Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1954
Page 12
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tff ; i2ab$*''*^' * ^ v HK' MO-M, A*tAM|At Lit *r^^ **ii 46MAS .and watch it ~ „, '"Wafe" taking v ~« -stage- tot « ^a^iS't'Mhe "fc'lbgfaphy KBftoth Philip Otinne, a \t~ , „. '• j h| 8 afld 16 ft Itunt men was called th* felloW made the leap, landing fl ft riest of rubber cushions below life IcVel of the stage Then Derek lumped, but only to another plat- lorffi S few feet below the preEi- lenUal box 1 asked Derek if he didn't feel tiUftlms about playing one of the arch Vlllians of American history "Not at all," he repleid jaunts ly. "They gotta hate me before they love me " HayWard was acting out a tense scene with Richard fegatt for this South African film 6f Me bctow the valdt. The redhead sighed for "I'll Tomorrow'* That's cracked up a plane for "The Loot fOt* 1 11 V-lV ZUIIIUIIUW j,*»«" .j wmv- — ^ — — r . — *- the saga of Lillian Roth, whd'wentriefs" The story concerns somfe air ' ^- - »'-"-" •-•' ^— ^^'«-". from stardom to alcoholism back again Susan got a preview of her assignment by watcfitag camera She swore off all film making "By the time it was over, I was, victims and their who struggle over $250,000 discov ered in the plane On-2 of, them,, Rsy Danton, starts killing off the other^ one by ono • - I met Danton, and he fifined my. whole day. I think this Danton will to File Suit Network Broadcasting System planned today to file a $2,100.000 anti-trust claim against the National Foot- fl 1 — Attorneys representing the .bankrupt Liberty ~. ^*- in als Cleveland Brown. Detroit Sons. Green Bay.Packers New York Giants ••'Philadelphia Eaglet-, Pittsburgh Steelers and Washing; ^. . «-*..~- •-. A ai ••l^^B said, there's nothing better lor an actor to ,get ahead Here's how my .lay wns ruined he to • r>v me nine n. >•«» uvui, i "?"* Vfnoie uay, J. uui»v »•«•"> ^«..™.. ..... .-rr • " 7 , ._ 1 • „_ bawling like a baby," Susan coMmake it Stardom, I mean A NewjAs I left, Dantoh, who claims until 1955 "What a joy it would be fessed This 5s her second job as York boy, he is darkly handsome is 23, remarked.^ im giaa _.. ., __, * »J*- . . *;_„_._-:«.»*« *in*<{ ff^'if- r_ t .4 i «. j.i n n»t trsiin.i fit if oVi/itilH flQVG mGT yOU, Sir Sir! Me, the ' oflc they used until 1955 "a a joy esse s s er or o, not to be working" at Christmas j a real life songstress since pottray-] ah d has a deep voic* that should not 10 uc >v B , .;. , ti'rnman storv. trfat tho ffirls a-tinsle. Besides he Over the "tfhtamccl" set Susan I next project for once in my llf*," ffle said. ing the Jane Froman story. Still she is enthused ' about . her " the girls a-tingle. Besides he (has played a deep-dyed heavy in call 1 H!Q first two nictures As Derek I blow. call boy reporter. It was an awful The propose! suit claims the pro loop unlawfully prevented radio broadcast of its gamas in the home territories of the NFL clubs. NFL Commissioner Bert Bell broke the news of the two-million- dollar damage action in a luirried- ily-called press conference yesterday in his suite of offices. Besides the NFL, the suit names the Chicago Bears. Chicago Card- Libcrtv tfenf bankrupt in May, 1952 and in its bill, of complaint^ it asks these damage*:••For losses in operation and lost profits in 3949 $100.000; for losses in operation in 1350 and ism $300,000, and for losses m pro"" in 1950, 1951-fand 1053 #00,000. Under the Calyton anti-trust act a plaintiff collect", driple damages if successful in a civiVsuit. , JMd'ni* the set t ft' VaOft - ^LfftedJn a- a London-bom dlftcer y^ttaU- *hl9 ffeUo Itiost contrasting as r the . year.j m ' late e 'Jaek^Cdle. danc- arliyn Motitoe number Nb -fiuslhes? Like .** That's •h,ow';niakc - happeHe*d to see lot?'But 'John :aV,.the das- f&ftktt*? *?fiWp • .f *• rt •' ine Powers trman pff^j * ",**•- ICARL HARTMAN P *^ON,'D — The'urgent nlne- 'conference on Wtist,German sma'ment' opened today with t&dbservers giving it perhaps iKr -iQt chance of cuccoss. t ? * ..SSV'rolnute • move •- by^thc feiii apparenty dashed any ll'fblv ^comparatively smooth Siition ot .rival plans to'bring 'fg&cKnian "troops quickly into patense; pattern, ot . 'Westcra Netherlands >nd f tuxokibourg In"'the niusic ropm. at stately •a^tei; House, next door to Jirigbam Palace. •oHpe'ed'the talks, Eden pro- ifdflast night that separate, and ffififoous discussions; b> *held asi^»i._' ^«^t«*» * mioufinna j ,of niojJ^.que^vians^ ^ m,i sovereignty and re- during the sccret-jses- ieWsuggest^the j"occupyii.g fer^' 'France, ^ritaiil and the Wf Slates draw up a plan Returning soverjcngty to the i\r|public. Tj^^VH I P ne ' coutv : ^Werence, meanwhile, * would '-'"- rearmame'nt. • Architects Children Mfsch'ooC architect says there feperfect, plan to solve school nfproblems because'of three : " \ factors —., educational ,re- . 'dressed'we '*Gulf State's' the American Insti- Wtectp 'here yesterday, •Closed today, , t use plans And so to U-I, where they have ftis first two pictures As than a cupful in every gallon. Just look at the plates in the photo above and see what a difference Gulf super refining makes I New super-refined gasoline •"•^^*~™"^™ ll ™"^HI < "^ ' • •' ' • _ .'-.•• .;.'••".' •§ H a Bem?8l>e»t $3,654, a} rate in?rf"agQ, which )t rentes f ton.said even W th<? p«sct'la?t year. v^yW BPt h^ve per cent on properly cys representing those wl>o i.. *t,= .- B i e jjjpa'st will have _,.„ tp cross examine company >vitnesse^ A Jl./•«.»*. 4ni*f t wi«^n«r Now-Gulf refines out the "dirty-burning tail-end" of gasoline-the No. 1 troublemaker in high-compression engines. Result; a deaner-burning super-fuel that gives you thousands of extra miles of full engine power...free from knock or pr*-ignition* Starting with your first tankful this trip, stop-and^go driving motorists do most pew super-refined, super-powered fuel mil (IC'VY PWJ/V* T « **••*••»* — f — T — " » give you these immediate andlasting benefits: ^ More complete engine protection than the so-called "miracle-additive gasolines. Why? Because Gulf re6nes o«f the No. 1 troublemaker in gasoline (the "dirty-burning tail-end") and then treats this new Super-Refined NO-NOX to give it a complete range of protective properties knock, no pre-ignltion-even in wvuty's super-compression engines. Why. Because the anti-knock power of new NOHOX has been stepped up to an alMime high. Stall-prpof smoothnesf—no mow \vorries aboyt carburetor icing m chilly weather, or vapor lock onwarm day s, Instant starts, too—and fast, fuel-saving warm-up. It protects every part it touches against harmful deposits—carbon, rust, gum. That's why new SuperrRefined <->u» ««* Why? Because new « gives yoy more powe—'*-•«""-on (or the «hort» than ypu've ever JSOQWII, twtf show? new No-Nox actually makes cars perform better than new.,. even after 15,000 roUes! TRUE! After 15,000 miles per car-covering all conditions-Gulf test cars She^th^ «Jt « single trace of carbon knock or pr steepest fnpuntain grades! COMPLETELY NEW! SUPER-REFINED fHi,^9H-PF«!ffi»air Off "~ k. i, v , ^s., 3 k L. „,, f t it., J ^-r Y 4, ^ ? ) -ifa* v. *; ~*. A™, •^U^i6ar'^*»£ M^J-I-=W 1-j — '- ajn^i. *- f ; - • Tueiday, Se&fember 20, 1954 HOP! STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Has Little Use for Styles ^Abroad By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD ^-,W — Producer Frank Ross must have been the happiest husband in Europe this summer. His Wife had no yen for the Paris gowns. His wife is a bouncy blonde named Joan Caulfield. who also serves as spouse to Barry Nelson <|,.on CBS-TV's "My Favorite Husband." She scorns Schiaperelli, boos Balmains and says phoocy to Fath and Dior, "Ridiculous " she scoffs at the flat-chested look. "A girl should look like a girl, not a boy. Why should she be v;hat she isn't? "Oh, I know that the American dressmakers are going for .the Dior style. But Why don't they have more courage? Just becaus a „fashion comes frorti acro&i? the At- 'lantic, that doesn't make it good I think it's awful. "1 know Dior is a smart cookie who realizes how to mako news. And his 'new look* was all right for women with fat hips and piano legs. But this new style does nothing for anybody." Joan said she was complimented on her dresses . while abroad. French women'slopped.-to admire .her coat on the .-Riviera- and "inquired what Pais shoppe produced it. Mrs. Barney Bnlsban,- wife of the Paramount president commented on her striking . Paris gown when • they returned on the boat. , "I had to. tell thorn that brought all of my' wardrobe from California," she said. "Before 1 ,lcft Hollywood,. I decided I would take everything alone-. And I had Orry-Kelly and Bud. Perkins* who Prescott Majorettes March iii oir Porode Top's Service NEW AND USED. GLASS cut and installed, wholesale ' 'and retail. NEW AND USED PA.RTS for most cars, see us before you 'buy. T. O. (TOP) PORTER Owner «. Operator. Dial 7-2767 Hope Hy 67 West T. V. Charlie by "Vic" Cobb Oh, I'll admit the house isn't much! But it comes equipped with a T: V,-set, just put into good repair by "Vic" Cobb. COBB'S Radio & TV Service Phone 7-2598 Dfoufh Aid far Ld borers Asked klTTLE ROCK (.fl — The Stale brought Committee is asking for 'edelal aid (of financially hard- pressed Arkansas farm laborers, victims of a hot, rainless summer which kayced Arkansas crops. W. L. Jameson Jr., chairman of the State Drought Committee the Department of ture to release more emergency aid cash, or support federal ects which would on;ploy needy workers during the oil-season months. Me made the request t<J <9ay M. Stackhousc of Washington, assistant deputy administrator of production adjustment ot the Commodity Sta bilization .Service, — Stai photo Marching in the big parade which formally'opened Nevada- County's fine fair last week was the Prcscott High.Schoor Band. C, W. McClellan Is the band director while the majorettes in.the picture are, left to right, Betty Erskiric, Mary Jewell Herring, Simone Golden, Gcncvievc King, Judy Gilbert and Margaret Phillips. PRESCOTT NEWS Wednesday September 29 Mrs. Dudley. Gordari will' be h'os- ess to the Wednesday Bridge Club t her home Wednesday afternoon t 2 o'clock. The Woman's Bible Class of the resbyterian Church" will have supper at the church Wednesday ni- ;ht honoring the class officers ollowing the supper there will be a program and evening of fellow- hip. Thursday September, 30 The choir of ,the Presbyterian Church will practice on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. The Southern Pine Garden Club vill meet on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the'home" of Mrs. George Christopher with Mrs. Ralph Gordon co-hostess. their medical careers.. rd meeting, of Ouachita: Presbytery in Caniden last week. Mrs. Gene Moore, Mrs. Audrey Spate's 1 -, arid" Mrs. Charlotte Blake of Hope seived as judges at 'the Flower Show aV the Nevada County Fair last.week. Mr. and MrsVC. G. Gordon spent Friday. ..in- Texarkana. Canasta Club Entertained By Mrs. C. G. Gordon. The home of Mrs. C. G.> G6idon was the scene foi the* meeting', of the 1950 Canasta Club oh Thursday afternoon. Colorful arrangements-of verbena and zen'nias : decorated -.'the. •rooms arranged for the '.player's: Mrs, Fred Powell Won high score honors ,for the afternoon. Mrs. Gil : Buchanan was ii giiest. Other members present • included Mrs. H. J. Wilson,. Mrs. Irrion Gee Mrs. J, A. Yancey. Mrs. Homer Ward, Mrs. J. V. 'Fore; .and Mrs. E: M. Sharp A delectable sandwich • and . salad course waa .served. Mrs. T. E.-Logan and Mrs. S. O, Logan attended a: Presbyterial Boa- OAKLAND, eaiif . Dnv!$, ordered \« a*ppW Judge Homer Buckley ofi a dfUftft driving charge, staggered , into „ court Hei was lofd Id com* back e tomorrow 'because he was 1ft fio condition to ehtct & plea. Divis staggered out of the court t-oom and was promptly or dtuttkenttfess. tic Hock, Mr. and Mr?. Carl Dalrymplt, Attended / the Nashville • PrescoU fl team football game Thursday night. in Nashville Mrs. John P. Cox of Hope.wa* the Filday afternoon guest of Mrs Clarke While. NiWi Ifiifi Ht THE NdNTH) »UH ' NORTH rJHlCAQO, 111. (UP) The North threatened td secede from the South In this city of 8, today* ' Some 3,500 residents in the north; crn half "of the' city/ disgruntled because the city <• votcjl 4o annex additional ^erritbify ' " "• ened td fecbtfrfc, al meeting ail d^d to MOUSE LONDON (ltt») •— —_. of agriculture has, established "mouse *siching suttert,'; ,' The station* mahfted by eatpferts al. a torrner Royal Air Force base in Suffolk Jsi to study, means of limilihg the numbers of mice. Mrs. Frank-G.'lbert; Mrs. ;D: ,L. McRae.Jr., and Mrs. J. R. Bemis motored to Little Ituck Friday."tor the day. Mi and Mis Pqt Combs an-1 Jan are visiting relative's in El'Dorado. Mrs. Watson .White Jr,,,and : ,Miss Lilhe Butcher Spent Friday in Lit- Mis Carl, Black and-son, Bemis of Columbus, Ohio are the'guests of her patents, Mi. and Mr*. Case Chuppelle. i ) Dr A. W. Hudson" and tir. D, L. Moselcy attenden.1 the district dental convention .held ;ini,Teitaikana. Mis Fannie Ncwth has been Ule the guest of her daughter, Mrs. M.' R. Whitaker and family in'Little Rock. JUST CLOSE FftlfeND MANILA I UPl i - ,Pollc€ rcctived a 'call at i;07 a. m. today from a wo^hafi K wht>' rej)brte'4 a pejbp* Ing 'i*om'(jti Ucl' prehitees., , . ,Twcnty mihutc^i lateic* she callec agalii and- lold the police, not , to bother. The. m'an, she said \VaS sbtneone she, k«eW H »-^ a ; Close The firsl permaneKt setUehient li the state of Washingion'"Was'Ft Vancouver, 1 built' ' does the clothes on the TV show, whip me up some special numbers. They were as good as anything .I ;aw over there." "Joan admitted that she made some purchases abroad. On the Riviera, ishe, bought) aired -^.beach jacket $2 and three godolier hats 30 cents apiece. "I also went to an obscure cou- touric.r in Paris, fisuring I should take something home," she recalled. "I bought a washable dress for about $45. It needed shortening, so I left it there and picked it up before I sailed. That was the day after the Dior showing. "When I got in New York, I decided I wanted to wear the dress. It was awful: They thought Ihey would give me th-3 latest style. They had taken material out of the bosom so I looked as flat as a pancake It. lookel like that outfit J'ulie Harris wore in 'Member of the Wedding-' I never was able to wear tlie dress.."--- Medical School Honors Three At Convocation Three students at the University of Arkansas School of Medicine received Buchanan .Keys ;for ;scholarship at the annual convocation ceremony opening the fall term It was the third straight, scholarship award for one student, Louis L: Sanders of Little Rock who was,cited for his jumojyear's wprk ' "'The' other' recipients were 'Larry Embre'e of Magnolia for his freshman year and Miss Betty. Ann Lowe of Briggsville for her sppho- more record- The scholarship keys are presented by the family of the late Dr'j A. S. Buchanan oi Prescott to the 'student in each class attaining: the highest scholastic record . •A gold cup, presented by the lute Governor Carl E. Bailey .for the fraternity or group . .maintem- • ing the highest scholastic achievement, went to the independents. Dr. L. H. McDanlel of Tyrpnza, president-elect of the Arkansas Medical-S'dciety convocation speaker, called on the students to build a high concept of values in ANOTHER AUTO GOES ALL OUT FOR MERC Lewis-McLarty WEDNESDAY SPECIALS EMBROIDERED PILLOW CASES Gift boxed, His & Hers, Mr. & Mrs. and Floral Patterns. Good quality, with hemstetched hern. Very Special $1.39 Broken Lots Ladies Hose 50c pr. 45 Inch Rayon Suiting Dark Fall Colors, 59eyd. CHIIPRENS ALL RAYON GOWNS Lace trim and plain styles. Sizes 2 to 14, ClQse'Qut ' $1.00 with its theme will cause Mercury -. ' 1 i I " '' % 'k ',» years from now when most ,Qf its " ' .'"»., C' ' ies will haye been forgotten. --? V > x- -s<' Co-oj "S NEW 161-HORSEPOWER PIRFORMANQE, with even grealei efliciency and new ballpoint fiont wheel suspension, have been hailed by one e^peU after another w the wtojjiotiYe pjesjs. IT PAYS TO OWN A the bio tel«vlflon hit, «'TpA8T OF WB TPWN 11 vyit^' ? THE TRADI • • • m m 4»«w|vjrp - _l .'.V° ^,.jl' , I •&HiJblk>i; ^W?^^W»W l »»ll l «l™P"^ ll ^'Hi^f,f»^)!!Mi^^^^^^

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