Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 24, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1896
Page 2
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$s?jw • MRS. HENRY WARD BEECHER Praises in High Terms the Grandest of Medicines, Dr. Greene's Nervura. ^"Those Who Are Weak, Tired, Nervous, Out of Health and Suffering, Will Take Renewed Hope and Be Cured by Using This Wonderful Medicine, Dr. Greene's Nervura Blood .and Nerve Remedy. ; <k>si're to sue itlie wea'k, Wred, • iu uurvo poww «<ml physical stnxavgth, Murvow iaMd 'siUiffftrtotf nsstori'il H .j|' o swc . ^ipvphtfus. ivjiJjc tired juid MIX- ,h> heajilih -and sirejifitbu ...viv^i,^!, without st VENEZUELAN DISPUTE. JliMi of lubVhesl. .promltjeuce in this country Iliik-o Lmu.t.-G-aYwr.ii-o'r 'JUiomas •of Vermont (McwtpC'lior, Vt.,) ConKress- BKiiti --Vml-re.w Williams at J'la.ttsbmv. N. Y., S«iKi:Ujir Oioo. W, Ttimubill of Watcrl/iiry, Vt. Kx.-SpWBk-0-r- of ITouss of Rarans«Mi.t!iitives, CIm«. .T. Xoyos of .-Boston 1 , Mass.. Ho.it. Hcniry Robinson, Mayor of Concord. X. II., .Tmlfti' Enlwiui C. "Wlilte of ITyclo Park. Vt.., Soeiv.fcfirj 1 of tflvo 'SdtuU.i 1 -, Hull'. l''.KM.lei-fdv VT. Baldwin- of Tini-lcm. Yt.. iiintl muuy otlun- omitMnit pu.UlN: men llircmslumt tho United Sr.-uo.s we iissiiis. wi'dmvsini: find publicly rtx-cwniTeudtuj: 'the people to nso'tih'ls-iiio-st wwKlorfui medical discovery ot" t'lie:vgf, Dr. Greene's Xiirvnm Wood awl nerve, 'remedy. IK-prestMUsi'ttiiYe woman ol' our hind also arc <!mtilm.sfcist'i.-c' ru pnitsi! of its ii-om.'1-ous power to cure, (iimong them toeing Vleo-rres. of Hie Ma,*saieliuset1os ToM AibsttooiKo .Society, Mrs. !?. Louisa Burton of Boston Ma.ss., who W4is cnrcil by tMs jsraiuflimoilicjknt'. Xow comes .1 letter flrotn one of the •most widely known•vvaniwi la Am'crien, •Mrs. Henry Wiu'il Bcocher, who is loved and Iwmored by everybody, .ami •who tihtiifl .'peaks to t'lie i>noi>le out of ltd- deep TtSfKiird to humanity am* her SNw Jras perwtiiaiHy ivi'tiios.sen! f.lio \voiuta-fnl eflVols of J>r. GIVIIKJ'S lit (MU'Jiuir scrw-il of ho» j 1'rivnil.s, ••»! for 'Uie pood of ofliovs, for tlw.se who cire out CM' 'iKWdUi', slw •\vr8lns .to tire people wlirtt sbo known sill id JKI« 'Iwsswflf v'itnessoO fff Wi« i-o- iiKirkaibl* ilKMCik-inl •.•UK! )ncei 1 ll:ivprh-i.i.i^ i-flV.i.'(K of. Dr. Giwiw's Jicrviiw. blood ;Mul JKirvo remedy. Mrs. Kix-i.-Iio.r wnys:—"I -IBITC ;,'!ver. so-im: or I>i\ Circiiw'-s 'X-iMTimii 1o sov. eiM.l friioiids ^iuo T thought would- bo> IxiiHMit Ivd by it. They -spesiik Uglily of it ;iiiKl ('«•.! t'liey 'iKive been nnioli beni-- lik'd by JU use." "IHIi'cise iroop.lu S'rc very re.*i>ausJ'l)lt -\\1iiliiwwsos fi-s >to tlie btni-ofic-Ml eliaT.ieber of UK: in«lfci,n'e, -niud I «:LH rcsuly to vouch f<u- UiO Uoiiiostiy of •tih.riir npproviiJ of I>r. G-teene's Nemmu "If jKHfilecl >o my own' c^sc 1 , I cov- feiinl'y should use i-t.'; Dr. Grecune's Xervivra blood JIJH! iicrvo roimcdT is die t»est mcdioi'ne naul ffdirost TCStoror of Jien'H'Ji tho wot-ld hfis •ever known. A.I1 whoiirojiei-vo-ufi, tked, exhiuisted barfc- in qwsrve u'Si'o n-re r.ef I'cS'lwK for Um (lily's work; who blowl, •iw.'iwnlwia, 'rlioiTiiKitl^irn, nclie, diyspopsiu, iitwliiKO'Slioii', pi j'-njr, f;i;Hi;t fet'linsrs, J'Ots.s of a (.•aii'.-stljwitioi], IcIidiLoy or li'ver coinpi'siiiirt, »IH>II.M iiuinixJltiioJy iise Dr. Greta it 1 -'.-: Xvrvini;!. Hood .'iiiid m-n-e remedy. It will in'iikc you-AWll. lit frivcs d SJplvoHliil faiiiipl(."xlo,n, •iii-a.kinfr 'l!li»> clicoks jjlow iiiti«l f.lnyeyes .spili'klo '\v.'itlli 'hesiMi. No remoil'.v ^"iis ever so succ-c^sfiil in eans- t:o jstin flash. By .shviiKUi- ttio 0.1-^ftstlve I'niiief-Joins, pi-omot- ins a.ssslmii Uiitiani JUM! eJirkJiiav,; tlie Wood, it (sroiises the peir,-H>ii to friiadnnll.T ianeiY«se iJi wefeht until tJ» illliiiai -and sflnvdei- pan'.!-;-) assume u •roiiiitloil a.nd, IxMiutliful court our. •Dr. GrouDO's Xe,rvwni :s the prct?crip- •fioiix «C the -moist succesisfiti iiliysickin in cra-img- nervous and elvromjc dis«is-es, 'lion-oo it must of necessity -bo perfectly 'a<Jii/j»lied to cure Just these coiiyp-laJn'ts. Its discovewr, D. Girowie, of 35 West Wilih Street, Nt-w York Cl.ty, eaji be con- ,sni]'ted free, iim'sojrally or by letter. Believed an TT^darstarsdiris 1 for Settlement Has Been Reached. Joacph Chumberlnln't Visit to Thin Country Connldorod Significant — Expected That Great Britain Will Make Further Conccmloun. IT'S NOT STRANGE That people prefer to buy cheap, NOT CHEAP GOODS but BEST GOODS CHEAP. It shows their common sense and in this instance their appreciation of their luck. Merchandise disaster, Bankruptcy to the Merchant, means luck, reduced prices, about HALF REGULAR PRICES to the consumer, Such is the case with the OTTO KRAUS stock. The Clothing: and Shoes were the best the quality and variety immense. It wou'd be strange considering the hard times if the poop e did not buy staple goods appraised and soid at about 50c on the dollar. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee T-hc body of Cliiank"* AldvieJ), a well- /•inwni stocJc'injiJi of Tongmuwslc; KJIS,, w^ii's foiuitl an 1 the Uniioa Pnciiific rajl- ro/id track .item- titwremao, Kas, I't is irot known wlmcliov It. is a. case of -iiecl- <leiKt o'r nnirdej". A New York Herald special from Washington says: There is a well- defined belief in diplomatic circles here that as a result of Joseph Chamberlain's visit to this country some definite- understanding has been reached between him and Secretary Olney in regard to a final settlement of the- long- pchding- Venezuelan, boundary line dispute. Just ivhat the terms of the agreement are no one in Washington is prepared to say. Whatever trooispirod between the English secretary of the colonies and our secretary of state was, of course, semi-official in character a'ud will not take formal sliape until Mr. Chamberlain has conferred with Lord Salisbury, and Ambassador Pauncefote a-nd Secretary Olnoy have come together again. Xothing in writing has passed between Ibe two governments in regard to the Venezuelan situation since the publica.tion of. tlie last correspondeu-ce in July. There were'two unpublished notes relating tO'tie question of settlec districts, which, at that time scemcc to bo tlio only obstacle in Uic way of getting the whole question before an arbitration tribunal. Secretory 'Olney and Ambassador Paun-cefote are expected to get together during the present month, when the result of the conferences between Sec- rotary Olney and 1 Mr, Chamberlain will take formal shape in apropos!Uoa from the British minister to our secretary of state. This proposition, it is believed, will be in the nature of further concessions by Great Britain in regard to the question of settled districts, and will be so much more Jiberal than anything Great Britain has heretofore proposed that the United States will be'able to accept it, and thus place Venezuela in a. position for an amicable settlement of the territorial question. ,eec<l ings, for- an. order of court compelling- his son's, rcndmission to his classes, but lost his ease. Notice of appeal from the decision of .the Woodbury county board lins bean served on the. local school bonrd. STUDENTS CAPTURE THE GOAT. If you have ever seen a little child In the agony of 8D.uj.mer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate thfc value of Insrantan eons relief always LTTorded by DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery »nd diarrhoea It la a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this M a core unless It were a cure.—Jno, M. JTohneton. . John -Spencer, a -well-known resident of Hartlanid, 11-1., fell from toss wagon •and -broke his fleck, expiring immediately. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. Tie Best Salve In the world for cuts, brulges. sores, olcere, Bait rheum, fever lores, tetter, cbapped hands, chilblains, coma and all *kln eruptions, and post tlvely cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satin fiction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keea- Uof, As the d-esulit of a quarrel over politics In Wise county, Virginia, one man shot aiwtlier to deadh after lie himself had 'been wounded. If your chJldren are subject to croup watch for the first symptom of the dls- ease-rhoarseness. If Chamberlain's Cough Remedy la given as soon as the child becomes hoarse It will prevent the attack. Even after the croupy Itas^appeared the attack can al- be prevented by giving this rem- ed;r. It Is also Invaluable for colds and •whooping cough. Fot^ sale by B, F. Koesllng, druggist. Tfieorles of cure may be discussed al length by physicians, Dut the sntferers want quick relief; and One Mlunt? Cough Cure will give It to them. A •ate cure for children. It Is "the only' harmless remedy that produces Immediate results."—Jno, M. Johnston. Documents recently iniOMtuecI in tUo i'oy.i-1 .irclii'/ct; prove Eniporor W'Uliam to bo tlie -owner of 'the -ScMoss-Platz, SoMossfreilielt, M Berlin, .worlili .1 colossal fortune. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, brnlses, scalds, burns, are quickly cured by Do- Wltf B Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. P ERFECT an <* permanent are the cures by Hood's. Sarsaparilla, because .it mokes pure, rich, healthy life and health-giving- BLOOD. A. O. U. W. Monday, Oct. 2Gfch, there -will be a speaiaJ train to EransviiHe, leaving Wiabash sita'tion at 10:34 p. m., arriving at EvansvflJo at 7 •&., m. Oct 27ch. Fare ?3.00 for round trip. Train leaves ro- tuirntog Oct 2Sth, .at 2 p. -m.—C. G. Jfcwcfll, a-gan,t. TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs. FliQebe Tlnonnas, of Junction Cilty, M .,wais ifcold Dy ter doctors she liad CoasunnptLon add fhoft tlhero was no li'ope for lior, but two bottles of Dr. Ming's (Nierw DJiseovory completely cured 'h<a' amd ste says Jit sawd her Itte. Mr. Thomas Eggers, 139 Florld-n St., Sa|B Fi-ainicaseo, euCfered tmm t. dreadful eoM, aippwuMne Con^ttnip- tlon, tried Tvlfihout rcsiiM evcrythlug else Iton ibougtot omo botitilo of Dr. King's Xow Discovery and In. two was cured. Ho l!a naturally It -Is sudh resul'ts of which •these airo samples, ithsit -prove the won- diorful efficacy of thte medicine in Cougars «imd Cold-s. F-ree ti-lnl bottles at B. F. Keesltag'-s drug store. Regular size iiOc iind -?1. OLD PJ5OPXE. Old people -who requii-e medicine to regulate t'lic 'bowels «nd kid-oeys wiU fln-d -tiho true remedy in Electric Bitters. This raoil'iciliie doo« not sblmwiliite and cotttelns -jio wliii-skey Jior oilier i-nitoxl- •oaittt, tout acts as a ten'i'c-and oliuratlve. It .ictg mildly on the stomach and fbowefls, .intoning strength ' and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding Nature 'i-n the .performnin-ce of Uie func- tlons. Bteeta-lc Bitlters is an excellent potllzeir and aficls dlgostioa. OiTd people fluid It just exactly what dhey lined. Price fifty cants and one dollar per bottle ait B, F, Keeping's drug store. Don't trifle away time when you "lave cholera morbus or diarrho'ea. IHght them In the beginning with DeWltt's Col'c & Clio/era Cure. Ton don't have to wait for results They are Instantaneous and It leaves the bowels In healthy condition.—Jno. M, Johnston. Fore last uipjhit deshroyed t'he of 'O. E. A. "Welssncr, innnuifaeburei-s oC •bed-spriwg.s, -at Brooklyn-, N. Y.j causing a Joss of -about ?2DO,000. A-lifr.ed Beaunioui, a foreman, was cimglut In tire flaimwaiDil buiined to death. "Boys will be boys." but you cnn't ifford to lose any of thorn. Be ready tor the green apple season by having DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure In the :se.—Jno. M, Johnston. On.ptain-Cronerft.1 Wesy-lcir, oC Cniba, 1ms issued -amotiliar proclin-inatioivu tlirot •ill citizens IB the Ponar del Rio dis- firkit wli» do not go to -towns where troops .'U'O within oight days will 'be ro- a-rded «is iasurgeats. THE DISEASES OP WOMEN. Dr. TTainhnnn is the 'author oC -a book devoted to ai IIP tuts pecullair to tlto fe- ninlo.sex. Tirls j>'inipililctt cont-oims a btt-itef, Judiciously-worded' (lescrlption of tho priuvipal fcnwilc trouWos, and the treatment suitaM-oto 'e-ach disease. Its -n'oetii Is inenlcnJnible to. womCrn c'ted with n.ny foi-jn of 1'eiwnle com- utot. This book will be sent froc to iny wottKi'ii who will send, her address to TJi-e PcM-iwia Drug Munufn.ctnrJ.ng company,' Columbus, OJilo. 'RAI/LY, 'I^VFAY ETTB.OOrr.24. For .'ilbovo -occasion the Walb'ash will nmko rate of $1.11 for' rotund tri-p, tickets limited return i-ag to Oct.' 2uth,—C. '•. Newell, ' : Kate -Bsiscom, of ClirttoM, Mo,, .Uorself and llttl-o SOU' ait Kansas Ci'(y. -She mis -in distress and deispondcnit becaiise she Iind not rc- ccJ.ved money -ffom her -hiisbiiiHl, ,'L-nd It eaanc just-, after she died. NEW YORK UNDERGROUND LINE. Coniiollilution of tho Three Comp«nlc» to Dulld the Itcmd. A certificate has been filed with the secretary of state of New York setting forth a.u agreement of consolidation between t-lie Central 'i'unncl Railway sompn'ny and the Terminal Underground Hallway company o£ New York, fortnir.g tlie ' Underground Hailway Company of the Cily of New York, The railroad is to be constructed, mainly underground, n.long the streets of New York city ur.d will be about five jniles in length. The rond will be constructed from City Hal) park northerly under Chambers street and through the block to and under Kc.-ule street, to and under Elm street, to Spring, Marion and Mulberry streets; thence northerly through the block a-nd under tho cross streets to Grea-t Jones street; thence through and under T/ifaycttc- place and tllirou n.n'J under Forty-second street to th Grand CenlraJ depot. The capital of the company is?15,000 000, divided into $100 -sliai-cs. The ofh cers and directors arc: President, Bcr nard F. O'Connor; vice president, Cor nclius V. Sidcll, of New York city treasurer, Charles C. West,' of Itidge wood, N. J,; secretar}', James M. Fisk of Newark, N. J.; directors, G. A. Lie big, Arthur M. Hatch, of Brooklyn Spencer D. Schuyler, William C. Nicol nnd Raymond L. Ward, of New Tor city. IOWA'S FAMOUS SCHOOL CASE IStBaaton Pooplo Shocked by Sunduy ProccHHion. Consternation nnd surprise was expressed in the faces of many people of Evansfon, 111., the other Sunday, who, on their way home from Sunday school, saw a party of university students Idling a small but long-whiskered goat (through the streets. This is how it happened; The goat is the property of "Billie" Powers, who lives in Chicago avenue^ and the Sigma Chi Fraternity had borrowed it Saturday to put the finishing touches on six new men -the "Sigs" were initiating in-to the mysteriCE of the "frat." The animal was chosen from a long list that was under consideration. He was small, with a thick, stiff neck that would stand well any concussion that might take place. Just how much of his task was finished before the old warrior broke away is not known except to the "Sigs," but it is known that during the hilarious proceedings of Saturday night the goat became somewhat excited and began to charge indiscriminately upon everybody in sight. There was an ignominious flight and then the goatdashcd. down the street after an electric car and was lost to view. At ten o'clock the" next morning the son of Albert, P. Zricson, president of the Swedish Theological seminary, reported at the police station that a strange r^oat was in their bad: yard making- warlike demonstration.!. Policeman. Slmefer was sent to notify J. P. Van Doozcr, of the university football team, that the lost had been found, nnd Va-n Doozer with a few a.ids set out for his capture. The goat was found perched high upon an ash heap chewimr a section of a barbed wire fence. Capt. Van Doo^er formed his men into a wedge and gave the signal: "16 — 27 — 3-1 — IS," and the line went for ward with a rush. Van tackled the goat hard and low, and after a brief but hard-fought contest the goat succumbed to the superior tactics of a footbaJl player and gave it, up. And that is why the students were leading a gon-t through th<e streets of Evnnston on Sunday. Talks "Merit talks" the intrinsic value of Bood'sSsrsaparlllR. Merit in medicine means the power to cure. Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses actual end unequalled curative power and there* fore it has true merit. When you buy Hood's Ssrsaparillu, and take it according to directions, to purify your blood, or cure any of the many blood diseases, you are morally certain to receive benefit. The power to cure is there. You are not trying an experiment. It will make yonr blood pure, rich and nourishing, and thus drive out the germs of disease, strengthen the nerve* and build up the wholeeyntem. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is tbfi best, in fact—the One True Blood PurlDcr. Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co,, Lowell, Mass. 'c Ditlc n ° E t purge, pain or S flllS gripe. All druggists. 25C. THE Munsoo Typewriter Is a Good Machine. Dr. Gore has furnished tlie Anthro- polog-icaJ society with an account of the smallest ndult Inniian braiu evercx- umine'J by a professional anatomist or physioiog-Jst. It is a well-known fact that the brain of the ndult male aver- ag-cs 40 ounces, tie female 43% ounces. The adult human beinpf who bad the Ktnallcst brain ever xvc'ig'hfd was a female 42 years of age. She wns five feet lig-h and her intellect was, infantile. The brain; without the membranes, weighed ten. ounces aid five grains, ns: the smallest mature brain on record. IS IT CURABLE '1 l blgh standard ot eiceuence. HBO; <uen of the "Muncoa" consider it THE (BEST. lou will find It a. valuable assistant In jour office. Address for partlcnlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAJJCFACTCKERS. ««0-244 Went take St.. ChlcaRO, I1L Greatest Discovery or tfie Century. The whole system Is drained and andermmed by Indolent ulcers and open »ores. DeWltt's Witch Hazfl Salve ipeedlly beals them. It is tlie beat pile cure known.—Jno. M. JolrastOD. Congrej?aitloin'al soc.-1-e.tj' oC K«no- Wi.s., extended -a will to tlie Rev,' H. S. Rublee, oC CtarlottQ, Mich., to bo- coim-o its pflstor. Tils clmrcli is the hurgcs-t -ntwl most jluflncmtinit of tlic nrotosbiJrt elmrcli-cs of l;!ie cttyr. It doasn" t matter much whether sick headache, blllousnees, Indigestion and constipation are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedllj enre them all.—Jno, M. Job as toe. Tte famous traiDB-eoaitinenta.1 train via the Chicago, U'nion Pacific & North- Western line, leaves Chicago at G p, m. every day 1n tlie year via the Ctol- cago & NoTiUh-Westara K'j, and makes tho trip to Oallfornila in only three days. Double drawing, room Sleeping cans, Bullet, Smoking and Library eairs, dining cars -and 1'rce recllalng chair cars are features of the perfect train. Agente of conn-oeMais lines, sell tickots vto Tbe CMeagb & Noa-th-Weet- ern H'y. Illustrated patopMats. iind full Iniformaitlon will be furttished on application to W. B. Ivnlstcrn, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, 111. Supreme Court Will Pass Upon Jtg Merit lit the Jnnuury Term. Tli-c Madisou Page sehool case, on of the mostfamous litigations ever triec in northwestern. Iowa, will go to the su preme. court in time for a hearing at th January term. The suit invoh-csques lions of interest to every school boart in Iowa and is being- cng-erly \vatehei by n-Il of them. Youjjg- Pag-e was a pupil at the Siou\ City high school and president of the Civics club, a scliool society. To pre pare, for a debate between his own or- pini/.ation nnd the Eljtc club of the same school. be absented himself sev- eeo-al ilnys from class. When he rc- turced (he principal ma.:n1ained thai as the society was interfering- with his other duties he must withdraw from tho organisation. The club was also informed thn-t if it failed to d-rop him from membershij) it must leave the school. ' . Botli 1'a.g-c and the society refused to comply with the order nod both were suspended.. Face's fnthcr began pro- Wbefl Baby WM eliMt, H-B uavp her Custorlft. . When she was i aiild, «be crl«) •or.Cnstori*, Thencliobeciunu Minn. nii« ..•iiinij to niul ctilMivi). 1 "!,- .•- -»t'l A PAIUTIAL BLOCADE nvcmic for escape O'C refuse from fih'e liniinaiu -system is utitoi-ly su-b- vea-aiTe oif rfgTilflu.'ity among the ot'lier organs. Ldt cxunistiipaition become ehiroalc, and, -loiainiug the' itnnicaeut dauber of •I'u-flainim'n.'Ji'oji oif tlie Itowcls •anoid'tbeLr -toiial obstrncttoni oconring, jiinndilcc 'Js' ulimost cartain to ensue. the llrer is Maiblo -to 'become angoi-swl. it'he Mowl -aiad iiirtoe nre poisoned by lie • bile, -WMGli ;iteo viiitkites the jnicos of t'ho stomnc-Ji, and other uoliajjpy cort- ssqincn'oes Mlilow. HosLOtter's Si.oma.<rli E'W/te-s .1 prime -toiiie -alticrn:liTe, prevents or ixsncdltes these resultis and itticir cause, as tDie case may require, and fe also signally ^fflcac'wus iln <w«r- oomtog flatulences, lioaTtbUTn, and \-ar4- atile as 'well ns comst!!pailx5d acMon. of lihe, bowels. It renews. laorT'" improves' t!ho:air»p«!tiliite,. stays' •gtieBB'.-cit eawly dieoay, ': flirmitiiles af iag«, oinid Is Question Often Asked by Those Af- llicBeid ^^"i(th Piles. Is a slu-ajued joictt curable? Is loom infi.'wniua'l'kitn curable? Of wursc, if property lireaited. So iis piles. People often- ibeco-me afflicted with piles -and vnsk some "ch-rooDc" who has always persisted in. the ^rong treatment ami niDtunrailj- 'he d-iscouiwgofi them by tdltag: tlicm ii-lxat tiheir case fe hopcQcss. Tliey in 'aim <liscourn;?a o.thers, tmd thus a disease that can. in every case by csmrfui -and sldJlfuJ tain<fflng IB allowed to -saj) .tho energy, ot 'itousauds who mdgihit -free thomsdves- o.f tflie tixmblo in a few days. wiSB cure fthe mosi aase of hcmiori'hod'ds in an astjonfehing'ly ShOTt ittae. It relieves the oonigiestiod .parts, i-ediices -the lii- nwrs Instontfly no- TnaWwr liow large, allays Hhe tafliflinx-rnaitiw amd stops tht acbing- or Stjclitog 1 at oace. Thousands yrlio.'had resorted to ex- ponisivc surfifcfll 'tincnitmont Lave been cui-ed by itih'o Pj-rannSd Pile Cure in a mjmJbor of imstances persons wlio ho/1 spent moti'this to a "hospital undei- a pile spociaffist. It is a remedy -that -none need fear to apply ereai , to Uhe most aggravabed, swoUeu, and -Inflamed Iwrnanrhoiiidial I>T. Tongue's NXWKKMXDT Medicated Air For the Cure of Catarrh, Antlimm and all PnJmoDsry Dlseun, It has no equal for- Sick and Nervous Head— acbe. 1,000.000 people- die annually from toe- above named dlseaxa. Why Mifier and die, when Medicated Air IB. , gusranteec to ejre you. Drnff Co., tichmoud, Ind., U. S. l. • The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty tc« Women Children and Animals E. S. Bice—Fre». Geo, W. Walters-Sec. J.' J. Hlldebrandt—Xrea*. W. M, Btnhop—Humane Officer. E. S. Rlw. ,T. C. Barter. F. C, Ooolftougli Geo W Walters, J.J- Hlldebrandt, Peeked Justice. I.saah Adams.. lira. W. D. Pratt Mr«. J. N. Ned. Telephone No. 30: Report ca«es ol cruelty to Secretary. TIME TABLES. -lie .PoQESyivama Statiou. If yoxi oire aflUctcd witlh tihis 8tab- boa-a disease you cam mostei 1 it nnd mastoa 1 it q-uii'ckJy. IMs remttly iis mio loingor an expen- men't, bwt a modiical cortalia-ts". It Is nmnufacfrawd toy the Pyramid Ditig Co., of Albion, MMh. ruggl«'uj seH it .it DO cants per -box. I-t is becoming tlie mast popular pile euro 'Oils country tas ever known and gglMs evorywliere arc orderiiig It "of <t!!dir Vralns Eur by Centro/ T>~^ r ' • »»lV ' Uai'y. ii'**£t xursat Leave for Chicago 3:1Gani; 5.flOain; USpra; 2*0 p m;4-.30pm irrlve from Chicago 12:60 a m; 12:30 p m; UK P m 2:10 pm; 9:lBpm. Leave foi- Bradfoid 100am; 7:50am;235pm;; 4:80 p 111. Arrive It-m Bradford8KX)a re; 12:85pm: 1:10pm- 4:15 p m. Leave for KSnnr SKM am; 8:30 h m; 2:0!> p m. AWie Irom KITDor 7:46 a m; 1:05 p m;3:35 p m. L,envnforBichmond 1^)5 ajn;6:4, r iam;lJ.Opro;. Arrive from Richmond 2:56 a m;ll.-00am;l*e' pmjliao pni. f.eave for Louisville 1255 a m; 1:05 p rn. Arriveiroai LouIsvJJI* 8.-05 a m; 1:55 p ro. OI3RSONALIJY CONDUCTED EXCURSIONS TO CALIFORNIA. <tlio O|iicngx>, TJuton Tacific' & 'C ortli- Western 1-imo leave Cliic-n^o very Tbnrsday. ComfortaWc Tonrist ng.Cnms,. low rates, qulcUcst time UK! tlic best of cnxe anwl jutKhation, are <l\-mu.fcises -•sec-ra-ixl by Uioso who .ioin hesc oscw-sioBS. For full particulars ppl.v to TOUT men-rest itickot agont, ar ' . B. Kais-kcrn, G. T.& 'C. A., -;& North-Western -M"y, Chl- KO, 111. WEST BODND. 5 J.ocal Krelelit, accom dally TO San....l2:50 p m- 5 St. Louis llmltfd dally, 'old no 43' ..... JO:2J p m. 1 Kast Mall (liHiy, 'old no 47'.... ...... ....... 8:17 pm- 7 Kansas City express dally 'old no 41 ... «:1S p m. 6 ~?ac esprtss d;UU rx Sun -old no «S'...10:19 a m cio. EAST BOUND. 2 N 1 . & Boston llm d dally 'old no 42.. 2:41 a m !j Kast; mall dally. wdno-iU... ......... ... »:4S a m 4 Atlantic Llm dally «r Sun 'old no •!•).. 4^2 p m 14 Local frt, jiccom. dolly ex Sun ......... 12 50 p m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. No 35 nrrlT? ............................................ "'ijp » m No 37 arrive ........................................ 2^5 p m EAST BOUND. ' 4 urn m No TO No S4 leave ..... 3»0p m " power, bhe T>ro- tUw in- htealtby Many a day's work Is 1o«t by sick heprfflche caused by Indigestion, and stomach troubles. : DeWltt's .. Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill for overeomW'BUch. .dlfflcuttlw.r-J'oo.; M. Jobwrton. RANDAL! A I/EAVB LOGANSPORT. IND. FOB THE NORTH. No « f or St Josppb. dnllj M Somlii!'.... 111:3] I'll in. No H Ior-St Joseph. daily rac Sondai-... 6:'i a m- No 8 ex Sunday tor Soutfi tf*nd ............. e 35 p.m No 8 bus tlii-ODRh parlor c»r, Indianapolis W South Bend via Colinx. FOR THB BOOTH No is for Terre Haute dally ex Sun ........ ; 13 a m . No 11 for Torre Haute dalljeiSuii.,... 2:00 p m No 13 bas-throusli parlor car, Soath Bead to lndlan«polUTiiiColfax. . . !'-'> •.'•$ 11 No 15 divllj except Sunday ........ .... ........ S:55 p m- for complete time card, Hiving all train* and (iutlOM. »nd for full Information al to rat«, "Or. «: A. Fort. Otaiiwmi Paw»nt»r *»«nt St Loult, M*,

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