Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 8
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Always Lead, Never Follow Our First Grand Fall Opening Sale •Ta* been such a wonderful success that other* have seen this and thought to get a slice of the trade they must imitate the leaders of low prices, but tbeir prices are not low enough. This Grand Opening Sale Will Be Continued All Next Week. To accommodate the pay day customers who haven't had ac opportunity to got some of their many-bargains ; week will be wpecial dress goods and cloak week. $1.48 3 75 3.48 Ladies black kersey cape, a beauty, only Ladies' handsome double cape, boucle or Kersey cloth only Ladies heavy all wool cheviot Jackets, only DRESS GOODS Double width illuminated Persian effects, only 40 inch black silk and wool Socilleon, only 19-inch all silk velvets worth $1.00 yard, only And tiinoy bargainb we haven't space to mention, Keinember this sale lasts all next week. GOLDEN RULE 9cyd 26cyd 58c yd F&AZEOF Glory to JWind Up Sound Money Campaign. A WEEK OF SPEAKING It is Not Our Fault Followed by a Grand Rally at Logansport Saturday October 31, Morning and Evening. llejjiilbliwiius win docso -Hie c-a.n.i- next \vfck wi'lh !iioci|:Li].s,s every a,nd a. sraiul rally Satui-dfly, Oc- r 3.1. Soiincl Jlouey Domocrats- win ho jiivitod to iwirtic:^).'i:t;o., ami iQie moet- iiuj; tuid p.'irjHlo S:iiiiurd«iy ovwiing will bo under 'the auspices of tlie Railroad Men's clui), t'lio MoKiinlcy clwbs of the c-,or.u!.y, •If you liavc been . , " '. js''heretof- -• 1 "* 3 '™* to ° mUcL for . vour - cJotMng, hats and furnish'-' -i/reTDut you need not do it-any-longer. \V<j told you in tiny beginning that we Intended selling elotbhv* cheapo* rham it 'has been sold Heretofore, and if you wil-1 call and sec what we are do- tog, and get our prices, you will not wooider at the business we are doing Ask some one IMr -lias beon tae-tliey won't be Lard to find-n-hat the NEW AND UP-TO-DATE OLOTHLNG HOUSE is doing. It take* das and luisU-img to pluck trade from old Hue competition; that is what we-' done, and are still In the-fray to inn in in in the victory. MEN'S SUITS At H50 and $5.0o: The .?5.00 suits come in black Cheviots also. Men's nil wool suits at $7.00; in Uj'is line you find powerful values, other 'houses' price, Sin.QO. $10.00 SUITS Be Globe We Have Won Tlie Globe The Hearts of The People. Is already recognised as Logans port's most foremost Men's and Boys' -t>utfltters. We are deeply grateful for (the unbounded appreciation of our efforts by the .public, We shall endeavor to always merit -the esteem and con 3d«ice with whieii our fellow citizcus havo sa abundantly honored us. ROYAL ARCH HASONS John E. Redmond, of Logansport, Elected Grand High Priest. f la tePtimony of yar gratitude and to thoroughly introduce our finest grades of equal to Bugtora made Garments, we offer a < follows 'Sen's Plaid Sulls 00 Ke'west novelty HI Wool Cneviot* Thin peerless offer j« for one week 9Dly beginning to :awrrow and ending when our door 3loBC8 next Tuesday. Corner 4th and flarket. These Suits are All Wool, Winter weight, made up by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Suils .oo Fashions Craze. Perfect Fitting, Every element of fineness that foes intohiglust grade out-to-order garments is in these There here Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats Tieso are faflWonaUiy cut -and well ia»adc Ovenicoats, warramted 'to fit, to wear anld ito 'bold cotor. .Well let you t» *!he judge of their value. $5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. An exeopdomalliy well woven ohevlot, ^nwulo up espeteially for our patrons, and duplicated alt the prices nwvtore on ttts ptoet We warrant fast colors. - To delight the Boys and their Mothers we will sell ' Knee Pants at 15 Cents £itra good weight, neat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to 14. < .Tuuinittl: The II fly-Jim. ;unimi(l meaning- «t' die Grain*! Cliaptej- of Royal Arch, Masons oiC Imltaua wa« •h-dld yesterday, •aftennooau ki Mnsonilc tall, Gram! Higilji Pi'iest Hewy W. of Ft. Wao'iiiC 1 , presided. ed. Imnuedinitely witter -th'o-oporto;;- of •tilio meeting Grand High- Priest Mord- •liuirsfl; appointed 'the foUowiiD committees: On Credentials—Wtlwiii 1 Davtid M. Burns,' P. H. OlupstoiK E. O. Rose, E, G, SacUe-lit. On VJisiiUnp Compaiutais-r-Robei't W. Cox, A. M. Tower, E, F. Rich. Om Olmr'teis—L. A. Foote,' 'Charles Baldi. JcdinC. Gordon, .ToJitf W; Miles. pu DJspensaDionis—A-lexaiKlsTi Tlioni- •as, A. M. TlvlJis, C. C."tidIltiK!ii5e,:-.Taiino» IH-uiteluilii'gis, Gliiuitom CaiiUhvciU,' ••' On Gmiievaittees and Appends—Chrks- tijin Felita, O. W. Brownlwus«.-Kiwi on Ciroolw, C. "\V. Ai'iixslaxxng. IV. H. I-i;i- T'Jjt'ix' w-JI a,lso te a. -inoniicis Mind s'liovrking clnn'in.u' the dsiy. Secretary -of Stnio O\v«i, . lion. -y I'oulkc, Cn.iisi'Cssini AV. Slco-lv oiul o Diners ha.Te been hcsinl from «uml will Ivo liorc. Tlio coimmi'ttee •i.s stiill i.'iwlca.vo'i'ijig to get ex-Pj-es'id>ejM UtiiTiison fluid iliojips >i:o be successful. 'J'licre will be .jilcnty of ^o;)i.l speeches In ;ui.y oveiut. Yt'stoiiliaiy aj'tornoon a. crowd of tlirr-o liuudred business ineix mot ut thie Re publican •hdadflirartars JUK! orjjnaiJzct Von' clio evwut. Dr. Powell presided, tun (i general di^fustsion w;is tiBigaged an. COMMITTEES. The following committees wore ap On Claiiqs— W. T, A'n'clereoii, Clm-les G. Folsom, lloibert A. iLigget. On PajiroTIl— Martin H. Rioc, ,T. M. H. 1C. Ross. B. Long, .Tames O'Brien, ;W«liii.m -H. Jliles. On Unifl.nish'ed BusinciS9r-Uohn :T. , J..L. le Glebe The Globe Corner Fourth and Market Streets. Fie Globe PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Spodallats ot V<7 \fm-c *iv D, A. H.-tUK iia agent for their colubrated Spectacles and Eye ttJasnes, every pair guaranteed. D, A. HA UK ha» complete assortment and Invites all to satisfy themselves of tlio great superiority or these goods over any manufactured, at the store -of D. A. HA0K,' Sole agent for LoganapoitInd. No P«ddlers Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a fiood Winter Suit ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW. be Held Nov. loth, nth and lath, at Masonic Temple. OF- W. D. CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second Floor. How.are Your Kidneys? I tod Dr, Bol)bs Spiiragus Kihlacy Pilla of giwit Iicaoliit to mo, liavSltg -bccai rolicred of nni'C-li siuTeriog by them. Ploose send joe a copy of book on Kidney a.nd Blo«l Flltci-tog. A. D. Olisoa, 50 North Bryor Street, A-ttontn, Ga. For sale In Log-ajisiwrt by Ben I'lisfhoi- and Joton F. Coulson, dnigglsfs. Tho Ladies Aid society of Uie Cum- borlsrad churc 1 !), four miles north of the city, will gtvo a supper W<xbncs<lay Ootobcr 28tli, o.t th« church, torlbod.. To tlicnium sliio\v will ^bo far more extensive t'liau tlio successful exLJ'bi Won g cu hist year. Preparations now j,-oiug on assure this result. Dt Will be gJrai throe days, Nbvomber lOUi, utiii aad 32kh, M live banquet hall In the n«\v aud y&t unoponed Maeorafc temple, tlje intarlor 'bwiuties of -svlilcii win add to the flititmctSoa of the flower show. Al- roady fine plamts arc -being propared fw Hie gr«i,t shiow. Bulllbs and bloom. Jing thinigs, smuous vinos and wire exotics nire under can'oful cultivation foi •ttio exhibition. Not only will the local fanciers, of' 'boau'Mful growta'g plaats MMJ flowers be represenited In the show, but there' will be exhibits Drom many outside florists, who have promised to ®uow, or who 'have wrlitten to Inq litre as to the ti'iuo for the exhlblMon. The social features cut tlie affair will not be neglected. • • ' iBorn, to ,T. F. aud Mils. Callau, 14()8 BroadAvaij-, AVeducsclay, a daughter. On Jurisprudence—Stoeooi S.- Johnson, Mortimer Nye-, .C;-jW. "Pi^ther; Darnel McDonaUd; Etmer Crockett; ,T«cob W. Sni'Mh and E. J^CJiuretii' •; The annual address of thc-iitgli'ipTiiiest followed, in -wihich -he stated' that during tJlie j-eair tfurec now cjiaptebs tad 1>een oi-gasnlizeil. T3ie. -reixxrt: of Gnand Treasurer M. H. Elce slii-wedia/Dalaiiice in tho treasury of ?G,117.3-i. T-Be tal- lowing s^>ecl'ail eoni'm-itbees • • were -. -a.p- polnted by the 'high ipiMest: O» Necrology—Thoroas, B.' Marshall, Rev. N. W. Hoermans, A. W.- Hemple- mnin. On ResoJu'tioiifi Belcuttog 'to thle ,Orig- •himl Cluw-ter of Kiiug Soloaioa's Chapter -at Btchmoind—Thomas B. Lang, Daraiel MlcDonaild, .Taooib W. Smith., The grnrod officers elected' are:/ Oaod High Priest—.Tolfli' : E. Rcd- iwond', Logansport. •Deputy-Girarad' Hlgli Piiiesit—Rol)ei-t A. Woods, Princeton', .Givmfl Ki'mg—Maiuinl • M. IiivJUatilou—,T. 'A. Powell, D. II. Ctase Jno. G. Mcdk,.W. T. Giffc, W. T. Wil -smi, AV. S. Wa'ijjh-t, Frainlc Swigart, S T, MtOomioll, W. M, Elliott., M. R. F-r:b- zee, -B. F. Keeping, W. H. Snider. E<I Ke.'iiniey, Thomas Austin, Rudolph Beirrudt, Jolui Jcaiks, Tlieodorc ClKirtes Ringlebeiti, George P. MdKee, Decoivvtiin'g—Henry Wi>r, A'toer Ss.v- bol<i, Hamy Eiljofct, I-Ynwk; Patten.-, i Bemn>fct, WiUiann Pictaird, .To-bn Rollx.'!* Huiupliivys, H. C. F.'ily.er viiul ,T. 03. AA'iratea'S'. l^xwraim niul .Amuigomejiis-^J. C 1-Mdley, Q. A. Myers, D: B. Tom WJlaom. ,T. T. Elliiott, • E<1 Ke,'n'uiey «»<] E. N. Taylor. -H.T. C. Bi-IOge, 'Charles Smith, H. C. Cuwli-nKWi ond G. E. Mowe. StiviMls—Jfcifli Tiayloi-, O. .T. Stouffer, T. E. Oniiii)', Allen Ixswls <imd Wi'UIam Criunej'. Advertising— G. F. 'IMKWIWIS, Gtilvei- ton; Gaorgo H. Gis-e, Royal Center; John W. Coslt. YoimB America.; Geoirgu AA". Bishop, Walton; Sam Mpllitiger, Lucerne; Byron PoweU, Metea; Dr. R. H. Quick, Waverly; A. N. Watklns, Li'iiTO-IUi; Isatic Eigmao, Twelve Mile; Al>e Miller, Curveton; Dr. Stewart, Ijake Oicott; H. Turner, Deacon; Wll- lisim Amos, Clyimei's; .T. M. Love, Bur- -u'etl.wllle; H. 0. Eairtey, Kewarano, and F. 'Ftorgy, Deal' Cixsek; Sol Brandt, C. B. Sde-sxaiBoin, Cluarlcs Ringlebcn, Mart Elliott and Charles Sellers.' City. . Fimitoo—J. T. McXary, S. E, Boyct, .T. C, Hadley, William Hagenhuck nnd Trainspoi-taitiom—.T. C. EdgewFtih, N. R. Douialdson and C. R. Green. Redlfme and Artilfcrj'—Ed MciConinell, Harry TrStt, George Graliaim, AI Bring- •Jnu-st, Cy Powell, WlJiiam Bcwn, Schuyler Powelli, AVilliam CraJg, AVil- ftom Huckleberry, L'airy Woodworth, .Titniica CluIdiCJStcir. Hari'y Lux, Ben AA'lieCldoii, D.TII Mull «:ml G. W. In dill' Iionwi mean the same suits, only better fitting, made and trimmed, 'Uwit (he cheap tailors chaise you $15,00 Cor, BOY'S SUITS Apes 4 to l-l years, from ?I.OO and upwards. KN'KE PAiNTS from &> cents up. BOY'S LONG PANTS SUITS. HOO and up; .aigos 14 to 10 yenrs. MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS. 25c-nnd up. Tlie best unlaundrkxl shirt in Logan-sport for the money, 35c each, or 3 for ?1,00. EXTRA HEAVY WORKING PANTS, from 75c up. Orp PRICE ONLY. To oiu> a.ml'all. ,'unl that the lowest to be found anywhere. I . ' Call and-get our prices. :-: THE HUB :=: Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We waiut you to understand that we are running 1 this laundry for you and that your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly what you want if we can find oat what that is. Perhaps you believe that It is impossible .to have your laundry work handled without irrlta> tiom and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating It? HADLEY BROS., Eoccesiots to Campbell Bros. ccoiuection with 'this that 'the Phairos is Ktirbllng. TJio JoiiiraU does not -be lie-re anwl 'ttevei- did believe that Hie pin-chasing power of godd lias Increasctl. Tlie P.lmros silso knows it has not. and knows The .Tour.ual does not think so. Tlie Painros is only attempting to deceive you, George, you nod, its other' i<en<lers. You arc very foolish to l>e- teve anything you see iin tlie Pharos. HOPE FOR NEBRASKA Former Cass County Citizen on the Situation. .G-raucl Sarilbo— Geoi'ge S. Jones, Cov Treasurer— S H. Rice Sceretairr—\VdHtain H.Sinj-lh-e G-raind Captain of Host—Tho'nins R tiKiwhnll, Coliiimbia City. Grand Royal Audi Captato—iR'cn W, DdlpM. nd ehioipter tihen tidjounnicd until 9 o'clock Thursday morning. IRELAND'S. ISTATEJH2NT. Arc'litoishop Ireland lias: 'a-ubhbrt' the follwvimg stalteimejut concerning tn« publtshed dispatches undex a Borne doite, staitiB'g thiat tlie Pope -\vas TCKed wJith ithe areh'bteliop.' for the .posiitloia lie lias itaikemi on. .toe political situation: •"JWierc to n,o truth stafl;emenifc. What th«- pinipa&es,ore of itltoise wlito m<sats I <lo -not ko/ow. As to my letter, bl'tehied a week &go, on the. political eftuiaitioDi, .It remalne,, so far, as'-I a.m concerned, In full.fbrce. of poMttoai matters, s by me, -oonflrm me to all tihe. Staitemenits I then madfl, and lead .-.mo/: to; renCTv *hem tiodiay wilu yet. • '.stranger • "em. NOTES. The Advertising committee will moot Hi Is mom ing ait S o'clock «'t The Jour- iiiai office. The Decora-ting- commitae will meet Monday evening .next jvt Republican tauhiuaiiters. Tlie .Tomiaal will give a handsome flag to the township seridfng' the ta'rg- •est delegation. GEORGE BITES. Actually Believes What He,Sees in the Pharos. Our old 'friend George fBurkhnrt comes to 'blie promt in a card ioi last cventag's Pharos, in wMch toe replies to Ihe Journal. The main trouble is choit George Burkhart negledte to read The Jouinal, arcd therefore don't argue from facts. That Js the trouble aibout too mamy fret- silver advocates. Gold ihas not dean 75 per cent, or an.y other per cent: Its purchasing power las sliffhltly. decreased to the last twenty years. It will buy less labor, pay ess wiiges. Its purchasing power measured 'in some produces tons com- paaiubively risen bocaueo they have gone down by reason o>f immense pro- dxictibri or faprored machinery. It is wobsrble that It Is some statement In Broken Bow, Neb., Oct. 10, JSOG. Editor Tlie Logansport Journal: I IAVO received inumc-rons leittes from friends in Ca,ss county asking my the, polfctiieal sttuaiHon i-ii Nc- braslui, and as no eiitjjy ineams of eji- sivering t'lrese. MKIII.MPS at once, will yow kiivdilj' ins«it the following lav The JonrntU: Being somewhat in'-!oueh> with' tine powers 'that be in this State, I would g-Jvo 'lit as nny 'bo-lt jiwlignien-t fhnt 3Ic- Ktaley will carry tlio State Ijy a small majority. If I was to iraake any fig. urcs I would place it at from 2,000 TO 3,000, possibly mot so ranch. AA r t> hope. Qiowevei 1 , to Ijest these flg.iwc.s- consxl- eitiWy. AA'c are coirfroiitexl T)y condl- itions tli'.'iit do -not ob't.iiu in, nfost oC -the states. Fin-sat, this is ithts home of the "Boy Orator of tbe PLiifltft," and like •thiiit river he is shallow, Ruidy, and very muoh tho la.rgc.ot. at the month. AViwu il'lie sun 1 shines Oiiot in the inonn- tauns itlien the PMft.c is full 1o Its ta;n.Us; t?o tin. 1 "Boy 0 is ,t:lio fullest of calsuiiily wlvOTi ! Mic s-coi-chimg -rays of 'Hie ^nn havft done tlio most damage to Uie XehrasJi'a Tanners? crops. .Second — Old-'fasliOoned; pemocracy has -never been 'very strong In Nebraska, and ^x), being near th-e wines, more of our people have been, wiicfi the "fiilvcr C7.-,'we.' Y lliird—A very -large pro-iionuora or our people who-niow ycli for free silver, wei'e first caught by the Populist fool- is'lrness, and while many 'are rotu-nilng to tieir flrat prinoiplcs, there are many who aire. too "stiff" to acknowledge their faullt. So you .see it is somewhat difficult to give, a-'correct .di'iwrnosls of the condition^. 'Our couarty (Ouster) is genepally f-rom 'three hundred to five hundred Popailist; tiliis year we will decrease .those figures, at least, will not allow amy increase. How is old Indiana. I figure It -thirty to forty thousand for McKMey. Yours for Sound Money aiiid..Protec.l)ion. ID. C. PICKETT. 'B, Davis, on Thursday, Oct.*22 at 2.30 p. ni.. after a Jiugeriug Illness of five months. Mr. Davis was born alt Corydoa, Ind., to Got 22, 1S17, and came to Logansport with liis parents in 1835. He soon after moved to Delphi, Ind., where in 1S13 he was married to M;iss Mary H. Daubner, wlio Still survives Mm. In I860 they moved to Minneapolis, Minn., where they tove since resided, until •within ithe last few months. Mr. Davis was of Strong and energetic cuaracter, tvhile genjal and lovable to a degree; while of firm convitotrions and 8elf-rell- ouit and posiltive ia chjiracter, toe was , of a kind and wimn'i'Jig disposl'tton that made all w,ho .fcneiw luni' well his friends for life. Wihlle successful Jn business lie believed it was the duty of everyone to take a,ii octave Interest iw polities. He served the people in tihe sheriff's office and as auditor ol Carroll county. He was always-a deservedly popular man in Ms comm.ua- tiy, a firm friend, a klmi and loving husband-, nnd an honest, upright and useful eiltlzeai. He will be burled In Ddpul. Fuoieral arTauigemeats will be puibl'ished Later. Tlie drum corps tuwied out last evening in masquerade costume and had a fi? 'ic after esoort duty. Th5s is one ot the best drum corps Logonsporc ever Irad. It lias been thoroughly drilled and it slxoiM retain Its orgaiufoailJon aC- ter the election. TALKING~PRICES" THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. OBITUARY. at the residence of F. I>. Jus- itiee, In 'Wnshdngltoii: towneblp, EdwJa Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new '9C goods. Price 83c • * * Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good as some ask BOc for. Price 28c * • * Women's Arctics, nice new goods, good value at $1. Our price 50c Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium heels. Price .66c Women's satin calf button shoes; a good serviceable winter shoe. Price 88c Women's Vlcl kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dross shoe. Price 98c Infant's embroidered leather mocco- ains, Jufrt the thing for the little OIMB. Price I8c Men's rubber overshoes, nice new" goods; A bargain. Price ...SOc Also please see our line ot fine dreaa show. The most stylish and best Ht- ting goods ever brought to LogaMport; Line W. Pilling, 412 Broadway.

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