Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1954 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1954
Page 20
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HOM SfAi, H6ft, AKKANSAS ^^^^y^*; jf^f ^^^M cinrfs conn™™!!! HEW— HOttlPQVWlJu BETTER-THAN-NEW ON QASOUNE MILEAGSI AND NOT A SINGLE TRACE Of CARBON KNOCK OR PRE-IGNITION AT ANY TIME-EVEN ON THE STEEPEST MOUNTAIN GRADESl ^\W V: '?- T'- ; ' Vyi* J ', ' \ •<• sgte&v^. #KT*' . ^ » v >^,> S O <% i ' f , *i NEW with 9P»called "jn»r in preventing them from forming in in making new Super-Refined NQ*NOX, refines than a cupful in every J§n«*t if h«14ing in the makes! • Now—Gulf refines but the "dirty-burning tail-end" of gasoline—the l^o. 1 troublemaker in high-compression engines. Result: a cleaner-burning super-fuel that gives you thousands of extra miles of full engine power . , ,|ree from knock or pre-ignition. Stprting with your first tankfjll/this new, NO-NOX is specially blended for the short- super-refined, super-powered fuel will give you trip, stop-and-go driving you do most. these immediate ancUasting benefits; k. ... . . . «*.« „ :„ ^ No knock/ no pre-ignition—even m f More complete engine prptectipn today's super-compression engines. Why? than the so-called /'miracle-additive" gaso- Because the anti-knock power of new NO- lines. Why? Because Gulf refines out the NOX has been stepped up to an all-time high, "dirty-burning tail-end" of gasoline, the No. 1 troublemaker in high-compression > Stqll-prpof smpothness-no more wor, engines-and then treats this newSwper. r » es ^ ou | carburetor icmg in ch.lly weather, Refined NO,NOX to give it 9 complete or vapor lock on warm days. Instant starts, rontfe of protective properties. l |t protects too-and fast, fuel-saving warnvup, every part it touches against harmful de- Chat's w h y n ew Super-Refined Gulf NO-NOX posits—carbon, rust, gum. gives you more ppweri-with*protection than t i»tr«8eif milt age, Wh> ? Beceuse ww you've §ver known, i /". , ^Air^ \ Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by the Editor ., Altxi Hi Wathburn Noshrille News Surveys Growing Shortage of Wafer ^THere is a timely summary of the water crisis in our part of Arkansas, from tlie editorial pen of Louis Graves: HERE Star ***«**•. A*fc»«S« " this afterfHWm, tsnlihir thfe 4b's ifl north Experimcftt SWtlon 'feeon^lorj//. 24-htrtifS 6Hdln* at la, tti^taTO^'A day Hl«h 88, Low 63 > »"*, ;&S, swfe-t 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 288 stat Jan. 1»J* HOPE, ARKANSAS, WIDNtSbAY, SEPTEMBER 21,19S4 M»mb«: th* Cittl. Mtl M**. Efldlnt MWrt A LITTLE. THERE A LITTLE (Nashville News) Like the seven-year itch, water problems are vexatous and about the only consolation 'the incor orated towns have Is that other are scratching too. Arkansas' problem is not lack oi water, but finding the best source that will ,'it the pocketbook and .the wishes of ail the people. It has been jokingly remarked that there are 3700 hydraulic!! engineers in our.,dly, but if that is so, then Arkansas has a bumper crop of such engineers. If your temperature is nigh on e problem, relax at these mcon- U.S. Supreme Court Sets Date for Arguments on How to Best Handle Desegregation Ruling : :\ious events: Over in Texarkana there is a water problem. The twin cities have two extra souces. One is at the new Texarkana Reservoir on Sulphur River, where the dam is complete but has not created a lake because there has been no substantial rainfall. The other is Red Rir- er with substantial water supply 'which Dallas is prepared to tap in emergency. The Texarkana solution $as there, but tho Toxarkana, Arkansas city council balked at a joint project and voted down Private School Plan Studied in Alabama MONTGOMERY, Ala. ,/!iA bold \ew plan to abolish Alabama's compulsory public school system and let the parents say whether ,hey want segregated classrooms lias been recommended by a legislative committee and a group of lawyers. It would open tha way for state- subsidized private schools and strike from the ^'.ate Constitution the historic mandate that separate schools miift be providel for white and Negro students. The proposed constitutional amendment, is one of eight changes in Alabama's organic law suggested by a special legislative com mittee and a segregation committee of the Alabama Bar Association as a way of getting around ;•,' the Supremo Court decision out- Reservoir; this after yenrs of labors within Texarkana and all the way to Washington. While some folks advocate wells, over in Hope where they have wells they are looking for a different future supply. Says Editor Ugffashburn-— "Hopo depends '" 3eep wells, which have given trouble 'before and will give much more serious trouble in the future — lawing separate schools. Sen. Albert Boutwull of Birmingham, chairman of the Senate- Committe, announced two woks ago that a plan had been forwarded to Gov. Gordon Persons. The details were withheld however until a source close to the com- WASHINGTON (IP) The Supreme Court announced today it will hear further arguments Dec. 6 on how to carry out its decision against racial segregation in public schools. Tito arguments could -extend ever several days. There v/ill be an allowance of 10 hour 1 ) for arguments from Soutli Carolina, Virginia, Kansas, Delaware and the District of Columbia directly involved in the cases which brought the court's antisegrsjJatlon decision last May 17 and the replies to those arguments. In addition, the Justice Department also may present one tour of argument, and seven states which were not directly involved in the May decision have notified the court they wish to appear as "friends of the court." These states which will file briefs and possibly take part in the oral arguments, aro North Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee and Oklahoma. If attorneys general of these states wish to argue. they will be allowed one hour each. Harold Willey, clerk of tho high tribunal, announced the court's action anl said the justices had agreed that briefs of all interested state and the District of Columbia may be filed by Nov. 15. The court opens its fall session Policeman Faces Charges , NORTH < LITTLE ROCK tin Charges of . theft and receiving stolen property have been filed ugainst two North Little Rock mett, one of them a former policeman. Prosecuting Ally. Tom Downic said he filed the charges in Pu-> laski Circuit Court against John White and Joe Cat-roll. Carroll, a policeman here for the past 10 years, recently was relieved of hisS duties. The two men arc accused thefts from the May Supply at Little Rock. of Co. mittee disclose them today. The program is aimed at removing all reference to public . . schools in the Constitution and re- perhaps the very near future. The _ section 256 when specifi- water table is-dropping steaddy ^ caUy ; rovides for a public school Oct. 4. The court in unanimously, outlawing public schoci segregation last May called for furthec, discussion this fall on how and when integration should take effect. Three Cities Plan to Buy Power System By The Associated Press Three Arkansas cities are . varying stages of plans for buying and operating their own power systems. All three are now servic ed by Arkansas Power and t Ligh ; Co., whose application for a per manent rate increase has been bit terly protested by some cities. The thro cities are Marianna Russellvillo and Helena. Mayor W. L. Ward ,Tr. of Marian na said yesterday the city wil buy the electricity distribution sys tern for Arkansas Utilities Co which now leases the system t AP&L. The city already owns its water system. Ward said the 90-day notice required by law beforj the purchase can be made has been sent to AP&L. all wells throughout Texas, homa and Arkansas — and has been for .years." South Howard County marveled at the amount of 'water coming from the, Adams. Ranch well,, then patched the ever-running well at system with separate schools for the white and Negro .races. Two of the proposed amendments also would authorize the Legislature to make schoci ofi- cials and employes ficers" to protect "judicial of- them against , • XIVV' 1 * 3 ' vw i* %*w»»wv •».—... —a- -.--,,,o Nutt's service station come to a, aaw8U it,^aaa,:require ;the state.«l« ialt while Mmerul Springs dug-..*''_•_ artH i n «i. rourt action. halt while its own city well 40 feet deeper. But there is a kinship between Fort Smith and, Nashville. In Fort Smith the city proposed adding water via new methods "that'cost in excess of a million bucks. The election barely carried by 50 votes — the opposition wanted to raise the height of the aam.Iu Nashville, he city wants to raise the height the dam, but there is opposition to that. ., . The only real conclusion is that in many places in the past there was water at every turn and with the old reliable falling, folks scarcely know which way to turn Wouldfuliy Examine Atom ion MfS, UN Turns to Other Disputes By BRUCE W. MUNN UNITED NATIONS. N. Y. (UP) The United Nations General As- cmbly turned today from the ucstion of membership for Red Ihina to the discussion of several erritorial disputes. The 60-nation world parliament also completes its organization vork for this 9th session with a brief meeting this morning to seed seven vice presidents one ca^h from the big five powers, Burma and Ecuador and chairmen for its seven standing committees. These ofticials, plus Dr, Eelco N. . Van Fleffens of the Nether- lan'ds, who was elected president at ^yesterday's opening session, constitute the 15-mcmber steering Senate May Be to Vole on of Senator Republicans to Speed Up Campaigns By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH commiltoe which meets this nojn. after- his group must decide whether sueh questions as the future th Mediterranean island of of Cy DENVER UP) President, ad- City Attorney James Young of Russellville said that city also has given 90-day notice to AP&L, after a meeting of some 400 citizens who were dia.i.it.'sfied with prus and the South Pacific terri tory of West Now Guinea should be put on the agenda for debate. Greece and Britan are at odds on whether Cyprus should be given the right of uclfdctermination and Indonesia .lays claim to the Dutchheld Western section of New Guinea. Britain is expected to oppose Grece's effort to put the Cyprus issue. on the agenda and the Netherlands to oppose the New Guinea issue'. . Meanwhile, a decision was post poned until nex tyear on whether vised the Republicans fnce "a hard fight" to maintain control of Congress, starts-a speaking tour of the far west tonight, with the campaign pace quickening. But presidential aides said privately they doubted the word, GOP National Chairman Leonard Hall brought to the summer White House about a tough fight ahead would alter Eisenhower's tactics, Hall himself indicated after a 90-mimitc conference with the Pres- $34,545 Suit Is Filed Against MOP LITTLE ROCK (F) — F. C.' fleW- ers, administrator for the estates of six auto-train crash victims, has filed eight suits against the Missouri Pacific Railroad totalling $304,545.82. Flowers filed the suit In Federal District Court here yesterday* Also filed was a petition socking to consolidate eight suits Into one case for trial. - * The suit was the outcome of a truck-train collision at Gassolt last June 19 in which six killed., • ' . ' ' officials tsrF&^&sM^ 48 .-hours? tdVecMv^flM AP&L's'.^.proposed rate increase. At Helenc, the city council meets tomorrow right to maUa a decis.- ion .on purchasing a -power-system, The Helena council has ben-study ing the feasibility of the city oper- defend them against court action, ' Another^ would take out the reference to public schools ih constitutional provisions governing tax money for education. . A proposed amendment ^to -Section 356 would give the Legislature wide latitude in establishing non- tate operated schools and arrang- ng for "the grant or loan of pub ic funds, and' the lease, falc or donation of real or personal proper- y to or for the benefit, citizens of the stale for educational purposes." the Communist Tzetung or the regime of Nationalish Mao government of Chiang Kaishek should represent China in the U.N. By vote of 43 to It at yester day's stormy opening meeting, the delegates supported a . United Air Reserve ^UnitHereto Start Program Hope unit ot the United States All Force Reserve will begin its Staff organizational activities immediately, it has been announced by Maj, William L. Hobbs, Flight com mander. tsjr Maj. Hobbs also state^ that plans ^for the Generalized Training pro gram would be organized. "After the spade work on the Generalized Training program ha been completed," said H»bbs, "the Flight can then begin to organize for the Specialized Training program which has already got underway at Camden, Magnolia and the Squadron headquarters at El Dorado." 2t "The specialized Training pro- *fram will mean that all assigned reservists will be eligible to parti- Cotton,, Rice Crops Better Thqn Expected LITTLE ROCK, (UP) Cotton and rice crops in Arkansas have dene suprisingly well this year despite another summer of searing drought the weekly crop report said to- „,WASHINi _ . . field (D-Calif) said today he will insist on a "thoroushyoinii examination" of on Atomic Energy Commission contract for private power through the Tennessee Valley Authority. Holificld, a member of the joint Senate-House Atomic Energy Committe, said he will insist that the committee make a complete study of the contract .with the Dixon- Yates private powe^ combine. He said in a statement that he as sent a letter to Rep. Cole (RNY), committee chairman, recommending a hearing for everyone who wishes to testify before the committee. He added that he recommended that all interested persons be supplied with copies of the contract on request. Some opponents of the contract Have complained that the AEC and the joint committee have refused to give them copies of the proposed contract, •vhich is not yet in final form. ating its "own system'for 1 several States resolution to rule out - any weeks. |mdve to consider'seating ' Red Chjna '.'during the, current year/' The" U.'S: fn6tibn v 'was;' inlro.-lucefd by Ambassador Henry Cabot Lpdge Jr., immediately after Soviet Del egate Andrei Vishinsky proposed that the U.S. seat the Peiping Rep ,_AP&I»Jias f asked, the State,Public, £iervii:e -Commission to .approve a $3,900,000 annual rate increase. The power company upped. its rates this summer under a state . law allowing it to do So by posting a bond for customer refunds if- the Increase is finally disapproved. A hearing on the rate application has been scheduled by the PSC to begin Oct. '11.. City attorneys from several Arkansas cities -who have banded together to fight the .increase have obtained rate experts to testify at the hear : ing. ident yesterday that the Chief Executive plans to continue the restrained sort of campaigning he hag been doing. The pattern so far has been a lot of handshaking with Republican candidates wherever he goes but no public plugs for them as individuals. And no brickbats tossed in the direction of the Democrats. Criticism and countercriticism of the opposition is belug left to other Republican leader.-.. For example, Hall told a news conference here yesteiday that former President Truman helps the GOP cause every time he comments in the congressional election campaign. Eisenhower arranged to leave Denvei- at 2:15 p. m. (MST) on i three day flying tour which will take him into Montana Washington, Oregon and California. There are three important Senate races in those states and all ih6 House Seals of Wtf %tr in Novermber. Streets Main Issue Before City Council Hope City Council -last-night heard' a great deal about streets and alleys and when the session ended the group still have ' some bridges to cross but none tOi»bulld.. It started'with a request for "alleged damages to property; pwned by Mrs. Annie JoKnson.-'westlncar the city limits. A .representative for Mrs..Johnson a.s.kedjthe city;to pay damages, resulting, from, digging a ditch acrosf the/p,ropc!rty^in question.. ' <, '"s\ f "-,./* Then a group,KJ£"citizens' Senate- _,,. ; ... w — ,^ ..^ contacted the.fcttiees^oj to-firidWW'b? cnted-dwrlf- 1 '""* 1 - 1 "" the event v,uiei^«viw,jw that Democr'at|c^Ji4dpE leaders soon. f •Under the to a; sessio Wcdnelday.,^1 McCartnjsi moie^thfhJ resentatiyes. The assembly voted precedence for Lodge's motion over Vishinsky's anl then plunged into a bitter pro ccdural wrangel. V. K. Krishna Menon. head of India's delegation, sought to have both motions ruled out of order and the issue referred tothe credentials 9ommittee. day. Cotton is openin; rapidly, the Agriculture Department and Weather Bureau survey said, with 75 per cent reported open in many counties. Harvesting is rapid due to increased usu of mechanical pickers, but yields aro somewhat lower than last year. The rice harvest is also moving ahead quickly and about half the acreage has been worked over in some areas. Yields"! arc good but storage facilities are short. The cattle situation is still critical with heavy marketings continu ing this month. Some cattle are being sold for less than their owners originally paid for thorn. A poor soybean crop is maturing t rapidly. Harvest o£ what's left of cipate in some course under which Mho burned-out corn crop has got- the participants will be paid for at-1 ten underway in most sections tending the classes." ' Maj. Hobbs has urged that all former U. S. Air Force personel contact him so that their papers might become activated and so that they might become eligible to participate in. the interesting and pro- t f liable courses. f Hobbs said that points will be gain ed for attending the meeting and that by keeping up with an active reserve ujtvlt. would mean regular promotions and points which go towards retirement- Diplomats Gloomy Over German Plan By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (/PI study of new French proposals for solving the German 'rearmament dilemmn has Miners Didn't Remain Idle CLARKSVILLE W) When fire destroyed a conveyor unit at the Sunshine Coal Co, mine near here last week; 40 miners found themselves without jobs but they didn't remain idle long. The men asked the company to let them repair the conveyor unit with their <jwn tools. The company would furnish the materials. Washington in a about the future of The company agreed. Stockholder Hugh Ingram said left official gloomy mood European defenses. The general conclusion is that any satisfactory .solution of the German problem will require substantial adjustment of national interests of several countries, in particular, it is said, there must be concessions by France from the plan circulated last weekend by French Premier Mendes-France. The prospect is that whatever adjustments are made will be slow and painful to work out, Next week's nine-power confer- the job would take about six weeks for completion by a normal contractor, but the industrious miners, working in shifts, will have completed repairs in a week. The miners will be back on their j»bs Monday. Any interested former A}r Force Just Forget About Cornpads, Concentrate on Keeping a Young Walker Out of Things ence at Western London European including the allies. Canada nnd the United States is more likely to be a kind of preliminary investigaton." Arrests Made in Italy's Orgie Slaying •ROME I.T) —The sex and dopa scandal of Wilma Montesi's death exploded again last night with the arrests of Piero Piccioni, son of Italy's former 'foreign ' minister, end self-styled Marquis Ugo Montagna. • The case, involving lurid allegations of drug and sex orgies attended by prpminent Italians, has rocked official Rnrne and threatened Premier Mario Scclba's gov-i ernment. Piero's father, Attilio Piccioni, resigned liis Cabinet post Isst Saturday to help in his son's defense, The younger Piccino, 32, is charged with aggravated manslaughter in connection with the death of the shapoly 21-year-old party girl whose nearly nude body was found on n bench at Ostia, near Ronin, a year ago last April. Hdrrimdn Is Choice Over Young FDR By HENRY LEADER NEW YORK W 1 Avcrcll'Har- riman was nominated for governor by the Democratic parly early today und he began immediately to map out plans or a vigorous campaign. The wealthy 02-yoar-old former Republican who became a top offl cial of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, easily defeated Rep. Franklin 13. Roosevelt Jr< on the first ballot, after one of the most acrimonious slate conventions in the history of the party. The remainder of the ticket was to be selected today, and the two- day convention will close tonight with a formal accnplinee speech Continued on Page Two Although, come right out and*ask, it»was"i;aii;- ly evident • the gromj wajtited, rthe city.to'pave about-five blpcks^n'thp area. They had raised e -$lOO f pit- improvements but told^the council formation of- a,n improvement 'district would encounter > difficulties,;', During'the discussion It develop- 1 ed that the city map show'cdf the street dedication to be CO feet-with only about 25 feet opened, Some"ot the group observed that it the entire street was opened some 'houses on the cast side might have to be moved. <- ' •'• ,It ended with-the promise 4 that the city would oil the- street tq,\r,er licvc the dust situation but" thf council was noticeably cool,. tQTVaf;'d. the idea although it admitted v some- r thing, shpuld be dpne. Another request asked- thnt/Pi#e., crest and Dodds streets Deepened in a new addition between Highways ft? and Rocky Mound R^oad and opening of an alley in the ^ey lew addition was also brought'up. ers tee'is ready*: {•A calli J -' S! ' * l " 4^-L.Tif 9 repor cat By HAU BPYLE NEW YORK >ffi — I mustn't forget to drop into the drug store today. Have to pick up some bunion ran into seemed to have a baby that walked at 10 months, or 11 months or a year. One 6">' really drove me cra?y. Said he'd heard of a case in which s mother had contact Msj, H.obbs at 319 Shover; the"ra*te"$he's' going" now' her'feet Street, here in Hope to. learn more -- - - - pads for the baby,'she learned to her baby two week, after birth or woman, sho\44. walk just four days ago, and at: strolled ou,t of the hospital hand details concerning .eserve benefits Air Force NQ TTQ PUAME OKLAHOMA CITY (VP> The Oklahoma Supreme Caur), rule* * th,e Greyhound, £«» Co- of opt blame in the case whp su.e4 after tfog m » weedje on a b.tjs sj;;a,t, ^IgvfirwJtaS a diarist 9o.u.rt a,w»r<j • "" "" -toe Supreme ju be worn c i car up to the ankles by the end of the week. Ever since Trace Ann. accompanied by three* spare diapers moved into pur house at the age pf five weeks I have been looking forward to seeing her tuke luer first step. But she took her own swept time about it. When bha was a year Old,, she wps still what is known as "creeper" — now in the old we called 's*m crawlers. She hersejf upright in iv^r play pen. t .l!,rt in-hand together with the tired mother leaning for support on the shoulder of her, sturdy infant. Funny fellow! It was worse when Tracy Ann H months old- Friends began telling of babies they know — "thoughtful babies" — who hadn't walked until they were two years or older. J began reading magazine articles to Ti'apy on the values of walking as an exercise. I brought her homebooks called "Tramping Through Life" awd "The Hiker's tak discussion o fthe whole issue than a conference which will produce final decisions, Yet top American officials aro hopeful that final decisions can be reached fairly soon even negative ones if they.are inescapable. Some are emphatical in saying decisions must ..be reached soon because of a 'conviction. that West German sovereignty ,an4 rearmament can not be. held in suspension much longer without, foster.ing a spirit of extreme German nationalism. Just yesterday, London djs- patche.s said, German Chancellor Adenauer• -.culled.. for a quick declaration to pn,d the pccup.ation and give German full spve.re.jgnty. The critical issue presented by the Mendes-France memorandum. Montagna is accused of aiding and abetting. Both men wore held in Rome's Regina Coeli (Queen of Heaven) prison. Thoy have repeatedly denied any connection with Wilma's death. The Italian Nt-ws agency ANSA also reported th;»t an order to appear, in court Saturday was handed to Saverio Polito, former "Rome police chief. Polito reportedly was called to answer charges of wrongful exercise of authority and pf •'aiding Piero Piccioni in avoiding investigation." : Police two weeks ago arrested two guards at Montegna's luxurious Q$tia estate where Miss Men- pn Pag? Two Phone Rate Hearing to Be Resumed LITTLE KOCK (.W The Arkansas Public Service Commission to- clay will resume hearings on the application of General Telephone Co. of the Southwest for a SS02.QOO nnnual rate increase The hearing started Monday but was recessed so members of the c'omission. lawyers and witnesses, could attenc} a meting of the 9r> kansas Telephone Association at Hot Springs. They finally ended the street entirejj£ matters by agreeing to meet and " * personally investigate all the sit-, es in question. • t, , The Firemen's Auxiliary was granted free lights while ope>at» ing its parking lot during the Stock' show; salaries of police officers were discussed with agreement that the assistant which works at night all the time would receive $20 more monthly. r •*' , Z The Mayor revealed that Unl- versal Investment Co. had not paid for the building in the SPG, Spmo members ot- the council were favorable to going ahead and sell the building elsewhere and the group did vote to take bids pn a small office building which the city owns in the SPG. The bids should be given to Mayor Wilson, us officials here analyze it, is whether tha French Premier is really willing to let West Germany rearm without seeking spine safeguards which would Amount to giving her a kind of second-rate posv- er status. ' ? H, , $43 Stolen From o Resident Here A- N. Story, m Wpgt Third St. reported to officers yesterday tha someone entered his heme. stoled his trousers containing ^ With US in • - • "- ft H. Former Hope Resident, Dies JJ. G. MeElroy, aged 71, long time resident of floue, died Wed- nog^fty at his home in Frper, Texas as after ajj ijjnesg of seyeral months. , He i$ survived by » brother. Fred All Around the Town Some 2Q automobiles and maybe 100 perJpos'fpliHed out of Hope Sr bout 8; 30 a. m. today on the annuaj Third Pistrjct Livestock, Show tour , , Jhe start was about 3Q minutes late the tour goes to cott then to Camden by way of Gurdon and pomes back, through, pf Hppe, son, o| G. Roach, padet.&yysl p, Lewis ville with stops ay ,. t „ the way, arriving bacjs in Hope 8-jpowe^I . - » W S Ai? Fqyee ^ , TJ*e £Q,yea,r*p,W .... MS » 'f J»t 'fl» '- in —- bout 5 p. IT). Yoiecs of seyeral Hope student? will be he^rd at Henderson this year with newsojner France^ Wei- sehberger added t« the altos pf th? Madrigal Singers.-. . , . in the Henderson College are Miss ?l9flg with Anq pt pf Jfppe pressler, Mr? four sisters, tipna . plenty pf fiuMeity fly tMs *

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