Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 24, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1896
Page 3
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STATE NATIONAL BANK f.OGAXSPOKT, .IJfD.1 OflPITflL $2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. 8. W; Ullery. VIc« President B. J. Heltbdnk, Crtahler. DIRECTORS. 1. T. Johnaon. 8. W. Ullenr. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott W. H. 8ntd«r. Buy and •»'! Government buiide. Lour utomfy «n personal security and collater •It. !»?«(> KpiTlHl certificates 0? deposlM be»rtnr i oor cent. Intereit wh«n left onf f*»r; 2 per cent. t»r annum when dopon- Ited ilx months. Boxen In Safety Depoult Vaults of thli b»nX for the deposit of deeds, Insuranc* V«licle«, mortK»Kes and ether valluahles r»nt«l at from *fi to 115 r^r year. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-. UNDERTAKFR =•: N.. 417 Market 3 teft. C»llH uttentled to proi iptly, ilfcy »i , Central Union and Mutual telephone*. Office. No. 16; Ronldence, No. 12!. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. THE RAILROADS The Engines of the Future Will be Monsters. TURNED TO GOLD. Charley Hildebrandt's Rooste and Its Politics, TRYING NEW DESIGNS General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. BHOADWAY. I-KU UK Tlu-.ro is always some fellow in- tin- worM who thiu'ks it smart to misrep- roscnt. his iwijrh'borts. One of t.hi« class • of £Cti,rk-men is neai'I.v called down in the foilo-riiif; WHiirmimeatRm lo Tlio .Towjval: Ilivyal CYiii'ic-r, Oft. -1, IS'Jfi. .I'Mi'l'iffi' .Tournciil: 1'loase publish tin•following anml givalJy oMfue aue: I read i'u Koyd's letter im iliti Txi-gtiux- j>orr Time* <?t" last -week that Gus Lux doolfl-rcs 'Ivo has tuniwl mo •and that I sun now liurra.hiiiK for 'sixteen to one,' Now, if Lux did toll J. II-. Bin-toil that, it is uirtrive and 'W> OJHJ •hns- any right or cause 'to wrl fe or ispuaik 111 such, twins of me. There -aire not. Luxes, Bin-tons, or iBry'.ljii'K •euonpli im' the cowintry to t-Uange me to uvy political belief. I a.in for McKmley rirot, last and all Ilie time and the one wlho first toW or started this story knew where I stood. I ask them to 'be more carefnl as to what they write about me horeaif'ter. Tell .the truth and I win any nctMme, but •n-han Hbey write unitirutHni I will talk^ 'buck. Yours, ,L. K. DAY. HOW'S THIS. W«- offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Kail's Catarrh Cure. F. .7. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. O.. We, the-underslfmed, have known F J. Cheney, for the last 15 years, and bo- Ueve him perfectly hoaoraWe IB all business transactions and fnanclallj able to carry out nay obligations made by their flrm. • • WEST & TRITAX, \VnoIesale Drug gists, Toledo, O. WALDING, KI.-fNAN & MARVIN Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter nally, acting directly upon the blooc and tnncoua surfaces o* the system Testimonials sent free. Price 75c pe bottle. Sold by all druggists. imidi'n,!? tin.' jrreoit iutpi-ovc- iiniMi; nine IViMisylvtuiia iKJoyle 'Ira.vu iiKitle in the hist li'l'd'eii years ini '(ihe mo- tlv-e poavor Oie ollk-:«l» of tilm.C depart!!!Wil: ,'i>ix- not yet ssitlsliwl wllih what •hias beoiKi'C'ConiplIslM.'d. Chk-.C at Motive I'owr Mly, in si. wcc'iiit couwjimiicatloii, discu^sw ail k'ni^lli 'the modem loeoauo- live, a.iul pa.i-tii«iil!nrly 'tlie neeeut type j:a'(.rodiK-,«l on Hie I'ftnu.tylrajiln.' iviili- i-oi.-iil iji.iul Us p,ri.itciipal couuoctlous, and is jio't. silow or ba'Ckw.-urd In jn)littin,u out the railic.'il weakness wlilieh can't be rcniL'tli-ed, ,lle adinte'iJi^r'Hire Be.ll- Ki.i.n> boita- is mot the best for stesini. me poi-iuts -to ils.siipL'Ti.or Miviifrr.hi. pv- iiif, r .it a U-i>-i l ilcT;i)tii)ii \yhi.eiln mo-re tlvan •Diintwuii.-l'S its r.ew doifeL - 1s. aivil h~' «i'.v!j i.lui'-t ::lie bo Her wliic-h. -,s v.o replace he r>L>'.:ii);ni'.]'e on -l.'ii'e IViKi'S-.vlvaiillii. IKIS lot; yet 'hoi. 1 !! I'liiV.Cin.in'ul. A.s Hue C;U'i>, "he tirains a.iul tin.' firaiilic two citciva/iin.^ oiii ?! lu'tirly iMiniil rU'liu. ':uiil 'the ii'i- cn-.'isii.- is jili. iiirtiiwnally ra-jiid.. the wohslLi. ill' trains eipnsl':i.i.iir.y cxc'.i'i'iTs Un- to line iK'-rph'xi.iiv:. jinilili'in lilwit run- frciats lli.c <!iii,'lir-i' JKW-^I- ollii-iaJs. The I. > -i"iiiiii'j-yilv i aii'': | a w.M.1 t.-oicliiine, lihwet'tir;-, to i-xiu-finti'iMl: \\'il'h .nt'iw (T/t^s.i.u'iiiS 1 , ji-nii within !'li.c (liin:'i:si;)lis to- wli.VJi Cln-.v aii'e im\v n'sirii-iwl by lun.ii 1 : 1 '!^ ami il>r!iil:','i's'ilivy w.ill -ki.'i'p 1111 :n\i]'m'.: \-n t'he wdidlH :nnl s-treus 1 !!) of 1ho locmiui'tlves till i.h-..' iii^v;-! 1 ji'iiil s|i'i"i'd 'iM'iMiseai-ry to meet priwuni and fuiuiv rwiiu'ri.iintaif.s Is iiC'COiiiipjislH'd 'in I In; diC-vc-loipinint of ti Kre.it iiKin'hiiK' whk"h wiill d'W-an'r the m>w in -use. CLsui-Jies HI:Ui*l>r.ni«W, the shvet eii^i.r lusuiiil'ew'fiiirwr, is si n. aroat tleiiil of <jli;i.llii>5 fwm liis jmst IIIMV. WrOH Bi'.vnin wnme same du.\> •:i«o, ClKn-kv miide-ii r^nwiLlrail I'Justrn tiiiu of Ws views by piutt'iaiif; Wif plcku\ of the "Boy Onvtoi'" in 11 cqittsipitiioiif whwlow of. liis P'kicc of bnsliwcss. A I din? Iwjioin of t!lw> pk-fciwe Iw OTSpcinlei! a pictiiire of -n. iv>!>Kiflr, pifimtctl In rei iiiJ;, hh« s«me picture lie •curried t.lit 1 :i'dol of .four yojmw ajjo, G novel C'kwokuul, \ni» .'i tsinwTkL-nte, only the of Gi'OT->er w>:is <m/t from Wie e«ml irml if. wiiis put foftilii sia 'a •reiil-roir-sii'iv Bryiiim fowl. A IVw thuys of a wO'iid'Cu't'uil <lliff«-Cinoo 1« tilie col- i>f tJiie roostar; or possibly Wio bird rwil-f 'lui's ohniiiffcs'l hils* views. Oei'- n lit J'S tlinit the l.ii-.-d, \vnj-in (Hi by the nrys.of the O-C'tulvr SIHI-, look o« ««;li cliiij' ;v more rnwet. 3iuo uti'lll it ii- •Ji:nl!,v ston.nl foii-l'.h. -;i. sohle.in'Oii«tH-. Tt .had simply vfcmlicar-wl the pi'MK'i'pl'PS of -I'ni.o r>(MUi',XTjR-.v niwl is todiny t'he yel- IiMV-c'St; roos-lrjr in. oxWi'liKft TlieclKWiwr! iv f ii>h!ir O't' t.ln> biird ^jiiwriw to -I 'ho rn- ii'iw Hint Clia.i-k'.v 'linul ehanflfrccl his po- njMi'dnl vi<!\vs, :v::'il wJiito m.i' p !i;i'Hist, il slsi.iul with if.h.e 1*1 SCMIIIH! Jlinwy. Wl !!!>( '.'(MliaillS ttl 1 |'e;nl of bci!ii£ a <!i:ltpriii'liied to - D'Mnoei'aiey Jxir 1 !' rhlife is Vrai v or COMPARE THEM. Mere is a Difference for Railroad Men to Tbinlc Over. ONLY OME LINE THAT DOES IT. There is now only one line operaitin? thronjrh double daily serv.ice from Missouri Iliver points to California, and that'line Is the Un.Ion Pacific. 'The Overland Limited".is the fastest train in the West, aid Its equipment of Free Reclinln? Chair Cars, Buffet Smo-king nnd> Library Cars, Pullman Diaiug- and .Sleeping Cars Is unsurpassed. No other ttne offers equal facilities for California travel. For further particulars send for advertising matter of the Union Pacific, the Original Overland Route. Jas. I>. Welch., General Agont. room 35,"Ca.row bulldtoK, Cm- cinnatl, Ohio. RAI LROAD NO'IfHS The .i'lisp-oelkig .party v.ihk-li vislrod the .shops Tlnu'sd'ay. n%M left yester- rtay ujonnitii'ia; by way T>f • the RleJimoin'd tllvtsioiii on IllJolT 'inspecting tour. a'he t nicies of a (rni-'loa.dod wMi coal ttroiao yestrtrday morning in the South yawls, twiid «onie 'little difncruHy was exporJeiiceil bet ore tlvoy were- repato-od. llomioi 1 Kesstof 'ivill deliver the ad- at the II. R. Y. M. C. A. rooms SuiKtay afrornoon flit 3 o'clock. AH me.n <ire eordta.ll.v invited to n.t- teiul. C. Kiuloito. foi-jiK-rly wilh the eugl- u'tierinfr d'0p;i.i - tim»n-t of tlio r.enmsylvar nia .miiilawul, has accepted (te position of engineer of coustruetlofl. of tihe S'.'IB,vv> •r.'i.H'ro.'ul, of ,T.mi>a.n. Tlio Aiiilinjrton -hotel nit Ijaikc Maxl.u- taickec will 'l»e c!-o«ed t,!ve first o.f the m-OMl'h a:ml propi-h-ifor. Kinn-pp will re- sumo iltis rim <is (.-onduc'tor on tiho Midi- igau dirisioij at the YaiMl-aJia. • BliigLnoer Mavr.iai Ga.nither nvade tiio TWO Prom Richmond to thJs-elt.y TJiurs- ila.y In ivno •liou.r jiind' forty nulnutcs. This is the faistest rum. recorded to 1te of tlwvt section 'of -the road. President lid Tu-aimej- of tho RnlJwiy Men's Sound Money cmfl) wH'l go to Columbus, Oliio. lodny a:nd make nn address 'before tine Railway Men's. Sound Monoy cfluib at Wtat i>l'a.co tills eveutn;:. 'nh.o'goveruiinent of Japan has given the Piitt-sburj; locomotive wo'i-lcs orck.rs to Imild five -mow engimes of the same typo .nt those -roconiUy shipiped- fixwu these works. Tbey «,ne buiilt from dc- l>y .TjiTXTU'e^c cnginC'CTS. Tourwil: Dr. ,T. H. Tal- Ixvt't. ini.'difal esn.m,inoir of .pol'w division ' of tlw lines, wiho liiis bccm a'lwon't fo : r we*s wlM rt'luru 'toddy, 'and Dr.' A. W. 1 . wlio. 'Iwis been a«tlug hi hi-s will ratum. to Jjog.'iusport. liis Tln> roironi-alts .-mv •ti'lilinjr nu,'!i. t.hii't 'liiw Ivnjnubl'ktMi- .ixn't-y is asainisl: 'tilH'.ir invfiWK.I*'; Hlaiit I'h'S p-la.(- rorin o'f Uie I'iioaiu'l.iltediii jwrtjj iwlo'plixl •ait St. Ldii.i*. Mii.vsJiotiliiiiiisa.boT.it. tltB iH 1 - bttiraii.i'O'ii of dillVTeiiiC'os whkrli mny niri.se brtwecin eniptoyers a:nd employes Jlero is the <pla.n:U of the ReanibliciH' qvl-i'tfoi-m 1 d(.'nil'i!Ug 'wi't'li tills (lUOstiou: "We fnvor tli'O erpii'trani o-f a- Nd.'iimur Board of At'biih-ait.ioin to .settle Ji.ml fld .lust cllfforeuees wilviKh nvny jurise be- tw<?p!ii •emipToj'CTS tnul emplojird en gaged Jin Iiintarstaite combeix 1 *." Now 'what -does itllie Popocrn-tie plnit I'otim sniy wi'tlh reto-eineo to tJw arbiti-n- •liffli of siK-H' d-lftereaieosi? Not one v-ord'. .Rwponited deciairnitioais irf love tor the ivoa'k.iinig.mja,n to tlw; contrary, Dioitwl'tlistuoidluig, the platform oif fclvc uiondiescrli>t parly adopted siit Chicago says not: one word regflrdtajr tklo 1m- partauit poiiiut tio rwllirosi'd moiu. NEXT THURSDAY EVENING. Railroad and Business Men Will fleet at the Rink. A 'SmuiKl Mnun?y -nieetliiiK will be held •nt the rltvk TlwrsdJi-y owiiing, October 20th, :lt 8 o'clock -p. ni., nnder tihe aai^- pi'Ces of -tiro Smrnd Mnmej" R.'ijl.voad c'lub, ami irhc biiislness men of the ci'ty of Dognaisport a:nid Cuss oouairy. It Is hoped Hurt every 'jiislweeR msuii,- and ovciry 'waeiMMiiiJcr, whetlier -IK be in the employ 0f any 'rajfroad or aiot, wll-l be presenit. An nddress will be made •by a mam who kis worked wi ; l!li: th-e •WTaige-eai'D'Ors ,nnd lanows ivlra.l: • Dlw,'}' want, aad'ilww 1-t ^vill beito the Intwest 'pf fflie -\\Tag"e-eatin« - , ns ^^11 an t'lvc business mian, /to vote tor SOUTH! ami «!?a.to*t towie stl.v«'. Everybody tu.ri)' out n.nd nw-ke a FAMILIAR SAYING "jr>i'<ln't kt»w it w.is loaded" hus explained tlw> cause of nuuiy a serious Irart. Four ywurs n.go ]xsoi>le didn't k.now tlKut I'i'c-o tr.iide was loaded 'with 'buslwss st-aitiiatJon, 'los,s of work n.iul Iwiird thiM.'s in ^cinc'ral. Bu-t-Uiey ivoji'l nvako tlwt nvistako again.— Repuiblk-an. THAT .TOTFTTL FEBLING. Wltli the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength find internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time medicines and the cheap substl- tuteS sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-informed. HOUSES FOR SALE. All the houses an <ihe sont/h side of CamaJ street between Third street und alley west of First street, Logunsport, Ind., bdongtap to the P. C. C. & L. Ry. Co., flire for sale. For prices etc., apply to L. S. Pureeli, data agent at the- Static*. On'e dioltar buys two'In shoo&—Stev& Kl'inslek. is .TowiMi-l: The Pe-nnsyl- vaiLi'ii, jiwpectii'Mv party yostoi-dny mindo tlio nm f.ii>m LoTi'isvi'Lle to Logjiiospoi-t. Today tltf.v will iwpcct titc line i'lwn to Cinciii'Wiiti. The pa.rty t'hi-pf.' special trains, cfl.di o.no. rim Ditoi; im obNevvatioai can- ivll-h oiien end aihwud of i;Iie loconwtive. That l:ho tiMt-k ln«pot:iiou imay be ttovoiiirfi, tin: speed af t.he Iraiui' is no't over 'hvcini.?' nirk-K anil hour. It Is esliiii-ated Mia't t.ho e\iptwos of Hie trip will be ?3,000, or flfbomt $GOO a d'liy. The Darlington, Wig., Journal, says editorially of a popular patent medicine: "We know from experience thart Otomberlain's Coldc, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remhdy, Is all that Is otortmed for It, ns on two occasions It stopped excruciating pains and possibly saved us from an untimely grave. We would not rest easy over night without It to the house." This remedy undoubtedly saves more pain a>nd suffering than any .other medicine to--the world. Every family should keep It In the house for It Is sure to be needed sooner or later. For sate by B. F. Catarrh Is a constitutional disease and requires a const) rational remedy like Hood's Saraaparllla, which purl- Oes the blood. the BOM'BEiRiY -It Ihtis bc!e-n.'r.epoirtxsd to The ,Toiu - n.al tliftt Republicans liaye beeji 'iij-.]>r C'aciisd with tine 'suggesitipmi ..that, it wilt b« •ml.ido am. oftjeft' for th'em/to-movc a-iul •lose thei-r vote*. ; "Vrn*cli 'for tills ,iud ivjxn-t all cases 'to iR^ubllcan, head- q'liiirt (Vs. :'r ESCORT WOMEN VOTE FOR PRESIDENT For 'Hie first tiriK- iD the- Irstory oi DhJs'counCi-y ;vn opportunity I'or women to publicly express their . o-lroieo foi president is offered. The motliod Is iiiOlqiie fljid wjll result in showing on Nov. -1th just what effect the woman vote will teive wi national A mftnufacturer wlio h«s business re- iattons with ruos't of' Hie proliitawi iio\vspa.pers in lilie United Slates, proposes the pi-am, as follmvs: All women over IS are entitled to one vote. Tile votes by slates will be shown In the papers on every Wednesday and Saturday un&l Nov. -tth. Womou arc requested to read more than one sMn of the question, imd act upou Itoif own Judgment. Wi'ite the naime of candJ- date on a posbil ca.rd and write your own JKime and address clearly, also city and state. On (the lower left haad eornej: ffivo tire' name of a Danlier or grocer who knows you. The proea.m.ian is to prevent flooding the miiJH wliih (ietitiotis votes. Xatues u-ii'kuowin to grocer or banker wffl ]j: cliirown ouit, 'bo very careful to ^-rito ,'l'O,'iirly iiixl an 'jicknowled^eraeiit c-f he receipt of eiH'h' vote will lie sent to illbc fair voter. Send the postal to \wtum Ccrea,! Food Coffeo Co.. Bat- Ic- Creek. Mich. It is urged Unit 'VCi/y eaii'ncst' woninn wit) not licsl-l-ate o e-xpend a peuny to register lier prc- oreuco -at fh.is most iui.eresltng perioi >f Nivtionial hiS'tory. Tihis eoni]Kiiiiy h:is a uiil'ionnl repnta ion mid pkxlge tlM'.ii' integrity and lion >r to report the vote- exactly as ro eired, ^\•i•lllOllt foar w I'n.vor, A swon. tatomaitof t'he linal vote polled ii]j ti .p. m. Nov. 4t-h will be published Xov Uh and the vote as it progresses will >e shown on every Wcducsdi-iy and «i turda.y Iwhvewi iiow asid fhcn. Rtlport from IVshim- Co. sfjitot? Uvni the ladies 'are votiijiis frcs}]y fro-m n.l Sioctions of -the couimtry. Tiiiv tlocd ol pO'Stial card vx>t^s is buini^ registered, but tho Compaaiy thrct the pu'Ulic'beaT with t-liiem Jy wal'M next AVwliwsdfl'y, O'ot 2Stli, when .the first report by stnites will a.p, pear, flind- :u pi-ompt report »ivemi oai «u;li i&aturday a.ml AVwlueslay tilrere- «fter. THE WEEKLY CINCINNATI COMMERCIAL GZAEITE The Wephly Edition of the CINCINNATI COMflERCIAL TRIBUNE ONLY CENTS Oiiir Wc'dnttnlay Ji.nd Siiitwrdiiy issue- «iclv -n'oek imlfl elootioo, will pivc tlio repO'rt by stsutos of the rmnoiis votp for President Republican Meetings. A ypcd^iJl coi»j!;jive 01 tihe-Giuvwl wil'T l.io Itdhl n.t Jncfldqwairteii'S aaditoriwin 011 Saturday uitglrt, Oct. 2-1. All mieuilbcrs of Hie G-nsi.r-d -lire iiuiMiitcid to pnrl lolpate .hi : Mvr>' oeucijToaiiesS.. JiOB'C. KMI'GiHT., Sec'y. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. divcJcs nt Folcys. PJcn-ty cdlory, Roliienmel. Sa-tuixlniy. Olw>»p(ist iuml. Iwst shous.— •Stevenson & Kli/usick. Pure ItiMm •hinndUwcliicfs, 5e, «t 1iie Fair today. now drives in- dress goods aaiO Tividc Palace. stock of cn-adiy, for l.oday's trado.— Wrlpbt & Bnd.d<?, 321 Peai'l stroot. Attend Uho l)ig clonJv sale today. 100 speetal Jflckcita n.t. $9,OS «t tto Trade . . Tlie Westside club will Awjt at the .residence of Mr. fund Mrs. Gco. W. Hnilwh, 112 Sycamore strwt,- AH members of tl)e ctob are to'V.lteil. Tlncre -\vUil be a caHetl meettagr of W. B. O. No. 30 at G. A. R. ball Swturdny, October 24th, 2:30 p. m., for inspection. nwaaber 1» uacged to be present , Rcputoltea,n spe-'ilitngs wiU be held at the following places In Cass county: Saturday even Ing, Oct. 24, Lucerne, •M. A. Qutnn. Saturday evemliw, Oct 24, Walton, W. T. Wilson. ' Saturday evenki?, Oct 24, Georgetown, Orlando Powell. Saturday crcnLnfr. Oct. 24, Twelve Bllle, George W. Funk and George W. Wdlters. •Monday evcr.tof», Oct. 20. Waverly, .Twlge T. B. Evanis of Indianaipolfe. iM«n<la.y eveuins-, October 20tih, Hon. :. Nelson at tlip ftak. eiverainig, Oat. 27, at die riulc. •\vl-ll be iiieetHiigs Wednesday, y, FriuJnii" Juid Saitui'dlay a:t the rinik.'deita.iil'; of -wMeli. Will be nmuouac- I'M or. Monday evening, Oct 20, Olymers, D. B. McDonnell and J. C. McGregor. Monday evening, Oct. 2G, Wilson's school house, Tiipton- townsliiip, Q. A. Myers. Monday evening, Oct. 20, Seven-foot school 'house, Jackson toi\-ushif), Or- tando Powell amcl B. F. Oinrapbell. Monday oroain'S, Oct, 20, Deacon, W. T. Wilsom and Fred 1/n.ndis. Tu-esdni.y oveata?-, Oat. 27, Younjr •Vmcrioa, T. B. Evans: esd'.'tj' evening, Oct. 28, Royal Center, T. B. 5vans. Tue.sd'My evening, Oct. 27, CaBowa-y schoorhowsc, Jcltcrso.n-ito^"U.slUp,'D. C. 'Justice. Tuesday ovcnim.?, Oct. 27, Coivter selvool ilionse. Wasiliilugbon'. Goo. Gamble wnd Goo. Funk. W-edncstoy ev^'nlmgr, Oct. 23, OtsaRt- sc'hool houso. Bctiifcihicm towusWp, Q. A. Myers'. Wednesday cvenhijr. Oct. 2S, Walton, Gco. Funk 'and G-eo. Walters. Thursday evoiu'lnfr, Oct. 29, Ounw-rd, .Tames F. Statesman. Thursday evcniinur, Oct. 29, Adamsboro, Q. A. Myers aind G«>. Walter* 'T.lrarsd«y «v-oninig; Oct. 29, C«atcr school house, .Tefffl-rson townsliip,.Wm\ Aoton. Thursday <5\'eiuin.g, Oct. 29, Ceniter school house, Nobte t^posJiI-p, W. T. Wilson and Fred Landls. Friday ercolnff, Oct. 30, Galvestoa, D. C. Justice and Fred Landla • Friday evening, Oct. 30, Lucerne, 8. T. McCoaneU and Franfe S^vigart. Friday evenimg, Oct. 30, Tsvelve Mite, W. T, WJJsoa end Geo. Walters. A YEAR Over One Hundred Years a Family Favorite. The Weekly Commercial Gazette contains sixty:four columns every week. It gives the nuvra of the world in the Most Complete Shape; the Choicest Miscellaneous Rending and the B-»t Stories and Literary Matt-tr t,hat braiu c,aa produce and that uionpy can bny. The Weekly Cominercinl Gazette is printed every Tu'?.«day morning «nd mailed to auy Dart of tlie Uuited States or 3a.nuda at FIFTY CENTS A TCAH. SAMPLE COPIKS PKEE. "STThe DA1TA' COlfMERCIAL TRIBUTE is uonViiled us a Newspaper, and irs growing popularity throughout thp Central States is attested by its inftrwrthiiig sale.j. Issued Daily and Sun-jay. Every Postmaster is con'iderad un agent. Address THE COMMERCIAL TRIBUNE CO. Send For Terms. ClSTOlNXATr, OHIO. -^'-'«^^^ A REWARD Of Health and Happiness The Indiana Depurator Company haa placed in Dr. J; B. Shultz office at 417 Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured; on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz'pffice 417 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind AH Kinds of Drawings Made by AVon<i<a-s never' cca®&. They Jjow-vre do it But we do it See tSiose •boaveir cloUi jackets ait .f 2.98. Bouclc jackets:, saitto face, $4.90. 100 special Jackets today at- $9.98.—Trade Palace. BYRON B. GORDON. Spry Block Logansport Natural Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Octo ber 1st 1896, Consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annua rate, on the basis of six payments, should arrange to have their stoves connected bj}" that date 'in order to be on time. Lopnsport & lateh Yaliey Gas Co. 317 & 319 Pearl Street.

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