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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 19

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 19

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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FIVE LEASED VIRC NEVUT xcnvicsr AftOClATID POSSS W-n'i-f fi-Mimrh UNITED DREtf- INTERNATIONAL Ncwr-imvtRALiRyict CON rOLIDATEO PPtVT Harry PetersoN? stirriwj Tales y'Early California Exclusively in the Tribune hMnnatw1 tUwa lrrvoa VOLUME CI OAKLAND. CALfFOKMA. WEDNESDAY EVEMN(J, NOVEMBER 5, 192-1 19 NO. 127 IP, President Fixes Day of Thanksgiving FIRE HURTS DEATH TAKES Students to Give Drama SARAH PATRICK and CARL WICKSTROM. who are to play leading roles in to be presented by Oakland High school players tonight.

EDUCATION IEEK FIGHT In Proclamation I n. hrihipj hapji nrj EX-SHERIFF. FOUJII THROAT CUT Bo art ties Cited Policies of United ISIWSGTOM, AW. Thanhsfit ing, Day pro 111 UIIIUllB Ui Ui I II III UU II i UNDER PHOBE SHIPBUILDER 5.holt,m himntiim: BOILS LEGION I By The President of the United States of America. A PROCLAMATION.

J' I I Clicrk Made of Possibility of Incendiary Cause of $13,000 Midnight Blaze in Local Paint Warehouse The possibility of Incendiary origin" of tho fire which last night caused 115.000 damago to the Chris Nelson compuny warehouse at 322 Lewis street, is being Investigated today by Oakland police. Rattjillon Firo Chief Walter McOrath and his operator -Arthur Miller, were burned about' tho face and arms whn plaster and burning embers fell on them while they were climbing the stairway In the building. Tho flames, broke through the roof In the center of the two-story structure shortly after 1 o'clock. A general alarm brought most of the available fire fighting apparatus or ine city to the ecene. The warehouse, which was filled with paint and wallpaper, caused a fierce fire which was difficult to control, and tho flames for a time threatened a number of wooden shacks and frame houses nearby.

The fire-department officials be-, lleve -thirt1 the fire was probably caused by spontaneous combustion, due to the hour of the fire and fact that the company has had other fires In the recent Opera Association Oficial Named Wallace M. Bentley has been ap-polned first vice-president ot the ism Francisco Opera association. succeeding Timothy Healy, who resigned recently. Announcement of the appointment was made by Kobert 1. Itentley, the president, I before he left for New York.

A I ,1 and their Mr. and Mrs. Kaymoud Phelps, the opera organizer will tour F.urope. The trip was deferred until lodr.y in order that the lientleys could cast their votes. Optician Hurt Whepr Street Car Hits Auto Charles P.

Mueller, optician, of 442 Seventeenth street, la recovering from serious injuries, and Mrs. Mueller from minor hurts, resultant of an accident when the automobile In which they were riding was struck by a street car at Wild-wood avenue and the right of way, in Piedmont yestcrhay. Catholic Church Wrecked by Bomb TUCSON. Nov. 5.

An explosion of 'Undetermined origin partially wrecked the Santa Cruz Catholic church here today and greatly damaged -priests' quarters adjoining. A bomb wan placed in the church, police believe. No one was Injured. President of Yards Which Gained Prominence in War, Victim of Heart Disease at Age of 56 Daniel T. Hanlnn, president of the Ilanlo'n Drydock and Ship building company, dlpd early to day at his horrie, 270 Lennox avenue, following an attack ot heart disease.

Born In Ireland 55 years ago, Hanlon came to this country while a child and shortly thereafter made I residence In California. He started and developed the shipbuilding 1 n- here in Oakland or wnicn DANIZt HANLON. he was the head. During the war the shipbuilding Industry built up by Hanlon came Into prominence when contracts for -Tere awarded tho company. "UShlon was frequently palled Into conference In Washington- with United States Shlnping Roard officials.

The llanttin shipyards came Into public notice also at the time the German ship Serapls was interned there before being taken over by the government. Hanlon himself was the owner Of two lumber steamers, the Bertie Sr. Ifanln and the Dan S. Hanlon, the, latter of which was commissioned last July and- Is the most modern boat of Its kind' on the Pacific coast. These boats are being operated by W.

R. Chamberlain Ti Company of San He, Is survived by his widow, Mrs. Bertie Hanlon, and a daughter. Miss Marie Hanlon, both of Funeral arrangements have not been announced. Summer Campers Will Hold Reunion BERKELEY, Nov.

5. Edhoes of vacation days will be heard on Friday night at Clubhouse when residents of the college city who enjoyed summer outings at the Berkeley municipal camp the Tuolumne river will hold a reunion. Entertainment features are planner for the'even-ing, and a large gathering of summer campers is being prepared for. "The reunion Is planned for all persons who have enjoyed summer outings at the Berkeley mountain camp. The Traveler's tree, growing "In Madagascar, Is so called because the leaves are grooved and form a trough from which a auart of water enn b- obtained.

tw tiiMiBBBMMMsjMsjBpsjMMBajWBysjB 1 menace, to these guarantees. fill 1 HEin 111011 menace, to these guarantees. UAMANU HlbH States Are Lauded nridbnunHcs with- a -becoming humility and dedicate them to the service of the righteous caile of the C.lver of all good and perfect As the nution has prospered, let all tho peoplo that they are worth to prosper, by reddicatlng Atnrlea, to lb ervlo of liod and man. Therefore Calvin Coolidjje. President of the United States of America, hereby proclaim and fix Thursday, tho twenty-seventh day of November, as a day fur National Thanksgiving.

'I recommend that tho people gather in their places of worship and at family altars and offer up their thanks for the which has been shown to them In such a multitude of ways. Especially I urge them to supplicate the Throne of Grace that they may gather strength from their tribulations, that they niay humility from their victories, that they may bear without complaining" the burdens that shall be placed upon them, and that they may be Increasingly worthyin oil ways of the blessings that shall come to them. In witness whereof, I have' hereunto set my hand nnd caused to be affixed the great seal of the United States. Done at the city of Washing-, ton this 5th day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four, and of the Independence of the United States, the one hundred and forty-ninth. CALVIN COOLIDGE.

(Seal) By the President. Charles E. Hughes, Secretary of State. Pneumonic Death List Does Not Grow LOS ANGELES, Nor. 5.

The pneumonic plague death list In Los Angeles remained at 25 early to- day, the figure It reached early Sunday night. Though no additional deaths were reported yesterday, five new cases were admitted to the-isolation -ward -of the General hospital and one sus pected case was placed under ob- servatlon. Pioneer Rancher Of Sonoma Dies PETALUMA, Nov. C. James W.

Holloway, 85. rancher of the Wind- sor section, xlled at his ranch home following an illness of several weeks. He was a native of Kentucky, but S6 years of his life had been spent In Sonoma county. He Is survived by the following chil dren: Calvin Holloway, Petaluma; Phillip Holloway, Sacramento, and Mrs. Ida Wilson, San Francisco.

1 Lr 1. 1924 Hart SdnKntr ft liars tisw BERKELEY. Nov. 6. Cils heard at 7:80 o'clock this morning ronilng from a aecluded apot Strawberry let to the dis-coxery of Wllllsm II.

Ulbbs, year-old P.erkeleyan, and former sheriff, who has been mb-slng from bis home, 2237 Roosevelt ave, clnce Saturday. filbbs is In a dying condition In Perkf ley (b.neial lluspltsl. He had his1 throat with a knife and had been exposed to the element! for four days, according to tho police. Mrs H. P.

Wuod. 58 Panoramic way, heard cries for water comlnif trom the canyon and called the police. Sergeant Harry Hoggard fnund the aged man hidden In a clump of bushes. Taken to the lios. pital he waa still conscious.

His vitality amazed hospital authorities. (iibbs had penned a suicide note beforo leaving the home of his daughter, Mrs.T. E. Bradshaw, and had also written an obituary for himself, which waa found in his trunk. For several months, members of his family say, he has been desopndent, over ill health.

Gibba was a former sheriff, of Anderson 'J est mistake of your life. Make an appoint- inent today to have that bad tooth attended to. It means health for the other teeth. "Modern methods only" All Work Palnlrsa and Unnranterd F. S.

BARBER i. n. s. DENTIST. 1119 Broadway Sext to Broadway Tbrntrr Phone Lakeside Zl? Look for the arronnd floor laboratory i il fee coat IONC 6A0 (fTOOTM CAN WfffCTTMf HCX1 HP WC of the yenr when it has been tho custom for tho American people to give thanks the good fortune which tho county of providence, through the generosity of nature, has visited upon them.

It Is altogether a good custom. It has tho sanction of antiquity and the approbation of our religious convictions. In acknowledging tho" receipt of divine favor; In contemplating tie blessings which have been bestowed upon us. wo hhall reveal tho Kplrilual strength of the nation. The year has been marked by a continuation of policy whereby our country has entered Into a relations of better knowledge with all the other nations on this earth.

It has been reveoled to us by which we; could perforin very great serv- Ice through tho giving ofl friendly counsel, through the extension offin.melal assistance, and through the exercises of a spirit of neighborly kindliness to Jess favored peoples. We should give tHanks for the power has been given Into our keeping with which we have been able to render these services tu tho rest of mankind. At home we have continually had an improving state of the public health. The production of our Industries has been large and our harvests have been bountiful. We have been remarkably free from disorder and remarkably successful In all those pursuits which flourish during a state of domestic peace.

An abundant prosperity has overspread the land. We shall do well to accept all these Driver Jailed On Reckless Charge SAN JOSE, Nov. 5. John T. Williams was arrested on a warrant charging reckless drlvlrtg, Issued by Justice of the Peace Urban A.

Sonthoimer on complaint of- O. O. Rhyne yesterday. 'Williams was taken Into custody by- Deputy Sheriffs Ed Raymond and Earl Hamilton. The defendant was scheduled to appear before Justice Sontheimer today.

5. F. Man Injured In Taxi Accident SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 6.

Peter Moreci, 48 1A Dolores street, is suffering from serious cranial and internal Injuries, as a result of an accident yesterday when he was struck at the ferry building by taxicab operated by Paul Mehler, 1229 Folsotn street. He was treated-at the Harbor Emer- hospital. BESS i Copyright You'll iVeterans Frankly Puzzled by i Resentment Shown to Pro- pram That Is 'Any thing Hut Militaristic, Says Head Oakland American of- Aetata today wcrt anxlnua to know, they said, what there Is tn thn proposadprogram for National Xflucatlon, Week that could offend. Similar curiosity was expressed hy Pj-lnelpal C. K.

Keyea 'of Oakland high school, and other officials of the school department, when they learned today that tho one national organization refused to cooperate with. the program In full because of what they termed Ita militaristic policy. WHY THE OBJECTION? According to press dispatches received from tie east vesterdav. tha head officers of the yvomans fnrtstian Association nad (taken exception tn th fact that the- program contained mli statements as "Revolutionist, eommunlsta and extreme pacifists re a menace to. the constitutional rusrar.tees of life, liberty and Justice." They also objected.

It was declared, to the statement' that "the red flag: means death, destruction. poverty, starvation, disease, anarchy and 'dictatorship." Becnuse of these and similar Passages In the tirorrnni th nn- tlonal Y. W. C. A.

board id de-elaVsd to participate In National Edyc.ulon Week, which sclied-vVjk to be observed throughout the Country from November 16 to No-Tember 2 2. OFFICIAL rt ZZI.I.I). Secretary Harry A. Nelson of "Oakland Post" American Legion, whs Inclined to believe today that the Y. WT C.

A. must have misunderstood tho meaning of lie Wdi. can conceive that any on'1 'with the Interests of his country at heart could possibly take offense at those be aid. "The, program, as a mafter of fact, Is anything but militaristic, he aid. "It Is chiefly designed to how the evil) of Ignorance, Including Ignorance of our country's Its only reference to war, In fact, 1 In Its slogan, 'Hal-lots, not bullets." Keyes said he could see nothing In the-entire program-that could not be endorsed from start to finish.

"It certainly expresses tho views the members of tho Oakland achool department, from tho superintendent to the kindergarten, ha aald. "Right now a committee from the Principals' Club Is working on the plans for the local observance of National Education Week along -exactly the lino wet rth In this program. The, pro-(Bftn, in fact, Is sponsored by the Cnlted States Department of National, Kducatlon Association, and the American Le-tfon." sFcinrrAnV aloof. Miss Alice Brookman, general aecretary of the local Y. W.

C. aald that the Oakland organization Iiad no part to take In the affair One way or the other. "Vjfchave never participated In Nominal Education Week," she aal'I. "We had not expected to do this time. I have received no Information 'from our national hoard regarding their stand on any of these questions.

I have written thorn a letter asking them for any information that would apply to 'our local situation. "As far ns the: questions raised la this controversy aro concerned, we have nothing to do with them as" a local organization, but confine ourselves to the work of housing girls and young women." The national Y. W. C. objection to the program was revealed, according to press dispatches, by Roger N.

Wild win, director of the Civil Liberties Union of New York, Who charged Commissioner of Kducatlon John J. Tlgert with attempting to further "tho private propaganda internets of a. military organization." Citing the statements concerning revolutionists, Baldwin aid thnt these bad caused the officers of the Y. W. C.

A. to decline to participate In National Education The program In full is as iol- GQI AXD COUNTRY. Sunday, November 16, 1824. 1. Education in the home.

t. Education In tho school. vHiimiinn' in the church. A UOOiy Iiauuii XMEWCVN CONSTITUTION DAY Monday, November 17, 1U21. 1.

Life liberty and Justice. t. How the Constitution guarantees these. 3. Revolutionists and radicals a Palrrrlsed nhrrp Monore from l.nvelork, lSnl Jry, o.lor-leas and free from weed needs.

100-lb. sacks at yard 100-lb. Sacks $2.00 $2.25 nenvereu Sacks $4.25 7 delivered 10-00 We sell Hlce Mulls for top renins; l.nwn Krrd and rent wafer-welRht Lawn nbllr. American Block Coal Co. Valrd and Onk Ss.

Onk. 27SI Alpine Wood Coal Co. Adellnaxand HannMI. Berk. IXIO Lorin Fuel Feed Yard 1TIM Alrntraa Aa.

Pled. I I I I When fingers falter PUPILS TO PLAY Students of Oakland High school will nresent -the Dlav. "Itomancers." in the high school nuditoriam this, evening. The stage settings have Icon arranged by the dramatic class of the school, and the play Is directed by Miss Ixiop. member of the faculty, and Karmen Reeves.

"The cast Includes Carl Wick? st'rom as Percinet; 'Sarah Patrick Svlvettc; Fletcher Talbot, Nina Marcus, Pasffuinto; Ver non Wilkinson, Strafored. Showers Refresh All of California PAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 6. Yesterday's showers which conveniently fell during the early morning hours in tho bay cities, Rpread throughout the entire state.

Jlois- ture was reported as far south as San JJiego and Intermittently oe- tween Eureka and the Tilexican border. The forecast for the next 24 hours is Wor fair and cooler weather In California. Rainfall reports from the various stations were as follows: Orovllle, San Francisco, -Kuwkii, Riverside, Pomona. Red Uluff, Merced, San Diego, .01. Davis Honored by Mooseheart Children MOOSKHEAUT, 111., Nov.

6. Sec retary of Lnbof James Davis was elected mayor of Mooseheart, more, than 1200 children of all ages participating iu tho voting. Davis, Is tho first to be honored with election to this oitice. Tho vote was practically, unanimous, the few votes the secretary did not receive going to Mrs. Davis.

As each child voted, Superintendent Adams required that h.p or she take a pledge to, never miss voting at any, election. TO LET Berkeley 7 23 ...30 ....34 East North ni. Downtown IN LAST NIOnT'3 TRIBUNE The One Tou Want Is Thera HIDNHC 4. Security anU opportunity. Slogans Ma Hits.

not bullets. Visit the schoolstoday. l'ATIUOTISW 'DAY. Tiiosdnj, XovcinlMT IK, 1921. 1.

'J'lie Hag tho emblem of the nation. 2. Help the immigrants and aliens to become Americans. .1. Take an active Interest In governmental affairs.

4. Muslc'-a lnlluehce upon a nation. Slogans Visit the schools today. America first. "SCHOOL AM) TF.ACHFK DAY.

Wednesday, 1, 1112 1. 1. The of schools. 2. The teacher as a nation builder.

3. The school Influence on the. coming generation. 4. School needs In the community.

5. The school as a productive Institution. Slogans Visit the schools today. Rotter trained and better paid teachers and more adequate buildings. ILLITERACY DAY.

Thursday, November 20, 1924. 1. Illiteracy a menace to our nation. 2. An American's duty toward the uneducated.

3. Let every citizen teach one Illiterate. 4. No Immigration until llllter- acy among native and foreign-born Is removed. Slogans No Illiteracy bv27.

It can be done, Visit the schools today. COMMUNITY DAY. Friday, November 21,924. 1. Equality of opportunity in education -for every American boy and girl.

2. Rural schools; city schools; colleges. A public library for every community. 4. Children today, citizens tomorrow.

Slogans Visit the schools today, ah equal chance for all chll-" dren. A square deal for the country bov and girl. PHYSICAL F.IH-CATION- DAY. Saturday, November 22, 1U24. 1.

2. Physical education and hy-g'lene. 3. Tho great out-of-doors. 1 4.

The. country's need in conservation and development of forests, soils, roads and other resources. Slogans A sick body makes sick mind. Playgrounds 'in every community. Athletes nil.

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