Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 24, 1954
Page 11
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-S I-!•/*-*< vf^cr,^, • m, »• tofc rfitift* . ffien he ey hotnl- 6m PAH Agreeing Ida ff ntttjr 'f* t. I A R , H O P t , ARKANSAS ffiday, September 44, 19S4 61d ._ ttft?fof 'thfcfe day's iheft fo fel u|i and light. dort't give her a Canaan, which adver- Us*tt '(is "the Nexi Station to Jg heavllj- Republican. Her Mrs. Sfiiker' is a bchiocfat. fund is negligible. 1H UlS'tnohlb slnrc her nomi nation snd Has thPt or tabued to ' »•« or la.Kea 10 howfefs staff during the Voters at picnic Vrti it MkiK* hl«s wife's ,.„ Mrttel SHU fanohim. (tatherin** nfl^^^K^pUrntt-c ow fftctoty WDi-ker*. Hoi- fribnds al"o, chances <han shc , e> t*r Setters. Itfhat good Is it lo try to create" a batter world it you aie going to leavfc it to a generation comtrtg up thsH knows noth'ng You have to ttagm \\ith the chll- dren." MI'S. Baker's Juisbatid. tiob, S3" sociate Bublishei* of the rmga?ine Art Neirs, is a '/otmer lieutenant colonel who sertfotf OT Gen Eison- laLt M-ar campaign her orgaiijtcd what they call Baker's Bo2eH Pdrties"at which Iddy invite's in 'a divert otliet hoUs6wiVeS to the candidate. "OAe" audlbnee* t1u« ftthe- rncrfi- irtg bottSfeted e? 1? ladies." she said "' ''plug 1 10 chiidi-cfh Milder Age." Wed by a friend, shd balls 6n stbtp thdi-chanti, hut« shbppel-s as they conic •ttel- platform is very "W6 don't have any burning it- "The job pays ontty $600 for 2 years, and even if I win it \\111 cost us money," said. Mrs. Baker. "But if, as a result of my cam- paig'n, I can get even rtnly 15 vives to* take an active i.itrtCst in local aHd' slate poliUds, I'll feel it '.vas wbrthwhilc/' She herself' has been 'amazed to The Negro Community t Qf faring lteM§ to Mist at Hlckk funeral Horrt«' how much unsolfisli idealism there i? among many men in politics," dismayed to find that sometimes pledges of party support aren't always followed' oy per__„, she said, "Bill our state formance. constitution goes buck to 18l3 ( and • •& number of pet pic Ihe (government does need stream* me a n lining. And 1 thfhK v/e simply have to'do something about getting bet- Legal Notice »«• ftiuSpLYBD Kepres ahsasv • NO. 45 1 by the HbUit et ientatiyeS^of the state of Ark- 'and 1 by the Senate: A t Major- !aU .IhViMemBer* . ElectM to at«r "*L Wfift* (-AAl^hfAl..!....** " ijtedjtfty 1 *! tiitip . the &6W - tot mwrbval • itr new k , general - efce^ ntatiVes \> and . Sen* Jv> fiaiorttyio!.' the 1 electors thet*6ftf 1 ?at a :8Vlch ! 'an electlwl. -*su6h » airtSHdment. th* '»' »am« ecottie-' • ^-patt of the Cdn*u- oC7th« SUto ot Arkansas. '-to- pro'Tiised of help whon I first became' a candidate." she said, laughing. "But When 1 go out cam- The Altar Gift Club of Beafiee' Memorial CME Church will sponsor a wiener roast at the home of Mrs. Pdrsie Turner, Sattirtiay' night, September 25. The public is invited. There will be a program giVen at Sethel AMfe Chur6h Stmday, Sepi tember 20,-at £i.:45 a, m. sponsored by the'Young'People's Department.' This program is in observance of Christian Education Week. Friends of A. G. Allen will regret to know that he is ill in a Little Rock hospital. The Skylarks, famous radib and recordihg artist of Nashville, Tenn) at Bethel AME Won'rffiiject ContMuSd from Page One lot lunch, one member told he\v*men that the 1 group had reached /'Unanimous agreement on the main features" of the case. Watkihs said the repdrt does not require formal signing Sen Ed- Wift C. Johnson (D-Colo.) left shortly .after noon and said he is going to dolorado where he Will- campaign for the governship. He already had approved the report, it Was learned. Members what the would be. gave no indication of committee's findings By <3. MILTON K6LLY WASHINGTON ffl-Sen. Flanders (R-Vt) said today ho would not protest if a decision is mddo on "reasonable" grounds to delay Urttil after the election Seriate action on his move to censure McCarthy fR-Wis). It was announced yesterday that no decision would bo mndo for at least several days on whon to call sitters cjjns for me ar<: both Republi-|g p m _ Associated with the Skylarks Win, lose or draw, -the American political scene -is 'going to have a lot more Mrs,' Bakers . W*,' Executive itiBht ot this State .shaU Consist _ot a Governor, Lieu tenant: Governor; Secre- et State A Treasurer ot Stale, Audi. ot ..State.' Attorney General, and JiklOhfcr ot 'State Lafldi. .all l of — 'shall keep, tliolr oHices at the ill 'dt'»'Govertunentr and hold 'their COMIC BOOKS BAN EL RENO, Ola.. (UP) —The local chapter of tho Rod Ctoss will have a scrap psiper drive Oct 4! but' It doesn't comic books. want any old Chapter officials said pa c t expci- ience proved youngsters picking up< bundles spent too much time reading 1 and not enough time col- lectihg/ fnecBBsaPT, __ , and until their liiccessOrs are - ected' thB •*? which -ihftU bt'pald „., monthly .Installments, shall be M follows: • v f ''tiThe Governor, tht surrt o( .FizMcn Thous&ha - Dollars «iB,ooo.ooh' «*, Ijleuttnnht'Governor; the sxlkn of-Three' •Hiousana ^and'< Six iHuridkred'. Dollar; , ($9,600.00): the Secretary .of State, the -sum of-Seven -Thousand - and- Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00): the Treasur sr of State.- the sum of Seven .Tnousand !,ana , Tvytf Hundred^Dollairs •(tf.ZOO.OOMv'the 'AUHItor, of, StMef tbe vjutn of Seven' Thousand ' attd "• Two .Htindred Ddllaw ($J,200100); the vAt; fititnay General.-, tHe ;sum» of , Eight Thousand Dolla/jJ (M.OOO 00) : f >nd the GjmmlBSloner of State Lands, the suhr SflSix Thousand Dollars v (»0.000.00). , 50 SECTION 3. M ^The 'above 1 * 1 * mentioned State, Otticersf'shSI). be* elected.i^by [J^H f2L In <&ttm ^ RQ Eer«-,-ot era) j. Assembly; MK*»^"W* MllS'sir"**™*^" I*?* iW returns j of each electfonVthi - - -'-*-•- -- ypOJ^pl *" ll tr»h*-' ' . y-.theuelecUdjiuil be directed to' the Spemk- ' RepresentflUva? „ Ih ADece!TOt 0 of^Se^eif? Il> 5n felfe^^o«ti«^ w syr A • tby;tjJfr!Gi»veroor. 1 At t the .General .Assem. _ r _n'f 1 t)oth"'HousBS ?belng ,., Uie Speaker of the^ House' itaUves, ^haHfiOpimri »nd ._ votefrcait and > given for oWthV" ottltiers ' heVfeinUifore- —* tn thp» ^reseuctf c^ both General. Assembly, 'Tne fill-highest'liulriD'en P.f Legal Notice NOTICE The public is hereby notified that the Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission has established the following area in Hempstead and Howard Couhtids, Arkansas as a deer" management area and that the following described territory is closed foH art indefinite period of time'to the hunting of deer at arty seftson* of the 'year: Beginning at' the Junction of Highway 4*4 and #27 at Nashville proceed southeast along Highway #4 to the Yancey- Golumbusi i Road, then south along this road to Columbus, west ^ along . Highway #73 to Highway 1 #55 (Saratoga) north along Highway #55 to Highway #27, then riortheast on #27 to" poirit',of origin. Done by Order of the Commission thib'lst'day of September, 1954. ARKANSAS GAME AND FISH COMMISSION By: T. A. McAinls \\t EXddutive Secretary , , Sept. 17, 24; Oct. 1 - this'program, will be the Humming Bees of Texarkana; Tickets may be purchased from members'of Bethel Church, Hicks Funeral'Home*• Unique Beauty Salon 1 and Nelson's Grocery. Advance adults tickets 75fc at the door $1.00, Students 35c. at the door 50c. The public'is invited. MARKETS LOUI§ Livestack NATlbNAL STUCKVARDS, 111. i — Hogs 8,500; fairly active, bat-rows and gilts 15 to mostly 25 higher than yestorda.V's average; soWs steady to 25 lower; bulk choice 180-360 Ib barrows and gilts one price 20.00; several hundred head 20.10 and few loads 19.8:3; nboUt two loads choice No. 1 and 2 20.25; 150-180 Ib Ifl.7.v20.00; few 120-140 Ib 57.25-18.75; sows 400 Ib dowh 17.25-18.50; heavier =ows 15.25-17.00; boars 13.00-17.00. Cattle 700, calves 500; opening steady in slow cleanup trading; in* dividual head and odd lota commercial steers and heifers 100021.00; utility arid comercial cows 9.00-12.00; canners and cutters C.00-8.50; light weight, shell canners 5.00-50; utility and comercial bulls 12.00-13.50; dinner and cutter bulls 8.00-11.00; good and cnoice vealers 15.00-19.00; a few high cho;':e and prime 20.00-21.00; com- paigning now the two Indies wno| win givo n iuuB . fciii „ __ ,„ most often volunteer to act as baby, Ch - UI . cn Thtirsdav SeDlember 23 at' 51 e Senate back mttl session cm the --•'-• • --- '--"- "—-'-'=• ' •" ' politically touchy ciuestion. There j n were signs of swolling sentiment nmong some senators campaigning for re-election to dcftU' the session until after-Nov. 2. Flanders, in a telephone inter- mercial and good vealers 12.00- ISiOO; c o -.TI m e r c i a 1 and good slaughter calves 12.00-14.00. FUneral services for Frank Jones will be held Siinday, September 26: at Boyd Hill Baptist Church with burial in Boyd Hill Cemetery at 2 p. m, The Union Baptist Church of Fulton will -celebrate -'tho-Church's 60th. anniversary September 30 through OctoJJei 3. The public'is invited to attend these programs Pvt. Horace Ferguson of-Fort Jackson,' South Caroline is visiting his parents in Fulton. BEEBEE MENIOHrAU C. M.'E" Rev. T. J. Rhone, ^ 9:45' a.m. Sunday' Scbbbl' 11 a.m. Morning WorsHlp 6 p.m. Epwdrth Leagile. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship' from his home in Springfield, Vt., said "I am disappointed" at the- announcement of a further delay. Earlier, it had been widely rumored, wii.hout official confirmation, that- the session might be set for next' Wednesday-. Flanders said he supposed a storm of protest from within the ranks of Republican senators had much to do with the del.iy. and that he is' now less' confident Of a -pre-election vote on' his resolution to censure McCarthy's conduct-as tending to bring- the Senate into disrepute. "If senators' who are running for rel-election feel that way," ho-said 1 , 'I'm not going to run counter to their- wishes. But ther-j should be a private canvass by the leaders nmong- all the ^InQumbsnt senatorial (Candidates before they cet maintained a mixed price pat- ;ern today at around the best level .sof the week. Tlie market moved up to a new ligh yesterday and held to those .evels today with most stocks trading in a narrow range. Some gains- and losses .went to around a point. Minor fractional deviations were the rule. Legal NoHce NOTICE MT. ZION CM£ CHURCfH* Rev. I. M. Manning, r Pastor 9:45 a. m.' .Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship- 8 p. m. Epworth League 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship BETHEL A. M. C. CHURCH Rev: G. Paschal, • Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday scnooi. 11 a.m. Horning- iWorsnlp 6 p.m. A. C. E. L- 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship. decide — both Republicans' and Derhocrdts. done I think' that will be 'vptes Joj- "ih^'8ame""offi¥e, r one> pf ...in i shSll b^ch6aeW-by a -Jolnf'Vote oK botli HpHSBS 1 ofJ, the"jGener*l; Af- eernbly.i and., a majority ..ot a 1 (He 'm^?bers 'elected ih;alt 'be'' nepUiarj OF HEMfST.EAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE< ESTATE OP No. 958 Mrs. Blanche E, O'Neal, deceased J^ast known address of decedent: Hope, 'Arkansas Date ot death* August 23, '1954 ,An instrument' dated April 7, 1053, Was on the 9 day of September, 1954, admitted to pfobate as the last will of the above named de'c'e'deh.t'; 'and th'e undersigned has be'e^i ' ; appointed' ' executrix there- mxlerf' 'A .contest of thd probate of thfe 'will 1 -cart' be effected only by 'gW fpetitldn - within the time pYoyided'by law, ns having claims against the ea.ttftfe' mUst exhibit' them, duly to the undersigned within sjx 1 mpnths from the date of the fjrst publication' of- this notice, or they Shall be forever barred and precluded 'from -any benefit in the * Th"is notipe'first- published 10 day pj gept. ^1954. k ?JoytO'N^eal Edwards 1 Executrix ,501 South Washington St., 1 Hope, Ark. S,epti 10, 17, 24, Ocf. 1 _ Legol Notice by the Senate of p^sentatives, a Major« Members Elected \o . lch'f House'' Afreclpf Thermo ; . it tjjp Mlpiw% J» hereby propsed *& nmfenttmenrtp th« Constitution pf the State of Arkansas, and upon' being -submitted to the electors of ttie '$tate' for approval or rejection «t tli* next General Election for Repre- and Senatpra. if « majority thereon, at such , »,»„ uueh amendment, same shall become B part of the. Constitution of the State at Arkan°" ' I, From «nd after the State b«- |oj» MEM and not be Provided W not 'CHMRCH OF GCtO'ln CHRIST^ Eld'. O. N: Dennis, - Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. morning worsnlp. 6 p.m. Y. P: W. J Wl' 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship THIEF--WINS" BET CHICAGO (UP) —Joseph Bruce, a r bartender 1 , said a man ordered a ^beer at the bar ycstdrlay and then told-him: ' ' 'I've got a 'little bet on your agel 1 ' jB^uce told him he was 36 Then Overman, holding ms hand^in his ppbket as he ha"d a gun, asked if he-wanted to live to bd 37 '' Bruce said he did a-id handed ovej) $118. " NEW YORK STOCKS crop report still further lowering estimated wheat production in Canada provided th e inspiration for buying wheat. Corn was aided by short cover ing and ovits followed corn higher Soybeans dragged a view of the psospecl of largo marketings 01 cash bean.^ next wek as the bar vest expands. NEW YORK The stock m POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAG .OW1 W)', Live pouMry steady; receipts' U2G doops yestt'r- day 997 coops; 133,6041b; f.o.b. paying prices unchanged to '/ 2 liigher; heavy hens 15-19.5; light hens 12.5-M; fryets 01 broilers 2731; old oostore 12.5-13; caponettes 32-34. Butter r nim; receipts 075,009; wholesale buying price:-, unchanged 93 score AA 59:5; 02 A 53.7i>; 90 B 56.75; 89 C 55; cars 90 B 57. 25; 89 C 5.5i Eggs easier;- receipts S,94(i; wholesale buying prices unohngod to 2 lower; U. S.'• large whites' 1; mixed 48: U. >S. • mediums 29.5; U. S. standards 30; current receipts 25; checks and dirties 21 oiumbus carried sugar to the r -World on his second^voyagfe in< Station KXAR. LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH ReV. F. K. Powell, P^StOf 9:45 a.m. Sunday School' 11 a.m. Morning .Wdrshlo. 0 p.m. B. T. U. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship ' RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W. M. Erby, Pastor 9:45 a.m, Sunday school. 11 aim. morning worship. 8:00 p. m. B..T. U. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship GARRETT CHAPEL BAHtlST Rev. F. R. Williams; Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m, Morning worship 6 p.m. B.T.U. 9:30 p, m. Baptist Hour ovei' Legal Notice CHURCH OF GOD C. L. Crossley', Pastor 9; 45 a. mi Sunday school lj a. m. Morning worship 6 p. m. Y.P.W.W. 8 p. m. Evening worship NE WYORK COTTON NEW .YORK '(.W—Cotton, futures were irregular today, v. ith <rad!ng largely dominated in neaiby October j contracts. It was. first notice day fqr that delivciy and 151 tend crswere issued at Now Yoik Late afternoon pricrs were 50 cents a bale highoi- to 35 cet.ts lower than the pievioiu, close Oot 35 36, Dec 35.56 and Marcn 35 75 GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO W) — Most grain ad- J vanced on the Boaul of Trade today) although soybeans were unable to join in- ihe upward march Wheat and corn enjoyei) a busk buying fluiry during thi 1 rr.oimrig Repoits of a slight pi"k up in domestic flour demand and a private SPECIAL VINE RIPENED TOMATOES 4 Ibs. 49c Purina Fed Cage EGGS.... doz. 39c NEW CROP CANNING or EATING APPLES PLENTY BUTTER, BEANS RUSSELL & SON 901 West 3rd Street Bee -T- Mite Settle and Termite Control Service Owned Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Cuitdmert ore 24", H 0 f» t S f A t r H^P t, ARKANSAS Make the Diamond VdUr Headquarters while in Hope SOCIETY Phon* 7-3431 ietWeen 8 A. M. and 4 f>. M. Calendar The Workers Sunday School Class . "The American Homo," and the of the Garrett Memorial Baptist silver tea held in the homes of Mrs. 'Church will hold its regular mon- George Bowers and Mrs. Walter 'thly meeting in the home of Mrs. Tate. , 'Arthur Rogers on Monday night! Popular magazine titles supplied at 7 o'clock. Mrs. J. -R; Neese will appropriate names for the modern ''be co-hostess. All members are arrangements in the home of Mrs. ''urged to attend. .Bowers, and the colonial arrange- Imenls in the home o.' Mrs. Tate. An educational exhibit featuring Friday September 24 The Annual Music Club luncheon will be held at the Barlow Hotel on Friday, September 24, at 7 p. m. 'w'-A. Western Dnnce for members of the fifth and sixth grades will be hold at the Country Club on Friday night from 7:30 until 9:30. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Bryant and Mr. and Jnmcs Pilkihtori will be hosts. Saturday September 25 . • , The Junior'Woodman Circle 1 \Vill meet Saturday morning at 10' clock in the W. O W. Hall All ficers and members are urged to be present. Monday September 27 W. S..C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday. September 27, at 7:30 p. m. in the home .of Mrs. G. T. Cannon, 1322 South Main, with Mcsdames J. W. Franks, Carl Jones and John Wilson. Jr.. as co-hostesses. The program leader, Mrs. -Howard Byers, will present Mesdames John Pierce, W. M. Rcinhardt) Sam Hue- kabee. and Fred Glanlon in a paned dscussion entitled "Because Jesus Cared," The devotional will be Tuesday September 28 , .. Kathleen Mallory Circle of the books, phamplets, magazines and Tuesday, September 28, at 7:30 p. m. in the home ot Mrs. Ed O'Gran, West Sixteenth street. : shown. In addition to the flowers Mrs H. M. Stevenson had a.hooked rug display in the Tate home. THfi. StURV; Str.-inge at his client's face, ftftd look at the pasty XtH, and his questions vanished. The two women were ened. 1 ' *• " , "What is it?" he "WBat happened?" Kit Carlson sat Plan to attend the 3d District LIVESTOCK SHOW Sept. 27 thru Oct. 2 Meet your friends at the DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, Omaha, Nebraska Needs two men to service our many policy holdefs, and to solicit new business in the Hope area. These men should have high school or higher education, and be willing to work. Experience not necessary. We are willing to train these men. Age 25 to 45, married, and bondable. If you are this man and have to make a living, write your qualifications to District Manager, K. O. Burrow, P O Box 341, Arkadelphia, Arkansas of-i given by Miss Mary Louise Copeland. A full attendance is urged for this meeting, and all members having a birthday in September are reminded to bring your birthday and \veight pennies for the Life Membership Fund, BY REFRIGERATION • Today & Saturday BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM! ,No. 1 at:: 2:00 - 5:02- 8:17 SALE ^^%tc The office building formerly occupied by Caddo Machine Works located at the Proving Ground. This building is 12 feet by 18 feet Bids will be taken up until 7 30 P. M. October 5th CITY OF HOPE No. 7661 In the Chancejy Cpurt of Hempstead County, Ark. Nashville Federal Savings & Loans, Association , Plaintiff vs. James L. Hood and Clara -L. Hood , Defendant WARNING ORDER'' The defendant, James "i,, 'Hood and Clara L. Hood warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Nashville Federal Sdvings & Loan Association Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 2 day of September 1954. Garrett Willis, Clerk (SEAL) Steel & Steel, Attorneys for Plaintiff John P. Vesey, Attorney A Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24 •ta get MOrO ROOfll low-cost fir plyutood The "Tinkle Belles." Intermediates G. A., will meet Tuesday, September 28, at 4 p. m. Wednesday September 29 Trie Junior R. A.'s will meet at the church Wednesday, September 29, at 6:30 p. m. with their counselor, Mrs. Roy Taylor. Builder* Sunday School . Class Meets Tuesday t ;.The Builders Sunday School Class of the Garrett Memorial Chui'eh mot Tuesday night, September 21, at Fair Park for a wiener roast. There Were 24 members' and 13 children present. A short business session was are Isolated from ether of the Carlson cla.t and has not yst arrived. Then Nancy rrtisshaperi face sees a looking hiUeous, In from the outside. IX Two strdes took Jim to the door. members j "That your Tnissus?" she hskcd, Mrs. Kit,poking toward Nnsicy who still looked as if her eyes were playing unpleasant triaks on her. "That's the missus,-" Jim said. He made the formal introduction. "Pleased to tneet you, I'm Irln. oi"n»; otrnnae lurcmiu-. —- jj ings creep over Prlvnts Datcctlve^e flung it open. "Why don't youjsmoldeHn? papers ift me Duhn and his wife Nancy as! s tood in the doorway, filled it. they start working for their client, |knock.'' Mrs. Kit • CarlB6r», at the Spires,! The huga cook. Mi's Gelslrap, part of the Carlson estate. They stood tt the doorway, filled it. sure," the cook you .a re here, said. I'm "Right coxy sure. 1 ' Her The Cosmopolitan Club will mcet| Tuesday, September 28. the home of Mrs. Jim Case. Mrs. Royce Smith will be co-hostess. Tuesday September 28 with Jewell Still, president, in at 7:45 m' chal '£ e - Ncw officeis Io , r the coming year were elected. Teacher, Allen Jones; assistant teacher. Dale McKinney; secretary, Mrs. Esther McClain; assistant secretary. Guests wore Mrs. Guy Brown of gree dy little eyes flicked around Prescott, Mrs. Tommy Jones of;the room. 'jMore comfortable than Prescott. Mrs. J. W. Branch, Miss v/e arc . Mrs. Kit is cold. That's Betty Finchcr, Mrs. Clifton Ellis, what I came over about.' She Mrs. Herbert Hartsficld; program Jack .Watkins, The P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet j Tuesday, September 28, at 3 p. m,| committeo - - , in the home of Mrs. H. O. Kylcr. Mrs. Lee Calhoun, and Sr. . R. Futrell. Mahon and Mrs Leota The Junior G. A.'s of the First Baptist Church will meet at the church Monday, September 27, at 4 p. m: for..'a.' study.of. the manual. This is-Promotion Day and all Suri' beams to'be'promoted to the G. A.'s are asked to.rb'e .present* ; '.-..- Monday Septerilber 27 The .Unity Baptist Senior Ladies Auxiliary will meet at 2 p. m. Monday at'the church. • The Senior .Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrett ..Memorial. Baptist Church will have, a meeting at 2 p.- m. Monday, September =27, at the' church. At 7:30 Monday night,' the Willing Workers''-;.'-Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist .Church will .have a meeting. WMKE HflSTE Dorothy Stephen Mary McGUIRE • McNALLY • MURPHY No. 2 at: 3:29 - 6:31 - 9:46 Wednesday September 29 All members of the Hope Fedcra;- tion of Garden Clubs will meet for the annual fall luncheon September 29, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. ... Saturday.'September 25 The' Music' Makers will meet .with Sandra-Hobbs on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock; Camden. Garde.n Club Has • Flower Show Mrs. Graydon Anthony, Mrs. Coming and Going Pvt. Floyd J. Nations'.of Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Is spending his furlough with his mother. Mrs. KaeNatlons, and other rela McClain. The next class meeting will . . held in October at the home of Mr." twos and friends. and Mrs. Allen Jones. Miss Ruth.'Brown' Entertained • With Breakfast . Miss Ruth Brown,-^bride-elect. 7 of Charles Garrett of Prescott, was complimented with; a breakfast, on LU1 I1JJJ«1 HS1IHSW, >**»«"_ *•« w*;*-— • t . ^ , . Sunday morning at 8 o'clock at the 'Ark.- Barlow rfotel. Hostesses were Mrs. Craylon McDowell and ;Miss, ; Aile.er\ Jester. '-, •' ' " V. '.-.• The table, covered with arlluen .Hospital Notes ; Branch . - , '• Admitted: Mrs. Cly Cluck, Ft. Smith',-Ark. . .- , • .':. Discharged: 'Shirley Bea'sley, Rt. 4, JHope,\Mr..Cly Cluck, Ft .Smith, William . Routon, Mrs. Harold j cloth, was centered with an arran- Bretits and ; Mrs.' Lloyd Kinard. of jgement of tall flowers; Julia-.Chester ' •'. : Admitted: • Mrs. Paul'Frost, Rt. 3, Hope, Ar.k. . .',;•."• ,'_ : .-, . Discharged\Mrs.. : James O. Rowe Hope, Mr. C. "A. Williams',; Hope, • Mrs. H.'-R. Johnson and son,Hope, accompanied by Mrs. J. M, The honorce wore a trouss<jau.i aerRay of Hope. -Ingram '-of - Prescott, motored to frock of black cotton 'and a corsage J. • Mr. and Mrs." Paul yost, m. J, ua -ngram '-o - resco, moore o roc o a . . Camden on THursdav to attend the- of fall flowers. She was presented: Hope, have a daughter Horn at 5.ua Camden Garden Wednesday. \ sniffed, and Wheezed "1 can't slay How, but later your missus and I'll have a good lo.-.fl talk. Ri^hl nosv, Mrs. Kit wants you lo come make a fire." Jim got a flashlight and an armload of wood from the supply stacked under the balcony of the caretaker's cabin. "Go on up," Jim lold her. "I'll go through the basement and send up some wood. B« up later to make the lire." He soon found it was not to be that simple. He. had forgotten that, Mrs.. Hilton's wrecking crew hnd removed 'the -woodpile. The armload he had carried was nearly lost when'He thumped'it down on the •plaiform. He wci.t back and L'ot another and lursor Jbad. Dunn had fair-sized pile in the elevator at last anl bc«an working the crank moving the load upward to the recess with the clink- clank, clink-clank he remembered so vividlyJlrorrv tho • night beioi". The elevator moved up out of bight into the recess which made moth fireplace. at him as she Spokft the cold. I'm so teiruity* dbKl. 1 didn't realize it <#6ufd there this time of light before. Anl terrible noise thb Can't you shut It off?" Jim had to admic that^was a feat beyond his t powers. Ha«" cd tlie window i^eat, piled the largest pieces on top, with the sir all neath and ihe kindling down in tho heap. "Warmer soon,' fully. "Don't you think it's about time we had n talk?" She wet her lips "tell met You had trouble he"ro Isst night?" "Nothing too much." Jim said. He gave her a censored Vdrslon of what had happened. A telephone ocil »'ang,-A series of longs and shorts, The sound appeared so .... _. platie that Jim stopped iti the middle of a sentence. Tho,phono rang again. He located tHaa instrument now, sitting- on a hinged which obviously could be uved to enclose the i phone in - a cubbyhole' 5 I had been so- enclosed before and had not rung,' or he'^and Nancy ceitalnly wottld have found It. The phon esounded again in a ser» ics Which told*" of a pttrty Kit Carlson' and Mrs. Gelstrap eyed tlie< 'nstrtunent hurgrjiy. ^ -. "Isn't there somo other way of; heating this place? l' moah bsslde the fireplace?" 'ft was ' all' loo ob^ vious the young woman svas tot'n between a desire for warmth' and im almost irresistible impulse for n '* ' ^ ~t ^r- " -, \ \ ~. s. JI / T a 8 * C \fir^ Flel'd -Shoft/ Hip; BOOU"" 'Based Upon the Story ft he Passing of Black ! Eagle" by O. Henry! I William Bishop ; Virginia Patton i "BLACK i EAGLE" ' STORY OF A HORSE • NO 3 • CHAPTER 3 OF SERIAU "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE" & TOM & JERRY COLOR CARTOON HAY NEW PLANS See us to4ay *"for fir plywood and *«»y» to-foUow plans for 8 »o4«fi fir plywood buUt>iw REPAIR LOANS eyambj? fijp all typw tf Hgmt Improvements entf repglri. Bill* WRAY SUPPLY CO, TIMELY REASONS WHY You'll glad you bought a Chevrolet now! Now'» the «!m« to buy! Git our big dull Enjoy a n»w .., 1 You'll slay proud of Chevrolet's lasting good looks, Other low- priced cars don't have the quality look you see in Chevrolet. And if you like Chevrolet's looks now, you'll like its looks always. 2 You'll enjoy exclusive features for finer motoring, Body by Fisher»-the' highest-compression powe* of ajiy leading low- priced car—the biggest; brakes, the pnly full»length box-girder frame and the only Unjtized Knee-jAction rid6 in the low-price field, They're all yours in Chevrolet! you buy and when you trqd«. E)Ven so','Chevrolet is priced below all other lines of cays.'And at trade-in time, you'll be ahead again from Chevrolet's higher resale value! 4 You'll get g special deal right now. Bight now, we're in a position to give you the deal of the year Q« a new Chevrolet. Come in, let us show you how much you'll g$n. by buying now! YEAR AFTER YEAR, MORE PEOPLE CHEVROW3TS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RD8. * FINAL NITE * Men . . . Love . . .and y/ ar — She Took Them In Stride! Joan LESLIE Forrest TUCKER "FLIGHT NURSE" Always A Color Cartoon' Saturday Only Double Feature MALI? DESPERADO! HALF ViaiUNTE Wild Bill EllioH & FUZZY KNIGHT in "TOPEKA" — ALSO — Men Followed Her! Women Envied Her! Barbara Stanwyck David Niven KILLED » ; M^Gflfl CQlpr Cgr Json a_« f 5_ ^_ ( , * .»_ the Window sent above. : He not usually morbid ,but the by-three-foot recess reminded ot only one thing. i He moved quickly across eavcsdroppjng. Jim knew now ot one possible He {hatj and he by not think- made a big mistak stairs. The door at its head locked. He pounded on it. "Who is it?" ing about what ho was saying. "There's a furnace ,in the base- Jim Dunn. Come to light the tire as- ordered Remember 0 ' , He heaid the sound of build a fiva there too, riqlht away? piece of furmturu boms pside. heard the key turn lock Please. We c6a Haves Stir talk \n " ' -• ' * ^- "' * the morning. "- »»««»"»"«i. , , ', '-* 4 '» »' f Jim let'himself be pushed >frpm aying, all the questions he want.'ed explicit answers to. One Truly A family, Event >ipci ic CHRIST TH£ BEAUTIFUL STORY OF ^ JESUS...FOH THE FIRST TIME FUtLY PORTRAYED ' " IN GLORIOUS COLOR ON THE SCREEN. , , , A FILM . FOR THE SUNDAY & MONDAY NEW FALL STYsll|! . SUNDAY * MONDAY

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