Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 2, 1894
Page 1
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®he 1M ^taa«X MARCU 2, 1894. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. 0 coupon* of different d«tM and 10 can* SWUM thV current number of AK Pottiol- 108. See BUTCrUiwment. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. FRIDAY MORNIN' , MARCH '2. 18<>4. NO. 52. •HE 1MICT OF THL PEOPLE. Again pronounced in most unmiatak»blo action in favor of The Best of Everything at-Reasonable Prices. Jn evidence of vhich The Bee Hive Dry Goods House was crowded all of the part week Eager and Ready Buyers. For everyone know* rhai t;.e *>es of eve ytlung in line IF kept at the BEE H VE. We aie i ow ready to open up the mi ID g.n»'i cnnest, in as much as Our Own and Direct Importation of French and Engl sh Dre a <iooda from Mos-rs Antony Mahlor & Co , of Pans and London, have just c me to hand Bo-odes the above the following i ew tprmgguods kave arrived and aie now o.i sile: Fine Moire M-d Spangle Trimmings and Fancy Braids, Fu 1 Liise < f Printed li dia Silks, 29c up, Black V\ hite and Butter Colored Laced, White Goods aud Rich Embr 'idery, Our entire stock of the Onyx Brand Hosiery, And French Swiss RibVed Under wear imported by us through the ,pe cy (f Mes-.s Lord & Taylor, New Tork. Prices <>f all goods lower than ever at THE BEE HIVE, -HSFouvthSt Wiler&Wise SETTLED FOR 916,000. Tlettam <•' the Grand Trunk Wreck He- eelTe Money from tlie Cnrpuration. BATTT,» CBKKK, Mich., March 1.—J. Harvey ttmilh, wife and daughter Belle, the loot vlct'ros of the Chicago A Orand :Trunk wreck October 20 last, left here iWedneeday for their home in Fort j iPlaine, N. Y. They have boon in the j hospital hero ever since. Their »on Ifrank waft killed in the wreck. Ths 'Orand Trunk company settled with th« , ••family and gave them a check (or »15,' I 'oOO, In full of all damages, including 'the death of the SOD. A Milwaukee ilaak Reopen*, MILWAUKEK, March L—There ia considerable rejoicing over the reopening to-day of the Commercial bank, which tnapended laat snmmer. A half million of new stock has been subscribed, largely by v.he depositors. The reor- gani/ation will eventually enable the tank to miike good its indebtedness 'dollar for dollar. With few exception* •U the depositors have agreed to let their deposits r«raain intact for a apecl- •fled period. • Jamped from m Train. CMTMMB, Wyo., March 1.—C. J. 'Metmo, of Milwaukee, en route to tin >)fidwint*r fair, became demented "Wednesday and jumped from a paa- !t*njrer train running 40 miles an hoot 'at Traen Station, in the western part '«< this state. The train waa (topped iaad the Insane man taken to Green 'Elver, where he lie* unconscious. The 4tootor* have but little hope* of hU .'recovery. tot a Tariff Communion. W*»Hucoto!f, March 1.—In the senate a roiiolution waa offered by Senator Galloon (rep., 111.) uud laifi aside tempo- rwily, for the appointment of a tarlfl tommlasion of nine members to equal- ise rate* of duties on the bat>is of European and American wage*. Mawlr Work of a New Jen*r Palter. TmuiTOir, N. J., March 1,—William Bran, a potter, 25 years old, shot hU [wife Christiana and then turned the platol on himself, fired a bullet Into his Vraln, and dl«d Instantly, Mrs, Ryan laatill Alive, bnt DO hopes are enter' Mined for her recovery. Caldwell for Mvyor. March I.—'The republic- an city convention nominated John A. Caldwell, present congressman from the Second Ohio district, for mayor on the third ballot BALL. PLAYEH'S CRIME. Actreu and AN AWFUL DEED. Burglars Kill a Mother and Her Babe in New Jersey, Her Hu*b»nd Killi One of the Intrud- ers.and Fatally Wound* the Oth« —He li Himielf Bad y Hurt, fltclier McNabb Shooti an Kill! Hinueir, PITTBBUROU, Pa., March 1,—Wednesday night about 9 o'clock at tho Hotel Eiffel, Pitcher McNabb of last year's Baltimore team shot and fat-ally wounded Airs. R. E. Rockwell and then killed himself. McNabb and the woman arrived Tuesday night, registering as E. J, McNabb and wife. Wednesday Mr*. Rockwell, who Is a daughter of T, J. Lewis, a prominent man of Braddock, Pa., visited her parents and returned to tho hotel at 8:80 in the evening. McNabb followed her to the room and shortly afterward shots were heard. The door was broken In by tho hotel people, when both were found 'ylng on the floor covered with blood. The woman was conscious and said McNabb had shot her, but gave no reason for tlie deed. McNabb •hot himself in the mouth and waa | dead when entr*nce to the room waa forced. HU body waa taken to th* morgufi and Mra Rockwell U now lying In the homeopathic hospital In a very critical condition. The physicians say •he cannot recover. She U 80 yearn old and the wife of B. B. Book well, of Seattle, Wa*h., president and aecretary ot the Paclflo and Northweatern Baseball league. She haa been a member of the "Alvln Joalin" Theatrical company tor the laat year, and ta known on the atago a* Loul»e Kellogg. . McNabb wa« slg-ned for the coming «»a*on with th* Orand Rapids (Mich.) club and had a promising future. Hia home wUs Mount Vernon, O. Fifteen Taara for Aiiamte. DBTROili Mleh., March 1.—Arthur Munzer pleaded guilty to having murderously assaulted Thomas P. Griffin, president of the Qriffln Car-Wheel company. He was sentenced to fifteen years in state's prison. An FxtieM of Expenditure!. WASHWOTON, March t — Treasury statements will show an excess of expenditures over receipt* in February oi about M.OOO.OM. A. IIOKRIBLB TBiOliDV. NiiW BnUNSwit'K, N. J., March 1.— Wednesday night two negroes named Henry Baiter and William Thompson entered the residence of Moore Maker at Franklin Park, U miles west of this place, for the purpose of robbery. Upon being discovered by Mrs. Baker, who was up with a sick child, the robbers killed both her and tho child. Mr. Baker then shot one of the negroes dead ami killed the other with an ax. Mr. linker was reported to have had u lurgo sum of money in the house. The burglar* effected an entrance to the house about midnight/ through tho cellar door in the rear and went through the kitchen up the rear stuirs to the second floor. Killed Mother and llabe. Mr. Baker, his wife and child slept in the front room. Mrs liakcr was up attending to tho child, and hearing footsteps on the stairs she opened the door and saw Thompson, who carried at her blade an's br; Thompson _ Struck tho baby with the ax, killing it Instantly. One Fleud'i Juit Fate. Mr. Baker was horror-stricken at the sight of Thompson's crime, and with a cry of frenzy leaped at the slayer of his wife and babe. Tho block butcher turned with uplifted ax from his bloody work, and aimed a blow at Baker, but hit aim was bad and the point of the a.x burled itself in the floor. Then followed an unequal battle between the two, the second negro appearing confident of his confederate's success or dazed at the spectacle before him and oot interfering. Baker, crazed with the horror of tho crimes he had been nnable to prevent, attacked the negro . Thompson with the ferocity of a tiger. He tried to secure tho ax, but Thompson was too quick, and they both laid hold of it at the samo instant Both strained for tho possession of tho weapon and in their fury they rolled and tumbled about in the rivers of blood that ran from tho body of the murdered wlfo and that of the baby, which had fallen to the floor. A Ueiperata NtrugKle. The contest was about equ a ° r * time. The hands of both men lacerated Into shreds by tho sharp point of the nx. Finally Baker tripped his opponent, and a* the negro f=ll the ax struck Baker In the face. The blood from the wound almost blinded Baker, but he brushed it aside and, raising the ax, brought it down upon the head of the negro, who was attempting to rise. The blow was a true one, for the keen blade of the weapon crashed Into the head of the negro almost at the center of the crown and tore the skull asunder down to the bridge of the nose. Thompson dropped like a shot, his blood mingling with that of his victims- Shot Hie Second Brute. Wrenching the ax from the head of the negro brute Baiter made a dash for the other negro, who had started to run away. Baker followed him in close pursuit, leaving a trail of blood behind. As the negro reached the rear door of tho kitchen, in seeking to escape, Baker caught up a shotgun from a rack, and, pausing an instant in the doorway, took deliberate aim at the fugitive and fired both barrels. As he recoiled from tho shock of the gun he aaw the negro spring into the air and then fall face down- has'been received at tlic state department fron Consul General Crlttenden at the City of Mexico, stating tlmt Hem. William L. Wilson is out of all danger and that his convalescence is sure. JUDGE LONG IS BEATEN. Oeti nn Injunction ,\if»ln«t r,nolir»n. Bat Ii Delnttcd on tliu Main I'oInU WAHIIINOTO.V, March ].— Judge Cox of tlie district supreme court was granted the Injunction asked by Judge IMI>£ of Ihn Michigan supremo court to restrain Commissioner of 1'onslwns Iiochrcn from reducing his pension from »7i to tfxl a month, as tho commissioner announced he would do. While Judge Long has grunted an injunction the opinion of Judge Cox, on the whole, appears adverse to him. The injunction granted is given on technical grounds, the judge stating that he is of opinion that th* commissioner of pensions has not giv«n the actual thirty days' notice of suspension or reduction of pension required by the act of llcci-uibor 21, IS'Jit. On one of the main questions in issue, viz., the power of the commissioner of penbiuim to review and revi:io the action and ruling 01 his predecessor, the docisioi. is in favor oi Gommissloi.er Loehren, Judge Cox ruling that Commissioner Lochren has this power. The application for a pension, on file in Judge Long'scas,H, based the claim to pension on Incapacity to perform manual labor. Judge Cox thun takes up ; the meaning of the "total helplessness" i DOWN ON DUFFERIN I WITHIN OUR BORDERS. President Oarnot Demands Recall. His The British Ambassador S»id to Have Played a Leading Role in a Political Scandal. 8KN8AT10N IN PAWS. • 1'AttlB, March J.—The city has been treated to a sensation. The newspaper Cocarde says that President Carnot, by an autograph letter sent to London by special courier, has demanded that Queen Victoria recall the British ambassador, the marquis of Dufferln, stating that otherwise the British ambassador would receive his passport Thin ultimatum is said to have been accompanied by documents showing that U>rd Duffcrin hail played a leading role in the scandal disclosed by the Figaro and implicating Princess Mario d'Orleans, wi'fe of Prince Wai- demur of Denmark, and Count D'annay, recently French ambassador ct Copenhagen. The revelations are associated with the Franco-Russian alliance, aud appear to have been the result of intrigues carried on behind the backs of the Dupuy ministry, Tho chief Incident mentioned in connection with the revelations is tho alleged attempt to Kegulur ance of quired. personal aid und ntteml- another person must bo re "It appears,"said the opinion. '•that the petitioner is able to travel H( . n emc to obtain the czar's views of and therefore he is not ill the ordinary sense of tho word totally helpless. The increase of tho pension of Judge Long was made without additional evidence and on a personal inspection. No authority is given a commissioner of pension* to decide tho rato to bo allowed on his own personal inspection. Judge Long will appeal. TRAGEDY IN BERLIN. Dtiid Hodim of Two Trudesimm Found In thfl Street. BBRI.IN, March 1.—At an early hour n policeman patrolling a street in <hmsliehterfelclt, a suburb of this city, found l.yi-Jg on the ground, only a feu- feet apart, the dead bodies of two men. Examination showed them to have been killed by stabbing, both bodies being covered with dagger wounds. At first it was supposed that the men had killed each other in a duel, but it has since been established that they were murdered. The bodies have been identified as those of a tradesman named Dettlof and a gardener named Kurry. The.au- thoritien arn Investigating the case. COLLAPJ»E~OF A LIGHTHOUSE. Bon warn! How Baker managed to return to tne room where the murders and retribution occurred he does not remember, but his neighbors, who were aroused by the report of- the gun, found him clinging to the chair when they rushed over to learn the cause of the disturbance. Baker could not add anything to the story told by th« horrible scene they gazed upon. Some of his neighbors took him to his own room and dressed his wounds, which mB y yet prove fatal, while other* made an examination of the bodies in the front room. AD three, mother child and murderer, were dead, their bodies frightfully mangled and Indistinguishable In color by reason of the deep dye that covered every part of them. The body of the negro, Henry Baker, was found in the spot where the bullets from Moore Baker's gun had overUken him. The burglar was not dead, and the neighbors were unanimously in favor of lynching him, but before they could carry out their plans he died. The coroner took chargeof the bodies •nil held an inqueat. The jury found that the, negroes had killed Mrs. Baker •and her child Gertrude, aud returned a Verdict of justifiable homicide in the case of-the killing of the negroes by Baker. Out of Danger. WASHINOTOS, March 1.—A telegram of UIH Keeper lit G»rJlner'« Ulanil Killed—Will Kaa Uncle Sum. GREENI'OIIT, N. Y., March l.—Latest reports from Gardiner's island lighthouse say that Frank Miller, aged 10, a sou of the keeper, Jonathan Miller, was killed in the collapse of the lighthouse Tuesday. He was alone at the time the • tructure fell. His father had gone ashore and had net returned on account oi the severe otorm. The Miller homestead is iu sight of the lighthouse and the fiuher noticed that night that there was no light. Next morning he learned of the fato of his son. Miller will bring suit against tlio government, as the authorities have been several times notified that the lighthouse was unsafe. I'opulliti Will Hold Revivals. Sioux FALLS, S. D., March 1.—Populists are seeking recruits and have adopted a novel means of securing them that may not particularly please some of the church people. It has been decided by the county committee to hold a series of meetings here for the purpose of filling up the ranks of the faithful. The meetings will bo conducted on the samo principle as old- time religious revival meetings; Caenler*'Burr $iirreiiU«r«. ST. Louie, March 1. — William E. Burr, Jr., ex-cashier of the St. Louis national bank, for whose arrest a warrant was sworn out by Bank Exatoiner Ualbraitb, the charge being the embezzlement of SB*,000, surrendered and was held in »ia,DOO bail for preliminary examination next Thursday. Bail wa» furnished and the prisoner released. There have b een no new development* in the case. Camlet. Contribute to Ch»rlty. BALTIMOBB, Md., March l.-TheprU- oners of the Maryland penitentiary n »ve contributed nearly 15,000 to the cause of charity. The sums contributed ranged from 25 cents to *B. Ther* was one donation of »10. One of the men gave 125, but the warden did not think It proper that he should contribute so large an amount and reduced it to $5. Dlipoied of a •2,000,000 E»t»t«. SAX FHANCIBCO, March 1.—The will of J. C. Wilmerdlng, probated Wednesday, disposes of a la.000.000 estate. The greater portion Is bequeathed to relatives and friends. A provision U made for founding a school of industrial arts ! in connection with the state university 1 O f California at a cost of 1400,000. 8pe- i «tfln lairaalM amount to ll.BOO.OOO. the Franco-lluseian understanding. In the scandal the cear of Russia, Princess Marie d'Orleans, wife of Prince Waldemarof Denmark; Count de Beau- clium, a captain in the French army nnd French military attache at Copenhagen; Gen. Horius, secretary general aud chief of the military household of President Carnot, and other* plav conspicuous roles. The first revelations of tho gravity of the :iffair came Wednesday when Premier Casimir-Pcrier submitted to President Carnot for his signature a decree removing Count d'Au- nay, ex-minister to Copcnhagan, from the diplomatic servi'-e owing to his connection with the affair. WRECKED THt BREWERY. Natural «»• Kxplodi-n In » Tlffln (O.) Ki- IxblUhtnent mil I>*moll».b«» It. TIFFIN, O., March l.-At S:ia o'clock a, m. an explosion entirely wrecked llu- baeh'ti brewery. The shock was felt for miles. Natural gas escaped from a high- pressure main into the beer cellars, aud when the night watchman, Anthony Meyer, entered with a lighted torch the explonion occurred. The brewery was razed to the ground. The Wagner residence near by was badly damaged and the occupant* thrown from their beds. Heavy plate-glass windows were splintered by the shock two blocks distant. Though nothing remained but the foundations of the brewery, Meyer crawled from under the debris, uninjured except a cut on the head and slight burns on his face. The loss is between $4,000 and 15,000. Hurled In » Quarry. ALI.KNTOWN, Pa., March I.—While seven qnarrymen were at vx'ork in the slate quarry of Owen T. Williams & Sons at Williamstown, Lehigh county, the top caved in, burying Joseph Ream- ley. .Samuel Kreita, Griffith U. Pritchard, William R. Jones and three Hungarians. Jones was dug out alive, but he Is fatally hurt The rescuing party can speak with Reamley, but the others are probably killed. Relruwl 07 M»lcnt». SAN Dliwo, Cat., March 1.—United States Consul Godbe at Ensonada, Lower California, who is at present in this city haa received B telegram announcing the release of A. M. Pullman, an American, who has been confined in Ensonuda jail on a charge of kidnaping Whitman, an embezzler from Mexican territory, some month* ago. D»th"of » Wulthr Woman. LA POBTE, Ind., March 1.—-Rath C. Sabin, a wealthy resident of this city, died Wednesday at the advanced Age ot 92 years. Bhe founded » home her* for elderly women, which bears her name, at a cost of 185,000 and afurward endowed it with 188,000. Her husband, the late S. 8. Sabin. bequeathed 160,000 to Wabash college. CHICAGO, March 1.—Judge Wing, at 11 a. m., concluded his long addrest to the jury with a strong pl*a for mercy for Dan Cougblin. At tho afternoon session of court Attorney Bottum began the closing speech tor the state. ObJecTto Nun* for •l«Mh«<* PITTSBURGH. Pa., March l.-Memb*ri of the Protestant societies hove de- olared their intention to ask the court* for an order enjoining Catholic nuns from teaching in the public school, of this city. _ Oa* Kt*teo»nt> Called fat. BrmNor.KLD, HI., March 1. - Th. auditor of public account* ha. ..sued a call to all state banks of Illinois for sworn statement* of tholr condition. Tho last call «•• **•*« November B, 189S. Information of Especial lDt»re«t fc» Indlamana. lit Haven Ilrlr. Uope for •oeeeia. JnrFBBSONVii.i.K, Ind., March !. — There is a feeling of hope among the Do Haven heirs residing In this c!»y and Kentucky. It is estimated that there are 700 of them who have a claim against the United States government aggregating 80.000.uoa During the war the government offered to pay it, but as the heirs to the estate wore not nt that time available it is still unsettled. This claim, originated through loans mada by Joseph D. Haven, ot Kentucky, to the United States government during the revolutionary war. Th»r«i Wai a TU on thn Track. HAOIBSTOWN. Ind., March 1. — An attempt to wreck the Chicago fg»t express half a mile east of this place ha* been discovered. The train does nol stop there, and pauses about II o'clock at night A railroad li« had been planted on tb« track. one end buried in the ground and the other left pointing toward t«* coming train, which struck the tie «*<* splintered iu The engineer felt th« shock, but noting that the engine wa» not disabled did not stop, as he fearad trouble. _ Aikod to Stand * Farther Cat. TF.RKE HAUTE, 1-nd., March 1.— Tfc« bituiii'non» operators of Indiana ami suulhcrn Kentucky, known at district No. 11, met here Wednesday in annual convention, President Dunkerly in the chair. The miners are aiked by the operator* to consent to a reduction rom seventy-five to fifty cent* • ton, the contract at the former figure being made last M ay for a year. The miners are greatly divided in the matter and will decide the question by *. vote. _ PolM Threntrn Violence. HAMMOND, Ind.. March 1.— Supecta- tcndent Rons, of the Kast Chicago iron and steel works, posted notice* Wednesday that if the men did not come to work at 3 o'clock to-day they would not be taken back. The Polish strikers to the number of about 80t decided not to accept the reduction. A number of the men who have familh* wanted to go to work, but the majority were obdurate and threatened them with violence if they wont back. Died of OM ABC- LA POBTE, Ind, March L— Mrs. B«Ui C. Sabin, founder of the Sabio ho*M for old ladies in this city, which ate endowed with her fortune, died at aa early hour Wednesday morning froa» the infirmities of age. The Sabin fortune has bean expended in the cam of charity and education, the laus 8i*- ney S. Sabin haying made liberal he- quests to Wab»*h college at Orawfw** __ _ Shot br Moscow'* Po«tmait«». SHILBTVILLK, Ind., March t — J«*h Barlow, the postmaster at Moaoow, shot George Mount*, a prominent farmer, Wednesday morning three time* In the breast The latter wm* uiing a club, and was. It Is said, <*• aggressor. Mounts is dying. Barlow Is in cuoody. A long-standing quarrel was the can »e. ^ _^_ in Jail for'iTcrlrolnal Aiaaalt. KODLESVILLE, Ind., March 1.— Node Bickrnan, 32 and married, is in jail fo» criminal assault upon Mrs. Artbnt Maker, of this »ity, during the abseneo oT her husband, who in a brlckmaaon. It was with difficulty that Maker waf restrained from killing Hickman. AKDKRSOW, Ind., March J.—8«r»h Steel Wednesday Hied a suit againal the Chicago Gas company for IIO.OM damages for wounds and internal ID* juries received In the big Bruntoo Mb ural gas explosion last February. Hammond KxllUnU HnbpWBiwd. HAMMOND. Ind., March I.— Neertj fifty residents of thin city wereanbi poouaed Wednesday to appear B8 witnesses before the grand jury of the; Lake circuit court, by whom the Holr/- poolsellers will be indicted nndet awe. tion 2,084, revised statutes. An Old Landmark Darned. GOSHRN, Ind.. March l.-The Star hotel, of Milford, an old landmark, vre* burned to the ground Tue»day night. L/oss. »3,500; insurance, WOO. W. P. Hoffman's mattres* factory attffereA $700 fire loas Wednesday morning •» Insurance. ^__^^__ Dick Goodman la Ujlnav AMDEBSOS, Ind,, March 1.— Th« •+ torious Dick Goodman, leader of Ifct boldest gang of thieve* Indian* kM ever had, i* dying at hi* home net* Dundee from wound* received In acloX encounter with a deputy aheriff eevewl weeks afro. _ fort Wajna m Darta***. FOBT WATNB, Ind., March L— A* f o'clock Wednesday evening the Ore* to nine-tenths of »11 tbo home* and tae> ness houses in the city went o»» be- c»use of a break in the naUiral ffM pipe south of the city. __ Srw Factory for Andewoav ANDERSON, Ind., March J. — Th» Bnringer Automatic Thrasher company was organized in this city Wednesday. The capital IK placed at ISO. 000 and <• held by William and John Springer and W. F. Wooley.^ _ HnrgUr. at Center point. CuifTF.B POINT, Ind., March 1.— post office and aeveral store* robbed here Wadnesday night.

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