Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 24, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1896
Page 5
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mm, Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis e tiiMtti 1)ON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If'I make your clothes, 1 make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. 1 .THE FIRSi RATIONAL BANK — OF- LOGANSPORT. . INDIANA. CAPITAL. $250,000. * j. Murdock, T^rc*. " • • ~ .' J. F. Brookmcyor, A«»t. caon. BIBKCTOR3: _ Q „.„,. ' W, H. Brinstmrst, 7 T vnr'rtncK Dennis mil. *• J- ST' *'• M. Harwoort, B. F. Yaniis, w T w , laon Bar.'Klnf,' In n.1: Its Depart.nents promptly Cust"omors and Stockholder. vathor "I can't tell n H'." BWwell's Candy Kltcl en 814 .Sari rtn-rt. is m»' InB **A ••'"•W peanot cindy made every ttaj. CRUSADERS Continued from Fourth Page.) DAILY AY, OCTOBER 2-1, 1S9C. J>i-css«l cU-ickons.— See or,r 50c baby sbocs.-Slcvensou & Klinsick. Try our .T. .T. B. bran a Moclta. and .TfLva fresh— Ilo-bUcmieL Co-Djrressman Steelo telesi-ar.hs lliwt M-rangoments arc-about perfected for «x-P reside/at Harrison' to spcafc .tore Sa-turday, Oct 81. Yesterday to tlw CtrcoJt cowrt Nelson Vayetto was aiv-arded a Judgment of ?1 000, n«ataat Obartes KoJman for the aiUenatron oC the pl-atotlfTs wife's nf- feations. ' The "horse 'bnigitdc"- ffia.t went to Pei-u Brj-an day was .not.iu: imposing coTto"-e. N'lne lonesome liorsemcn left the rc'ndezTmis, the F-if te<mth street en- house. . Attorneys Jenlcines nnd Kd-sUor filed affldaTlts ycstorday asMnjr for -n. new for Lori Saxoa, anil Ju<lge Lalry , gure Prosecutor Hale nntil Montoy to file counter affidavits. yesterday morning the. eighteen- montihs'-oUl (lauglitw of Mr. 'ftnd Mrs. ,To»in Haa-vey of Sycamore street, was standing mill Iver -Tjaclc to tlie -natural -as grate, Her dress caught fire and she WAS painfully burned before tlw flames wore extlhigiiiishod. Ur. Stcv- ons, the attcndtag pHiyeician, says that -tv-lille t-lio wounds arc very pa Inful tliey nuc not nccessaTlly serious. wtliwe- schools of methods mud county eor.veinftiu'jis, 03; pn'gcs of liitcratiwc dis- u-lbuted, G3C,f>2(i; a.mownt of .money rc- eetvc:d to local un-ion treasuries, $7,057.14; -a-iivount lucmborsh'tp dues. ?!,400.32; n mount paid foir special'work. .*3,S80.7S: amount reported son.6 to Hartley Homo; .p43.SC; aniou-ii-t report- cd ex-ponded for -li'terMurc, ?C1.77; amount seat to the Temple. $07.80; amount sent to the Hospital, ?12,55- •;vmownit s-emt -to tho Annefli.in's, ?4.00. Marion coumty was first In membership. Grant coim'tiy was first 1n do- <pa.rliin.wit work, second to iuid-carries off the banner for irurobw oil! contests held. •I-foward coiwity 'i-s second to depart inent work, Wayne ami Henry third WMii'tley county's union reports buying a curfew bell, anxl the expression nvado -MKi.t they should vtag In over} con-nty. Washington courtly is sficond in inert. :il work, "and Duboteihird. MOJIO: uii-ioni wax first i-n medal work ;.n i.h-f Shite, .-Hid Miss Florence D-enin-y of Yin i:eniiues 'had tho /record i'or -hoUltas I'-ho most conitcste. Tlic correspond!up secretary, l,n the course of (her year's tabors, traveled 4,547 miles, 'and visited flCty towns. HOT work -was mostly done- to Son.tlM.Tii In- dkimi. It wu-s shown that i-n Iiid'huia's 1,170 towns, &ere were less than, th-rcr •linndrod unions. " Tho -Stale supports l-liiiiiy dop:i.r-.t- ui'ent« of work. Tlie report of t-he treasurer. Mrs. L. F McAViiirter, stowed rccel-p-ts .-mmunting to $2,070.33.- The expenditures WM-O ?2,37C.35. Besides Ur;s the Sfcilte do-bt, ^".hich three years nso a-moivuted to about $1.100, was reported pn.id. -. "Vfrs. SiDi'D)^', o:f that a vote of Uvan-ks bo tewle-red t'lvc treasurer, Mrs. McWhirtcr, for 'her work divri-n'S the la-s-t three* yews, I-n •a S'tn.t-0 debt of if 1,100 has h'is gi-a-ndiuoUiers, iind no-tusk -tor s-uf-. ra-KO or reach out for the ixiUoit. Jlrs. Hanncr, -presoiit suptrintmul-eat ( tho school, -mnde n. short aiMiess, ilite woj-k bclu llrs. Hoilglms moveil t-hat :v cmn-ml't- etvho na:med to llranio ft de'fiiiite policy 'or the mn-iKuseuiont of the Home. It was sta.tod that the policy'as oui.- .in-cdlm tire lived hud been, full-o-wed. Mrs. Hiulloy, one of the trustees, not .,11'airy way connected with the Hartley •anvllr, -however, spoke favoring the jLuuil-us of a coiwn-i'tt'fe. There wore maliy iwiaiies siifry-csteU for the work, i.nd -:L .sQuiirio:.«d dii'scvswion w.is . con- tlmrcd n n till the foltavviuvg five workers re pteced o.n tlie ipo'licy-fm mlujr com- mi'.ttoc: Mrs. -Bow-house, Knox coiuMy; Mrs. Grant, 1'ulaskl comity; Mrs. M«ndo'\\w. AtiiiKl-erbiK's; Mrs. Tohuson, Grant. Dr. H'O'llovwiy was named ai? c-Siiaii'ma.u of the pom-mi-tilec, auKl -the cainim.it.toc w-iis oi'd'wwl -to report -at the .hour for 'niisc-i'll'imTOUs business Mrs. ToJiTjvk'i-ns «us«(-RteU th-nt each pvPSUlcnilt be tnsliructod to a»s:k for a. frco-wUl offering, and -her motion that eonniiy iinioms report offerings to the ITaklley Indiustrial school before Docwivber 1st, 1SOO, was iwissMl. Mil oif the' fiitiux-. connoc- iiiiru with th« S'li-i.tie uiiiloii of the Sta.to Tlic OiTTatii^ea', absorbed the at- tmvtloai of'flic. (k>le«-.ite« for some tiino up to t-h'e clcew of t-lw^ scfwion. The re- lisit t-he fo'Jo-wms resolution, •by Mrs. .TciiJiio B;i:te», of. was passed by a close Bon't Delay Your Purchase No matter how large the stock SOME PARTS SELL OUT first as everything goes out and NOTHING COMES IN, if you de.ay your purchase you may miss just what yo-i want the most and PAY DOUBLE ELSEWHERE. We are closing out some departments as clean as a whistle, others are full to overflowing.' You are un ucky if your wants are to be supplied from the SHORT DEPARTMENT, the contra-y if from a full detriment, UNDERSTAND, YOU GET TWICE AS MUCH FOR YOUR MONEY HERE AS ELSEWHERE. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. . been raised. This was -doiK-, fl-Hd Mrs. McAYlurtw was f."ivo.n ilhe'Cheitauaua A-ll the committees Hpjxnii-tod for Iho rally Saturday, October :;1, :i,re roduost- od to meet alt the commit! c-e rooms this morntns «-t '•> o'clock. ,7. K. I'CAVKT'TA Cli:iiiniiii-n. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. ns inov«l Mint a- roti- of be toulwed t'lie'eouuty siniOr!mitc:mTe.nl(? a.wl members, ortri nml ccwtribxTtioiw .moxle i.ay- Tiu-nt r»os.sbbk\ Th'is was passed. ThiM-Mit givups of counties, formed inito districts for tlw Section of do>lo• Mies to 'l.ho N-!i.l:toital -(.•Ouvenititni, 1» be .licld -KOOII -a't St. Laui-s. were fiistmcted vo mt-ct for such eleclWn- this foreTioon a:l S o'clock. MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Crape Cream of Tnrtaf Powder. Free from AmmSnin, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years the Standard. .ri-inl S.-lwol Bcxird, Mrs. Frauds Pottor, of ttrtliauaawHs, w:us called :uid in- ili-oaweMl !>>'. r.l«>C'be Cm-ri-c-r, scorer.'iry ( ,C tin- T.-o!ir'l, whoso slsitom-eiHt showed ,t!,ew 'are 17 ^irl« .now la the schor.l. witli l-hroe MpplU-nliwis, ni-akl'ns ihe „ Hiuhc-r full. It -wrfs staJ.cd 1!ha:t -m-ai'.,V inquifi-es Had bcMi rc-oeivcd. Tin: nui'S- •tiiin of c<Nor WHL«. suliiniUcd. It w.-vs ivnt.'i.ri;cd Unit when fands wore a:va;.l- a,bl(» <;ottji?i« wt.uld be addvd to -I ho fhu- litiildiiiis' MOW l-.dn.c; " sw1 -The: ireasww's r^&rt by Mrs.' Wi'i^ht. of CJrwnslnw-t;. showi-d a,*sc-is o<f $:2,:!S1, an<l li:i.h1.lit'»'R amoim.tMis tii $" OOi'l '>'•'• 'J'h-i> i-xpo.!ijses for leist year il to $1.GOS.(1(). Thwc is now .- i. 'haii-a. /.Hit- prn])iTly :> woiiKlk 1?23,000. Mil-' l'i-.'ini-«« I'ollei-'roail a-, short rn- pfw-t. and prot-e.stfd thai, Hie dcrbt -on tlw rfculley school s-lwidd he so-titta! it. si Inishni'ss like wny. . She said th.:U if tlifv failed im i;hc tn-an.'i««»w" of the smaU institution Uiey could mot Jiope to .grapple with revhional flwncc-s-, and should 'retire to 'We narrow splvorc of vote: . ••\Vh<?.re<iK, 'Tlit' wu'bsicriiplian H-st oi !hPT«st twi y<'!>rs tihtoWP- ih:ut. Hh'is or- sraji-izaitioo h«M failed :(o s""e «"> a(Je - qiitvte snwort to tho Organi/.ei', the-rc- fonxs "Resolved. 'Plurt HOW) Oi-gaUvizcr Pub- l.i-.-ith«iw Co. be i-el'iwod from further ob- lilffatkrax in publfelvli-.ifi 'fho paper :i^ tlie official oi'wan of tlie W. C. T. U." It was shcAATi im the addroas of Miss I^.nora Ayi-cs, u-envspaipcr supei'lritand- on't on tlio Orff;uilw.r, thai?-11)6 circulation of Mie pajwr to t.h« »i1», in spite of pwmi-scs by -members, 'Iwus fan-en iai the Iwt year from 1.C3G to SOT, and tfra-t ithis perikxliciil was belne put out with a -weekly do.fic - rcisiitt. rt»was docidieil tihnt the (ine> J tiO'n of a. i7pr<5sG.nt;iltivc paper «howld be- left over until a.ftcr •Ww? nwotims of the stotfdiolders of t-lic Orgajii'/cr Publishing Co., itihis nnor'niriig, wlien some stftjis •will .i-rTolWibly .bo italton looking lo the issiiiti? of a' monthly sheet smaller and exclusively devoted to iniiom. worK. :il ,-i yem-ly siibscrn>l.iwi o-f i" cents. M.BDAL A^NNKKS. !,' Conlcsts tt-t llic Ri-uk Last t— Pl<nsin?r Temperance . Progrfi-w. On-e <>t the features of t-he -work of lswm>i'niill.mi?r 1)1X1 sr>rcMl-:'fl? sunon? Urn people UK: ChristHm' abstinence idea, -is Ulie medal contest, where practiced olocutioiuiM-s dftliwr orations anil -With 'appropriate and sug-. iiies, -a. med'al -being present- oil to the contestants judged by a com- potent board ttic bcwt from all views. Last ii!gh.C a-t the' Broadway rhi-U, \niijfir charge of Mrs. Mary Balch, cor- resrxm'dlnff so-are-Uary of ili'i State un- on, fho friwiul gol:d moOnl contest was ifiven. The coatestamts -were Miss May Horncr of Monora, flnd Mr. Forrest Gal'-'twright of ronL1a.uO. Tlie latter waK ffirven, the medal. In- tihc silver uYi-aTal; second 1 grade, •there were -.stwoiral oontes'Daaus. AH. the speakers -wane. mothers. 'They were, -Mrs. C, P. Wright of Lopnsport. Mrs. .Tiilf* A. Triwh of Warsaw, and Ml*. Minr-y I-cn.Vit.of V-rai-o-u-, the tatter' iwinw the wiiuncT of tire silver medal. In proscii't-iug fire- pold medal to the yonnu' K«nt:iaiimii, the .presiding officer asked Itiii.n ton-ledge Ivimself to vote for ivo iKiriy thnt uphold on permitted tlie liwnslns oit the liquor trnffic. Tire Ixvyal Teiii'perauce Legion had rhwse of tho opening hour of the on- tert :l ';(ii!uu'.nit. Mi** Jennie Sayl-er had e ol' tl« devotional?, and read the lesson. The .pnimtoinimc drill by Loffam^toi't legaon . wns excellent, M'i.*s TCdna AYap-liborn a.umsed flud en- wit.lii-i line a.'e:udil:ion ol "The •Olil I.aily's First Ride on an Elevator." Tlif first jiddi-R*.*, a. short but pithy ,,ii(!, was llval: oC Mrs. Helen G. Rice, or r.nslnn. srcperi-iitctnlc-svt of the TJ. T. T,.. M.r#. SCuclc.bafccir of BluflMon, who is i.n clw.r-e mf the music oC live eon- yeni-'ion-, and who possesses a powerful nnd weJl-haitiTlrxl voice, save two a.p- pi-OL-iatod solos'. Grunt county.- vln- JIOT oL' 11 baiuior-Cor reporlimg the srcfi-t- ost luinii-bor o-f er.mto.sls held, wiis ffven. l"'iiroiis;li its vepre»en.|-ituv(>, Mrs. Tulla Ovi-rmani..jusip.!id of n bannor, a One Inrijf po-nriii-t of .Tenirin.^ OemorcsL iwmnbca-, showed n total expense of $319.49. Tlhe Logauspoi't' cowveaitioii is certainly the banner coiuivcntion, Judgiiu^ t-he many tfu-itciiil nnd beautiful ba'nnt'1-s hung about the hail of meet- Ix>sa-ii : sport) iiolon has a very hjuulsonic one, p-inx-l«isml with funds 'for that purpose by Mi's. Mary, J. Stevenson. All«)ie welcome to the sessions of Uie . One of -the featmros will be tlie address of "Heloo M. Gowgar ot I^fny- otte this roi-euwo-n. 'flH> -pulpi-ts of nia Protestant clrareh- wlia be occupied at Sunday's services liy flitte.. talteers fr° m •imi OD '.5 t(ll ° tlelc " iites to Uie conTCn'tion, .Mrs.. Mary Ijoavitt of Vernorn,' whi- iicr of the sllvpr me«la.l' last night, is tire poet of the State uu-ion. Her recitation" was hor own coirtiosition, and showed in. its construction, and sentiment tlie real poetic fervor ami inspiration. Mainy ot.tUc delegates took dinner at the Murdock cafe yesterday. The dlsni'icts will choose delegates to ,tiho St. Louis conve-nWon- this mornlns -at 8 o'clock. The stockholders of tae Organizer will meet before the opening of the •]iior».!n\g siessjoii.toda-y. The report and' conference on flio Fair cottage was laid over unlil this i nm-iUiig. It i s the purpose to keep bua- incss .c*«glit up. gOOKS I propose making a specialty of Books and air strengthening my line at every opportunity. I have a choice collection of Standard Publications and adding to it daily. Any book not in stock will be orderetf at no extra expense to purchaser, The following list comprises a few now on hand. THE CHILD \VORLD-By James Whitcomb Riley (Rilej's latest. Just, from publishers) A GUEST AT TBK LUOLOW and other utoric-s-By Bill Nye. Must published) Bill Nyos Remarks; A Window inlThrninB by J M- BarHe: The GoW« Fleece by Juliau Hawthorne; The Murder of JDencia, by Marie Corelli Ear y Jfe of Abraham Lincoln, by Tarbell & Davi B ; Street Types of Great S rioan Cities, by F»».: Sir George Tres^y. by Mrs Humphrey -Wart; SUIT FOR LINCOUN'S OLD HAT. Bnprenic Court Decision <ilvi« tlie Govctn- - ... incnt FoiuuKUiion of It. Abi-iiham Liincoln's old hat, which has bfian -thi' subjoct of controversy in the local courts a.t \YaahiBgrton for a ycai-, has been finally won by tho government ' The hat is a tall, black beaver, with, a wide, Rat rim. . It v;as once fa- millar to those who saw the martyred president,; In many of his photographs this hut, or one just like it, appears, for it wns tho custom in Lincoln's Lime for men to be photographed with their hats on. The ancient relic, now rusty mm dusty with age. is fast turning- a whitish color. Some time after Lincoln's death it was presented by his widow to 'Rex. Phincas D. Gurtey, pastor of- thn New York Avenue Presbyterian church, wbere Lincoln attended Divine services. When Dr. Gurlcy died hJs son placed the. hat in tlie patent office on exhibition; properly labeled. There it remained for a number of years, in time-being lost sight of. When next seen by Dr. Gurlcy's family it was among' the relics in the government museum on Tenthstrectin the house where Lincoln died. Their demand for' it being refused by tbo custodian of tlie museum, asuiti-n replevin T\as brought. This the government contested and lost. An appeal was tnkou to the supreme court of the district and this appeal lias just been heard, with .the .result that tlie.. cm.rt ruled thu-t the hat was the property of the government, its owners having forfeited all claim to it by allowing it to remain for three years out of their P •'The' statute of limitations," sa.id the iud'"c "is a complete bar now aanl the jury will return «i verdict, awarding ownership o-f the lint lo the govern- bv KiDfreley; Bbymes of Our Planet by Will Carleton; The Heart of the Princes S by Anthony Hope; Cycling for Health and Pleasure by Luther H. Porter; The Sorrows of Satan by Marie Corel!). JUVENILE Occupations for Little Children by Katherine Beebe; T«o Lit* Progress by Francis Hodgson Burnett; BeatiMl Joe by MarshaE By Kate Douglass WiRgin; A Short Cruise by James Oha. C. W. GRAVES Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 4 ,«3 Broadway. Don't For|et Us We Save You floney and You <3et the Best. Trv our Ladies $2.60 shoes they are per. feet fitting; Up-to Date style and for wear they cannot DC beat. Ladies' Dress Shoes for Men's Dress shoes for • Boys' School Shoes for Girls' School Shoes for WE FIX THE SEAHS . • . . , rip. as we 98c asc 98c tba we can't do. E. M. Walden & Company 315 Fourth Street. ^ 7 OTES. • Tlvu OrwKJutials committee will" ro- pnrt tJri'S mo.nii.il". 1'acli county was requested .last ev.cn- in;.' Ho presout !;ls member of llic Uo»- oiiaitions committee. Tho l-a-ir eottogo enterprise.Teiiorted liy Mrs. Finltou, cha,iritVan of tlie Fair showed receipts and ills- l>aTnncl-nga-t. ?317.R2. , . -Thio Tiistftuitos ifpOPHng. forty-three . One oT the most highly prized relics bu.lon"ing to the late shah of Persia Wns n small cube of pure gold which tradition SM.VS fell from Heaven during ihu time of'Siohar-ypcd nnd which former! v bC'lonR-wl to t.he prophet. Kach s'dc'of this golden cube mensurcs'two •rj-.cl one-half inches nr.tl is literally cov- .] with inscriptions written in nraix- i- ol' oriental Inucua^cs. Tlic letters •nnd (-harncu-i-R :u'C r.ll very small and r.ppc;ir (o linvc^ccTi ongran-d by an expert in such worl^ ^^ ,\ Fifth avenue cheap rcstanr:i:it advertises bar S -aJDS in eatables. It employs a,man to-cnrry n bnniicr^sulvej'- tisintr "Ift-'-n nT "^ '^fTo 15 ' 9Cn " ts -" An Ancient Toncnc- Zend is said to have been the nn- fiej-u .anffu^g-c of Bactriana, and also of Zoroaster n.rid the fire worshipers of Persia. • ' \Vhen clo.wn. to«iii todn-y, renieiraber .•\V-rrsh-t.& Bndde, for coii.fecf-io.Dery.- street. •••'./ •j:;i-y our 23c Mochn *ind .T-avn,;—F TROUBLED WITH RHEUMA- " TISM.READ THIS. Annapolis, Md., Apr. 1C. 1894.-I have used Chamberlain's P.iin Balm for rheumatism -and found it to be all tbat is claimed for it. I believe it to be the best preparation for rheumatism ana deep seated muscular pains on the market and cheerfully recommend it to the public.-Juo, G. Brooks, acalcr m boots, shoes, etc., No. IS Main St. ALSO BEAD THIS. Mochjuiicsville. St. Mary County, Md. -I sold a bottle of ClKi.mborla.in-s Pain Balm to a oi:m who had been suffcrlns with i-heumatism for several years, li made him a well man. A. J. McGill. For sale at r,0 cents per bott'e by B- F- ICcoslins. drugsist. '.1:0 RA-ir/noAii MKX. At -Iho conclusion of t-he ni^Ki.n^ at rlic riu-Ji Jfaiutiy avoniin^. Oclohc-v 2i!th. Ite 17:i.ili\\-ay Me.n's SOU-IK! Money olnih will -litold a. -bustocss meeting for ihc pniliose of sii>poi!Uitii'U,c: co.nMnitt.oi-s 'I* in.Tkc aiM-aniigoinieinfts for the W« Killy i',, -t h.is cfty Sattmlay. Octoiber 31 st -TJn. .inel-hcxl <*C voting -a RtraigHnt or inixcxl tit-lit*, wider tho Austt-alian sj-steu will also IMS «q*umca.:nit t-hi-s niwtir.ir.—A. F. H(i.ckenlK"JTuw>a- ; Sco. liti.ltor .fours -l-c-nl- Foley's today. WHAT A VOTE MEANS. Tannhtaidlo com-pcmy \nants i,i»prov«ments in. ,,. emplos'-moivt to ilixxls of men, T-tat in OBC of rho i3 it. is nfticr. AViRi-t. shomJd be t.tc ixisiilJon of 1.1 ^ ci)i'ivloy<'S fliii -it 'his qiir-stioo? •- • ••ITwd -t.!l«-m- <>fl'," -sn.^ ' J)x; iv "- n " 0 '-- "Aiiij- nwui im favor ol tlws is betas cc- ofrnl. .Tlw PajiliaiMllo conipiuiy wo -.,,,>! vroiixise this i'f ill- d-id n.ft iwry in Live loti? nni. Tlwy n-re going te ,ho-m>w pdaiopa.y for -11* ami muyl'" if ih'V «i»i Iwrrow it <•!*«! jwr Ulrey will hixriwv it. i-n F-nffl-iurf." Th;it.iM-t:lwvlti.inl of t:ilk rnllfo-'iil i"** : m- poiLi-:ii« from t-ho Pliaros «i !.!'« Pomi'.l Mo,v ; ,'y (imfnt.iv.ii; ajul any u-..if. can si--.> WIAV foolish it is Wh-oM- ;i-n)l;.c6 , -nma o.niqi-l.iy^ l-«t ^ ll ' 1) ;lvt - '•' 1 1 u " 1 ''->" M '" tor.'s-tod in -tho im-s-ii-rfs.'-. puocew! of t:lH> Tlw fmiwal of JM.wJn b" -hcsW :i-t Delj/lu. tmlny at 1 o'clock p. lit' Tilio wnwiiw wfft l» t:*«Jl 'V tlw 10:SO iraiii on, rho WiCbasto ifcfe .i iu-s;.

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