Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 24, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1896
Page 6
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II, S! IIS EM. Anotliar Well Known Citizen ffho Owes Health to Paine's Celery Compound. ON THE GO. Bryan Begins His Speech Making in Illinois, Is Greeted by Enthusiastic Crowds at the Points Where Stops Are Made. Chc.rlostou, ]]!., Oct. 23.—WJJiJiii:) J. Bryan's struggle for Illinois bi'gau early Friday morning.under lowering •,;id in an atmosphere that chilled to the bor.c. His initial speech of 1he campaign began at Danvilie. It wii" only 3:30 when-Mr. Bryan arrived tlicri. 1 , but town nnd country-side Sad turned out to meet him, and about 6,000 people wen; gatJiered in t.hccuurt- ,iu'.ist> square, where iLe speaking took ; )la.cc. A. wild demonstration occurred ivlien Mr. Jiryan appeared and tin- eii- .husiasni broke forth (ig'.'iin ser'M'fil times dyriug his remarks. In his ]5ar.- illc »poc»h Mr. Bryan quoted Jii.s old ioi'.al uolleag-iit', Hon. •foso.ph i resident o/JJanvillu, wifu ref- •ivncc to fi'ot" coiuaffO. Taking r.jt u pccch mado in the iiouso of n?prcs'.;nT»- ivcK by -Mr. Camion ill ]S7S, Mr. liryan ;ave ^0:110 extracts; from it. tosiiow'that Ir. Cnnnoii aski'd for, IS years ago, i j hat (lie democratic parly wank'd ow. >iv. llryai.- read u (,|\iola!:ion I'rr.m Ir. Oar.iiu.r.'s speech in \v-iiiitli he bald, i rofcrci'icc to the fret; coiiiiij^u -,>i silver. Unit he would rather make the •wholi- jonriiey nou- (l.sTS) :han roi-ai:ip DESPERATE EXPERIENCE Turret Gearing's on Battle Ship Indiana Break During: a Galo. Cru Gladness Comes by l tile i in ill b.\' i ^\'aysidi.\ \vith 1'ho 'i I.H'lu - een ihe cain journey's end, ant' lon pur! f) >!>£>• frroiiisi followed it i one should li: woll-hrformod "n'c are going to give "Mr. Cannon a chaiirn !» .^"0 lo Uir junriM'yVeJul til"! iidt 'c'Siini: liy I lie \v:i ysii.ii'j" ft-o- loiis'e'l ehi'i-riug Foliownl vhis MenU'iH. 1 ! 1 . 1 1 \\~as '. l :.'!(.' \vhen I'ariy \\':is roac-ljod, There Mr, llryan was i/onlialiy w«l- I'omcd by l-.i.-lween :;.(li;i) mid -1,000 j.ico- Above js tin' 1 pk'tunT ol' aiiouliw of wihom Paiine-V Ciltwy compound li-n.-: maiTe wetO. /Chie-i 1 PostotHcu luiMpot-tor • M. 1). Wlice-lf;!'. o-f Waisilu-ns'toii, IX 0., •\vri-t- Ing to Wio proprietors <tf ('life most won. dcrful eiiRiitlve, says: "I hare nstxl pjiiLne'jKvIi'.>r.v cGwpouiml with in-.-i.nkcd- wii/prove/DOTt to -l!o;iJt.']i. Afc 'tlnu tlnw: 1 comniiQivccd \m\nff it, 1 was very jmic-.U run down from overwork, . :iut!d was rttlviswl by i\. Craeucl to. tiry -in. I 'be-Rii-ii -altmoc-rt imnwttljiitc'I.v to J uvj nv vt', ftiul ,'iftor talking 1 three to dLscaut.l-u.ue boom pcrmfuicaitly rcwmnicinil It to littles 1't.il't wi;U ti ifcj use, ami Intro Uenotttcil. I li •Uio public." Aft-. Wiiec'le.r IKUS •Coamd out wlia.t everyone stenild fccsmi— tluit putting Homrt iiml soul 'iu 'one's business no tonpw uioaiLK stidclMfr w the desk, counter or workroom tii.ll tire Lead . arrows diiwy, the- bafck milies ami neuralgic t\v.to£W; shoot thronjfli' the f-ramo. ,'Pliey ;i ro tliw *4Uoirt-s%hfct.il, ,mi>n ,i.ml women. who ip\it up with, nhis slate odf tilings -when Wild risk is so groat and tbiCToniedy so ttisUy -vvlltlMu their i-oaclu As weakness, nuryousnoss, langour anil sflcei>lwsniees «u»- deafly the i-csult oS low nervous iMtrltloa, so peirinaaien-t «'dHof win come 'from raipi(Uy building up W»e wsistwl -rjerve tissues, Fjitoo'-s calory cociiipoinul as Dlie moans best cn.l- for this end. f'.-; c-flory compound purifies anil ivi-.ii'l-'oi'ces -Hi<.- Woixl I'll «i wvl.y Uid.t Jio i«rji-i>r I'csnvdy IKW -over aittsuunxl. Thoro cimnw -Jin iiminic-diicd'c clwirimg 1 o'C tlie .1a imd-K'cid. iiradtly complexion; iicu- r;il;rEi; ami 'Vide" -Irc-ndacTres cease to aillk-l. -,-i.iiid I ho formerly wrotctoeii sleeper o'li'joys I'hc WessiniffS oC sound rt"sh>rh:.j,' -fflvcip. Giivou 'tlio 'beflrty «p- pt't.iit-o, t.li'O sou-nil si-cop and -tho pure Itl-wxl, IN.!! tlio oili-or needful 'ilui-nirs that £<> to iiiakauff M-ilmit wj call perfect Urtilt'Ji. are sure to fo.M-ow. J-oiw sniirilis, cou-stwi.t brood-In,? over vronics -iiiiKl iiiKigiiKwy si-pli-l.^, mil f-rtftifuliiMs arc u-ot ins 'seriously as Uiey deserve, are evident fjiuftt.* of t'lie tiro*], system aiud arc to be comestou i pic, nciii'ly fViM-y GUI' <.>!' whom worn the. name of liryiin on !iih <ir lii.'r Iinl. During Liu.' !2d uiMiuU'S iheri! ill'. .P/ryr.n made :i speech from tin 1 balcony of tin; courthouse,-i nd was.viffiiriiusly cheered. IJryiui (;oinpllmc:itH Alt^'M.' Jt wns raining; when Mr. Bryan reached Charleston. 1,'c.side the cur was n biy dceoralcd platform, and whui- 31 r. mid -Mrs. Ury-iin xti.-pped U]>on it, t!u> structure, .to t-liuir surprise, began to move up the street. II wtis a big wagop covered with boards mifl drawn by horses, rour thousund people heard the ciindkliite spo.uk ;uitl cheeked him loudly. Every white horse in the vicinity of JJnttoon, a railroad center, v.-hicli Mr. Bryan visited on his trip jirom Cliicag-o to Salem, liui old homo, ;J«st lifter his nomination, had been p-essed into service to assist several Rets of silver clad young rnen^o carry out tlie symbolinRtion ol sixteen to one Several golden queens, each with six- Uen maids of honor, were obliped to put up their umbrellas and flee from tlio iKliU 1-Iitrd All One Ntg-ht to tif rurfc tho Blj; GunH—N<:w Gvarlo^K to Do l'ut In PlHco 1m- modlute)}'.. The battla ship Indiann, which is with the North Atlantic squadron, oC j Touipkinsville, will g-o to the nax'y yard in Brooklyn as soon o-s orders come from j Washington. New gearing- will be put .j on the turrets in. place of that which 1 \va.s broken on the recent trip from Hampton lioads. The Indiana encountered a fierce gulc between Jicre and Humpton lio.ids'hist March and the gearing- was found to be not strong enough j'or nn emergency. The depcrtmcnt was notified and new pouring was provided. This has been lying- .in the navy yard for several months because the Indiana lias been BO busy with drilling that. shi> has not had time to stop and have it fitted. A. reporter saw Capt. Evans, commander of the Indiana, aboard !iis ship. Capt. Kvans explained in detail 'tile trouble the Indiana has just had. lie paid: ' "Soon after we left Hampton Roads all four of the oi£ht-Jnch turrets broke loose ut once from .their Rearing". Tlie soa w.ia very rou^li and the Kreat roll of the ship m.ide the clamps inadequate lo siund tho strain. That -was about t\\~o o'clock in the nftcrnoon. Wo went to work with (iv«- Ineli hawsers to tin tlie (T'Jns up. "Ab'out two o'clocl; tho next mornlnf; the forward ffuns snapped tlieir hawsurs and got loose again. The storm was then very seven; and the ship was rolling at an angle of ,'JfJ dP.'^rees. The decks were flooded, with water and tills witli the pitchina 1 oC the ship, iradc v,'orl:liiB or. deck very dangerous. Jt was blac-it n.i Ink anil we could not sec l;o\v to tret in order to head the sea. We could only u-.icss. "To make matters worse tlie forward 13- Inch gun turret got loose- and those enormous £uns berrin lb]-o*V.in,7 nbout in full command of the derk. The 13-inch Buns beK'.'in Knocking Kr<at dents in the scupper pipe, broJie stancblons and threatened to tear away the ci tiro superstructure. "]£ was very d,tn;rorous tj work in that etorm. I was afr.-ud of losing Iwo or three dozen men and If 1 had not had the best crew In the world, I Uor.'t know how we would have come cut. We fastened a five- inch hawser on the 13-Inch gun and It snapped like a cotton string. Then we tried a five-inch wire cable. The sea took /niii.'iciiiJ question would bo sett Jed. ; (t a ,,d ]M f ac s O ms wcrn overboard, th- contrary it would prolong the I "Then I was afraid the cable would foul the propeller, so we had to stop everything: and recover It. The ship was then proceeding at about five knots! We got it after awhile and finally caught the bis Buns- with an eight-inch hawser and tied them securely lo the superstructure. It was an awful job, though, and we were In danger o£ being washed .overboard every minute. All during the work the deck was completely flooded. "It was six o'clock in tho morning when we sot through. Tho whole crew had been tt work all night. The rest of the fleet had eone ahead, but It put about and we regained our position." It will take about three weeks, Capt. Evans .said, to bu.vc the new gearing put in. How Are Your Kidneys? Ever have yoar beck ache? Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills W ith <i better understanding i/£ the transient nature ot tho i»4BP physical ills, which vanish before l-*ypcrcf- forts—gentle: efforts—pluasantctTorts— rightly directed. There, i.s comfort in the knowledge, tluit so many furms of sickness are not. due to any actual disease, but siniply to a, <?bnstipatcdcondi- tion of the system, which tfce pleasant famil3' luxativu, Syrnpof I''ig-,s. promptly removes. That is why it in the only remedy with miilion.sol! families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by all who value KO«ii health. Its beneticiul oft'ccts arc duu to the fact, that it is intone remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without, debilitating tin- organs on which it nets. 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I R detnocratic leader in this state anf' its imhoaat'hy condition, get rid of not ; ,, s your candidate for governor one D( oit'ly tilKvsc symptoms, l>ut of tlio uuidc-r to Ijt'ivg causes, by prompt recourse r«toe's celery compbuiu.d. This uoi-vc and 'brailu. restorer will not Jeovc JL vestige of kidney disense, nervous- .nosw, imlMxiilthy s'tnio of tli'o liver or heart trwiljlo. Its: ivuij-s of euri'uff tliese complaints is direct a-ad imifailltog. It re(place« : 'uinlioaMhy 'tissues by liew mmlliealUiy.parts nmd clauses uadpur- ilies the Mood rantM the -tiroel body rc- Biithis tilio ehvs'Hfiry and ll'lgli spirits tluat ar,o th/o sui* afcompaainieut at t 'health. • WCOLNjEA Coi- IN THE VVORLO koaolrtK the SyStBrr, In a Healthy Condition. CURES (PUKES Constipation. Act* on the Liver «nd Kidney*, Purlfl«J Vttti KDood. Di.<!^>ril3 Colds and Fovers, Baautlfles the Complexion and CB ^ s-ncl R.ifreshlnn ti* the Taoto SOU) or ALL ORUQGIST*, oic.*l<- llluvr»t«l tdsMj-pifr. r./uwln Otory Boolf fi»«n to werj p«rclta«r Ml * »'f I- 1 ti-:^ln Te*. Prlca ',*<. AiV y«xw* (Imar?!**-.*? lMaw~x Tic* C«- . fort WI.YWU tout, Por sale by B. F. KEESL1NG. ST. LOUIS FAILURE, tur lien- • Zfond nnd ,-.'ro«-k Ilrykftr A.-jKl/,-n <-llt of 1MB CrcilUoi-x. St. Louis, Oct. S3.—Louis A. Coquard, j bond nnd stock broker at 12-1 JN'oi-Jli , ...Third street, made an assignment at ••'i 10:30 o'clock Friday morning for the | .'benefit of creditors!. James K. Cahill I - and A. C. .Dollus are named as trustees. : The nssnts are placed at $100,000 and j I include stocks, bonds, real nnd per- ' "j sonal property. No statement ot lia- ! - bi!ities is g-iven. The failure if, at- I , tributed to the depressed condition of • ' thf mo!!(;3 - market, Mr. Coqunrd de- cJnres thai- the assigDinent is tcmpo- . mr.y and t!:at he will be able to satisfy ^ creditors and resume business in a few j weeks. Trustee Cahill says that the ^failure io in no way attributable to the .<recent flurry in the wheat market. I>lHiistrouH fn-i^ht \Vr«c-K. Duiu:ni'moii, .1'a., Oct. 23.—A disas- l rous /ivigrlit wreftJi occurred on the I'onnsylvunia railroad at this place Thursday nig'lit. Twenty-three cars loaded with merchandise, were demolished and an engine wns thrown ten fool down an embankment. The. wreck took lire, but the ilanu'E were cxtin- {fu'sherl by local lireracu. The accident is bulieved to have been caused by a broken nxlc. k uriRin of tne * The treadwheel, or treadmill, as it 1* j usually termed—its purpose generally \ having 1 been for frrinding corn or turn- l\ilDjr machinery— WOB the invention of ;' Mr. Cubitt, Q.TI chfrineer ol Lowestoft, , Engtantl, the notiem of such a piece of ft' mech»niRni owinp its conception to »n f «coident. r • Shore Cabinet Movtlng- Washington, Oct. 23.—To-day's cafai- ijet meeting 1 wns attended by all members except Secretary' Carlisle, who is in Kentucky. The meeting was short, lasting: hardly iui hour. Fr»n<!h .Senator Dead. Paris, Oct. 23,—M. Amic Ktieam: Blav i«r, member of the.-French senate, rep resenting- the. department of Maijje- et-TjoirCi is dead. He was GO years ot nge. llonoy TOP Dyspepsia. Tor those with weakened dig-cstlv* powers honey is said to be a very desirable food. If a person is very tired— "too exhausted to cat"—a few tastes of honey will act like magic. tlie Tblesi champions we have, .Altg-eld." SpCrtkK to II Gold Audiojjrf, Although Sullivan \vas not down on thi- schedule, 2,000 people were waiting- foj; Sir. Bryan there. Senator Allison was expected later in the Jay, and. in preparation for his coming a number o£ those who heard a little speech from the democratic candidate were decorated wil.h orange badges. Women wore golden hat.s nnd men, golden Baches, nnd horses nnd vehicles were olso trimmed in that color. In view of Senator Allison's • promised presence, Mr. Bryan iincl something to say about the loiva statesman. Kemitor Allison, he said, in cxplaJnJji^- in the senate soon alter the passage of the demon- etization act, said thut when the secret history waa written it would be found that there was fraud in the passage of the demonetization act; and yp.t the 7-epublicun.party to-day places ityclf on record as being in favor of continuing thai, which was secured by . fraud. j A stop of a minute was made at Bf;ihany, where a smnll crowd heard H .Csw words from the candidate, and tin- train slowed clown as it passed H couple of hundred people gathered on th<: platform at Dulton City. | Hr.yn.n to .'-KJ'-in Visit• IViHvonHln. j Milwaukee, Oct. 23.—The democvi-.tic state contral'co'inmittei.' havo perfected flrriinfi'eniciits witli tin: national onm- roitt'.'e, whereby AY. J. 3!ryan will again be heard in Wisconsin before the «!OF« of the campaign. H'r. Bryan, will make a number of BpftL'diDs in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois during the laltcr days of the . month. He- will leave Chicago on the evening of Thursday, October 20, and proceed to Green Bay, where he will deliver an aoVlrexs at eight o'clock on the following morning, ?,•!;. Bryan will then tal«- a special iriilii, with Mudisczi as the objective point,, nna on the trip jihort sto])s will be made at De.I'ure, Kauknuna, Appleton, Jfeenah,' HI>- nasha, Oslikosh, Tond tlu Lilt-, Jun-".in, Watertown, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Milton Junction nnd Jar.esville, at fill of which places the presidential candidate will speak. A time table-announcing- wheu Mr. Bryar.'a special will arrive at the se.v- ,eral places will lie made out and announced Saturday. .,Mr. Bryan will be accompanied on the trip by Hon. K. C. Wall and Ex-Gov. George W. Peck. H!//, sihnoiiiH-.ip^ 1 hit; support ol! J'ry.'in dm! Scv.-all. He says that while he is niti in perfect harmony willi certain pl.lnk.s of the platform adopted a.t Chicago, he i.s soimd- ly di'inocral ic and positively opposed to Hie polii.ic-al ethies advocated by the supporters of McKinleyism. liy the cltctio'i of Ihe representative of flic go'dbugs, Air. Doe does not believe that flic On- trouble and continue to keep ourcom- im.'!":ial all'airs in an unsatisfactory condition, On the other hand, if Mr. Bryan^va-s elected it would stop the feverish discussion, or at least allow those who desire to invest money to decide upon their future plans, llms restoring a business level, Another MVflHifcKru from .tforrlflon. \Vasliing-ton, Oct. 23.—Col. Wilh. m Ji. Morrisoii, of Illinuis, chairman of (lie interstate comniL-ruc commission, tele- j^mphs as foiloivs in regard to the let- rer he has written which was alleged lo imlii-ali; his intention to bolt the Bryan and Altgeld ticket: "Waterloo, 111., Oct. 22.—My letter relates alone to Gov. Altgcid and his administration of state aflairs. Anything more reported la Incorrect, "•WILLIAM R.. 1 MORRISON." Jup JTincff woaft ucrnmn mri, A German y^oung-woman named Elizabeth Opit/ has just married a Jap- •nneso noble. Viscount Seistro Jfat- j suda-ra, sou of the last feudal Icjcl of ] Schimadara, near Nagasaki, and a pupil In the forestry school a.t Eberswalde. This is the first marriage between a German and a Japanese of princely rank. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONPS Complexion POWDER REMA1XS ALWAYS THE SAME, '!"ho finest, purest and most beautifying toilet powder over nmdc. - It iyHOOth- iiifj, healinp, healthful n.nd haniiloss: :uid when iightl> -.-«od IS JLM'ISIiilli. I£ you have- never IrJiJ POZZONFS vou do not know what an IDEAL Wnff^SXHSK POWDKK is. IT IS SOLD EVERYWHERE. POISON ,-.- —.;,-T.T^— — - ondwyorTw* nary liLOOD 1'OISON pcrmsneDti |;urodlnJ5to35diiyB. 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H.G00 1.75; Red Dog, <1.30@J.50; Rye, J2.20@3.W. WHEAT— Irregular. October, 70@70V4e; December, 71Vi@73^c: May, 7f><5>779ic. . CORN— Stronger. No. 2 and No. S Tellow,' ZSSJtjKBlic; December, 21H(5)23c; May, OATS— Active and unsettled. No. 2 cash, ISc: December, I8W(al3.0%o; May, 21%@21%c. Samples steady. No Grade, IS/yiH^c; No. 3, U(?17'ic; Xo. 3 White, 17(gll9y.o; No. 2, IS® l?i/ 4 c: No. 2 White, 20@21c. RYE— Slow and lower. No. 2 cash, 331&C, and No. 3, 32o: December delivery, 3CUC; SLTPOKT BRYAN. AMlHtant Secretary of fVar Doe Wrltoi H Letter Stating: H!K I'onltlun. Milwaukee, Oct. 23.—Assistant Secretary of War Joseph R. Doe hoc writ- tsn a letter to E. C, Wall, clemocratic national .committcemaii from Wiscun- BARLEY— Was -weak: demand was tame. Common feed Barley. K&Zp/ic: very poor, 24c: malting, common to good, .2G'/i@Mc; and choice fancy, 30(E?3Gf. MESS PORK— Market moderately active, and prices steady. Quotations ranged at ?(!.Mfi7>7.00 for cash: $6.'9C@C.S3 for October; JC.90@fi.95 for December, and t'.'VAffi.yiy,, for January. .LARD— Trailing fairly active and^prlces, si.eacly. Quotations rttng^ed at J^,20^.22K* for cash; J4.17V4©-I-22V6 for October; j-i:2(Jiy J.22ii for Decemljer, and J'l.-IOtrM.'fS for January. BUTTER— Marltet firm at il@l!)c for creameries, ani3 J{j)J7c for dairies. LIVE rOULTRY— Quiet. Turkeys, 7© 9c; Chickens, C«i)C'/ic: Ducks, 7VifyS 1 /ic por pound; Geese, por clozen, 5-t.004iKj.50. New York, Oct. 23. FL-OtTR— Qu!ct, easy. WHEAT— Opened active and oxcited, ail- vnnrlnjr 2Sc on free foreisrn buying, higher wcsi and local covering, declined V t c on realizing, unsettled, now quiet. December, January. SO%@Sl!«c; March, S3!4 ; May, Sl%®SSc. CORN— Moderately active, firm, l(j|>l^4c up on better sales and firmer west. December, 31'A<g>31 13-lCa; May. 34 3-16©34%o; No. 2, 23%lSl31c. OATS— Dull, firmer. December, 24c asked; Mny, 20%c; Western, 21@32c. PORK— Steady. New Mess, $S.CO@S.25. • LARD— Quiet, firm. Steam Rendered, 14.62%. ' BUTTER— Firm, fairly active. Western Dairy, S@12c; do. Creamery, 32'/i@20c; do. Factory, 7i8>ll 1 ,4o; Elfe-ins, SOe; Imitation Creamery, 30<g:i3%c. CHEESE— Firm. Part Skims, Pull Skims. '2@2Wc. EGGS— Firm. Western, 3CV$i@l!)c. President Pulmcr and .A»»ooliitc« Completing lieoorib of th« Great Fair. President Palmer of the world's fair commission and his associates on ~\ic committee on final reports assembled in Washington the other day for a session of several days, during which the 1'epoHs to the president and to congress will be perfected. Tl/ese reports will present a complete review of the accomplishments of tlie e.\pa«ition. The report of t.'ic board of a^vairds will make about £3 voluDies of 800 pag-es each; that of the director-general ten volumes; that of the president and secretary two volumes; while the extent of the report- of the ladies' board is not j-et dctcr- nuii«d. The Philadelphia centennial cora- DiiKsion'B report embraced nine volumes. That of the Paris exposition was on an eloboratc scale, witli steel cngravirjrs showing' to the world the best features of the French exposition. The present work will be handsomely iJlustrated and .somewhat similar to, (hough less elaborate than, the French reports. The reports also will wind up tlie financial atfairs of the national commission and -,vill show «. balance in /.•ivor of the government of about $21,000. Manhood Restored. !^f£5555*8sflS Hcn;-?dy,(«fcold with-* te«. to euro nit Ncrr. W 0 BkMcm*ry,toscof Brain Fowct-, Hood- LrBt'H&nhond, Korv- otRnOhs, A(rpp|iT, »si^«-«iiiii.- - L'fHHvCHH? tb« Generative -'OrifMii, ^tnaiMl by over-cxcrtlp:*, fouttrul indlscreticnp, or v..^eiOM»Hivi-ULC«r tobiu*- po. opium, or itclcinlantt, wlifcli ultlmtitclv It'nn to anJlrinltv.CoiJuuoiptlon and Jmiixnlny. Put up in con- tcnlent"fo»-nit(X*:arry In tuevcat noctot. Pricowa DKckRffe, orOforW. will, CTpry to crdfir wo give ft written nnrante« to cvr« OL -cflind tho •ranrr. nl'nilJ- mll ^lto^inylu•^l^p^B._C^lx^lA^ rre« m plain finvirlonc, Adilren* R*IVAJ. ». r! K -'line.'LOGANSPORV. 1 CATARRH ForYourprolec - tion. Turiff ConinilK»lon In I'anucla. Ottawa. On I., Oc-t. ^:i.—Jt is officially niiijounccd th;u. the yovorumi;iU commission appointed to inquire into the 0]x'nit.ioiis of tlu- (ciriff will begin its work on November ](). The inquiry will be '.'onduefod b.v Sir-JJicharrJ Cnn- ris'it, .Hon. W..S. Fioliling'and Hen. W. J'jitterKOii, who im: members of ft'ie coinniicidion. Arj'anc;('inoiits hnvo been m.Tfle to hold i)nv.'l.i;:,s's of Ihe commission in .Mputro.'il. Toronto. Hamilton, London, Quebec, St. John and Halifax. j^;iT:iyei;c. inn., uei. X'.'..—Mrs. wii- linni Sumiuerfiold Lin^/c. of this city, h:i$. issued inviuilions to the m.'irriapre i-f her (Inug-hter, Miss Liliiin Kutli Lin- p'le, null Mr John Mohler Stndebaker, ,Tr., of South Heiul, to take place at the Second Presbyterian church here at cipjlit o'clocl; Wednesday evening 1 , November 11. ,We positively state that remrtif aora not , 1 otlio. injurious ding. .;• ELY'S 1REA.M BALM Cleanses the Vas-1 fas- .sa^s, Hllnj-fl Inflamnia- lion, heals undprotfcts the membraDe mm . r«.t..,es . Die IT WILL CURE. A particle Is applied into t>H' h noslrll and Is unwvibic, J'rfett .» ctnt.s EC Drogglsu or l>r mall. Samp m lOo, by o all. . ' . .JAPANESE jifJL-jES CURB A KCT end CompWo Tror-trn'-nt, conslntlnR o* 'XJPl'uSlTOltlilS, Cap&Dics of Olnlncnt and two ioxcsoJOIntnicnt. A novor fnlllnhCureforPllo )f L-TPry hnturo and docrco. It Mitke* an optjrftllon .'l;li l.'ic knife or iiijc*:i,lom of carbolic acl<l, which ropfilntul an r l .-""Homo, pormancntoiire,ajidoftcn n.-iulilnff In i!c:;ih. unnccci-sMy. Why endure .hiE terriule^aiseaso? We Pack a Written Cuarnntee In each $ I Box. Ton only pny tot iK-ncili-i received. Mo. and 81 a box, 0 fur |i. bent JAPANESE PILE OfNT.WENT, 25c. a Box. "flUCTIOfiTlfllM Cured, Pile* Prewate*. jU«O I IrA i Wn bv Jsptncse Liv-r Pellets ..,„ jirfnt L1YKU and STOMACH . Ki-lULOOBl'L-KIflKlt. fc-innil.mlWnodL o Utlia. e-poclallT adnptr-d for clilldrcn » ur?. M V-WS25CODHI. XO™ JCH.—TlioC<-luifnoO««ll l>:mcso l'il« Curv for sale only l)y BEX FISHER. Accept* a Call. Lig-ouier, liid., Oct. 23.—].!ev. M. Smith, a Chicago clergyman, has ac- eepted a c-.:ill fo the pastorate of the First Congregational church of Angola. Uvo Stock. Chicago, Oct. 23. CATTLE—Market nlow, steady. Fair ta Best Beeves, }3,25fiH.75: Stockcra and Feeders; *2.«@3.50: Mixed Cows and Bulls, J).25 ©3.60: Texas, •»2.6C@3.05. HOGS—Heavy sonerally 5c lower; others iteady to 5c higher. Light, $3.30<5>3.CG; Rough Packlns, M.10©3.20; Mixed, and Butchers', $3.20@3.6E: Hjavy Packing and Shipping:, f3.25@3.55; Pig's, »2.5f<5>3.5[;. Without A Rival. As a positivecureforsprnius.bruises, arid paius of all kinds, Salvnt'on Oil has no equal. Mrs. .Frank Juif, 518 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Midi., writes: "I used Salvation Oil in my family- andean say it lias no rival as a liniment; it 'cet'tainly cures paius. I sprained my ankle and it cured me :\nd since then I. have always use.l it .for any pains and bruises." Salvation Oil is sold for only 25 cents. Xo ol!icv remedy will do the work as promptly. Turs! TUPS! D. LELEWBR. Manuf icturer of Ladies 9 Fine furs 163 State Street, Wholesale and Retail. CHICAGO. ng Chicago for Hie h Grade Furs. Artistic Workman ship it: Remodeling Seal Oar- merits at very moderate chat-Res. Goods sent on npproval. Correspondence solicited. Ten dropg of Brazilian B«m Ukm ereryhour will cure lun«bickin » d»y or tiro. AcU like mtgic.

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