Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 25, 1954
Page 7
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s i A t, HOP t:, ARKANSAS 2S, 1984 ,•» **, t - 'fW T-V1L1-* Ml JJ5TY S A, M, ahd 4 P, M. f ^oidmah Circle —"""" n* L. wWR^MrrwSr T ' *"""* *>V i f, 12:3:15^:30-9:45 '- , AiLE" jj f_rf » , , y of a Horse! i/k'f-ft\. ". *•> i. ^p'Siw^ls^pre 1 ^; > % ' ioclt in the W. 0. W. Hall. All of- fa.afld members are urged to be feSeht. Monday depfetnber Iff •$. S. £, S. Cifcle 5 bf Ihd First Methodist dhilrch will meet Mondy, September 27, at 7:30 p. hi. In hfe htirte of Mrs. G. T. danhon, 3iS2 Sdtttli Mdin, with Mesdames J. fff fraflKs» Carl Jones and John OTisort. Jf,, as cd-hostesses. The fogfarn teader, Mrs. Howard Byrs» will preBeht Mesdames John ierce, W. M. Relhhardt, Sam Hue- abce and Fred Glanton in a panel dscUSslon entitled "Because Jes- CareQ," the devotional Will be IVen 'by Miss Mary Louise Cope- nd. A full attendance is urged for ils meeting, arid all members hav- ig a birthday in.September'are re- inded to bring your birthday and eight pennies for the Life Mom- ershlp Fund. The Junior G. A.'s of the First afetist Chtirch will .meet at" the mrch Monday, September 27, at p. m. for a study of the manual, lis is Promotion Day. and all Sun- eams to be promoted to the G. A.'s re asked to be present; Monday September 27 . The Unit/ Baptist Senior, Ladies Bee -T-r Mite Bettle and Termife Control Service • » i Owned 'and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Customers are Insured ^ wfil m&et St 2 p. m. it Ibe church. • The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will have a meeting a't 2 p. hi. M&n- dajr, September 27, at the" ohurchr. At 1:30 ^Monday night, the Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church will have a meeting. . Tie Workers Sunday -Schdbl CSgss of the tiarrett Memorial Baptist Church will hold its regular monthly meeting in the home of Mrs. Arthur Rogers oh Monday Anight at 7 o'clock. Mrss 3. R. Neese will be co^hostess. AH members are urged to attend. Tuesday September 28 Kathleen Mallory Circle of the First Baptist Church Mil meet Tuesday, September 28, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs, Ed O'Gran, West Sixteenth street. The "Tinkle Belles," Intermediates G. A., will meet Tuesday, September 28, at 4 p. m. Wednesday September 29 The Junior R. A.'s will meet at the church Wednesday, September 29, at 0:30 p. m. with their counselor, Mrs. Roy Taylor. The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, September 28, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Jim Case. Mrs. Royce Smith will be co-hostess. Tuesday September 28 The P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet Tuesday, September 28. at 3 p. m.. in the'home of Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Sr.'.Wednesday September 29 All members of the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet for the annual fall luncheon September 2ft, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. Saturday September. 25 The Music Makers will meet with Sandra'.Hobbs on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Notice Because of the Fair the Rose Garden Club meeting has been postponed until Friday, October 8. SAVINGS! SAVINGS!. SAVINGS! Up to 25 % Discount- on New SINGER SEWING MACHINES Walnut, mahogany, and blonde console models. Plenty Portables. ' • '' Priced >to 'suit everyones nee.ds. Srriall H down rjayment, easy budget terms. Liberal trade-in allowance, "v ! $(N&Efe' SEWING CENTER -S'- lt: ' 1 ' Hope, A*. Spencer Tra6y, father of-t'hd flroom in this fcase,' bestdws his blessings on Robert Wacner and Jean Peters In "Broken Lanse'S- Cinemascope western stressing"family drama and fllhied in boloc. the film also stara Ridhacd Wfdmark. > . . . SUSPECT By Hugh LaAvrence Nelson THE STORYr Private Detective Jim Du"n arid his wife. Nancy have been retained in'the double role of "detective and bodyguard of Mrs. Oswald Carlison in Colbr- of- Mrs. Oswald tarlsori in Colorado. Jim is not'sur® what he 'Is expected to do beyond deterrriin- l n g t n at Mrs. Kit' is Innooent of a sudden death that might be mur der ori the West Coast. Mrs; Kit believes her mothet'-inM.nw, Mrs. Hilton: Carlson, is attempting'to bring suspicion en her. Jim Dunn kickft'l down what stumps, he could find, loaded the jep with deal and half-rotted Iqas whose chief virtue was that'they gave the appearance of. wood. One branch,road lecl down to the Carlson Castle.. but Jim ci>d not travel far along it. But he did 'get an excellent .bid's-eye view of me huge place, with its swimming pool nestling back of a slight curve ol the hufj» sepaiat.ug chfl, Lion's, Head. Jim estimated it was a gpod three miles'by'twisting road be tween the two pianos even though it. was only a; 'ev/ hundred yards by water. Certainly the. sheer drop of the base of Lion's Head seemed to. preclude any path along the shore. On his return to The Spires, he found that Toby Argylc had delivered a load o£ pitch Heavy, sticky chunks which were fragrant even in tho pile by the bisemciu Copyright 1954 ty Hugh Inrcnct N.ttc* Oiilfibvltd bj NEA S.rvlc«, Inc. - door. He found, too, that Nancy was having an auidencc with Kit Carlson. She was on the porch, no longer wearing \\sv voil, while Nancy, in her "dark and dowdy" outfit, stood on the lowest step. "Yes, mom,". Nancy said, as Jim began, to toss pieces of wool from the jeep. "Thank.- you for telling me about the rouge. Thank you, I'm; sure." She .would not meet Jini's eyes as she hurried away. Mrs. Carlson Gtimoned Jim regally. "I was quite mistaken about your nice little wifo," she sairl. "I am pleased, because I take it as a sign of our good judgment. In getting the correct person for the job at hand. And I am glad to see'you.enter'.injo. the spirit of the thing. Pretending to gather wood." Dunn • looked at the pile of stuff in '• the jeep. He could hardly call it wood, but he wouldn't have called the labor necessary for its gathering pretense either. He said slowly, "I think you'd better tell me .what- you're afraid of. ' "You're ; right, I suppose. But I believe someone at the other house is ; watching us through binoculars.'And — Mr. Dunn! there is sOmeofie coming: Do'something about it;" The front door slammed behind --her. Dunn Jooked around, had to walk beyond the corner of the house Before hp saw anyone, before ho Sunday School Lesson By William E. Gllroy, D. D.- At various titties arid in various places Jesus defined the nature of Mis Coming .and His mission in va- ricius ways. Me came to "seek and to save that which wag lost," and though that declaration was made in connection with the saving of Zacchaeus (Luke 19), the mission of saving the lost found its supreme illustration in the three great parables in Luke 15: The Parable o& the Lost Sheep; the Parable of the Lost Piece of Silver, and the Parable of the Prodigal .Son. 11 He ; came to give life, and to give it more abundantly (John 10:1Q), And; while that life was or the spirit He associated His mission with the wholesomeness of living, and the joy of life. In contrast with the ascetic life of John the Baptist in the wilderness, Jesus described Him- sdtt as having come eating and ctfThking (Luke 7:34). He shared the joy of a wedding feast (John 2), and there seems to have been something almost playful in the nicknames He gave some of the Twelve. The sons of Zebedee, James and John, intense in their ambition to be first, He called "Boanerges," the "Sons of Thunder"; and the weak and impulsive Simon He called "Peer," .the Rock, in faith, hope, and rophecy of what that disciple was o'become. But perhaps the outstanding, all- a-clusive declaration concerning he mission of Jesus was when He . "I'll tell my boy if he wants I your daughter to take her...if he / has to drag her by the hair." v 20th Century-Fox Presents "Did y'ever ask me how I liked liaving an Indian \^fjj ; ffl.ra§t9P'tn?t|i?r?". * cflHPHWBSIM; *^ s * iV *yi"* ^*t^ v ^vv^^^ »ix«^ tt *" Th* first m^lwpi«tur« photographed with the newly perfected AnpmprphU camero jense; in. • ^J P%f*w8*r %^ ^Jtoa ^ 0^ ^ ^y B^Kji IN 6INUINE 4.TRACK HJQH«flPIMTY M.W WAV W! SUNDAY & MONDAY BUfl* aw; the figure' .walking along the loulder-str.ewn side of the creek vhich spilled from tho hole in the liff. He knew he was seen, but e also was completely disregard:d, as the womnn knelt on the reekbank. He stood . above 'You're trespassing, her, said, you know.' She turned her head, glared nt im from small jet-black eyes outlined by said to Pilate: "To this ,eh'd was I born, and for this Cause catne-I unto the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth" (John 18:37). It is recorded in the Gospels in all that He said and did. It was the truth concerning God, His grace and love for a Sinful world. It was the truth concerning human relationships; that only as men loved one another could they be godly fulfilling the will of God b3> being like Him. It is surprising how much the attitude of the world today is still very rhlich the cynical and contemptuous attitude of Pilate: "What is truth?" In recent years 1 have read rather widely in the literature of suburban Madureirfi and ploughed into a trackside Shantytown, pO» One car wrecked a small store lice said today. near the tracks, 'dl'ling a clerk. The other partially demolished the gers in the second coach were in- Madureira station. Nine pa"- jured. decades, best sel- the past two or three including many of the lers, " and much fiction. Apart from distinctively, religious books and a minority of religious novels, such as "The Robe" and "The Silver Chalice," a vast mass of present- day literature contains 5 not even a suggestion that Jesus of Nazareth ever lived. What the world needs most is the witness' to the truth of those whose end and purpose in life will be that of the Master. All -that is good and great in the world, in so far as it has issued from Judaism and Christianity, has come from witness; the voices' of experience speaking what God has revealed as souls of earnestness have called 'td Him out of the depths. News Briefs TOKYO. (UP)—Tho last U. S. soldier withdrew today from Hokkaido, the Japanese island nearest Russia, leaving its defense entirely in Japan's hands for the first time since World War II. The U.S. 1st Cavalry Division, which had been charged with the defense of Hokkaido, moved the last of its units to its new headquarters on Japan's main island of Honshu. vhich were , heavily vrinkles. He saw she was very old, had Warned the age roeched by so •nany Colorado women where they ppear indestructible She hissed it him, "Quiet., fool-" Dunn saw her arms were im- nersed deeply in the icy water. The/ expression, on her face hanged fcom malovolencQ toward 'im to the thrill and excitement if the chase.-She;moved suddenly ,nd a, 12-inch'trout flopped on the ;rass of the. sloping bank. "There now."'she .said. She rrpt tiffly' ; to her'lee't, picked up the rout knd did something which im- •nediatleiy- stjlled its frantic stru's!- glfc. "Her arms'' ; - were bright put-' l.e witlj the qold of tho water, and he knobs of her knuckles looked Jainful. "Hea'rd it could '•. be 'done," he gloated.,'.,VAnd I did it. You ee.th'is way when you' get a' trout t's not damaged." :•' "It's dead enough," Jim said. "What do you want?" she demanded. , "I- work here. .You're trespassing, you know." "Hah. You..going to make some- hing of it?" I suppose," Jini said thought- ully, "I could turn you over my cnee and give yen a spanking." She glared at him a mpment and then her mouth opened to emit a cackle. Her .old-fashioned false eeth slipped and moved with the iound. She said, "You and who rise?'-' . : "Where do you live?" Jim asked* . She waved the -limp trout, toward the other side of the lake. "What are you gpir.fi to do with he trout now you have it?" "Stuff it!" she snapped. ( At first, Jim thought the words were a suggestion or, a command. He had a second thought and asked, "You're a taxidermist'.'" She .was no longer looking at him, : but over -his shoulder. 'Ready now, Philip/' she said. Jim turned around.. The smiling man, Philip, completely outfitted n a chauffeur's uniform and shiny ooots stood a few paces away. Beyond, looking immense on the nar- •ow road, a limousine sal gleuin- ng in the sunlight. Philip looked at Jim as if he were one of the things Dunn had 'ound earlier under rotten logs. 'Is this person annoying you, Mrs. Os\yald?" She handed Philip the limp fish How cotiid he?" she wanted to know as &he was helped into the car. (To Be Continued) GUATEMALA CITY, (UP) — Three student loaders leave today for Washington to toll a U.S. congressional subcommittee about their country's fight for freedom from Communist domination. Lionel Sisniega, Maria Lopez and Raul Medcnce will appear by special invitation before a ' group headed by Rep. Patrick J. Hillings :R.-Calif.) which is investigating Red infiltration of Latin America. HAIR STYLES to match the fashloh, personally arranged by i ... • Mary Hamm • Edna Brooks _ . • Diane Beasley MARY^DNA BEAUTY SHOP 115 S. Elm Ph. 7*2615 the Diamond TOUT yk Headquarters while in Hope*' Plan to attend the 3d District LIVESTOCK SHOW Seph 27 fhru Oct. 2 Meet your friends at the DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA TOKYO, (UP)—Red China's Premier Chou En-lai indicated today he Communist regime may, seek another international conference on Corean unity. * In a speech broadcast by the Red •adio, Chou said "a conference including Asian neutral nations should be called io. . .help settli .he question of peacefully unifying iorea." . For Quality and Beauty in Finest of WALLPAPER f ee «f, Gwnter Retail Lumber Co. Phene 7,349* 422|,Piv, ARMY SURPLUS <?ot» f New G. I. Field" W9W t N«w Nsvy H p Boofc f New ft-?9 Army Field C99t9 t New* Use.! Combtf J|09t« t Oyn« § Sforf and Lontt t Qai Can * Wft T9PI » OPP! RC4VES ;** mmv •;' ACIQH From Pp»t Offle« RIO DE 'JANEIRO, (UP)— One icrson was kilfed and nine w^ro> njured yesterday '.\\rheh two railway coaches jumpesj the track SPECIAL TOMATOES ' &Jto&fc^JL'*». i^ £' HOI»I ItAtr .Hen, ARKANSAS 02AHK IRI MADAM, IVE SHOWN -f YOU EVERV SHOE IN THE ) PkAC£- I'LL PUT YOUR _/ OWN SHOES BACK ON . IS TER&IBLE.' OUT 00R WAt 6O&&.' SHE'S V / 1 WAWT TO ^,*;'l TAKIM' ME OUT {/ OUT OF Hi •>% £*F MV PAWTS-. /3 VOU SEY 'A IMSTEAt? OF ^7 TAKIM' TH 1 KIPS Jl HEAP/ A MAM WHO y\. FOOT OUT OF y V CAM'T CARRY A CHIL0 IM FROM THE WITHOUT BA66IN' HIM UP 15 ~1 Answer to iPrevlou* Pawl* Nicaragua Visit f IMP TO HX A JUROR, BILU^ OR »UACK THREATS — CATCH/KJ6 weAgeUS TO fc LlKfe TKV 8 INS AW EEL IW A 0U?9LE ACROSS • 4 County in 1 Nicaragua has England many volcanic 5 Sorrowful 6 Fiber.knots 7 Above' 8 City in Nevada 9 Allowance for waste 10 Pronoun 12 It is the, Central American country 13 Flower 6 Honduras borders it the 11 Trying experience 13 Venerate . 14 Things- to be done 15 Key 16Ont&»io (ab.) 17 Short-napped 40 Completed 41 Sear - constellation 42 Deceased 44 Ireland • 24 Weathercock 25 Sea eagle 27 Knocks EB'The dill 29 River duck IBMorindln dye 30 Shield bearing45 Mix fabric 19 Decay 20 Eyes amorously 22 Rigorous 26 MUse of pdetry ' 31 Adjudges 32 Humbler;' 83 Milk curdling substance 34 Invoke 36 Miss Garson 36 Cuddle 37 Availn, . 40 Unexploded bomb 46 Golf mounds 47 Distant; ", : ' '• 48 Streets' (ab.)..', .50".Sein'e',-.:. .•'••. v •51 Compass point 20 Commands 21 Oozed 22 Military man 38 Plead (Fr.) <var.) 39 Comparative 23 Pitcher suffix FATHER EA>GHE THE NEXT ONE ARE MADE - MOT BORM ,.„, ,,„ k , m » ^ M . ,^V i fc " f .,: i>». M With Major Hoopl. OUR BOARDING HOUSE VeAK, SORe//TOME ON, 6U5T6B.''1^1' VINE RIPENED 43 Unit of energy 44 East (Fr.) 47 It has valuable 49 Joins 52 Handled 53'Eagles' nests 54 Peruses 55 Concise DOWN 1 Genus of meadow grasses 2 Therefore 3 Arabian gulf CARNIVAL - • ••••'• •'-',::.-—,r-' ••'<:•-;:r .,:-••• •r.'',-'':- r .-~~/':~ < "''.:'"-j-'¥^.&p.^m-^'^ 4 Ibs. 49c POOTi AND HER BUDDIES 15.Y* OlSX ^ . bv Purina Fed Cage EGGS.... doz. 39c .X'\<>iO^L^^^I : R Ml^lMi^SH K( NEW CROP CANNING or EATING APPLES PLENTY BUTTER BEANS By Dick Turner RUSSEL 901 West 3rd Street I'M.SETTINl-A.KlCK OUTA PILOTIN' SRIJTTBR-'BUS FUNNY BUSINESS '-.\^^ .:'„;.'..;•.. .w •• .,'::•.••:.:•'-... ; /,•'^-•'>y.')V^ : v::/••-^^••. : ?^i^^.M^f^yyy. < ^S^- i Sg^^ai^SS^^B AtLEY OOP ME GO BAGKJNTQ W/ RIGHlTHlRD'CENii^ i DOCTOR; IF you --WITH'' Atu REALLY WA AND TOP FASHION NEWS! | 7 : "Is th^re a lawyer inj.the house?? : : ; ; k "-' • $IprGLANCES ,- --- Basic .V-Ette has the original continuous- stitch cup .that is so important for fit and fashion [.Thousands of little stitches mould and hold your curves with firm support In cloud-light comfort I In cotton or nylon, ABC cups, 2,50 - 3,50 "But I tell you we're not heading, sout}" 1 , SWEETIE PIE By NoJino Seller PRISCILLA'S POP THE TROUBLE WITH VOU, LESTER, IS YOU'RE NO QENTLE MAN, 1 •*W - •'^^.^jjf txr-^f'Tm^w? ^ 'ff^tmi^^mstf MARTHA WAYHI •me cAUPHYen?w ^^ Woodmen of the World Life Insurance . - • , - • \' . ' Society, Omaha/Nebraska Needs two men to service our. many policy holders, and. to solicit new business in the Hope area. These • men should have high school or higher education, and be willing to work. Experience not necessary. We,.are willing to train these men. Age 25 to 45, married, and bondable. If you are this man and have to make a living, write your qualifications to District Manager, • : '• . •. K. O. Burrow, P.O. Box 341, Arkadelphia, Arkansas MOULDED CURVES

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