Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 24, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1896
Page 8
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?^ W55S Always Lead, Never Follow Our First Grand Fall Opening Sale Jus been such a wonderful success that, others have seen this and thought to get a slice of tl,e trade they wus imitate the leaders of low prices, but their prices are not low enough. This Grand Opening Bale Will Be Continued All Next Week. To accommodate (he p»y day customers who haven't had an opportunity to get some of their many bargain, ,N*xt week will be special drese Roods and cloak week., f Ladies black kersey cape, a beauty, only Ladies' handsome double cape, boucle or Kersey clptn only Ladies heavy all wool cheviot Jackets, only DRESS GOODS Double width illuminated Persian effects, only 40 inch black silk and wool Secilleon, only 19-inch all silk velvets worth $1.00 yard, only $1.48 376 3.48 9cyd 26cyc And many bargains we haven't space to mention, Remember this sa!e lusts all next weuk.' GOLDEN RULE The Globe We Have Won The Hearts of The People. Tlie Globe WILL inpRove. Is already s Losraasjiort'-s -most fort-most Men's a.ud Boys' Ourtlttovs. We are deeply gni'tcful for die mi bounded appreciation of OT.YT efforts by Uie public. Wesluill'endcaTor to Always merit Iflw esteem and coii- jl.dor.ce with which our follow citizens have sa abundantly honored us. 1 la testimony of our gratitude and So thoro"Kliiy introduce our finest grades of equal to oustom made Garments, we offer a^ follows len's Plaid Suits $800 .Newest novelty 411 Wool Cneviot* Thif peerless offpr is- for one, week only beginning tomorrow and end- fifty. Corner 4 th and Harket. These Suits are All Wool, Winter weight, made up by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Sulls •.00 Fashions Craz a . Perfect' Pitting, Every element of fineness that jroes into high*st grade cut-to order garments ifi in these suits. There here Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats Hheso are faelhilonialWy cut -and well made Overeoats, \wvrpamted to fit, to wear and to hold color. We"ll let you ?>e fhe Judge of their value. $5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. Aon exeqpttanially weM woven clievlot, made up especially for our partrora 1 ?, om& duplicated ait the prices now'bere on ttoiB planiot We warrant thorn Cast colors. To delight the Boys and their Mothers we will sell Knee Pants at 15 Cents »xtra good weight, neat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to 14. Lots of Improvement After the Election—Business. Waiting 1 . [ I'/wrywjii'n; ono c.-uii Jic:i.r of 'Life- .un'e.'i t revh-ii.! of i busini''S« d«iuw«.k'iiil on .We- Kiiiilep''s -cU'cthioji. 1'lnius fur -a of buildliiii^s .-lii-e ;iire.-idy iiKwle, it.li'OTe is no doivbt t'liai't'thc winiior will -soe more ImildLr^j in Lojriuis-ixxrt lilifli ;Mvy summer lias seen i-ec-cniUy. Mer eliaiiils are Riving orders depand«i,t upon 1iho stability oC om 1 liranne'/a 1 ! system bei'n? inwii-n.fcLiiii'od. Anotliiei 1 Instiwic-o of "the wide-spread frar of ;ho conscij-ueiices wliiicli- wowhl .folloi\v ih'e ejection of Biyn.a -i'Jid the free silver piivtj-, is nientiojuxl. A pronvliiaiit cil.ixen, with ji leaning town id the Domocraitlc piu'tj-, . sown time 'afro ga.ve to -a Ixieinisgiort rePcJil- it«rt a coin-infesion. to d'i'.-nv.piljiins .for •;im hnpoMing brick ibustness room, one of Wi'e iKiiklsomipist In tdie d-t:yt bult; by the time the pliims were -h-nK-coimple-t- od, Bryftti .Mad bee,m inwni-Mit'jd 1 . 1 . aind th-p. Denroei % :iit sent word to'- the •n.rtflvJtei*! 'to do liolihinff more oiu. tlie plums un-tM after oleatltooi, 'but 1o go lo woilc on <tihem «.!> fust as toe could, on the (lay •alCter McKtoley wns eiedl od. •••••• •- Simitar sltufflbionis exist eva-y-wliorc, aind -a great volume of business givkip omploj-mcin-t-to'thousands of men-, making an Increased' domiwid t or' railroad men, t'raiiwporti-iijr freight, w» be one of the earliest resuilits of Mc'KMcy's election. Opposed to 'th'ts Mi-. Bryan-and -Mr. Teller -pi-oiuJse -a pnitflc and Mr, Teller swys It will toke twonity yenrs to £et over -It. The Glob The Globe Corner Fourth and Market Streets. Fk Globe PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optkr.l Co., The well-Known ^pesln'.lsts o! <?«•» Vir< mva is^in: D. A. H 4.UK 03 (i^ont for their eelebrfttwl SpectitclM anil Eye (ilosies, every Dilr guarantiwd. D. A- HAuK hut complete Assortment «ncl Invites all to Siitlsf? tlemtisivea of the greit suparlorlo- of tlie^'u ^ootlsover any manurnctured, at the store or D, A. HACTK, Soleageae for Oitlid. No P»<J(llers Supplied, oo Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. J\'w 'lima beans.—Kothennel. fityilish np-'toKlatc shoes,—Stevenson A K-llnalck. Pi-eah stock of candy for today's a-ade.—Wrlgiltfc &* Buddc, 321 Pearl tffirect IMt wolJ, wenr weU, look well, costr- '«:«H, but little, ipnmte to ordw.—S. S. .Woolen.'MiH. •SOUN'D MONEY S-FEAKIN-G. Mr. Kiweh Oox, ,111 eu»i>loye Im the P., Ft. W. & C. By. sbo,ps -ait Fort Wnyuc, Lud., will speak -at the rinnk Thuirsda.j- evoaiiug, October 29tb, umdcr l.he auspices o-C tlio Busi-ne«s JIwi's -.'Mid Bail- way Men's Sound Honey d-ubs. Mr. Cyx. i's wn clOfluoiLt speaker iifflcl la<bov- iiij; 'inoii sUo-ukl frivo this aible worker from t'lie raitks n royal roce'pticvn. The Ijadies" Glee club of G-alvcston will be dlvci'o w.iitlh. «everal new -niud- catchy soups.—A. K. nockenbCkiiraer, Scei-e- H.'ilil'.V. ISTAOSIP TITE KAODE. . For tlis benefit of Ubcse who 'have i come Jtn-to the Sbb'te to.(he last two I years -and have not become faimlUjir with oiu 1 voti-ng systom. Sample baQ- lofs JKIVIO been provided noid tastiriic- will be Riven- at neinvblieani head- DENOUNCE IT N. A. Dunning of Washington Exposes Democracy. N. A, Du'niuius, the veil known. Po.pn- ilfeit leaden 1 -aud editor, lias-tissued an '•nvpml to Populists in whic<b he asserts ithnii: itreasoiTi to Wnitsom is tlie test of 'loyally to Bryan. He defines (.'hie.issue si 9 between Democrats who bctriycd the Populist parry awd 1 . Rep-uibll-cans uiiiid p.imounces his hitentloc. of dei'eait- ung 'Hue betaiycxs by aivolc for tlio'Ke- puWibaai tJcket. GETTINn READY. Committees Actively at Work for the Rally Oct. 31. Tire com in.1 iilei-s a-ppni-niM for UJG ixuUiy S»itiwd;iy, Oct. :•',}, went. O!i.rnest.ly :to won'k yesbo-ixl.-i-y jinul by mijrh't niaaiy l-s 'haul IK.-KI a.i'i-.-i.neeil. Tlie earn- displayed in MM.' city ,'is.snros ,a 'iil da.y ill I'hc co-uiUy lunis out ;is wtrl'l. The C"0iniil.i-.v vW'Un-s ,-i.i-iMiiiprii^ w:i^- oui.s with llfl^s sluHild iK'ji-r in mind t,lu> ibrolley W'iMw .-iiiul ai-r.-m^c the po;lcs NO l-liiifc Illw-y 'i'.';i.iL bek-L ilxtwu if necessary. Y-eiHwv is the poimlur cokw for badges. di>(.-»i''n'li'>iMs. O'l.c.. aiinl yellow Ho-wers are in ileuva.iul. Tii'O- Jouii'.n.-il lla.^ will be s'lveu l.o thn Cow.n^iiip deU'pition having Hie most 'pora-OTis in line i.n i>ropo.rt.lon to 'Dlio Ro- ]iuiblik'!im V0':•^^ or the -township in !S!.i2. This lu-iikes Hie eon-test fair 1'or every l:u\viiNh:lip whuiht'r lit its Im-gely RepubU- ea.n or D-MuocraUc. M'eaii, woman. an:1 oliildren Avi'llI be ^oiinti'il -by a coniimi't- teo <n>ix)iiiit(.'il I'm- -the piir.|>ose. E:ich doilefKU.loii" shfiu-W be -lie-uleO by a biui- jier piviiiK lilio^l-owiiKli.'!) ;nwl osiiolhei bainm.fir slvould a^ipcM 1 in. Urn l-:«t w-ag-oji to -avoid coirl'iis-ion. Tl.i-c pnrade wi-1-' move by townsbii,ps nind every tow-iishtf sho-uUl -at oiK-e OJ'pn.ni/.e so that wlien Hli.r-roill.is o.-iillod none wMl be in-'.ss-iiifi It is Not Our Fault If you have been paying too much for your clothing, hats <a.nd furnishings -heretofore, but you need not do If any longer. We told you Ln live -bcgUiBlns that we Intended selling clothing cheaper (ton it 'lias bean sold heretofore, and if you \riH cail and sec- what we are do- iup, and get our prices, you will not woiuder at the business- we «re doing. Ask some otic Urat -lias been- Jiere—-tliuy won't b<? iiaj-d to find—wuat tie NEW AND UP-TO-DATE CLOTHING HOUSE is doing. It fcUics dashing and liustHmg to phid; trade from old line competition; that is what wo hare done, and are .still -in Mic fray to maintain the victory. MEN'S SUITS At S4.50 inid ijio.OO. The 55.00 suits coma in black Cheviots also. Moii's iill wool suits at $7.50; in Mi'is liao you find powerful values, other houses' price, $10.00. $10.00 SUITS In our hou*c mea.u the sa.ine suits, on-ly bei.ler fitUug. made and ti-immed, thtit fho clicnp tailors charge you $15.00 for. BOY'S SUITS Apes -i to 1-i years, from $1.00 20 cents up. upvrard.s. KNEE PAJNTS from Tihx- Lopfiintiprirt RflShvay Soiuul Mnnu-y SfO'iioiy clnUi li.-us issued .invil'!it::ou liv dubs aili Torre 3lilcli:iloi»l, Gliioa.^o. rndhiiiiiipollis, Kl- wofld. KoUcinvo. I'f. AVayne :"iid I'cni to join th-onn Isi lili.c <lenwiislT:it.io.n'hci > c the ."1st. T.I i e, Ten-e llawte clivb lias oltwcO. tile iiso fit their "'t-ra-in" which 1 !! bo lilted i-n Ihe pawide if i-he.pwicrc CM.ii IM? eliaaECil to lit the street car ii-k -Ivcn-e. Thli-i 'train, vas used a-t I'eri-e Hav.l.<! :i»vl 1'iuHflM.pn-lis witli i-oait cll'ec!.. J.I: is probrnble i:lia!: -the- i>ar:wlM wi'll cmrater 'iirai-.-c'li. so that c-nc-h- person i:i Hve i>a.T:ide caw see l.he rest: <>C it. T.liis w'rll .r&nWy be the bawl; w-ay- I'o sec it, aivl :i»-l shouid -fjill in, Tiro si>eak-iiif, r nex-t week will bo iponert 'by Hoai, JM-IUI C. Nelson. Jlon- d:iy irarglut. -ait the rink. .Turtle Nelson Ml nm-ke a TUijrhip -iippeal to all lown- * Dftiwocitvtis l-o ;|oini 'five forces a.pr.iiii^t Bryajiiisiu. SOUND HONEY TALKS. A FIERCE STRUGGLE. ATTJMNOUON. First nind second presidential voters down- town tod-ay, remember o,f ttieclty and county-are requested to ftfnlgbt & Budde for eouifeetloitery.-- -meet flit tlie Republican 'headquarters, No. 321 Penirl street j Wednesday evening, Oct. 2Sth, to pre- See tlhe great sale oC staim,pod linens -paro for nlw> rally Sato-clay, Oct. 31. By a»d ant material today for the 'holiday order of lessons free.-.Tjrnde Pataco. C0MJMIL'TTEB. Purdue and U. of M. Meet on the Gridiron Today. There wM bo a, gume v£ root ball at- Ijafa.y©tte this af toiwxMi. Tin-ttaii.vci-- sii.cy of 'Michigan^ or, as It -is batter •kjuowji, the Ami' A-tibor eleven,; will- meet tlie orange and black of rurduc on il.he gridiron iiu ji. struggle Cor toucli- rtowus, n.ml {jowls. The Ana Arbor | taum passed tli rou^i'^boaii.y last-night j 'twenty j>u the niPtarnooix OB the fttst mail at 8:17. A reduced j aieeded tlie association is aidtoff the rate Trill be given by l*e W-a.bash to I parents of children to clothe nud kcfip Many Addresses in School Houses Last Night. , LovAand 'litul iijrond crowd it Oai'wanl lusl. n!:,jrh,t ;wul giire a uwis- •erl'.v e.Y'jxisir.ioii (.-if ('he jirgitinwits on h'O skle of friXxl fluid -full creditable dol- ii,« -with., u-hi-c'h to piiy i;!:bor .n-i)d do msihioss in. t'lii-s couiutry ;uild with oilier :ciiti'OJis. n, W. T. \V:i3«m was sut Jletefl., iiiid the Glee club tweomifiir-iied him, unkniB 'he eiuihusi'.-istJc meeting a.n eu- >ya.ble tt:u<l i.zi/t'Ot'e-'tin^T one for .ill "svh'o it-landed. Tlierc wci»- a pood crowd. It A. Qurnn spoke lo n 'liouse fiiU ot •otors.in.t Hmuioss s'dwol house 1-n Deer IJi'ee'k tmnnidj w Jtusit wig-lit. He made mi e-xct'lleiiit iiirid conAnnciii'g- speecli, BSiinp ni -bltt'eklKKiird for his- Hlushra- iloiis. The tuJk WJIK very instnwrtlve, .IK! Hie meofcing w-ii* .amoiwr Mr. (Juton's bes-t. Jlnc'h good vras done. 'Oiiipt Fnittk SwJgart and John- C. Me- Givspor «poke -to a good- nudleiice at to'Inwr's st-Iiool house iu W.a.sl)iD{rton weship last -niiglnt. Gsoirge Burkina*t id 1ii« free silver friemls tod raised poile in Hie early evenHniig l.ii' the vi- in'ity, nml they jn-acle Hiemselv«i ob- )xlous 'to those who wished to -IK lie speeches by remaining outside anil afeims a leairful .i-Jickdt. Mr. McGregor lid Capt. Swigrai'c spoke .tfiroupJi- It all, -liowovcir, and wore wariwly a.ppfciudefl fiw tine Sound Money surgiiniBnt the.v BOY'S LONG PANTS SUITS. $•1.00 and up; ages 14 to 19 years. MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS. 2."ic juid np. The best rjilaundried sliirt in I,-og.:ir.si>ort for the money, 35^ each, or 3 for 51.00. EXTRA HRAVY WORKING I'AN'J'S, from 7">c uj). ONE PRICE ONLY. To out- a.ud all, ajid that the lowest to lx> found anywhere. Ca.Il n-ud get our prices. .':-: THE HUB :=: Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we are ruuningr this laundry for you and tli at your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly what you want if xre can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe thait It Is impossible to have your laundry work handled without Irrlfcu tion and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we have ftQ opportunity of demonstrating It? HADLEY BROS., £uccesiore to Campbell Bios. A FAST RUN. Wabash Made Flying Trip With Bryan Special. Tiro Bry.-Mii special T'hiuvday mode re'ffinirkwbly fiist time, but it was i-e- ved to ;L Wmba.sk onsrincer to take the taiin "down fihc line" in the best time m«ide ou the trij). The IiodiajNi- [K>lis News cori-osixiiiMlottt with, the ' ; 0ut of 1'eru tlrctraJn wen! over the ttbus-h :to Delphi, and cngLnemnni D. W. Dlsler .iraide Wie best run oC the day. Ho hauled fcho teiiw thirty-six males -to tliirto'-^e-ven luliimitcs, wJtrh a. <l<na«l Ktop a:ud «- stow-down thi-oug-h Ijo-gnasport. Four consecuHvo miles je UM.de i;u At ty 'seconds e.ncli, aoid hvo or Dlwoe -mitos were ran- la forfiy-eiftht seconds." . FOR THE LITTLE ONES. .Practical Philanthropy of Logan-sport Ladies. T'he fa.rlii.-s o-L' the Frc-e Ki«do.rtraric«n ,«issoc-io*loai niet ait flic home o>f Sirs. -T. B. Sli-ul'tz. Esist Bron.dw.-iy, yesterday :mcl speiatihc A'ftoruooai. In sewing .-uid .nrnkiiig garnif-nits-for ^<xx cWklran. in il-hc onire of the assocUitiion. The free school is ii). a flo-in-jsihang condition. are 'tlvirty-i-\vo 1 Untie ones in at- oai the morning; school, and those -who wJsli to go to see the game, which will be allied «t 3 o't-1'oek sharp :Miis TO KAJEUROAj'D T. K. I>od)jTe-r sewnd vice p.'nm<l n»as- ifer of the IJ. of R. T.,-will bold aia opeu mcottag at the IwJI oTCr the Log-flasport State bainlc W-edracsdny evening, "Cqf 28, fl.'t 7:30 o'clock. -All^'allro-ad .men hnvHed. comm'i'ttee on fkx>work» fm'' K«- iw% will-meet at my.; office on Saturday evening, Oetoba- 24th, ait 7 ojciock shairp.—B- -B. McCdnnell, pi-eson-talWe t-he little ones, nmd clothing is -afco be-ins' fumished ninny, children -\vli.Ieh attetwl Uhe pu.UMc schools, 'mie good -work is -beln« viigorousiy carried. on and deserves the support of everyone aWe to comtrflmte. A meeting of the mothers of the llt> •tie ones wlio- are now attending the free school is called for tMs a-fteimoon sit 3 o'clock at the Eindcrgflirten rooms. .Every mother is urged to'be present, HOT the -meettng will discuss matters o£ -limporbiinco to t'lieni. Geiger died yesterday everiius at 8:40- o'clock at bis residence, 227 iOsai?e street, o-f typhoid fever, ajred 02 years. The time of the funeral will be totev. JUDGE NELSON At the Rink f'ionday Night, 'Judge Bu ike Tuesday. Th« .scries «-f Sou-mi Money meetiups at -tlic riuJ^ every evenijig- next ivoek' will boffiin MouA-iy niprltt wi't'n mn address fromV; Tudsa' Joliu C. Nclsou. TncetTii.y <:veni-ii^ .Turtge Hm-ke of loW will spejik. The Glee-club of G'aJvc'stoii at .tlic nicetiu? Monday ni wJU ADDITIOXAIj LOCALS. emterhiiued i-n O'C Mrs. .T. :\. Burger ot Fort Ayres enilerhi.uicd lust of Mrs. J. A. Burger ful existence Just now. If a discussion is -started it Is generally sixteen, against Mm to one dofendiimg. Tue Peasiion Deipairtmenit at Wasli- tflptom IWLS Rirantod-George K. Marshall of ttafe city an iwcrea.sj of pefaslon. The Journal will tomorrow publish the speeches of Robert G. JaReraoU alt Chicago tiud .Tolm P. Irish here. These lare the two finest Mbs of oratory the eduitttry luiiS heard ic Kiis caimpaigD, and everybody should read them. Hon. John G. Carlisle, Secretary of the Treasury, was "egged" to his «fpeoeh at lilis home in CoTington, Ky., Might by n. crowd of hoctl- who interrupted hto all the way •through by shouting for Bryaa The conraiissioBeTS of this county and Miami' met on the county llae Thuisdviy nund let to the LogauspOTt cansU-uea.ion- company an, iron bridge over Goose creek at a different poict them was originally conitomplaited for tlie. reason that the proprietor of the ground asked ?000 rfeht of way.—Royal Center Record, Mr. omd MTS. Andrew H. Alexander AvJll celebrate the Sftieth anindversary of their wedded life Wednesday evening, October 2Stih, at their home, corner Spear aind lilfevonth sto-eets. The .juTillntions read from 8 until 10 o'clock. Golden weddings are not numerous, •and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander are to be j congratulated on havinjr attained this distiiietion. • TALKINGT'PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. J. A, JJ-lss Bl:(:i- eveaiij;jcr 1-u of Port CSa-ra Xcff of Clinton. !- hon-oi' of ^^rJ= Barker of Pit. WAJTJC. O.ne of the priwcipnil pohn>? «-))ie)i 1*5.0, &axw>'s flittoji)c.vs Jiope to secure « nKriv tthil is the supposed assertion made by jury-ronim Wliiotsett before tlie trial to. the. effect that tf he- was -placed oa the jury im> wowld vote j •to g-ive Saxon live yeairs' meat. , Helvliiu' Tyler, of PJackueyviiHc, Ii!-, foa-merliy ol-'-t'his •coumry, an<l who is aow vi.sJttog MeudK 'hare, te>«g»t to The Joumal office yesterday an im- mienise ;'i-aittl<N3iMke" gourd. The veg. etable is thilrty-fovr 1-ttches Ions, <^a not more than t\vo ami one-half inches in dlaweitar. . Tlie hotel coroldorsTii-e seething Hotbeds of pal-Weal dcec-usstan fihese dnys. The travelling luea are, as a rule, for Soumd- Money, but now and then there to one wlio Is a silvevite. These poor, lone fellows have anything bnt a peace- Women's nice seamless rubbers, new n;nd pointed toes, new '96 goods. Price .23c Women's storm searaless rubbers, aa good as some ask (>0c for. Price ---- 28c Women's Aretlcs, Dice new goods, -ood vaJue-ot $1. Our price ...... SOc Women's kid button shoes, patent imprison- j tip, nice pointed toes, , medium heels. ' Price ............................ & e Women's satin calf button shoes; a good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c Women's Vlcl kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dress shoe. Price ............................ 98c Infant's embroidered leather moceo- slna. Juet the thing for the little ooe». Price.-..- ....................... «* Men's rubber overshoes, nice new goods: n bargain. Price ...... :....88c Also please see our line of fine drew shoes. The moat stylish and bwt flt- tin* poods ever brought to togaiwport. Line W. Pilling, 412 Broadway.

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