Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 2, 1894
Page 3
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DAILY JOURNAL NERVES WERE UNSTRUNG. FRIDAY MORNING, MAKCH 2. A STRANGE CASE, How an Enemy was Foiled. Tl.o fnllnwliu (rrnphlc itntonwnt will lie re;,<l ultb IntenseInterest: " 1 cuiinotdoserll>e i he ii mi: I). oreopvsenButlon that ox [sled In my ;tr:r.~. h.'iiKls ami lo£fl. I had to rub and boat i In,-,, inrts until (hoy were soro. to overeoino in ii iiioii-iiro tho dei.d feollnz thnt Imd t»ken Uf*..:i--iDn of ihcin. In tulullioit. I hint u ->r:in.-e ueakne-rt In my hiiek Hinl nrouml my vvaSt. io'_.i't)n-r ivllh tin Imleierlliiiblu 'irone' fri-liti.' lii my Monuioh. I'hyslelMiH saiil It. »; ;-!r.;; pnralysK from wlileb. neenrO- itiv-toT 1 >ir universal eoneluslon, t.hero Is no n;:ier. t,»n>'e U fastens upon u person, they -i'.v. it emiUmics iti insidious prosn-ss mini ii reiu'ln-H a vital point ari'l Iho sntYoror dies, .^ueii u:is my prospect. 1 hail boon doetoi'Ui:; .1 yi-.tt anil it lui!( sleudlly, but with mi pai- rieulii r Item-ftt- when [ saw an ftilvertlsement "I In- Mill's 1 Kcstornlivtt Nervlm-. procured n honloand bej;an usltiK' It. Marvelous as Ii. IIIMV scorn. t>ut 11 few ila>> hml pas-oil bef.ire i-verv lut of that ereepy fi-ollni! had loft rue, r,,| ''I,...,. In- not heell even t!.e s'.l^lltesl . i. >!:.'. a, u ii uf its return. E m>\v feel in neh ,i- 1 ever .lid. mid reive c.'ilne.d ten i,,,tii:(l-. In wel^-hl, though I bad run down !"••,.i-i ir-iio t:ir. l-'mir 01 hers have used Dr. Mile-.' Kivsloratlve Mervlnoon my reeomon- •iliition.aml It lias been iissall-fuetory In their •;,->•- :i-; In mine." Jiimes Kane, La liue, U, nr. Miles' Hesionitlvo Nervlno Issold by all (.:'.'u-:;:istH ou ft noslttvi* Knaruntec, or soul ifl'eer by Iho fir. .Miles Meillrai Co.. Rlkliurl, li-,i., on receipt of prleo, t\ per t>ot.t!«, sl.x »„ .,-les ttirf."i, e.\ iire-s iirepalil. U U fruu (rutu OLiiJit^ 1 ^ or UuUb'troua drugs. A NttOT Good TempUrn Lodge. The new lodge of Good Templars Instituted by J. B. Stanley at Middlefork Wednesday evening 1 starts out with excellent prospects and a charter membership of forty. The following; ofllcora were Installed Wednesday evening: C. T.— John S Mllnor. V. T. — Mrs. Poily MoCowen. Sec — Mttblo Halllday. Asiit. Sao, — Win Morrison. Trons. — Anna Milner. Chap. — Guard McCowan. Marshal— Martin Campbell. Dep. Marshal — Mrs. Anna Morri- BOP. Guard — Mr. Martha G. Floyd. 8onlin<M — Ora Plllonbarger. Lodpo Beputy- E B Floyd. S G T.~ Mies Mary Milner. P. C T — A J. Morrison. Fin. Soc.— Floyd Whitmore. S. M. Convention. Tho Eol township Sunday tchools will hold a convention nuxt Friday ovening; March 2, at 7:30 at First Presbyterian church. TlcM to be conducted by the Pres- ONE GIRL'S FUNERAL. MBS. SHORT WAS LEADING) LHE OP MISERY. I ntll she P«luo'H Harden I ,,.d (|, r «j r .-»t Rnnrd>. Olrrv ( «>n on lid The ol lluiiMekcophiK Fall* oil n"lli('r«, is t;rii>vinir IfBS simple and more iind inon- i.'nmi'lex each year. A home thai pron'Hubri to b'J well repulauxl iminy irt fur more dilll • cult to ru:niMt;i> ih;iii *:i;i the Hume kind of a humv .00 or CO yt>»rs ago. Upon the v.-crmin falls the burden. Many work ibi-uiM-Ivi-s iuto nervous cxhauftinn. Mttny innihi<rs grow so irritable that thov 'PH! lit all times half guilty, uarintr itrit their difloase • — for It Is n rtlMVJhO. nnd n most dread. Illent: Toiilr: Wlnitl^ tho bekt Soliol.-i-n In SumUj Sctionl. It R. Y. M r, 4 Topic moaiifl to hold thfl Op»*Mtxl b» Mr. Cook, "Nurse, what's the reason that so few diseases are treated Intelligently? 11 "Because few doctors investigate and discover true remedies themselves ! Most -»f thera merely experiment with theories and discoveries which they don't understand. This Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer that I inn giving you is a discovery not «lo\vn iti the books. It is the true »\:m- -edy for your Nervous Prostration •or any and all nervou;; troubles, such as Sleeplessness, Debility, and so on. It is a remedy applied intelligently by the discoverers themselves." PRICC, 91.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents fstamps) for postage. The doctor givei free advice to any nerve disease tufierers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. , wimtln the bost means to n«t tha Mho'im to iittond the church nervlccs. (>i'«i>ed br Dr. * I li>n. Discussion. (juf.stion Drawer. yOH TUKAMl'KKK. I will ho » can'lliliitx Tor Treasure- of tlu> city of I.Oi!;ui.i|H>rt. .lubjtx't Co Hi* will of tlw hcpubll can L'liy NouilimtliiK Conreiulon. 0. B SAKC.KNT. Lomnspurt, Inil,, Fi'ftruury 13, IW). I will bKiiCimUtdniAfor Tri-nsnrer of the cltr of f.ot;<'Ui.i|"irt, hiihj«;t to UIH will of the B«pn!jll- ciin City Noininaiiiih'Coiivisnt.on. A, I.ONU, LoKiirmport, Inil., V'ebruarj ID, 1894, I will be 11 c.in lldiito fo 1 nranlnatlon for the ofilw if City rriNi-urer subject in the will of the Hfp.ibllciiti Conventliin. J. £). ALLISON Log^isport, led., t'eomary 19, ISM. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. K SHOUT We offer $500 to any phynlctiui or chemlHt whi> c*n •how bvAnAlynlHor erwUc. ihut thin ctly cont*ina morphine, opium cocaine, or *ny ALBION. MICH. And 4» O*y M., New York Sold by Ben Fisher, Fourth St. WANTED. A GENTS mak' »».«) K it'ij. Orwtent klt<-h*n umimll ever Inventwl. Retnll.H »'« < to 6 •old In ov«rr hmi«!. rittmolo, p<mtni;H imlil, live ««nts. HOKHUKK <k .rtullAKiN. C'lnclnn.iltl, 0. ^1 LACIKR, nppllfd 10 mjr window, nro liuxw, at « \7noml,ml CII.H . all Ihr bcuty of rml SUInfd 4Uxi. tmttrKHtlc K«ni WHiilwl for Logan.- port, fmJ, Liberal CoiumhMon •ci'*w, HtemiMoii * Urr, GO Wall St, New York. pAPF.R lUSfiRRa OH A<;KNTJ WANTKD towli *«n puior frum .iaiiipl(< bonk.s. No •i[ Arl^nov "t^ -orMury; in Ktt"t coinml.HNlon.H; Inwont Dric^*, liitcHt pntt^ras Himi,t Knlwtlon; na deiay. HonU ut oiuin for full purtli'Uhirs Henry A. Wilson, HK»nt 13* Ho WatMnh Ava, Ctucago. . M AVACiKlt WANTKD -To iippnlnt icli\smen K) Mill t n Riiplil DlsaWtHhvr. Wmlu« uriO ^rlert bo ulrih'*- .a t o nilinitnit without vpttrftK Jllie ttutfo'". i7'T H or-k a weok anil n!l «Kpen-fl3. •iuy {HW tl n; liocniutll ; ill) h inlwork: cm ninko S 10U a «<«k. Address W K Huirlion 4 Oo.. lerkNo.-H, Columbus. Ohio. W ANTKD-A mien an, $20 to |M wwKlj, can b«m de with our aood< inanr lo iilitj, will Btomltorf rf-ltll O.oii. tjnlnrror ooram mon. M TOO pi"U<r. Tti« rn-ulln of n fi-w liou, 'a work often win.vl a WOOK'I WHK •'<•' A«dr»M, -«ANU K,i9," P. 0. Box68(J8, Bunion, HUM. A 6BNT9 W. \NTBD— «»7» makainiiiiem for It. w"o want n llvn hnrtlor In this rtcin «»7» makainiiiiemxlllnxonr goods ifb<- will " ttj to luuiillB the b««t sflllnit ilns world. No hard tlmns wl . th««««oo-ls. Krorrbodr bay* thura. No oaplt « •r up«rlenoe required. Writ* at one* for parti •Ur ' A. 1. Gonroj • >, Sw-1-9 WNtMtb. St.. lui WANTED SAIFSMEN MS •' linn or NURSES' STOCK anUSKKI) POT V- fOB4. MRK UL S\LARY or OOMMIcWION PAID WEKK'.Y. PliltHANANT mut PAnlNA SO8IT<O\3tofio()i, VTEN. SPKCIAI, ISDU' K- ITKN'rS TO IIKlilNNKH-i. KXULUXI E TKK- •ITDRV (.IV^.N I, D :-l tKD. Wrlto at onw tort^pra- 1 1 7He s Nurse y c i , Kocties er, N. Y. WORLD'S Or RELIGIONS! Cut this coupon out and keep It until y<m bave raved nix similar coupons then bring- or Sfnd Ibera toffvthtr witt 93 00 roil CLOTH BDIT1ON $8 60 »O» KHKP KDITIOM to the nffliie of THE DAILY JOURNAL Where you will receive thii masfnifl- •ent boo If. CTIT TH!3 OPT. Road our advertisement.—Golden Rule. Read Major M. M. Gordon's adver, idemont. Got tho Guyor hut or the Sherman, sold only by Patterson and you aro correct. All kind? of fine silks and drees goods to select •trom at the closing Sale of the Nuw casbion store. Deprrco staff No. I D. of R. will moot this evening for practice. All mum^erd aro urffod to bo present. Fur Hunt—House within flvo block* of Court Houtjo. Cheap root to good party.—C. H. Steven*, 209 Market street. E.lzabolh Mohleruled at 5:30 last evening at tho home of her son Allen Mehlor No. 225 Washington street, of cancer of the stomach. No arrangements have as yet been made for tho funeral. The Baby'd Befct Friend—McLinn's Onion Syrup gives immediate relief and euros croup, colds, colic, and par- tlcularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F. Koesllng. Only 25 cents per bottle. There will be an annlveraay social of the Women's Christian Temperance Union at the residence of Mrs, Joseph Barker, 1122 High street, Friday evening March 2d. All members and those in sympathy, are cordially invited to be present. We have heard men say "I would give £500 to have this approaching bald nous arrested and a healthy gro w th of hair produced." This desirable result «111 surely be brought about at trifling expense by the uae of the Excelsior Scalp Curor and Hair Producer to bo sold by agents In thla city. Wanted—100 energetic agents, ladles and gentlemen, to take charge of a business that pays from Ifi to 25 dollars por day. No risk; will bear the most careful Investigation. People aro making a fortune with It. and honorabie. Capital required from 50 to 500 dollars. Call at 414 North street, olty. Is your head oleat P Have you a <ood grip on ail your interest* and a boundless energy In your bloodf You can have both If you observe the pro- ful one—iri'ij- result in nJTocting tha other; it<n MJDII.V disposition of their children. Wnat pain i» tht- broken Jimb, such Is nervous irritability to tho exhausted brain. WDO in n^ rum aa tho other. But thousands of Irrltuble, nervous, tired ai d brokeo down women have found their honlt-h find stroupth and regained .heir even tempers, through the udo of the greatest remedy tho world has ever kuown, tho remedy first pro^cribou b.v tho eminent Prof. E. E. Pnolps, M. D., U,. I)., of Dartmouth college. Lot every woman read the following voluntry^eoliifluuiai from Mrs E. K Short, a highly respooted roatdeot of Haverhlll, MfiM . and luarn of ono of the thousands of wonderful curee that are wrought by Palns's celery compoucd: "Though never very strong, I was always well until I was married. I was 19 yearf old then and am 28 now and the mother of four children. I got frightened just before my little girl was born, and I have never wholly recovered from it. I have taken medicine enough to swim in. I have been so nervous that I did not dare to go out In the back room afior dark unless some one went with me for fear I should scream. "I have been very hankfyil that I used Pal no's celery compound, for as a result I oan now go out evenings and not feel io awful. Every one tells me how well I look. I do my work all alone, and people aek me how I do BO much and I tell them because I used Palne's celery compound. "My husband has spent enough money for me for doctors, nurses and medicine to pay for a home, and he is very, thankful that I took Paine's celery compound." I It WH» In the Karl J Onyiiof Montana, nod f Different from Mont Fanurul*. ; During tho construction d;iys of the | Northern l*a ific railroad many Mnall ; towns were born that, flourished until the road was completed—th«n died. The little story following actually occurred, and miido iui impression on me th;it I tihiill never forget. To rne there , wits 11 tin^o of sadness that went I straight to the heiirt. 1 occupied the | exalted position of justice of tlie peace. ! Now, u justice of tin: peace in Montana _ , iu curly ;i««,'<• w;w n bitfcrer man tlinn i . tho chief justice of tin: United .States is ! ', to-day, and Ijiul a perpetual variety of ; i entertainment, lie marries the peoplo, i I buries the dead, pills out tires, takes ;i ( i drink with everybody, referees do;? j | lights, settles family rows, pivaclies, i i luiikcs speeches, mid must be ready for ; • any kind of work. J'or this atfffretfa.- ', tiim of duties lie is called jud^u, but if t j he renders a wronjr decision I)is name i is Dennis. j One cold morninff 1 was waited upon | by it di:l^'aiioM of pamblurs and in- foruiuil that ono of tlie i?irls was dead. They suid she had passed in her eliecks durinir the night, and a.^ she was the slickest ;jirl in the camp she waa to have a twenty.four-c:ir;it sciul-oll' u.ud no mistakes. I went around to sou the body to liud out, if possible, the cause of her death. I was sitisfied that the ffirl had taken morphine and died from the effects, anil so vonJeivd my decision, which satisfied Mil. 1 si-t, the hour for the funeral a:i 1 rrtimicd to the e.'.Uin to prepare my remarks. There was not n IJibln in tliu >:ani|j, and so 1 had to plav it aloni 1 . It was a cold, storm\ T , Montana winter day. and that, added much to Ihc s:idiii--s of tho occasion. The grave was dug out umon'j' the pines, and a more Clod-forsaken place it would liuvi- been hard to Und, but it was the best, we had or could yet. The hour arrivo!. the procession formed, myself in I'i'cint, of the pall- liearcrs, consisting o!' gamblers, with the body in a roir/h pine box. Next <".»me the girls of the town ami (lie business men in the re.n'. >''c weiuled our way slowly to the !ii-l resting place, where, alone and unknown, amid tho rocks and pines, with t,!i,.- :;wfnl siill- lli^ss of the nionnta iris, all that was [•arthly of that linforl,in:iLe ;.;'irl would •itay until tiir last day. No one couhl pr;;\'; no one could sin^". I }>oure.d ont my sou! lo :\iy (iod in mv poor .stumbling \vav---tohi Him all JL bout it. \\'o wore uiiaiiiiiio'.is in tho belief that she was nii.re sinned af.,inst than Kinniri'i-, and would He in His in- tinite goodness and loving liindni-^^ for- y.vc her. wipe out ail the blue!; spots ju her soul, for;ret her pa.st anil ^ive :n:r for her soul's sa^c'.' \Vnuld Hesus>end all rule-., throw open wide tin: jortals of ll'.'aven, have s'.N'ert/'xt ;jm^ic nlayed 01: a thousand golden Inrp.t and bid that poor, tired, siii-staim-il soul .'.uter the realms of hapuiucss, purity ind rest. It w'as our funeral, because everybody did all they could. There were but few of all kinds, to be Mire, but human with souls to s:>,ve. There are many of tho old boys scattered through tho northwest \vlio will recollect that Btormy Montana day, and how wo knocked at eternity's door for admittance for that girl's soul, and all will agree that our knocking was not in vain—that the pates were thrown open and forgiveness camo to her.—Outing Oracle. Everything- connc/ churns, seem cK \vant Uiorou^n i to save yoiii' la!. Pearline. some unscrupulous grocers will tell yo.i " ll)!s is as pood as' to -. inay- ou've }; but >.,-•;,• iv.'illy are n;.;>•: :.il tin; tiif- hrt'.vern .^ocxl \Yhi-r<-v(;r you nlint-ss. or want tiv: host thing Back i 't: Ihc sinii- ns I'enrline." IT'S J'AI.SK—I'cArlinc is never and if your rroeer sends you miiK'thing in pl.ii-c i,f !V bnne.t.-.v-.^.-.'A,^. ' 3S3 JAilKS t'VI.K. : YOIK. Drs. CHRISTOPHER & LONGENECKER l-ROPRIEFOKS OF Tie Logansport Medical And Surgical Institute 417[;MARrIEr STREET. I to eautlon to take, when retiring for the night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get to work next day you will feel M If you oould ul a train of oars. Be lure to get the small size. School taught by Miss Emma Nett pf District No. 3 Washington township, closed February 27ch. The audience to the number of one hundred and fifty was entertained by olaii recitation until 12 o'clock, after which an elegant dinner wai served by patrona. AD excellent program consisting of recitations andmuslowas furnished In the afternoon. A pleasing part of the entertainment being a violin eolo by Le Ila Norrls Rov. A. 7, Fryberger, of Walton, gave a vrry Inwrebtlng talk to the children on hit early school days. The patrons each expressed themselves well pleased with the work done by the teacher during the pait year. f 100 Bcfftrd, $100. The reader of thl» paper will Iw plmuej learn that there l> fit least one drwlrind dlawv that nclence lias hwn a»l« to cure In all ltd (tage.i and tha Is Cutiirrh, UallN Catarrh Cure In the onlf po»l Ire rare known tothemtidlcnlfratern t;. Catarrh b^nKHcon*tltQti«imldlsei«», m)ul'»> a coiiMltntloniil treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Ji taken Intenmlly, acting dlnwtlr on tbi' blo<K) and mucui surfHces of ibri uratem, tncreby destro Ing thufounrtntlonof 'hecllsen»e. and nvlntr tbp patient strenRtb br building up thA constitution and attainting nature In doing Its nark. The prnpile- torn bare no miieb filth ID I » curative powers, that the; offer One Hundred Dollurs for any cane that It fnlln to cure, Send for lint of tonttmonlnln. Address, F, .1. CUENK1T4CO., Toledo, 0, Hf sold by druggists. Tbe Midwinter Fair Excursion tickets via Pennsylvania lines good returalng until July 15th. The special low rate excursion tickets to San Franolioo, San Diego, Lot Angeles, San Bernardino, and other California points, now for sale via Pennsylvania lines will be good returning until July 16, 1894. Excursionists can select any route from Chicago. For particulars apply to J. A. MoCullough, Ticket Agent, Lo« gansport, Ind. To prevent oar slokneti or headache and to give restful sleep, so difficult to obtain while' traveling use Dr. Whoeler's Nerve Vltali/or. Taken at bed-time it quiets the tired nerves, Insuring (weet sleep. One dollar of Ben Fisher. inertheNJJlioTer, aft* the brett or morn, After the dancen leaving, after the stars are gone. Muni* head linchlna, Ujou But knew It all, Take. Smith's Bile Beans on retiring after the ball, JUkforSMALHUe. Potion Ant* imtlnnulilHMl for Bravery. The poison ants of west Texas and Now Mexico are the bravest creatures in the world. They are absolutely destitute of the feelinfr of fear, nnil it makes no difference to them whether the enemy thnt approaches the nest is another ant or ;in elephant they aro equally ready to attack it Point your flng-cr at ono and it immediately raises itself into u posture of defense. Draw 11 littlo nearer und it opens its jaws ready to bite. The bite itself is not bad, but into tbe wound the n,nt injects i poison that sometimes makes a troublesome soro. These ants are a terror to small animals, which, after one experience, always shun the nests, and even ii dog, nftur being 1 once bitten, can rarely be persuaded into the vicinity of an (nit's nest again.—St Louis Globe-Democrat. Hake » Hpecin.i.y uf treiiriiiu Chrome and Private Disease*. Cure Catarrh—hundreds cured here. DiHenttt'x of Women—Apaatolls method used. Lung Diseasing—(innuan Vapor treatment ie the best yet discovered. Also, Rheumatism, Sromaoh, Liver and Kidney Diseases treated. Capers and Tumors removed without tbe Icuife. Piles cured—gnarantee^Q Sexual-and Private Diseases—the best treatment known. Charges reasonable. Consultation free. No quackery about us. We are well known. Hospital Superintendent—Any eases brought in while I was at dinner? Surgeon—Only one. a younp tnansuf- ferinff from concussion of the brain, injuries to head and nose, fracture of DOSO and jaw, fracture of collar bone; dislocation of the left arm, dislocation of the right arm, compound fracture of «lbow, fracture of wrists, sprains of thigh muscles, fracture of thijfh, fracture of le(f, fracture of kneecap, fracture )f ankle, wrenched tendons, injuries to ipiiio und several internal injuries. Superintendent—Well, there's just sue thlnff about it, the stole has jrot to increase our salaries or pass a law ifjainst football.—Good News. —The favorite repartee with the El Dorado pirl is "shut up;" in Wichita It Is "rinfr off;" in Wellington it is "rats;" in Abilene it U "chestnuts;" In old fashioned Topeka it is "cheese it;" in Emporin it is "go ba>r your head;" iu Port Scott it is "law, now, you don't lay;" in Leavonworth it IB "quit your business, white man;" in Garden City it in "you know it;" in Salina it is "that's no lie," and in Lawrence—West Lawrence—it is "O, you make my legs iche."—Kansas City Star. —First Reporter—"What .in thunder iid you publish that long interview for with a street sandwich-man on the, question of coining 1 the ncisrnioraffe? Ho couldn't know anything 1 about tho subject?" Second Reporter—"Of course he couldn't That's where we fot tho «coop; doing something that nobody «lso ever thought of doinf,—see?"— Boston Transcript —In twenty yea»-« iiie ratio ot dl« vorcci to rnnrriag-es has increased from one hundred to two hundred and fifty p« cent in every country of Europe. Ther Wmil tb« Item. I "The people jf this vicinity insist I on having Chamberlain's Cou^h Kein-1 ody and do noi. mnl aay other," says JohnV. Bishop. O f 'Portland Mills.: Indiana. That is right. They know j It to be superior to any other for' colds, and as a preventive and cure [ for croup, and why should they not [ Insist upon having it. Fifty cent bottles for sale by B. F. Koosling, ffist. Vandnli* Line Kxr.iirHloni To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until Juna 6, 180-1, inclusive. One fare round trip. Gill on or address any Vandalla line ug'ent and ask for information contained in circular No. 327 of January 20, 1894. Karl's Clover Root, the new blood purifier, gives froDbneng and olearneat to the complexion and cures constlpa iton; 2oc., 50o. and |i Sold by B F.KeeBling. wu] etop the > Kemp'* *l onoe Four Nothing in tbe whole history of Medicine oan compare with the success of "FOUR C." It IB the ONLY KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. It removes all Its DJUCADKD and KVII, effects, inducing restful, uatural slaep. ONK DOSB will frequently re- tnnve Pleurisy pains. ONK DOSK has time and again relieved a child suffering with CROUP. Four "C'' has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tongilitis. In composition it is DIFFERENT, Is MORK POWKRFUJ.I and ACTIVE, in fact it is as DIFFERENT froui any other KUeumatlum Quickly rorwd. Torou dtiys id a very ibort lime In whicn to euro a bad case of rheumatism; but It ctn Of, done, If the proper treatment is adopted, as will be Been bythe following from Jamei Lambert, of N-.w Brunswick. 111. "I WM badly aftl:ctcd with rheumatism in the hlp»- nd le^s, when I bought a bottle at Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It Cured me In three days. I am all right Wd»y; and would insist on every OM' who is afflicted with that terrible dig- eaae to use Chamberlain's Pain Bain and get well at once. ' Fifty oent bol- tles for sale by B. F. Keesltog, druggist A Forir Hlle BMe. E. K S'etntm, of Fairfax Virginia, says: "A party came forty miles to my store for Chamberlain 1 * Cough Remedy and bought a do*e* bottles, fne remedy ie a great f»- vorlte to this vicinity and has performed some wonderful curei here. v It is intended especially for cough*. colds, croup and vhooplng cough, and la a favorite wherever known. 90r sale by B F. Keo^llng, druggist, lung remedy as molasses is dilTyreut from vinegar. It is ft REVELATION. BKST OK ALL YOU TAKK N» BISK. The KSSKNCK of the contract is, Pour "C" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refunds BEN FISHER. Chicago citizens in their deelre to excel, have lately accomplithed a big feat, namely: In discovering by actual medsuremente that there are MUM iady roiidents who can wear ihoe* iwelve inches long. Your blood needt regulating U ipriog. • 'Lafold Cabinet Port" U na- iiir 'sown blood purifier. Mild and u ii\v\ Price quarts, $1; pint* ••• tt- .•- For sale by W. H. Porter, pr»- -c nlon druggist, 326 Markut street. I. iiaporf., Ind. To lndl>nn|ioll« mi one Fare KM .und trip, via Pennsylvania line*. UL vl irch 13th and Hth, the round trip rate to Indiaoapolii will be one lowest first-claex fare from any ticket station on tho Penusylvanla lines la Indiana account the Problbttion Slat* Convention Tickets will bo good t* return until March 16'b. Apply to any Pennsylvania line ticket agent for details. Quaker aeadachA oapculi f IT* re» lief la ten minute*.

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