Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 18, 1954
Page 6
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- - . . *-.- -_. __—.^ £--t 1 v *>' X/Vj^ 1 - ** " ~ *' , .. * r t olAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, September18,19S4 B^tv»*«n « A, M* *«a 4 P. M. |i Den r:::. Patiicid' ''. lO'KEEFE • MEDINA e«k Qrove Baptist dhurch at DeAhn Co«fthlj.inity Will begin Sunday, Sep* 16. therd will be tW6 set- vlce,g d^Ily - thfe Worfiifif Worship beginning at 10:30, and the even* ing service »l 7?SO f- m- The Rev, f. Susk6& aft eutstahding assist the Rev. Hofner !•# In public is invited, th# meeting. The The Atneflcan Leg)6n AuxlHftty will meet in the hoftie of Mrs. E, P. £>'Neat at 307 South Hervey. Mbflday, September 20 at 7:45 p/ m. Monday September 20 The Woman's Missionary Society of ,the First Baptist dhurch will meet at the , church on Monday, September 20, at 1:30 p. m. for the ebmpieilon of the study of "Alco- ,hol the Destroyer" to be taught by . Hugh Jones. \>The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of tl»2'Garrett Memorial Baptist Chur- ori will meet at 2 p. m. Monday, September 20. Monday morning at 10 o'clock, the I Women of the Presbyterian Chutt ch will have their monthly gen- e,ral ^meeting. at 7: SO in the home of Mrs. Hicks. Guests were greeted by Mrs. Joe FIncher. The honoree was prgSent- ed a corsage of miniature kitchen A numbef ef Interesting were played, after which the hcli- oree received mafcy nice, useful gifts. Refreshment* of iced drinks and cookies were served to ely forty guests beAnn LH4C Club Mas Meeting The Lilac Gfl^en club of DeAnn met Tuesday, September 14 at 2 , m. in the cluB foom. Mrs. Jewel Burke, Mrs. Carlton Samuel and Mrs. James BUrR£ w6fe hostesses. The president, Mrs. James Burke, presided oVfif tile meeting with 'Mrs. CarlWn Samuel giving the opening devotional. After a length-. ly business sessMn, Mrs. W. H. Burke gave aft interesting talk on "September Gardening Tips." At the C6nclusl6n of the program the hostesses served dainty refresh- ments'to the eight members and five visitors. AI* Monday, the Senior e Ladies, Auxiliary^of the Unity Bap tist CWurch will have their regular pf Serial, htintliji n Jungk Clubs ; Otyle Mrs. Odean Westfall,'was hostess to Doyle Home Demonstration Club Thursday afternoon, September . 9th. Five members were present. : Mrs.-Lawton Cobb, 1 vice president was in" charge of the meeting which opened with the reading of the H.D. women's : Creed. "Were you there?" was sung by the ; group, The devotional, Psalm 133(.; was read by the hostess, and prayer .given by Mrs. George Boo- By Hugh Lawrence Naleoto the §t6ry: there se«m'« 16 be,; -, m *''<"i\ ''<':." ^ . —j — a concerted.... effoM t6 keep *»ri-Uhc five bedrooms three of which vate Detective Jim Ouiirt fi-Crtt wei-e ready f ° r tccupancy. Ih reaching o sumrrifti- cottage h<< will.... bOS'.- as a cf.ft- taken while doing Some Invftstlgai tloti wock for Mrs. Kit Ca risen. the Carlson family, very wealthy* is a matriarchy ^bverhed by the senibr Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Oswald. there are several ether women in the group, all idenfltlfd by the first names of their husbands. II JANE WYMAN i| ROCK HUDSON wife BAKbAKA RUSH x?S«Pi* The Ekqgiriner arid Primary Sunbeams a< the First Baptist Church will obsti've the State Missions Program anq Offering when they meet at* 4 p. m.. Monday. The UniVY Baptist Willing Workers .Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p. nt Monday. •; At 4 p. W>. Monday, the First Baptist Junior G. A.'s will meet at the ' church \ to observe the State Missions Pro.gram • and Offering. A .playlet, "Lar^d of Opportunity" will be presented.\ tuesday September 21 The G. A,'s>of tije.Garrett Memorial Baptist Church wiil meet Tuesday at 7 p. m. y 1 The "Tinkle {Belles,' First Baptist Intermediate' G.'A.'s will meet at "the home of \Jlrs. L. C. Cook at A p. m. Tuesday.. zer. .Roll-call'was answered .by telling "My biggest storage problem." Mrs, J. L. Westfall, poultry leader, gave some timely poultry re- imlnders;' and Mrs. Mark Jackson health leader, gave a talk on good posture entitled "How do you stand?" • Mrs. Odean Westfall, home management leader, gave a demonstra,- tion on making lamp shades; showed illustrations on storage space in the home; and told how to prevent: accidents in the home. .Six surprise packages were drawn from the grab-bag. : The meeting for October 5th will- be at the ho'me of Mrs. Mark Jackson. The station wagon' crossed a bridge over u noisy mountain stream and reached the level ground at the shovo of Puma Lake. Diagonally across that smooth water, light:? gleamed from "Carlson's Castle," separated on the shoreline from The Spires by ^he sheer walls of the high cliff known as Lion's Mead. But here, perpendicular dark fingers thrust up to shut out the plentiful stars. Jim coasted to stop on a turn around be-side the house, turned Off the motor. 'End of the line," Jim said. He turned off the headlights. Heavy darkness leaped at them from the rockly lurking places, and 'the sound of dashing water seemed louder and closer. Jim felt Nancy's fingers reaching for the switch. The h e a d 1 i g hts were welcome. The house they shewed was a long, rambling place.. with bark peeling from . the outside : slabs', Before them a doublp ..garage showed doors sagging on bent and broken hinges. There were two paths from the turnaround. One. led around the house toward slews leading to .a vide veranda. The other went 'Our c ! i S h V Nancy pointed 6ut, "didn't know the feeds would made up, or she wduldh't have iad us bring aiohg thnt load of new bedding." They went to the front door, iottnd It locked, "First door We've. £otlhd Idcked jo far," Jifh said. He uhlockgfl and opened the do6r. A light was burning oft the fetc-ad veranda, and it shone clflnij?' oh a enrvect sign, The Spires. He slamed the front door with relief. "Right place." ho said. 'Lookj Nancy, why don't we helfci ourselves to something to eat? I'll go down and get our bags, and then we'll pick a room. We'll unload the jeep tomorrow and hunt around fbr the caretaker's cabin" Need Any Help? VI Jim sat up in bed suddenly, pulling covers away from the sleeping Nancy. .He. sihpotlied the covers down again, looked over the foot of the' bed.. He shijolt his head, hoped he' was dreaming, hoped the four people standing there would dissolve' in the sunlit morning: air. : '.'Gbod • morning," .Tim said. He poked his wife. "Honey, we have company." j " Nancy's .eyes opoiuul enough to see the group at the : foot of the bed. "Didn't you lock' the doors, Jim?' Hopewell "Space design for household 'The,Little Merc's Brotherhood of h$ Garrett Memorial Baptist.Chur- fch will meet at 7 fy. m. Tuesday. V .;• ,r , regular monthly social- of Poplar GroVe 198, ; Woodmen's Circle, will be held 'iin the home of MTS. T Nettie Tittle .dn Tuesday, September 21,''at 7:36'. All members are invited to atteiid. 1 Wednesday September 22 i -The G. M, A.'s of. the Unity Bap- itisf Church will meet Wednesday evening at 6:30, t ' September 23 i , Hope Country Club" Ladies Bridge luncheon for Thursday, September 23 ,will be invitational. Tlfose plan- jiirig to bring guests icalr Mrs. Tor* r'jsll Cornelius at 7-2227 or Mrs. Fred Gresham at 7-2456 by Monday after, jiooh, September 21. Friday September 24 e' annual Music Cluto Juncbeon tie, held at the Barlow Hotel storage" was the program and demonstration presented by •• WLrs. Claude Byrd, home management leader, to the members of the Hopewell Home Demonstration Club at their September meeting held in the home of Mrs. O. B.'Hodnett. Each member answered' toll call by telling her individual storage problem,. Mrs. Byrd, -using "puctur- es '/from ^home' 1 "ma 1 gazines] 'showed various ways to solve these problems. The meeting was opened with a prayer entitled, "Slow me down, Lord," read by Mrs. Hodnett. Mrs. Ned Purtle, president, appointed Mrs. J. Hi Taylor, Mrs. Lester Huckabee, Mrs. Byrd and Mrs, Cecil Bittle to plan the, 'club's educational booth at the Third- District! Livestock Show, Reports of the county picnic held at Fair Park and the club picnic held ,at the Experiment Station Clubhouse were given. While the hostess served a dessert plate, games w*re played under the direction of Mrs. Bittle, with Mrs. Byrd -winning the game prize and Mrs. Huckabee the surprise package. Members attending were; Mmes- dames Lester Honeycutt, Ernest directly toward a slab-covered door at ground level. Jim was out. of ' the car, holding the door for Nancy, when she whispered in his ear. "Listen, Jim." .. .''..They stood motionless, straining to separate the noise of water from other night sounds. A high gust of wind whined in and out of rock crevices. The heavy, ground-level door of The Spires swung open a few indies. Jim .heard it then. A 1 strange clanking, an evenly spaced clink- clank, 'clink-clank,; . which .stopped as' 'he " sWuTi'li Hash- 'I am Mrs. Hilton Carlson." tho •woman said-''in'-n ; ';tdne. of voice which should have''sent the Dunns under the bedclothes. "What are you two doing in my house?" ; •.'. 'You sure it's yours?" Jim asked mildly. 'He wanted to make certain Nancy was fully awake. "Say good morning to the nice people, hpney," he -insisted. . Mrs! Hilton Carlson disregarded the girl. "You haven't answered me. Do so before I call the sheriff." ' • ' 'And you didn't answer my Captivating Kathy Rothacker lends a hand to Kroger employees as the retail food company's annual contest to select the "cleanest and friendliest" Kroger store In this area gets under way.Sep- tember 13 to 25. Special awards Will go to local stores rated tops on thd basis of friendliness, cleanliness, and attractiveness. DOROTHY DIX Wealthy Bui Poor Dear Miss Dix: We have every- h since you couldn't stan :hing anyone could want from life, " * Doesn't it occur t except peace. My husband has a tne blcKenn S- good paying job and I work, so here is no lack of money. But he and I, as well as our two daughters 14 and 16, are continually squabbling, Besides a full-time job, I keep my six-rporn house immaculately clean do all my own cahnihg and freezing and have a few sidelines such as representing a national product in Home demonstrations. Yet in spite bf all I do. nothing satisfies, ml fa- rtiily. I see my husband only on Sunday, when, instead of being glad to be with me, he finds excuses to'go out with his friends. My you that if you stayed home and discharged your duties to your husband and children the basic cause of dissension would soon disappear? H-you have the time to demand respect from your children, you'll get it. Rearrange your schedule to include time for family get-to-getliers, for family meals, Make your tyusband solely repon- sible for the financial welfare, of the hbrne, and you take care of i( morale, .',.- . daughters .take their cue from Deaf Miss : Dix! I am about to begin the second year of my nurse's training. My fiance is, in Europe and has another year of ser him and are disrespectful and dis-j v ice We Want to be married as obedient to me. I am so nervous I SOO n as he- returns. The I m afraid of what may happen to pro blem is that I've always wanted 1-' .•' „ CHRISTINE F. to be a nurse and I also want to Revive Respect, Attention j get married. Would it be wiser to Answer: Your family could dn| end training now and marry nex^j- wnn a Jot less of what your money I year O r postpone marriage for two buys, and a lot more'of you. No!years B. B. money can buy the personal care and attention, tliot growing youngsters need — and need most as they enter the precarious teens, Respect cannot be bought, but it is easily alienated. By showering your family with the goods of the world you have lost them as loved .Answer.:. Postpone your marriage. Since your fiance is only 20, he'll still be a very young bridegroom. Waiting will give him a chance to get established in a job and your profession will always be security for you, as well as excellent preparation for ,the job of motherhood ones. In your long letter outlining Jf you marrled ncxt r§ you wou id one family. diff culty after another un d ou btedly find, that the Vfltl nr\Mnlt»Hr» nrlfVt 4-lt« «4 «4- m ^-««i, il_ t»»»"v«w i..— « ^ you conclude with the statement that nothing would persuade you to question," Jim pointed out. "This place; The Spires, was sold yesterday to my employer. We came up, before '..her 'to get the place yhi She's a ''Mrs. Oelstrap of Singer Saves His Career in One Night by BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (M How to con- IJqard Wants No Part of Resignation LITTLE ROCK The State Hospital Board has declined to take the vesponsibHily for deciding upon the resignation of a hos- . ponsibilities of a wife, home children for a very young man with no business experience would be a rather shaky foundation for a good marriage. «^ . Dear ; Miss Dix: I really like Charlie, though I date other boys and he dates other girls. He's always asking our friends if I him best,- though he teases - , . .v , „ pital administrator who says h e l bout the b ° ysl , 1 g ° - *«« ...Unv, v,n v,nc 'under political pros- matter between -Arthur resigned sure." "It's a Smith, administrative -assistant and personnel director.of the Senton unit, and the hospital super intendent," the Board declared after a closed door session ycster- [day ten, when he a date with ano- quer adversity in one • quick les- The 66-year-old Smith had writ- son. The conqueror Harry Bela- abruptly as' 'he light toward the spia'li'iiopening. He ' walked ,, -forward : ; Cautiously, gun in one hand bndi'the' light' in the other. He sensed .rather than heard Nancy following. ;. 'pn Friday, September 24, at 7 p. 1 m. Wednesday September 29 All members of the, Hope Ffidera- tlon of Garden ClMbs will meet for the annual fall Juncheon September 29, at Hotel Barlow at 18:30. Graham, G. W. Wiggins, Lester Huckabee, Claude Byrd> Ned Purtle, Cecil Bittle, J, H. Taylor, John Keck, a'rid hostess, Mrs. Hodnett, Mrs. Taylor will be hostess for the October meeting. Melrose "(I' i Bride-Elect Feted . Guy Hicks and Mrs. Joe Fincher entertained Mis.'; Su« Gilbert, bride-elpo), of Sam, Bawett, with a .'miscellaneous bridal shower on Wednesday eveijJnB September 15 A demonstration on salad making was given by Mrs. Jim Cobb when the Melrose Home Demonstration Club met for their September meeting in the home of Mrs. Jewell Still. Mrs. H. E, Patterson gave the de-IN • • Tonight Only • DOUBLE FEATURE & % '' 1. ** * * * * lelt Breaks ROY ROGERS PALE EVANS "Don't Fence Me In" coww P votional on "The Value of -Right Habits," Mrs. Glenon Huckabee, president, presided over the business session. The fair booth was discussed, with Mrs. C, J. Barnes, Mrs. Cobb, Mrs, Patterson,, and Mrs. DaJton Dragoo being named to serve on the committee. ' Mrs- J- F. Mangrum gave a poultry report. Mrs, Cobb won the surprise package. '.-. -, t! "•* A box of food was cpU^fcted to be gjven to a needy person. Fwph and cookies were served by Mrs. Still ai}d Mrs. Patterson, po-hostess to H members, three visitors, Mrs, Sam Warmack, Mr. & A, Moore, and Mrs. D. L, Ar, nold and Lorraine B. Wylie HDA. i fhe Octobw meeting will be in the home ot Mrsi Perry Henley, With Mrs. Fred Stewart as co-hos- It was ;a full, basement, 'a:.huge room, cut .up by pillars of heavy logs resting on cerr-ent blocks. High pillarn, a good nine fact, extending up to the.'huge' log's which were the supports of the main house. A furnace, a ncally'stacked pile of wood, a high pile of spring find mattresses, odds and ends of furniture and a step boarded- ir, stairway cut: up the .light,of; the flash, made weird, and rlanc-.-. ing shadows. Somewhere abovi them,' a door, slammed. Nancy, grabbed him.- "What do you think that was. .Tim?" "Someone leaving, I hope. We'll make sure we're alone down here." A shadow-to-shadow search reassured them. . At the basement'!; far end, near the rockwork of -the huge chimney which told of a mammoth fireplace abovo, a wooden pl.at form six feet by three " was sus- ponded halfway up to the recessed opening in the ceiljng by heavy ropes. The light of the flash showed large pulleys in this recess, which obviously made u combination bench and storage bin pn the floor above. A small winch was securely fastened to a supporting p i 11 a r, with several turns of rope wound on the drum. "For wood." Jim muttersd. "A hand-operated elevator to lift wood up to the floor above." California;" : He tossed the name .? waited- for some reaction bH seemed: to. be none to the i itself, ;. i ..... . . : : - don't belieye it," Mrs. Hil- tpn>.:said. ',;!'! didn't : believa Toby Argyle when he said sometliing" ; 'I.nave some papers, .a.rp'uno;" Jim said. ; ' '4nd an order from 'the real' estate people," f Mrs. Hilton Carlson stared r at h°im. '"Petey is a swihe," she said grimly. . . ' r '"P6'ssibly," ; Jim agreed. "I-. don't knpw'him." : ! : "Of i ' course ' ncit. t was * speaking- of my spn. J. Peter Carlson. Naturally you- wouldn't know him. So he sold it! Just to annoy - me because he knew I .had- it "ready Cor guests.. For Mr." 'arid Mrs, Ummnimm." ;• • Wt> • 4.» A demonstration on space deigned for Household storage was gjyen by Mrg. J^ek Sumpter when the Yiptory Home Demonstration tar its September meet- He moved the cranlc, turned it around. The platform : elovator moved upward slowly and the pawl came out of the toothed wheel with a clink, settled into her next place with a clunk. "That's the noise. Jim," Nancy said. "Someone hauling up wood? A welcoming gesture?" Dunn held the light steady on the three pieces of. wood on the platform. They wore ready, fpr dissolution. "Looks to me 'as if those pieces of word have,' -been around for years," Jim sSid, "I don't think it was our c£-i|nforjt the person who was raising, that elevator had in mind," ' He found the switc'nbox ;back near the door throug|)w)u'ch, they had entered. The turning pj tl>e master switch put on half th,e lights in the house. The stairway door, unlocked, ppened on a small, modern buller's pantry, doors opened into a well stoekf il kitchen and into a beam-ceilinged dining room. }n contrast to the besemeiit, everything.upstpiri Ji been thoroughly and regent J-y One .-of the \yooen and the man made feeble nods in recognition of their na'me; Jim htsyer clid know actuplly what it \yas .and never saw':, the couple agnin, The other w.oman was . sort, dumpy, \vith high color in her cheeks; and nondescript rnouse- colored hair. •Mrs. Hilton 'had' an idea. "Your employer,' when is • she coming up?' 1 "This evening," Jim said. : "I see. Suppose I made it worth your -while, .would you let my guests spend the day here?" / '"I wouldn't have the authority," "I. suppose not,. So it is just as well I came prepiired Angelica--" : ."Yes, mother?" "Tell Philip and the men to get to work k ". ..'.-.'. usT>PK wprrjan depar>«d; • . Hilton Cflivlson demanded, f.'j; suppose you hflive an invcntpry emorig .those papers?" She wait<Eid ;while Jim nodfJed his heud and answered "Yes.." ', - '"Pien you can check jt after we're thi-oiigh." Sho opened the bedroom rtpor, held jt long enough to let her prospective! guests scuttle happily through, intp oblivion. )She called loudly to make her. self heprd. above, the risipg hubbub fr'piry. the. rest of the house. "Take everything you ' brought over-yes- t'e'irday morning, '.Phtjip. Leave th.'s vo.phi until the last." She shut the ') she could make the Dunns .r without shouting. "There iirje • sprne things I want under- she sai4 ; t'^'-y- "You can pass th?n> on to the new 'owner. fonte, the sensational young singer. :, He saved his career .in one evening. ' ' : , It happened' a couple" of-; years go.. in Lus Vegas. Harry had made, a small. -hit' in a couple of chic night spots in New York with his ; singing of foik. songs. ; -Very high v-. bow stuff So sorn'e '• smart character booked him into Vegas, not realizing the difference between the smart Manhattan audiences .and the .pleasure seekers of the Nevada sp.as,. . "I, played the'', first show, of the evening, ' and if /was horrible," recalled Harry. "I cloix't moan they just didn't like my act; they were abusive. The '-Orchestra members started snickering among selves. The 'dese and dem' guys started to get threatening. I'm sure that if stoniug had not been punishable by.lavy. -I would have gotten it from , the , audience. "I got mad. I didn't mind if they didn't like my act. That was theii privilege. But I thought it was wrong , for them to be hurling such abuse at me. . "I decided to salvage what en five members of ths board sking that they either accept or eject his 'resignation. Ken N e w m -u n. superintendent, aid Smith was asked to resign ecauso administration of the Benon unit was not of the same-stand* rd as that of the Litcle Rock unit. However, it has ' been rumored hat Smith's releass arid the- re- ent political defeat-of Rep. .Tamos Gipson of Benton had some collection. Gipson was described 'a? strong supporter of the hospital nd a friend of Smi'.h's. ' the home of Mrs. Dexter Al- Smith presided dur- the business session. The opening sOfj» w,88 Jed ty Mr?. Robert p^fh, pcvoUonjiJ was given by Mrs- BjJJ PjHto. Mrs- 6- C, Cai, They iTitved silentjy on through the wide arch into an <ev«n larger living room. They made a quick search of their 1954 club project. Attending the meeting wer$: Mmjjs. Cecjl Smith, Dalion dp, ftbt encourage visitors. To it even -plainer.) we do not a cell Irom^tlH: new pwner, , pannot forb|(J ypu the use of h,e road. W*' d o i^pt wnnt any of on, our- • Jak«, ' not want 8»y of ycy to set jfbot. ptt this particular property. You twq end ypur emjploy-jr are could. I had opened tho show witV a couple . of oltl English folk songs. Naturally they fell flat. So I told' my accon.panist, Millarc Thomas t obi-ing out some of the arrangements we had been saving '•We juggled-the act completely The reaction ' was entirely differ ent, from the fiftst sno.2. Tlie au dience was enthusiastic, and we were the talk of th>; Las Vegas strip." From then on, Harry was in. H played one of the leading roles in WG-M's "Bright Road" He starred on Broadway in "John Murray An derson's Almanac" and came bac' o: Hollywood to piny the load in .'Carmen Jones." Tie is embark ing on a night club tour, havin iiis.t closed at the Cocoanut Grov here. A busy man, this Bo'afonte. Bu ie was not always so. When h jot out of the Navy after Ihe wai ie didn't know what to do. A first he helped his father as main tenance man for New York apar ments. Harry enrolled at an actor' workshop, where he studied wit such eager young actors as Mai Ion Brandon and Tony Curtis. Bu L'.nHke the others, he had little op portunity for roles after grad.ua tion. He sought other lobs, like dj-ein faerie for $37.50 a week. Then h had a chance to sinjj"jn a nigl club. It meant $75 a wcok fo Iwo hours' work a rti^ht, BO h took it. He worked hi.* way up t $250 a week at Martha rtaye' club in Florida. Then he quit, an made folk songs his specialty. a. m»i>anee. Bu( Do J|ro nodded that can , I rpake myself Mrs. Hilton put. hard the pjace put to Ui prayer, Th^ minutes MoCorkle, Cash, Sumpter, j^por^ were read! Swith, Burke, C§ll\pwn, ^[ps, Hor see Aiford, Texark^na, Mrs, Way ne Turner pj ~ r children. ciwb adjawwed to r^ept Ut ,aaUer the bwsinpss meeting, the in 109 the tea •coNscieNce 1 WONPY ALBANY, N.Y., (TIP) Tlw slat ;gjf department yesterday i-eceive i .$)00 £»11 in the mail with a gli )f paper with one word on it "Conscience." ther girl, he brings one of his boy friends around so we can make up a foursome. I want Charlie for lore than a.casual'f'riend; how can get him?. DEBBIE Answer: Your present status with lharlie, and the other boys, is just ight for a young teen-ager. This s your time to pick and choose; nd remember, boys have the rivilege. There may be many bo etween. Charlie and the lime you meet the '"one and only." Don't ush things; enjoy your teens. Says Demo Victory Means Stalemate COLUMBUS, . Jnd. (P! .Houfj'o Speaker Joseph 'Martin : said i night that a .Democratic victory in he Nov. 2 congressional elections vould produce a stnlemate in Vashingion comparable .to the ast two years of th.-* Hoover ad ministration. * Martin; making n Ifl-pity tour,to campaign for election of Republicans to Congress, spoke -at a- 9th District 'Eepiiblican rally at the Battholomew County Fair. HP irged the re-election of. all .Indiana Republican representatives. ' Martin said the 33rd Congress which recently finished its legis ive woi-k. "prevenl;6;(l us from slipping back into a recession." He said this session saved tax payers $7,400,000,000. which he jroke down as a $200 -annual re duction in tax liability for a fam ily of four. COINCIDENCE JACKSONVILIvI Fla. Gile Hall lost his wallot and Pendletoi R. Armstrong teleplioned that h had found it on the beach. Hall went to retrieve it yostei day. During the conversatioi Armstrong mentioned that when h found the wallot he was -at th beach looking for an expensiv cigarette lighter h.j had lost. "Well," Hall remarked, "I foun a cigarette lighter about the sam place you found the wallet." He produced tha lighter. It \va Armstrong's, SMITH'S GENERATOR & STARTER SHOP We rebuild generators ant) starters for all makes and models of cars. 214 S. Hazel St, Complete Parti and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractorj pr Wrltt Follin Tractor Co* Megnplip, Ark, ,ph?, 99?, 68? * 1140'R HAIR STYLES to match the fashion, personally arranged by ... • Mary Hamm • Edna Brooks • Diane Beasley at MARY-EDNA BEAUTY SHOPM ; 115 S. Elm,,,.,. Ph. 7-261.5 ^ Butter Pecan Devil Food CAKE Fresh Frozen Coconut CAKE Sweet Potato and Mince Meat PIES jors CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main Diamond Your Headquarters while in Hope Rlqn to attend the 3d District LIVESTOCK SHOW Sept. 27 thru Oct. 2 'Meet your friends qt the DIAMOND CAFi* CAFETERIA other pinna rjes rose u thousand One of ths creeks flowed lon^ the basp of the tight- cWf- The pUier, crossed by roud and bridge, eushe<t out a yawping hole ^i the cliff isn't that a red roof, there * he P u f f? Or is ^ ust 9n " oj rppfe?" see, Should b* the pare- pl&ce." •" * HOTEL BARLOW Welcome To Qyr AJr QsnsJitigned COFFEE SHOP Hours ore •. , , i6^30 a. m, to 2 p. m. §:30 P, m, t© § p. m. ©pen 7 days « wgek cats gwe§ts gl " thjt ^U .-^. -^AWJY.?,* •' **'' H 0 P ft .- IT A<IU H0f»t» AftKAMSAl Saturday; September18> 1954 |'H!i I EH JOY MY MAP MORE WHEN t IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TONAF> WHY DID YOU ASK ME WHAT .. TO BE DONE? THE GRASS SHOULD BE CUT AND THE BASEMENT SWEPT A LAMP NEEDS -REWIRING WHAT I'M KlQt WHAT HAS TO BE DONE APOUNO THE HOUSE TODAY? THE '-N SCREENS) NEED A -S CLEANING . AH BEEN UP ',., 6R, PER HOURS AN WAItlN'-AROON' HERE 'CAUSE AH KNEW YOU FELLAS W6ULD WANT / BUBBUH/ T' Glf AN EARL* ^VJL « . YgStUHOAY'S OUT OUR WAV Answer to Previous Pu«l« Dutch Revue OH, THAT'S T COME ALOW6 Tt5 -, WHY HE WATER HOL.6e IM WELL.THAT ) TH 1 VALLEY SOM^ \^> A BIT J PAY, LIKJex-yO ,.,, ,**, ,~~,. _- HOTTER. < GIT TO EWJOV CSEWtLEMEM.THIS '^L THAN HE'S \ BOILJW WATER. WAS'YET DON'T TELLIW0 lit 6t*t i KNOW THAT 0J.ONPE HEAP "ONLY HOURS ASO I STYUBC', SWIPPEP It/ WHILE I COUP >(OSS MV HOT WATER.' veu HOW nr &( ACROSS 1 Holland is noted for its 6 The Is official residence of Queen Juliana ill Gets up 13 Rely . ; 14 Father or • mother ! 15 Aerify ; 16 Note in 3 Italian coin 4 Suffix 5 Hangs as if balanced 6 Part of the feet 7 Fourth month (ab.) 8 Machine part' 9 Proposition 10 Paradise 24 Famous: 38 Mistake English school 41 Compound 12 Scatter 27 Genus of 13 River valleys maples 18 Island (Fr.) 28 City in ; Guide's scale 20 It is a member Nevada" ! 17 Hole.-making of the 29 Greek god ; instrument Nations of war ; 19 Masculine 21 Bowling term 31 Electrical unit 47 Eras ; nickname (pi.) 32 Smallest state 48 Flesh food 20 Unserviceable 22 Clear (ab.) 49 Crafts 22 Hammer head 23 Son of Seth 36.Fall flower 51 Dutch city 25 Boy's (Bib.) 37 Meadow S3 Mimic : . nickname 26 Brazilian state ether 42 Doctrine 43 Feminine name 44 Appear 45 Sea eagle '*&•*}'( "» ' K&'JK < %>? " WASH TUBES' TH' CAB/" PINE! HIDE ' AM 1 PUn FRO* THE ' K ^t'^ii^rii •« ». . • .. AI.V //,: DIP VOU.PW TWO SUIT- CWTMW PBCLA> ^FTER WE TOOKVK&KED TO WMt OPF YE&TeKPAy?/WHEM HE RU5HBP UP TO £EB PtNWB OFF 'TH' H^CKIE .BLEW m TOPI COTTER PUT5 Lrw ^ HURRIED CALL TO WRPORT OFFICE IN THE &TATE&' OFFIC6 VM2NTIOM ~ ' ' "" ** ' • ' 33 Plant parts 34 Girl's name With Major Hoople 36 Malt drink 39 God of love 40 Holland has no OUR BOARDING HOUSE _COULD fMB MONEY HAVE -SElAT AIRMAIL OH A PLAM& . 43 Compass point 46 Fixed look ;47Eucharistic wine vessel ' , 50 Rounded ,52 Ass -54 The Dutch } give their flower bulbs — : — care 55 Reiterate . 56 Prince 57 Trials , DOWN . . HAULBD/^SDRELV THAT *l, PEWARD WAS DISPATCHED Me SeFORe NOW, VST ALL r^& MAILMAM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES CIRCULARS/ VAi&6' vlvsk'v ITupian Indian 2 Russian river CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY WHAT'S WRON6 r HER?, THIS, WILL yOU SOYS \ VON A NAP, 1 AIN'T MUCH OP A FUNNY BUSINESS By Herihbergei / BWNS THOSE I .THlMSS IN QFP \ THE 'CLOTHES- LOAD. PER BOTH OP US T' CARRV ' ( LINE WHILE i V-CLE ALLEY OOP WELL! THIS , w —. JNTHERE^JU~5fmVWeyTrMEFORA ^^SOMlTT^n A LITTLE \CH5CU5SION, DISCU55WJ 1 / I MU&TSAY, "Now let's get this straight— are you referring to the ones, we're investigating or the ones who are investigating us? SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "Maybe they can hear the time if it's louder'.'' ^^ ' SWEETIE PIE " By Nodine Selzei PPISCILLA'S POP WHAT A <X>INClpENCE I WAS GrOINS TQ BORROW YOUR DIME IF YOU LPAN ME YOUR DIM^ I CAN TREAT ,— pRl^CILUA TO A SODA! SO I COULD TREAT H HOLLYHOCK TO TH! STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI ri| ftlf § think, he iin!t training * fet I ••* fi *. ^SP^K^^^rrs^ yla^^HM^gMfcMM !; ' 7 ^ * ! / ^ , t * \ ^ p v \^1 3 * ik

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