Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 1954
Page 2
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f«& 'A* " n /v jj£rt»* rc-cfffkts - *ity AMMMfe IbiefcMbiiiBtte ^L _....,.J«F«i»flWfr ftfaf&faft -tahtotfi {tiaaUhetfU We aftfifr PRESCOTTNEWS -- f > T L t T. « -t ' . "" v t. *IAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS ',- --* r" *" W'. Monday, Monday, September 2/, 1954 HOPE STAK, MOM, ARKANSAS iUmb*f Iff hd Mother's Club' bight at 7i3t) in the . eiive Sipien-bsf » at he* hohie Wedhesday afternoon «. a*-- . -*r ,» •* " SpaBgled" fiafiner. Hie president federals message Wall Mad b# Mrs. J. W. Teetcf, Mr S. ,T. B, Hefeterly gave a report of 'ihe-Stat* Board meetiftg held ifc-fcittle' Seek Iff the late sfrlng. iMr^. Mdore reported on the State Board ttieeting In Little Hock on Seem h> Be Best Grid Pickers 2:30 in Chfistophtiir-with-Mrs;-ttatoh Oor» —, . of "-Alcoholic •?* a m?t Of KXAH's football con- te.<l last week was Verla Allen with 10 dtit of 12 wUiners and the edrredt point "spread on the Notre Dame'. Texas lame. Tied for seconft Was Mrs. A. J. Rhodes and Mrfe, Jess DaVlS. Edwin Stewart Wa* fourth. The? Wiffifer of this weeks contest will receive her choice of tw"o tickets to the Arkansas-Baylof • or with 10 MARKETS Sf. LOUI& NATIONAL LIVESTOCK STOCKYARDS. higher. bee .17. meetihgtift Malvern, Septem-1 ^"o^°{^ for thfe trip a' &K* of fellowship. evening at, 7:30. S.v fl T * lr gfdeli P: "orrte oT" iviffs" , T"ne hostesses served a delicious lalad.plilfeHd.17 members. ss*. teir.Ffr •New Officers. -, Bounty T6 Aiso'etatfdn^ nevHOfficere "fof^ioi Nevada I,,.;Tuberculosis -• Association •fl;/,Johft' M.'.KPiltmajit Seal _& &t r Cha^tp"wiS Mrs.oBichard.Bd- |h ;f. (publicity ,Chairmafli' I !andl Mrsi rohnlGrann,3DJsplay>CtiaWmart. l *hey are agfi3hg'tne; l h6l> of'every ....... ••---•---'-^cxj^.fc^ty ^ieldf Ileprese.'nt-' Pu)>ere^p'BiSit, As-, „ - rs . -.--^ . -,-., - fres^btt, Friday, SeRtember 17,to .discuss this^serious irobl^m^ O j-> AI ' 1.1 /(,' v ' Did you know, that Tuberculosis •greatest,, disea: tff*;X *eh» W each ^member and discus' on , (H the pfOgrahisVor'thfe year. It waS ehnetihced that the 1 , school observed Citizenship Day. ilie piogram for the afternoon BS s f"PalriottSm Through'tihapter Proiramr— Know Your t>. A. R." Chaptet chairmen reviewed the Work of their committee. The heYson^wUh th* best atferdge for the seasoh Will Wlh an all ex* y CAUen*Gee and Imon Gee were TniUfidiyvisltofs In Hot Springs. - Adamiottthrift hai re'tiirned' toliisvillVkyf, where he' has 1 been visiting his ..daughter, Mrs. Roy SWiart and fa.hiil/^Mrs. Guihrie re- riiained'for a longer visit. It* Cqtton Bowl 35*50 higher early! weights ahd sows Zi-oO HlOStlV 25 up, chlif 180-2(30 Ib 20.25-50; mostly 20 35 and late sales mostly 20.25) heavier weights i 150-170 Ib 1<) 2(i-20.2.ij 120- 17.7S-19.00; sows 400 Ib. 17.75-18.75; heavier . , sows 1,500 Perish i , Continued from Page One. shaped" 'Hafbor* ahd its 1 mile- Idng cohst rsemliied ,1 naval disaster scene of the Pacific war. Wrecks of fiv'e fhipi ifntt literally hundreds of, small, craft. litteMd .the beach. The sand was dotted with bod ^W,'C; Jordan hate? returned to >T4xarkana~ > after spending several d£yjrtyHH J his-dli\Jght$r,'Mrs. Mar&ld-;Lewis/arid' family. *• j- ^ * »* f;^s.,L.f(J. bHl^and JJjn Dill, who ies, many weanrtfj; lifp jdckets Whidh had failfed to save* their lues in the raging surf. Smashed : lifeboat*:, sha'ttered timbers, oil and all the 1 flotsam and jetsam of tl set. disaster cdv*' ered' the* bdach. . ' taying iriHo't Sprlh'gg with Col. £>iU'*wH6:.ls'W ih tHtf Army, and Novy^Hospital, spent Friday with Mrs Brad ,-Hamllton., , iMartln Gufhrie has returned from a .Weeks visit with Dr. and Mrs. Jarries' Guthrte and famijy in Camdeh. Jenjamin Gulp Chapter,.Dau- the; American Revplution *---'--'-- --' —nppn'in thp B.' C;~A.i Haynesi ap*} Thoipas, co-hostess } for, —"-•*, oiithft^ollfSea^ojik ^~r—-,~ ~of-4ate, blossoms carryin'g 'otit ihe rcjd, white and blue «*(_„_ ^T.-.li* * *, ^^l-^i'i-j j.<-~ Vr.Jf — Hogs 11,500, moderately 111. ae- 180 tb, up 354(1 higher, mtfst* g jcs beneath the homo of a wealthy jivillager, and arrested him and fiv steady; receipts 91(5 cb.jps. Friday| military governor found the press 826 "cfbops;- ff>5. 384 Ib; F, O. ' " r " " paying prices' unchanged to lower; heavy hens 13-10.5; light hens 12.5-13: fryers or ^broilers 2731; old roosters 12.5-13;" caijonetlos 32-34. . . 140 down l5.*?S-17.50t 13.OiW7.bo; Battle 8,500; <Jfilves> -2,000; /ppen- trade active, libeihi number butcher yeacliliss: near' steady ; :lit- ile dotie on cows; few utility and cornmercial about 9.60-13;00; bulls steady; utility and co;T)mer r clal about steady 0.00-12. Op : bulls steady; utility an n comcrcijal 12.00-12.50; cannev and cutter . bull's fl.Od-ll.OO; vealer'? anl calves steady; few high rholoo and prime 8.00-ll.Odr vealerT a.nd cwlvcs steady; few high •ihoico. arid prime 2b.004l.00, «ooit and choic v Mrs.j Marion Rouse, who has been it}k, guest <o'f Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Rouse, is visiting in South Carolina and San Francisco before going to Florida to spend the 'Winter. [**** Mrs., *$&?„ ar 'a-liegianceT 'to lo'ved wilh the flag ot 1 , the btjnch Judge' phy f -nrgahJz'e^,iseV0i i al?»'proje<Ste Onfbat*} jUyflnllo'v d^lloqwuicy. 1 fpund' that /J^ilnankid landed oUr** thejfe weJS^;.a^rnu^'bQrd o ictee -^ots-hojpf hw.'H'llPf')ir,«-id, Jail i i Names , < < Centihtiea Irbm Pace Ohi > one. ''Hemmel said. He Lqwever, thnt lie would Me his a-'.sistance from, people withto.thc state. jR6nifii^l said ho has not decided y4f wh'ether life-win haVe' a formal campaign opening or when he Will staft substituting speaking engage- iriehts- Jf6r M hfs -present method of le^onal* ^contacts with the voters. , Nof i ''/w6nld v he comment on 1 is- Stl^V of 'th'e { race or on 1 the planks hall •'down in h,i« platform 'That Will all come later "'Rem- Special Group Continued from'Page One • a 68-pat(e printed rcpoit totalirtj about 40,000 words — a -good-.part of the total devoted to summaries of evidence. For the purposes of its hearings, the committee had placed jn five broad classifications a total "of 40- old charged,' some overlapping, against McCarthy. One of "(he counts on which' it decided -'against' recommending censure dealt, with 'MeCarthy.'s,.now famous "FBI leltf'i" of the McCarthy-Army hear'nqs. But while the group did hot recommend, censure on this count, it was. highly critical of McCartliy. It was developed during the rre- vous heaiihgs that the "letter',' was not m fact a letter for FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to 'Army Intelligence, as MrCartliy described it, but did contain direct quotations from i longer FBI report to the Army. CHICAGO AND PRODUCE Live poultry News Briefs TAHRAN, Iran. (UP) — A five year search for the presses of the clandestine Communist organ mar- don endel early yesterday in a secret cellar conceak'd under a toilet in nearby Davcuclieh. village. A raiding party led by Tehran's BUTTER Butter firm; receipts 81)0,707; wholesale, buying prices .unchanged to ' H> higher; 93 scbi-o AA GO; ,92 A h9.25f 90 B 57.25; 80-C 55;: cars: 90 !B 57.75; 89 C 55. j. feggs Tweak; recoipls 11,009; wholesale buying prices UnehaiiRnd to 3 lower: U.S.''la'rsc Whites 50; n-iixed- s '46; U.S. meciitini? 23; U.S. standards 29; current receipts 23; checks, and dirties 21. other suspects. The underground pressroom was decorated with pictures of V. I. Lenin, Josef Stalin and American Negro Ba.ritona-Pai.il Robeson. Knows Secret SANTIAGO, Chilo, (UP) — The government has ordered a purge of Communist lenders who hove won high office in the nation's labor unions, it was announced to I It has been illegal for years for I Communists to hold liiwh union of jfices in Chile but they are re| ported recently to have Infiltrated [some labor organizations. 15.00-19.dO; commrt'ifll and low- good 12.00-15.00; ; commercial ahd good slaughter calves liOO-14.00. Sheep 2,500; spiim,' laiiibs opening 25-50 higher) parly sales choice and'prime-18.50-19.50; top 19.50 fairly freely 1 for Well sorter! Jots; SlaUglrter ewes steady, mostly 3.00-4.00. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK -;(/P .'-•'Airbrafts/.w.cre' active and higher today 'in' a'. generally advancing H stock market. *In the early atte!noon. price changes , covered a .range *from around 3 points higher to 1 Isoiiit lower. Higher with the aircraft:; were the motors, coppers, oils. •> airlines, building materials,r and utilities. 16 Violent Deaths in Arkansas By The Associated Phess A two-car head-or^ c'.illision nenr IVtbrrilton. Ark., yesterday took two 'lives'and boosted Arkansas' violent death'-'toll'to 1G for the week that missions directed here by the 47lh Air Rescurf Squadron from Ellington Field Air Force Base at Houston, Tex. Abodt 150 pilots from 17 Arkansas CAP units participated in the practice missions • designed to pre- ended Sunday midnight. Mrs. G. J. Httbnch 50, of .pare the CAP In ciso of emergency. Jud-1 xhe maneuvers were observed Portia died a short time after the,by CAP members Irom Misissippi, crash and A. R. Hiilkn>an, 83, of Oklahoma, Texas. Louisiana and New Mexico. The fivo status .ind Arkansas fprm the, sixth CAP re gion. . Paris, died today in a Morrllton liospital from injuries suffered in he wreck. Balkrrian's wife, Mrs. Ocie Mae 3alkman, 76, is in tion/ The. acfiilent NEW YORK COTTON > NEW YORK OT Cotton futures Were'lower today iii fairly'active dealings;: Persistent! hedging; and liqudiation more than offset, active mill covering. Late afternoon prices were 35 to 90 cnets a bale lower than the previous close Oct 35-15; Dec Men 3504 . 'totting into the kind.- ofj^rpitble ,courtrpom." ' , , avty'qekty »jj£|dlo Ov«r," met WATERLOO, la. tUP) — Mrs. Esther Jean, a di y cleaning store attendant, insisted the man who lobbed her shop \vns "very pJMe." She said the bandit oound lifer with a clotheslines, suiffed her moyth with paper and then plrm f cd a kiss on her check before leaving with $88 fiem the cash register emrnel saidhe is frbfti , Tfill seeing vot- "regardless, . 'Vt'rtVll 1 fCf *• gaici he wns^riak'ihs the r^.'cc ''as a R"ent;bJica)i 'candidate, and 'that he|wq?" "rifit ashamed" <jf his party affiliation ^ ,''VKdv;fv^n ;I ^m.npt goingV to' fllJunt the'\'f'0'rtl"-Repub1ican 'in^lhc? Mces of the Voters.." he said. He 4d&i?a c tfiat he had foyhd thi4 to'bi ils ' t«fo 'mn'yof Dilday, his secretary! Mrs. Noriieli expects her husband to be back on the j0'i before the next session of Congiess opens. ' ' GRAIN Wheat: none. Corn' No. 1 yello-,v 1.55-57>4; No. 2 1.53-57"A;. No. 1.46-56; No. 4 1 15; • No. 5 1.151; Sample grade 145-47: No' 1 white 1.57. Rye: No 2 tuff 1.47-47'/ 4 . Oats: No. 1 heavy mixed 79; No. 2 thin mixed 09; No 1 whit c77; No. 3 medium hoavy white- 76 Soybeans: none, Barley nominal Malting choice l./tti-SOG; malting good 1I31-39; feed 1.66-20. critical condi- occiirred fivo miles west of Morriltbn on Highway 04.- State Trooper Howard Chan- dei- said that the Bailsman's car driven by their son. Maj. Austin F. Balkm'ah, 44 and tho car in which Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Hubach were riding collided.- Major 'Baikman also sufercd serious injuries. Chandler said the major will be charged with negligent homicide end driving on' the wrong side of the road, • Near Trumann, Ark., a 53-year- old farmer, Joseph Thomas Webb, was'killed yesterday when he was struck by a car. Seven other persons died dnriiiR the Week on Arkansas highways. SOCIETY 1 Phone 7-3431 Between 6 A. M. and 4 P. M, Knows How to Get FAST Relief from Heartburn! 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Civil Air Patrol units — Arkansas have rjndod practice air ; search, and. • rescue Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, Omaha, Nebraska Needs two men to service our many policy holders/ and to solicit new business in the Hope area. These men should have high school or higher education, :• and be willing to work. Experience not necessary. We are willing to train these men. Age 25 to 45, married, and bondable. If you ore this man and have to make a living, write your qualifications to District •; Manager, . K. 6. Burrow, P. O. Box 341, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. of' Little 5jiilipaigns"'foi ; l'oeJfJ^ * • » ' , • < • iGpmpaign Manager Tindal} op- mmm feVfcnf St,Vt.tgflrtiarea.iiHe is 8 vet- rf ^nrlfl /Wa» t f ?nd Is pif.- of !,>the Arkansas -Rjcc? Pro- ASBOclitlon, -Jrtc^f pf-Sftttt- " jtfxwt s H. i ' C9ptlnued frpm Page One IfjiiirfrB '4&e the haV''^ fth^'jttdVUhri repdrl'sald th'ejf'indicated that' nationally the (arm 4ftcbi-rie would 1 be' down- some 300/TTiiHion idollara'-fVom .'39531,1 ''The rtport also -said that natioiv 'jtjly !th^ ^dfccjlfie 4n dwrn uicqm^ the second 4qu^rt«r of 1854 /IVAS du? tp somewhat lower pric'es Jfor prod a|thpugj\4his was partly off. by»,a, blight' depljno, in -farm pro- What Are PILES' bangers? Free Book Explains; Tells Good Way To Help Prevent Or Correct- Them! Plies — fisliaa r 4ndpthe>rectal and colon' 'disoniefs'^ c'dn ^aJVays be dangerous f —> if' nafelecteW/ But' proper cal-e is-so eafey to>get, and ,can save so much trouble. Let this free book explain; address Thornton & Minor Hospital,' Suite 2119. 9U E. Llnwood, Kansa^ City 9, Mo, t Fattest growing favorite tn the loweit- priced field! 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Ywt 'mds-M maytoyw the tfewn payment. A»k obwt ewr tenven/en* tnmt, TOLE TEX COMPANY IAST THIRD STRUT HOP*, ARKANSAS '*^SriiiiiiJ*»itoi'''nMy ^ ""*" th ._. Circle 5 of the First Church will meet Monr 27,;at 7f30-p.- m. in 'ttrt:!;pt; Mrs. G. T. Cannon, Mesdamos J. Cai'l Jonepi'BliUl John ' The . as program leaclcr, Mrs, lioward Byers, will present Mcsdanics John I Pierce, W. M. ttcinliardt, Sam Hue- church Monday, September 27, at 4 p. m. for a study of the manual. This is Promotion Day and all Sunbeams to be promoted to the G. A.'s are asked to be present. Ann David, chaplain, led in prayer. Following the business meeting, the group played games and prizes were won by Barbara Powell and Janey May. The following members were present: Jackie Simpson,: Jahey May, Patsy Yarbrough, Sara Lou Ellis, Jo Ann Yarbrough, Mary Ellis, Mary Jane Wilson, Barbara Powell, Sharon Farls, Jo Ann David, Pamela Faris, ifarrna Jean DaVid, and one visitor, Linda Pettit, At 7:30 Monday night, the Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity. Baptist Church will have a meeting. The Workers Sunday School Class of the Garrcll Membrial Baptist „ . kab.qel'.u.nd Fred Glanlon: in a pan- church will hold its regular mon- ed't&dussion CJiHHlcd "Because Jos- thly meeting in the home of Mrs. us' 'Cared," The devotional will be Arthur Rogers on Monday night given by Miss Mary Louise Cope- 1 at 7 o'clock. Mrs. J. n. Neese will land, A full, attendance is urged for j be co-hostess. All members are this meeting, and all members hav- urged to attend. [ing a birthday in September are ro- IriUhdcd to bring your birthday and HWeight pennies tor the Life Mein- Jbership Fund. The Junior G, A.'s of the First Baptist Church will meet at the . U. '•f- AIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. • FINAL NITE • 5E SHI Fill Beyond JJUHST J|g^oRi.wircoioR^ i ttsi ' - COYOTE COLOR CARTOON I *Tues.-Wed.*| DOUBLE FEATURE g ALSO DENNIS O'KEEFE RUTH HUSSEY /f THE LADY WANTS MINK' TRUCOLOR! 'Always A Color Cartoon MYF Sub District meeting will be held Monday, September 27, at 7:30 p. m. in the First Methodist Church. Tuesday September 28 Kathleen Mullory Circle of the First Baptist Churbh will meet Tuesday, September 28, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of'Mrs. Ed O'Gran, West Sixteenth street. The "Tinkle Belles," Intermediates G. A., will meet Tuesday, September 28, at 4 p. m. Wednesday September 29 The Junior R: A.'s will meet at the church Wednesday, September 20, at G:30 p. m. wjth their counselor, Mrs. Roy Taylor. The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, September 28, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Jim Case. Mrs. Royce Smith will be co-hostess. Tuesday September' 28 Wesley Club Has Party The boys and girls of the Wesley Club. Methodist Juniors, enjoyed a party Wednesday evening from 5:30 until 7:30 in the recreation rooms of tlic church. Sandwiches, cookies, punch and candy were served to the following members: Judy Keeley, Caryl Joy Meyers, Julia Peck, Nancy Kecse, Edwina Whitman, Carol Coop, 'Johnny Turner, Johnny Dean, Jimmy McLarty, Max Henry, Teddy Mcade Jones, Mary Jo Henderson, Cynthia Forstcr, Brenda Vie- kcrs, Pamela Aslin, Billy Frank Wallers, Betty Bryant, Andrea Anthony, Penny Franks, Janice Rein hardt, Tony McLarty, Denny Dickinson, Cherry Myers, Charlotte McQueen, Betty Blackwood,. Larry Patterson. Games were directed by Linda Moore, Margie Vickcrs, Mrs. Roy Foster and Miss Kathleen Broach. Ladies Bridge Club Has Luncheon Mrs. Terrell Cornelius and Mrs. Fred Grcsham. were hostesses to the Ladies Invitational Bridge Lun cheon held laut week at the Hope Club. The serving table, covered with a white linen cutwork cloth, was centered with a bowl of mixed fall flowers. First prize was won by Mrs. E. J. Whitman, and Mrs. R. L. Broach won the second prize. Mrs. Raymond Peace was also a prize winner. Guests included Mcsdames C. V, Nunn. Jr., Syd Roger.*, Mike Kelly. Stock Show Motorcade Lines Up for Start on Park Dr* — Star photo This was the scene at 8 a. in. Wednesday, September 22, when the third District Livestock Show motorcade assembled for its annual sweep, around southwest Arkansas. ^ . SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelson Copyright 1954 by Hugh Lovrence Ncta* Diittibulxt by NEA S«mc«, Inc. THE STORY: Private Detective — Jim Dunn and his bride Nancy Here Is One Actress That Is Very Shy By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD lfl» — Th'e public thinks of .most actresses as rather The picture an d the role were duds, Maggie languished happily on suspension for n fjw wr-uks, thor was put, back In the studio's got graces with an assignment "Three Coins in the Fountain. , She scored another nit iiivl is now play Jng Edwin Booth's v.ife in "Pjinc ol Playerb." ''It's a good change of im's expression was blank enough j The P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet; Kenneth Ambrose, Lloyd Guerin, Tuesday, September 2i5, at 3 p. m.. \j. W. Franks, Ray Garbcr, Lynn in the home of Mrs. H. O. Kyler. ; Harris, Bill Rhinchart, • Raymond Sr. j Peace, Don Westbrook., Wayne Rus- j sell, Roy Jones, Jim LaGrossa, Joe All members ot the Hope Federa-'Houston, Pearl Holloway, Tom Mc- tion of Garden Clubs will meet forjLarty, F. C. Fuller, Ira J. Turner, the annual fall luncheon September j R. j. Erwin and Gene SurzenhoO' are posimj as caretaUero for theirj, 0 p^n^u-ate, nni | K |,.> W ent client, Mrs. Kit Carlson, who, ., Not . M) . s _ ClU i s | n , p v" iceds sonin detective work to clenr her of suspicion of murder. Tlieyjj ....... ____ ...... _____ ire living at T»e Spires, part of j j; cl ',||. csaot i?- Ho loft tho bedroom. the. Carlson '"estate, in . Colorado. '. Ho p ic .i <t;i | v . p t i u , phono. Ho listen' of Houston, Tex. 29, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. Friday October 1 Hope Country Club open house will be held for members and their children immediately following the Hope - Fordyce game on Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Lex Helms, Jr.,jAnu, September 25 at U. S. Naval and Mrs. Thompson will be hosts . Births Mr. and Mrs. Don Holt announce the birth of a daughter, Teresa Evans, Jr., .Hospital, Jacksonville, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Holt of this city arc Notice Because of the Fair the Rose Garden Club meeting has been postponed until Friday, October 8. The Hope Duplicate 'Bridge Club will not meet tonight because of the conflict with the Fair. The next regular meeting will be held October 11. . Members of the Cosmopolitan Club are rcmincd to bring their permanent year books to the firs'' icgular meeting. the paternal grandparents. "Mr. and Mrs. F. B; Ward. ,Jr M ot DeQueen announce the birth of a daughter, Barbara Ann, on September i2. .'•••. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Wagstaff ot Houston, Tex., slopped in Hope Saturday for a visit with Mrs. Wag- s'taff's aunts, Misses Pearl and Ruth Polk and Mrs. R. N. Button. They were enroute home from Chi Junior WOW Circle Meets Saturday On Saturday morning members of the Junior Woodman Circle met at the W. O. W. hall with Jackie Simpson, president, presiding. Members and officers formed a circle around the altar while Jo • LAST DAY • • •'. FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 3:48 - 5:39 - 7:34 - 9:22 BY REFRI/xERATIQN etchjBS the Savage Portrait of the Devereaux Dynasty V'^tirtih by Race Barriers,Taunted by Prejudice! SPtNCER TRACY ROBERT WAGNER JEAN PETERS RICHARD W1DWARK cago, 111., Mrs. Wagstaff former Mildred Polk. is the Mrs. Sam Warrnack and Mrs. Nealy Parker visiled friends and re lalivcs in Balon Rouge last wck. Hospital Notes Branch ' Admitted: Mrs. Sallie Pate, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Saliic Pate, Fulton. '. , Admitted: Dana Couch, Magnolia. Discharged:' Mrs. M. D. Fricks, Saratoga, Mrs. Carl Hicks, Wash inglon, Mrs. Jim Brown, III. 2, Hope, Mrs. R. E. Story and baby boy, Hope Dana Couch, Magnolia. on, "No. .Nothing Jim said. happened to "But von'd hotter . When he goes to mnke a fire' • in i ed. He ji;'f)od tho base. Jistoned he morning, Jim notes the coupe j ;lt , am w \i\^ no reward but a I'nint of his secretary, Miss Wistier, vhom he supposed to oe in Den- Quickly ,Jirn slammed ver, outside tha oaljcn and in the ' s a dead woman's body.: T ha dead woman is .Mrs.-'Angevlicj Jones, s-hc remarked, "I havt. ,n mcr brassy exi reverts. Horo's one who , SO mber role to play and even, d is shy Maggie McNnniara. | M)mc SCC ncs from Komeo and Jv Actually, she's -i paradox. Al-,ii e t." The first two pictures i dl though she is admittedly shy, sli<>[ xsere tnc !£ime charaptor -T- hn«- stood up to her studio in xser a didn't Radio --. ?*•" a ffiC *J «"SV»« .*3>i-.i 'a Segraves B2 t had be'eft? al weeks, lie also wad i Osceola School ef ittembSi* ef bfer of .C Survivors a cry -stock wji. «..«.,, -.» v « ul Ihc agd bf>72. ' vV ...... . ......... .....i • • • ...... ..Ji^Li 'Mister ' tig up a 'se&fc -My , husband - ic grc\v up in* 'But I've cdHVbfcUK Hl. York life ihsleftd ofem New York life instead o&Jtiffi ng me/1 was both ^fa^jj tp in T^cw' YoJtk,^>^^s.if-'® realize how similar they manner that has amazed Hollywood , wore unt ll 1 saw tlv: picuircs. her Then- can be no doubt .ibouti As sonn (IS sne Unislios the pic- shyness She slum-, nnv est- Uu , 0) a \ ic >. headin« b.trU to the dilation She seems uneasy in an, Nevv y 01 i, apaitmciH she shares interview. 1 asked bar how she wlth lu , r h u sbaa.1, Dttvid SwiCt. happened to get 'iiio tho showy sister-in-law of his XII Remembering t h .0 client. kitchen door, Jim ran around thei main houso, climbed up ' to the back. path. The door swung open. It was tin-' locked. . •'' ' rv * Mrs. Gelstrap sat at Uio kitchen table, her b.ead resting on "lie fat arm stretched out on Uio porcelain surface. Jim touched her cheek gingerly found 'it warm. He could hear her heavy wheezy the the life of being an nctrbs-3 if. she is so shy. "I slnrtel as a model," she ex"When you're a model, you don't have to talk. It was ideal for me." Her phot'; appeared on a Life Magazine cover and movie offers came her way. Sho declined them, , set the percolator I ^ B "^ta "^ '" ^ ™* the siep| ovcr Ihl5 lJa i c ' blUB fiamo. ' ! not even ln He's the TV JTUUI uho created down the phone, 'vent to the kitchen. He found a percolator, filled basement on an elevator .used ;'t.0jj ts lop , K11 . t liberally with coffee i . aul wood to the'.upstairsfireplace j ancl Yl \ thc gas name'in the range. l" ninocl ; "Put some water in it." Dunn turrcd around. Mrs. Gelstrap Iiad' hoisted iiersolf erect. in the chair. Her iiUw eyes " were . vulnerable Jim obeyed, Clubs topic Columbus Household hints was the of discussion conducted by Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home demonstration agent, when tlr? Columbus Home Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Frank Delaney September 20. The president, Mrs. B. C. Webb, was in charge of the meeting which opened with the reading of the home demonstration w o m o n's ureed. "O, Dear, What Can the Matter i SHORTS; 1. BUOS BUNNY CARTOON 2. NEWS QF THE DAY I* TUESDAY ONLY * do not reveal the startling climax to friends! // ™ /.' \ % Be?" was sung by the group. The devotional, Psalm 183, was road •by the hostess. The group prayed he Lord's Prayer. Nine members answered roll call by telling "My biggest storage proem." \ Others present were: Mines. L. K. Boyce, Sr., J. C. Hipp, Robert laldwell, T. M. McCorkle, Busies Silbert, Leo Evans, Ernest Del- mey. The meeting for October 18 will e at the home of Mrs. L. K. Boyce breathing and noticed now reck of liquor which filled room. An empty bottle lay on Ho bottle from side on the floor ar.d shards of a glass were scattered. Jim shook the cook's fat shoulder.. "Snap out of it! Come on. She said, Wake up." . you'd better She opened one small, bloodshot eye. "WhatsamaUer':'" She closed thc eye again. Jim loft her, huvvied through tho butler's pantry, the liming room, into the large.living room. A nighttime gust oif wind had tunneled down (he .sfcohe chimney'and puffed light wood ashes put into the room. The hearth and the near-by floor were covered evenly. Even the lid of the woodbcx-window scat, was smoothly covered wjl'h tho fine ash. Nowhere was there evidence of any disturbanc*. Jim found two mused bedrooms and Kit Carlson in the third. On the night Sable was a small round bottle with a plastic top. Inside were many srnali, brightly colored capsules. Jim muttered under his breath, drugged." H epushed at her cov- "One drunk and the o t h o »• drugged." He pushed at her covered shoulder. • She rolled toward him, and herl soft snoring • stopped.. Her smile' widened. The movement uncover- bottle with a plastic: top. Insi'le od a shoulder and Jim noticed sin* considered a very sheer nightgown appropriate wea:' for th»> mountains. The skin of the shoulder was silky, resilient. "Mrs. Carlson- Wake up." He interspersed shakes v.'ith the insistent word:;. She sal up, eyes still .shut. The eovurk-l slipped away Mrs. G'jlsirap waved .hsr . ?r.m Lack and forth ovoi' her head. She rubbed the inside of thc elbow joint. "Asleep," she explpined. "Pins and needles. I must have dropped off." She looked around,, spotted the empty bottle. She used both arms to hoist herself to her [eel, went to the cupboard and managed to avoid tne pieces of glass on thc way. She took a new Only Aspirin At its Best well-filled shelf, openecl it expertly and had a three- gurgle drink from its neck. "Ahhh. Now maybe tell me what you're doing here?" "Where's Miss Wistcr?" Jim demanded. • " : "Mis.s Wister? What are''you talking about? I-don't like riddles this time of day. 1 dun't know any Miss Wistcr. I'm s'ir«." There was a malicious sparkle in her eyes. "There's . a dead woman in the basement," Jim said bluntly. the the bo tilt* she had set on the table. plays" So she took private dia malic lessons for thrcv. yc.u-o, Thai- followed an impressive job in ' a Breadway flop an d- 13 months in ihe C h i'c a g o company of "The Moon is Blue." Twentieth Century-Fox signed hsr to a contract. Her first moyic was rather sensational. It was i leanout^o her old stage employers .for the film version of "The Moon is Blue." The part won her an Academy nomination, and>no one was-more surprised than Maggie. I didn't think I did a bad job in thc picture," she said. • "But when you consider that actressis like Shirley Booth and Julie Harris had been up for u Osuar the previous year, my nomination was, ridiculous." , , ., After her first film,'her'studio .-issigned Maggie .to ."'King' of,the Kaybor Rifles." She astounded ciolu. Mag- exonerated. Mrs. Gelstrap hud been' in process of reaching attain for The tiny hand at the end of the fat arm stopped with fingers still in a grasping curl. "Dead — not Kit" .There was no doubting the sincerity of the wail. "No," Jm said. "Not your em- l/loyer." • ' Mrs. Gelslrap drew a Icing, shuddering breath which pulled her thick lips into her open mouth She darted a sidewise, cunning look at J. : m, tooic a quick drink. "Not Mrs. Kit. But where is "She's asleep," Dunn said "Drugged, VI'cl lay." (To Be Co'HiriUfd) ' them by icfusing th gic's judgment was HOT WATER HEATER HEADQUARTERS • Day & Night • Rheem • Crane • General One - Three - Five - Tei;\ year warranty HARRY w. SHIVER i ' ' Plumbing • Heating "''"' 309 N. Main Phone 7-2811 Liyfe$T< Sept.\27:] ssL UNUSUAL. ACCIDENT TUUCKEE, Calif. (UP) — Lloyd Van Sickle was involved in on uc- oidi'iil yi.'fierday while traveling on link "His used mountain rood.,, -ixL> cloy loam nnrl ftlc-d ccl- lidc-d with ;,n aulomuljUc. U'iberty Hill Miss Dorothy Williams was hostess to the Liberty Hill Home Demonstration Club for its regular monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon, September 22. Mrs. Lester Kent presided during the ineeting. Miss Vera Williams gave the devotional, "Dwelling in Unity," Psalm 133. Mrs. Kent offered prayer, The club members decided to put up art educational exhibit at the Third Pistriet Livestock Show. WiS 2, beld §e|i)iernb?r g? -r Jim Dunn evadisl her cinm'. hook her until her eyes opened. "You remember me,"- ,liiu .--.aidi I u i c k 1 y. "J i rn Dunn. You! lired me." She pullotl tor, shook her the covorli.'t ar-'Jiii'iclj hvad from side lo I sid e to clear away tho fu;< of' drugged sleep.. "Wiiut are you dong here? Go away! I'll scream. "I'll go mako some coi'ffe," Dunn -intcmipterl. "And you'd bet ter get dressed. There's been an accident." 'Sue? It isn't Sue?" Apparently age daughters." The club meeting date was changed to the third Thursday in each month. The next ineeting will be* in the home of Mrs. Jewel Shields. Mrs. Lorraine B. Wyli'e, hame For Quality and Beauty in Finest of WAUPAPER Gutter Retail Lumber Co. Phone 7-3495 422 E, Piv. demonstration agent, 'gava informa tion on household hints. The surprise package was icccw- ed by Mrs. James Vcss. In addition to those -"mentioned above, Miss Willia to; served re-WU' ARMY SURPLUS Folding Cots t New C. l> Field Shoes • New Navy Hip Boots t New 8-29 Army Field Coats t New & Used Combat Boots » Guns • Short and Long * Gas Can t Jeep Tops « Copl Buckets.. REAVES Lewis - McLarty t TUESDAY SPECIA 1 i * ; y ,r/7?>- 36 Inch •"';"'"'•" PLAID GINGHAM Mercerized and Sanforized Vat folors. „ Found COTTON BATTS Pqre White Cotton 1.00 2.98 Ladies D i I H C 2.79 Girls DL W E

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