Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 24, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1896
Page 4
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K$g$$^ CORNER. 0* fall and winter underwear, he bus ••W cornered tho largest lot of under- we»r ever brought to Logansport ut fc*rd times prices for cash. Tbese (•ode nre direct from the factories and iff the best values iu all linos for ladies, |*ot8 and children; £o and Investigate ftnd It will not take you long to decide where to buy your'underwear. f" i A I ;,'' '•'' every day In the week (except by the LoBansport Journal Company. mr « •WRIGHT .............. President S.' HAKDY V. ........ . . .Vice President fcwTGRAVEB .................... Secretary J B. BOYER ............. ...^..Treasurer rrto« per Annum ......................... * 4 '^ Vtrlee per Month ................ • .......... * u Official Paper o£ City and County. Ototered an second-clans mail-matter at IfcVLiganaport Post Office. February 1 " SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1S9(!.'~ REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President. •UBRETT A. HOBAKT ol Now Jersey. For Governor, fAHES A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co. For Lieutenant Governor. V • HAGGARD, Of Tlppecanoe Counlj For Secretary of State, j C. DAILEY of Boone County For Treasurer of State. 1»ID J. SCHOLZ, of Vanderburg County For Attorney General. JJAM A, KETCHAM of Marlon Co. rer Reporter of Supreme Conn, ARl ES F F.EMY Of Bartholomew Co. *B5er!nfendent of Public Instruction D M GEETING. of Harrison Count. For State Statistical!. I. J THOMPSON, at Shelby County. For Judge of the Appollate Court First District. W30DFORD ROBTNSON ot Gibson C.. Second District. w E HENLEY, of Rush County, Third District n W COMSTOCK of Woyns County. Fourth District. 1AMEBB. BLACK, of M.rlon County. D Z. 'WILEY; of Bomon. County. Electors at Large. H. G. THAYER, CHAS F. JONE3. For Congress. GEOBGE W. STEELS. For Joint Representative. •IT1LLIAM T. WILSON^of Cass. County. ,j»» Bepresentativei-CHAIlLBS 3 LONGE HALE. e^ EY JT«r Coroner— DR. J. A. DOWNEY. »I? Assessor- JOSEPH B ARR. Commissioner, First Dlstrlct-JOHN r, Third Dlstrlct-ABRA- HAM 3HIDELER. COMPARE THEM ( "The Republican party Is unrescrv- *Jly for sound money. It caused the tnactment of the law providing for the •rtmjmptlon of specie payments In 1879; •Inee then every dollar has been as /food as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to •tery measure calculated to debase •or currency or Impair the- credit of >.tnr country. We are therefore opposed to the free coinage of silver except by .International agreement with the lead- Ing commercial nations or the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, , md until then such gold standard must be preserved. "All our silver and paper currency •mat be maintained at parity with fold, and we favor all measures de. signed to maintain Inviolably the obligations of the United States and all pur •money, whether coin or paper, at the - present standard, the standard of the •lost enlightened nations of the earth." —Republican platform. - "We demand the free and unlimited eolnage of both gold and silver at the •present legal ratio of 1C to 1, without waiting for the aid or consent of -any •ther nation. We demand that the •Undard silver dollar shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all . iebts, public and private, and we fav- -»r such legislation as will prevent the Semonetlzatlon of any kind of -legal lander money by private contract." — Democratic platform. "We demand free and unlimited eolnage of silver and gold at the present legal ratio of 1C to 1."— Populist platform, 1&02. "We hold to the use of both gold and •liver as the standard money of the c«nntry, and to the coinage of both «old and silver, without discriminating •gainst either metal or criarge for mintage, but the dollar unit of coinage •f boih metals must, be of eq-n.iT Intrinsic and exchangeable value or be ad- lasted through International agreement or by such safeguards of legislation as jhall Insurt tho maintenance »f the parity of the two metals and tlic «qual pofv'cr of every dollar at all times In the markets and in payment of debt,' •nd w- demand that all paper Currency •hall be kept at par with and redeemable In such coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON THIS POLICY AS 'ESPECIALLY NECESSARY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE FARMERS AND LABORING CLASSES, THE FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS VICTIMS OP UNSTABLE MONEY AND A FLUCTUATING CUR- •BJDNCY.— Democratic platform, 1892. il<?i-s •BUSINESS. "COEBCJION." '•'' The. siMis.x"li*is tiilk at "coca-clou, coer- r'iiou" -wlik'.lil the ropocra lie papws of the eomi'lry nro wailing so bitterly siilxnit iu the present campaign, Juts a serious -side after nM. Here is .•> sample <vl' cowcloiu, 'as -told by the Kokomo. Kven-infr News, nnd 'I'Jitw is m-uru truth limn poetry iii-ll.: , "The flMeiTtiiwi of our ropoct'at-ic fi-Iewls, and evipeflaKv tlwir organ hero. is called to a tjyswm of eowciO'ii' llia-f r/ei<l'j:n>s is luifcnown -to I'hetm. Yestcr- d.'i-y ;i ivpri'scJilsi'tih-e of -a. targe- i'unil- ture muuiif;i<.itoi-y wvs i n •( H-e- ci rj- solicit Lug ordws from our clml-eir. One of Ilioso dftilci-s gave -Ihc .-ig-emt «m ordw coiidii'tiiwu-d upon the re.siill: of HIP election. If M(.-K'mk\v i-s eleehcd die goods are In be slripjiod. 'but it P.rysin is choso.li lilw.- order will ' l>c eonsidoroil c-;tiix*Uod. UHw mgi'jvt oirlierctl in<o this !i.ivd fliwi. •sJlni.'WTd by his li flmt lie inid tuiikon sixty or- lo the «uno coinditlon. fiirtiicr JnfoiMned Iflio local dwilcir, vhat t.aosc orders. siloai'g n-ith many otlicrs 'Uluvt lnul coani; •n -from flll over tlio country, were f.akcji by (live iiKiD-1'.ser ol' tho co.accrn uuid sli'ctwii to tine employes of tJ*e factory in order nlKiit they ui'iglit know M-Uiiittlic coiidit'toBS really were, but tho snmo tinno the uiaaagci- sand to the •\vcvi-Umeii thsi-t lie d'ld not wish to •torCcrc wiDli- tlicir dgh-ts vis Anicricivn citizens, And h;e desired t'Jftit uhoj' feel froo to- vote just p .'is they chose-. Now AV.IIO -is do'rnig tho coerciom act, the mnn- ufiTC-turer ov the JolJbcr-s snid rcta.Hers This is a fair <«imj)lo of the coercion •Iteit js. being practiced all. over country. Rcpufbllonns, Democrats and ropnil | i¥-tei;iili i k<; practice It, aud it is too phuin to 'be derticd. Busiiiwss of all kind is wflltiiiff for the result of the eO'ectlon T8ie comttn-ued oiioration of nearly every factoiy dcpowls uixiii the elec Uow of MciviDtey. The inivcstmejit of moJiej- in, this 01- that enterprise depends tipon 'Hie result of tho election, "\Ve 'lirai- iit everj- day and every h 0 " 1 '. 'and Jt is -not idle talk eitiher." • Tt is ronrarkniblc lu>w veiy nearly niianilmoiis Hie seatiment among the biisiiaess mc.0.— «n<l when the term "hiiKinoss 'men" Is used, let it lie understood 'that it iacludc-s cvei-y man who •IKIS ;ui idea in -the <lirect.iou oC 'by «i iwrfiioji of ,'liis earalnfis, n.nd not •the careless spo.niditlu-Jft, whose «-nly thought is for Uw pj-oscmtt. So supreme iis the wLU o,f the people tliait 3aw urny bo said to be the .recording of fltoat w-bieh already exists. Poll- lie senifciime-nt: must bo bade of every law to sucuro its cnforcemeti't, n.iul -vvitliwut the snippoci "' of public sooib- nicnt it become? a dead TcWcr ov is repealed. The government might dc- clare Tor free coinage and rntitc a fifty- cent dollar lepr:U tender for one dollar, but it woarld not travel very far i-a Hint direction as a -full doUar. You cannot compel n uwui T>y law -to soil ins property for any pi-ice except wlwit 'lie li'iuv self shall fix and you can-not compel :i maoii to k«n his money. Tlie borrower would therefore receive Ills money In the cheap money, and would tove to make it go as for as lie cauM wi'Ui those who are'willing to take it ait tnelr own price. TJie markets fix a price for silver and tlint is the ptfoMc estimale of it, and on that baste it wall ir.iveJ. IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT HOUSE WILL HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COINIAG-B OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 16 TO J. WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS NO- DANGER OF THIS COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN OONCDUOTIN'G THE-BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY, PROS- PEOIITY WILL DOME AGAIN AND, WITH LOWD1K' TAXES ON THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS WILL BOOM AGAIN.—Pliaros editorial, March 12, 1SOG. There is aaotbLng at all in. the way of the srlT-cir mlao owners tiktng tliolr silver to Mexico, co.iu),ing i-t into Mexican dollars and possjiw; Ui-em in this conn- try at their aclnal wortli. .If It was more per <:a-i»ita they wfliiTbcd lihcy wouid do this. If tliey do not coNi .them in Mexico now they ^ronld nol coin 'them in the Uaited Stales under' free cotwrge. Tli-ei-o is nteo-lntely notli- i:i.g -Ln -free silver to-bandit tlic massscs. Itoucy tlvat can be got for •will Iwy not-Wiug. A doJljtr Iliat ;cnm. bs got -foa--fifty eeii'f.s'-will buy only fifty conte' woriir of nnytliing. . Ho%v'nincli more patriotic t.lvu Tliaros would liavc >«r. if 'it hiul stood wRli the leadei-s of it.-, pinvly instead o-C pretending to ibdlJcV.o.itt tLe Ctlcafro i«at- form. It should -not be focgottea i.1iat the riiai'os does oot 'beJie^'e a word, that.lt WITS, and that It is really to- Sound Money. : ' CRUSADERS Boy's Clothing In t^e Cause of Temperance. W. C. T. U. CONVENTION The Twenty-Third Annual State Fleeting. Here Than Two Hundred Delegates Present Proceedings of the First Day's Work in Detail. The mveaufy-lhird i animal co-iive-iiUon fff tiliiu Inditaicii Sfaite Union of women worlu"r$ 1-n-the ciiuvse at Olii'istiau Tenv- •l)ei'ance has can-ied ont its program for the fn-st diay of rt^'o sessions, and the ddk-gates have listcmcd to and en- .1o.v<>tl a ple.-isJuig night's program. Th'e Winvcivttoiii Is ,wxdl iannelneid. 'The delo 3aita* -have demonstra'tod that tiej ivave .% cnpa.ui'P,' for tiviasact-ing bnsl ness. Yesterday .morning at the Fii-st Pi-es byS.cn-iiin church, tho sos-sioiis opened fowreilly wi'tli dw-ouiamil exercises bj Dr. Llzzio Hollftfl-ny oC Sptce^in-d. There were present Jive general 'ofli- •ccrs, tlilirty-foiiir vice prbsidems, • and •n'lno dcpniptiuicrat) suiwrrnitcndeiits Jlore Uiain two hundred delegates !in\l TOpoito.d n,nxl.beeu ca:red far up to las evenlnsr. The. following coni.milttees were •named flitter the president's address-had been, dolivcrcd by Mrs. L. M. Bcclc, president of tlie Indlliinn. 'Union for the iiast five yeare: Committee on Orcdenitiiils—Mrs. Mary E. Balch. Dr. Lida Leisure. Mrs. Bemnor. CO'iiim-lt-toe oiu Courtesies—-Mrs. Johnson-, M'rs. Jones. Committee on Ftoances—Mrs. L. F. JteWuiMer, Miiss Ayei's, Mrs! Saylers. Cffuinttttee on ru'blicatiiOiib—^Kss L. E. Reed, Mi's, DdLonig, Mre. Ault. Oomnniittce on TaTegrams—SIrs.Loiris. Ethti- B-arr. Among othar'tihiings -tlio wottliy president sai'id in lien. 1 exce]leiij-b~ address, were flic following good thon-gliis: ••"\V-lmt is the W.-C. T. U. doing? Our o.nemii'CS t'li'lnJc ^M are doJinig something. Some ejcpeat us to km the liq-u.br traffic in twenty years. As weiHTn'iglj.t'we expect (Jie church to enisn out siii from t'Ue earth 'in .tn-cttfcy contiiri!«s;.CJic fiiino of its existence. "Ti'.e Wora-mn's. ChrJstifljj Tamper- nuce IJiuiton IMS -been caH-cd' to tihls work by God, as the Grusad'es proved. God tests first our -sp;i-it and its'worth. lie is now testiimg our -body, and M wi: sbarad the 'test, wo shall attend, 3-u n. 'body, (lie f uncivil oj'tlno Wqnor tKiffic. "There Is no discount on the work ,i.ecompl<!sh'etl by tbe W, C. T. TJ. There should be no dllseonti-t'on -the work i-t does in tire future. "Whan Li Hump Chang culled on Rig-lit Hon. W. E. GMstope, lie Is reported to have -asked htm Why there sliouiKl be suwli a th-in-g ft* a 'mir. Mr. Gladstone repli'ed tlvnt 'there ' was no u«o in' -*vna-. The grdat CWnaman miiglrt 'ask, 'of w<liat use., te liquor?' tlic traffi-c, the war,- is.car.nied on. •Ira .-tHi'e world's conrenltan-oJ! the W. C. T. TJ., flit LondOiD, a. society was formed for tihc ndvoneement of Cliris- Uian Ci'tizenship, the formn-tlon of am intellectual ciiLIy.enslwp, -regardless of sex, with Me Goiacji. Rule ns Oho guidjc: principle. "Akhouph we are not, -allowed the gflitB of suffrage, we shouKl, all of us, Iraivo a fnOl Ijinowdcdge of the .laws gov- the fortiine of oim'-selves and our' children. During the past year wo Iva.ve org'iui'feed in thirteen colleges In tine 'State, :a,ud in all the colleges we Iwvc be<?n {.Tooled co-rdial'ly by officers udcDits. Our vfeits Iwre tended to decrease di-un'kciuiicss to liliose Insu- wtionis and have ta'cl a good effect In lieclclu? the excessive use o-f tobacco. "We recowmend Uta-t the fsfcrodnird or evangelistic.work be raised, ami t.ltnt an e.'iaiii'CSt, co,nsecraii.ftl wom.n.u be put iit*he head ot tluis dttp.irl'iw.mt. . Wo i-ecwiuncnd for thfe work, . Sirs. Elfci Davis of -R (ions foi 1 work in .states prisons. ' "Wo rocoimnc-nd thuit nil members • tsiko o-ui 1 'State nud ]S";vIJoinml' p'nipors. '•We rocninmc-nid iluit a bureau of'le- al iimfor.ma.tion l>c estinl>Hs-h:ed witii the purpose, of dfetribwittitg legal iu- foraiaiiion. "Wo i-ocomimond -tlcit sotnc practical' pHin. bo devi'scd o-nd adop-tflO. for the raising o-f funds nccd-ed for carrying on tlx; Hsidley Itodusitria,! school; '. "Wo favor n prolnilbitory tax "on cigarette's. In tihc" present political campaign, tlie money question nibsoi-bs. the attention', and'-we- ore 1 constrained from taking aji active part, except to wteld v\/HEN" your boy needs a New Suit or * ' Overcoat. Our Store is just the place for Thrifty Parents to have them well clad, Our disp ay of Boys' C othing- Exceeds anything we have ever provided for the younger generation The Very Latest in Beautiful joods And Newest colorings. Every part of these Garments Challenges Critical Examination. Whenever hard wear is necessary you will find safety and strength, the prices are 60c to $2. per suit lowor than you can buy same quality for elsewhere. WM. GRACE & CO. The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. a'general g-ood influence'In Hie cnnsu O'f temperance. All the candidates arc clean moil parfouaBy." Tlie address was delivered In- a busi- ••ness like winy, and was received with close interest. The address was followed by tlio noon hour services, conducted by Mrs. E. M. HaupMoa, of Itictanond, -ajid wit-h 'tiro, noon-tidt v'niyar the first session of the WK con- ventlou closed. THE SKCOND SESSION. Bu-si'.iK'ss Rushed and MuL-li Work Ac- coiupli-shed. Tlie afterinooai- uveetins opened witti sans service while 't!Ive ladies were as- seimibEng. Tr«ism-.cr Mrs. McWh'irter \ms loi tlio curtir, swul Jlre. of Bluffton led 'the singing. of Imdi-araiipolis led the d-evotionnl ex crciscs. A-Pter HKilciJig a short prayer •sho read tilie 12:>d Psnlm. Jlirs. JA M., Bock then ats-umed ch chair. I'lie Tologwuns commltlice reported a greeting from, the Missouri Sfcite un-i'OJi to session at Bet:hsiiiy, Mo., and the coinrai-Otee wa.s awistru'Ctied tx> return- a friwitluff o-f -love. iMrs. Msiirtin, ' sripcrlniteindciiit oif the OamiKittec onv Molbers' MocUui;s, re- poirtod many mothers' micctinps -held aiid'iuneh liita-a hire distrilnrted by th M:IIS. Ault. of PJyn»ntli, reported an tho Depni-tmcjit of Purity in- Uitc:-a.turc a-nd Art. SHic 'Cold of the suppression of wwili obscene matter, of nifliuy tliou- •san:ds of pa-jarcs oL" liitaraturc 'linmded out Kl of ot-lioT finportant \\-w-k-s done. Mrs. Ret-to Jones, of AlexiUid-rlfl, in charge o-f the Woi-k Among Foreign Speaking Pecxpie, said hers was the- most iiimpoila.ni: of ail tho wwU; tiiat Ufc new citizcin-s nraJce the laws for us, -Uwy should be taught How to •legislate. Mi-s. Fannie CaUilus, of tbe Department of Xflixsotitos. reported on the cig- 'ai-ctto question. She said «ih<i'l«id bftoii swlrfeed legally tliwt.a city or town or- dinaince -could be passed .against ;.tJi-e sa.lo of cigarettes, but I to' could met be enforced imtffl . there ',va-s Stlaite law- prohiWitline the sale of the ,ev;E thdngs.-. She said tlnat vei-y littl-e could, b« done to <?lop t'hc .t'otacco 'liaWt, wlilch leads to th'e liquor IiaDit, w-Mle somiaay preachers ffind (teachers snioke and chew tlic weetT! >Irs. Caltlns cflled tobacco tine '.twin- sister"' of 'intoxicants'.. VfiOi this changed 'to "hvlim toothor," ait the Mrs. Si'ins, of Indkuia- polls,., the report w-as accepted. Mrs: Ida E. Bcn,hia,m, of Wa-lwsli, superintendent of 'tlie Pepa.rtmeinit of Oris' Homes and Homotoss Oh.illdron, hcxt i-eportetl. Slro showed Una* in Uio S'taite are 4S2 -homeless boys -.i.n'd 318 Itoiueless g-irls. Mns. Nelli.eS. Dunlin, of tlw; Sunday Scllrool Depa.Ttmei2.l-, gave licr 'time -l:o the' next 1'ady. wlio. A«VS M.iss Clora P. Boyd,.of Rockvi-1'lc. of tlic Department of Heiill'h and Horcdiiy and Piiysica.l Cnitiire. 'She sail tlie depart inont noant tlie founding of « anew geneva. Worn T-lifi Mrsi oC dirts- s reform L? a part, of 'live work oa.rri'wl out', anil i-t wa.« iho.\vn ta'at 125 womo-n Iwul. dnrin.g the ywr, adoijilcd the m"\v .'uid common >cvnse dress. MI-.S. Mairy'K. Ba.k'1:. eo-m-spoirtiug iecrcMniry, nva* a" jn'tavstfji-s n-port. 0»\vi,r«: Loca.l iinSoins, 270; nwnMiei-s •,-L'etI.vc'). 4,r,00; ineiiiilK'TK (honorary). ftS; iini'ionis orfr.-rmiy.ed t'his yra-r. 43; o:r.ir:i,mizcfl <;ou»tk'.s. T2; ruifons iisu)? '•iiiwitoly mulinigs, 0-1; snbscri-bcrs to riiii'Oin Signal, -J3."; su'bscriibc.vs to Or- K-aaixcr, 042; nuiss mceitinjr.s, 1-15; lectures, :504; * jro«7) t i temperance meetings, T33; siisnt-rs to plodsc.. 1,301; conversions', Cl; courtly' coiiveiiitious. 23; schools of niffchods, 4-i; -delegates- in attendance at tfveso nic-etiussC reported!. 858; iiu-ions represented, 221; ..visits made by some one of the S'taite officers (Continued on Fifth Page.) TEIALS OF AN LNVENTUR. He Declares the Government Has Used Many of His Ideas. Thinks the Trifling Sum of 830,OOO,OOO Will Square Things—Clalm« to Bo Inventor of Rifled Cannon and Other Unique Appliance!. The mostunique cUUmant tlie government has had to deal with for years has just presented his caec. His name is Joseph Custer and his home is in St. Louis. He demands from thi* government the trifling sum of $30,000,OGO as payment for the use of a gun which he claims to have invented and which lie says was adopted by tic secretary of war. . It is not generally known that Mr. Custer is the inventor of the rifled cannon. Such, however, is tlie case. The rifled cannon, however, is only one of the ideas' which he claims the government has filched from him. Following upon it, as a natural successor, was the "pioneer shot." This is an immense bullet, so constructed ns to afford accommodation for two or three men. When it is fired into the enemy's lines the bullet will do considerable damage. Some small holea permit the pioneers to make o survey of the surroundings. If con- ditious arc favorable Ihcy - touch a spring which releases them fruro confinement and they ravage the enemy's country. If conditions are hot propitious for ravaging they remain in the etrong shell secure fromattask, .TCiMiin the bullets are stores of provisions and also a few lanterns, Mr. Custer having figured it out -that .the bullet might, sometimes be used on nifi-li ts when the moon does not shire. | Mr, Custer proposes also to attach, knives to bullets, so that they will cut, • telegraph w'ires. To again string wires they will bo attached to bullets and fired back into their respective places. I The most formidable weapon devised i by Mr. Custer is a gun which will slioot I in all dii-ections at the- same time, so : that tlic enemy will be struck 120 mat- | ter where, it stands. Tlic plans and specifications for this and other devices of Mr. Custer arc- now somewhere in the department of ordnance of the United States army or else they are ; in the hands of the board of fortifications. Mr. Custer does not know which, j For three, years Mr. Custer has been | endeavoring to regain possession of the , papers, but Win government k.-jows n good thing \vhf:n it sees it and will not loosen its hold on the documents. Mr. Custcr has iio\v written to Secretary Francis. Mr. Francis comes from St. j touis, and Mr. Custer hopes the secre- • tary's regard for li.is fellow townsman ' will induce him to have tne cloJm paid. ATHLETICS FOR SOLDIERS. Gen. Mcrrltt, «f Department of SDnoourl, Orders a Course of tiymfinsties. Maj. Gen. llcrriu has issued a. circular to the department, of the Missouri directing a thorough course of military gymnastics at the post-s of bis command during the next four months ami prescribing conditions to secure uniformity in the exercises. Iu addition to the regular drills, a course of light work with diirabbolls, barbells, jumping", vault-ing, running, equipped and athletic competitions are recommended. Abdominal breathing is to be taught, commencing with half-minute runs uiougn a man nas exercised to excess. Gen. Merritt declares tli:it-the fundamental principle of all physical training is to impress upon the men that they must put tbeir whole mind into the work. Full instructions arc given for scaling- walls of various heights by- groups of men. VALUABLE CLAY DEPOSITS. Bed of K»ollno, UneJ In Malting China, Discovered In Oregon. A party of Pont landers, while pros T pecting in eastern Oregon recently. caine across a bed of knoline, the clay from which the finest china ware is. made, and- a number of eJaims were immediately stal;ed out. Samples of it-h« kaolinc were sent to a Delaware pottery, cue of tlie largest in the United States, with the request that the clay, be worked into cliinaware. With the return of the ware came le-ttcrs from the potters asking as to the e.xitent of i the field and its distance from rail com-, ! municatiion. They said that the qualitj- of the clay was f u!3y equal to that formerly imported from England and in: •which country Iliey were forced to place tbeir sole dependence. The mines are five miles from Kunt- ington and tl>e deposit is apparently inexhaustible. VASSAR CURLS' FOOD. each duv wilhoiii. accoutrements and gradually addinsr to the riilc and pack J until the man may pnss obstacles si:ch as ditches and fences fully equipped for service over long 1 disinnces. j Ceil. Jlerritt says ti:at cold baths Itcr e\-orcis?s cannot he too strongly discourajred, and tulxba-ihs slioiiHl not Ijo reconiinciidcil, ITc.rocomincoi'is the .sijonge bath as llio into I. bi-ncficial, even Qnantltioi of Prorlnlonf Devoured at the College. A Xcw York Mail and Express rcport- tr has discovered a down-town house-' (Jiat rejoices an tbe honor -of supplying ihe sweet Vassal- girls with whattJiey eat. It is quite a serious affair, the educated nppetites of Uiese young 1ft- flics. They have increased steadily the post five years,, and the merchant who furnishes "a few figures"; says that if the increase goes OD it will be necessary to include the daily food purchases-; of the college in the market reports : to see what effect they may have on. prices. This merchant would not give Ilia own personal figures, but he ex-. ihibited an. annual statement of tie- college tbat has just been issued. What will Boston culture and other things esthetic say to an army of younjfj women who will EO far forget all con.-. rentionalism as to eat 123,000 buckwheat cakes in one year? Nothing surreptitious about this either. All done openly and above the table board. Lookr ing along the list it will be" found that the young ladies consumed 250 barrels of flour, ] 0,000 oranges and lemons, 14,000 bananas, 105,000 quarts of milk, 1,200 bushels of potatoes, 97,000 pound* of fresh meats, 10,000 pounds of smoked | meats, 5,000 pounds of chickens, 5,000 pounds of turkej's, 5,000 pounds of $sn» 40,000 clnras, 105,000 gallons of oysters, 18,000 pounds of batter, and last, but not least, by any means, in a Vassor girl's composition, 32,000 pounds oC sugar. In the ibove DO allowance is made,. it will be i-oticid, for the "stolen fruits," such as forbidden luncheons- and candy smacks after retiring, nor is any attention pnid to the tea, coffee, vegetable* and sweetmeats. ' Surely these young; ladies have educated appetites. CALIFORNIA 'WHEAT FOP INDIA. Demand from CHleuUii Onclng to n Failure of the KIco anil Grain Crops. •• What has lately given loo sirongcst- kind of support 10 i.Iie San Francisco- wheat, market ami 'lias become a- startling and scnsatioiinl fralure of Uie situation is a demand fn::n India for California wheat. The rit-e crop has been. a failure 1 this year, to what extent is nor yet known, and the s^'ain crops are- al.'xj dam-'Vjcil. Two whole cargoes of California, wlie.it. to fro in s*c;uners, have already been sold, tho de-stina- lion of which .is Calcutta, These two cargoes amount to J 0.000 tons. Jf more stcamors can bo procured ,n::d the price of wheat does not go (oo liigli other cargoes m.'iy be bought for shipment to India, '•'.HS*-^ Highest of all in Leavening Strength.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. , p nv/\f Baking M7**i Powder 1r ygzg&5f& A ^^Tw^m^r* ABSOLUTELY PURE 'j?> 'lik r i -••ii -..£\-i

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