Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1954
Page 9
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HOP I it At, MOM, ARKANSAI f htirtddy, St&tSs ;dlL AMtan- ' J ..i: £ tot Two County' the South ahd the B UL OjUt 1.WU \fift ttllU U*U "48'feet l of Lot Three (3) in """• fee- ft), Wilson ^and Fer- Idltiffli to Nashville, ,Af- 'of Lot Orto (1 to-.Nashville, at the northern -'Arkansas, West 593.5 feet, ftm thence \100 fe«, thcncogJSast 203.6 d theffce NorlfipfiLpoiift 1>f ig. .'6 'WAwV.'' • , i 3: Blgln 100 feet South of Northeast comer of Lot One (i), an's Addition to Nashville, 4ihsas (; thence West- 293.5 .'feet, ' is'-SouthW feet/< tttenee "West eet, itheflcd South '30 degrees ifi?, leetr' thence South 22 de- i.West £U feet, thence West et,-' the*hce South 417 feet, (S), One of Of sftee feast t§8 feet to the south- si eofffef af Lot Six (6), Coleman ditlofi, theftee North with said 1 i9S.8 feet, thehce feast 57 feet ifie sButhwest corner of Lot Five , thence North 214.8 feet to the rthwest corner of Lot Four (4), irtfie West 17 ieet to the south- si cottier of Lot Three (3), thehce fth 146 feet to the southwest PHe? of Lot Two (2), thence rtheasterly with Lot 2 for 243 f to the South line of Lot 1, ;hce West 41.3 feet to the south- st corrter of Lot 1, thenfce North feet, thettce East 142 feet, thertce rth 108 feet to the point of be- mlng and containing 10.0 acres, ire or less. ACT 4 The South 80 feet of Lot e ()), Coleman's Addition to shvllle, Arkansas. ACt 5: Lot Five (5) m Colon's Addition to Nashville, Ar- isas. ACT 6: The North Half fN</4) Lot Five (5) in Block Fifteen ) in Holt's Addition in the City .Nashville, Arkansas; Also, a Ip of land 30 feel wide Notth to ith and 600 feet Ions .East lo st on, the North side of said Lot n Block 15 in Holl's Addilion and otning the same and being a •t of the Southeast Quarter of Southeast Quarter (SE'/i SEM) .Section Twenty-three (23), wnship Nine (0) South, Range only-Seven (27) West; Also Part the Southeast Quarter of" Ihe atheast Quarter (SEV 4 SEVi) of atibn Twenty-lhree (23), Town- p :Nlne (9) Soulh Range Twenty/eh (27) West, described as fol- SEV4 SE%, said point also t the southeast corner of Lot 1 (3) in Slock Fifteen (15), ft Addition irt the City of Nash Arkansas, thehce South 216V4 East to center of channel of Creek; thence up the chanm Said Mine Creek in a northwe ly direction to a point due ea the point of beginning; thence to point of beginning, conta iMt acr'es, more or less, arid tainihg in the aggregate 2.4 a more or less. TRACT 7: Lot Eleven (11 Block Eighteen (18) in Soulhi ern Real 'Estate and Develop) Co. Addition in the City of 1< villc, Arkansas, according to official plat thereof. TRACT 8: Lot Four (4) in I Thirty-one (31) in Soulhwq Real Estale and Dcvcloprrten' Addilion in the City of NasH Arkansas, according lo the of plat thereof. TRACT 9: Lot Twelve (12 Block Thirty-nine (39) in S Western Real Estale and Dev menl Co. Addilion in the Cil Nashville, Arkansas, accordln the official plat thereof. TRACT 10: All that part oi West Half of the Norlhwcsl Qu (W% NWVi) lying East of Creek, containing 70 acres; Northeast Quarter of the N west Quarter (NEi/4 NWMi) ; Northwest Quarlcr of the N east Quarter (NW>/4 NEV 4 ) e: 3 acres in the soulheast c thereof described as beginnir Ihe southeast corner, run 1 207.5 yards, West 70 yards, ! Holt's of in in lows: Beginning at a point 219 feet South of a point 500 feet East of the northwest corner of said toore Bros. Serv.ng You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 Fill Your Deep Freeze AtThese Prices •ii ,in if. Sf, " t w.£ ,i Imi Grown Peas the North- the North- corner North 207.5 yards, 'and East 70 yards to Ihe point of beginning, — all in Section Fifteen (15), Township Ten (10) Soulh, Range Twenty-seven (27) West, and containing 147 acres, more or less. TRACT 11:. The Northwest Quarter of the Northeasl Quarter (NW'/i NEVi) less 2 acres in a square in the northwest corner thereof in Section Twenty-eight (28), and fractional part of the Soulhwest shall be offered for sale as follows: Tract 10 shall also be offered for sale as follows: (a) The timber on said tract 8 inches and over in diameter at stump at the time of cutting, with six months to remove, shall be offered for sale. (b) The oil, gas and minerals in, on and under said Tract 10 will be next offered for sale. (c) The land, except the timber 8 inches and over in diameter at stump at the time Of cutting, with six months to remove, and except the oil, -gas and minerals in, on and under said tract, shall be offered for sale. -V ,,(d) Said tract, with all the oil, fcSS. and minerals in, on and under Uie same ; ahd except the Umbet Ihereon 8 Inches arid over in di- amelcr al slump at the lime of culling, wilh six months lo remove,, shall be offered for sale. Tract 11 and the Umber thereon 8 inches and over in diameter at stump at the time of cutting, with six months to remove, 'mid the oil, gas and minerals in ( -on and under said tract shall be offered separately in four separate offerings, as above provided for offering of Tract 10. Tracts 12, 13 and 14 combined as one Iracl, will be offered for sale, and then said combined tract and the limber 8 inches and over in diameler al slump at the time of cutting, wilh six monlhs lo remove, and Ihe oil, gas and minerals in, on and under said combined tracl will next be offered for sale separately in four separale offerings, in ,lhe same manner and as above sel forlh for Ihe offering of said Tract 10. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, purchaser or purchasers being required to execule a nole or bond as required by law for the purchase money for the tract or tracts purchased by any such purchaser, with approved premises sold to secure th« payment of the purchase money, and each personal surety on such note or bond shall be a resident of the State of Arkansas and shall own properly in the State of Arkansas of the value in excess of the amount of 'such note of bond so signed by him over and above all his debts, liabilities and exemptions, : and shall make artd file with the Commissioner ah affidavit to that effect if required by said Commissioner. If any purchaser should elect to pay Cash for said lands purchased by him, then such payment shall be made immediately, and if he does not elect to pay cash, then the note or bond shall bV executed immediately, and if not executed; then Said land will be sold to the next highest bidder, who shall execute the bond or note for purchase money immediately, unless he Actor Takes Too Much Medicine VAN NUYS, Calif. Wl — Actor Grant Withers, 51, is reported improving after being found unconscious in his bedroom yesterdny from an overdose of ulcer medicine. fir. A. W. Pearson said • last should elect to pay. cash therefor, and if he elects to pay cash there- for, he shall pay the same immediately 1 . "Said sale and all of said bids shall be subject to the approval of s'aid Court. /GIVEN Under my hand on this the 13th-day at:September, 1954. ' •,.': : \^-- :y> EARL. SCH1RMER • Commissioner in Chancery Sept. 16, 23 . night the actor had regained consciousness and was in good condition. The doctor said Withers accidentally took an overdose that produced an adverse reaction. Withers' wife, Estelita. a Cuban dancer, said she found his bedroom door locked. She told police she broke s pane of glass to enter the bedroom from a patio and found Wilhers unconscious c floor. the Lb. 25 C Lb. eet Potatoes Home Grown 10c Lb. OINSTtAK IB Cin Pure Lard 4.59 «S tL\ } ^ l ' C STEAK 49 C Lb. :<*!?>?* 39c )Vf?«Sr - • ^ O eshTurni Greens 2 Bc hs is; Heliotrope Flour 1.79 Sk. iitMEAT CHILI Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SW#i SEVi) of Section Twenty-one (21) lying south of County road that passes through said land, all in! Township Ten (10) South, Range Twenty-seven (27) West, and containing 40.5 acres, more or less. TRACT 12: The South Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarler (SVfe SW'/4 SWA) of Section Fifteen (15), and the West Half of the Northwest Quarter (WMs NWV4) of Section Twenty-lwo (22) except a parcel described as beginning-at the southeast corner of SWV4 NW% and run North 60 yards, thence West 60 yards", thence South 60 yards, thence East 60 yards .to the point of beginning, all in Township Ten (10) South, Range Twenty- seven (27) West, and containing 99.26 acres, more or less. TRACT 13: The Northeast Quarter (NEV 4 ) of Section Twenty-one (21), Township Ten (10) South, Range Twenty-seven (27) West, containing 100 acres, more or less. TRACT 14: The Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NW'A SE'/d) and part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, (NE'/t SE'/4) being 1 ^acrcr'in the extreme southwest, corner thereof 35 yards East and West and 140 yards North and South, containing 41 acres; Part of the South Half of the Southeast Quarter (S'/fe SE'/ 4 ) described as beginning at the southeast corner Ihereof and run West 330, feet to point of beginning, thehce Northwesterly North 77 degrees 25 minutes West J439 feel, thence Southwesterly .South'-23 degrees 35 minutes West 100 feet, West to center of Mine Creek; thence wilh center of said creek lo the South line of Section Sixteen (10), .and thence East to the point of beginning, containing- 8.21. acres, more or less; Also, the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SW 4 /4 SE'A) less 8.20 acres in the southeast corner conveyed to N. B. Colerrian lying East .of. Mine Creek, containing 31.80 acres, more or less, (for a, more particular description of spid excepted parcel, reference is made to.said^decd in favor of N. B. Coleman)--^'all in Section Sixteen (16), Township Ten (10) South, Range Twenty-seven (27) West, and containing 81.01 acres, move or less, in all. Hempstead County TRACT 15: The West 22 acres of the Northwest Quarter .of the Southwest Quarter (NW ] A SWV4) of Seclion Fifteen (15), Township Nine (9) South, Range Twenty-six (20) West, and the East Half of the Southeast Quarter (E% SE'A) of Section Sixleen (16), Township Nine (9) South, Range Twenty-six (20) West, conlaining 80 acres, and containing in the aggregate 102 acres, more or less. Sevier County TRACT 16: The South Half of the South Half Qf the Southeast Quarter (SVfe SV4 SE"A) of Section Thirty-five (35), Township .Ten (10) South, Range Twenty-nine (29) West, containing 40 acres, more or less. Each of.said tracts shall be first offered for "sale separately, and then Tracts 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 surety thereon, bearing inleresl at the rale of eight per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien to be retained on the M0r6 ROOM inyourhomewlA NEW PLANS k '3ee us today—for eeo- I nomical, quality-tested fir plywood and easy- to-follow plans for 8 modem fir plywood built-ina. REPAIR LOANS available for all types of Home Improvements and repairs, SUPPLY CO. Phone 7-2348 S. Walnut EVERYDAY VALUES You'll Find at Scott's The world's oldest status, molded by Cor-Maguon men, were found irt 1924 in a cave near the French village of Montespan in tne central f hufiday, Se 23, 1954 H6PI SfAH, ROM, AtKANSAI Pyrenees. Food Hangover? (d*t, HMrtb«H«r *" d *»** a « ht) * •_^^ MA ^A_ • . _ ! - U J — Ai ,011 THt W**f CANARIES Young canaries. 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