Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 6, 1923 · Page 23
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 23

Oakland, California
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Friday, April 6, 1923
Page 23
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APRIII 6, 1923 G1EE1UDBFU.C. CHIEF fThey re Getting Ready for Ro Couple Married ' Within Hour of First. Meeting p'-AV GET DID TO , Member of the Vniversity of California Glee Club rehearsing for the annual road show which the organization u to give tonight in Harmon gymnasium. Left to right: "DAVE?' FORREST, manager end second tenor, acting at director for GORDON PAXSON, first tenor, JACK COLE, first ban, end "BVZZT LENT; tecond bass. WILL LOOK OVER 440TH SOUADRQN STATE CAPITAL c " M 8M M BelAsJlss. tM B88 1 I Road Show of Organization Considerable Local Interest Aroused Over Election to Be Held Monday. ' Some Stone Will Be Used o ' , Replace Fence Around "Colton Hall.'. ' r to 1 Presented at ' Berkeley. ' . r - FRIDAY EVENING FOUR MOrJTEREY MEri RUNNING FOR POST OF.MAYOR WALL AT FIRST TO BE HE OUIL 1 - BERKELEY, April 8.- At their annual road show in Harmon gym- . itMium tonight the members of the University of California Glee ' elob will nresent vocal ana instrtt- mental selections and ."stunts" ' that a couple of months hence they may be repeating; before a worm audience In Sweden. Oa the ere of the big event of . the Glee club's college year. Manager "Dave" Forrest today received letter from Walter H. Bholee, American consul at Gothenburg:, Sweden, advising; him to hold ,, the club in readiness to attend ; the Qothenburg- Jubilee exhibition, the . largest ever held In northern Europe, and which is to take place during the summer months. ' CLASSIC NUMBERS. ' ' A feature of the road show to night will be the rendition by the Glee Club singers ef classic gems such as Offenbach's "Barcarolle' and Bach's "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee." ; , y-i - .- -'.-The-opening number will feature Squire. Knowles JO-plec Jazx orchestra, and will be followed by a two-piano duet by Uriel Neleon and Frank Dunsmore. -. Mart Gleason, 'one Of the test known bassos that hat appeared In recent years at the University, wilt make his farewell appearanoe with a number of solos. A cello quartet, composed of Miles Cutler, - It H. Harvard. Winston Petty and Hamilton Howell,, will play several numbers. " ' "'" COMEDT peatttres. Jack Cole, applauded as an vn usually clever comedian wherever the club has appeared, will give a monologue, and more comedy will be provided by a team of eccentric entertainers, Bob Ross and Don Blanejiard. F. M. Homer, one at the most prominent saxophonists In the bay district, will be featured. ,- A dance will follow the road show, and the music for it will be provided by the . 20-pleee Jaw . orchestra, Burglar Alarm Saves .'. : Bank at Los Altos V LOS ALTOS, April 8.-Teggmen . who attempted to loot the Bank of ; Los Altos early yesterday morning 'were -toiled,! 'when the newly installed electrlo burglar alarm went " aft as they attempted to force the combination on the bank aaf e. Bank -officials,, scantily clad and brandishing firearms,;, rushed to the- scene on hearing the alarm, . but ; found . that the . robbers - had fled,, supposedly la an auto parked '.nearby, yv :,- w.,., : , Sheriff. George w. Lyle was no-1 titled at once, and a posse of four deputies, - including. George Pyne William Condon, JSd Raymond and Harry Martin was dispatched to the scene at once, but. found no one. r -Some-dews were gathered, the burglars having entered through a, transom In the rear of ' the bank and having', left, satisfactory linger prints.' .',,-VJ. ! ). -i r : .V . About two year ago the same bank was looted -of $15,000, On ,the occasion of that, loss the bank officials at once had t'ae best bur ,glar alarm eystem obtainable installed, and they assert that It has already mora than. paid for itself. 12380 Enrolled at . . ; 'Stanford to Date S STANFORD UNIVERSITY, 'April 6. Enrollment of students - at Stanford is expected to pass the J500 mark this quarter; a iregistra-1. tion which has not . been reached "In any previous spring quarter in the history Of the University. The enrollment is now 8380,. a com pared to 2248 at the same time last year. The find total reglstra- tion last spring was Kit, of whom, lit registered after the first week, ' If the same proportionate' number registers this year the. total-will be welled to well above 2580, , WOMAN ON BERLIN fXTRf. Berlin Fratt von Stubenrauch, , first woman to eit on a German Jury, voted with her colleague to acquit., a jealous - woman charged with murder." - 1 - MARYSVIIXE f MARYSVILLE, April .u . City Attorney W. P. Rich has filed-a writ" of fhandamus against County Auditor F. H. Greely In behajt. of .the City of Marysvilie In the superior court here to. compel Greely ; to issue a warrant on the county treasurer of Tuba county in favor of the city for IK.lOS.Ol. Monday, April 18, is the, date set by Superior Judge E. P. McDanlel as the time for Greely to appear In the superior court and show cause why the claim, which was allowed and passed by the board- ot supervisors on March (V 1923. for this sum has not been paid. The $18,-108.01 is alleged due from Tuba .county for its share in the repair-. ' Ing of the approach" to the Feather river bridge which work was done by Contractor E. H. Martin. The Tuba board of supervisors , In a resolution this week appointed Miss Alice M. Byrnes as public health nurse for Tuba county at a salary of 1128 per month. :. .,, Earl Miner, postmaster Of Sonant, has filed a petition In bank- ruptcy in the. United States district 'court. He gives his asseta at $800, of which $500 Is exempt property, and hi UabillUee 1780. , ... Farm Advisor William Harrison appeared before the board -of supervisors this week, and presented 'petition from every farm center in the county asking that the Aboard create a coanty library. VALL ': ' t CH5 VALLEJO. - April . At the monthly meeting of the Associated Charities thia week Mrs, 3. W. Thomas, chairman of the Relief Committee, reported-that during the month ot March the organiza Coroner Will Hold f Inquest in Death VALLEJO. April Coroner B. 3. Klots will hold an inquest next week to determine the - cause of death of Thomas L Morgan, local youth who was killed by a Southern Pacific train last Tuesday at Wat son crossing. , Vallejo Rotarians Elect Directors VALLEJO, April During the meeting of the Rotarians yesterday the, following were chosen' as directors; E. L. Cave, C. F. Hatch, Harry McManus, B. L. Hicks, T. V. Collins, 8. F. Rose and Stanley Chisholm. Baseball Player Dies of Injuries VALLEJO. April 6. Henry H. Butisbauch, 638 Pennsylvania street, died Wednesday night after an illness -of two -months. - He was 83 years old and known as an amateur baseball player. ' tt was while playing baseball early this year that . he was struck on the head by a patted ball. ; POSTAL CLERK ON LEAVE. " VALLEJO, April i Raymond 3. Maglnnls, poetoffice clerk is taking three days' vacation from his duties aTt the postofnee in Vir-ginia Street, .a EQtjrPMENT PHocrmm ' VALLEJO, April . The management ot the Acme Restaurant purchased a modern counter and Other - equipment in Oakland this week. The new counter will be instjalled'in a few days. ) SCHOOL HAS HOLIDAY, j VALLE JOt April - , The students 'at St. Vincent's school had a holiday - yesterday In honor ot St Vincent 'pay.' gTBMARINE AT NAVT YARD. VALLEJO, April ( 8 The new diver S-28 arrived at the navy yard yesterday and was moored alongside the big 180-ton crane while the crew took on navy supplies. Hardware Firm to 7 Enter New Quarters VALLEJO, April eV-Tbe H. H. Wilder Hardware Company Is preparing to move into the new store in Marin street near Virginia. -The rain of the last few days has delayed some- of the , work at the store, -but it i will be ready to be occupied before, th week is over. Lodi Auxiliary Sends Box to Disabled Vets LODI. . April 8. The auxiliary to the American Legion sent an Easter -x to the disabled veteran of the world war at th Leterman hospital in San Francisco. The box weighed ISO poonda It contained home-made candy; cookie; Easter candle and eggs, fig and smokes. The a auxiliary, th rough the chairwoman, Mrs. John J. Fink, ha thanked- the members of Hartford. Relief - Corp and the American Legion for their dona, tion. . The smokes were purchased from a donation by the Lodi Post of the American Legion. - , . Drive for Sunmaid Association Starts , MODESTO,- April .. -t- The drive to obtain Modesto's quota of 80.-000 for the Sun-Maid Association started this morning; at 10 o'clock, with H. L Wood, fruit shipper, a chairman. He was assisted - in command at the worker by E. A. Johnson,, chairman of th grower' committee, and a score of V - ..V,: ' tion assisted ten persons Who were in need. '. It Was also reported that donations were? received in March front. Mesdamea t W alter Fawcett, Mary Ross,, Bu- F. BUhl and Carl Reeves.,. " ,; . u'r-'i. r " -' - " ' V'W.V-f, ' - 5;,-- Rain Is Heavy in , , :nA1inlVallej6 Vicinity V VALLEJO, April . City Commissioner R. O. Pierce reported at the meeting ot the council yesterday that the rainfall In Wild Horse Valley for the present storm wa 8 inches. The commissioner reported that pumping had stopped at the Suscol Well and, that water t6r the city and navy yard is being taken from Dug Road canyon,' VALLEJO AN BUYS AUTOS. -VALLEJO, April 8. C. P. Hughes, local auto agent, has returned from Oakland, where he Secured another big consignment of auto for delivery here and in up- vauey point, Big Timber Deal in Calaveras Reported , ANGELS CAMP, April 8. What appears to be well-grounded ' rumor ha It that the Standard Lumber company, with headquarters at Bqnora, has a deal under way tor the purchase of the C E. Ruggles timber interests in Calaveras county, and that the Sierra railroad will be extended to tap the forest. If it prove true it mean that1 a large . sawmill and box factory will be established here. The Sierra railroad' - company is now eliminating many of it sharp curves and strengthening its trestle on the local branch, which the Wise ones suggest means preparations for handling heavier trafflo than ever before. The Ruggles timber lands, it is claimed by loggers, would run the Standard company for nearly fifty years, whereas its. present holdings wlll.be worked out within five years. ""' . " i ' e i ,i Marriage of Solano X ; Couple Announced i SUfSUNf, April . -The marriage Of Dan Hogan of Vallejo and Miss Cletl Burrell of this ptac earn ae a surprise to the friends of the young oouple in the, county, the event taking place in San Jose last Saturday. The bride Is a daughter ef Mr. and r. Frank Burrell ot this city and is a graduate of Ar-mijo Union .high school and the Bernard Norman school at Berkeley and 4 at present kindergarten teacher for the Suleun and Fair field publio schools. Hogan is a residsnt of Vallejo, but is at present attending "aw school at the University of California, He will complete his - course while the bride will resume her duties in-the publio school for the present i ;: , , - 1 Flower Clubs Show ';. '' Plans Progressing BAN JOSE, April 6. Plans for a special plant and flower show and ale. to be held here tinder the auspices of the Santa Clara County Flower Lovers elub, April 17 to 21, re making rapid progress, Dr. Charles E. Adams, who will direct the affair, promising beautiful and unique displays in the line of floral exhibits, Tuesday, the opening day of th show, will be San Jos day and will feature roses. Wednesday ha been designated a Campbell day, and will feature all sort of perenlala. Thursday will be set aside as Saratoga day, ponpons and chrysanthemums to be chleflly exhibited. Friday, Evergreen day, will feature gladiolus.- Saturday, the closing day, will be devoted to all flowers and shrubs in general, - Kiwanis Organize at Modesto, Elect Chief . MODESTO, April 8. With fifty. One charter members, the Klwani luncheon club wa organized here this week. Leslie K. Floyd, deputy district attorney, was elected Dresl- d-nt. - ' A PI ARirF. YOUNGSTERS CO JOYRIDING IN BORROWED AUTO SAN JOSE, April 8.Two kiddles, one 11 and the other 8, with a strong desire to go for a Joy ride but with no understanding of the operation of flivvers, yesterday took the light delivery ear belonging to Nile Wiggins and started out, coming to grief at St. James and River street in avoiding a crash with another car. The boy, 11 years old, was - at th wheel with his 8-year-old slater i his passenger. The boy lost control of the machine when he' swung out to avoid another car and the juggernaut, running wild, smashed into the curb, being badly wrecked. ; Chief of Police J. N. Black and Detective John Guerln, who investigated, , admonished the -children to wait a few years before they tried-to operate motor cars, and impressed on them the fact that ' taking other people's ears without their permission i bad business, bo matter how good a driver one is. ; - i Husband Included in Wife's Property Suit MODESTO, , April 8. Alleging that her separate property, consisting of ranch land was deeded away without her consent to secure an indebtedness of $18,111, when Jone Grill, Inc., failed several month aao. Mrs. Alice Mae Jones, wife of A. W. Jones, manager of the corporation, has started suit In minHrinr enurt here. - The de fendants are , her husband, th First . National Bank of Modesto, o: r Jaoobr. and P. A. Dlnsmore as- trustees, th American Bank ot Oakland, Oscar Mogin, Minnie Hocln. George C. Nelson, Lena Nelson. Grant Motrin, sheriff, ot aL She asks a court decree to clear title to the property, damages of 12,800 and a restraining order to prevent further attachment , pro ceedings. ' - Mrs. Jone claims that she re fused to Join in the deed of trust and was also against forming the corporation. Jones, Inc., had grills in several cities. Including Modesto, Fresno and Stockton. , v CALISTOGA CAUSTOGA. April 8. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace Gray reached Chicago on Wednesday on the first step of their European trip. They will sail from Kj Yerk cn the inn.' Richard Gray returned to the Oregon Agricultural College last week to resume his studies and F. Anton Gray, went back to the "18 to 1" gold mine at Allegheny, Cal., where he is the assistant manager. Mrs. Ruth Fuller Field will occupy the dray's beautiful home on Main street while they are away for six months. E, 3. Dove and A. L. Harris have bought the business of Mrs. Ed Largey on Lincoln avenue. They expect to remodel the Interior somewhat and put in modern equipment. Mrs. Mltto Blodgett, president ot the County Federation or Women' Clubs, has engaged as speaker of the day, Robert Newton Lynch, manager of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, for the meeting of the federation on Thursday, April 8, to be held at White Sulphur Springs, St Helena. v The'-high school is closed this week for the Easter vacation. The grammar school did not close as too much time wss tak'n las fall for the harvesting of the nrpne and grape crop and It was necestary to make up the time lost, . t j E. L, Armstrong, cashier of the Callstoga National Bank, went to San Francisco on Wednesday on business. Calistoga citizens will be the guest of H. O. Thompson, lumber dealer at the "Playhouse" en Friday vnlng. The reel will be "The Golden State of the Golden West by th Ootoen Oate." ' Th secretary fit the Chamber of Commerce attended the monthly Meeting Of the bay eountiee conference of commercial secretaries at Lo Altos recently. The next meeting will t held at San Rafael this month. -tf. ; Mr. Philip Kelly has returned from the St. Helena Sanitarium greatly improve jn health. The Kelly will soon move into their new hV)e on Lincoln avenue. PATTFRW PIIRTKHFn FVPRY General M. M. Patrick Will 1 Visit San Jose Flyers April 21, It Is Announced. SAN JOSE. April 8. Major General M. M. Patrick, chief of the United States army air service, with his aide. Major H. A. Dargue, will visit San Jose on Saturday, April It, when he will inspect the 440th Observation squadron, the local unit of th army reserve air corps, according to a telegram received . today by Congressman Arthur M. Free directly from General Patrick. " Free states that the atop here will be made by the army air chief mainly because of the fact that the 440th ha th record ot being the third best reserve squadron tn the. United States, Henoe, the congressman ' sayb, the. visit of General Patrick will be a signal honor to the local flyers. ; Elaborate plans are being rushed to completion by the member of the local squadron tor the enter talnment ot the general during his brtet sojourn In the Garden City, General Patrick' visit to San Pose will come on a most opportune date, as It will occur one one of the regular flying days of the local squadron. Aerial maneuvers Will be held In honor 6f the Visiting chief and Congressman Free, Major Sykes, commander ot the 440th, and a apeolal committee are planning a special entertainment. The twelve officers of the local quadron and th entire enlisted personnel will participate' in th reception. ",-.,.' . ;;, V : v' , '... , v; ' San Jose Golf Club to Be Set For SAN J0BB, April , 8. Mr. end Mra A. C. Gelsenhoff are inviting a large number of their friends to a danoe at th clubhouse ot the San Jose Golf and Country Club Saturday evening. The affair to be given by the Geisenhoffs wilt be the first large one of the season and promise to be a gala occasion. Many dinner parties at which local society leieder will be the hosts will precede the danoe. Mr. and Mrs. Jame Bradley Clayton will entertain one large group of friends at dinner. The Archer Bowdens will be hosts to another group. Mrs. Frank Marten, one of San Jose's leading society matrons, is being welcomed back to town after an absenoe of ' a month in the southlands. Mra Marten spent most of the time in Los Angeles as the house guest ot her sister, Mrs. Melnerny. Mra Philip L, Flnnell was among the San Jose guests at a luncheon given in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco by Mra Albert George Lang, in honor of Miss Annette Rolph, a bride-elect. Wednesday. Farewell were said Tuesday to Mrs. Albert Harris and Mrs.. James Harry Pierce at a handsome bridge party given . at the, home of Mrs. Thomas Blanchard in North First street. The hostess' mother, Mrs. Harris, left yesterday with Mr.' and Mrs. Harris for an extended tour of Europe. M t ,, ,y Mr,l'and','Tllr8.iDiear Eberhard have just .concluded an enjoyable trip which included among other points of interest the Grand Canyon arid New Orleans. Chief of Police Is Also Traffic Cop MONTERET, April 8. Chief ot Police Albert Elasho, ot this city, has been named a special traffic officer by District Attorney Albert E. Warth, and will serve both the county and this city, with his salary expense divided between the two. Elasho, former trafflo officer on the peninsula, was recently named chief of- police to succeed I. W. Cox, resigned. Since his appointment he has been both chief of polio and trafflo officer. Rainfall Around San Jose Is 13.08 Inches SAN JOSE. April 8. Intermit tent showers fell here all day yesterday and during th night, bring ing th total local seasonal rainfall up to 18.08 Inches, or 1.78 In Che below normal, Th official predlff. tion was for more rain today. The maximum temperature, here yester. day was 85, while the minimum wa S3. . - - EUROPEAN WORK SCREENED. MOUNTAIN VIEW, April 8. A motion picture film. In three reels, depicting th humanitarian work being carried on In th devastated and war-smitten region of Europe by the people of this country, wa xhlbited last night at the Oleen theater, under the auspices of th chamber of commerce and th Mountain View Women' olub. Mgr. Campen donated the Use of the theater, and no admittance fee wa' Charged. ., , Clubs Boost Sonoma I ndustrial Farm 3RAS9 VALLEY. April 8. A "campaign "to obtain favorable action by the California legislature for the maintenance of the Industrial Farm for Women at Bo. oma wa urged by speaker at the twenty-first annual convention of the California Federation of Women's Clubs, northern, district, here yesterday. Mra Lvdia D. rawhead .ot Woodland wss prudent I -A:' Dance MONTEREY. April ,6.-Coneid-erable local Interest centers In the city election to be held on next Monday, April 8. Three, places on the counoil, Including that of mayor, are to be filled. There are tour candidate tor the. latter post and six for th two aldertnanio positions iW ';': V" ' Mayor P. J. Dougherty, who' his held the post, for the past eight years, declined to again-beoome a candidate. Those seeking the office are: Benjamin F. Wright, of the Palace Drug Co., and. well known realtor of California: Arthur E. Boyce, retired army officer and owner of considerable city property, beside hi beautiful- aummer home on the Palo Colorado; John Taufner, local contractor, and A. J. Pray, contracting painter. .Candidates for the counoil are) Lem F. Kniseley and George McDonald, incumbents! , ',W,, H. 'McConnell, Thomas Prescott, Win. H. Faring-hy and Ray W. Krollpfelfer, , Battery C to Hold An Overnight Camp LrVBRMORB. April l Battery C, LI verm ore's crack National Guard artillery outfit, will hold an over-night camp over Saturday and Sunday, April SI and 22, according to plans announced by Captain R. 13.- Merritt at the regular drill last night in the battery storehouse at Rodeo park. ; . t '..( h.'-'! It is planned to start out an escort wagon loaded with forage, tent and provisions early Saturday afternoon. The rest 1 of the battery will leave Livermor about 4:30 p. m. The late starting time will give practically all the mint' bers ot the battery ample time to be on hand. The camp will be situated on the site ot the proposed veterans' hospital, about fiv miles out of Llvermore. . Sunday will be taken up by mounted drill and artillery maneuvers A. part of the examination tor gunner will also b given. ' - Tentative plai.s for April 29 call for a battalion inspection at Leona Heights, nsar Oakland. i i Four new members joined the organisation last night. They are John Williams, Joseph Schenone, Irving Crow and John Pimehtei, Youths to Celebrate Opening of Park MODESTO,' April Hundreds of children will be entsrtalned Saturday in Graceada park when the yark is officially opened for the spring and summer seasons. Mrs. Mabel Carr Warren, superintendent of reoreation for the city, will supervise play In, the park each Saturday until playground supervisor are appointed. , ' , Mra Warren is planning to organise various baseball leagues, on tor boys and another for girls, and a third to be known as the twilight league. TRUSTEES RE-ELECTED. ' CAMPBELL, April 8. Being unopposed in the election - held here, S. N. Hedegard and Josenh Connor were Once mora ' elected trustee ot th Campbell Union j grammar school. Dr. Townsend I wa re-elected trustee of th Campbell Union High school. Only a light vote was oast. ' 3 FULTON NEWS FULTON, April 8,Th Fill, tonton club gave ah April Fool party Saturday night at Woodman Hall. Progressive whist occupied the forepart ot th evening followed by game. An easter table had been , arranged by, Mesdame Jones and Groat, who served sup-psr. Present were Messrs. and Mesdame Tom Groat, Laurence Meredith, Henry Castens, Jons(, Charlet MacDonald, Mra Arthur Laumann, Mrs. Bert Zumwajt and Messrs. John Voss, William Small, Joe Morrison and Carl Nelson. ,f Miss Esther Miller and Mra Buelah Lance entertained a party ef friend at Man Jongg last week, ; Troop No. 7 of Boy Scout under Scoutmaster Carl Nelson met Friday night at the depot, where after the business session, they indulged in games and contests. , ' School election was held Friday afternoon- at the school house, Ther were three contestants from W orn Bert Zumwalt was elected to suoceed himself. Mesdame Carl Nelson, Charles MacDonald and Edith O. Hawkes served on the election board. ; Mrs. Rachel Baugh of Berkeley is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Lee, Ernest Fountain returned to Point Reyes Sunday after spending the week end with his. family here. II. M. Daniels has disposed of his business here to John Cheney, Mr. W. C, Heyer is here from her home in, San Franclsoo visiting her parents. Air., ana Mrs. r. w, Bussnian. Mrs. Verna Hale spent the week end in San Francisco. A. P. Johnson has sold his store nd residence property to a retired merchant from Petaluma who will l.iove here. The Johnson's have disclosed no plans for the future. The Fulton V. Tv A. will give a card party at the school house next Friday afternoon. Cake and tea will be served. The proceeds will be devoted to school piirpowes MRS, W. J. JOHNSON, of San Jose, who until hev marriage i, on Wednesday wa . Mis Lucille H. Pyron of Durango, ' Colorado.' Johnson and Mlsa 1 Fyrou were married by Justice ot the Penoe Urban A. ; Sontholmer- within an hour after, they lmd seen each oilier for the first time, . Colorado Girl and San Jose Man Meet and Wed AH 1 v in 60 Minutes." " . : '; SAN J0SI9. AprllYWIthln an hour after they had first set eyes upon each other, Mis Ltlelll H. Pyon, 18 years old, of purango, Colorado, and W. 3, Johnson, chauffeur tor a prominent- local phyiN Clan, were married by Justice of the Peace Urban Sonthelmer ot this city early Wednesday evening. The couple met for the .first time at Nile as the girl, stepped from an overland train, ' iThey , got , Into Johnson' . waiting automobile, drove post haste to San Joe, procured 'a marriage license at - the home of Deputy County Clerk Frank " 1 Hogan, , . went . to. th horn of . Justice . Sonthelmer and were married at 8 o'clock. ' v: The girl oame to Ban Jose for her wedding equipped with the written permission ot her mother, Mrs. Carrie A. Thleoff, of Durango, to wed Johnson, the document having been sworn to before Henry pern, Durango notary publio. j. . In issuing the ; license " Hogan asked them how long they had known each Othen "Oh, about ad hour," they chorused. They said they had heard ! of each other through relatives,! th gtrl'i step father being Johnson's unole. They had corresponded With each, other for torn time and had exchanged photographs, but heither had seen the other until the- bride got oft the train at Nile about 8 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, . The Johnson , have taken $ downtown apartment here. . . : -: r ' 1 ' "" i 1 " - -' "" ; t Men Arrested Twice On Lottery Charges Santa clara, April tm keeping with the war declared on Chinese lottery joint recently, Mar anal George P. Fallon for the second tlm within two wk yesterday arrested Ah Tom and To Tee, and' haled them Into court on new charge ot running a lottery pre ferred by Marshal Fallon. ' The Chinese deposited $100 a ball' each for the appearance for. trial before Judge Charles A.- Thompson who sst Tee Tee's trial April 18 and Ah Tom' trial April 88. Both pleaded not guilty. . ' v ' Tee Tee wa to have been tried before Judge Thompson yesterday morning; on a charge of selling lottery tickets and upon which he wa arrested two week ago and his ball of 1100 previously deposited wa .deolared fo .'eited. Municipal Well at Santa Clara Caves In SANTA CLARA, ' April f. A cave-in in the new municipal well established four years ago by Santa Clara nearly oaused the loss ot th triple expanlson steam pumps Installed at a great ' expense when the well wss bored. The vigilance or tn engineer in charge ot the municipal plant saved the pump ana tn wen from , destruotlon when they noticed that the pumps Deran to lift s.na instead of water, Due to the dropping of the water levels, it is expected that within three weeks the two reserve well will have to be drawn on. There is no danger of lack of water for the present year though according to Superintendent Dixon, of the Water works. ELKS SKT CJrtCUfl DATE. WATSONVILLE, April 6.---Wat sonville Lodge No, 1300, B. P. O. Elks, has decided upon April It as the date for the big Elks circus which was postponed several weeks ago on account of the death of Otto D. Stoesser, a prominent -member of the order, which occurred the day before the show wa to have been given. San Jose Vital Statistics i "VI L ... II HAN JOSR, April . The following vital statistic were on file In this city today: MARRIAGE) HCKXftE. Willie J, Johnson, 7, San Jose, and Lucille H. Pyron, 18, Durango, Colo. Raymond P. Busted, 37. and Nell King. 87, both of San Francisco. Phillip Wilson Jr., 25. and Louise B. Church, 20, both of Carmel. Marco Vizza, 88, and Teresa Felice, 20, both of Ban Jos. ibd. JESS In San Jose, April 4, Lucia M. jess, wife of William s. jss ana mother of Wilms, Loren Benjamin, Helen and Ethel Jess, a native ot Pennsylvania., agsd 81 i year. MONTERET. April 8. Summer tourists who visit the Monterey Peninsula, most of whom visit hi.-torio "Colton Hall, first capltol of , . . . v , a v . L,nuiornia. ma in aueuo wi tb constitutional convention, will mlwe the old wire fence in , front this year.- '. It is to be replaced by a stone wall, the material tor which wa formerly used 'In the ' same place,. prior to its removal some 80 years ago. ,'V." .' :r ' Old-timers tell Of the ay when th stone wall ran the full length Of the block in front of Colton Hall: also of the flay when a local celebrity of those days, with more ambition than foresight, proposed to demolish all the old adobes. He started on Colton Hall, and had al- . ready torn down the wall, and hii-workmen were moving on the hail proper, : when, deterred by public-spirited citltens, -,;-;.y . The stone was carted away and used a the foundation of a school building. This building outlived its usefulness and was. In time, torn down to make way for a large and more modern -structure. The stone came into the possession of C, N, Caspar, local contractor, who knew it history.- H Confided in Mayor P., J. Dougherty, who at once ordered that th old stone wall be replaced on Its original site, 5. F Juvenile Judge Talks in San Joss SAN JOSE, April .That the boy of today is but little different from the boy of yesterday in his likes, dislikes and morals, and that the only real dliterenoe Is in hi environment, wae the keynote for Judge Frank F. Muraeky, fourteen years Juvenile oourt judge in San Francisco, In an address before the San . Jose Chamber 6t Commerce forum at the Commercial olub yesterday. During the course of hie address Judge Murasky declared . that while 'churches and school oan do much toward moulding a boy' future, nothing Can ever replace the home In giving him training, a it is in th home that the boy glean his ideal and moral. No two boy are alike, he said, and therefore no two can be handled in the same, ma n nerr r . Oaklander Installs S. J. Elk Officers SAN JOSE, April -Past Exalt-ed Ruler J. M, Shanley, of Oakland lodge No.' 171, 'Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, wa Installing officer at last night's meeting of Ban Jose lodge No. 822. installing. lered herd, W, L, Blebrach. , Other oillcers installed for the San Joee ' lodg by Shanley last night were! Esteemed leading knight, Raymond B, Leland; esteemed loyal knight, G. M. Smlthf esteemed lecturing knight, C, L. Snyder; secretary, A. V. Schubert; treasurer, O. A. Swain j enquire, A. A, Zolesxl; chaplain, R, F. Robertson; tiler, E. J. Mullln: organist, C M. Richards; trustee, three years, W. JS. Haynes; dele gate to the grand lodge, George B. Deter; alternate .delegate to . the grand lodge, R. C. McComlsh. ' i f th in i r i 1 ii r -'i.r i 1 iii 1 1 a ' Turlock Trustees " Favor Pool Project f TURLOCK, lApHl' WAt the last meeting ot the city trustees the effort -of th Amef loan Legion to obtain a swimming' pool were commended and the delegations representing that .body and- th Chamber of Commerce were given encouragement by the city fathers. Th linens of C. Olson, rsoently tried by a Jury, whioh disagreed, . for selling intoxicating liquor, wa revoked at the request of ..i- city attorney. Olson, according to W. Grayblel, city attorney, will have to face a second trial on the vm oharg. . ; ' . Bid for a Quantity ot pip and ' a well were .taken under advise- . ment. - 1 A.'.-. - r lV-f"S';:y 'Pep to Be Show At Saratoga Tonight SARATOGA. April 8. All Sara toga is expected to turn out tonight . to see and bear "Pep," the four-act vaudeville show prepared by the . O. E. Soolety of the Saratoga. Fed erated church. Thy first is "Col-lege Capers" by Kenneth McDoug-. all and Herbert Smith. .The seo-; ond discloses the inner workings of a movie studio. The third,' "Ragout a la Rusne,". War Cooked up by Elizabeth" Sheaf and Elizabeth Bazata, .while -the. fourth Involves halt the town.-, presenting i"Tht Hlcktown Lyceum of Learning." F eed For Sheep V Provided By Rain LODL. April 8. George .V. Beck man, a local ranohor and stockman, reports that h had been offered 10 cent per pound for til lambs.. and 48 cent tor wool. A few day . ago he would have .been glad to ; accept this offer on account of feed conditions, but h will now" await a better market, ae the rain- fall will make1 feed more plentiful, f . STUDENTS, TOGIVE SHOWl LOS QATOBiUprU.S.. Tonlatft, at the lttii high school auditor ium, tn tudent-tnepiane . wtn v present their i latest histrionio ef- -fort, "Orumoy,""The high1 school ' Orchestra, - under khe direction ' of Charlee Hay ward, will furnish the music for the occasion. . Claude Smith has arranged th lighting effect. .- ! -' 0 i-??aT.4'-..f'' FIFTEEN BIG CIRCUS at. Shrine Circus .sUrtlag ;tonorr. row night Advertisement.- ' C n A V OAT TTUl? iMr A'H'A'7I1n7 DA OP r -:- juf;1 '",1 4 if U mCL si,

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