Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1954
Page 8
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•$"< r " •»> *£*{."sH 8Wr>" feWBl$ W '«? yp' lo' ' w?bfk for the 3, tte Kits' about radio •^p-'•*,->. ^ARKANSAS ^^H'J^^^^f^^r'^T^^ r ? ! **' J ' 4 ^ ' ""' ,19 MARKETS flH 8,500; moderately 111 ac- ffve barrows -and gilts 35-50 high- erf some \inder 130 Ib up more; sffws SB higher: lev/ SO up: 100- tW Ib. 20.00-2S; mostly 20.10-15; Jb. 18.55,26.00; few lSO-140 fS*¥HJp-4 . ^station ih f'SffiWiilite^iBwfit'rs btfAaia to ianjee stfl- ii&iwDis • a for mod' . Haiel St. Holland Balers >•} a ^ 1 *? ^^ J * Tractors POUJ-TflY AND PfibDUC.E CHICAGO — Live poultrh steady; receipts 1,347 coops; Monday 1,771- coops, 2$8jfiM pounds; i'.o.b. paying prices unchanged to lower; heavy hens ,15-19.5; light hens 12.5*l5j fryer$ or broilers 2731; old roosters 12,5-13; caponcttes J09S. Mom £*!? '*' i ( - j ^jW.llWirM good, clear night you could gel Los ^Angeles'. ' Chju'ley oamo to New York as AP radio editor in 1927. This was nt a time when- radio -fans v/cre jlist switching fi'orn battery sets, wijich frequently flpillod over an<j burged a hole jn the living room rug, to receivers using house cur- rpnt. The jbjg attractions then were the A 1 P ^.Gypsies, tho "Cliquot Club E^kimps' an orchestra Gro ham tylcNamee, nd tho Revelers Quartet, of worn only Frank Parkei ib still singing Chnrlte also tuned in on "the 'first broadcast by a Couple of fellow known then ,as '"Sam and Henry' When the boys left Chicago they had to lenve the name behind with the local radio station Iii New Yoik they became known as "Amos and 'Andy." frtormprf i? rr *4* •*, •>»**' *|fii,*rjiifeiin flope mlwhw' * |>rM&firu Oct.2 T. V. Charlie by ? 'Vic" Cobb I told John t tofcall -"Vic" Cobb to 1 fix his antenna "tie yypujdn't listen to COBB'S Radio & TV Service bulls 12.00-13.SOi canner «.. JU , , cutter bulls 8.00-11.60; good f e " d than lhe rcsl of the list. At chdice bulls 8.0041.00; good, tentlon was focused .on September ' ] arid choice! vealers 18.00-19.00; few soybeans, in which this was the high choice and price 20.00-21.00; commercial sind low good 12.00- IS.pC; Slaughter calves 'slightly im- nrovcd actjch; commercial and good 11.00-14.00, Sheep 1.500; undertone weak on raring lambs; couple Of small lots choice grade 18.00 16 butchers; otherwisfe nothing sold. . Ib. ulg« 17.I2S. 18.50; 18;^J-17.00; few- at sows 400 Ib. W.25: boars NfeW YOftK STOCKS NEW YORK «P) — The stock ( market worked higher today in a gradual manner, after a somewhat hesitant start. * I Gains went to around a point , at the best in Significant lnst< young hen turkeys 33-34. iaftces. Losses were small Butter firm; receipts 964.311; Trading was unusually low at an Wholesale buying prices (JP) to K estimated 1,600.000 shares highef; 93 score AA 58.75; 92 A 58.-1 Some oils 2S; 56; 90 89 B56; 89 C 54.. did well along with C 54;cars 90 B,chemicals and individual issues af- O.oOO; ca*v?s l.SOfi; fair- liberal supply heifers and mixed checks 17.75. arlih^s opening -slow; few fcavly Sales 25-60 low.ef f>n hi(?h corn- to choice steers 18.5fl-24.00j cowfc' itiod»i > ately active at steady prices; • utility and fl.SO-12.50; few at commercial Eggs firm; receipts 6,47; whole-'Also higher on balance were the saje buying prices unchanged; U.S. motors, rubbers aircrafts coppers lai-ffi -whites 50; mixed AB; U. 'S. and steels. Otherwise, major di- mediums 28; U. S. standards 25; .Visions were steady to mixed cutfertt ^receiJHs 22; dirties 18.751 Pacific Mills was ahead around , 5 Points at times on the strength ,'of a stock exchange offer from Burlington Mills. The Burlington common held steady. Also higher were Raytheon, Bris- Chinese Junks Raided by Notionalists TAIPEI, Formosa, (UP) Chinese Nationalist fighter bombers Carried on ta raid on • a Chinese fected by corporate developments! [Communist junk fleet off Quemoy 6RAIN ANb PROVISION'S CHICAGO -Most grains held , . _ , Within narrow price limits in reia^ . M y erS . Westinghouse Electric, v hi'tiu nrtd tlvely quiet Dealings on .the Bard Olm Mathieson Chemical, Union flnd Cdnv °* Trad ? t0 ^- Carbide, United Aircraft, Chriys- I Wheat showed a slightly weaker Jel '' Youhgstown Sheet Tube, trend than the rest of thp list Atl R °yal Dutch. Dodge, Lower were Barber Oil, and Southern Railway, last day for trading. The open in- i Caterpillar Tractor, and U. S. Gyp- terest still was quite Targe in this sum future. Wheat near the end of the first hour was ? to lower, September $2.6, corn unchanged to % lower, September $1.59&, oats (/P) to * lower, September 76, rye 1 to 2 lower, .September $1.44, and soybeans % lower to 1 cent higher, September .$2.84*, and lard 2 to 7 cents a hundred pounds lower, September $16.70. Wheat: No. 3 red 2.14°. Corn: No, 1 yellow 1.66; No. 2 1.62(/P); No. 5 1.00%; No. 1 white 1.64; No. 2 1.04. Oats: No. 1 heavy mixed 77; No. heavy white weeyily 77; No. 1 heavy white 72. Barley nominal: mlating choice 1.40-50; malting good 1.31-30; feed 1,00-20. The Negro Community By HeUn Turner PhOM 7-6830 Or brlno Item* to Mill Turn«r ' jit Hloki Funeral Horn* The" Skylarks, famous radio and recorfling artist of Nashville, Tenn., wiU'give a program at Bethel AME Church Thursday, September 23, at' 8 p. m. ^Associated with the Skylarks in this, program, will be the Humming Bees of • Texarkana. Tickets may be purchased from mem- Uers ; of Bethel Church, Hicks Funeral Home, Unique Beauty Salon and Nelson's' Grocery. Advance adults tickpts 75c, at the door $1.00 Students 3(5c, at the door 50c. The public is invited. The Altar Gift club 'of BeeBee Memorial CME Church will sponsor a wiener roast at the home of Mrs. Persic .Turner. .Saturday night, September 25. ThC'public is invited. v There will be a- program at Bethel AM Church Sunday, September 26, at 9:45, a. m. sponsored by the Young People's Department, This is in observance of Christian Edu'- cation Week. Mrs. Jessie Hamilton has re- Burned ' hom,e after spending two monies visitinp her son and family In Oakland and other points of Cal- Uornia Ellen Smith of McNab and Georgia Weatherppoqn of .Columbus left Saturday night for Chicago, 111,, where they will visit relatives and friends, 'fij£SK.»\ • > i ^^iBT^OtDSMOBI »/'*|^HW«-' J,^^' 5 - * . » ' " Y'*'- " " • ^.uip"-- - • •• If-™ 2 r^.-B-i Th«r«'» no time Ilk* »h« praftigit to own this future- \'\ ; *tyl«d OJdwnpfc»H»! It'* lh» cnrihnl'f *ty|ed to n«w—with panoramic -N \\ windshield, dramatic \\ *W*«p":ul »l|hoy*tt»! . ji P«(» 9 "R«c.k»l 8" t«dgyl ^ // / 5f9Vf prfe, (Ifp»n.di upon chplc? of mod.l !jj and b?(ly it/It, ppllonol «qulpm«nl and /./ *88"?.l>r, Sjdaa • «"«w!ti. Prkw may very illjhHy In gfj J>«llvft|« l»MllXI -^ - pdi9)ninj) esmfliv"! 1 !" b •' l».ch<ing» wlHwvt n»llc«. m. I'OW^T^ '-3'", TT """ T ™ ra " m* - '• V'V ?>$ • • • - ' -:. / - • * w^" w • ' »» j j ^ it . f A * > i •* , i i 1 J t 51 / -*t) ' t ' ( • i f i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "^"^^^^^H^l.^^^^. j S-¥-\M ^M^-J' ^'ft 1 ' i?'^ 3WAj,' Mf^^Vfe^ |||94I« PIAIM Requests World Prayer for Peace DENVEft \M President Eisenhower appealed today to tho people oi Russia and other Iron Curtain countries to join Americans tomorrow in a day of prayer for world peace as "the true cure" for war- breeding tensions. . In a message beamed to the Soviet Union and .its satellites over the powerful radio facilities of the Voice of America, the President island today. Nationalist headquarters here- said 30 of the Red motorized junks were sunk and mni-2 than 40 others damaged, including one large gunboat which wa.? se,t afiro. Four separate \vnvi:f of Natior.nl" ist planes took part in thr- raid r.long a 30-mile stretch of ilis China mainland coastline. The attacks which ranged from Chen Chan«- juan 30 miles south of Amoy to the vicinity of Amoy, lasted for five hours. Headquarters skirl NrH-onalist planes also hit Communist artillery positions and tro;ip barracks said: "May tho world he ringed with sm act of faith so strong as tn annihilate the cruel, artificial bnv- ricrs erected by little men between (he people who seen |jcace on earth through the Divine Spirit." Voice of America transmitters began broadcasting Eisenhower's appeal worldwide at 6 a. m. EST, today with special emphasis on reaching people of the Iron Curtain countries The National Day of Prayer for Peace being observed in the United States tomorrow svas provided for in a resolution passed by Congress and approved by the President Eisenhower himself v/ill attend chapel services at Lowry Air Force Base here tomorrow morning to pray for peace Brooklyn Headline Has Is Right NEW YORK iJl The Brooklyn Eagle, the faithful and oft- unhappy hometown newspaper of the Dodgers, buried the 1954 National League baseball pennant race With this front page streamer today: "HEY YANKEES, MOVE OVER." ' The headline was framed in black. Top Radio Programs NEW YOfcK OF) Selected pi-o^ grains tonight: NBC G It Happens to You; 6:30 Dragnet; 1 Ratfio Theater, "So nround Amoy. The Naticnatist planes encountered heavy Red antiaircraft fire, headquarters said. ' Meanwhile, a Nationalist news agency claimed heavy Russian naval reinforcements have been moved from Vladivostok southward along the China coast. • China unioh prst-.n. which said it had "close connection. 1 ; with intelligence sources," said two Russian cruisers, four minesweepers Tsingtao on Sept. 10 ai.d had apparently moved further south along the China coast. :6:30 and Big. • CBS 6 People Arc Funny; Stop the Music; 7:30 Amos Andy. ABC 7 Town Meting, "What Remedy for Teenage Terror?" • MBS 6 Spilline Mystery; 7:30| The Search. "Comic Books' Among U. S. wearers of eyeglasses about 61 per Cent use plain lenses and 39 per cent bifocals or trifocals: For the period Sept. 21-25: Arkansas rernp;?ratures will average tiear nc'-mal. Normal mjnima 58-72. Normal maxima 8087. Coolr cTuesday night and on Wednesday, warmer Friday. Precipitation generally moderate. Scat- (tered showers and lliundershow- ers Friday or Saturday. Relieve Suffering Fast^Effectively with VAPORUB For Qualify and Beauty in Finest of WALLPAPER see us, Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Phone 7-3495 422 E. D!v, destroyers and four wore sighted off Acid Stomach After You Eat? &rLr^ P2 . speed relief from gas, heartburn, acid indigestion. TOMS Sllll Only 10f TUMS FOR THE TUMMY ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! .Now you can hove your Home Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments , No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment- Balance Monthly And Remember WEDNESDAY IS DOUBLE "S&H" GREEN STAMP DAY at Piggly Wiggly With the Purchase of $2.50 Or More. CRU$TENE, ib. Ctn. CAKE MIXES 4 For KITCHEN PRIDE FLOUR ' IMPERIAL SUGAR DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE JUICE • DEL MONTE PEAS 46 Oz. Can 89c 25c SM9c GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE TOP QUALITY PIGGLY WIGGLY MEATS 100% PURE PORK HOME .. MADE Lb - FRESH - LEAN GROUND BEEF 25c BRISKET STEW ME AT Lb. CELLO CARROTS 2 25c MESH BAG POTATOES 10 - 45c ALL GREEN ^Hr^F^w^^l^« JRP^IW^g^f ^fl^ ^^P Lb, 5c HOME CENTER VALUES KOOL AID 6 F O, 25c IVORY CUPS SPORTSMAN GRILLS 2 For 25C $ ' 49 1.19 Value We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities BREAST-O-CHICKEN TUNA J/2'S Can 39c SNOWDRIFT 3 Can 75C PENNANT Marshmallows Pkg. 21C . SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS 25c Mb. Box • SUNSHINE HYDROX COOKIES 38c 7V 4 Oz. Pkg: Wesson Oil Qt § 69c • KRAFT OIL 35c Pt;. ', UNDERWOOD Deviled Ham 21c Reg. Can PUREX gt s 17q UPTON TEA U> T^^^^- ^^ :^F ^lM\4iyi?lik ; '*A^'',,U^^i']&4t4&& IT \ -".Al ( 1 *" ^ •»* ? X*l 1 T lit M 0 f» I StAR» MOM, ARRANSAi *^.. » — — — ~—~»- -o ... .a. ...^^ -i.. ...-»• -jna^at^j. jfi* SOCIETY Phorie 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. Calendar Tuesday September 21 The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday September 21, at 7:30. This is an important meeting so all tnembers are urged to be present. Hostesses will be Mrs. Delia Fen- Wick and Mrs. Lorraine Wylie. ($ Wednesday September 22 The G. M. A.'s of the Unity Baptist Church will meet Wednesday evening at 6:30. ^Wednesday September 22 John Cain Chapter of the D. A R. will have a business meeting Wednesday afternoon September 22, at 2:ao. Hostess will be Mrs. Dick Watlcins. {^-•Thursday September 23 Hope Country Club Ladies Bridge luncheon for Thursday, September 23 will be invitational; Those planning to bring guests call Mrs. Terrell Cornelius at 7-2227 or Mrs. Fred Grcsham at 7-245C by Monday afternoon September 20. The Camden Garden Club will have its fall show, "The American Home," and silver tea in the home q£ Mrs. Geoi'ge Bowers, 21C Sharp Avenue, and Mrs. Walter Tate, Tate Street, Fairview, Thursday, Sep tcmber 23, from 2:30 p. \n. until B p. m. • Friday September 24 : ' The annual Music Club luncheon will be hold at the Barlow Hol.el on Friday, September 24, at 7 p. m. —A Western Dnnc-e for members <?» the- fifth and sixth grades will be hold al the Country Club on Friday night from 7:HO until 9:30. Mr and Mrs. Kelly Bryant and Mr. and Javncs Pilkinton will be hosts. W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First HAIR STYLES to match the fashion, personally arranged by ... • Mary Hamm : • Edna Brooks • Diane Beasley at MARY-EDNA BEAUTY SHOP 115 S. Elm Ph. 7-2615 MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. Tonight & Wednesday • ^BARGAIN, MIGHT A Whole Carload for 0NLY...50C A TROPICAL PARADISE BECOMES THE DEVIL'S OWN PLAYGROUND! HELL'S HALF ACRE WENDELL COREY EVELYN KEYES Always a Color Cartoon Coming SUNDAY Methodist Church will meet Monlay, September 27, at 7:30 p. m. in he home of Mrs. G. T. Cannon, 322 South Main, with Mesdamcs J. Franks, Carl Jones and John iVilson. Jr., as co-hostesses. The irogram leader, Mrs. Howard Byrs, will present Mesdames John 'icrcc, W. M. llcinhardt and Fred Hanton in a panel discussion en- illcd "Because Jesus Cared." The [cvotiunal will be given by Miss Vlary Louise Copciand. A full at- endancc is urged for this meeting, and all members having a birthday n September arc reminded to bring •our birthday and weight pennies or the Life Membership Fund. Wcdneoday September 20 All members of the Hope Fedcra- ion of Garden Clubs will meet for lie annual fall luncheon September 9, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. Saturday September 25 The Music Makers will meet with andra Hobbs un Saturday at 10 o'clock. A. president, Mrs. Denver Dickinson. Mrs. Robison's resignation as historian was accepted, and Mrs. Cline -Franks was appointed to fill the unexpired term. Mrs. Joy Meyers was designated as chairman of a committee to decorate a car for the Fair parade. The seventh grade won in the room count. The social hour provided an opportunity for new members to be greeted, and for the parents meet and know the teachers. to Bodcaw P. T. A. Meets The Bodcaw P. T. A. met at the high school on September 15, with 38 members present. The meeting was presided over by the president, Mrs. E. D. Spencer. Mr. Austin Caudle gave the devotional. Minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary, Mrs. Bill Jones, and Were approved. Mrs. Jones also gave the report from the executive board. The year's project was discussed. In the room count. Miss Maltfe Atkinson's room had the most members present. Mr. Nolcn Caudle presented the program on "Problems of Bodcaw Youth". He introduced Mr. Alex Boswcll who spoke on "The Problems of Youth From a Religious Viewpoint" and Mr. Eaton Turner who spoke on "The Prob- PRESCOTT NEWS Wednesday September 22 Nevada County Fair Program Whfte School Day 9:30 a. m. — Official judging of Flower Show. 9:30 a. m. — Official judging of all Home Demonstration, Farm and Home and Junior Girls Exhibits. 11:00 a. m. —- Official Opening Day Parade. all Field Crops Exhibits. 2:00 p. m. — Official judging of all School Booths. wis. Mrs. R. V. Herndon Sr., and Mrs. Florence Wingfield of Hope. Mrs. Harold Lewis Hostess To Wednesday Club Effective arrangements of CH- matis, zenriias and roses decorated the home of Mrs. Harold Lewis on Wednesday afternoon when she EC Club. | The high score prize was won by (Mrs. O. W. Watkins and the cut 3:00 7m - Official judging of Prize by Mrs. DalHs Atkins « * " , ^ A Hninltr rl/M3Coi'f fnlll'CO 1 Junior - Senior Xlgh School P. T. A. Has Meeting Mrs. R. L. Broach, president, presided at the Junior-Senior High School P. T. A. meeting held Thurs- lay afternoon, September 1C, at j:30 in the Jr. High auditorium. Mrs. Sam Strong, secretary, read the minutes oC the last meeting, ind the treasurer, Mrs. Perry Vloses, gave a financial report. The national P. T. A. president's nessafie was rend by Diane Lal- shaw, a speech depnvimi'nt ;;liult.')it. Committee chairmen introduced ihoir committee members, and told of plans for the year. Committee chairmen giving their,reports were:. Mrs. Franklin Morion, nii.vribei'.ship; Mrs. A. A. Halbcrl, finance: Mrs. Weir Owens, telephone; Mrs. B. L. Retlig, publicity; Mrs. Jim McKenzie, publications; Mrs. George Peck, adult education; Mrs. James Lauterbach, safety: and All's. Albert Graves, hospitality. Plans for bringing acceptable books to the two libraries as gifts were discussed by Mrs. Broach. The books are tn be brought to tho night meeting in October. Mrs. George Robison. program chairman, gave a summary ol' the programs for the year. Superintendent James II. Jones explained the desirability of the new lime schedule, and expressed gratitude-to the contributions made by all P. T. A. organizations in Hope. Principal Joe Amour told of the revised report cards, and extended an invitation to parents to visit r thc office and class rooms at any 'lime. He introduced the teachers of tho senior high school. Mrs. Frank Mason, junior high principal, introduced the junior high teachers, and expressed appreciation fpr the services of, the P. T. A. Mrs. Broach recognized the presence of the Arkansas Congress P. T. A. vice-president, Mrs. Oliver Adams, and the city council P. T. l--ms of Youth Frorn a Recreational Viewpoint." The meeting closed with tb£ president reading the National Purpose of the P. T. A. Pie and coffee were served in the school cafeteria. Wesley Club Elects Officers At their regular business session on Sunday evening, the Wesley Club-of the First Methodist Church elected the following officers: President, Jan Reinhardt; vice- president, Pamela Aslin; secretary, Nancy Toolcy; treasurer, Tony McLarty! recreation chairman, Billy Frank Walters. The new fourth grade class was honored With a hot dog supper preceding the meeting. Commercial Booths. Greased Pig Contest for white children. . 7:00 p. chandise 7:30 p. m. — Cattle judging. rn. — Drawing for Mer- Premiums. , Thursday September 23 The Benjamin Gulp Chapter D. A. R. will meet.on Thursday after A dainty dessert course was served to members: Mrs Saxon Regan, Mrs. 11. H. McKcnzic, Mrs. Dudley Gordon, Mrs. Allen Gcc, Mrs. Basil Murtn. Mrs. Atkins and guests Mrs. J. V. McMalien and Mrs. Watkins. Among those from out of town who attended the funeral services 4L, XV. Will 111UCL Ull 1. 11LI1 OV.IOJ' C1J.I.V.1- .. ^ . . „, ,, noon at 3 o'clock in the home of the ^J^"; Mal ? cl . ^ 1 *?. ru °,_°_ n1 regent, Mrs. C. H. Moore, with Mrs. Charlie Thomas and Mrs. C. A. Haynes co-hostesses. morning at the First Baptist Church were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meyers of Hcrford, Texas, Mrs. Grace Mascon, Mrs. Jessie Court- Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas, September 20, 1954. O. C. Roberts, running stop sign Plea guilty, fined $5. The following forfeited $5 cash bond on a charge of running a stop sign: Lurlene White, Maxwell Hamilton, Al Page, Bill Dougnn, Arl Fincher, Lynn Franks, J. E. Jones, E. M. Ponder, Perry Campbell, Kenneth Stone, Don Stinson, Alford Haddick, Al May Daniels, Troy Butler, Blant Jones, Mrs* Claud Dodson. Richard Cook, Billy Mitchell. Mrs. Irnoti Cook, Henry Martin, Anderson Wopdbcrry, Mrs. Rufus Kcrndon, Jr., Mrs. W. M. Reinharl, John Vcrhunt, A. L. West. Cecil McCorkle. Walter Sipcs, driving While intoxicated. Plea guilty, fined $50 and one day in jail. Clarence H. Glover, driving car Texas spent Mrs. Locke. the weekend with Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Hesterly and Mrs. B. Thursday in A. DeLamar Tcxarkana. spent Mrs. Henry Moore and Mrs. C. A. Hayrics attended the D. A. U Mrs. C. C- Lewis Honored Mrs. C. C. Lewis of Hope was Myers Settle, Mrs. Dannie Myers. Stale Board meeting in Little Rock I Mr. L. F. Myers of Dallas. Texas; 'Mr. and Mrs. Gunlcr England of honored with' a birthday dinner 0.1 DcQuccn. Mr. E. A. Rogersi ot Pino Wednesday evening given by Miss Hazel Matlock, Miss Dorothy Bradford, Miss Medius Avery and Miss Opal Daniel of Hope. Bluff; Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Taylor, Mrs. S. W. Thomas, Mrs. Catherine Coger, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Boyd, Mrs. Arrangements of autumn tlow- ers decorated the home of Miss tlla Lmdscy of Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs ' S ' T ' Hornc of Magnolia Matlock for the occasion. Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Danner have returned from Seattle, Wash where they accompanied Pvl. Joe Don Danner. They also vlsitcc points in Nevada,'." Arizona and Mexico. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Harrell were The dinner was style from the dining table spread served buffet I Mrs - Hl 'S h Za ^ st - Mrs - Louis C. .Thursday visitors in Shrcv6port. ' card ° c Shreveport; Mr. and | - - Notice To donate a pie or cake for the band concession : stand during the livestock show call Mrs. Jim Colu at 7-3175. with a white linen cloth centered with a birthday cake. Small tables were arranged in the living room where covers were marked with place cards and favors. 'Mrs. Lewis received a white carnation corsage and many lovely gifts. .,-.; Others present included: Mr. Le- announco J.he arrival of a baby boy on September 19, 1954. Mrs. W. T. Honea and daughter, Sandra, Mrs. C. C. Prince, Mr. Howard Davis and Mr. Dwight Davis of Texarkana. 'Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Atkinson ' Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bemls anc Mrs. Frank Turbcrville motored to Tcxarkana Friday for the day. Miss Lillie Butcher has returned from Dallas where she spent with 5 in Iroftl Seal Forfeited |5 cash bottd. Elmo Williams, Bill drunkenness. Forfeited $ltt jond. Marvin Warren, drunkenness. Tried, fined $10. Ruby Williams, disturbing ptsaee. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Richard Trotter, hazardous driv- ;ng. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Robert Franks, improper lights on car. Forfeited $1 cash bond. John Coleman, double parking. Forfeited $1 cash bohd. B T. Trotter, Calvin McPhef- s<5n, Berlin Fuller, imprOpei- parking Forfeited $1 cash bond. Elliott Ellis, assault and battery. Plea guilty, fined $10 f State Docket Robert B. Newman, following an- jthef vehicld too closely. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Morcy Trucking Co. (Don Shepherd, driver), operating for hire without PSC authority. Forfeited $100 cash bond. Claud Lee Barnett, operating a motor vcrlcle without a permit. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Earl Edgar Carroll, Jr., Otis Abcy, obstructing a» highway. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Elmer Tate, failing oturrcfusing to pay gasoline lax. Tried, dismissed. Wyho Fall-child, drunkenness. Plea guilty, fined $10. Civil Docket W. L Williams vs Benny Cole- hiitn, action for possession of cattle; Dismissed with prejudice on mo« lion ot Plaintiff, and at Plaintiff's cost. ' Bob Turner vs. Atris Perry, Hope Brick Works, gainishoc, action on account for $32.50. Dismissed on motion defendant, on. payment of costs. James E. Lewis vs, Kenneth Gar- rctt, action for $100 damage caused by burning of timber. Settled by agreement; defendant to pay plaintiff 5.20 and costs. i * WC J card it ttte f*s£l ; children' have returned lo New j tho past several months'. Orleans, La., after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Atkinson. -'Sgt. Harold Locke of Fort Hood, Dr.' and Mrs. C, A. Hesterly announced the arrival'of a daughter, on Seotembcr 1C at the Texarkana Hospital. i p St. MarttiHfitt$ it extends 2.39S K>J^ 9COV CHILDI Accord ing to Is _ * i, ^ » <*r. -j ^^^ " * r ^^i 1 T »* II *tS 1 Tt J We'hWf&l f«,M P n« FATALLY INJURE D PARAGOULD, Wl Nine-year- olci Ronnie Gene "Weaver was fatally injured when he was struck by jn automobile six miles oast of Rector, Aik, Sundny nisht. The boy was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital. ,•> i-< j Y^WPSiw^ffl s'C^P^I *• •• & r 1 i r r a? Butter Pecan Devil Food CAKE Fresh Frozen Coconut CAKE Sweet Potato and Mince Meat PIES JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main Coming and Going Mrs.. J. W. Ray, S)\ left Monday for a two weeks visit in Detroit, Mich., with her daughters and granddaughter, Mrs. Calvin Hughen, Mrs. Ray Dodge, Mrs. Roy Haggard, Mrs. Jack Davis and their families. Joel Dean Osborn left Sunday for Chicago, 111., where he has accepted a position. Hospital Notes .Julia Chester .. Admitlcd: Mr. James O. Rowe, Hope, Mrs. W. C. Veger, Shrcvc- port, La., Mrs. Hugh Lasctcr, Hope. Discharged: Hugh Edward Patton, Hope, Sandra McKamic,' Hope ,Mr. W. D. Hood, Ozan, Mr. James B. Daley, Hope Artievclt Martin, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. R. E. Story, Hope Shirley Beasley, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mr. M. II. Winberry, Mrs. Wade Gilbert and baby girl, Washington, Richard Dickerson, Washington, Linda Carrol, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Story of Hope \WITHWHAT VOU WANT LD OVEHi JANE WYMAN ROCK HUDSON BARBARA I7U5H PLUS: Late World News & Droopy Color Cartoon FEATURE TIMES: 2:24 - 4:39 - 6:54 - 9:09 NIXT ATTRACTION? V 'BJgaest Little Store In Town" Poll Parrot SHOES FORf BOYS ANP OIRIS COWBOY BOOTS They're sturdy colorful $5.00 to $9.95 According to Size FOSTERS FAMILY SHOi STORE ^'Where Seosl $h«e$ Are Fitted Correctly" CORBIN FOOTER lQlf,2nd Phone 7'67 V-8 POWER -for smoothest, most responsive "Go" Ford is the only car,;in its field, to offer V-8 power! 330-h.p. Y-block, low-friction design gives you sensationally smooth, responsive "Go" in all driving ranges, wrings all the power from every drop of gas. BAU-JOINT SUSPENSION —greatest chassis advance in 20 years Ford alone among the low-priced cars has Ball-Joint Front Suspension. All riding and handling is consistently easier,' and that "new car feel" lasts .longer. Lubrication points are reduced from 16 to 4. TREND-SEHINC STYLE —it sets a pattern for the ii ' Only Ford in the ( .., , ,. ; ^ smooth-lined styling that'will 8*M for years to coiiie, And r * >l3 upholstery which iu f a " interior trim arid -- 1 '--'-' •/ '. -: '-:'' :;:>Sf||i ^ ':'-' h .''^m l. ^ H* -,W W&tiffiA s fiffiKM tK&w&tyY*^ ^ ,ff „ "?^V* kfi v\;A >ife »>«i^_ V if _T»>1 riM -:' mm CHOICE —the widest in the indgstry •You may choose from 3 lines... 28 models. This w,ide selection includes the world's favorite convertible . j . and the greatest line of station wagons in the industry. You have your choice of V-8 or Six. ALL THE POWER ASSISTS —chooss just the ones you wqrtt Ford offers the most advanced power as- sLsfs in its field .. , the kind yoij'd expect in lu'gher-priced cars, There's ^ower ^teer* jng, Power Brakes, Power Windows and rear) and a 4'Way Power Seat.* HIGHEST RESALE —yserf cqr Of \|3^4 Foi-d r^t^fts a' higher COME ift...LEARN AJJLTHE REASONS WHY HOPE AUTO JTl \J * Ju f% : \J .. 1 -JSi^' •• i * »*••&** ;,*> "^.Iftil Phgne 7-2341 """m,^ P ^ A "

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