Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 2, 1894
Page 2
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What is Otutorla la Dr. Samuel Pitcher's* i»rcscriptiou lor and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor Other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for 1-ari-jrorIe, Drops, Soothlus Syrups, mid Castor Oil. It Is IMciisant. Its guarantee is thirty years* UHO by Jitllous of Mothers. CastorludestroysAVorius and allays fevcrlsthucss. Castoria prevents vomit ins Sour Curfl, cures Diurrhooa autl Wind Colic. CastorLi relieves teething tioublcs, cures constipation and flatulency. Castorl* assimilates tho food, regulates the stomach »nd bowels, giving healthy a:>d natural sleep. Castoria Is tho Children's Panacea—tho Mother's Friend. Castoria. • Oaitorl* Is on excellent nmllcli"* for fhll- inn. Mnthrrs have ruiH'atcdly told mo of its ,004! affect upon their childrea.'* D:i. O. C. OflnooD, Lowoli, Mass. •0»»toria L< the l>e-t ivuwxly for children of m lU'quiiiati'.l. I hopo thp il;iy ii not i'U mothers vrillconstliTtlinnml Wcrntof thi-ir clill>ln>n, nn'l IHO Custor'.i m- jtMtd of the viiriuttsiiuuok luwtriimswiiii-tiaro ^•troyli:,.' Hi- -if i.iv t .,l unos, b.vforciiisO|>i:ini. jtorp^iu<', s.«'ti: n:-: Kyru(> and oHirr Inifiiul ^enta duu-u th.-ir iliron'.m thureliy soiuliuj; .-... ,t. F. KixciinLOi, Oonwivy, Ar'». Castoria. Tlio " (TtwMria Is «o iri-11 <uli-ii!r.! to poniiinii.Mil ltabsuiwriuriu;\.^yi>rescripUon owu to me.'* ' „ „ TI. A. AncniR,M. D., Ill So. Oifonl tit., llrooklyn. N. Y, "Our physiclnnn 1" tin children's dcpArt- ™i liavu «|>oUi'n hipUly of Uw-'ir ci\xsf- co In tlieir outbiJi.' Jiructlcu willi C«sturi_, id nltliouRh «« only huvs *inon(f our Lilieul supplies wluit Is known u regular (xlm:[H, yet wo ftre free to couffiw that Uit> f>-iui »f C'liiilona has won us to look witk ujmn U." L'.-imii) HOSPITAL AHD DiapEssiitT, Boston, MAICV. C. S»ir«, I'ret., Street, Naw York City. fuvur KOBBED A BANK. Work of Two Masked Men at Dexter, Mich. The Assistant Cashier Compelled to Open the Vault—The Rascal* Escape with Abo..t £4,000. f- wa<i. !-• X -') for for (,'ows; for Uulla: A nAKINO TlIKfT. DKXIEII, Mich., .March 1. — A bank robbery occurred her« about 7 (•'clock a. m. Two masked men with revolvers compelled the aUBJhtant cashier, O. C. Gregory, to open the vault and escaped with between (3,000 aod 94,000 after having nandbagfred Gregory, louring him In an un- eonsciou» condition. Gregory, who aoui ait janitor a.]xo, wn» sweeping out ! Ike office when he wa.t confronted by two luusked men with revolvers, lie w«a ordered to open the vault, and with two revolvers threatening his life, he did na Just aa the bolts s!!d back Gregory was knocked senseless and was vooousclous when fouud an hour later >y Caahler Newkirk. It is thought rthe robbers were frightenfid away before they bad time to nocuni all the Imoney in the vault a* some of It was ifound scattered about tha floor. The •Wnk estimates its loss at between IS,•00 and W.OOO. There i* no cl«w. The )>»«t«r savings bank was recently or- «af lied with a capital of 120,000. 'or Yen! t_';ih'i.'.->. FATE OF A SMOKEK. A \\Viiiiuii Ituruii to Heath While Trying t,, Light Her I'ljir. Mr.NClK, Ind.. March 1,—Miss Jill a Dlclcerson, an inmate of the Delaware, county intirinary, while lipfht- iug her pipe set fire to apron, burning her clothes her body. ller flesh was burned to a crisp and she died in a short time. She was at one time a woman of good standing in Muncle, but lost her mind. Mrs. S. Watsou. while attempting to save her. inhaled the hot air and i* in a critical condition. her from ' Urals, Frovltionn, Ktc. C«ICAOO, March I. ytoOR— The demand «»» moderaM and (nel- lac steady, Wlnwr - J'amcU. Uau^-li; ainl«bM. KM^J.W; cleara, HUOiZ.JO; ie» ««d», «I.(«(JI.»J low araUos ll.K»j|l.}u. Spring — Patenia, KM'ittn. atratght-i, IZJOiiiDO; Bau«r>. H,7bil.a); low crude*. ll.IOu.lM: Ked Pof. ll.Dftftl.aO: Hj-e, i«.4(Wl.ta WH«AT— Moderately uotlvo, uu»«lll»d »nJ •trongur. L'aKh, KKdSS^c^ May. »B^jei))io: July. 61SOKKSC. Conn— QuHi snfl Hrro. No. t and Vo. " Yellow. SHJ.C; No. S. Me, kuu. Nci » Yullow Mktob 3>4o tiadcr Mar May, GLADSTONE TO QUIT. Til* ICeport Contlruieil br th* Frnmtcr'n Lo.xno.v, March 1.—The report that Mr. Gladstone will retire has lioen eon- firmed by his secretary, Mr. Littleton, who said that the resignation of the premier cannot long be delayed. lie added that at tho audience which Mr. Gladstone held at Buckingham palace Wednesday with the queen he referred to thu increasing difficulties which he experienced owing to his failing eyesight, deafness mid age, and told her majesty that he could not long continue to bear the re- aponslbilitios of the premiership. "" Willed Hlmiolf. CHICAGO, March 1.—Henry B. liogL-ra, manager and principal owner of tho Fidelity Storage company, committed suicide at his home, 4oOU Lake avenue, by blowing out his bruins with u revolver. He has been a sufferer from acute Insomnia since December and brooded constantly over business re- j OAT8—Mocleraw trading and Htrontfcr. No. 2 ea*b, 2Vc. Mi*y, 29H : <£3*fi^ July, 2£tttia*)4u. Bamplea la (air ucm.tmi and Higher. No. 3, I No = While, 3l'*31; t o. i Haas I'oim.—Trudlujf <iulto uctlvc and price* t lower. Quotation* ranired al 111.70*11.83 foi , •ash regular; $11.851011.W fur Muy and I1I.KV0 MUt for Julv. LARU—Market rather qutol anil pricm ,le*er. Quotation* ranted at l&^KOIlVTki fot •«ash; l&Wn'Af.U'.! 1 ^ (or Mar, alii M.Mt4WO.V7H >l«r Jaljr Live POOI/THY—Per pound: Chickens. <Ma i me; Turkey*, t6.OUttQO.00; UuclU, &«lVc; ••Me, »4.0ri«»A<Wperd(>i!ea ' BOTTIII—Creamurr. l&424c: Dairy, ffeOklng SUwa, lttj&12«x OOJ»—VVHoousIn Prime White, 1)»c; vVatet j bite, 7m>; Michigan Prim* White, H".c; Wa, »o; Indiana Prime White, 8V-; Wa- ' : «*r WblM. Hit: Headlight. 10 Wit. 84c; Oaao- 1*9*. V lie*;'*, "Ho; T* dig'a, l*c: Naphtha, M LujnoKS— !X«tllled iplrlUi ateady nn ih* II. II per f si. for flnlahed «xxlfi. j Nsw YOKK, March l.'l ' T—No. t red opened fairly active and on better cabled. Mitruh, Qt^i'tfltVio; ,M»y, StM'tSI It-tso; July, M \-\*ilW\<:. IM- -**mt>«', TDMnlHc. Ooajr—No. * firmer wKh wheat. March. 4IS «4*o; Mat, 4«««an««; July, «H- I O*i»— No. S 4«ll but steady. Track whit* | H<aU>. l»»aict ItsoU . fyoriaiuiis — Btef «ul«t: (amlly, UWi eTi» neu, M.W. Pork g,ulet: new •Ms, US.M; family. Il4.00aii.80: short clear, mtfflj)l'"i' Lard emy: prime We^tera «Uam, W.TO, nominal. I.IT* xtuek. CHICAUO, Mirch I. — Maruot rather aotlrc. out feehm; oaiy. PHoet l*»IOo lower. Sale* ranged •a HtOO&W <or V\ft; 14 WOMB (or Until; (or rouch p*«klDR;. Ka6u&.l» (or and KW4S.10 tor heary packlnR and Market rather aotlve and ftrlini? t flrm. Pries* ««ll maintained, eipcotally C t^t b*twf qiialltles. Quotations ranted at M*.» rorskolosiotitrasalpplat 8ie«r«; 4ta«aM.S3 lor mod I* *h«lo* if.; WIMIIH) I Taken to Hlng sing, NKW YOHK, Mardi 1.—Flsrhtin^ to i the lust to keep out of prison, "Ik's.V ( John Y. MuKane was started on his ; way to Slnff Sing at noon to servo ;v , six-year sentence for electi<m t'nimis. ; Murrltl Ulvu* «ll ,1101) Ilnll. I DETROIT, Mich., March 1. —Kx-Jiank Cashier Marvin, und'.sr :irreat by the federal court for alicircil hcnvy cui- bczzlements, becurd! bail in the sum of $10,000 and was roieuticii. £*•«» to I'rlAon. WASUINOTON, March 1. —Joseph Donjan, who threatened Vice President Stevenson by mail, wus sentencud to eighteen months' imprisonment. l'a**aK« ol tlm Illaixt Kill. WASHINOTOW, March 1. — The Bland bill for the coitiag-o of the silver *eip;nionige ha-, patted the hour-e by a Tote of 1SS to lit. A »p«iMl(hrirt Bnler. BURNOS ATH»«, March 1.— The Argentina Time* denounces the administration of President Pellegrini during- the last year of bis term. It declares that the president spent four times the amount proyided by the budget, and My* that he increMed tha national debt by 1240.000,000. . I by QOT. Flower. M. Y., March 1.—Oov. Flower stoned *e (freater New York bill Wednesday afternoon, and William Rhinelandsr.Stewart, a New York rnal estate owner, carried off. in triumph the pen with which the gojtrnor attached hi/i signature. Think HI* R**l Mam* I* Olborn. INDINAFOLIS, Ind., March 1.--K is believed hero that tho dead robber known as William Howard, whose body was taken tu Chicago Tuusday night by Nelson Osborn, the saloon keeper of No. 3851 State str.pt, i» "Billy" Osborn, a college graduat* and athlet* of some re- uown seTeral.r«ana*ro TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. A resolution looking to government control of the Niiiarnguan canal w*s Introduced in the house. Judge K«y, of the federal district cour', of Tennessee, denies that he will roiire. He is TO years old. Young Treadwell, escaped burglar, has written to Kmporia (Kau.) authorities, beffBiuK the" 1 (o '' 'uercy. Stiitt! relief r."' Hio Hurley (Win.) minors has '"•n.vl and Iron county roust look iifiv.- its unemployed. Upon up. >;iti.in of thr Kviinsville A: Teive ll:ii:!r a iveeivcr 1ms been appointed ft v tin- Richmond .Veder. Ity ;i ehaiitfi.' in the Missouri's channel the big draw at Omaha is now over a satirtl'iir. N;:'vip-:it.io» is blocked. Inteivsl in Unr/.U is ceil lured in the presidential election, throwing into the shade tin; wai-laie of tin- insurgents. Four dogs :it Yanhton, S. U., have had hydrophobia :u.id :i wholesale slaughter of en nines has beon ordered. Francis .1. l.i'tfii". confessing to in- eenuiary tires in different sections of tl-.e country, is under arrest in Milwaukee. Senator Woleott, <:>f Colorado, repudiates thu secession circular issu:-d for signatures by the mayor of Georgetown. David Mercer, the cor.vict who escaped from Chester (111.) penitentiary by crawling through .1 suwur, has been caught. Orgaui/.ers will try to awaken interest ami reinstate the !K),OW> dclimiuent tniMubcrs of the. Farmers' Alliance in Kansas. Four barrels of honey were taken from a bee tree by liny Marr near BanHla, Mich. AS much more was wasted. Benjamin LI.yde, of Chicago, was awarded tile contract for the Detroit Chamber of Commerce building', to cost 84 lli, DUO. The Columbian l-'iru Insurance com puny of America liled a deed of assigi mental Louisville, Ky., wilh liabilitie of $l l J,j.OUO. Kitiniii Zeigler was awarded a verdic of IWU against tlie Biff Four railroa for tho .villiii;,' of her husband Urbaiv.i, (>. Jacob 0, Horn, present at Fort Dear born massacre, and in thy lllack Hawk Mcxicun and civil wars, died at Win nieeanne, Wis. Pennsylvania's world's fair busines has been closed up and $100 of tli SuUO.OOO appropriation returned to th state treasury. Dr. .1. E. Baker's residence, Lancas ter, 1'a., \vas badly damaged by son, miscrean;. rxnk/iling a dynamite bom! upon the porch. ELEGANT FUNERAL CAR. [£1111 HetM'pfii Srtn Kriturlrtco nnd Cj-[Tro«i Lawn Cumrtory. I'cjrinninp on September 17, 1803, the first electric funeral train in Cali- fornin, ur.il une of the first in tho Uuitoi! States. bc;ran regular service on the line of the han Francisco & Sau Matiio i;ic-(.-tric railway, which con- ui>cl:i tlii^ CyprcF-i Lawn cemetery with - city. Tlio distance I 1 * ten milts find tin' run is mado in less than an iciiir. Suili'lus ,'if<> run into the rrmiiuls, t, r ivinf, r i-vfry convenience for 'I'lji,- car, an cnjfraviuitr of which we irn able to prcst'iit, was built especially 'or the Cypress l.nwn CViiU't-.'ry asso- •iatiori. It. is :il feet lonff, divided into two sections. One part i» for the re r./.lfHKST STUKKT RAILWAY irUXEBAL CAR i.\ THK wom.n, mains and pall-bearers, whili; the other i:s ,,;viij)ii;(l by the monrnera. A track runs throuffli the i-ntire length of the cnr to the ends of tho platform, so that tin; coflin can be loaded on from citln-r ond. 'l/io scats in tho hearse si.'i;tio:i run longitudinally on both F,ifk-s and nre of t-olkl black walnut, in common with the rest of the inside !;r,h.hin;r. The mourners' suction has si-p.t.s niTanycd us iu palace steam cars, acco:nmodating twenty-four people, (ir.,'l upholstered in dark olive plush, Tho exterior of the car is, of course, dark. A 1,-iriiT of ton dollars is charged for the use of the car, ami as many special cars for friends of t,hc deceased as necessary may be chartered. Funeral {"'occasions may meet the train at, liny convenient place on the line and a hoarse at the cemetery transfers to the vault or-grave. The Idea has been well received, and tho convenience, economy and (food taste of the service appeal to the weajthy as well us to the poorer classes. The car is mil as a trailer. Artificial Whalebone, A process of forming'nrtlfieial whalebone from nnimul hair, consisting In subjecting the hair to a softening bath, then to a bath of acetic acid, and finally placing the mass under great pressure, has been invented. Wlmt Canied Hit Cold. Gus De Smith—You tteem t.o have a bad cold? llostette 1 .' McC.innis—Yea. Got It la s theater last night. "Did you have a scat near the door?' "No, I sat next to a woman with 8 biff diamond rinp on her ringer, and in order that everybody should see it sparkle she fanned herself so much .that I had to put on my overcoat. It's a miracle that I have not got pneumonia." -Texas Sittings. —Does Mrs. Nlimdiet keep boarders now?" "No; she only takes than." MOTHER OF MERMAIDS. Scientifically She Is Known Morely aa the "Dagong." A Peculiar Mammal Which Ii Nrarlng Extinction—Thn Conn«<>tlnK Link Itctwcrn Hie \Vlmlo ana the Si>»Ip »nd WulruBen. The latest addition to the mammalia department of the San Francisco academy of science, says the Examiner, is u real mermaid. The slnm^e specimen arrived from Australia a few weeks ugo and is now in tho hands of the taxidermist. The process of curing 1 and Ktufllng will be completed in a f uw days. Tlien the public may visit tho academy and take a (,'ood sijuare look ut an honest hiren of the seas. Although the animal is the verilftblo original of the mermaid, her scientific mime is not so supple on tin; lips as tho soft pet names given to the marine sirens of mythology. She is known an the ilugong, ii.ni! while she is more or less interesting to the naturalist as being the inott'ensive cnitse of the mermaid myths, she is slill more interesting to him because she is a <lu- pontr. For the dngong has been battling for existence in the marine world for centuries and is about to lose her identity inniing her aquatic neighbors of the southern deep. Tho dugoug is becoming rapidly extinct. A specimen is seldom captured and the one in the possession of the academy Is regarded as an extraordinary prize. Every nation under the sun has contributed to the mythical evolution of the dugong from a member of the manatee family of mummnlki to a beautiful sea siren with languorous eyes and flowing hair, who wooes foolish mariners to destruction and the folk lore of every nation has a different idea of tho appearance of the mermaid. The crafty Chinese and Japanese have even manufactured n. hideous .semblance to a woman Osh, and /,'reat painters have deigned to commit to canvas their conception of the siren. The unattractive, motherly dugong was tho cause of it all. The <lugong forms the connecting link between the real whale and tin 1 «e»ls and walruses. l>ike the whale tho animal has no hind feet, but a powerful horizontal tail. Its anterior extremities am more flexibly jointed DCGO.NO KUK8INU HUB YOL'KO. than those of the whale, and this is a distinfftiihhinff characteristic betweco the two nnimuLs. The ihifi'onfr is said to have attained a lenpth of twenty feet, but the usual lonprtii isfrometfrht to twelve feet. The specimen at tho academy is nearly seven tout long and hat been very well preserved. In appearance the animal resembles the manatee or sea cow. Its upper lip is large, thick and fleshy, and its Knout is like the trunk of an elephant cut short across. When the dngong is nursing its youiifr its brensts arc enlarged so us to be almost human in their aspect. Tho nursinfT process is carried on by the mother above water. The baby <lu- g-onfr in pressed against the exposed breast with one of muuima dugong's flippers, and in this position the animal swims horizontally through the witter, using 1 her roinnuiing flipper to propel hprself alony. It is this singu- KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjnvment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life moio, with lew expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's bert product* to the need, of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Ita excellence i» due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleat- ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of »perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions pd met withithe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and ft U perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50e and|l bottles, but it is manufactured by tb« California Fig Syrup Oo. only, whose name is printed OB e wy package, also the name, Sympof Figtv and being w*ll informed, you will n<A accept way Bub.titu.t4 U own* lar characteristic of the animal that has given rise to the fable of tin- mermaid. Sir James Emerson Tennent. the eminent naturalist, says: "The rude approach to tho human outline observable in the Bhftpc of the head of this creature, and the attitude of the nmth- er while Ruckling her younjr, holding it to her breast with one flipper and, while swimming w.th the other, holding the heads of both above water, and, when disturbed, suddenly diving and displaying hor llsh-liku tail—these, together with her nabitunl demonstrations of strong maternal affection, probably gave rise to the fable of tho mermaid." Tenne.nt traces the origin of tho myth to the gilt-edged tales of early Arabian sailors who had watched the strange, antics of tho dugonir in tho waters of the Mananr. Still another characteristic of the animal that contributed to its immor- talization in mythology and heraldry is tho peculiarly hnman-liUe. plaintive cry which it gives when its yonnf,' is imperiled or becomes detached from its motherly but muscular hold. According to Ruppell, it was with the sl(in of this mammal that the Jews were directed to veil the temple. The bmt proof that the dnjronf* has been but imperfectly de-^eribed by naturalists is the contradictory accounts given by scientists. Tennent says it ^ivcs no oil whatscK-'ver, nnd tile, author of "\\on<iers of the Dee])" declares that 4,DUO bottles of oil have been obtained from one (lugoiig, It is u sort of marine '.•osmopolita, for it has been found in the northern sous, along the. tropical coasts and streams <>f Africa and America, in the Red sen and thu Indian ocean. THE RURAL HEGIRA TO CITIES All the World Ovrr tliti IVuptn Ar* Klock- init to i hit Tnwtiri. One of the remarkable social features of this era is the l:irge anil constant movement of population from the country to the cities, a movement that tends to rural depopulation It is not confined to any country, or any part of the earth, but is most marked in the oldest and most thickly populated countries f Kurope. It is al-,o a movement of considerable importance in this hemisphere, nnd in the newest of civili/.ed countries, Australia. It is bjst ?>tate.!, perhaps, as a disproportionate growth of towns, to the extent that in the past thirty or forty years there has lieen an actual diminution of tho rural popula- in the greater portion of Europe aiul in many parts of this continent and Australia. 1'erhaps this movement has boeu most marked in (Irent Hritain and Ireland. Tho migration of population from the rural districts to towns was iii-st, apparent in \V:iles in IS'il. It did not become of any importance in Kn- glnnd until some ten years Liter. Dur- inar tin; last t wenty ye irs eight counties in Kii!, r l:md and three in \Valeshave lost ten per cent of t ieir rur;U population; thut is, thu rural population in those counties to-day is ten per cent. less than it was twenty years ajro. In some districts, particularly in the southwest, of the kingdom, the decrease in rnn',1 population is as high as twenty to thirty per cent In Scotland the movement towards tho towns began sixty years ago, and parliamentary returns show that the depopulation has i ecn much greater than in England and Wales, but the precise percentage is not stated. The highlands have suffered most, but the lowlands have also lost heavily. Tho returns quoted aver that the formation of deer forests, which necessitates tho dispossession and driving away wholesale of very many families, has played no important part in tho depopulation of the rural districts. This indicates that to some deeper underlying cause must bo ascribed the great general exodus from the rural regions. The depopulation of Ireland has been continuous and severe and general throughout the country. It has not been a rural depopulation only, but a general emigration from both town and country. It began before the great famine of 1840, and has continued ever since, Uut even in Ireland, with this general decrease of the population as >i whole, there has been a great iu- creuso in the population of many towns, llelfast has increased remarkably. There seems to exist nowadays on the part of many rural-born persons an aversion to country life, and, it. would seem, an aversion that is spreading. Reasons to account for this are plentiful, and will readily be con- ceivod. Whether there is any remedy, ind whether n remedy is required, ore other questions.—N. Y, Sun. Jfra. M. Jton* tt i 1 Was a Wreck With catarrh, Inn; (rouble anil generally broke* down. Boforo 1 h»d taken liulf » botll* of Jlood'i Sws»parillaI Wtbcttor. Now I amU Hood's'P'Curcs goodh«altli, for nil of which my thanks ar«du» to Hood'v Sareaparllla." MKS. M. r. Ho>"E, Clever, Iron Co., Mo. (Jot Hood's Hood's Pills cur< ' CoustlpuUon by rejtqr- IDK UlC pcrUUltlc .'vctioaof Uie alimentary c»n*L Krom Klrc to 8utt. As n family un-.dicine Hacon'c Celery for tbi norvos passes from hire to t-on us a legacy. If you havi-kid- ney, liver or b:cnd JlsonJer do not <:elnv, but t'ot a free sample piickage of this remedy a', once, if yon have indigestion, con-tipation, rbeutnatifin. etc., lbin will euro .von. Bun Fisher, 311 Fourth Btreet, the leading 1 drupeifti, is «yie apont. and is distributing-samples f'oc to the tt.1!ict<d. ].nrgo pHCk»f;c6 6C cents. Children Cry for Pitcher't Cactorla. 0»« Wny tu In ll>ppr- Is ;t at ali tin.cs to attend to the comforts of jour iamil>. Should any one of them catch a tllght cc/'il or cough, prepare vou'wilf and can at onco on Hen Fifhor, 311 Fourth streot, eole agent, and got a trial bottle cf Otto'b cure, the great German remedy, free. Wo give it away to prove that we havo a ture cure for coughs, colds, Huthma, consumption, and all dibO^sei: of '.hothroiit urd lunps. Larfjc s-izet:- 50 cents. For Itrrr Viftj Yc*rn Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup h«* been med lor over fifty years by millionB of mothers for iheir childreu while teething, with perfect success. It soothes tho child, soften* the guma. allaya all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. I» will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggl»ti! ID every part of tho world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask fo? •Mrs. WInslow's Soothing Syrup" am' [ tako no other kind. Whon Baby WM lick, we g»w her CMorte When mh« WM » Clilld, the cried for Outorlk. When «bo b«c»me ML^ ib« dung to Oporto. When rtie h»a CWM«n,«J»«»»-tl««»O»«ar.v California Fruit Laxative Is natura'o-. own true remedy. It combines Ur, mediolnal virtue* of California frulto and plant* which are known to have a. beneficial effect on the human tyttem.^ Although harmless to the most dell- oate constitution it IB thorough and effective, and will afford a pennanenl^ oure for habitual conitipatlon and tb« ; many disorders arising from a w»»k, : or Inactive condition o' the kidney*,; liver, stomach and towels. For sale_, by all druggists at 60 cent* a Mttlp. t Tli« Orcat Inlirrlliincit. Erf's sin h»» been t»ntmltt«d woli To her posterity, alack: 'Tit»s through »n npjiic tto»t «he fell, And man now falls through applejack. . — Hrooklrn Lit* Thl« It «wf».. Th«re is a tender connection between the railroad engineer and hi* patten* jers.—Low«U Courier. T*r» «•»• r ire the Mnfwtlon* wtp»ri*nc«i bytb* n«rw>n« •addjipeiti*. Cna«coiinl«bl«* palpiuoon, but- lBKlD<theei»f,flualilic oJ«n»*W« ol the taoe, od« Uiteand, tlnicl!Df In UK rooath, ooo»t»nt ieitl«Mor«. itlnnlni In tbr (uUrl^sd •) aing In tbiMitamiob, icutN-MnsliiTcnrjs t»ullc&tsounds tbRt magulflM thunientold, tow* §pmt«-th( «* are only a tow ol the eliarmlnn «n«t«i<!" of tbs Individual «vho mflcri from conibln-d nervous- n*iw andlndl«t»l)on-« t«inithat \»»»llj travel f««tliM. Their gay and !estl»» career to, h-w- ewr. broofhtlo a full stop bythiit gr*at*«tof itoniacblo, Hoitetter-n Btomseb Sltieri, "blch alto overconiM t<«lr..alilM-<onsHpaUon and bllkinineKK. This pofiiilir rfmedj JorUfles thone who oiw It agaUwl mnlaiM, chronic theumstun and kldnej compl«!n>, rwtorm netrnM aalefcd* snd promote- apptutr, vigor t»itl»ft Children Cry for Pitcher'* Castoria. • ExfBrMlou Raica to «"alirorulH ( And winter resorts in the South »i*j i'ennBylvania lines. Tourists tick*** to winter resorts on tho Pacific siopej and in Florida and the South, are now-j on sale at principal ticket office* of^ the Ponnsyl vaoia lines. The low mu* will be in effect during the winter, and return limit of excursion tickets will permit an extended sojourn. For details, please apply to nearest Pt»n vyivaniallne ticket agent, or addreH P. Tan Dusen, Chief Assistant Oea' era! Passenger Ajrent, PltUburg, Pa Children Cry tow Pltcher*»Ca»tor.*. r«rt VIM*. If you are reduced in vitality or strength by illness or any other oaus«, we recommend the use of this DM i'orl Wine, the very blood of tht grape. A grand tonlo for numlng; mothers, and those reduced by wiuit«1 ln(f disease. It creates strength; lm-| proves the appetite; nature 1 * owBj remedy, much preferable to drugs;! guaranteed absolutely pure and over! five years of age. Toung wine ordl-J five years of age. narily sold is not fit to use. Insist o* having this standard brand, It •Mtt: no more. $1 in quart bottle*. tied by Royal Wino o >r ale -»tV»n J

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