Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1954
Page 4
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0 M If A f , H0Ft, A ftK AN IAS tl, learing Mocft (A - An ttt&t hft. Mb! ttie oftJosiUoft td the ppUetUefl idf fata ills? 6f tittle ft&el "i In-hi* w#&lt# .... the-Arkansas mile f'CdmtaiSsibtt which t i till the falu increase USPECT Bjf Hugh Lawrence Nelson (MfttftjM 1W4 Vf PltfjB UNRWOC HIHAi detective which an sued him restful nightmares in animated furnace pur- through stacks of un- ribt elaborate. 'the increase ijcollettcd under a* bond which Sht« refunds if they should dercd *- becamfc a point ;dt e Diamond Ywir while in Htpi Mrt. Hilton'* hu»b*"d, XI __..,_ t the cook, Mr*-' G«Utfap, im iXiftft W*6 Informed that his stleftt, 'Mr*. Kit, hurt ttfceti to her . led 1 tylth 1he beginning bf a cold. "Brought ftii hy chllU don't you deilbt lt»" -M*6. CklJtrsp sttld. "1 to" attend f rier^dS.'O ,FE& CAFETERIA lit* I «ft»th eft th« Wekt Ce»rt ' touchable wood. tie woke up cold, just as the first sunlight touched the far side , by Mft. Kit of the lake, moved across the wa- them t* hv*t» ter and seemed to pull a wispy tenuous mist with It. Nancy -had made a warm nest of all the covers and murmured sleepily as he got ui>. He had a momentary and almost irresistible rripulse to pull the bedding away and accuse her of cover snatch' Ing. Jim Dunn stretched and yawn- Ward the main house, in the belief to a point where he could se« the" ust dO'hopti y*ou'U be i^le to keep ttfc tettiriMRi to.tha cabin in dls- 5usl, w,ent'to bed too efirly to a >' i i ti-guthcnt In the recent Democratic goVerndffs campaign after Or- vat F»ubu4, - th* successful candi- ' ed. He dressed. He started down the path lo John Jr. Has Bops From Own Family By BOB THOMAS view when he faaa 17, 1 called at his comfortable upstairs duplex apartment for a progress report. 1 found John lit, si red-haired infant with the unmistakablfi Barrymore profile bouncing in his baby carriage on the porcli. John's wife, 'flam'e-haired Cara Williams greeted me at the door. versy with Ethel beyond saying: "Take a look, at the records 30 years back. You'll find my' hunt bad some pretty hot words with Dr. Frohman." He added that Ethel has never complimented him to his face !n his 32 years. But it's different with j crusty old Uncle Lionet. This sum- News Briefs HOLLYWOOD -VP) - The trctiblel*? id , h * had returned here for hard with being a Barrymore, says John Jr., is that you get bopped from all sides, especially froth you? family. The junior is back In is for his acting career. He has a couple of pictures in the Wind. Having done John's first inter* work to offset the reports of his Critics. These include his family. You'll recall that recently Producer Paul Greg&ry tried to buy family fights to "Good Night, Jim Dunn in that instant. A memory of Miss Wister proudly oark- ing her small coupo in the lot near the office, walking, the rug path to take dictation In similar Shoes. Jim skirted the woodpile, do might still find some embers in his 'nemesis, the furnace. He passed the turn in the path before he saw the car. It was a small but highly polished coupe, parked near the lake ehore. He' walked more quickly face. He let out a long sigh t»th of disbelief and relief. WhofiVe-r owned the coupe outside, the dead woman was not Miss Wister. He bent over, found no pulse in the limp wrist, touched gently the- cursing silently al the sound of rushing water Which could hide so completely the sound of a motor. He stopped suddenly, retraced the steps he had made in the car's battered tface then, son Jones. of Angelica Carl- direction. The door to the basement was and ia'j,e,' accused . Gov. Cherry's ad- ^J]JSSSSS^X£& aml ta " c and'ihCM had been, a sizd- gbl&riduetroii in, 1940. He said the a'rc artidrig the .low- nation' and'C4lled the re- one quested ne'ededtlt^ endble<ithe .company to e|rn s a'lair *$turn!'. '- „ 'Rejilylrig'-tOt.LaaJe'y, Gordon E. Young; -tt' r Pln^ Bluff., one more than > a ->dpzon ^attorneys representing protpslants.'against a r^tc in- fcrease', l >5aid testimony >vould show "the gas.cpm^any doesn't need any increase lrom'< anybody." Ray Utley, MprelfrMf Co. ^ Will Open October 1st at ~~to* -5th Street ,., (fofmerly yehipstftad County F^sir'mers Assn.) " ^ With of JOHN DEERE i 1 " A i .- if v y? < ^ Equipment' and Part*, Service 1 -pnd parts for 411 <•„ , John Deer«j,Equipment."~ t , : s Wayward Burke . ' | >. A,,T;. r '> f tonkin" Jbhn Shop Foreman , ; ' •• •' Salesman ' •)*«,( f <* , ' *, N C 1 ' "* 4 ^ Macfc Stuart.. ,. r Porf§ and Senrice.^anager ocking It the closing night before. The basement wnt; a gloomy cavern. Warm, pitch-scented nil- past him to escape into he, early morning chill. He reached for the dearest drop- cord light, turned it on. A nag _ing .'familiarity about the small coupe churned in the back of bis mind, was pushed aside in the stress of the moment. The wood he had piled so laboriously, heavy pitch chunks and We settled In thu den and John;rner John sent Lionel some of the reviews he got in a summer theater tour. They were raves. One critic admitted entering the the' ater saying "this IS a Barry' more!" "Why, those were great," Lionel rumbled. "We never got reviews like that when We were kids, the critics knocked our ears off." John complained that the charges of a summer theater owner against him drew much publicity "but you could hardly find the news that Actors Equity upheld me in the dispute.' He gets it from all sides, he •sighed. A Broadway solumnist printed that he ha dben drunk in biography. Kirk Douglas was rumored for the role. I was up for another picture with Douglas; I guess that's off now," said young'John. "He trisd to make trie heavy in the affair. He said he woulln't darj play my father, that made it appear— 1 would. I, wouldn't think of it now not until I'm at least 35." John risked the .family wrath Germany (UP)— Officials of the 0. S. embassy in Prague said today they have been 'in contact' 1 with the Communists oncerning two Americans kidnap d on • the Czech bovcier 10 days ago, but have received no as- urance they will b'c released. The Americans, 1st Lt. fllchard H. Dries, of St. Albans, N. V., and PFC George M. Pisk, of Ausil, Tex., were seized by Red guards Sept. 17 while on a routinfe >atrol .of West Germany's Iron border. I ., _ _ .4 _ , • . _, . . three New York bars. John got ac- t.hc rights. His mother, Dolores l on °» that report right away. He Barrymore, said that John was loo I doe . J n * «n,,nr. (A «ilr,v liic futile,- »hn« Vio ' I h young 16 play his father, that he should be in school. "1 didn't Want to be In school." he told rnc. "I've been in and out of enough of them. "I told my mother lhat I didn't want to sell because playing my father was always my ambition. No reason to doubt the cause of death. The matted mousy hair, the mpossible indentation beginning | Do y£m , mow what she was gct . at the bloodstained forehead, toW Un2 , A mcrc $10 ouo And $2i0 oo of a crushed skull, Angelica's head a n tl shoulders wero partially propped against the wall while her jody rested unnaturally on the pieces of pitch still on the elevator hate the stuff," he declared He added that eight photographers showed up when he went t ocourl for not having the papers yet on his Texas car. Two day? later, he was again in the news because lie absenl-mlndedly jaywalked through a signal. "Look," John added, "I clon' mind the handicap of having to jllvc up to my father's reputation as an actor. That reputation wab warranted. But I don't see why should get knocked from all sides Alll 1 want is an even chance.' odds and ends oil logs, threw a dark shadow at th.o far end. He reached the next light. The elevator! ,The last thing he had done the night before was to fill it with n liberal supply of wr.orl and crank it up into the rocoss in. .the floor j above. But the suppor.tiri'f;. ropes Showed how, nnd ..the recess was no longer closed fty'lhe under side of the platform. Jim moved more quickly, but with an added caution, and turned on the last light. The elevator platform held little wood now, carried a far different burden. -The skirts wero dirt stained, twisted around the lax figure. An outstretched arm hung' limply, stained palrn exposed. Plump legs sprawled out grotesquely, and. the heels of the polished, • sensible shoes rested in a dark stain on the hard-packed dirt. Unwanted recollection came to floor. The silence of the house pulled him away from further examination, sent' him running up the' step stairway. The door at its head was locked. He pounded at.it With the sides of his clenched fists. He v/nited, listened. He pounded -again and shouted. He put his ear to .the v/oodcn panel. The silence was a desolate thing. He kicked al the door with a booted foot, drew back as far as possible and lunged against the ig? A mcrc ,$10.000. And $2,000 fbr my sister Dcdc. Why, any studio in town would give $100,000 for the rights." John has also jaUen it from his Aunt Ethel. In a 75!h birthday interview, she told me that no Barrymore ever behaved in the theater The speed .record for a bicycl the way John Jr. has. The lad re-jon a mille course is 76.28 miles an fused to enger into publl" contro- an hour. aying, "what's the rtiattet, deaf Are you ill? . . The man ..said "no" and walked When Mrs. Lalor's husband, Thb- mas came into the bedroom from TEL AVIV (UP) — Israel broad cast an appeal to the Arab state! over the weekend, urging peaccfii sclllement of six-year-old differ tnces. The Israeli government offcrfrt the Arabs the right to pass througi this country and use its p^orts provided Israeli sovereignly is 1 no infringed — and offered to com pensatc Arab refugees if the neigh coring stales will enter into ttego tiations. SAN SALVADOR, El Salvado (,UP) _ A judge here has ordered the release of Jorge Pinto, Jr., a publisher charged with "disrcs peel" of government officials. The judge ruled there was n foundation for the official charee against Pinto and his newspaper, the weekly Epoca. lis own and demanded his pants, f she realized she had been talking*o a burglar who robbed her of $53 and stole her husband's trou* sers. SHOP EARLY TULSA, Okla. (UP) — Tulsa bootleggers are urging townspeople to do their Christmas shopping early. They are distributing brochures listing special . , ., colorful Christmas liquor packages and prices. If, Oklahoma is a dry stale. "The. duck hawk can fly al ...05 miles per hour and in dives can register up to 108 mles per houn WRONG MAN : LOS ANGELES CUP)-- The ncxl lime Mrs. Pauline Lalor.has a bedroom conversation with-.a man she is going to be wide awake. t Mrs. Laldr told police, yesterday sho spoke. l& the man in .her room, HOT WATER HEATER HEADQUARTERS • Day & Night • Rheem • • Crane . • General ; • One - Three - Five - Ten year warranty HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing - Heating 309 N. Main Phone 7-2811 door firm, with his and Jim shoulder. It held ^ was fUirost catapulted downn the step stairs. There was no purchase for his feet no room for movement necessary for the sustained effort to braak down the door. He clattered down the stairs, hurried .through -"the basement, closed and locked the outer door. behind him. Bright sunlight touch-, ctl the ground of'the triangle'. The' breeze sent, ripple pattern's across, the lake's surface, bringing color. JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or ?-4617 ^ We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings STORE -• L^ V Heavy wewtw* j SHOPPING BAG With any purchase at our Drug Department during this Big ONE CENT SALE. Offer good while limited stocks last. change Small wavelets added. their 'shore-splashing to the background of rushing' creek water. ••: The sun gleamed from polished chrome on the small coupe. Jim moved quickly, wrenched open in unlocked, door. ' The registration and insurance papers on the steering column told him his memory had nol played him false. II was Miss Wisler's car. (To Be Continued) Anilgesic Balm KELLER, 1'/ 2 -ouncB tube SHOE LACES BUCK or BROWH. 27-inch . . SUPPOSITORIES ?°38 GLYCERIN— Infant Of *dult . .............. fc ** W POCKET COMBS 0-6 STURDY PWSTIC. . / . ... . ' ............. fc * W HAVE YOU SPENT EARNED DOLLAR? If you are not now patronizing the merchants who give S&H Greeh Stqrtips, look about you at your friends and neighbors who are. THEN ASK YOURSELF HAVE I BEEN WISE?? !» V - Thej Hope Merchants Give the Oldest and Most Trading Stamp in the U.S. , M PIGGLY WIGGLY BYERS GULF SERVICE Y WALTON GULF SERVICE GREEN STAMPS ARE HERE TO STAY 4icL.ih«r 2 tubes 46= 37e BruiMcit 2 tubes 38° Walgreen 4 ASPIRIN 2S50 e J5e ABO BURN OINTMENT 1V4-OZ. tub» $1,1? TANNETTE POWDER Antireptic, 12-oz. RUBBING ALCOHOL EMULSION . bpille ,'1 6lid« Cetenate POWDER OR OINTMENT 2 Guys You 9 SPORTSMAN Chlorophyll 43 C TOOTH PASTE 2«»44 e /You buy one iteib at its [REGULAR EVERYDAY 5ELLING PRICE, o penny to get TWO!, LESS THAN '/ 2 PRICE SPECIAL! BISMADINE POWDER 34 e Get 2 for l«»s than teg. price of it !••. 99* KELLER MOUTH WASH * for «0« Save $I,*7 . .. Buy Two! Regular »3.98 AYTIML VITAMINS & MINERALS Bottle of 100 , 98 C Perfection HAND CREAM] 9-Oz. Jfrs 2i99 c r MINTS OR FRUIT DROPS Me SACCHARIC TABLETS 1600, Vt-fr. GIGANTIC SAVINGS $6,71 i You Buy 9 Regular '6.79 Olafsen GERIATRIC CAPSULES Sott/eoMOO fa,79i JR. AYTINAL Vitamins & Minerals Bottl* <> £Q 80 of 100. *»mdsi" Tr ^*.. Contains Vitaraiiv B-l?. VITAMIN C TABLETS Kes-*1- 39 . Bvllleot 100 . . . THIAIMIN CHLORIPE 39?.w.tcttif: ; t nestfAiti. 4-m; t>«t|i» 39c MfLX p( MM«$I» oS/inc Wllp«t«, Pintbd«l« . , ; . . 4r<tU 35« CHIUIIIErS MSTM1* n> occ 3-ouncebolHo . , , . . , . . £(WV 45c PEROXIDE OF»fO«0«*. Pint . , 49c SNAVE LQTIOII fs-oe. s«x. wt'ti* ., Ctfjl^^Gtt 1 for 1 ,89' Formula 20 Crean Shampoo 2 L *1.49 Size *• 9 5,1 SO fJT " ORLIS ANTISEPTIC PINTboitls WALGREEN MINERAL OIL 16-oz. bottle Regular f 2,39 Baytol VltAMINB CAPSULES CHILDREN'S ASPIRIN of so . 30 OCTINE EYE DROPS Vroz. bottle Add a Penny—Get Two! VITAMIN A CAPSULES , Beg. $1.911, 25,000 Unils, 100 3 . , CQD LIVER OIL - ,$1.99,16-os.bollle ,., , ,., 2 2 2 2 11 99 40 ., ________ IFPIH DEODORANT APC TABLETS 2 "'80' 2* WLPH LINIMENT ' "' formula 20 HAIR SPRAY Hvgulat 1O Phg UfacH ur B/OWII • Necklace* ,• Earrings • Incelets BEAUTIFUL COSTUME JEWELRY Many styles to choose from, ^^ & * j> I-Y^^S* t, - ' Our Daily r Bread Weed Thin by The Hi Wathburh September Gives Warning State Funds Going Into Decline £he State of Arkansas which has eh shouldering much of the local |ax burden that in other states is Assessed and controlled and paid vholly in the local communities nay now be approaching a financial crisis. And if the criais matures it will Biavc an immediate effect on every 'school district in Arkansas. Your editor gathers all this from ; report by Revenue Commissioner /anee Scurlock Tuesday on General collections for this September, iiey declined again. This September showed a total of $3,958,074, If gainst $4,031,294 for September |953, And if it hadn't been for a slight lain in sales lax receipts the over- Ill decline would have been sharp Enough to be immediately slgnifi fant. Revenue from the income tax IB taxes on beer and liquor, and Bn inheritance and severance, al trapped hard. r«;/hen you take into consideration Ihe background facts about the plight rise in sales lax receipts you have to mark it down as a loss father than a gain. The revenui psri't higher because "of increased sales. Everyone knows this. Thi jfact is, sales tax collections incrcas ed a bit simply because the Stat levenue Department is pushing overdue accounts vigorously and i laking a series of door-to-door aud [Us. to catch tax-dodgers. So we have in front of us n warn |ng that the state government ha oassed the zenith of its power t jlevy taxes—and, correspondingly, earning to local government to im prove its property assessment pic tire and colle'ct more taxes at horn ffagainst the day when its share o ffrevenue aid from the state will o ^necessity be reduced. The backbone of such a self-he! I'program for local government : jposed Constitutional Amene Kmt No. 43 which you will vote o I in; the general election in Novem- I ber. No. 43 would compel property j be assessed at its average market value, cutting back the millage 1 accordingly. . No. 43 wouldn't change the av- I erage taxpayer's total tax in dol- llars—unless, and until, he went to 1 the polls in some local election and | voted for a higher tax. No. 43 is based on what is known |;Hfc\the Iowa Local Budget Law, a rfl&Hel recognized over the nation. i, Its main' yalueris-that.> It: would fiput teeth into Arkansas' voluntary jassessment system, would equalize Kthe- present uneven level of'.assess- "rie'nts between different counties, land would search out and place up|on the tax books property that isn't aow being taxed at all. It is probable the small taxpay- jfer's bill would be unchanged, or pjpssibly reduced. And 'it's a dead "•'' 'ftainty his bill wouldn't be.rais- • materially unless he voted for, Star eenlfil tfiftlght and ThufsJ'ay): fi^peHment Stalioh deport. 24-ReuN fiMtofL «<• « % % tatteft .'37 55TH YEAR: VOL 55 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WI&NSSBAY, Sf-PTIM&tR 49,19S4 M**k*r.> tM AttMMItM fl*» fc *«•«»». A*. Hit Paid CIKI. I Mti. tfittnt MMtfc EXPECTED PRECIPITATION Precipitation during mid-September to mtd-qetoberjii to «in»I 6* exceed normal over mort area* of ih« natton subnormal amount* over the Sontlmett. MUCH MOVt NOKMAL 'AIOVE NORMAL NORMAL IELOW NORMAL MUCH IELOW NORMAL 2nd Half of Show Thursday The second half of the Third Dis' ,rlct Livestock Show opens here Thursday afternoon with a huge parade that signals the start .of,.a l-odeo Which opens in-the Coliseum at 8 o'clock Thursday night. Featured with the rodeo will be the widely known Tex Rlller, singing cowboy of TV, movie and radio fame. Thursday's parade starts promptly at 3 p. m. Group one forms in block-, from Youngv Chevrolet to Fire Station; Group' Two Fire. Station to Piggly Wig' § ly; Group Three, , Shoyer to pruce; Group Four. Edgewood to Bonner and Group Five, Bonner to Betls. Winners will be announced shortly after parade over Slation. KXAR and checks will be ready Friday at Cham-, bfrr of Commerce; off ice.- EXPECTED TEMPERATURES Temperatures durine mW-September to mid-OCtotw will below seasonal normaU In Great Lake* region, Ohio Valley W»4 Northern Plains. Southwest yrlll Havt normal Iowa Local Budget |; an increase. Under Ihe [sLaw thai we are Jalking about—iii- Icorporated in No. 43—the taxpayer fdoesn't vote on ^a specific millage fcquestion.'What he votes on is a pjro- Ipbsed budget for, say, the coming I school year. The ', district puts 6e- | fore him at the polls the total of the proposed budgel, comparing it wilh |<the budget of the preceding year, the taxpayers approve the new gel, and il is higher than Ihe |,preceding budget, then the officials }extend a millage only large enough |to cover this expense—after firsl [[taking credil for any balatices left f over from Ihe preceding year. But if the taxpayers rejecl Ihe [new budget then Ihe officfals have I, to operate on the budget of the preceding year. In which event the ac- t-tual dollars paid by the average | taxpayer would remain unchanged. 43 reforms lhe'asses?!ng base iul it doesn't change the average citizen's tax bill. Thai will be up lo I the citizen himself, voting on the of local budgets. ' Your editor isn't quoting any au- Ithority for these statements—be : Icause he himself helped write ,the foriginal draft of No, 43 as a mem- Iber of the Joinl Tax .Revision Com- [mittee at Little Rock/.in November 11952. II represents-'the-'thinking' of |a cross-section of Arkansas busi- ,s and professional men without ard to polilics or polilicians. Newsaper Week Hailed by President DENVER (UP) — President Eisenhower marked National Newspaper Week today by hailing a free press as a "primary source" of government strength. , National Newspaper week begins Oct. 1. The chief executive saluted newspapers of the nation by issuing .this slatement from! the .Dcn- .yerfWh'itjs;'.House: * -*-* ~ -* "' "To the newspaper of the nation: ' "The nation joins the editors, pub lisher.s and reportpvs of this country in observance of National News paper/Week; No instilulipn is more necessary lo our way .of life than a fre press. "A sign. ...of 'free government, .a free press is a primary source for thatii'jgoyernment's strength. It informs the; people that they may well discharge their responsibilities as citizens. It provides them and their elected /representatives with a f wide range of fact and" opinion which must, be weighed by all who /are concerned with the well being of our country, . :•; : . ' "Those who struggled to keep America informed can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that tUeir conlribulion lo the cause of freedom is mighty. They.- will deserve the respecl and gratitude and support of our people." Judge to Hear Arguments on Segregation CINCINNATI — Iff) A federal judge today pioneers' the question of segregation in northern schools when he listens to arguments of Negroes and whues from the. little southwestern Ohio city of Hillsboro. District Court Judge John H. Druffel is to hear evidence and arguments on a t>etit;on asking him to stop the K\Uat>oro board- ot tod* ucation "from* enforcing a policy f segregation;'* It is the first case of its kind in he north since the U. S. Supienje Court ruled school segregation un- orislilulional. The .National Association for the Advancement .of,Colored People wants to make;, l^his ; a ; test case,for northern -schools. Ever since "the Supreme Court ordered integration:;.of-white and negro classes, . pro-segrcgalion orces haye asked this question: 'How can-they "make us do it" Druffel'is 'decision' involving the ivestock producing .city? of 5,100 in :he.. Ohio-' lowlands ••cptild provide a hint lo the answer.. , : Wealher has turned into a deciding faclor and kept down allend- -ance last niehl. The second night'.of the show-is usually one of the best lbut'< tornado warnings and frequent •rainfall Tuesday kept down the crowd. Yet 3,500 saw the second performance of Stars in Revue \vhich has one more night to play. This represents 1,000- more than Monday night. Congressman Oren Harris, and other officials were 'special guests last night. Tickets to the final stage show L. Hollaway Jr. ji Ernest Lee Hollaway, Jr., mis- tjonary lo Japan serving under Ihe .Foreign'Mission Board of the Sou< .them Baptist Convention, Rich 'mond, Va., will be guest speaker iV the First Baplist Church, Sun day, October 3rd., at both lh ^morning and evening services. Mr Hollaway will also remain over fo ai Monday service at which time h> will show pictures of the work in Ja{5an.. :-.iMr. Hollaway is a native of Ar jca'nsas; graduate of Ouachita Col lego, Arkadelphia, and also receiv ed "a B. D. degree from Southwes tern 'Baptist Theological Seminary Fl, Worth, Texas in 1949. He re cejved appointmcnl by Ihe Foreig Mission Board in 1949, and has ser- yfed as an evangelislic worker in Nagoya, Japan since 1951. Mn Hollaway's wife is the former Miss Ida Blylhevill* Optfii Cotton PeiHval t • Cut Drouth Hay Rates 50° o By MERRIMAN SMITH DENVER (UP) — The White House today announced that he American'railroad* had agreed o cut freight rates 50 per cent:on lay shipments into 15 drought- Iricken states until mid-December. President Eisenhower atid Sec* rclary of Agriculture J Ezra Taft 3enson requested tha cut'Monday. On hearing of the reduction from William T. Farley,' .president, of ;he Association of American Rail- •oads, the president said he was "profoundly f ratified at the prompt response of the railroads. . .'''•'..;• Faricy .Informal the" President :Uat the request Aims submitted-to al Cotton Festival opehs liehi t«- morrow with a two-day schSdule.ot cotton pickinS, beauty gue£hs7 pV> fading, spcakhij ««fl l**n™8. , Top attraction is seh»ditt|.of the "World Chftftipton fidttbh .Picket 1 *' Who will feCbivd a $1.000 pM*e A queen of the Nalidhat Cotton Picking Cohte-st b« Selected AEC Asked to Hold(JpDix< • A * '• vV/'f, Yates Contrac! from contestants ffo Atttihgas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ittintucky and Missouri. ' • Tennessee QoV. I-'rank Q.. CieW' cnt will deliver the festival's tnajor address. ' . The two-day evdnt will closfc with the Cotton Ball with Tex fieneke ond his orchestra. The annual contest and'celebra* tlon is sponsored by thfe BlyttteVillc Junior Chambet 'Ot • Comftietce,, Teller, Wife Judiciary Monoebly today asked the^Atemlc Comfnlssloft to^lUi uti th<» er contract UhtiJFthd"'6ub"c s 6K tee completes itS'jnvcollgntlrirt The ttottott.jva' two tnpmbei's "6f committee^ that the request <was submitted- to f\»^^. m ^''±' thre territory rate boards of the IJISODDGGl A'RR and thev notified them that •* ••***rr^?". - ARR.and they notified them that substantially" all of tha carriers agred to ^a temporary reduction of 50 per cent of carload hay shipments into designated drought ,.. Alter two days 'of.heaf tag's; i two months' ** tc .pased^a AEC .rto.* do1 . w tilHhe Seriate ; group fully exi ft ' oJ areas. Faricy • snid the reduction probably would go into ef'ect-'Oct. 1 and extend to Dec; 15. "We are determined to do everything we can to reduce the hardship and suffering of those severely affected by" drought cdndi ons," the President said. "This is problem which concerns the en- 1 re nationi" With $82,000 NEW YOftK Iffl — A "young bank' teller has disappeared • with' 'his wWe and three children and mbre than $82,000 from the bank- where I he had worked' for more than two L. N. Grisham, 75,; Succumbs at Home of Son L. N. Grisham, aged 75, a form er resident of Bodcaw, died Tues day at the home of a son, H. 0 Grisham of Hope. He. is survived also by two 'daughlers, Mrs. L. C. Russell and Mrs. J. E. Cassidy of Hope; two brothers, L, E. and Jim Grisham of Bodcaw; two sisters, Mrs. Ed ward Jone§ and Mrs. Floyd Jone; of Bodcaw, i'''... Funeral services will be held a 10 a. m. Thursday al Oak Grov Melhodisl Church, four miles eas of Shoyer Springs. Burial will b in Oak Grove Cemetery, Frank Smith, 69, at Spring Hill H, Smith, aged 09, a resj P| Spring Hill for the past y,ears, died at his home early \yec)nesday. A former building 'ppjitrsctor from Hemet, Caljf., Mr. had been ill about two years. a member of gpring Hill performance can^be secured free 'from downtown Hope merchants. 'All you have to do is ask for them. Tomorrow's -parade is scheduled lor 3 p. m. and all^of Hope public' 'schools and many,-"throughout the county will dismiss'Classes for the event. Parade Marshal Frank Douglas indicates this year's parade will haye more floats' and will be generally much better than previous 'ones. Heading the parade will be Dr., Dolph CaiWDj^presidcnt of Southern State College^ JudgingJbf LtySstoclOgcft,und,er- through' v Friday when the fat call judging and auction will be held. 'And on Friday the FFA and 4-H club youths take over along. With hundreds of students. Schools will dismiss classes, and students will be admitted to the show grounds free of charge. i Meanwhile exhibit buildings, poultry and swine and. club exhibits are open to the public daily and the Metropolitan Shows, • one of the largest carnivals to play here, it open nightly. Nolle Daily of Arkadelphia. Expert at Archery Here Thursday .First,,however,-the NAACP would iaye to ' prove 1 .segregatipri "actually .-exists in Hillsboyc/;, The school :oard there ^clairna; it doesn't.. These are some "of the facls Diuf- fel will have ..tp consider: ; Nearly .four-fifths 'of the 5,000- plus .population is white; 87 of the 90 grade school: child.ten are Ne- :ro. Singer Jailed for Drunk Driving NORTH HOLLYWOOD. Calif. UP) — Opera Singer Lawpehce Tibtett faces a'misdemearior drunk driving charge following a Iraffic accident last night. • Tibbett,; 57, declined to take an intoxication test, Arresting officers said, and, • was taken to the Valley jail in himdcuffH. Police said Tibbett's foreign :.sparts car collided with a trunk driven by Ralph B. Schwolm, 34. of Burbank, Sehwalm ' suffered .a .slight hand cut. The sjnger later posted $250 bail and was releasel. He said he resides at .Naples, Fla,, and is visiting li(?re. : Women Can G^t Attention Out Walking Dogs But Cause a Riot Smoking Pipes ih Public Church. gyryjvors include his wife, Mrs. .. Smith, » son, Col. Robart ly. fnnth. U. S. Army, White Sand?, and ft daughter, Mrs. Har- oi San Antonio, Texas. wiW« remain at Oakerest Hope pending funeral p By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (/?) — What happens to a girl who smokes a pipe In public "Plenty," said Marie Quackenbush, in inventive young fashion consultant, who has freed lady pipesmokers of the problem of where to carry their tobacco pouches. She designed one that can be worn as a garter, "Any woman knows she can get attention from men by taking n dog out ior a walk. But a pjpe specjJically styled for ladies were first put' on the market, spme 350,000 have been so'ld," said Bernard Gould, vies president of the Kaywoo&e Co., the', 'nation's largest pipe manufacture?, ladies pipe? are now for sale in most of the mater department stores and tobacco, s»ops. Plans are afoot to h»va them peddled even by cigarette 1 girls ih night is much better than a dog. are fascinated by them." *Mi,sf> QuackenbgLsh,, .who has puj$ng her pipe openly for than.** month,-is hav4iy a ' - "pe has had a lerge Men Air Reserve Group Meets Tonight Another organizational meeting of the U. S. Air Force Reserve will be held Wednesday night here in City Hall, Maj. W. I>. Hobbs, Flight "Commander has announced. Former Air Force members, both men or women, are urged to attend this meeting and find out about the Specialized Training program of the Air Reserve which is contemplated for Hope and the surrounding area. Maj, Hobbs has announced that Lt. Robert W. Reynolds from Prescott will be in charge of the Form 40's to which the assigned reservists sign their names so that they might accumulate points jvhich go towards retirement benefits and regular promotions. El Dorado, Camden, and Magnolia besides the Group at Shreveport have inaugurated thejr Specialized. Training- program and the members are already drawing pay for attending a course in Administration. Airmen courses are also planned for the towns and expect to get underway sometime in early October. Any former Air Force personnel member is urged to attend the 7:30 p, m. 'meeting in the Hope City Hall Wednesday tp find out more 'earn while of the Ait- Ben Pearson Ben Pearson, . operator of thj worlds largest archery factory, wi! be here Thursday September 30 Mr. Pearson, with the help of Tom McGee, will bring the program ftc the Lions' Club at noon, and wil give an exhibition of plain an fancy shooting with the bow anc arrow on the City Hair lawn a about 12:30, The public is invitee to attend this interesting exhib: tion. Ousted MP&L Official Is Recalled years. By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON MV Senate investigators tpday reoalled J. D. Stietenrolh, dismissed Mississippi utility officiai'for amplication. oi his charges that' New 'York power c.om ''' The money was discovered/'missing yesterday * after- 23 y'ear-old John Siemer falldd to sftow up'for work at the,West Brighton^ branch of.the Staten Island National"3ank and Trust-COi ., , ',""/'" Sidney O. Simons6n; Richmond County district.attorney,/said \thje teller's cag6 was , chocXqd. aftejr bank officials received a,t>hone-'can that Siemer had f overs^eptS an"4 woud be ate. The crfll'came^ogj a woman who identified-herself as a member ot the family^ *- , , , • The-bank reported that-til-paper money had, been^t^n; from, the cage. It figured the -missing jr.pnpy, amounted to . a, little 'X 0 ^' """" $82,000 all in small^llls. lV l Bank officials irtv$»ftdUtfely,,nc ficd the U. S: *<<«••*•«•«•« x«in»> Bropklyn, -^w! pahles .. ovcrj* tfte ' power Isittia ' sas panes f havs , s thro\vn" a do-mintttt^n"-''bver^ ; Arlcansas .Eouls' ana and Mississippi. Slietenroth, former chief financial officer far 'the Mississippi Power & Light Co., resumes hs testimony before a Donate Anti-monopoly Subcommitla in a hearing that could cause political reper- us.sions. , The witness, who said he lost his job fighting "King Wall Street." declared yesterday that Mississippi power users, arc paying $540,000 over-Staten thfi family? - They*W • Neighbors told last seen SiettierV... W ta, f as ,she v k"'"- J ' terday 'morn _ . .. __ . r ease 1 arid her t i-year-old,b4bj;., 'They said she^tolfl '^i^ncjlgj.^ child she wds.going ,to-rneet, husband and the tWo.'.othSr,;! dren, John <4, ahd Mat)? year in unarmed dividcnts to Continued on Page Two Differences Beset Big Nine Parley By EDDY GILMORE LONDON W> — French Premier Pierre MendeS'Prance and West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer conferred privately for more than an hour today, seeking to smooth the way toward granting Germany independence and. an army enlisted in Western defense. The archery factory at Pin _ After their^ private ^ talk, ^ the Bluff has made a phenominal ™ ' " concerning the new you learn" program Force Reserve. Any question will be answered and everyone is welcome to the meeting. , ... Why }s it the.n you see so few w.omen smoking them in public 9 passing novelty following fn The pipe tototr-y . Are they fa9, as most reason lew on the bejjeve: so Nominee Named in 'Love' RUSSELLVILLE (UP) — The Pemocratic nomina for sheriff of Pope county today wf»s n^med de- fendand in a $55,pOO alienation of affections suit. Sheriff Terre Bishop, a former stfite poiceman, won the r.omina- tion' qver three opponents in the gammer priniary. He is named in 4 gutt filea by Clyde 8%fley. pafley charges that Pis.hop was regpojtisibk for his sep^rption from - -- • • 0? 195}. growth since its start in 1938. An idea of its size can be had by knowing that over 45,000 arrows are made each day in addition to the bows, targets, bowstrings and pthe.r archery equipment. * Mr, Pearson is largely responsible for the great increase in ar» chery interest in recent years. This is the result of efficient mass-production, which makes good archery tackle available at modest : cost, Ben Pearson first became interested in archery in 1927 while Still in high school. Following the Instructions in his Boy Scout literature, he made a bow and a few arrows and entered a tournament at Little "Rock. In a field of twenty archers he finished next to last. But Mr. Pearson being a determined youngster, refused lo let Ihe mal- ter drop there. He buill more bows and shaped more arrows- The nexl year he enteved the same tournament and won it. A year- later he moved to Pine Bluff wjth a sizable 'knowledge of the bowyers art but with no capital. The business of. Pen Pearson. Inc. was born a short time later when Mr. Carl Haun became interested in Pearson's ideas of conv mercial bowmaking. With the financial backing of Mr. Haun and the sound engineering principles French and Germanleaders joined in the second full session of the nine-power conference on German rearmament, Th3 parley opened yesterday at Lancaster' House. Despite differences outlined in the first session, key delegations expressed caution soptimism last night lhat the conference cmijd reacr agreement in principle this week to give the V.'est Germans sovereignty and arms. Only West German Secretary of Slale Walter HalUtein, who acted as interpwer.met ynth Adenauer neighbors understood, she ,was '6<>- ing to Greehwood Lake-o^jtl'-"*"— York-New Jersey borqejrv*] miles aw?/. ,t u' l :->'k^> ",,•-,, A warrant for' Siemei''s ';arrest was issued, r Chinese Army ^^! '}. T ',"'>"'/ r '"/V'J t'" Been Wrecked WASHINGTON .' (UP),-.'/jGe,,. Douglas MacArthur's " intolligence chief says Chinese (?ommur48t;mil* itary pwocr could" have' teen' destroyed during this Korean W^r if MacArthur ; 's advice had b'een.heed* Instead,"' MacAvthAij-'s, i f| staff pffjeer spys, PreaJde^i man' subjected the five-star j al to a "savage ond J bryta)^" YS as Far East cornmnjidei;, " s '> The, jlnteiHgenpe PWicer,' Gen. Charles A. \VHloM,ghby,;ji these asertions in a bqpk. "MacArthur: Wl; 1951,'' pulj today by McGraw-Hill, yfi\\o\ now retired from the f»vipy, wrote the book in poljabovation .with, Jphn Chamberlain, WiUpughby also Mende^France for their talk morning, _ 'Red China was assured b,efora jpntsrSng th? Korean War that ther* was $o risk of atomic or other retail against Us home ^rea^.; \ ^ Mac Arthur^ •'gpecnlativp" < ~ " ' flO.fiW TWP two^^m ,TDixon-£<|J Stiet.ertr '* n «P °Jjg the * arno through^] ^m : K CH Biw'tyffl mwtJr" if All Around the Town •y Tlw tfcr ftpff - ' * / ' ' -When Southern State College) - This Is the band marches in tomorrow'? big|}n Stoqlt.Show.^rade a, couple of the majorettes will look mighty faml nigjtt t»r s '| stage "show wjbtch,J$ liar to lo?al folks. they are Jacqueline and Mrs. P, daughter of Mr i, «9» and . Shirley, daughtey of MA and Mrs. Hobart Shirjoy both pranced S^fley in remwried a , J «liyju« ^ A A«I. IMR aona ii.?™* 4 -^-™" on Tb.r«i Floor Sunder Electrocute,* Man for the Hppe band in high school Syblo is, assistant band Gerald Jackson, senior English, and speech majPr from Hope,'has been chosen president rf Yolufltw Band, »t LITTLE ROCK MUte Rock man is de^d today, apparently the vicyro, of accidental by a Hqpr sand^cr True m\ .. ? , feRd.y ojt A. L. foun,d yestfr^fty by his, WJIs ing-id ti»e ^hird^WrtcV 5QO saw last flight's last nights as per cent, show a jreiyp Arnold oj ' ^p.^ubt ft f | dp YfWch rHJflSd. $fw$ Is HfrtJy-^.^WA.n 'aweptJw • el: ? w^ Y ^, „,, • ^erg m'wttm$$mm - -» n ^ > J_._ r t« «4 n n An 11 nj%*Tf^rk dues * *.A. m ra

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