The Wilkes-Barre Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1912 · Page 16
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The Wilkes-Barre Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1912
Page 16
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18 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2.1912. THE WILKES-BARRE RECORD SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21912. - n V TURKS CLAIM TO HAVFAOVANTAGE (Continued from page 1.) ' Constantinople, $iov. l.Aa all night session of the cabinet ended long after daylight wlta the ministers deadlocked. It was aatd, concerning the desirability of suing for peace. Some believed there waa no other course left to the sultan. Others, farored continuing the ; fight until the last Turk waa killed in preference to surrendering. London, Not. 1. The crushing defeat . administered to the great Turkish army by the Bulgarians In the four day battle In Thrace may btf the prelude to the end of the remarkabla Balkan war. Reports from Constantinople were to the effect that the Turkish cabinet was holding an Important session, and it was rumored that the question of suing for peace was being discussed. Intervention by the powers is now the main topic of dlscnsslon among the Boropean diplomats, M. Potncare, the Franca premier, who has been active hi trying to bring about peace, has expressed an opinion that now is the LOONEN'S PYRALIN PEOPLE'S Tea Store Double Gold Stamps . All Day Our idnous Diamond Flour,, sack 78, i bbl $1.55. THIS IS AN EXTRA FINE QUALITY FLOUR. ALL OTHER FAMOUS BRANDS AT LOWEST PRICES. Fancy breakfast cocoa, lb... 19 Shepps' choice cocoanut, lb. 15 Fancy io or., size mustard special .7? Our famous blend coffee 25 Our extra fancy fresh eggs 30t Very choice creamery butter 32 Fancy Queen olives . . .:15 Our Elk Fancy 15c peas. 2 Fresh rolled oatmeal, 6 lbs. V ... ...250 Green peas, 4 lbs. for . .250 Fresh, crisp ginger snaps, 5 ; lbs. 250 Extra choice Formosa Oolong tea :500 Double Gold Stamps all day. Both phones. Free Delivery. V " IS Parisian Ivory , Toilet Goods The two original solid back ivories. Here in' every x kind Of ....... touet arncies. a CALENDAR OF BALKAN WAR. Oct. 5 Irregular fighting begun between Turks and Montenegrins. Oct. 8 Montenegro declares war against Turkey. Oct. 12 Montenegrins Invest Ta-rabasch. .Oct 14 Montenegrins take Tusl. Oct 17 Servla and Greece declare war against Turkey; Turkey declares war against Bulgaria and Servla. Oct. 19-Bulgarians capture Mus-tapha Pasha near Adrlanople. Oct Servians take Prlshtlna on way to Uskub; Turks retire to Koumanovo. Oct 24 Bulgarians capture Kirk Klllse, key to Adrlanople. " Oct. 26 Servians capture Koumanovo, outpost of Uskub. Oct 26 Servians capture Uskub; Montenegrins capture Scutari Oct (T Bulgarians capture Baba opl tfir. Burgaa and Muraldl, commanding Rod os to. Not. 1 Turkish council discusses suing for peace. Eski, southeast of Adrlanople. Oct K Bulgarians capture Lule mpare In Size; Strength, Stabifity anda is the way THE PEOPLE'S OUTFITTING COMPANY appears when considered by way of comparison with other furniture stores in this section. ' Being an organ ization With stores in most of the principal cities of the United States, using nearly a million square feet of floor space, and employing almost 1,000 people, it stands jilone unrivaled in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and, as the massive oak overtowers and overshadows the lowly hedge, so dpes the PEOPLE'S OUTFITTING COMPANY raise aloft its sturdy frameabove' at her - furniture favorable time for the powers to act, and It Is predicted here that aome action may now be taken In tine different capitals that may result in the powers stepping In and bringing the war to a close. As more detailed .reports come in from the scene of the fighting the far-reaching effect of the victory of the Bulgarians la seen. The wonderful two weeks' campaign of Caar Ferdinand's soldiers has placed them in a position to threaten Constantinople itself. Late reports from the front contain strong rumors that Nacim Pasha, the Turkish commander in chief, has either been shot or taken prisoner. Greeks 8ink Turkish 8hip. Athens, Nov. 1. A Greek torpedo boat sank a Turkish cruiser in the gulf of Salonlkl according to a message re-Jci ved from the Greek commander. The cruiser was the Sethfethldelund. It carried a crew of 220 men. Home Candidate FOR Congressman at Large REPRESENTING THE STATE OF. PENNSYLVANIA Troops May Loot Capital. Constanta, Roumania, Nov. 1. The sultan's advisers are in terror of a massacre not only of foreigners, but of the entire noncombatant population of Constantinople and the looting of the city, it was stated in messages received hero from the Turkish capital. If the Ottoman troops are driven back into the city, it was pointed out they most, violence , may ,.wexBected..froro ttiwa?Z:iamv:ptX--)ri2&f to be losing control over them, It was said, and they are beginning to feel that a point has been reached where the empire la doomed and that every man had better take what be can and care for himself in the future. No matter how swiftly the Bulgarians may follow, pessimists believe, they can hardly force their way into the city soon enough to prevent a general slaughter and carnival of looting by the disorganized horde of semlbar-barlans called to the colors by the sultan to rests; the Invaders. GEORGE R, Bulgarians Pushing On. jLondon, Nov. 1. Renewed fighting Follow Your Common Sense and it will lead you In the right direction. A person when. sick, is very. apt to grasp at a straw. Unworthy articles are alluringly advertised to cure all manner of Ills and you are made the goat for experiment unless you life common sense. Everybody Is occasionally or frequently in the throes of a bilious attack, of which all the symptoms are nature's danger signals for yo'-i to do something before it is too late. Headache, bad stomach and constipation are the forerunners of most Intestinal dlsepse. Attacked in time, In a common sense way, they soon pass over. Study your case and etudy the remedy. Take Bomothlng which will effectually operate, first cn your liver, then on your stomach, and lastly on your Vowels, Take sofne-thln which nature has furnished and which is untouched nor altered by human hands. A natural remedy is the choice of every doctor. Hunyndt Janos Water Is their choice. It !r the most ideal, sensible and safest Natural Laxative Mineral Water and half a tumblerful on' arising acts speedily, sure and gentle. stores in this and ' surrounding 'territory. , . - . -; Its UNEQUALED BUYING POWER, together with its mammoth outlet enables this progressive firm to procure the best economies the kind of economy which gets the BEST - QUALITY AT THE LEAST POSSIBLE COST. , ' This same power gives it a tremendous advantage in selling and makes it first in QUALITY, first in STYLE, first in VARIETY, and first in LOW PRICES. . . . , Add to these a system of credit that is not extravagant, but liberal enough to suit nearly everybody's means, courteous an d efficient service, anrTits honesty, integrity and fairness in dealing with patrons, and the indisputable fact stands out THAT IT IS. WilkesBarre9s Greatest Furniture Store - - v . - . . . , . -i . ''-C "K in ' 1 1 1 Read the Above Story Which Was Submitted by Mr. Gagion and Which Received Second Prize. It Tells You Why You Should Buy Your Furniture at Wilkes-Barre's Greatest Furniture Store 7i Merry Bride Heater Like cut, 16-inch firepot, extra he--v castings and beautifully n.. -led. The price iS only $35.00 Set Up Compkte. 'This is undoubtedly oneof the greatest bargains ever offered in the Wyoming Valley. . . An All Wool Face Brussels Rug 0x12 feet, in all patterns and colors, for only $10.50. This Beautiful Dresser 1 II. I Like cut, made of -solid oak, finished golden, has large French plate mirror and large drawers, for only ....$12.75 Ranges That Will Bake' 1 1 . This means a great deal to any housewife who cares to have her : food the best that can be made. : We guarantee-- erery range - we , sell to give perfect satisfaction. PRICES FROM $21.00 TO $60.00 Cash or Credit. " Am r 1 m m- m m mm warn 10 South Main St., Wilkes-Barre : r 4 between Tnrka and Bulgarians within glity miles of Constantinople was reported here. It ras believed that the Bulgarians were making desperate ef forte to rea,ch and enter the lurklsh capital before the powers have time to intervene. -. SINGER BADLY HURT. Haters Dtick Six Bible Studsnt. Chicago, Nov. 1. Bound hand and foot and 'their months muffled with towels, six Bible students of Northwestern university Were dragged from their beds, carried to Lake Michigan and "ducked." Canada Faeea Big Strike, Ottowa, Ont, Nov. 1. Five thousand baggage and freight handlers and clerks ef the Canadian Pacific railroad Issued -an ultimatum to the company that ualess 'their application for wage increases is granted they will go on strike Monday. . Of Wilkes-Barre. 'Name " appears in DEMOCRATIC column. The ONLY candidate for this office from Northeastern Pennsylvania. T , BE LOYAL, TO" HOME CANDIDATES Other Communities Are. 7 The Army-ol Constipation Is Crowing Smaller Every DV CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER. PILLS Kspoojibl thejr sA only pn ruel ther penaaaeatly ear tMinsa. tisa. m- aVmfer , BUieej. 1 iriNrnfrr WflK biWI A niTTLK I y 11 v.-; X A, Mias Lydia Locke In Auto Srash Aft- er Halloween Supper. New" York, Nov. 1. Miss Lydia Locke, one.of the stars at Oscar Ham- ... V -1 1 tnenstein S LODaua ojiera uuuoo mm i . . . . I I season, now aoing concert worn in uus , country. Is in Bellevue hospital as the j result of an automobile collision andi explosion of the gasoline tanks thnt j followed. Four other persons in thei two automobiles were injured. MIks Locke had been ' celebrating Halloween with several friends, and She was on her way home In an automobile with Bertrand Darner, a the atrical agent. FUNERAL OF "M. STATU QUO" Balkan Situation 8atirized by Mock Notice In Paris Matin. Paris, Nov. L "You are requested to attend the funeral of M. Statu Quo, diplomat, who departed this life Oct 3tf,. 1912, in Macedonia, aged 465 years," says a notice in the Matin. 1 "ggnt nn lwbiilf of Tnrkeytrt will ow; Austria, his mother; England, his mother-in-law; Bulgaria, Servla and Greece, his daughters; Montenegro, hla randsor Russia, his daugbtsr-iB-law, and Germany, France, Italy, etc., bis cousins and second cousins. "The burial will be in Asia Minor." mm, laJlfsttiM, Sick BeaaWke, SanWSUa, UlALL PILL SHALLSOSE, SMAI1 MUO genuine must bear Signature , HEIGHTS Your Lace Curtains Neel Laundering This FaO : After' Hanging -W urome7,1b3r.5!!?-windows your curtains are full of aurt dust nnd smoke. While they-may not look badly soiled put them beside a clean pair and you note a startling difference. - We launder curtains very carefully, and. much better than is poslble at home or elsewhere. Wemakettem clean nnd white, starch them Just right and dry. them square and even. Our service Is prcropt ands the cost Is small. Lace curtains 60o'per pair, aash curtains 25o per 'pair.'. , : . Automobile and Carriage Robes 4 "X 1 . These are the days when driving is a pleasure; the air if f dear and cold and Nature is at its best. You cannot drive with comfort without the protection of a lap robe. ' ' t 4 Our line comprises many styles , and quality robes. W have carriage robes from .i ..i.$3.50 ip $25.00 Automobile robes from .1 . $4.50 to $9.00 An especially popular robe this season is the plain wool roue, we nave mem in piain oiue ana o lve arao. t n.xirc large size ; price . . . . '. , .'. .$4.50 Montana buffalo robes, interlined with rubber ; wind, water and moth proof. (Sizes 54x62 and 54x72.) - . r, 16-18 NORTH MAIN f T, si THE LEATHER STORE Wanted-lOO girls over 14 years to work in candy factory. Thos under 16 must have employment certificate. Apply Flanters' Nut & Chocolate Co ., 124 South State street. s V EAST END Want'ea .100 irlrls over 14 years to work In candy ' factory. Those under I 8 must have employment certificate. I 1 124 SouA flute atreeU ; 1 ; !,.. TTT If ' ft I rT3iWW;-.- .".-V k'jisl IKa I 74 I ,J Ml l-j iiiH-i2mm8-$ a-A m m - .aK AAaK a i t; -rL - . ..t. w?--.;. -m - .vbbv sea TT m wm mm i -wt- s : . II II Iff HUH I ' ' II II 4 Xm r.-..r.-.'v:.uv. v- j I w mm - " ' jsa, ' ' v -Il 1 r fc'LrWi J.:-y ITA -ji'V ' - . u a it n I mm&M-' m Vl, : irUfli : Til. ' - .1 mm l ne Xiiecirica i . -Voa . . . . . ..... m$m vacuum; oweeper i tm vu. u. swiiv uuvfii ' v j women ever Invented. " Ne home" honld be without one. For 4he ' oka nf Tnur tlrd hirli. f. Ih ' sake of real cleanliness and sani ask Us about suDCtvtne th ration. eleculcal . power which wiil t this wonderrul woman labor aav machine at your command.. - Shotwell, Bfnnett A & Williams : 51 WcST MARKET ST. , 1 I) 9 a, ;.; ,.;.,, ........ .... - . ,

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