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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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is 2:., 1021 It TIIKSDAY EVENING TTCUfMI kioiil I if IS RUSH MADE PRESS CLUB WILL FATHER ACCUSED OF BEA TING GIRLS GETS PROBATION Award Is Made for Supplies Seized PAN FHANCISCO, Nov. 25. The American CUmiun nilxej tlulnm coninilaalon Washington toilny announced an award of 18 309.30 to I). GhlradHII Company. Kan MAN II1XI Oll Ij.

A. Truomiin Collin, 41, a ahniiiiin, In liflil In the futility jail toduy fur Aimt'U'M nutlioiitlfH on a Ktiitu. tory chiircp. llo waa nrri'tfj hint ttK tit hy Deputy Sheriff C'hiirle Ul.iuliorno nml Imn Crowley at the Avalun holel, IU10 TelfBraph nvi-line, on a wurrunt from thtt nutilli-i-rn city. TO PH TUXES GIVE SPRING SHOW Officials Agree on Island Road At confi'i i ni i iiiiiutiK fiiiKliuiil, A in t-il iiml A It 11 1 1 county ut llii city hull luilny thtt offl-claln HKi't'cil mi lliu joint rou tiuui Joiit'H mi'iiiiK, i liiKlaml, to Huy Oiiii iNiantl.

Tho two cltli'H urul I he ciuiiiiy will Join In T'l'Vlns fT tlmt mii'ii li of ttm I'ioiii Hay I'liini IhIjiIhI on A In nloim pay. Tlio work hlart In tho Aiuonit i)iom pii'Hint were Ci in Knclni-t-r fii orc" I'lmoy ami t'lly Alloiii.y J. Iorlt). Kriinclm for nuH'tiea elnl by the Herman force duilritf Ilia world War. (inrrrlt W.

McKnerney, local attorney. wanrnntnl $2000 hy tin. mixed claim commltuilon at tliu Hiime time. 400 TltUTIC VOVH ASKI O. I.OS ANWU.KS.

Nov. 25. Knur huiulicil truffle) officer were ri'Ui Mtci tmlriy try Chief -of I'ollrs truth to tut down traffic iiivlilenta. Found KUllty on a iliaine of li'llU lllloxicaled. Vein C.

rieiim, L'Jj? alley Htriel. wan placed loilav on probation for ujiv yrnr by I'ollce JmUii Willi.iiu J. Ilell-m-HKey. Seam iih uriehted Sunday liioillillK on comiilallit of blM Kluli ho Hinted thai he una in tliu habit of comliu inuiie inloxicateil and healing her and her l7-car-old dixler. I.ditli.

Miii, mi ai vwitil l' eiiMon-. threatened their liven, told the court. In lutiwiUK Ji.oment, HenntKH d.ilaied Ibat "the h.m paHMil ulu man can In at a oman und em alm letalia-tinn." ll ma ken no difference If the woman hnppi iim tu bu hut daiiuhter. he lidded. -L.

County tiix colleetioiiH are con. Kiilerably In hind Ki bedule und approximately 13 iiml, nun remain to bn colle. on the flint liiftallment by next Momlav, a. ionium to l.d-wai il T. I'laner, utility t.ix collector.

After next penally of per cent Will be lidded to tll (ii i iitMUUhuiaU lui y. I'lnner reportu that approximately I2.UU0.0UI) hriH heen collected to date, nnd about Ciiiil.iiiin of thin mount im paid on the net-, und Inxtallment. The procraHtinatom nre leMn-nlnt; to torm tho tax collector' office und MlamliiiK In line to make their payment. HKHtH BH08. 2 IHTABI.IKHED 1U06 The Oakland I'ren f'luh, ut l.linnal ineitmi? IiihI nlttht, deeded to hold prci'M lull hhow" In the M'riliK.

A New Vear'n part) is nihil on th hoHlilM for tllrt lleWN-piipermeirH orKanlnatlon. A ciiiiipalHn will tiiried lll- Ittt-LllllK. K. S. I'ludwell of Tho OAKI.ANI' TUIIUNK win elected preHldenl to tiiiccbid Alhert A.

C'lrk of the hMiinliicr. tli.T officer cIiom-ii lust nUht wvre c-prcldent. J. K. lioyle, ecretary, lionuld rriiKin.

TlllOl'NK nd treiiHureV, l'riink Kettlewell, Till iiirectoiii II. K. tirady imd ti. Joiich of Tho TIlllll'Ni: nnd T. l.

l-'ohter of tho I'oHt-Kniiiilrer. CommltteeH for the yenr were iiIko named nnd a ilepnrtui a liinitii In 111.. uiiitiilinrfMiMfllt of 11 Order That Thanksgiving Pastry Now Insure the Success of Thanksgiving with ROSE BAKERY Pastries YOUR THANKSGIVING DINNER WILL BE A TRIUMPH! if your Turkey fulfills expectations. One nerds only to look at our display to know that sprclal pumpkin and miner plc liortr-y cake fruit caks and llllIT sllclll 1 1 Ion. Manager Smith of the Slate The-ut.

and W. VV. Vmiiiliii. (ither coininltteeH named were: llinixu Manimcinent William II Washington Kpecinl lidvixory Committee, to he I Hale, i linii Hinn: Al Saiitoro and I 111 i il-ll. Monroe Friedman.

I'lace your orders nt 1)15 Wii-lilnuton htrcct, llioailunj IIHU Itrondwny. TMcnty-M-i'iuid nml -tn cn or at I a-t Hay I'Ikk'T Wlylv Mnri'i having linker' -oiiiiter. Jrlawt The all our 1 urkryi are as good in quality as they are clean and beautiful in appearance. A money-back guarantee goes with every one. Prises tomorrow will be as consistently low as pos-Asiblc according to market conditions, which are by the supply and quality.

headeil Py leiu rope ami to include JiiiIkp T. W. Ilarrix, t'oin-nilsMlonerH 1'rank Colhoui nml W. 'llaeciTH, Attorney Joneph l'uiner, Supervisor Kedmoml ('. StaatH, Ir.

Imdley Smith. I.leuten- Sons, Daughters to Hold Celebration The eighth nnnlvernary of tlm voluntary hitvIck movement pf the Son nnd Dauuhterii of jiHiimtWon. will be celebrated tomorrow even-Iiik ut 7:30 o'clock nt the renovated club room of the American Inxtl-tute '(planer nt J0 FlKhteent iiet. A pioKiam of muMc, oratory nnd bamiuei will feature the entertainment. Anionn the Kpeakera will be the J.

Thompson, llabbl Itu.lolph I. Coffee. Judue ('. KobiiiNon and JuU'e Jame d. I i Market I "There' That Something in iic Taste" ROSE BAKERIES 22nd and lit.

ol. C. (. l.nwrniice, I'luno. ehalrliian: Hal I-'oiHieier, A.

I. Smith. H. S. Kinder mid CeorCH HennerHoii.

Axnlstant 1ih-liiit Attorney Frank Shav, chairman; Carlysle Crcmby nml Arthur Kelly. Fnt crtnln merit Frnik Ililuer. chairman; John A. Ook. lioy )l.

Iianforth, Manager Al Uurt-hauer i lei. heom nnd V. Quality Rose Baking Plant Myrtle Oakland lieaiimont, A. S. Ijivenson.

Harold Weber, nerretary to Mayor John Jiavle; Iir. O. I Hamlin, We are bountifully supplied with all the fruits of the season and all the goodies associated with Thanksgiving. i IrrijTlomt suggestions to aid you in your Turkey Day purchasing: Include bread, rolls, cake and pastry t'liamheiH, Chief Sam S. Short of the fire depart ment J.

11. Hyan, Clirli I'liinile Clvipiln I i -i i i SEA FOOD OYSTERS BAKERY Vt-e I'lr ltvk (OIIIIIH, extra lariso, donn. 55c 0 nnil New York larce. dozen i wc I ir. I I i I I r- I II I I iolmtei ijliriiupx, Ahalono and a Kn-Hli 1 tolled Iieo feii Cralm, full lino of fresh llxh.

Thanksgiving Fruits and Vegetables 20c, 30c, 40c E.i it remind 13 Days I 'it i it IU In l'c and e.nh I '111 Ml I'llllllillK At Or. 15c1. up to a 1.50 Honey t'llkcs rmkiinn Pound CaUr uiu ii To rniiiplcte the tmal in a miinner Ik lifTYnit the oer.ioii lioiliiiiK enn 1 1 1 1 1 1 with ovr ilel.i ions ini'ldinufi. inn 'K in inline i or il.ilntv iiastriesi. Delicatessen Sunkist Oranges, extra fancy, dozen.

SuiiU-t Fruit, I for I enioim, llo.l II nai, fancy, ilo.i Apple. IIim. for. Fancy ewioun IMpplns. Id Soimm iiicsiip A I pics, 1 rcilail OiiU'x, llew Clop, Mixed Nil Is new crop, Itlack Walnuts, l.aMern, Hi Hickory Nuts, Kustern, Hi Iliillnii liolnuli, 11) 'ii Cod ('ran-hcrrlcN, new lot, lb.

Jiirjrr' White aulj-I lower, oacli Ijiw Vlerj, 25c 10c 30c 25c 5c 15c 28c 20c V' 7s I yxitkWw 15c V7' fep7 II s-s IOC ItJLS fKt A I am lllaniool, Im i He I. Mi a llipc Mlc, pun 35c 30c Now is the time to make selections of SUITS and OVERCOATS at FINAL QUITTING PRICES. Come Early for Your Choice! 40 SUGGESTIONS THAT APPEAL I iiilc Miil-rl-Sweet pit I. Ie, pint Farm or Heliu' lincc Meal. II.

JUC K' iiMi. kv Wonder Ib atis, Artb hokes, Mushi Creen I'eriR, Corn on Cob, Soul In i ii Hot House Cucumber, Sw eet l'otatoe, ins. DATES FIGS NUTS RAISINS ee Our Gift Boxes I'lds depart merit can a plelidlil I ment. i'f and ri li-lics III. i Mu will ki'A Suit mt Mi ik, a a mm a alii 0 uo tiiil TI TO MM Woamat Km nee We Have Rearranger Our Stock For the Final Wind-Up! Three Compelling Groups The END of Henry's it is but a short timcTbefore we surrender our lease to the well-known San Francisco firm of Carroll Tilton, and now, in order to sell out every suit, overcoat, top coat, in our immense stock, we have rearranged the entire stock into three groups.

1 This includes the original group which are values to $39. Final quitting price Corduroy Pants! $3.65 These are the regular $5.00. wide bottom corduroys in light, medium and dark shades. Other trousers to match your coat and vest are offered at final wind-up prices. Wool Pants! $5.65 All-wool plain or striped trousers to match your odd coat and vest, in blues, browns and grays.

These are remarkable values. Youllis' High-School OVERCOATS UNAELE TO GET A LIVING PRICE FOR OUR MILK FROM THE CITY DEALERS, THE PRODUC-ERS HAVE DECIDED that the City Dealer, as a middleman, is absolutely unnecessary and that the PRO- DUCERS WILL MARKET THEIR OWN MILK from their new, MODERN PLANT at 2743 San Pablo Ave-nue, under the name of PRODUCERS MILK COMPANY OURS IS THE MILK that has for many years past been produced in and near Alameda County and has HERETOFORE been sold by ALL the Dealers, and is NOT TO BE COMPARED WITH THE PRESENT MILK PRODUCED UNDER QUESTIONABLE CON-D1TIONS and SHIPPED, in some instances, almost 200 MILES and now sold by some of the city milk dealers. Our DELIVERIES WILL BEGIN TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1924, TO GROCERS, HOSPITALS, HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS. -'r WATCH FOR OUR NOTICES OF RETAIL DELIVERIES. We have openings-for 100 MILK DRIVERS to RUN THEIR OWN ROUTES.

We will furnish the solicitors, give exclusive territory and furnish the milk. Phone your orders to Lakeside 3274-3275-3055. PRODUCERS f.liLK COfiPAiJY 2743 SAN PABLO AVENUE, OAKLAND 2. These are smart garments for the' young man as well as for the conservtive Business man suits and overcoats that regularly sell to $44. Final quitting price $12.75 .75 3.

These suits and overcoats are values to $50 the result of grouping that offer you an opportunity to make wonderful savings. Smart overcoats for the young high school man values to $25, and sizes to 18. This is sensational value. We urge you to come early for the very best selections. They're the "buy" of a lifetime.


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