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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 28

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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25 WEDNESDAY EVENrsa atlanD Crffiunc OCTOBER 192o POLICE MOBILIZE IH KIEW PASTOR HUD PHELPS LEAVES 5 Motorists Must Face Speed Charges ALAMEDA, Oct. 28. Five mot-torlsts were cited yesterday by city traffic officers for speeding on Ala fied to appear before Judge E. Silver for a hearing; on November Those cited wore: O. D.

Lions, 100. liust Sixteenth street; A. C. 801 Howard street, Snn Francisco; George Gundlac, 12J Clinton avenue; C. M.

Buck, 20 7 San Jose avenue, and William Jim, Church street, Oakland. TO CURB PRflWKS MAKES GALLANT WIFE WELCOMED WIDOWS400.Q00 The Go-Getter JOHN H. SIGLER of Los Angeles, who wrote 1 1 6 health and accident insurance policies in one day, setting a world record, winning a trip to Hartford, and earning $4435.95 in premiums. He worked 1 6' i hours. A photo.


Mashers are taboo in San Francisco. Police Jmipe Daniel O'Brien announced today that he would administer the most severe punishment possible against all offenders broupht before him and promptly made examples of Wek-h. 24. and William both of whom he semen. eel to SO ilay.s in the count jail.

Riitlni Harris of 1030 I'ost street, who, caused the arrest of the pair, testified that, 'a ecom pa nted by a young woman, she on l'ost street ht the men drove by in an Keventy-five members of the official board of the First Methodist Kpiscopal church and their wives gave an informal reception to Rev. Kdgar Allen Lovvther, the new pastor of the church, upon his arrival last night the Key Route Inn. Accompanying the pastor were Mrs. Lovvther and their three sons and two daughters. Pr.

Lovvther. who succeeds Dr. dohn Stephens. arrived shortly after o'clock from Los Angeles. Mother of Victor Milton Writes Gratitude for Money Sent Stricken Robert Stallman Phelps, partner in the firm of Taft Pennoyer, department store owners, leaves an estate estimated at $400,000 entirely to his widow, Mrs.

Julia L. Phelps. 321 Hillside avenue, Piedmont, by terms of the will filed for probate by Attorney Ben F. Woollier. The will is holographic and was executed March 6, 1908.

Provision that the estate should he divided nmonj? Mrs. Virginia Stallman of Lee, a sister, 13 nephews and nieces and two sisters-in-law in case the wife predeceased Phelps, was made in the will, but these bequests are not valid by reason of the widow's survival, i Phelps dropped dead of heart If 4' I 1 I I "Words are useless to Mn v.m I for what you are mobile atnl invited them to When they refused, she sajd, wire met with a storm of Youths Face PeHty if Fun Destroys Property. arns Chief. Ths Oakland police I pa it has been requf to to protrct the pvoi'Tty of clr-onry on Hallowe'en', In a letter to Chief of roller Drew last asked for special polier vigilance "in me pr.p.---:v from damage oa siseil ly the pranks of small hoys a nil those small." The latter. to 1 i I), nay the rea 1 nuisances.

"Hallowe'en." sav CY )Vourvi. time for fun. -vt ilwc having made the trip overland from Wichita. by automobile. At Los Angeles he visited his brother, who is a professor In the t'niversity of Southern California.

vile epithets. The machine con- i tinned to follow them and final failure on the street October 19. ly I. it 'ut-Mtai't I'd ward Cullman appeared. He was unable to arrest the pair until he had battled with them ami received aid from citizens.

jPtsJM the pnt ht app S-'fllt for nmiin- to keen the boy at the I Su l.tMimo. fuii.l was ICHAICE ESTATE 1 IS iMm P.M.-!s with f-r r.M reason why shniiM be lo, upon as a time b'- a Kt'lr. sumo MM.I.. 500 Guests Expected At Terminal Event ALAMliPA. Oct.

Moie than i'XT Mrs. l.amam, ai-l her lvh.rvl PAYSMTAX The formal reception to Dr. and Mrs. Lovvther will be held. in the church parlors a week from Friday night.

Dr. Lovvther will occupy the pulpit of his new church next Sunday for the first time. His morniiig subject will be "Why Is a Preacher?" His evening theme "The Ideal City." Monday non he will address the members of the Oakland High Twelve Luncheon club. Rev. Charles Arthur Wells, who Dr.

Lovvther In 'Wichita, will continue to assist him here. Wells will arrive late next week He will have charge of religious education at the church. He was a former newspaper cartoonist, and has given chalk talk accompaniments to Dr Lowther's Sunday evening addresses. person r.ttenrl tne lunch-to bo held on Armistice Dy 1 oeb'ii imc he open "fe KIM tr r.o, a-M Nov Ptbr the En- Mia lurv.n was Minion! of the unit of ffiPP Wwm I 1 l'rk of "v'l'If'-f. Wit S- I tlPMich he s.r.c in -i KWRt jfeflL El I'f'ttttsed a ot, to.

-o r. 'n: ees indicated at ifternoon of of re rese n- otruetion." Youths from to to police v. t-fheir endeavors pranks if caught. if their fun-makmjr nirltalrs demolition of eleven houses. Meantime, the tret Imued a peroral appeal the fun-makers desist Street as these latter are believed to have sotv.e Viihie a the city at large.

lf part patrolmen, it is promised! on hand to street sigrs specially rt a whuh guard holes in the p.v. :r.e:.ts. Jokers take the errs iv endanger motorists. strvice clubs btt-rd atid mei'i-e Thf at the ter- LOS A NO ELKS. Oct.

(f) Ray L. Riley, state controller, announced today that the estate of Frank Chance, baseball player and manager, who died here September 1 li'I-1, had been appraised at 30,000. and government and state inhoritancrc taxes amounting to collected. Rotarv 'am. It tl.t is DO I 'E Publisher Swoons In Sudden Illness i I.

r. oi'v is Inv Kiivanians Entertain Miss Ina Coolbrith CHARGED TO MATE 'Stanton W. Lore, publisher of an Oakland labor weekly, was removed to the Merrirt hospital A la merta todav at during The I I lie itr.ictf 1 tr.MJ! a AI.A.M1.DA. fK5c) Vvr hf iw la 'is w. tie hosts M.

ft Intrd- Ina CO :1 a'ureare WW PETROLEUM 1K I shortly before noon today after be-j ing stricken with a serirotis attack of illness ut his office on Twelfth i street. Emergency treatment was rendered at the receiving hospital, He regained consciousness and was pronounced out of danger before his removal to Merrirtt hospital. ENLARGED To 11 horn It Men Ccr.ctrv.: j-f's, I unjILij; 1 I iiirni.P ro. Pi. i.

i 1 O.t.b-i 10.. 1923. -i Mrs. of Pratt 1 I i poy loir of iv local orks. i A' i.iiicr waves ana marcel acs.

vcrt cndcariiu'iits mixed villi static." Nclcctin radio often saves Time for loving most emphatic. Becoming infatuated with a girl considerable younger than himself, Elmer Lee Brown. radio expert, was spending his time with her while- telling his wife he was testing radio sets, Mrs. Anna C. Former Residents Wife Cold to Him, I I lit" ar.d that bill Of Nevada to Rally Man Asks Dworcel av hail I I .11.

I st. r.s ar.o -fare ns is most j.ammng H. S. Low relieved my daughter of a severe and chrome case of enlarged tcr.iils. ihe had suffered for eiglitcen years but his herbal remedies brought complete relief in four weeks.

During the three, years since thn whenever my husband or I have been ill we have gone to H. S. Low and his herbol remedies have brought promnt relief. (Siened) MRS. L.

A. POTTER. 4905 Lawton Ave, Oakland" Phone: Pied. 9I78W. See this patron or ask at office for testimonials on dyspepsia, rheumatism, asthnia, blood eczema, hernia, paralvji-.

and many other ilKrV'Choice Herbs for F.verv 111." THE SING HERB SPECIALISTS H- S. Low. Directing in Oaklard 491 Tenth St. (Betw.

Broadway and Washington) True Herbs Only Phone Oak. 3250 No Operations Pf rtorraei. A reunion of former Nevada residents who now make their home in the East bay will be held November 10 at the Hotel Claremont, Berkeley. A dinner will be served at o'clock. There will be a mus-rcal program.

iC i a Tl." B' the advice of his wife. J.!, wljo said love him and advised uivot-ca, he says. E. G.

'ay filed suit. He says hi -en cold and lndiffrr-him. Tl-y were mar-wood City, January 5, vv rite to Risstra a toi linie. Any hi-- wif- has. r.iir.d from cat to save his ne ib '1 tor's fr: ia 'akin -him the ial inversion to keep his despondency may i.rown alleges 1,1 a divorce suit.

She says lur husband met and fell in love with the girl last Mi-s. Brown says she found a letter written by the girl to her husband in which she said: "I really do love you with lots of love and kisses, I am your dear little pal." Married on September IS, 1920, the Browns separated on September 1 last. 1 It 4 o'Jay BEATS fcOVERXMEXT. Edward Morgan won a suit for $12,500 against the Orange Free State government for dismissing him as a teacher without notice. life, jiriysjciar.s sy.

reecived cijdc from George from Clara M. Taft. ST. H. Jarvis.

s5 frcm Mrs. X. and 5: from. S. J.

F. Ti F.VE will fia II. riirei. 1 ToL-a. 1 i.isr, ra i TFMB- Wood! n.d forward all money not Iv to Mrs.

Alice Larnp-f Woodland Clinic. Calif. -r Financing Foreign Trade through THE PORT OF OAKLAND: No. 1 DOES YOUR ROOF LEAK? OLD ROOFS RE COVERED AND GUARANTEED Terms If You Wish Multi-Colored and Fireproof Laid Over Old Shingles A. K.

G00DMUNDS0N Lakeside 271 2140 San Pablo Ave. "What's Over Your Head?" IMPORTANT NOTICE! 5 in 00 1-25 00 Accident Insurance Policy For Every OAKLAND TRIBUNE Reader An Opportunity You Cannot Afford to Miss GET THE POLICY THAT GIVES YOU Pionm 2 Times Protectic Protection HOW TO GET THIS POLICY Simply fill out, sign and MAIL or bring in the APPLICATION FORM with $125 in currency; money order or personal check. Applications can be personally delivered to any of The OAKLAND TRIBUNE branch office-. OFFER IS OPEN TO EVERYONE No physical examination necessary. Every reader, male or female, between the ages of 15 and 7C regardless of occupation, residence or station ir life may ob'tain one of these policies.

The OAKLAND TRIBUNE hat made these policies easily obtain-able that there should be one or more in every family. A many member of your family a desire may lecine. this policy. In Foreign Trade With the present public interest in the Oakland Harbor, the general demand for increased shipping facilities for the Port of Oakland that the Eastbay cities may par -ticipate to a much larger extent in international trade consideration must be given to ways and means of financ ing both import and export shipments. For over a quarter of a century, The American Bank has served in the development of foreign markets, in the importing of raw materials and finished merchandise, in tne exporting of goods made in the Bay region to markets in all quarters of the globe.

In this The American Bank was a pioneer, among the very first on the Pacific Coast. Today the experience of over twentyfive years, the direct connections with more than 4,000 foreign correspondent financial institutions in all parts of the world, the large resources of this bank are offered in "financing foreign trade through the Port of Oakland." SIX MONTHS' CONTRACT OAKLAND TRIBUNE: i I have not been subscriber to the OAKLAND TRIBUNE for the past 30 days, but herewith subscribe and agree to take the paper for a period of six months from this date and thereafter until otherwise ordered by me. I will pay your collector' the regular rate of 85c a month after earh month's delivery. (This price includes the big Sunday THIBUNE without exlia charge.) Opening of Export Credit. Opening of In port Credit.

Otinting of Acceptance Credit gainst Warehouse Merchandise, Cable Transfers to all parts of the World. Traveler-' Chequei Negotiable Throughout the World. Letters of Credits Exchange of Foreign Currency; Collection of Foreign Securitiea ted Coupons. Foreign Market, Credit, and Trataportation Information. SIX MONTHS' CONTRACT OAKLAND TRIBUNE: I have not been a subscriber to the OAKLAND TRIBUNE (or he past 30 days, but herewith subscribe and agree to take the paper for a period of six months from this date and thereafter until otherwise ordered by me.

I will pay your collector the regular rate of 85c a monlh after each month' delivery (TLis price includes the big Sunday TRIBUNE without extra charge.) Name of City na(a Signed Address Phone City of City Date Signed Address 'n Phont vrv Tt i HOWE RADIO SET City HOVE RADIO SET Order TaJcm Address City j-ou are a TRIBUNE Carrier, State Route here AMEDirAN Raw a. Order Taken by Cfty If you are a TRIBUNE Carrier, State Route her t- JL MX XJLLITWIla. MM JUJ. ML Jtm.

COMMERCIAL-TRUST-SAVINGS MAIN OFFICE California and Montgomery Streets, San Francsco Resources Over $70,000,000 A Member or the Federal Reserve DOWNTOWN OAKLAND OFFICES: Fourteekth and Broadway Suteenth and San Pablo i..

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