Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 2, 1894
Page 5
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Atyour Grocer**) DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 2, Twenty-five piece* of black illk to ••loot from, at the closing tale of the New Fashion (tore. February 12, 1894.—Th« storage dally payment* to pulley holders last w«ek by the Mutual Life Insurance Co.. ol Now York, waa $60684.39.— t. M. Closson, Agent. ••Flnnlgan's BUI" the play u«cd by Hurray and Mack to captivate theatre goer*, la a cleverly constructed comedy of tbo fame order, and the plot kolds well throughout the three aoti •ffun, The situation! are all new and original, and M the company 1" exceptionally clever, a firit class per. formaaoo it assured. NAME IN PRINT. !!••» of«Ptr»«m»l Character Ouu- ••mine Loiauiportera and Tliclr Fjrlcndu MUe Grace Toby lg vlaltlne friends at KtwsnnB.. Judge Bureon, of r WlnamRC, was In tbo city yesterday. Miss Sylvia Henry wenU Saturday to accept a position as stonogropher in St. Louis, Mis* Mao Patterson e-BtertalD(d a number of her young friends at tea yesterday ntternoon. Idavllle Observer; Mrs. Margaret De)/.ell epcnt a ( few days last week with her eoo, Ed Delzell and wife, at LoRani-port. Dr. L. E VVendover, of HanDC-man College, Chicago, alaterof Mrs. Gttty, and Dr.'R. L. Carter, of Boston, are beirjr entertained by Mr. and Mrs. J. F Getty. F. M Uouglane, general manager of the Guarantee Saving. Life and Accident Association of .Indianapolis was in tho city jesterday. He will Organize a branch here. Mr. and Mrs. H F. Jox entertained the Journal force in a most uollgbtful manner at supper laitevening at their pleasant borne on £a«t Broadway. The guests were treated in a manner which rarely falls to the lot of the bumble printer, and tho memory of tho evening will be one long cherished by the rocipents of the genial hospitality of. Mr. Jox and his charming wife. Peru Journal: John Selsler was in T-ognnsport yesterday ---- P. H. Me- Grevey visited relatives in Logansporl yesterday .... Guy Holm and wifo oacceboroo from Indtanapolta Saturday evonlne. .. .Ike Baer. of Logans port, wus visiting his folks in this city yesterday ____ Wise Hattie Beyburn has returned from a visit In Lognns, port ____ M. Michael, of Logansport, was in tho city today .... Mr*. C. C. Kroswllor was In Mogansport yustor- day , . . . Mrs A. H, LandU, of Lagans- port IB a pue^t at the home of Mr. and Mr8. C. J. S. Kumler. . . .81 P. Sbeorln of Logareport, tne prominent politl clan, was In the oltv last ovenlng while OD hlg way home from Indian- apolls. Some of the cleverei* people in tho profession arc found to be young men and as the old favorites drop out one by one, these naturally step in and fill the vacancies in the (root rinks. This leanon two of th«seooir.e forward u a brand new comedy wr!.tt«n to fi' their peculiar line, and ft right good jalr they ore, Murray and Mick, tho gentlemen In question, wilt produce a 'arce comedy new to our theatre- goers here, Flnotgan's Ball." Thsy will no doubt fulfill the expectations of their friends, and ai they »re surrounded Dy a company of merit, bore la no reason why they shou d not Qil the oper* house where they appear tonight. Mrs. Alfred Bunger died at her tome on the West Sl<!e at 4 o'clock vcsterday morning, aged 90 years The time of the funeral will bean ounce d later W W Reynolds was called East Tuesday evening by the death of his mother. Pnn Handle engine 1193 has been transferred from the freight to t,he switching service. Pin handle engine 304 was taken out of tbu ahop. and engine 501 was taken in vesterdiiy, J J. Hannon of tbo Pan Handle car xhops la in Pitlsburg on company's business. PHD Handle psesonger conductors and bruk<;mon are having their rne«8- ures taken for tbelr summer uniforms. Tbo locomotive engineers on the Great Northern, a'ter remonstrating for some time, have accepted a reduction of thler waeea. The Pan Hanrt'e telegraph otllco at Gnbha'-t was partially destroyed by flre yesterday afternoon. Tho /l«mes originated {roin a passing locomotive Tho annual meeting of the Pennsylvania will be held in Philadelphia, March 13. and on tbe same date the ftnnunl tni-etiiiir of the Wabaah will occur In Si Louis. A dinpntob from Fort Wayne eaye; Superintendent C. O Law of tho Pltte- burp, Ft. Wnyne & Chicago Road was called to Plttfburg- last right to attend a meeting or tho purpose of ciscuts \ne the wage question. Another cut in WBKCS in tbe entire Pecnsylvatilu system is looked for. L. S, Puroell the Pan Handle claiming B(jcnt came near losing hlu overcoat while attending' a trial at Marlon a few daya n?o. Ho burg it In the cloak room of the court house and when be aealn wanted to use it, it, wns missing 1 and another left in Its place, much shabbier than his own. After making a search be found it on tbe back of a stranger. Tho car shop? at Mount Ternon, III., which h»ve been Idle for some time, will r'Burao work at once with a full force of -hands. They have just secured a contract for the construction of 100 refrigerator care, which means steady emp oyment .for from 500 to 600 men for about >lx weeks. It IB tbnueht that by the time this con. tract Is completed other buulnoss will bo secured that «U1 keop tho shore ffolntf. Atto noys of Crawfordsville have in preparation papers In a ten-thouxand dol ar suit against the American Kx proBH Com puny to be brought for E>) Brown, who on the third trial was acquitted of assaulting witb intent to kill tbe express messenger in a Big Four car on Aug. 11. Brown bad throe trials before bis acquitt.a'. Damages ore a»lted for false arrest and for a permanent injury received from being shot by an employe of tbe company. Indianapolis Journal: Benjamin McKeen, engineer of maintenance of way of tbe Lnganfport and tbo Pcorla divisions of tbe Vnudalia, ib petting tbe work,trains and crews together te begin bnllRBling OD thette divisions and making other improvements a* soon as the weather is suitable. H<> expects to be doing something In this direction by the micdle of this month , ,Ho expects to get tbe track of the Lnffanpport division in as good physical condition an the Vandalia main Hoe. Pau Hand'e engineer Chas. Lslng and S. C. Beckwltb and ftrenmn A. F Stoli. havo juut returned from Marion where tho.v have been attending a trial. Five years ago a cow belonging to Silvester Nelson, a Grant county farmer was killed by a Pan Handle freight train, and a short time ago NL-I.OQ »u> d the company demanding ' $50di,raages. The trial lasted nearly three days, anrl tbe end of it was that tbo railroad company was acquitted, it being provon that tbe cow was on a road crossing when struck. BANKRUPT SALF Under Order Cass Circuit Court. pairs Ladies' Kid Button and Lace Shoes, all P" p H 0 l n Tl styles, worn up 1o $3.75. Choice all $K50. JlZcS I TL 10 J Appraisement pricewithout regard to value. See Shoe Window. Sampla of Appraisement of Men's Fine Salts, INCLUDING HAi'I'Y HOMi:. if 5 00 to $ 6.00 Suits for Mea - - - # 2 98 8.00 to 12.00 " " " - $ 5,00 to 098 12.52 to 15.00 " " " - 8.00 to 998 IG.OOto 25.00 10 00 to 14.00 The Appraisement on Overcoats Still Lower. Greatest Bargains ID Men's A^ Wool Pams--$i.48 up. 62c for Wrlghrs Fleece-Dnfd Underwear former worth $1.25 $298 for Me&'s Hair-Wool: Suits. Trunks and Valises at auc'ioL 1 prices. Large Slock. Formerly the Property of Otto Kraos A. G. JENK1NES, Assignee 317, 319, 321 Fourth Street. The Stanley At tho do -D town temperunoe meet- Ing last, evening there wero twen y eight pledges signed, Tho work Is going grandly on. During the four Digbtr•'. that the Stanley meetings have been'in progress ninety-six persons have signed tbe pledge. This Is good. Mr. Stanley's address last evening was unusually forcible. He knows what be is talking about from past and p-iluful experience and baa a way. all bU own, ot touching tbe bearia of bis bearers. Ai'a temperance lecturer he Is certalr'y a success He was assisted last evening by Mr T. J. Legfe, Grand Secretary of the I (). G. T. who addressed tbe audience. This evening Hon, 8. Bybee of Kortb Jm'Hon will address tbe mpot Ing, after which an Installation meet, ing will bo h-ld in I. O. G T. ball. Tomorrow at 2:80 there will be a ohll. dren's meeting at tho room and all Juvenile Templar* and school children are lovll^d U> attend. a Schmidt'* Cmt«. ' 'The trial of Augusta Schmidt for the willful murder of Oscar Walton la set o own on tho trial calendar of the March term of court for the 19th day of that month," Bays tbe Kokomo Dispatch. "C. B. Shirley, resident counsel for tho accused woman, says that the defendant will certainly be ready for trial al that time, and that she will aak no further dqlsy. Some rather extravagant stories have been sent to the metropolitan newspapers concern- Ing Mrs. Schmidt's health. One of ibero has her dying with 'galloping consumption,' and others say that her physical condition is such that she can hardly live till tbe calling of her C»FO. The truth Is that Mrs. Schm'dt Is not in good health. She eats but little and confinement at d worry bare told severely on her, but she is in no immediate danger and requires tho attention of the jal' physician but infrequently. She would not survive six months In the close quarters of tbe jill, perhaps, and for thia reason her lawyers desire to brlrg her cause to ICBUO at the earliest possible moment. 1 ' I Tho MtHlrru Invalid I Una tastes medicinally, in keeping I with other luxuries. A remedj must bo pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in composition, trnly beneficial In tfJect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. Jf reallv 111 he consults a physician: if constipated he uses tbe gentle family laxative Syrup of Figs ADDITIONAL, I,OCAM*. Get your new dresses now while our stock is being opened. Prices lower than ever known at tbe Trace Palace. Come at your earliest convenience while tbe stock is fresh and get somo choice bargains at tbe closing sale of i he New Fashion store. Mrs. Jane Davis died at tbe home of her daughter Mrs. Jos. Kerlin, on Melbourne avenue at 2 J)'cloclc yesterday morning, aged 88 years. The deoeaced has resided in Logansport for nearly fifty years. The time of the funeral will be announced later, A gang of tramps, five la number, were run in Wedni sduy night.- They h«d been cntnp!og near the south yards of tho Pan Hindleand an '. tficlal vlnH to their rendezvous yesterday revealed a considerable quantity of j boots »n d oboes, clothing, groceries, i etc., leading to the bR'lef that the place !•* a 8Ort °' robber's rooH. A stranger was arrested oo tho street! Wedneseay night for drunken, rets. Something about tbe man's conduct aud talk led to tbe belief of tho police tbat he was wanted at Rich. mond and a telegram to that plac brought the response that he wa wanted for burglary. The fellow wil be held here ten daya on tbe cbarg Of drunkenness and tho Kicbmom officers will probably be up to claim him. People would hardly think of glviof a canary bird whisky, but when a bin falls ill and loseea Its voice the probability is that it has taken cold. Canary birds take cold very easily, ani have pneumonia and pleurisy and con sumption juat like human beings. When tho bird droops, a fow drops o: whisky and rock candy given at Inter valsof an hour will often effect a complete cure. Only a couple o drops can be given at a time, or tbe canary will become tipsy and lal ab-'Ut tho cago like a drunken man, but the treatment is tho best possible for a canary with a cold. The funeral of Hon. C. B. Knowl ton was hold from the family resi dcnce on Eel River Avenue at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, tho services beinjf conducted by Rev. D P. 1'utnara pa jtor o! tho First. Presbyterian church. An eloquent and touching eulogy was delivered by Judge L). D Dykeman, the Jong time neighbor and one time business partner of tho deceased. Interment was made m Mt Hope coox'tery, tbo pall bearers being Paul Taher, A U, McAllister. Judge M. Winfield, B. F Louthaln, Judge D B. McConnell and S. B. Boyer. 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PRA Pollard A Wilecc ware: < Handle furtarr W«o« r«r »•<:: Handle factory wood d«Uv<_ :. kny part of thc> city, M»U ora,. Hillock: & Plttman, Handle Fso, n Toledo St., or P. J. Klmmcr. All goade aro.being Mid at ;i ... .orlfioe, al tbe closing sale o.' New Fashion (tore. [ ! Merchant Tailoring. We do it, and we do it right. That is, we guarantee reliable fabric a, €orrcct fit and modest price. It will pay you to SEE US when you get ready for a new suit or overcoat. CARL W. KELLER & CO., 311 MARKET STREET. tc- i to -*>«: * f

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