Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 27, 1954
Page 8
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MfioVatlofl ifid Iflftef \tfOULD like to do baby silling. * • ii Mrs. Elmer Hampton Paisley school. Phone 7- tuhfrtg repairs, regulating. estimates. Factory experience. .M. L. Reitcr, 423 Main, Tcxarkana, Tex. 23-01 Funeral Director! StAft, HOM, ARKANSAS Wonted , I odverflwhisnti of» dtlbn <ind;,io r«l«*t ibl* ; odvertislnfl sub. ''Of 'mort i«H«ri, i «0eh ,a«-Hous« or leourtt.a* on* word. f»% will not'b*. reipon- mn War»t Ad» urtlwi llrt-to our attention •loft 'of <»d «ind th»n iOneortect OAKCREST, FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND it HAZEL , , . PHONE 7>2123 AD'l Mo. TF UNITED FARM AGENCY Local Office — the Oaks Court Phdne PRospect 7-5883 We Need Farms to Sell DUe to many recent Sales, and the "Farm buying" season approaching, we must have more farms to sell. • Nation Wide Advertising and n 30 year reputation. For results: CALL US NOW! Box 184 Hope, Ark. You Arc Hot Dierks Hands Blevins Team ^™ s-t v ,^ e „ C^.^. AU J I «**.«* with factual evidence that you are k)GCOnQ LOSS rfght — this summer was a hot pHe in Arkansas. • Led by Tailback Bobby Quinn, r tabulations by the US. Weather the Dierks Outlaws, downed a Jitfreau at Little Ro.:k ^reveal that scrappy Blevins eleven at Dierks 'Arkansas ruffered an avefoge' of Friday night. The Hornets were £7 days wlthu.lOO-degrees or better out-manned and out-weighed, but gave a creditable showing and ed 12 points against the classy laws. Dierks scored three times first quarter, Jackson scoring from the one yard line. Quinn rack ed up No. 2 and 3 by runs of 15 and 20 yards for the Outlaws. Halfback Porkers, TCU Start Grind for SWC Title By the Associated Press SPORfSROUNDUP •y «AYl* TALiOT. NEW YORK (/P) ->• This seems a good day to nominate tha player who is destined to have; the arcal est' influence on the outcome; of the Texas Christian 'and Arkansas. Wdrld. Senos. Our choice for he a cbuplfe of teams that weren't! distinction is Hoy. vVilhdrn, the supposed-16 amount to much biH.knuckleballing relief specialist of thc snide ro.marks the Giants, and;the reasoning goes »vcatiici v»n» "»ft. »•>*- • -«• - ~ J clJc dt-bught. The records show thatl w j t h ''' , . Uiactured intersadtional record. Buiin«it Opportunity .CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest irt South Arkons&s. Call 7-6505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. For Sole v .afternoon, by , . n. S«y-Tf». Editor I. Publlilwr ..aging* Editor • fertUIng r Manogw •;:'<S»mhf Sup*. ."clot* mall*' •» «»..., it H«««V ArkMiim, fttt|o%Mofrh 3. im. Plenty of USED TIRE BARGAINS J Exceptional values in 2 Used Detroit'J«wel Gas Ranges >, *• • Fully-guaranleed - Good, Used Practice Piano Oklahoma Tire & Supply moUTPH' emergency feeds. Range CJubes. Rahge Meal for salt mix 'ing." lG"/»Dairy and 6Q% Graii sweet feeds. Our prices are right Call' or see us. Phbne 7-2547. HOPE FEED CO. 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Johnson. • 25-3t CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballel and 'toe. Katharine Windsor, 104 E. 14th. Phone 7-3327. 22-1 mo For Rent 2 'MALE and 2 female Dalmatian puppies. $5. and $10. Mrs. J. T. Adams, Rt. 2, Emmet. 25-3t GRAVEL bed: See at 1517 S. Pine. • .' 27-3t Thomas Howard scoi'ed next for Dierks, going over from the ten. Quinn converted again, his fourth for the night. Blevins got rolling and completed two long passes, Husky to' Smith and Willis to Smith, but Quinn intercepted the next toss and skirted 40 yards for paydirt, and again kicking the extra point. The half, ended as Dierks kicked off to the Hornets. Blevins received after the half, working the ball down to Outlaw territory, but again fate took a hand and Jackson intercepted .Willis 1 intended toss to Smith on the 40 and going all the way for the sixth Dierks touchdown. Quinn converted and the score was 42-0.> Late in the 3rd quarter, Willis skirted left end, and behind • good interference, blasted his way to the 25 where he.was forced out. o bounds. Wayland Bryson, leading ground gainer for the Hornets wa called on to produce, and that h did, twisting and running througl the entire Dierks team all the waj and Blevins had 6 points. Attemp ted kick for extra point was n good. Blevins kicked off and Dierk march up field was halted -as Bruce intercepted one of Quin'n's tosses and ran it to the six yard line. Before a play could bo run, the whistle sounded and the teams exchanged for the last quarte^ Bryson picked up four to thc 2 yard line, and.the Outlaws bowed their backs to no avail. Bryson hit the center of the Dierks line like a Pattpn Sunday, the .fourth day -of au> tumn, the mercury almost .forgot the summer ended last week. It climbed to 99 degrees at Little Rock 'for the clay's hottest reading in Arkansas and..the warmest veather reported among 55 of the in the ation's larger Other maximum reading late were 90 at FayetteVille Valnut Rclige, 91, at Flippin, t Fort Smith and 97 at Pine Bluff nd El Dorado. There wn£ a trace of rainfall re .ortcd Sunday at Flippin. Today's forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with .1 few widely scattered showers .in north Arkansas. The weathermen expect lit,le. change .In temperatures. Yerger Tigers Handed 2nd Defeat Pine Bluff's Yellowjackets- hung a 30 to 6 defeat on the Yerger Tigers Friday night in Hammons Stadium. It was the second loss in three tries for the home boys. Texas Christian, 'sensation, of the conference although 1 losing its gafiie Saturday, has convinced the 'critic!? that the title race is going to be much more thaii the heralded one- team affair. The Frogs carried Oklahoma, then ranked No. 1 in the nation to the last gun Saturday, finally losing 21-16. The Frogs were much more impressive than Tcsaw, the biy championship favorite, Which threw away its chances repeatedly' in taking Dame. a 21-0 licking from Notre bafflt: the Indians ,.„> late innings at way ho has baffled ,, 1C u^ ...wora in the National League all season, the Giants wil in all probability win the set. If he can't you've-^s 1 "-'- to like Clcve land's chances. >taybe it's not| quite that simple but it's close. j There can be Ut'.le cucsdort that the righthandcd Noi'th Carolinian is the greatest gamcsavcr .around to lay. If the circumstances are right le will be in there nearly every day the playoff Lists, because lie needs no rest between his heroics. In the course of tho season just closed Wilhelm strode in from .the oullpen in approximately, one out cmts pitcher. Loo Durocher usod h"m very sparingly in tho spring exhibitions, becnuso he knows what he can do when the proper time comes. Even so our Cleveland informant says thc Tribe batters ate more littery .-it 'tlio piospedt Of facing his butterfly ball than tlviy are about Sal Maglie's curve ^r Johnny Antonelirs fast one. : h» Millions of television fans.'Will have a chancfe'lo soo for l.hetn 4 f elves what it moarii! to try to tiV<5n cntch the particular type of knuck ^ ler that Wilhelm lhrow.3, much less hit it. They will see catcher Wes Wcstrtim hopping about like a-cat on a hot stove, just seeking ,,tp the thine. Thc; reserve Gi- Moftdoy, September 2?, 1954 STAR, H© PI, ARKANSAS Arkansas, relegated to thfc cellar before hurling a single-pass, swamped Tulsa 4.1-0 and looked anything; -but a weak sister. Thc Horned Fro;;:< and Unzor- backs get together at Fort .Worth Saturday night.. •-'•'' It's the first week of'the season for -all''seven''members to be • ir action. Southern Metho'dist is thc last team to open. The Mdthcdis clash'with Georgia Tech at Dallas Saturday night. ( • _ Baylor which rail' into a hornet s nest at Nashville Saturday night , of every three Giants games and ., f , ooc i hitter or a poor one, the - ' '" '' LnUUn. Uiv: iii-infe' •«•••— ants catchers usually wear a mask when they warm him up. . Wilhelm serves hU'spacialty with the same motion and much the same speed as his fast ball. Nei< thor pitcher nor his catcher ever know which Way the knucklcr is going to break. "It doesn't matter whether you hit left or right, 01: whether you're ' Stan Musial. scored -12; .'victories against only thing fools'you,' 1 'says'S four defeats,-two • of the latter ati.ij t i cv els hitters off." .,.,,,, the hands of Pittsburgh no less. T ftj s fellow wild \vo say. is more' His earned run average was an|]: kc)y tnan a ny other .player — — «.„!«»' '<i> 1C *-m *> rtn »Vi/i ' 'in/ 1 ) \rlt*_ i ... _ _t _ _ l „;. t,-. t\4 f nr«t nil tnt amazing';,!?! 15 per game and virtually nothing -per .innivtfl. He has not Jost., a.-gamo .sinco July 23, thougbA.he, lias stuck his neck out 21-times in that'pcrieKl. ''There -was., not"'quite the xisual ca^r on '.Wilhclm's ;icrvice<s. dur'u'.g the season, because the Veteran Marv Grissbm also proved himself ji remarkably effective reliever somewhat longer stretches nest ai INUSIIVUU: t.uv.,^.,.j ........ ovcr S omfWhal longer stroicncs and had to ease through 25-10 ovpr knucklcballer normally yanderbilt through-the-c'utch work of its sophomore quarterback, Bobby -'Jones, .'-opens "the. w^'*'^ work with 0 battl lt\\^tj fciiwi* w«-j ,-• have a decisive effect on the series outcome, one Way or the; other" also represents the biggest bargain/*? on the Giants roster They, picked him up for $2,500 back m; 1947,, when they drafted him from- the Braves' farm a', Moorovllle./Is.-C.' The Giants thought sp little of him , that they left him open to the draft for several years and didn't b""*" him in from Minneapolis until UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. Private "bath, rent reasonable. 1311 W. Avenue B. Phone 7-3696 ^^^^ B]evins had 12 poin ts for ____|the night. Try for extra point was NICE 5 room house. Phone 7-2622. no good. Blevins kicked off and excels. In the last' two .months. though, Gr'Fsom lost some of his uss' while Wilhelm ... unbeatable.'. Indians have seen less tmee u ie& i«* "»^ »,v*».w w«jw. ; g «:,,iif ij«.\.vin.»t -• — Holding a scant 6-0 lead at half- j ar Miami Friday nv-,li<. ' s The Indians have seen less of time the visitors pushed over six! Texas licks lU \\ound* and t .o a knucWel . s than of any other Gi- more points in the third period and to redeem itself against Washing-, * ... . . n j..i-i_ 41 . CM „ 4.-. „* A iiol ill KilflM'Ill V ni L- I . .___-J _—.~. • ~ went. wild to score 18 points in thc final quarter. A Howard to Gladney pass set up Yerficr's lone tally in the fourth ' with Tyus handing . off; to' Stuart jt s opener two weeks ago, returns rom the two for .the'touchdown. '• •-•-- •"-'—••>-« •~I«M- n^ninst crnoon. Thc coast team doesn't aP-',,,, b knocking otf'64:. yards in pear too formidable . . . . tf ^ Buddy Bol) Benson of Rice, which beat Honda 34-14 m ^ Queen> the .sccon.i strinj; iail-. back who Ecoreid or.o touch:l6wn, James Cobb. 24-3t Dierks lost the ball on downs...the '• ' -' ,—.— Cornets taking over on the; 35. This FURNISHED 4 room apartment, opportunity was short lived as a "-. iNo children., 203 East Ave. C. 25-3t Blevins back fumbled and Dierks ROPER Table top gas range in. .___•_-. recovei . ed . Qu i nn almost got away good condition. 217 N. Elm. Phone THREE large unfurnished rooms. 7-3353. 27-6t FORD tractor with discs, plow, mower. Inqure 312 South Wa)rmt. Private bath and private en- for ' another touchdown but was TAGGERT seed-/oats, germination 96%. $1.25 per bushel. Phone 74931'. . 27 - Gt Lost WHITE Jersey, muley, weight about 050. Has sale barn tag No. 830 in ear. Call 7-3898. For Lease r, . o j JX 01 hauled down on the Blevins 15. He trance. 408 East 3rd, St. Phone then pasged to Young over the goal 7-3530. 25 -* 1 for the T- D , and kicked the extra point, and that ended the scoring fori v the night. Dierks kicked^ of! to Blevins with time running; out arid Willis threw a long! pass, in. tended for Smith buc .was inter cepted by Dierks. Farley hit cen teiv for a first down and the whis tie blew, ending the game. Fina Score: Dierks 49, Blevins 12 Dierks won their first game by a score of 38-0 over Murfreesboro, and took Broken Bow, Oklahoma in their second encounter 25 to ; 19, They play HOratio next week „ —— | Mrs. Mollie Lowery of. Gurdon. at rjjerks. Dierks coaches are 44 ACRE farm, modern home. BD , dicd at hef home Friday, Septem- char i es Payne and Leo Johnson, ^nf»ri»« tiloble. Write or see Oren .— n . i^,,« n ,.«i nTi-nnftomnnts are; _.. _i it-_.- u /-»u^^., T nn ^/i*.c. r,i.o Tnn*3 the Netjro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Ml«* Turntr at Hicks Funeral Home . Daniel Martin and! Jimmy S.tuart were Yerge'r standouts. Many Top RafeTeams Areeateri ^ action Saturday night against Jornell at'Houston.-Cornell opened ic season last week by bowing .to Colgate 10-14. . •.'„.."• Texas A&M, which looked better nan expected while ;losin3 to Okla- loma A&M. 14-6, plays Georaia_ at Athens. Georgia whipped Florida State 14-0 and • Clomsoh '14-7 and ooks up to taking, the Aggies into oainp. . By The .,.. Notre Dapie, apparently healec for, new g|ories, and young Terry Brennan, may just stand aside and watch other top, contenders for na tional football ronors .With the season' only two wees old, four teams .picked to challenge the Irish for the coveted No. 1 role — Texas, Illinois, Michigan State and Georgia Tech already huv been beaten. • ' ".-.'''. Another, Oklahoma, has had r J acres tilable. Write or see L. Harris, 7'A miles south of Hope on Lewisvillc highway. Route 1. Hope. 27-3t SMITHS GENERATOR STARTER SHOP We rebuild generators 'and starters for all makes and mod- cars. Hazel St. ber 24. incomplete. arrangements are j and tnejr The senior and junior choirs of Garrett Chapel Baptist Church will rehearse Tues'day night, September 28, at 7:30 p. m. . _ _._ Leaders are June iKitchens, Mary Sue Reese, Mary iReid, Irene Muldoon and Sue Gibson. Game at a glance: FOP Complete Partt and !„.««_ Service for " • New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors f Phpn» or Writ* Fallin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark/ Pho. «82, 6W A 1140-R Choir No. 2 of -Bethel AME Church will rehearse Tuesday night, September 28, at 7:30 p. m. Senior jehoir of Lonoke Baptist Church will rehearse Tuesday nig- AMERICAN LEAGUE ' (Final) •-.••'•• , W L Pet. GB U ti \. rv r» •»»-» k.%."- --.- ^ galloped 62 yards in 11 carries and completed 1 three of three passes for 74 yards. - - ' . , After muffing two early chances to score, the Razorbacks crossed the goal in'the first quarter on Iiloore's 21-yard crash .through left tackle. Arkansas' second quarter touchdown came on a 12-yai : cl pass, from Benson to blocking back Bobby Proctor 'of Helena.'Three touchdowns in the third quarter blew .a : .vajl 'tulsa's hopes. .4pqre scored from 1!) yards out, center Jerry .Ford .ran 74 yards with an intercepted puss, and Walter plunged across from tlio one. Benson piled on the fIny 1 touchdown with a 21-yard run around e-nd in the fourth quarter.' Blevins Dierks 8 First downs 10 204 Yards rushing 268 30 Yards passing 80 2 Passes completed 0 2 Passes incompleted 7 2 Intercepted by. 4 2-30 Yards penalized 6-40 Officials: Sam Ellis, Sim Ellis, i Sonny Nutt. NOTICE RODEO VISITORS CU§TOM Reef cut and wrapped for deep fr*e*e. 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SPECIAL To cyr Regylflr Cvitomeri Lions Off to Good Start 1 in Pro Play By EARU WRIGHT United Presi; Sports Writer Thc National Football League >pened its S5th season Sunday and -oach Buddy Parker's Detroi jions hade an impressive star n- their bid for a record thin straight championship by rallyin .o rout the Chicago Bears, 48-23 It was a different story in th Eastern division as Paul Brow Ihe profesional gamo's mo.st su< cessful coach durlnt; thc last decade, practically conceded thi crown to the Philadelphia Eagle ufter they whipped his Ciuvelun Browns, 28-10. Cleveland \von the Eastern title the last four years. While Detroit tamed thiv Bears. the< San Francisco Forty»Niners Find Los A'-igelcs Hams ope-nod with scoring sprees to snow they are set to buttle tho Lion.s for Wuslern di vision honors. The Forty-miners crushed the \Vashingtoa Redskins, 41-7 and the Rams shut out the Baltimore Colts, 48 0. The New York (Jiants, scoring more points than they did in any ht, September 28, at 7:30 p. m. Roland Ricks, Jr., and Sylvester Hicks left Friday night for Los Angeles, Calif., for an indefinite stay. tight squeeze,/having to score twic In the fading minutes to beat Tex os Christian 21-13, and the Sooner may not be as "fortunate. Oct. against Texas at Dallas At least one of the power, and possibly more, will fall this week-end ' when action, in creases with an imposing intersec- onal schedule featuring a clash f two Bowl ' giants .--r-'. Maryland nd UCLA. Maryland, last yoav's .mythical atiohal champion,' and -UCLA, ated the best on the' Pacific Coast, angle Friday night ot Lo-5. Angeles n a game which' is bound to throw, riew light on the" Jiational piclure Wisconsin is at '' Mlchiigfiii. State Tenhesse' : at' Dukt\;' MiSsiss'ippi a Villanova in other'games invoivihf Cleveland New York Chicago Boston Detroit 3 Washington ialtimore Philadelphia 111 103 .43 51 60 85 86 earns which taught the ear y fancy , of 'those- /looking for a bandwagon, Notre Dame, meanwhile, appear a solid bet to survive its own rugged schedule and go through t he hooors for which the team wa picked in the pre-se8'jon"Associa ed Press poll. . For those who might have bee skeptical that the t'0-ycai-okl Bren nan could step into the shoes i Knute Rocke and : Frank Leahj the Fighting Irish -had'the answe Saturlay in a 21-0 triumph over a big, strong Texas loam which had been called tho -best from thc Southwest in years. The Irish entertain an okl state rival, Purdue, thi 1 : weuk and are li'J 03 66 30 54 100 51 103 .721 .609 8 .610 17 .448 42 .442 43 .428 45 .351 57 .331 60, Yesterday's Results Boston 11. Washington 2 Philadelphia 3, New York 0 Detroit t!, Cleveland 7 (133 in.) (Only Games Scheduled) NATIONA^ LEAGUE. (Final) York 3'rooklyn Milwaukee Philadelphia 2iric'ihriaU . St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh 97 92 80 73' 74 72 04 57. 62 05 70 80 82 90 53 101 .CSO .SS/B 5 .573 fi •.487'22' 481 23 .468 33 .41G 33 .344 '44 Yesterday's Re.-.ults New York 3, Philadelphia 2 (11 innings) Brooklyn 1, Pittsburgh 0, Chicago 5, Cincinnati 2 St. Louis 2, Milwauke 0 Porkers Look Fairly Strong in Opener FAYETTEVILLE (.?.'--The green " T™ ' ' - - 1 *V«t» **U* UUV, I**J > vv*-v;iv tfjiv* *.«*•>- *.»*,— ---.— . -T— --:- »' expected to duplicate approximate- Arkansas Razorbacks got plenty of ly last year's 37-7 scoro. Texas touchdowns and game experience was good enough to be picked No. in a 41-0 football rout of Tulsa ,.„„ good enough 4 in the pro-season AP poll behind he Irish, Oklahoma and Maryand. Oklahoma is ld.le this week. Illinois, tiie No. 5 team, was tunned by Penn State 14-12 Mich . Mrs. Gurtine R^ed Lee and children have returned to th,eir fame in Detroit, Mich., after speeding a few days visiting Mrs. Lee's sis ter, Mrs. JSsUzer Tyw w^o is U in Camden. Also Mrs. Dorothy mpsoji, and family- L.a4ie?'A.u, University Saturdiiy. But even the most helpful and optimistic Roorback fan would have to stretch the picture a little out of focus to see thu score as fore lunneti uy ^cuu ^vavw *-»-*« «**^,.. -- -- .T t gan State. No. '1 am! 17M Rose telling of great thing* to come. Ihe fci«*« ^ **•••••» TT ^ t ^ _„„„„« r.i;ll t >i >•> 11 > jH n« nil ?owl phampions, Tall before Iowa. 4-10. 'Georgia Tech, th«-"clq.ss of 3ixie and rated Nol. 7 before thc easoi} begun, lost tQ aroused Florda 13-12- ; ; . Tech was rated fifth in Ihe,.more •econt poll based ,0:1 the « first veek/s gam.es. Illinois \vas'No, .5 and Michis;an State No. 7 In this ineup, which was headed by Ok- ahoma- ''. •• The Sooners had a tremendous £cai^ in the game with TCU and barely won in the Jnct quarter after d sophomore Qklahqma ,sub, Jim Harris, had taken ever for the m jured, Qe»e , his gliouWw. A:> pppavpnt wag who wrecliecl Vf|\en eaptsio, Johnny Courch. end^owe touched the r mej,or uflset WW ArnjX. Arkansas season still includes all the. Southwest Conference learns, Olc Miss, Louisiana State and Houston University. After some great postwar teams, Tulsa is rebuiWin? from scratch. The Razoibacks, however, showed a versatile attack. They displayed the speed needed .IP turn an opponent's flanks. . Awl Henry Moore, the bone-rattling.. fullback from Little Rock who scored two touchdowns, lived up to pre-sca?on year, fall befors an under-rated South Carolina team 34-20 but in whipping William & Mary 27-0. Navy showed unexpected strength Pujce emerged as possibly the gouth's best bet for the national' crown by curshing Pennsylvania, 8?-0. The 3,lue Devils lace a stsrn test this week in Tennesse, 19.7 winner over Mississippi ' " ' up to distinctive '.and e (handsome $10 and $15 av»v lut &* ?e«W 0 fSPWMJ^i?"™* ^e^^ujcpir^Ki)A-heai.'iiJanlaJ'd Idumui M 02A*R IKf A YOU KIDS GOT /A LOT OF CRUST I COMING IN HERS > .WHILE I'M ( TAKING A BATH PAGWOOD--BEING «HAf*S W BIG FAt JOKEj UUGHlN'eOYlYOOR BLAStEO SMEE^IN' LOST US tH' GAME J I'LLSENO.OUT INVITATIONS WAS REAL •CAUSE WE WENT IN THE BATHROOM By J* R* inr iiiHMriv AvVFUL } r.ALL ALON6TH WlC6 OF YOU J'\ WAV .... ... , , DECIPIKJ UFf AAA'AM.' I V STUFt= WE COUL& - '-' you tOKl'TMiMP Xt, jwN WITHOUT Answer to Previoua Putil* Weli-Known Names I'M INSP6CTOK HdrVMCIPB. tMl5 ygB SfeATEO, SEMItEMi,. IS VIC PLIMT. / WH*T CAN 1 00 K* >OUl ACROSS 3 Moslem - Tracy magistrate ,1."Emerald Isle" 4 Makes socks Franklin 5 Age ; 12 Persia 0 Cad ' IS Wtts borne 7 Notiort 1 14 Reverential 8 Birds' homes i 'fear 9 In baseball, 1 16 Thinks it differences ball and a foul 26 Servants 43.Sulks 10 Pitcher 28 Soil 45 Shiny labric. 11 Tidings 30 Entice 48 Mind ' , 16 English river 31"—- 47 Soon 20 Domesticates majesty" 48 Mend '-• 17 Stitch 18 Nurse ; Cavell 19 Rags 2i Secure ' cVA'"3«E3fi WASH TUBBS '..•,, . -.„. ,^: Pentateuch -'51 Selves'"-''-v'. 35 Sight. •'•' ' 52Lairs 40 Eternity.' bS.Compass (poet.) " : polnt" Peculiar. .. - places i 27 Greater 24 Spoken 29. Writer John 25 Meager > ;,? Stuart allotment ; 32 Cheerer 134 Thoroughfare 36 Nearly . GWi 6A.NCHO* J6» STILL OUT COLO! TKOPICM GROWTH TO THE OLD PiER, SANCHO'0 BOAT l&:PULUMej A.WAV 37 Staircase parts y;^wi""y:''i' 1 f \y~ \//"'i* ** ' / AI/' ^V \\if<\ - X '\1»' ! 3d Ogle ' 39 Places 4i Observe THE TRIV\MIW<3S e,,,.m.»,MA ,,,i,, t» T M OUtt BOARDING HOUSE With Motor Heopl* "Uncle " e one.here 46 Negative ' cuckoo family j 5J Ancestry PITCHING SUCH UNfABLOCilC POOTi AND HER BUDDIES 56 Fabulous bird 57 Sea eagles 58 "The VSi. OOCW \Vi Pi ;• Curtain" 59 Abstract being To cut 1 Cape DOWN a dozen" 2 Ah'Eered By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY 216 S. Main By Herihbergei FUNNY BUSINESS ' *'* ALLEY OOP yen, MUCH TOO YOUNG/ NONSENSE;- BEAUTIRJL, I / THAT BEARP , ,iN SUESS, FOR AN [OF YOURS ISNT OLD DLJFFER WHITE, IT'S PLATINUM 7 ' /'/-27 T. M. R>( U » Pit Off. Copr. 1864 »j NE* S«rvitl. Inc * ; "Thls is the place I was talking about! Ring No. 8 if you * 'want to really hear a command of the language!" 1 . SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "How's chances for a blowout? 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