was the Saturday guests o Mrs. W. O. Hays. ..... . r . She 'j?loVed with enthusiasm about her n'ow career as on independent. he made 'it clear that she would *ej} active. "I thiriH «n actor should -work, he reasoned. } 'A miisician can etrfin from makinfi appearances rtd go on prQCticin«.'But an actor eeds to continue working or he 6'eS M»Je. always thought it was a -When "some of our great tal •nts are kept-frpm work. -Like Ronald 'Coleman.- There f1 -is- no one to equal his charm. Though we will upon be seeing "him on TV in 'The Balls, of Ivy,' he ty»s b^en , in active an. the screen, and. .Ms a shame- one i, inyio, Lan?4. . I but been transferred^ from the 'Plain view Clinic,' the Carrie Plainview; Texas Tingley Hospital Truth "and Consequences, New Mex Ico. N6W NfiW .m Thn stock mar- large extras, 8&-S8 jiJtf cent ii and oVer 4+; meelJu^s 160-69 per ceJit a and over 26; i J5t.-ndai-1s S7; dir ties 20; checks ; New voftk coftoM Vftk disblayea ' early Cotton futitres flrMhess today paced, by- mill covering in -the b^ ThonVhs: -'W'Jie the demand , Satisfied thp market turned o^erias light but peJsis'ent liudg GRAIN AMb CHiCAG (*) Soyticans agiiln worked cay,tiottSly . Higher oh the , Joard of <3radd drawing ome of their strength from an other day of light cash bpnn receipts, Firmness in beans had a favorable influence on tho rest of the •narket. Wheat .hear the. end ot .the first lour WaS unchanged 'to' -'/i igher, Secerhber $2.15, awn unchanged to >/4 higher. JDecernbor $i,SO, oats " higher, jpecember 77V'2. ''a higher, Deceinbe.r hi ahd Ikjuidation. found suppon imite0. Sotfie' , of %e ' Selling re le ; Ctetl iddas that the next 'govern tient '• cotloh' crop report may b hlih'er. ..["•'; , . : .' : .X,a|e afternoon .prices were Oi cehfsta bale loW'?r to !> cents high or' than tho previou?- close ct 34.9 Dec. JJ5.18, Mch 35.47. l'yc.'% to £1,40, soybeans . to 2 '.!s higher, New BLAME If ON TV ,MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP) -Mrs. efi Hoss, Who gave birth to a bSby in the family car .while en- •dute to a hospital explained today ;Keix reason for her late start for its maternity ward. She said she was watching television bhovy early Monday and didn't want to leavn until it was inished. Goats native to Fiench Mofocfco ave been known to climb trees to rpwse on lofty branches, 'iThe male king snake' finds his mate by a .keen sense of APPROPRIATE TITLE MtTNlCH, Germany (UP) —Pierro Piccioni. son of former Italian Foreign Minister Pietro Piccion and a principal figure in Italy's sex narcotics "scandal of the century." wrote the music for a new film starring French actress Marline Carol, The name of tha film is "Scriri dal." November $2.t>4. Wheati^cv; l ;,hgrd 2.13. corn: N,p.- 2, yellow;:1.52. Old corn: No. 2 yell6\v-, f 1.55',i-50; -No. i. 1,56; N.p.viS^l.SS; • No. V 4 1.51; No. 5 l'.59. : ,Oats: No. 3 heavy white rhediuny 77. Soybeans: none. Barley nominal: malting choice 1.40-50; malting; good 1.31-30; feed 1.00-20. Jones said, he also .was studyin wo other lax proposals for, con {deration next January. One ol iem woujd readjust corporate tax o apply to gross incomes instead i' next incomes. The other pro- josal is for a "heavy .increase" n severance taxes on bauxite or hat it shipped out of the state. Other legislative leaders ccn- acted in a United Press survey vere solidly a^uin it tax increases inless an cmevgehcy need is sroved. ' Carroll Hollensworth. outgoing speaker of the Hiause from Bradey County, said he cl'il not know of any lax-, increase, he could support. ... ; • POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (UP) '-.- Produce: Live poultry; Market steady; 20 trucks. Chicago .poutlry . bo{ir:l\ price changes, since yesterday: ComercialJ y .grown..- springs; colored, ray:cross and,white pross 25 cents, a pound; white rock 31; Plymouth rock 28. ... Butter: 456,637 pounds. Market firm; 93 score ,60 : /» cents a pound; Storm Brews Over Censure of McCarthy WASHINGTON (#> — Signs of a gathering storm over the proposed censure'of Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) became clearer today a.* chairman jJenner (R-Ind) of tho Senate Rule$ Committee disclosed he intends to call. Sen. Watkins <R Utah) for questioning. Among other things. Jenncr saic in an interview, he wants to find out why Watkiris "conducted a one man "hearing" ns chairman of the special committc of ' three Repub licans and three Democrats who unanimously recommended Senate censure of McCarthy for' certain aspects of his conduct. »This was a referonco to a closed hearing at which Watkins ques Honed the Senate parliamentarian Charles L. Watkins, about the va McCarthy challenged the lega status of the Elections .subcomm! te. It was agreed to put thp qucs tion up to the Sen-He parliamen arian. 92 score 59.Vi; 00 score.5D; 39 score 05%.; carlots; 90 scpr.; : 58'/ z ; 39 score 56Vi. . Eggs:: .8,079 cases.Market weak. White Ifj'rge extras CO .6? ."per cent said he didn't see how a tax increase court be passed. •" 'i'm 'not in favor of ".any raises Another dWt don't know hjjp,, pevspnjjijy, oui > pve his voice. I don't caro irhe is pt.-«iCe h<*£ a gr&att voice and ,it ahQUid TW? hea*d/5. '' ,"•''' TshVexplained that this reasoning o'jt hers cau^d her ,to ,)?£ <in sqrnp <tf $£., "piinkprs", sjie male at wp Chinese Army CootiQuea irom page One mate in t'ns fall of J050 that the U. S. Air Force anil atomic potcn- tjal would keep Red China from Barging into Koron v/ns nullified, Wllloughby says, by Communist Ifnowledge Ihey could strike with- tjut fear of .U, f>. i-pjnliation against targets beyond the Valu river or elsewhere on th'e Chinese mainland. ' WilloughW quotes v a '.'commentary" written by the general's staff to bolster his point/'* ize it "I could change my mind only if a terrible emergency arose.' Hollenworth said. ' : ' "• He said the state f.icos a difficult financial problem that in yolves "just pegging our revenues at the present level, to say nothing of trying to increase revenues." Hollensworth added that he does not think n. severance tax increase could'•• raise enough money "to do any good." Rep. Charles F. Smith, Crit tenden County, who will succeed Hollerisworth as speaker. said that "it will be a hard job trying j to sell a tax increase." "I know there is a great deal of resistance to it," Smith said. State Sen. Lawrence BlackweH, Pine Bluff, who wil bee the noxt president pro tern of Ilia Senate; n taxes," ; Blackwell said. ho . opportunity to'-raise "We any arge sums of -money in new rev- '' '' " '' ' '' ' ' cnue.' lidity of .a, Senate Elections sub committee which issued a repqr critical of McCarthy on Jan. 2 1953. One of the counts on which the special committee recommends McCarthy be censured was tha he was "contemptuous!, contuma clous ' arid denunciatory" towari ihe Elections •' subcpmniitte.e i its 1951-1952 investigation of his fi nancial affairs. -• In one of/ his -main lines of de fense against the censure charges NOTICE RODEO VISITORS Chickens ready to ea Sliced pork-beef Bar-B Q, sandwiches 3 for $ HURT'S BAR B Q Rear A&P and Kroge Stores did JVfacArth'ir real- 'by one process or another be ppnvwypd to the Red that eyen though they entered the fray In \AVKQ forces," the commentary epid. "jt would b.p under tb^t sapctuavy of beivig any destructive action by quv military foices v/ith'n <wn iir^as; tbat rot. even to th e - 5iY«s of our men or in* th,e , safety oJ our army would ihe rorce.to drop ,. military targets and "enemy installations and tropps. Ousted MP&l. Continued from Page One Middje gpulh UiiJUtes, Inc., .parent company of the Mississippi concern. Middle goutb ami the Southern Co. form Ihe Dixon-Yatpr gi-pup, wh]ch is jnyplyed fn o oon.lrover- sial proposal to butid a new steam plant in West Memphis. Ark. President ^Jjsephower has, order* ed' the Atomic Energy Commission to negotiate a 25-year contue.t With the Dix.on-Rates combine lor a jps.milionidoHex 1 plant'.'to serve see Valley Authority lines, The private power woul replaco TVA electricity'now furnished the Padu cah, Ky., atomic plant. Many Democrats have attacked the proposal as n "giveaway." Sen. Butler (R-Mdt attended the opening session as -a- guest .to observe testimony, he said, "as 'it affects the acts of'iho administration with respect to thc'Dixon-- Yates contract." ! ; Butler clashed at the outset with Sen. Langer (R-ND), who'is chair-man both of the full Judiciary : C6m'- mittee and of tho Anlimonopoly group. Larger refused to let' Butler question Stietenvoi.il beforehand! But -Butler was allowed to state that in his opinion these heaving^ were' "premature" -and iinnecos, sary because the Senate-House Atomic Energy, Committee .1Jl».n? to review the Dixon-Yotes contrac| at a later ' open hearing. , ; ton HOT WATER HiATIR HEADQUARTERS Night General «• Ten Eyes All Night! C/nlegriiy ie way th^t STERLING on silver fjjgnifiee a Istiind'wd. of ;}tnown value, so is tfa$ A.J3.C. emblem R symbol of FACTS •'^)?out t^e circulations of ixewppaperg an^ . periodicals. Jt is the emblem of mernhership jn the. Awlit Bureau of: <3ircvd^tions* and is epsvjyrance to advertisers that the copulations qf member publications are measured, audited and reported in accordance with . the rigid standards that have been mutually approved and adopted by advertisers and publishers, Here's why o.ur membership . CAN'T SLEEP Becquw 9! Acid Stomach? Do TJlif »* Try tbi» simpje modern -wny W avoid sieeples« nights aye to t*- ce»s itowaeh ^cW, JuWIWte 1 W 2 Turns »s a "nightc*|> ' b# fof « you go to bed. Countless tbou»»00» who UQ this h»yf diwevtmibfy fall asleep f^stf r— fe«l mueb frfibtr inorniflgs, Always If f » T#WI bandy to couot?r*et spur iio«Q)icB» of Turns YOUR CHILD MAVt IWTOF30MS/ , h6«e-pl Jkin 'ttnital ttA.»hs'oft*h' tafe Dtena of Pln^Wotmo : . j parasites tb»t tnrflcpt «*—*' infest one oiit of tvtrv h sons e*6tnltied. Entire ._ -~ may 1>6 victims and not know Jt. To irtt tld of Pin-W 0 *™ 1 .^*"? peats must hot Btily b« kiUM^Wl kilted In tb# Ifttite ml thiy II** And intJltlp actly wh*ti*Th«» r .. -17---; ^ ... and life's how thoydd It! 7?; rfl t—a scientific coatlfl* etr- r!M the tablets Into the bowelihe* fore the? dissolve. Th'.n-r-J «*« • modem, medicRlly-spptoyeJ m« fercdlent goes W«ht to *ork---/iHW Pln.Wot-m» quickly and ewlly. Don't take chances with thw dangerous, highly contulotii condition. Get fl«n«ine Jam* • P'W Vtrmlf ni«... small, «asy-to-Uk* tablets... ipeeiat nisei tor children and »dulM. Perfected by Dr. D. J»yne & Son, specialists in woraj remedies for 100 years. ' SAVINGS! SAVINGS! SAVINGS! Up to 25% Discount on New SINGER SEWING MACHINES Walnut, mahogany, and blonde console models. Plenty Portables. Priced to suit everyones needs. Small down payment, easy budget terms. Liberal trade-in allowance. , V . ,.'.-' SINGER SEWING CENTER 108 S. Elm Hope, Ark. Woodmen of the World'Life Insurance Society, Omaha, Nebraska Needs two men to service our many policy holders, and to solicit new business in the Hope area. These men should have high school or higher education, and be willing to work. Experience not necessary. We are willing tq train these men. Age 25 to 45, married, and bondable. If you are this man and haye to make a living, write your qualifications to District Manager, '"•".. K. O. Burrow, P, O. Box 34 fc, Arkadelphia, Arkansas lotions, gf which this newspqper U a m«mb«r, is p cooperative, in the A.JB.C, is important to our advertisers and ourselves: At regular intervals one of the Bureau's large staff of experienced circulation auditors m^kes a thorough inspection and audit of our circulation records. The results of this exacting .audit show; how much circulation we have; where it goes; how it was obtained; and many other FACTS that advertisers need as, a sound basis for their advertising investments. This audited information is ^published by the Bureau in easy-torreati A.B.C. reports which are, avail' able V> our advertisers on request. Wednesday, September 29, 1954 MOM STAR, HOM, AtRANSAI SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M, [Calendar••/i . . Wednesday. September 29 The Junior R. A.'s will meet at lie. 6hurch Wednesday, September ""tat-6:30 p: m. with their coun- »r, Mrs. Roy Taylor. The Cosmopolitan Club will meet tuesday, September 28, at 7:45 in ie> home of Mrs. Jim Case. Mrs. JlOyce Smith will be co-hostess. 'All members'of the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet for |he annual fall luncheon September EU,,at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. Ephiursday September 29 [The Girl Scout Community Com- illee will meet in the home of Ja.ok. G'ui'dner, Thursday mo- ing at 10 o'clock. [Friday October 1 Mope Country Club open house all be held, for members and their iildrcn immediately .following the t>pe - Fordycc game on Friday ni- Mr. and Mrs. Lex Helms, Jr., [Td . Mrs. Thompson Evans, Jr., till be hosts '.'.'' Sunday October 3 |Sunday, October 3,, the Primary jld Junior Children of the Mctho- Ist Church will entertain their parents With a family party. At 5:30 families working together will enjoy a treasure hunt, followed by supper on the church lawn and singing in the Sanctuary. Boyle Kathleen Mallory Circle Meets The Kathleen Mallory Circle of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday night, September 28, in the home of Mrs. Ed Ogran. Mrs. C. M. Rogers, Jr., opened the meeting with prayer, and the business session followed, conducted by Mrs. Earl Bailey. The program, "A Savious Sufficient for Youth" was presented by Mrs. Woodard Cox, program chairman. She was assisted by Mesdamcs Cecil O'Stecn, Harold Brents, -McDowell Turner, Ed Ogran, Earl Bailey and Andy Andrews. Also assisting with the program wcrn cucsts, Mrs. Charles Reynerson. Sherry Hankins, Sue Ann Smith, and Judy Beth Davis. The program was 'closed with prayer by Mrs. Turner. Afterwards, a dessert plate was served to 11 members, the four guests, and one new member, Mrs. Henry Catlett. IAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. ^r Final Nite * DOUBLE FEATURE "IRSCH lloyd NOLAN-kin VOHS * mumc i»..*it ALSO • DENNIS O'KEEFE > RUTH HUSSEY "THE LADY WANTS MINK' in TRUCOLOR Uways A Color Cartoon DOUBLE FEATURE • THUR. & FRI. • BARGAIN NITES A Whole Carload For Only . . . 50c CANOVA UNTAMED HEIRESS ALSO FRED MacMURRAY VERA RALSTON "'FAIR WIND TO.JAVA" TRUCOLORt Jus a Good Color Cartoon Harmony Club Has Meeting The Harmony Club held its regular monthly meeting last week in the home of Mrs. Elsie Allen. The meeting was called to 01- der by the vice president, Mrs. Lillie Hill. : Mrs. Allen gave the devotional followed by the group repeating the Lord's Prayer. The theme sons. "Blest Be The Tie" was sung. The minutes were read and approved. The business session was closed with prayer by Mrs. Lillic Hill. Refreshments wei-e served to nine 'members. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Observe Golden Wedding Anniversary • Mr. and Mrs. Luther H. Mitchell observed their golden wedding an- 'nlversary, Sunday, September 26. •with a family picnic at Fair Park. The couple was married September 25. 1904, at, Bodcaw, Ark., and have three children, Mrs. John B. Jordan, Mrs. J. C. Howell and Robert •Mitchell, all of Hope, and four grandchildren. Relatives and close friends who were present were: Mr. and Continued from I*agS dii8 cessories for the. pipe-smoking woman. But that is beirig cdrrect- ed. They are bringing out a handbag with n compartment to carry a pipe. The bell industry is also working on sortie hew belts With attachable ' tobacco pouches and pipe holsters." Pipe holsters. Shades, of ttopa- long Cassidy! . ' . ' "How about that. . v er.'. . that combination . garter.. and tobacco pouch". I asked, purely in the, in tcrcsts of science. >'Jtfow. ... uh. . ..' just how does.'that Work'' , ,' 'Unfortunately 1 didn't wear mine today," said M|ss .Gjuackch- brush, ruining a fine luncheon. "But it Is worn just above the knee. You can fill your pipe from it at a restaurant table without even being noticed." Editor's Note: Not if Boyle's there. He's always squirming Un- aor tables, looking for 'fallen napkins —• he says. Miss Quackenbush has hnd some interesting experience? with- her two pipes—a jewelled • job t for business hours, a black and" white formal pipe for evening wear. "Most men think my pipes are more feminine than cigarettes," she said, asking -for a match and giv ing me a stern look when I 'absent mindcdly handed her a packet and let her light up herself. It is going to take even the present race of mouse-men a generation to bow to the fact they have to learn how to light a lady's pipe for her. "At one cocktail party," she re called, "I was sitting on a sofa and a gentleman sail I was hold ing my pipe wrong. Well, he go down on his knees before me to show me the way he thought ought to hold it, and the. othei ladies at the party turned a quie' green with envy." Other men dropped by to com aliment her choice of tobacco when she stormed tho oxclusive ram parts of El Morocco and the 2 Club. When she pulled out her pipi at Toot Shor's restaurant, how ever, its' pachyderm proprietor went over and bit the nearest busboy, then i-.at lowri and began to arood about tho old days. At Sherman Billlngsley's Stork Club .she met a firm counterattack. Mrs. Clarence Texas; Mr. Ware, Texarkana, Jim Brockman, Mindcn, La.; Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Brockman, Bodcaw, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs, Willis Mtichell and family, Willisvillc, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weavpr Jordan, Dal' las,-Tex.; Mr. and. Mrs. H. W. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Ivy .Mitchell aneKfarnily, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Hazzard, Mrs. Dorothy Martin and ifamily, and Mrs. Florence Finch- •er, all of Hope. Cosmopolitan Club Han/September Meeting The September meeting of the Cosmopolitan Club was held or> Tuesd.ay evening, September 23, in the. home of- Mr>s. Jim Case, wilh This short evening gown by Balenciaga uses row upon row of narrow black Chantilly lace in layers. Bodice of smooth lace: moulds torso to a low hlpline, is buttoned up the middle.and- nipped at the waist by black satin baby ribbon.—By Rosette Hargrove, NEA Staff Correspondent, Paris. • ' '••'..,". DOROTHY DIX sign on A waiter quickly put a lier table: "No pipesmoking, please." So far. \ Miss Quackenbush admitted, no man has ben willing to carry her pipe for her, and one has put his arms around her and said, '.'I love a girl who smokes a pipe." • .--'.She feels she has discovered the real reason men enjoy pipes. "It just gives them something to chew on and hold in their hand while they talk,' 1 she said, waving her pipe. Then she borrowed another match. Expert at Continued from Page One of Mr. Pearson, the business sold $2,000,000 in archery equipment during- the. seventh year after its meager-start, and has grown stea- dily'eVer since. Mr. Pearson's theory — or firm belief — was that if archery tackle were made on a large scale at Their Baby Is Boss Dear Miss Dix: My problem may sound u bit unusual, but it's ciuitu common with DOW parents. We find that our life has changed so completely. We cannot act as freely or go whereever wo please. We are more confined to the surroundings of our liome. When there was just two of us, we went out qiiite a bit an'd had mdny i'rieiids. Now thai .tiie baby is here we spend most of piu - . evenings at home, reading or \vat- ching television. Could you suggest various joint activities lor husband, and wife T- a hobby, games or anything that would give us mutual relaxation at home — to make and keep us a tightly knit unit. ... '.'•-."..' .LEONARD L. .V An Important Adjustment Answe.r: By^acipgyigur little problem '•' squarely ' and realizing tljat your baby daughter will make a revolutionary change in your household, you have already made the most important adjustment. Trouble comes when new parents just won't realize that a baby means curtailment of outside activities. Definite planning for a future that includes a new cherub will forestall many disappointments. Two important steps in your program are: (1) to make as many friends as possible among other new parents and (2) to adjust your little family to visiting and traveling. Don't let yourselves become housebound, and don't become isolationists. Remembering that all young famil- lower prices the game- could be) transformed, from a, narrow specialty !based on custom work into a Lawrence Martin, presi : Mrs. Royce Smith as associate hos- volume; business. History of archery in recent years'has proved the wisdom of • this idea. Ben Pearson has long believed that archery is the near perfect sport because of its economy and Adaptability lo either group or individual sport, regardless of age or physical strength or stamina. BY REFRIGERATION TODAY & THURSDAY • — FEATURE TIMES — 2:00 - 3:36 - 5:31 -7:26,- 9:21 OUTLAW STALLION .,,WILDER THAN THE WILDERNESS HERULeOI less. '• Mrs. dent, presided during a short business meeting. Mrs. S. A. Whitlow •was in chaj'ge of a discussion on minority groups, and introduced Mayor John L. Wilson who spoke on Segregation and the Supreme Court ruling. Mrs. Martin reviewed the book, ''Love is Eternal" by Irvin Stone, -Refreshments were served to 15 members and one guest, Mrs. Merlin Coop. ies have the same difficulties, arrange to get together with them. Tiny babies can be toted in anyone of the new conveyances designed especially to facilitate traveling. Take turns with your friends in entertaining with the infants parked jn a bedroom, while the moms and jops play bridge, canasta ov scab- Mr, and Mrs. Mohon Celebrate Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mohon cele- bra ted their 50th wedding anniversary with a family reunion Sun- tiay, September 26, at Fair Park in Hope. The following members of the ifamily and friends attended the reunion: Mr, and Mrs. L. D. Kennedy, Randy and Gayla of Little Rock; Mrs. Joe Ferguson, Mrs. Glen Kizzia and daughter, Kay, of Texarkana; Mr. and Mrs. Herman 'Lester and Kalhy of' Hope; Ralph Hatfield of- Hope; Mr .and Mrs. •Jim Hill and Neva; Mr. and Mrs. tfames Hill, Lesley and Lacey; Mrs. Will Mohon, Audrey and Bertan: Mr. and Mrs. Doug Dougan and David; Miss Mary Lou Stevens, of Emmet; Mr. and-Mrs. R. E. Mohon, Melissa and Ruth Ann, and Mrs. Johnston, all of Hope. HORSE } CANYON j Coming gncj Going Mr. and (Mrs. Jimmy Porter and son of Petaiena, Calif., are in Hope, for a week's visit with his motljer, M.FS. W. L. Porter. Hospital Notes Branch ^.Admitted: Jerry Wayne Brown Hi 2, Hope, Ezokial Hunter, Sai Pesfro, CaUf., Mary I^eg kautermUls Hope, Mr. Y- E - NofJ-is, Houston Texas, n Discha^raai M/S, 0< C. Coofc '.arf^fj^y "W$W H9PS Nationalists Beat Off Try for Landing By WILLIAM MILLER TAIPEI, Formosa (UPi — Na- ionaljst defenders of the Matsu is- and'group today beat off what ap- eared to be an invasion flotilla f "several score" Communist unkfl. T|ijs action at tiny Pei.Kantang flnnd in the Mntsu group about 20 miles northwest of Formosa ame as unconfirmed reports heie aid Red .China was massing air rower and paratroopers on the nainland for possible invasion of his Nationalist bastion, The reports originating in ITor- riosa said the .Communists had Tjoved 15Q. MIG ^'jyhters.. into ields in.,. Ful^icn -. province near hreateneiJi .Quenioy island, )0 miles west ; pf ^prmo.sa., , Another report \. by,the/-Nfi st China.tone'News' Ageiigy 'said 50 Russian-built pianos Had shifted into East Chekian^' trap rfetrelVcd her Hysterics arid hahgovets," Jhn Hid Jim began a hasty yet thorough ear'ch of the whole house He inished the upstairs with no 6V1- ence of Miss Wlster's presence, valked down and around for anther suryey of tho basement just s Nancy drove up in the jeep The phone at the gatehouse vorked," Nattey said '•! had to •reak in, Jim ft trange the way well, it was the operator Drouth Takes Toll of Cotton in Arkansas By United Pros4 full winter continue Seeding of ,B-- fess in Ihfi '6feaf' moisture, • but ly dry soils acted She rang ;a/ Toby Argyle That's where we stopped for the ceys. wasn't ii" -, "Yes 1 uuess Toby Argyle runs he town t,t Creek Junction" "Maybe. At -any rate 1 told him iiid ho .promised to send tho slier* iff out. He acted funny. Jim Odd, tartlcd, upset Oh, I don't know how to tell yoii? Is there any hing hew here? Miss Wister" "Nothing No trace" "What can I do" He rubbed his forehead, smiled •Breakfast, honey" He watched her walk around the >end in the trail before he un- ockcd the basement door Even his more careful search showed 10 signs of an intruder. Outside, Jim -began n method- cal quartering of the .immediate [rounds. He found no trace of any •truggle He completed a ;wlda circle, came out again nn the turnaround. A pickup truck was just stopping. He had heard no motor sound and. checked, that fact again The right-hand door of the truck lopped open and Miss Wister stepped out. "Am I glad t.osee you" Miss Wister said The about yields reported In all afeas^ The wekly crop report said today, but most other harvests show the crip* pllng effects of the drOtight Lack of places to store the rice slowed harvest somewhat last week the report said, but storage facilities arc going up fast. High winds also hurt the harvesting by blowing down the plants. From onc-fouflh to ones-third of the cotton crop has been plckc-d In the Delta, while the harvest is more advanced In the hill amis. Yields are considerably below average and many fields will be picked only once. Small bold and premature open- ng has hampered fathering of the remely critical. The fall hay rop Is very light, corn production s low ami other fed crops are poor. Much of the short early oi-n crop has ben hm vested and he late crop Is considerably poorer "than the early, Some strain sorghums fields lave ben combined. Very Ic ields are reported in soybean ields. Some good showers helped dent ble. . • • .-.-'• :.'•;• spend together depends so-much o Diversion tor the. evertin-jjs" ' yo the amount of energy .you bo.lh huv — your facilities for pursuing hob bies and.talent.— that specific; sug gestions arc difficult. Home prr jccts are of'prime .interest-.-in thi do-H-yourself. urn ; practically ever newspaper" today carries informa lion on-building or rel'inishirig-furn- iture. I'm sure there's a -spot in your home that could use a bookcase, table or lamp. If you are new at this hobby begin by making a toy or tiny piece of furniture for your daughler's : Christmas, it will- be.lots more fun and much loss expensive than buying ready-mades^ ,, Dear Miss Dix:'-Last 1 year' I beg£n. corresponding with a. boy in service whom I had never met.' When he came home on furlough,we met and before he left I promised to marry him. I know now this .was a rash' thing : to- do. Should^I'.. write Jim looked past Miss Wister, saw the tall, angular woman who had got out the truck's other dooi and walked around Jim Dunn felt an uneasy slit- ring in the pit of his .stomach "Who 'are you" 'Agnes Argylc." she' said. The lips of her wide mouth thlnnec out into a pale line. "Heard "you needed the sheriff." "Yes" "All right," Mrs Argylc • sale "That's me. Duly elected sherif o fthis county. Had a phone re port of a dead woman here." Shi looked quickly at Miss Wister "Hear you found the body o Angelica Jones" "Not Angelica!" moaned Mis; Wister. (To Be Continued) Batnbo of varynig species, can be grown easily in the United Sta tes along the boast from southeas Virginia to Texas. and tell him so? MILDRED Answer: Please do, and;relieve the poor boy's mind. He's uridbubt- cdly worried about the same thing In future, be more careful of''your correspondents and be -less impulsive with promises. ' '."'..".. '•• rop. The feel situation remains ex- SlomachsUpraar Gtt last, soothing ralitl with PERCY MEDICINE =M£ foe tHat out At MAfiY • 115 & Big Washer Buy Here's famous Maytag washing ''j performance at a Id-w, low price. ? Low down payminl Liberal trade-in-,. SEE IT AT Only Authorized —.-,-, — --• ,. ' Hempstead County w$m\ '3$$™ 216 S. MAIN HOPE WEST BROS. < ,/ - : ", ..HL^n^ Dear Miss Dix: I'm a lonely ^wo^ man of 43, Three..years :ago t ; mct a mail who has been just .wonderful to me ever since. However, he's married and though he keeps', promising to get a divorce he always puts it off. Lately he'lias been annoyed whenever I broach th?'subject. • - '';:-MAUD J. i.; Answer:, Probably he's -been hearing nothing else from you lor three years and since : he has absolutely no intention of Icavingjiis wife, the subject has become boring, Better give up. '.'.-.' By Hugh Lawrence Nelson The story: sister-in-law of Jim Dunn's client, did not appear so beautiful now. Jie heard Mrs Kit . screaming For Fair Week - Starting i "• ^^ MEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS Ideal for fall wear. Bold plaids. Small, medium and large . $1.33 is dead ancl the facts ppint to rnur- as soon ' a , he was j n . skle the der at the Colorado mountain lodg<3 where Jim and his bride Nancy en door. are posing as caretakers in order j " No n ° »° no - Not again! Please to do detective work-for Mrs Klt| no l u S nm! '' Carlson Jim has just found body in the basement, lying an elevator used to bring up wood for the upstairs fireplace. XIII t nc l He moved quickly through the on ! kitchen, toward -.'/the hall and • bed- 1 room He could hear the lower ii filtering ' whine of Mrs Gel- sfgap's voice, heard 'tha relaxo- iiuiv, of- Kit's h^stcrifi- into violent sobijing He 'pu^flicd open Ihe bod- Nancy had on her blue , jeans, b-ogmdoor without knocking, her trim boots and fitted jacket | MVs'• Gcistra'p' held the 'nearly Jim put,his,arm around her, pulled cmi)t y gi a!3S o! w ^ Ml , s \ w had just her up for -a -kis?. taken from the younger woman He told her ab$ut the body, andlThere was no sign of the black went on, "Thqf phone's dead, I coffee Jim had prescribed, Mrs, honey I gviess»it?s UP to you toicelstrap spothed, "Y«m r-;st and get to a!'phqne Tho one in that sleep now. It'll be,, all right. 1 ' 'tratekfienei<'« shack mieht hn work- Kit Carlson Saw Jim, broke ioto ac^ysations "you didn't i v ielp! " "' didn't keep this from happen- near the Nationalist,',' northern but- is .disturbed." 'gatekeeper's shack might bo working Or you might have to go claar jpto Creek Junction Get ; the slier I iff. TelV.him what's happened. I'll j m g".. .It's happened again!" stay hereto make cervain nolhmx "What have you "i^ven her now" UBi^^^wl jff^ W MM ^^r ^ ™ ^^^^ ^^W ^^P ^ ^ ^ -*v ',"T^^ '" r ^fflp&WfZffiPgl New coats arriving daily in the smartest fall qnd Winter Mp^| materials and colors you will want. Complete range, ct -* l ~ An -^' n ' select yours now, ' - ''•' USE O.UR LAYAWAYP A small deposit will hold yawr ppst islands of .Tscben. about 240 miles north of Formosa. Still other reports said that an .nternatipnal Red a»v- brjga.de of Russians, Poles, C«e0tJ5 -and East Germans had been formed to fly the planes against the Nationalists. Pen.CWang Yi-Uug, the Nationalist military spokesman, noted the at his daily bdefing today and said they were b^feg "I cannot deny «J&<? - - Nancy Dunn's face, was white and dvawn- She said, "Our — our Plient." "Yes, One dead man beside Jim demanded of the ec-ok. "Just, another capsule ov , so'"' 'There was defiance . in Su? California swimming pool. A dead woman in 3 wood elevator in Colo- Hut both with crushed skulls Both found when Mrs Kit and her faithful retainer were alone in the house Ypu think the local sheriff is going tq wf its that off as a co- you going to do, Qelstrap's whine "Poor.thing, Sh3 a has to rest. She's been through, so much ', ^h;eady Kit's eyelids were get-- heavy Jim demanded; "Lis- "What ,Jjra." "Find wil soma things," Puun teji. to rne Don't go to \yhat did night" sgajn heer during the I didn't heav -anything but tht! water And. the of the UDII5 NYLON mT t^^k B iP • B PJi ^jf • ., / Brief ' Style panties thqt are nyl?n net trim- 79? vglwes. 2 for 99c

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