Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 2, 1894
Page 7
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ADWAY'5 READY The nioflt curtain ami wife Pain Rfinedy In the world Mint Instantly •to i 8 flu' most pxnnifllatlng pains. It 1» truly the £r»n.t CONQUEROR OF PAIN nod tins .lone more tfowl thun uny known remedy. FOR STRAINS, RKITISES. BAOK- AOHK, PAIN IN THE OHBST OR SIDE. Hrc.ADACHK. TOOTHACHE, OR AN V OTH KR EXTERNAL PAIN, a. fow application? rubbed on by th« hand net like mnu'ic catmiutf tho p«iln to Instantly stop. CL'HK? AM) 1'KKVKNTS. Colds, Coughs, Sor? Throat, Inflammation, bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Hreathin.ii, Influenza, Rkl-uniHllMil, IS" uml'.-ln. >>rlni|i-H. (,'iIlil.HKO, Sm'llltiK of tin- JnliiN. l'nln« In >l»i-k, Clu-xl • t I ITI.IM Thuiiii.ih-.-irliMi nf (!M- Ki-:\DY KKI.IKK t» ttiv purt or ii.ir;.-i «V.i-r<i ninici.il) or imiii rxlsl- will iWTortl Hi>^ mill oiinhTt. ALL INTKKNAL PAINH. PAINS IN »o\VKl,s' or STOMACH, CRAMPS. SOirU STOMACH, NAU- 8KA, V<^I1TINU, HEARTBURN, NERVOl'SN F.SS, S L K E P I. E 8 8- JfESS. SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RH(KA, COLfc. KLATULKNCT, KAIN'I'INC-f SPKLL8 ure relieved In- stuiitly and (^niekly cured by takinp hitenifillv n luilf to n tentipo nfnl of Rt'iidy Uflicf in luilf teiispooufiil of WHtOl'. MALARIA. Chilis ;m-j Fever, Fever and Afiiie Contiuered. Thfi-e !.. !..i' a r«-iau!l,il iiKt-nt 111 tin 1 . wuriil tuftt • Hlrnr- K.'-.IT unit A a-aml nil other Miilarlons, liillKlLH, mill iHIItT I-CMTI. Illlleil I') HlHiWHy'S l'lii>. .-:) •;•!:, nlj a.-, u I'lwa)'.-, I'.i'iuJf I'.flltT. Price 50c pei boule. Suid by drugalsts. TO OLUB1W ME NUDE. \ — Exhibition by American Artist* W1U Havo This for an Objaot Hmndrnd* or Mftftt#rp!<icei~-Th«rt> • JH«pr«innti*tlvp AHiiembluf* o ••• anil 1'MlDtlnffii — Hfibulc* th* N»>t« ConailttM. Will fU r st»t- for ICOPYHIGHT, ISM. I UDITVnsim inspiration in the formation of artistic r,tlin<)a!-dA will be tln> predominant influence in thooom- infr national exhibition of the Society of American Artists, which will tion will bo submitted to tho jury and it« judgment will be final. And no accepted work can be removed until the clone of tho exhibition and alt works must remain as placed by the hanging committee. It is hoped that no artist will bo foolish enough to rely upon the alleged "pulls" of particular individuals, as such conditions do not exist in this show. Included in the committee of selection art; Herbert Adams, .1, Carroll Jieekwilh, Augustus St. (iaiidi-ns, Edwin II. Hlashtield. Hobert Ilium, Oeorjre Del/orrest Itrnsh, \Villiam M. ("httso. Kenyon Cox, John La, Farp-e and other prominent artists. The two interesting feature*, will be the exhibits entered for the Webb prize and the compositions competing 1 for the Shaw fund. The Webb prize is an annual one of three hundred dollars for the best landscape In the ex- 'libition painted by an American ar- of ai/e. it will ready been hinted, is one of th« results of the world's fair. AB to the result of the exhibition, with reference to th* ohin'fres of indecency brought against one of the most eminent American artists, there can be only one result, in the opinion of the connoisseurs. Mr. St. Caudens will be triumphantly vindicated, There will be no clothes on the young men who will look out. upon the public, from tlie canvas and the marble at, tho grout buildiiipoi' the American society. I Now, however, fie coi-su'.crs it Ills duty frankly to tell her that if she eommu- llictttcs with the police .she is lost, as liu will 'hen be euaiprlii-d 1o murder Imr without re:nur.-e and then save hi ins; 1 11' I'l'oin tile i.-ii.iiuiiiy of arrest by ! eouimittir.i. 1 ; siiK-l.le. --London Tele- A NEW BRAND OF SNAKES. Vln-}' ll.'ivn Horned T»iin anil Moulin Uk » ( ,H!i.li, f)ne of tii<« he-it. k."...nvn snake an fro/ hunter... ai'iiiiml J!al'.i;noi'e i •"Van!;" Aihiiii--. who live-- ne;ir Uyh Street br'd"e. "Yank" was a i^ar .sh<i.jt.or witli .Morgan's rai'lei-s in tl. ..f the w::r, and V. s<j MOVOKIUSAU. American Pine I Arts society, lit No. 215 West Flfty- Hcrenth street, in New York city, from Monday, March 12, to Saturday, April 14, inclusive. The subject of the nude acquires a special prominence this jeurinview of the now famous cou- i damnation by tht» senatorial commit- i t*e of the tiff ure submitted for u prize i medal to the (jovermnent by Augustus j St. (iutulcns. Mr. St. fraudens is now i looked upon a;, a martyr by his co- i workers und IIP has been put upon the ! committee of selection for the coming 1 i display in the jury which awards tho R ADWAY'S PILLS, Pur tli- cur.! i-r »!l illiiinli-r< "f thf STOi». till, IMT!:. liOHKI.v. KIH.NKVS. IIUIIItKK, MKKVOI'S IXSH-KS JIKADACIIK. (XI>STIPA- no.\ UIVIMI M'ss, I.MI!<;KSIIO>, DYSI-KI'- U, IlIl.llilSM'ISS, >KVK1S, IMK1.,\M5UTW> OK TIIK i;i>MKI.S, Pll.k'S, »H'I nil ilfmnitf. weiil» of tin- liilfriml VlM-iri. I'urflj tr»(*UM« oulnhiini; •!<> in> rrurf, mlncralH or ITIOf '.'•'• i^iii' '•••' (MIA -Mill' by nil HA -WtY * (;o .;« Warren St. N. Y, or HAUWAY'S. La Grippe, Catarrh IN THE HEAD rillovtil Initantlj by on* upllctllon ol Blrnay's Catarrh Powder •old eyf rjithiiro bj drnggUU or dlrMt bjr If • HON. A.M.Pi«r,JuJgeHupremoCoun,N»b.,«rlt«il ' R M •iiywn* iv;iU-l<-J / / Bill, UUI'l-l .l.ll.oul- f { a,.. l..,./y..i.ri. Lt\Y FA-nii:iaH,*iiKi{,lxr'y lotlio JU. IteT. JJIihop u, wril«l! .«ttni>i.»lifir»c»irPowil«r. It bu U.ti Aiiiinilwr** Stores, . ' (Silo-wi'i-M'rlHw: , .__ • •^Ti.?* t -•-.-^.^ nlnMAt tuH^ly do*? fcrf » nnniUr or T«»I» ^flU'i"' ••• '••> '•!"•' '•'•'" """' <""«'irf «""•• "''' cb ! R l J i' i-i 1 '- •! I" « '""i"' !•> "r "'• Uirn.j'1 C«urth«l S™l'..|'r-,'i'"l'i'li''H'. l'"» "' '»""! "'' l» r 'l''« •"' :,.?',„ thM Ici-i «»»h«r» w.l'h tick fUlnlr, '• *•'•« ' .,„ J in mfVll mi my'-"- ' '"* "I 1 ''" ll « • V ioiid»<l iti i jwhere'bf druir«rl«t«or<]lr«et *f «•• UIHlf do vou p»y $.1 to tg for • cnUrrli WHY rcriicdy. whrn (at. popular prlcci) ""' Birne/s Catarrh Powder It better than nil others? No rnetzlng f* ^ •r If rllatlnirtlfccts. Fullftiznliottlnofl wviliT anil Q"iver, vnmniotn, I'nut-VklU 3 Mput undcarapitcl \ citiiDt) rarrliMi In vwt j^v-,.™ BirneyCatarrhal Powder Co. «»im™ HAMTLK CHICAGO: CUICAOO: uik-atoniiy Aildrci«. iao» Mwotilc Tempt* Mid oterjrnhwo b]r Jr»ggliU or direct br •'• ' Sdlil t.y !!. K. K«^Ull,!illll^ J. L. H8BKOII. I.U- nun(™rt, Iim. AN.ML-MLDY Th«w tiny C::psulc« nroaip I to Balsam n£ Copaiba, 1 Cubclis anil Injections I They euro i a 48 hours tho without MLOBYAUr turcs entered for this prize may b disting-uished by a letter "W." The Simw fund of fifteen hundred dollars is devoted to the purchase of a composition containing OIK- or more figures, painted in oil by an American artist. It also is to be selected by jury. The picture thus chosen will be the property of .Samuel T. Shaw, the donor of the fund. When the catalogue of tie exhibition comes to be compiled there will uppear upon It » very imposing army of names. Edwin A. Abbey is prominent with studies in oil of old time LOVED HIS MUSTACHE. CHmo < unifiiuti-:! l,y i l.-it-'ii'.v ia lli-v for the I,,,** i f III* .\ilnniiiii-nu Of all the curious motives for crime ; "crease ; 1 recorded by hisr.ory or enn.nerated by ; •-'>'« «'•<•» «• ''"'I' 1 ' Lombroso,' without doubt the most ec- l ^ lls _ for eom:m>n centric and ama/.inn-is that alleged by | <>l ' 11 -'' moriiiii;; •> a n ; abckey in Vienna, who has just acted : fc' 1 " 1 '['"-I his do- and , the part, of the i.njust btoward. com- *•'<? ehase. 1 milted rubbery and threatoued murder i and snicid", all for the sa.ke of a misei'- e ~ j able mustache, of whii-h. during the past live years, nothing had remained but the maddening memory. His mistress—a wealthy widow 'veil stricken In years—when e'ls.'Hjrinj!' him as u lackey made it a condition sim an ,,:• piuivi- a fi'":r's ih a fashion that k.t'on, lOai-ly tlu' allied forth to lie crossed the river n .•:'.:• i '•'••• and •v.i.m :I'.MI;J near tin 1 lish | did so his do;; "stood" something j reeds. "Yank" cocked his |/nn 1 the sruoke curled fro:n his lips he j sighted alone- the barrel a-.id pulled t.he The d h.iviso. as in- in the and us Gladstone has A clear Head. WHY? Because lie follows these rulci: •' Keep the bead cool, the feet warm &nd l!ic bowi:lt open." You can have a clear hrail ^lo-l live to be nJni:tY if you do the same thing. AVhcn the bowels tail !o move dur- tr.g the dny talc on retiring two Smith's £»M//i>;is Di-.nns. Tlirir action is so mild that you ore not nw.irc olit. All day jour :niml will lie clear and cool, " Not a gripe in m tnmlof them." AskferEmull si/.c. Taki. no lubiliniie fur SMITH'S Bile Beans! UtcKcv maue :i a eomiit.io:i s:iic mm iiv>< .-'>- -- --- i that, his upper lip should be always «",ter and after hi:,U.rtj,- arou,. I for clean-shaven Aib.-rt/aikovsky at first ! f"».v live minutes iv;,irm-ct to Ins ma.-.- dornnrr.nl. then eonseiiled under pro- | '.'•'' "'.th a disappoint -d loo,<:__,.» hi- test. mid. after si-vi-ral vain aU.-mpts i:iej. lie was pujV...-d; so was i .not, ^ A., i .] i ..,•..,;..,i -.nli. • aii'l V.icv waited silentU. I iv: 1 e'.iL.> test, mid, after s.-vi-i-al vain attKiiiptt to have the cruel o;-.:er .-eseindeil. submitted to his fate with seem in;,' resi^ 1 - j there v nation. Hut the sequel uhows that the i »nd tin , . wounds iiillictod by tin: ..liavin-off of \ was aboutto p-.i!l the tre.^cMie j ui^iaj' 111 mr jui.j »»inii. n..,*,,».. -"" nent witn sttuties in on o: i premiums of excellence at the exhibi- | ^ rollpS) am i Keuyon Cox is eonspicu- tion. ,,, 1H w ilh specimens from the nude. .... of the contests of the exhi- of specimens It is uot to b bition will be among 1 pupils of rival his miislache had never healed, and j now he has taken wi.al he considers a [ just icvctijre, under circumstances which, in any other country, would J have branded the man as a lunatic. . Austria the mustache fulfils so much more important a function than in Kn- , ,,'land. that no male e.iti/.eii is complete without it. while it covers no end j of natural blemishes. j\n individ- - ual may be disfigured and bow- ' lofted and generally nnpreposses- ( sinjr, and /.aikovsky was all three, but once lit) possesses the hirsute adornment of the upper lip he's "a man for a' that.'\ Hence the wearing of the mustache is tolerated in professions in which elsewhere it would be deemed an impediment, and the singers of the Imperial opera threatened to strike when, on the occasion of the German emperor's last visit to Vienna, they were requested to appear in their roles clean-shaven. In some provinces the priests and monks are not onlv permitted, but are compelled, to sport :'. mustache while careiully shaving their beards, a< otherwise their Hocks would lose al: faith in th•; efficacy of their ministrations. Xaikovsky's situation was probably the nearest approach to a. sinecure I which the luckiest of lackeys can hope 1 to obtain in this imperfect world. His mistress, whose health was delicate, was generally absent for six or nine months out of the twelve, during he was at liberty to let his 1HA3IA. I.Prom lUr Painting by LouU P«rrr I American artists which will be shown arc to comprise only studies in the in a'j'.oiiisiiuinnt, for within ten feel of him wero twolai';;.- blue-black snakes and they were ll^-hliiii.' over n small dui.-k ihat Adams had broii;.'nt dnwn at ;lie iii-.-t lire. Sparlis seemed to ''.'• from tile reptiles' eyes as they twisted itud turned their sinumus Icnjjths around (.he deail duel; and tried to (,'uin sole possession of the coveted meal. Adams ha 1 had visions of a diun,:r of wild duck, but when In; snw the r,>p- liles so bent on s,,'eiirintr the |ra'»e themselves he (fave up all hope. \\ hile he wan-hud th.: battle between the .-.nakesa (lock of red-head dneUs came whirriny: up the river, but before I Adams could ^ r et to ivver t':e d:ie.;s ] veered arnu.'lil and weiii to the soutli 1 over the L:ve>. | Thi-, inu'Ju "Yank" air_;] J y, :ui-.l j;«1- ' tiiif; his cartridges within ea.-y reach i belaid down in a pilo of brush aud watched the snakes li^ht. ! As he waited thi- sound of more ! ducks coming aroused him and ho pre- I pared for a shot lie raNod and let Jjo ' hisg-un when the din:ks wei-,- within ranjfo and two ilrnppcd while the others scurried olT. "Yank" was pleased | and he sent his ilo;; after the <riiir.e. j The ducks were crippled lu-.t eniilil : paddle about, and this o\cited i.he do? i who feared they would ..-'-I n way. He Bwani out to tho dueks ;tnd had ^rone ' about half way when lie trave a howl of pain and dived. Adai.iV uLlrntioii liad been directed to tile snakes, who were nearly exhausted by their tierce fight, but when he heard the do(.r he turned, and, as he says, hi nisei. 1 ', he pot which tim liands rest from work and let hi« mus- ._ , tache grow. A few days a^o the lady, j as pale as death, about to return to her house after a i There was his do,' lon# absence, telegraphed U) her a honk lackey to 1mvc everything in readiness | strilcin;,* »' 'h for her coming and to meet her at tho j mil,,. The do^ station, but on her arrival she discov- . f u ). H t - div ered no traces of her servant At home Bhe found everything in apple-pie order, thi; table laid, supper prepared and only the lackey raisslnj;. The maid said he had pone, out some hours before with a couple of valises full of thing*. This seemed suspicious, and when Madame g-lanced »t her snow- white napkin, she descried an envelope without any address, which, on being opened, was suen to contain the sinall ,iirron snakes who animal \\il s ho^vls ded by were li ;heir which, according to themselves, would exclude the licautlful Lcciuse It comes unclothed. The very catalogue of the society nins to the nude, an the accompanying pictures from it «how, and there 1» a. marked tendency on the part of ».ll the exhibitors, whether they submit specimens of statuary or of painting, to work in the nude. Hence this year's exhibition will be to that extent unparalleled in the nature of it« inspiration. The list of exhibits will not be officially completed until the llrst week In March. Varnishiutf day will be Friday, Mr.ivh (i. and on that day exhihit- masters. Kenyon uox, wno w»» to that narrSwnew of spirit the American society since 1888. An. '-* '" """ '""'' '" v(iur S!lfe - ln a fruKtns -St. Oftiidens was a pupil of Jouffroy and was born In Dublin, Ireland, in 1848. lie was elected to the academy in 1877 and has louff been one of the most famous students of the nude. \Villhira Snrtain will be conspicuous with his studies after Bonnet, whose pupil he was: of the women Rosins EmmeU Sherwood, pupil of \Vllliam M. Chase and of 1' Academie .rnllnn, will be prominent amonjf th« illustrators for studies of childhood. •lulian Story hiv; rhrouph his New Vorit r-.(fents sent. some, beautiful busjts of Italian subjects. Ho was long- a pupil of hisfainon.-.father, \V. W. Story, i and was. made a member in 180!;. 1 The American colony in Rome will I be well represented. The Storys have | sentouitean installment of the works j J« ^ f ^^'^ ^~^>n bc^ : of their proteges and the men in Paris l"..^ 1 ^.," „.,,._ yn ^ ,„„, ivi . was „, Pe . forwarded many wonders of were piti- nf uiiios and tiually sueceeded in reaching the *liore bleeding;- fro:il a do/.-.-n wounds. Ml his month was a Minke and when Adams had dispatciieil it he wa.-. u:-toa- ishcd to Hnd that lie had run across a new variety of snake, it had » mout.h as large as a full-jjrown catliNh :uid v, as about nine inches loutf. At tiie end of the tail was a horny t'oi-mation rc-sc-m- bliilR- an arrow head, anu even after the snake's head hint been crushed the tail struck at everything within reach \Vhile Adams was woiulerin;: strange freak of nalun- i.e snakes which had attacked \< ing up the river at a ra;>'-l r ducTiS were dead and the sn tails J ,,];,,, Hi a feast. ovk cai-e of his •iption but do you look to your safe." In a moment the lady bad rushed through | the- suite of' apartments that had nep- : 'united the dining-room from the bed- | driven their horn room, and, exitmining her safe, found bodies and were dra everything in apparent order. Hut she I sent for the police all the same. Then . tho safe was moved away from the I wall by three men (tho lady had left her keys in her portmanteau at the i station) when an enormous hole was ' discovered in the further side, and an | examination of the contents showed ' that many thousand llurins had been abstracted. , Hut the moat interesting Und was a ' letter deposited in the wife by the nn- ' faithful servant. In this lengthy lucu- j bration he confesses that he stole the | scrip, sold it nnd invested the proceeds in the various Austrian lottery loans. never exccHJ- e<l. " TrieJ .ind proven'' w the verdict of millions. S i ra m o IK: Liver Kogu lator is th'? only Liver and Kidney medicine to ifbich you can pin you: faith for :• cure. L mild lax;i. tive, a n d purely v?;. r - ttable, acting directly on tlie Liver noys. Try it. 3otd by all ^ruggiaia in Liquid, or in Powder •o be taken dry or made ic to A tea. The King •* LJn* Medicine*. " I have rwcd youi-Klmimmc J,Iv<-r Rep* •tor and enn win«-JtnctoB»ly tuy It i.-. l h« tltigofallllvef modlolnc* J connlOr It ft aiedlclno client ID lUolf.—Quo. W. JAOK- IOK, Taoonw, Wwbhlgto*. ••• UM C 8t«a* I* rctl •» te Celelirateit French CL- V r cu« eJ " APHRODlTliiE " «,..„: . POSITIVE CO ARANTSE tO"'nrsii»Tf.irraot ' nny dlvor<it f of rbe jreiicrallVf" OTffiuu i^ ol eltlicr k, EEFCRE , :iccoorOpi!im.ort..".n)iic!' vouiMul I- •!.^.i over luuulA^tcc. A;:,,».ic.i v>i 1-OM ,'. r *' iwer, Wnkctuln^.', l'c:i: :•• itowJi J'txi • ir:-, TniiiMlWcnltn!'!-' 1 . J'Tntertu, Ncrriii!-!' '- ', \ T '.--)ilt 7,U-u-.rry, l^i'N ( : V<>vver ft -1 •• ••,- -.vhi; li It I'cnlc.Jtcilcft' M I'-n-ltopn-- 11 : i'- -'; sr.'J liiM^Ky. i'ricc-11.UO a box. (• t 1'WRJTTEM WSMMTCE 1 l»'gtT«n in ^ 'DUorrter tooelvol.to rtluuj the moil'/, - .^,ic of tf«tlmortU]i fmm «W »n<l y- i->i rc^i-«. who bMf tarn p. rmiuitiulj •CiiiurfrifO 1 . . •-'/, I'DRTJ. - »•(.•«• Hni.ob. "T I>»1« by B. V. Kn-rt HIM DKTAfl. WOII*. | Bouf er»»u. I or» will be admitted from ton in the morning until Hve in the »fternoon, The reception and.'prtm** tiew will be have forwarded many merit. These young American artists Htudyinp abroad «re as yet quite unknown to fame., nnd visitors to the exhibition will not fail to be irapre.ssed by the number of new namen. This is the result of the society's policy of on- conra^lnjf new talent. It is siffuifl- aant that many of the younper sot send ' studies of the nnrk-. The nude is UBUH11.T left- to the touch of the maulers.. , , . tl _ Strict originality is required la tho H-eclmenH exhibited, and hence the wearisome Iteration of familiar pic turen and Rtatues will, it Is hoped, be avoided. Hut in the selection of » theme the artists are entirely at liberty. Hence the preponderance of the nude and of those subjects which are usually not attempted until l»te in a career. There arc also countless de- lul! studies after lionjferenu and (,'orot. Secre.tarv Joe Evans anticipates that the exhibition will be a source, of jfrent «ncpnru|{t>meut to the younger artists. It is nuperlluoiih to point out that heretofore the complaint has been that e recepon an pr tofore tne compmn'i ..•>-• — --- •...•>* on Saturday, March 10, and on the fol- young Americans have been at hope- entire exibit will ards native areela- , Jowlnfr Monday the entire exhibit will be thrown open to the public. President William M. Chase is anx- IOUK that all American art isU should understand that origin*! works in p»intln»f»nds«nlptnr«,notbeforepab- ll«lyeSj}iftl«d.i*"the city of New York, will ,» ; ><fccj>«<«l,- proTided only th«y | CSH odds. a» regards native appreela- tlon,wlth the artists of foreign .'ands. — ••— — — • — ........... ...... """• , i/>nn>«f!Ultga when nil Other H nrewraUon. fall It pouwses preparation! HUU L^ ««tivt poww.peoiIUr wr« lo Adams and m-idc !.-aek'- fo 1 ' '::.;• e.i: in all h'.- e.xivirienee :ie i saw a hor:i-tai!ed si::,:;-.-. uorry he ili-1 not iinv-er.e ;. ilis do;,' caiitnre.l for e\Y j>oses. Adam^ s:i-..-. lint', on ;i •.•.: casi(.ns lie lias lu u :; vil 1! small anl-.nalf. bir '.:, :•:.-.1 ie shoj'e, and i;-.- i -. Co::-,' .::••,•' were tne 1 r.-m;i';is i,f ,-i hov lianqiu-U At any rate la • h.u-n-'.aileil nnako is re-:)"ns:b!e for ~M ::i'k A>.ain^ not having 'l-.icli for !.!> .linner. but "Yank" thinks he ha^ l-e.-n ]ianiit'ly coui|}e!l<ateil for tiie !o- eovery of the new brand Haltimore World. IF a colony become* tji:eei::e--:- ativi n id not desired to unite il \. ;lh unolh'.'r, jfivo it a fcame of brood from another colony containing brood in its first Pit Ilcattnutlon. ••CecnOtOllT b7 thoill- undiof yiWUncni !»• •Met a«XM|r. Thor- ovghlr nlUMii mil -imift •• Worth tn-cDty timr-s iLcir ,wri»' t IB (folil SUT /ntti.'e <rt»(j- u(urt»';». Never k oo *» Mf.l). Hont bt r.i»ll n-slflfl Tte Apbrt R; COWAN) Jloi X7. I'orUaxl, Orer" f.- ,*\r t, v p. v K«viHnit. Lo tinff on ruccts. Mis motive was to re venire himself on his mistress for having insisted on the removal of his mustache, a measure which, he writes, cut deep into his feelings and wounded his honor beyond endurance, lie thenftix-H on to suy that he is still actuated by sentiments of kindliness towards the ladv in spite of her unjustifiable con- I '_ . — 7— duct in the matter of the mustache, I -Flossie-"^laiuma. »:, papa ^o.., !; to and that nomore.oonvinci,^ proof of j be u waiter at tuat tog dinner^ to- hU friendliness could be K iven than n,»rl.t? Mauuna-"N «rcv Na Wlwt the eircnmstancc- that, although he '" the world put such a m ny >• . » 'li&d at one time, firmly resolved to mur-' yunr he;«f.' Hossie- \\ell. 1 u.ud ilerher pity for her prbvttiled over jus- i J>i™ say he'd pot to ;ro early -o •* lo ;.<.V tice ank hi pcrroittud bur to live on. ' the toasts i-.-^dy. --N. 1. llur.Uu. Is quickly Absorbed. Of an- os <asal Passages v.n.iys Pain ana ariamm>itlon (eats the 8 -P*8 Proteotsthe , .tembranefpoa, >n»lOoli ieosesot and Smell. IT WILL CURE. H t iKi PrfccW) c*nn al Drr»TfWM or i caontraa ZOA-PHOBA, "DISEASES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN," t Illicit i.""lh dollars, lint tcalcd for JOa. Secures lo C I R LS i litiin!'"! 1 development, and tin.* rivvriits lVCal.MI?S3. Sustains nnd sooilios Or IFonit;,, E..-J«n;: : tcd and provonf", t '.eT'ip^n 4 . Cures J.'rtlftiftttfoH, ncKH, iiorrnjis Iiivitkiiij; il»«'ii (olUJ) preventing Insniiitv 1 , )irnviiiiiip a sale ' Sappy old aje. B«»ilcf, huffuring frum any i";iii|>l«iut peculiar to the female sci, ZOA-l'KOi:.i la *orUi «-vcrytWbK to yon. I*tler8 for xdvice. marked "ConiultluK Dninrljniuit,'' lira Woo bj ooi' ph|»lf|an»,only. ZO A-PHOEA CO., H. o. COL1CAN, &c'y, KaJamaewi, Kldi. »n.T« In •» DATH. Cmvt •!! v.niK DiMUM, lf»Ulll« *

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