Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1954
Page 3
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~w FfWrfi*^*** ^«?^»*r* -,„ HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS ft? Sfock Show Motorcade Story in Pictures ' hr'f- — Star photos tft* ptetafe fepart'dft the^Hnual rrtstdfcade * est Arkansas Wednesday, September22, pfdryidtino the Livestock Shew whi6fi fcjSeH* In Hope today for * 8 w.ilW^w^«:!^^««i6u«i In the picture, vl«W behIHa th« camera. Later L That's Milton (86rub) • Mssietv sergeant of state police. wh6 piloted the motorcade, standing beside I. A U stoek Show Shetland pony which made .the entire aii-mile tflur pases for his picture before the take-offi On b6ard is proud ••-•• - - -• • r. S.year-old daughter 6f Mr, and Mrs. OrVal 3. the opening scene of the tour shows the traveling unit of the Hope High School Bafid setting up for a number ort the wain street of Nashville. Acrdss the street directly over the ,ro6f of the ear in the fdreground is a group identified left to right as: Hemp- stead County Agent Oliver L. Adams, C. M. (Pod) Roger*, Jr., State patrolman Guy Downing (with his back to camera), Stock Show Manager Bob Shivers, and Chancellor James H; Pilkinton. Just to the right of them, backed up against a bread rtuek, Mrs. Mary Sue Evans is taking movies of the scene. 4. One of the headllner attractions In the parade which opened the Nevada County Fair . l« PreScdtt. In which the Stock Show tourists participated, was the Ponder Quadruplets of Murfreesboro. the folks In the car tried vainly to get the four famous red-heads to pose, so we finally had to settle for this informal picture. 5. this is Miss Neva Hill, queen of the 1&53 N . c ^da Count* Fair, on the last day of her reign - a new queen being crowned^ for 1954 Wednesday night. ..,.., _ . . ,„,„,. tn Pr « e0 tt -. The full Hope High Shool Band went to .Pnsscou^ 6. Tne TUII nope High onooi D«MU -y. 1 " -- • t V"r"hhnHirtCfloh to march in the Nevada County Pair parade, and the photbgra|h shows them drawn up in marching arrangement just west of the we- a^uU'wKht mK^e ^T.VrtS V'A* 'band re?urned home from Prescott by bus. • • rappi^spiig$^s$*i^^ < " •-{•!/- •#.%-*. Miijj^>^ - •- -•- . iilii^if^^^ . • • ' !t V . '_r/l: -ifx'j-i. v ? **W$^ WIW^^^^ i«-VwI^8SSHillR!R T ** ' ( , * *$-yKt ! ?^^i^9K ' Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor _Alex, H. The Noise end Excitement Which We Call Show Week Quoted ft* Stopping at a broken down gas ([station, miles from anywhere, the Imotorist called oul to the attendant Iwho was dozing next to the lone {gas pump: ."He/, what do you call this dog{gone, run-down, dried-up hell thole?" Scratching his head the attendant |replied: that's close enough." Star WSAtMl local thunderstofiM W^n^ajf^l northwest ttolgh^ Coldej 1 Ubtt ' Wednesday. Experiment Station re 24-hours endingat 8 ft, ht High 98, Low §t 55TH YEAR: VOU 55 — NO. 293 Stor of Mop* 1*«, PM*« Jdrt. 16, 191* HOPE, ARKANSAS, f UtSbAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1954 M«wb*r: th* AH»d«t*4 PrM 4 Audit ftnHJM *» Ot*»t*«**i A». H*t fold Clrtl. S Me*. CndlAg Mafeh SI» IfM — 1,414 Stars in Revue^Excellent Vaudeville Bill, Opf ns First 3 Days of Week-Long 3d District Stock Show Mond^^ Thiy ir,,^^^ Hitter and his Championship Rodeo take over for the balance of the week. j.The Third District Livestock Show opened up Monday night with la crowd that was slightly ahead of the first night a year ago — vhich is a good omen for the re'st |of the week at Fair Park. And this year's crowd saw the best show ever — the finest stage lentertainment, the biggest carnival and midway, and a collection of Icattle exhibits that defies the {drouth., li The opening night crowd applaud- the vaudeville show, Stars in [Revue, on the Coliseum stage, 1 welcoming back an old favorite, Candy Candido, as master of ceremonies, along with new acts. And the huge Metropolitan Shows put up a blaze of light from its Midway that reflected all over Ward Two. It is reported to be one of the largest carnivals in America — and certainly looks it. Your editor took note of it Sunday night e trying to write & piece.at the office • — amidst the thunder of huge drays conning off the railroad cars in the Missouri Pacific yards and rumbling clown South Walnut St. in search of "location." Not quite all of the Metropolitan's huge array of outfits had found the park, or at least weren't fully set up, on Monday — but they'll all be open for business today. Show Week — it's a grind, to get ^eady for, but big and exciting once you get in the middle of it. Go out to Fair Park and you'll know what I mean . . , Polish Secret Police Official <w Flees to West WASHINGTON (UP) — The United States today ' dramatically announced the defection of a former high-ranking official of Red Poland's secret police who once arpested anl questioned three American citizens .missing behind the Iron Curtain since 1940. The Justice Department disclo;- that Polish Comnriunist Deputy ilicy Chief. Josef Sv/iatlo has broken with communism and has ben granted asylum in this country. , The State Department followed immediately with stern notes to Poland and Commuriist Hungary demanding release ..of the three Americans Swiatlo named. They ; are Hermann Field, his brother, Noel, and Joel's wife, Herta. Their disappearance into the tommunist world has been an international mystery. The United States demanded that the two Iron Curtain governments turn the Americans; over to U-S. authorities "at the curliest possi- 1 ble date." ; V • V ! Hermann Field was a Cleveland, O,, architect. Noel, Field once worked for the State Department from 1926 through the mid-1930's. The U. S. notes to Poland and Hungary revealed ', that: § 1. Swiatlo. who will hold a news conference this afternoon; arrested Hermann Field p», the Warsaw air- po)it Aug 22, 19,49 while waiting tp board a plane for Prague. The State Deputment told Poland to- dsy that it knows that Herman Field "continues to pe ir» prison' at. Miedzesi-.yn, Poland, near Warsaw, The department demanded that the Red Polish government giye "immediate consular access" and anangc for his repatuation 2 Swiatlo travelled from Wai- saw to Budapest, Hungary, in 1949 anl presonplly talked with Noel and Herta Field, who were in pus- pn. The state department, acting en this ^formation, likewise demanded that the Hungarian government permit an American consular official to SP.O tl)«m and to arrange lepatriation "at the ear- iept possible date." , The two U. S. notes revealed tUut ;he Hungaiian Communists apparently airested tho Fieldsi believing they had been involved in a "con- spiiacy" against 30jnrnunism unr der direction of fiunsary's foreign minister, Las^lo Riajk Noel Field, howaver, to!d Swiat- , Contrnued on Psg^ Three Denny Becker arid his nationally-known Orchestra, "The Madcap. Merrumakers." Richards, dancing funsters, > strike 2,500 Attend Stage Show Opening Nigh! A large crowd attended the opening of the Third District Livestock Show last night at Fair Park, the tenth year o£ the ' 17-county affair An estimated 2,500 persons al most filled the huge Coliseum to view the "Stars in Revue," a stage show that offers some exceptional talent. And all of the acts were very well received by the audience. Rousing applause was given the acrobatic dancers. Howard and Wanda Bell, whose act would be very hard to excell, along with Gillette and Richards, the singing-fun dancers and Juggler Bobby ters, Dolly Barr who dances skates and Denny Beckner and his orchestra. Candy Candido is master of ceremonies for the show. The Metropolitan Shows midway got a "fair" play during the night but the show itself wasn't quite ready, due, it was learned to unloading difficulties which delayed setting up. However, all rides and shows will toe ready for business tonight. .'H* Minimum Speed Limit- Proposed LITTLE ROCK ifl — The Afkan- sas Highway Users Conference 1$ going to ask for a 40-mite per holtr minimum speed limit on Arkansas highways. The conference, meeting here yesterday, will maku the request lo the 1955 Arkansas Legislature/ Carroll L. Owens is chairman of the conference. LaboritesSolil n . Meanwhile judging of livestock got underway this morning at 9 o'clock and ribbons , will be handed out when each division is viewed. Completion of judging will be Friday at the Junior show and fat calf auction. Many educational 1 and downright, cunning exhibits are on display in Jury's Verdict Touches Off Public Debate WASHINGTON (UP) — The re port of a special Senate committee recommending censure of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy on twb counts touched off a new public debate today on the controversial Wisconsin Republican. While- many of McCarthy's Seiv ate colleagues declined to take an immediate stand on the censuco report, the comment that was forth coming indicated a bitter floor battle when the Senate meets 'to take up the issue Nov. 3. The report said McCarthy should be censured on charges of ' contempt of the Senate und abuse of Brig. Gen. Ralph W. Zwicker during a hearing on the "Peress case." •Although McCarthy was in se- (UP) — Britain's ' Labor party tdda a narrow margin,' portirtg Prime Churchill's 1 ' d meht's stand- in favor v ,,of rearmament.' • / s ' The Vote? \vhleh" a^firfe tinuing British ' cy on the German A after* tfiSI the forepart of the Coliseum in the Home Demonstration and and German is a <complete7ch^nge;|o Soviet 'Russia.*!/ v> JftJ The moderate. Socialist Club hall just to the left of the Coliseum. But the exhibit which everybody,' young and old, go for is the the fish and animals displayed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commissions. It's located just north of the poultry building and Is well worth you time. ' Again tonight and Wednesday night "Stars in Revue" will perform in the Coliseum. •All you have to" do to-gain admittance is'get a guest tlcketfrom your favorite Hopepmer- chant v v£ho,lsrhelping niakc;the:show- possible-iv , ^ r , " Activfj;y % Thursday will c be ppeh- ed at 3 p, m'. with the annual rddeo parade. Local schools will dismiss Thursday p. m, for the parade and again Friday p. jn. which is school day. ' M The first performance of the rodeo which features guest star Tex Ritter, nationally known singing cowboy of movie' and radio and TV fame, will be held at 8 o'clock Thursday night. elusion, with a sinus ailment, the Chicago Tribune quoted him as saying that if the Senate "upholds the report. It will have gone a long way toward abdication of its constitutional right to investigate wrongdoings In the 'executive department." McCarthy, according to the Tribune, promised a Still fight against the 'censure resolution, His attorney, Edwai'd , Bennett Williams, also said that, McCarthy would make, a "vigc-'rouV, and lengthy" battle on the Sema'le floor, >«, At t least two senators,- 1 Theo- dore'Francis Green, XD-R,I.) v "and A.* Willis ^Robertson (D;Bti.') >'i*- saldi-theif Attlee 1 . vote on German , H , . nual 1 conf erohfco jwhff>'c .^ JLUUV&UJLJ3 !i **' L'tiA " !%{!'•''*^' )n-commltal' . were l,*ulrl«ic»"k *' ''^C^Mt, com* com- Here is Candy Candido, stage and screen star,, and master of ceremonies at;the Stock Show, as you don't see him on stage. Candy took time out to pose with his daughter, Flora Uee Ann, 3 — and Flora Lee loved it hugely. All Around the Town By Th* War Staff Father of Hope Man Succumbs at Prescoit i J. Dale Wilson, qged, 77, retired Missouri Papific operator, died at a Prcscott Hospital early last night. Mr. Wilson spent his early life in Hope but had lived in Prescott for many years. He is survived by his wife, one son, W. Dale Wilson of Hope and a daughter, Mrs. R. B. Magee of San Antonio, Texas, Funeral services will be held at 3:30 p. m. at the First Christian Church of Prescott. Burial will be at Prescott. dica'ted^ . committe' .Ircp'orti^ . Among the' ndn< the two Senate lealcrsA William F,., KnosVland ?%{ and Lyndon B. Johnson/(I The Democratic national mittee likewise withheld - ment. » ,' ^ > Wicker said at Chicago that', he "naturally" was pleaacd with the committe'3 recommendations ' as far as they concerned him.' ' > Son. Ralph E.' Fiandcr& • (R-Vt.).' who levelled the original censure charges against McCarthy,' t was "very well pleased." Ho f said in Chicago" that the"'judleiar"-;v v a.^ mosphere in which'the * '"^ were held made the case sure mu.cir'strpn'ger. \> •• Bruce are ge; first/g| are «^/9S Ton.,,, 9^, e f Game and Fish Commission ex--, are invited to take part, hibit at Fair park is having trouble keeping its fish alive . . . something in the water it seems anyway the exhibit is well worth your time as they have a large variety of wild animals Stars in Revue, opened in the Coliseum and is welj worth anybody's time all it costs — time and that's guest tickets can be had free of charge from most downtown Hope merchants . . . Metropolitan's Railway carnival is one of the largest to play in the section and has several rides not often brought to this area. District 11, Arkansas Pharmaceutical Association, will hold a district meet at 7:30 p. m., October 6, at the Coffee Cup in' Texarkana . . . , the district is composed of Howard, Sevier, Little River, Hempstead, Nevada, Miller and Lafayette counties all persons connected with the drug business and their families are invited. Dr. Herbert Rogers affirms the fact that dirt is taking a heavy toll of livestock in this section ..... many that are not even reported . . . . lack of moisture forces stock to eat grass too close to the ground and as a result an excessive amount of dirt is taken into their system which makes the livestock easily susceptible to pneumonia . . . , . many of them die and the owner doesn't even report it due in part to expense of doctoring the animal whose value, in rrjany cases, would not warrant irjuph expendl tur,g .... a cprit^gipus ptneunnonia recently killed ?2 hqad of stock on the Cox Farm at Fulton'. • Dr. Rogers .says that by eating grass ao close cattle take into their system many kinds pf disease germs. R.$.Pyne,54. Found Dead in Tourist Court Robert Sydney Pyne, aged 54, employe of Metropolitan Shows now playing at Third District Livestock Show, was found dead at Davis Tourist Court yesterday by M. B. iiatch, owner and operator. Hempstead Coroner Rufus Herndon. Jr., ruled that death was from natural causes. Mr. Pyne was a ticket seller for the minstrel show at Fair park. He is survived by his wife and one .son pf Warsaw, Indiana. Ills wife is enroute to Hope. The bijdy is at Herndon-Cornelius Funeral Hpme here, KXAR Has Unusual Exhibit at Fair One of the unusual exhibits at the Third District Livestock fair this year will be KXAR's echo canyon—an amazing electronic demonstration. You will be able to spe^k and hear your own voice echoing ian4 re-echoing Jn the electronic canyon. The display is in the Merchants exhibit hall in the front of the coliseum and starting Tuesday will be demonsrated at 3 P, m. and 7 P> ftIV daily. American Cancer Society, Arkansas Division, wijl Ivojci a training conference for District 6 al Hote} partQw, O-ptofeer 4 starting a* 10 a. m. end ewtlftuing through 3 p. m. .... a Bodcow Group Meets Thursday Bodcaw Improvement Association will meet at 1 p. m. Thursday, September 30. at Hjgh School. Pri? ncipal speaker will be H. A. Rowe of the South Central Cooperative of Arkadelphia, Everyone is as ed to bring a covered dish, LITTLE ROCK — W I. W, Harvard of Ca»ton, 'Miss., was apparent low bidder today for construe- of an engine vepyir shop a,t Norrell Still Improving WASHINGTON iff) ~ Rep; Norrcl} (D-Ark) was reported t,q be in sati^faptory condition and showing slight improvement night. The Arkansas cojigr« 15 in Walter Reed hogpUitjl where lie was taken JQ ^ft,er eufferinji a ^}ght his home in Monticello, Arhf. ago the Little Rppk Air His proposal, one of. eight open* ed by V, S,, cojnpared $24.8, "t,

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