Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1954
Page 8
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, J^.-?£lf^j^y> j> '•>•?, • ' * ^!F??d7& s ?s i £?! E ^lJ^ <XV r - >- A- « - * " T- > ' f.''."" , ' ^•g^fwt^ lA'ft, H OP E, ARK AN S AS Wednesday, September 22, Wednesday, September 22, 1954 HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Arrests Made Blackwood Brothers Quartet Harrimanls [»« I Wi»IW I IMMW.,....- • .. -.-^-^-^-^—•- •••-- ***£**—. ^—~--~- -». -—**»i—»—~. - • from Page One lesi attended a party shortly before her body 'was found, clad only in parities embroidered with teddy bears. The wife of one of . the guards also was tnken into custody. Charges against the three Have hot been disclosed. Thfe arrests of Pidcidfll and Montagna came-12 days after Dr.- Raf* faele .Sepe, an official of Rome's Court sof , AppeaU who .has beri conduc.tih« : an official invastiga- case, asked police Dick up their panilporls. Sopp . also ordered police, to up , the passports of Pollto and Prince MauwCe'bf.Hesse a- granii son of the late iKliifi Victor Eman- ant) a member of ths German princely house of Hcsso, There was no immediate indication of arty action against Prince Maurice. He insisted m an interview he'had no connection with the .case. ContUtued from Page One jr> Jiarrimah. The Republican state convention s expected to nominate U. S. Sen -LAUNCHING*-What appears to be the launching of an " 18 ffctirally the christening of the Showboat aB Vegas, Nev. Mr.,«hd Mrs. Charles P Squires, odest of the resort, are sh&fcn pteparlns to smash a bottle of e a\ the 0 peW tl» fapade-of the.hotel; which is a a IftlSsissippl Rivefc steamboat, juts out into a large ~ ' swImrtitng,pooL ; Murder, Suicide Is Suspected By The Associated Press The nationally, fam.ous Blackwood Brothers Quartet, now r.eor- Lganized, has recently signed a long- I term contract with Buhler Mill & Elevator Company, makers of 'Dixie Lily" flour. Two new members—Cecil Black- I wood and J. D. Hendrix College Lbah Approved MARKETS , ST6C KS GRAIN AND PROVISIONS NEW YORK "m Tho Stock-] CHICAGO UP) Selling pressure market advanced moderatftly 'today ^creased in grains as trading in progressed onthe Board of Trad e ear aern. today, knocking down all cereal Tho m'bdest rise embraced most except soybeans lor fair size •major divisions of the market with- losses. ' . Otit sfnglin'g ovtt any particular In- Some hedging in wheat an t takins in ryo set thos WASHINGTON Ml The Housin j—~*\ to *UUll AJ J,cn*iv , , ~ Sumner were a °d Home Finance Agency The parents of two younj? girls named to-replace R. W. .Blackwood nounced today a $350,000 loan to ' yesterday in What Fulton and Bill Lyles, killed in a' tragic Hendrix College, Conway, Ark., to •10 "rnur.-li>r" Urn-Diane crash early this summer. ,,.,,, „ ,,„, __.u m . v f,,,. inn men stu- Armory with his wife and mother Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of President Roosevelt. Before Roosevelt could be presented, two more county delegations had voted to bring the total^ to 541, 217. Calendar Wednesday September 22 The G. M. A.'s of the Unity Bap•$St Church will meet Wednesday evening at 6:30. rvihg M. Ives for governor morrow. John A. Ulinsky, Buffalo parks ommissioner, was reported hold- ng the inside track for the Demo- ratic nomination for lieutenant governor. Roosevelt conceded dsfcat short- y after 1 a. ni. when Harrirhan lad rolled up 541 votes to thc congressman's 217. A majority of 510 was needed. Onondaga CountyV 28 . votes put Harriman over tho top. 531 to 213. At that point in tho rcllcall, Roosevelt strode to the platform. He had been in an anteroom of the ; 'con-, vention hall the 3B5UV Regiment other civilization has exhibi- to- ted in tirne as the Maya. John Cain Chapter of the D. A R, will have a business meeting •Wednesday afternoon September 22, at 2:30. Hostess will be Mrs. Dick For Quality and Beauty in Finest of WALLPAPER see us, Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Phone 7-3495 422 E. Div. SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M* and 4 P. M» Watkins. died yesterday in bounty officials listed as inujnuv;* .«*» K *«-.^ .^ -- .- - nd "suicide" Cecil, who, is 19, is the younaer The mm'der suicide brought the brother of ft W^ Blackwood week's violent death toll, in Arkan- was ««.«.!«* «f »» ni-f«t«i hr , r Arthur Watkins shot his _. wife to M r. Sumner, bass, ' replaces Bill eath with a .38 caliber pistol and Lyles- He was formerly with the hen turned the weapon to his sunshine Boys Quartet of Atlanta. lead and pulled the trigger. Wat- Tne Blackwoods are well-known tins died, when the bullet struck throughout this area through their li'm in the temple.' Both were 32- personal appearances, record sales years-old. " and radio shows. Camlee said the shooting oc- Earlier this year the quartet curred at the home of \Va1kins' came' into national fame by win- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Watkins nirig top laurels on Arthur God- o'f near Mammoth Spring. The frey's CBS-TV "Talent Scouts." deputy said the couple, and their They are slated to appear on Ed daughters, ages 12 and nine, re- Sullivan's "Toast of the Town" cently returned from Iowa where CBS television show later this Watkins had worked in a foundry, a do , rn it 0 ry Cor 100 men stu Only Aspirin At Its ^Best S6m£ prices wore w arptlnd a grains back. Eye was down aroun point, but most of thhe gnins were U cents at one tmu-. Corn shppe Safok* fraction Many leallng^ *£J^ ™£££ £ vere enough to cause much dam- crops . Oats eased the floor, thought the first shot was a "firecracker." traded unchangpd POULTRY Balers ctors >&# >*'»>" V * L 1 * .Writ* Uloi Ark. age to the [with 'corn. Wheat Closed 1-2% $2.10y 4 -$2.16, 'CHICAGO ,<#>',,. wvr, >p° ult r£ .poVfrids'; fob paying prices? un-j lower — ch'anged s to-2'ni|hcr: J h'eavy hens]% .lower, December 77 15-19.5; light hens 12.5-13.5". ffy-kVfe-5^,lower, December ets" oV broiler's 2731; -""bid *aost&-s arid soybeans 2J/ 4 "i'/ 4 12,5-13; 'ca'ponette.? 32-34; ducklings!November $2.70-$2.C9'a lower, corn De- $1,52- --'4. oats %• rye The Bureau of Census, 'do'es not list cowboys in its detailed 'division of the Texas labor force. : I Mill & i. — left), and James Blackwood, leader of the group. In the background (left to right) are J. D. Sumner, Cecil Blackwood, the two new members, Bill: Shaw and Jack Marshall, pianist. higher, turkeys -'34-3». No -wheat. Corn: 2 yellow (new) . 940,521!' le.OS'A; oats: Sample grade 'ButteV firrn; receipts ...-,— ,\*v. m ,^, -.— . wrtoles'ale buying tA'icfcs to 1|mixed,heavy 77; 1 white heavy 79- higher; 93 ! scort> A'A-30.85;- 9,£ A 90 B SC.tiO: 89 C 55; cays HW srviee 80®'571 89 .C 53iCO. J1.4Q-5Q; ^Sg^s firm; ^receipts , 11,830;| 1.00-20. wholesale buying prices 1 <to 5 higher;-. U.S. -large whites b8; mixed 5i&;' U.S.. iriediurtis 20.50: U.S. standards 30; 'current receipts 23: dir checks-20. orte white, 78 l / 2 , Barley nominal. Malting supervisory powers to the 14- natiort North Atlantic organization and speed West Germany's entry into NATO. , 2. The French plan .for all partners to 'accept cr,n*;r<l of their crrm't s ami arms industries ..runs ; r. the face of past SrilMi :i,rgu- ments that world wide empire com- 'mitments made it impossibly.,,,.-for Ei-itain to join the JT-DC and :ihus choice accept some outside conti-jl. malting good 1.31-39; fed|'-..The council o: the Brussels tvoaty'me; in London today to con . NEW YORK COTTO N ; NE\V YOFIC (& ," v> Cotton fu- Lures continued their advance to Jay on. trade and ..commission house buying, influenced bv expectations of a tlghtpr spoit cot ton" situation later in the sea- * Gains extended to a!6st Diplomats Study German Arms Plan Isirler*'technical problenis- involved in acimitting West GJrit'.any and Italy; In Washington, the United States formally accepted Britain's invitation to attend tho. London ccnt'eii' ence: -A"State Department spokes I man said Mendes-Frarice's plai was being studied, but there would be no immediate c.imment. LONDON «l Hard bargaining I ^K^^^rSLt in S4 and ^h!%i^ V «?rm U |S^»« ™°^ la jWest Germany, tackling the Ion, negotiations that'must follow. Man Shbt in Serious Condition LITTLE ROCK (.11 Robert L.| Cusick, • shot early yesterday at fefferson, reportedly while at- empting to break into the Post Office, today was reported in. serious | condition by an official of the Veterans '.' Administration H o s.'p'i t'a 1 iere; •••.•'•«''!••'• ; " •''"MJi^W Cusick, whom Sheriff Allen Nix on said was probably a transient from West Virginia, was brought icre after the shooting. ' Nixon said Cusick was -wounded by Mrs. Gertrude Bowman, postmaster of Jefferson which is .located 12 miles north of. Pine" Bluff. Mrs. iBowmari said tnat upon investigating the sound of glass breaking in the post office which adjoins her living quarters she found Cusick attempting to crawl through a broken window. She said she- shot him with • a rifle. A hospital attendant gave .Cusick's home as Wheeling, W.. Va. ains ,««en<-i«u w . „'"""* t,,,, Ministers conferred anew over ; , Vftth hedge selling Deadly. probtem8 ~ o£ W6stern defense f»bUd..Kxtensivc covenn (? «P- thatPmust be taken ,, Bw ,j n at 0 •erhtlons in nearby October wcp* . ^ contore 8 'suppoB^ing Influence, plont; wth ' , ^ a good demand tor mw crop spot fa somethln g O f the conflict to oo^on'fln'dfavorable pentiment on fc 1^fe expott; situation. Noar months - ^^ premler pipl . r( V*8W'*ft88«i'8 highs. • -France Is to call for British com- prices 20 to 95 Brjtajn has refufccd was pictured in vious .' Oct. 38.^. e Dec. [the editorial comment of Europe's newspaper!?, left, right and center, 'Prime Minister Churchill's gov- by the inde- L'ondun Daily Express not to "take the easy way, th? way of acquiescence : nl i . i f mim miii*o+i-i *-»»v.*w.*** *'Sh^ knew'She 'could walk whenr er nment was warned by t ^er she wanted to/'^spld Frances, pendent, pro-Empire L'ondi v'er^ since Then Tr&cy has been Express not to "take the tramp-trRtnp-traiTJfling endlessly. way, th? way of aoquiesc^Jit-c .» ' "6h'e worries m'e even more now j- re nph wishes, the way of smooth- that phe 3W learned to walk. I j ng do - wn j re nch fepi-s at Brit- get up aj night'anft go m to her ain . s expense,' crfl? to see It she's walking in her On u , e otne (Sleep The smartest in street shoes... comf or to ble as a slipper! it easy, Tracy," I tell her. ?'«Lle -down and rest, U Vou live tp be 70, thjit meaps you'll tee wow- jng -shoes for nearly 74 years. 4own now and tttke ttie weight o# »your fee while change," the crpry." says Frim* cee, "They never < knew what they really want taom. a sb'l." quess I'd. better .buy some corn 'pa^s,- too. Be awful if the neighbors *Qvmd out I had o 15-month pld daughter with corns On tlie other side of the ocean the liberal New Chronicle declared "Tho British government roust recognize that the time to make our utmost contribution has arrived and that no contribution c$j> now be effectiv: unless positive- comitments are made." France's Western ailiess were taking a long, cautious look at the plan outlined by Mondes-France yesterday in a spenh before the European Consultative Assembly at Strasborug. As a substitute fur the six-na- unified, army of 'he European ,nse Community treaty which National Assembly killed Aug. 3Q, he wants }0 tie West Germany Jo a tight continental alliance with 3titain that would limit the fight? in& forces of all member states and control ther oriw. production, Under both Mendt^'France's pio- rossl? and the Ewush plan put forward previously by Foreign Sec- tetsry Anthony E4e», the basis 'tor rpftrming German troops wnild be the Brussels treaty of 1948. fh,at trfcfcty was originally drawn up l?y Pfitain, Franco, Belgium, thP Netherlands «nd Luxencourg for ftefen'se afeamst nny new German fiia^egsioh. The idea ^iow js to alroU bath W«8t Germany and which wauW gut all the jornevs together again and the rule*, instead of the , army envisaged under the member* o* tn» potpt would " "r QfiUoiwl *vmies to cje- sny other partner at- FLORSHEIM *Lotop Shoes One look will tell you—one try-on will sell you! Here's ihe sleek, low and liauiUome shoe you'll wear every? where-with flU (Uc'pssual, easy.' going comfort of your fevpjjte house slippers! iy QC 1C »^*# HEKBEfCTBUkNS ALLEN LECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you can have your Home Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on . M Easy Payments No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment Balance Monthly Blackwood Brothers , , quartet Bud MAIN & COUNTRY CLU6 RtJS. « FINAL NITE • BARGAIN NIGHT A Whole Carload for ONLY...50c WENDELL COREY EVELYN KEYES A REPUBUC '-ICTUfe Always a Color Cartoon • THURS.-FRI. 10AN FORREST r - _.^ USLIE-TUCKER ».-<*-<• Plus A Good Color Cartoon Thursday September 23 Hope Country Club Ladies Bridge luncheon for Thursday, September 23 will be invitational. Those planning to bring guests call Mrs. Terrell Cornelius at 7-2227 or Mrs. Fred Gresham at 7-2456 by Monday afternoon September 20. and Mrs. Kelly Bryant and Mr. and James Pilkintoh will be hosts. W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Mon- ihg'ithroa'lhithe woods,'th day, September 27, at 7:30 p. m. to •"-•*• -'-^--'>-———-J- --the home of Mrs. G. T. Cannon^ 1322 South Main, with Mesdafnes J.; G&F Exhibit Another Show Attraction Since most of the people of Hempstead County never see wild game except to look down the barrel of f,,,,^ * gun or to catch an occasional'"", one of the wealthy Carlson *• . , t i ' - » ** I«» «t 4- •* is- a e t\r\ naitio r A n i n JB> n & f* glimpse of, an animal white *ii ._»* *iiL v ___.r_'.j;iL • i* . i i_'_ J*i.' iikiJ SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelson By HUGH LAWRENCE NE.LSON THE STORY; Mrs. Hilton Gafl- The Camden Garden Club will have, its fall show, "The American Home," and silver tea in the .home of Mrs. George Bowers, 216 Sharp Avenue, and Mrs. Walter Tale, Ta- tc Street, Fail-view, Thursday. September 23, from 2:30 p. TO. until 9 p. m. Jr. - Sr. High School P. T. A. Study Course will be held nt 10 a. m. Thursday at the Home EC. Cottage. Mrs. George Peck is in charge of the program. The theme of the program will deal with teen agers. All mothers are urged to come and take part in the program. Friday September 24 The annual Music Club luncheon will be held at the Barlow Hotel on Friday, .September 24, at 7 p. m. . A Western Dance for members of the fifth and sixth grades will be held at the Country Club on Friday night from 7:30 until 9:30. Mr. Nancy who n ave taken scjj temb(ir ^-October'' 2, Hwill be ! 1 Stroll- Darhe clan, takes no pains to hide her distaste for Jim Dunn and hie wife resi- Pierce, kabee, and Fred stlrt - a dismay ^ of Various ed dscussion entitled "Because^ Jos* Spec i es O f 'wildlife nktive r to Arkan- us Cared. The devotional will be „..„ u.._t. -..i.n.i»_ ....-ii < __ ji __ i ___ sas. Such exhibits will be display- given by Miss Mary Louise Cope- od wilhin thc ncxt fcw weeks not land. A lull attendance is urged for onjy in Hcmptfcad County, but arc this meeting, and all members hav- fichcduled Ior the maliy coullly Mn mg a birthday in September arc re- oi minded to bring your birthday and weight pennies for the Life Membership Fund. . Tuesday September 28 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, September 28, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Jim Case. Mrs. Royce Smith will be co-hostess. Wednesday September 29 AE members of the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet for the annual fall luncheon September 29, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. meet Cole. Made by Buhler Mill & Elevator Co. We're-proud to be associated with e Lily Flour . ti . invite you to .advantage of Get-Acquainted Tune in the BLACKWOOD BROS. DIXIE LILY FLOUR show daily over Radio Station KXAR, 1490 on your dial. , set of 3 • Henf.pcoof and CoW-proo{» t /n Qenerows 7, 8 and 9-Inch Wldthfl • Weal for Mixing , , . Baking , . . Serv Ing . . . Slorlngl Yes, friends and neighbors, here's another great value in the popular "Peach Lustre" group! This lovely, 3-piece mix* Ing bowl set ... with attractive swirl* sides . . . smooth, rounded edges'. 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Saturday Saptember 25 The Music Makers will meet with Sandra Hobbs on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Girl Scout Troop 3 To Meet Today Immediately after school this afternoon, Girl Scout Troop 3 will in the home of Mrs. Jim Personal Mention Friends of Mrs. I. F. Russell will be glad to learn that she is State, District Livestock Shows and the Arkansas Livestock Show at Little Hock. This is not a new program for lha Commission. However, It has grown considerably jn scope and popularity in thc lust fcw years and this year's program will be bigger and better than ever. Thc attendance is expected to reach in the neighborhood of the %-million mark. Showings have been scheduled at more fairs, and Mr. T. A. McAmis, Executive Secretary for the Commission has increased the number of display units for each of the seven districts. Minimum equipment in each district now includes two deer cages and two animal cages, each divided into seven sections. All ol this equipment is mounted on trail- rs. The popularity of the portable exhibits is largely due to the wide variety of game which can be seen In addition to deer, the exhibits in elude squirrels, coon, opossum, fox fox, skunks (de-ordorized), grounc nd hogs, rabbits, mink, beaver, bob vanned Jim against fisnlng Ih the akc, saying the Fish belong to her. Kit Carlson had complete con- rol of herself hov/ "thank you. Mr. Dunn, Sorry to interrupt your ishihg" <Hm let the last words* serve the purpose for which they wens ut- crcd, showing him out of the louse/ lie ihad. no more Interest in fishing^ walked slowly toward the caretaker's cabin. Ho, tried lo tell ' "'••"" It Would be a shock 'to VIII Dunn pulled in a deep breath, itrclched a grin on his face which ic hoped looked as meaningless as the expression of (he younger nan. "1 !iavc a lit.'lu message for rou to Rive your Mrs, HiUon. You ell her to keep hyr fish on her own side of thc lake. And you too, or that matter." "I'll tell her," Philip said agree- ibly. "But in the meantime. . ." Thc rest of his sentence was drowned out as he started the mo- .or again. Thc boat jumped forward. He swung it around snarl .ng with speed as. he passed the end of the pier. He made a light turn, passed the pier again, re : pcated the process Dunn timed the turns, made a cast when the outboard was mos distant. He hoped there were too many hungry iish in the well stocked lake to bo disturbed by the como'ion He was right Philip couldn't make his turn straight enough to keep the water in con- tlant turmoil There was always pome place for Jim lo cast, and he caught two rno: - e even larger Iroul in quick succession The man waved a hand, made a half lurn and swept on across the lake . anyone, seeing a man thought dead by a California swimming TOO! cavorting *around a Cblorado lake. Yet there were too many other thoughts that crept unwanted into his mind He knew he would have to ha^e a real showdown with his client. Yet when he reached the steps leading up to the balcony of the caretaker's cabin, ho tried lo set a smile'on his lips, the smile of thc conquering fisherman Nancy opened the door for him He dropped his creel, his lly rod "Whatwhiit happened to you?" he demanded "You like my outfit?" she wanted to know "It's something dark and dowdy I whipped up More proper for the servant class, you know" Woman Postmaster Shoots Burglar PINE BLtJFF f# Sheriff Allen Nixon reported thai a woman postmaster' early today shot a man she said was trying to enter the oust office at .Jefferson. 12 milf-s not-th of here on Highway 65. Nixon said Mrs. Gfcrtrnde fiowman, who lives alone 1ft quarters adjoining the post office, toid htm the itinh bftkc the glass from a front window and was attempting tu crawl inside when she fifed. The man WAS taken td the Veterans Administration Hos-i pilal in Little Hofk, wherfc he was listed as Robert L. CU- sick. Nixon said fragmentary information Indicated Cusick may be a transient from somewhere in West Virginia. Hospital attendant* reported Cusick unconseiolis dnd In a serious condition from a gunshot wound In the head a UNION OTTAWA, ject& today Ah offlefat Joiners 'explained;** a five vote'ttf Armed, JSTatioa&i stood watch * throughout;,the election .ottitf \vhwe thte ballot Ih after the polls guardsmen Id places'to <pte< past elections,, brought cortlplalftl cat, rnuskrat, weasel, quail, doves, chukars, crows, 'ducks, geese, turkey, ring-necked pheas-ant, and District No. 2 is the proud posses- now at home after undergoing sur- gol . o , a Wack bear caplured in i gery in a Texarkana hospital. Coming and Going Mary Willis spent the week-end with her parents, Mr., and Mrs. Garrett Willis. Mary is a student at Arkansas Baptist School of Nursing in Little Rock./ "Dunn—Jim Dunni' He turned toward the main house, saw his client • standing on the porch, still wearing her heavy veil He wa!ked slowly tuwml her. In spile of an excellent trout dinner. Jim Dunn was reduced to pleading by now . "Look, honey, you don't have to wear that 'all the time, do you?' 1 "You mean you didn't like the new Nancy?" Jim looked again and still could not repress a shudder Nancy's trim blue jeans, gay wool shirt and jacket were gono Instead she wore a short, tinht. black dress with an uneven hem lino A pink slip showed in front, and a shoulder strap showed at the V neck Thc dress had tiers • of dark red material and a sash with a large buckle too low on the skirt Tho Young Doctor Win Phenix City Vote By REX THOMAS PHISNIX CITY, Ala (Si A young physician iodo into office here yesterday in n City Commission election crusaders !as from the people against racketeer lUle in Phenix City Dr. Clyde M. Knowles Jr., Who had the support of the racket- busting Russtll Betterment Association, was elected to the three man Commission with a majority of alrnost 2 td 1 over the com- h a lied by anti-vice a roaring protest Hospitaf Notes Branch . . •; Admitted:; Mrs.,: Bertha Brown, Rt. 2, Hope. ','...,;•' Discharged:- Mrs.; David O'Rorke and-vbaby 1 •girl;' Hope? 1 """" * Av Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Owen P. McNca.1, Rt. 2, Hope, Mrs. A. B. Spraggins, Hope, Mrs. Chas. J. Purifoy, Hope. kansas, All of these species are not included in any one exhibit, but virtually every species named, along with aquariums displaying all nat- tive fish, may be seen as the various districts assemble at the.Arkr, ; ansas Livestock Show, which is climbed Hie steps She motioned I sleeves were lond Nancy hml scheduled Rock. At our UN Expects Usual Russian Trouble By JAMES MARUOW WASHINGTON (VP) — Andrei Vi- shiusky can be relied on to make as much trouble as possible among the Western Allies in the United Nations General Assembly which opens its ninth regular session to- October 4-9, at Little 3rd Distrct Livestock Show and other places where exhibits are displayed, Commission personnel will be present to willingly answer any questions .that might come to the mind of visitors,: Interesting and informative literature is also available, including the Game and Fish Regulations, The Ten Commandments o£ Safety, Keep Arkansas Green and other informative phamplets. him inside the house, tore off her veil. . Her face wase ghastly "He saw him He's dead, but I saw lim Stoneman" "Saw who?" She made a visible effort to get :iold of herself "Who who was that man in the boat?" Name's Philip," Jim said He looked past his client, saw the cook standing in a doorway She turned away as ii satisfied with the one-word answer "Philip? Philip? Oh" The last word was a long drawn out sigh o"f rcliqf "Philip Stoneman?" "Philip is all I know," Jim said GOP Chairman Tells Party Fight Ahead day in New York. Since the Allies already are By MERRIAMN SMITH DENVER <UP) Republican pinned her hair back; and had makei-up crudely applied Her shoes were high-heeled black pumps' on which she, had managed to fasten red bows He listened to her explanation, only half' •i)nders t andhig He was willing to let it go tha(, his wife had contrived the "outfit" from things she had brought Jim shaded his eyes with one hand "You're actually going to wear '.that when you finally meet our client?" ,: "Certainly I do so look forward to our. meeting. Do you think I should curtsy? Or should I content myself wUh a simple 'Yes mom, no mom''" "Depends on the inflection." Jim said judiciously Are you really worrying about what I'll say?" "Frankly, no Your clothes might be a good idea, A piece of wood crackled, broke in'two in Ihe Un-plcco Jim moved icluctanlly to put his foot on the glowing ember which had popped out into the hearth. He whirled around quickly at the sound of i strangled gasp, a sound completely out of keeping with the mood of the moment. u < Nancy had ono hgfld at her throat, was pointing with the other Her face was very pale now. Firelight !,hone on the -unshaded window at which she 'pointed Pressed against *Ue, gja'ss -was"/a hideous, misshapen ^ace. , , (To Be Continued) . / ,/ ' DOROTHY DIX having plenty of trouble on their own, centered around thc problem of rearming "West Germany, anything Vishinsky accomplishes in the way of dissension will be just extra gravy for the Russians. Vishinsky, who keeps comipg back as Russia's delegate to the U. N., no doubt will try to split the United States a little further from its friends on the subject of Red China by making a pitch to get the Communist . Chinese seated in the world organization and the National Chinese ousted. The British recognize the Com- munsts as the legisimate government of China. The United States is tied to the Nationalist Chinese on . Formosa. But, since the : British will go along for postponement for a while, tho United States should be able to block U.N. action on Hed China this year. Sooner or later, perhaps in 19ii5, it must face a showdown. Vishinsky will probably talk disarmament again, but not with a plan this country would accept. The United Status may offer an extension of President Eisenhower's proposal of last year for a world pool of atomic materials for peace. And before it's over this U.N. session may disclose how much, if any, this country's influence among its friends has declined. National Chairman Leonard W. Hall reported to President today that the GOP faced a "hard fight" In returned a Republican majority to Congress this fall. Thc GOP chairman predicted. Waiting in Vain Dear Miss Dix: My problem concerns a girl named Mona. We have known each other two years. Mona has just started her senior year at college where she is studying to be a teacher, an ambition that has been with her since childhood. She has had several disappointments a-i long thq romatic line, and so have' I; in fact,,,I met Mona while still recovering from a broken romance. My girl refuses to get serious and Swe'*" vMincfe* many sweethearts of servicemen have had-to learn, is when to let go. Distance doesn't always make the heart grow fonder — sometimes it just causes it to wander. When that happens, there's little the lass up the ; romance in ribbons. Dear Miss Dix: My husband tells work too hard, that nobody J-Vlj to 1 *--* JLCJ-UOCQ \,\f s*-* -i»*-**v»u» «***« IT1E 1 vvOrK lOO JlaiUf vuav *»wwv*fc*^ protests that she doesn't want to w ju i oo k tinder the TV set to find think about marriage for a while. a spcc k o f dust. My relatives add She has never said she loved me, however, that tho Republicans | though she has definitely shown a would pick up betwen 15 and 25 deep regard. With her feelings so indefinite, would it be wise for me Lo continue hoping she will come old House seats. Hall, who conferred with ,the President and three top officials of the Republican National organization at the summer White House here, also look a poke at former President. Truman, who has been critical of the GOP administration. "I hope Mr. Truman takes an active part in the campaign," Hall said. "To my mind, anything ho says will help us in the campaign. "I put Mr. Truman, Mr. Acllai E. Stevenson and Democratic National Chairman Stephen: Mitchell in'the left wirtt; category of their party," Hnli nddecl. with the French, Italians and thc BenclujK countries. The Allies had agreed that once the single army was created, and Germany became a purt of it, Germany would regain her sovereignty, which she doesn't hnvo Lo love me? JACK H. Don't Fight It Answer: Everything in your rp- mance points to a nebulous future of "ifs" and "maybes." Frankly at your age of 27 you should have something more tangible ahead. Mona has much more to look forward to. She has the definite promise of college graduation, the almost certainty of the job she wants in a field much in need ot recruits, She can afford to let romance wait awhile. In the meantime, it's unfair to'keep you dangling. Dating other girls in the interim is my recommendation. I£ you meet a more responsive young lady, well and good. I'm being unfair to my 7-year- boy because I don't let him track dirt into the house, and insist on keeping him clean all the time. I claim it's my privilege to do what I think best regarding the V/ool Combine; '• and ,. in pig ids and;;s'9l,i|5, '$ - household. Answer: If your L, T. passion for cleanliness necessitates steady nagging at your family, you're overdoing things. ' A wife who works herself to exhaustion chasing imaginary dust : has no energy left to be a companion to her husband. A 7-year-old lad shouldn't be expected to present an inmaculate appearance at all times. Perhaps you had better learn a little compromise, Cleanliness'is indeed a marvelous rtue, but it shouldn't take the ace of every other emotion. Dear Miss Dix: My mother-in-law has been in a menial hospital for the past five years. Recently her .children decided she should be brought home and, since my husband The United States, Britain !i s the oldest of four, it was consid- and France, with their occupation troops in Germany, keep their tjiUmb on the government of CJhnn- eejlor Adenauer. ;.VThe French stalled for two'years, ei-ed his duty to take her. The only reason the family wanted;, her home was because they didtv'.t like the idea ' of telling people ywljere she was. In the two months;:;s.h>'s been the thought of a rearmed j w jth us she has been veryXunhappy. ' Tcx-Son Ranclio pants have an clastic back and zipper fly. The youngsters will like the pearl dot snaps on the pockets, too. They're snug fitting, and come in sizes 1 to o. Richly embroidered rancho §hirts to mqtch in sizes 1-6. germany and fearing the Ger- i-she is as helpless as a t a ! we eventually would control a ! , mls i | oet i her, put her to^ed, dross e French j a '| 1( i im dress her. Would|| be un- SJngle army. Finally the _ .__ .,._...., Assembly scuttled the whole idea, j reasonable to insist on • ftei^going Western defense plans were shot "" **" to pieces. Adenauer began demanding full sovereignty. t 0 the hospital? But meanwhile the major problem of this country and its friends will be in Europe: Germany. After addressing the U.N., Secretary of State Dulles hopes to leave Saturday for a London conference called for next Tuesday .„........_ ____ _ by British Foreign Secretary Eden, for restoring arms and. sovereign-, j De t it's practically nil. There are Answer: It would be :interesting NOW Western offifjials are seek-jt 0 fcnow how much time your sis ty to Germany. Here are some of • ters-in-law spend with their mother Nine Western Powers will discuss letting the Germans have guns again. Those attending will be the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Italy, West .Germany, and the three penelux countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In mid-October the United States and the other nations in the .North Atlantic Treaty Organization ItNATO), will meet in Paris to di^ | cuss the ssrne pro^ems. Np sole- the mgin questions which reveal the Allies' dilemma: Should Germany have iull sovereignty Jf she's rearmed should there bo strict controls on does how much rearming $mv of the Allies^ hosv much rearming she Should there be limits on many conditions that are best treated In a hospital; your mother- in-law's is one. Since she seemec more contented there. I agree I would be better to send her back. * pear Miss Dix: For almost a yoai I've been going with a soldier can do Will Britain and thejtioned many miles away, At firs United States makes promises tojj France that they will never lei the Germans int,o $ pflsJUsn, 01 . „ attacking or domtoting France | w hen be'a wjte --_ w ,11 t ^, ixr««4 «•»"*•''*•' "''V -'_j.Mf ; ^—it. Poly- letters svere full of devotion, tely they have cooled off consid '"*'-'-• - are. time SHRUG to match with your favorjtt? well dressed look! / . Z^ These are just a,> fesw, of tfife supply to have your yourigstef' best every day. j "*" HAH - Mam TOT 'N' TP^M' 102 S. Elm " '1'fhooe, BIG REASONS why your Choice shguld be % .A. 1

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