Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1954 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 17, 1954
Page 19
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HOP! S'f M A R A $ er' 17; : 'Will not btt rstpoh- ifr6ts/in" Want' Ad« unl«»* W ut 7-343 or fritt south iwd' "of" Mcond clou mattir . «t it,' Of flea at Hop*, ArkonM*. h« Act of > March 3, 1897. of thaUudlt Bur.au of , ' '- ' rlptlon gates (payabla In ad- Vs, *' VaiHc«): - - arrler In Hope, and neighboring 1 town*— , . ail .' In., Hempstead, Nevada, , 0, Howard, vond MIII«r'coun- £ltlOnth4..« *»f**iMt»'u**»14f" **J<*60 ••""•,";-' ;'"?4w*®?'? viirtlilnt »Rtpr«i««n»oMyMt PDdllles/ Jnc.;-«4i ST8 i 5! $ ,,?'*4 1 Wft.' pScio'L^Pfpi^^enlfttlea' ex- o the'pse for republlcation local news printed In this . ''M 'well- at all A?.' n»wt •& «' i$&& IS* GOOD Tom Ward laws rt Street; Tailor Shop . !«&§£ * l i fr& '*t_-* f 1 *••£**' f |ye'' r nfoved .my .studio 1 ' )IQ9S t .£|m Street T'" fneats. Saufce refills. 20o. ready tb eat, 3 Sand$1. Surt's Bar-B-Q, Can- Avettue Sehldd Kroger and -Stores. !6-3t r Funeral Director* FUNERAL. HOME 'AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . , . PHONE 7*2123 TF HfiRNDON CORNELIUS fiUHlAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas, Call 7-5505 for our agents ./ ASM Mo, „ For Sole , - USfi5 l Exceptional values in 2 USED DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES Fully guaranteed Oklahoma Tire & Supply $100 CASH, ' $35 'monthly buys two ' bedroom modern home, acre of land,.T. N. Below, Phone 7-4308: '" -,: - n-st Lost tlttB for 1949 Ford. RetUrn to Afifed West, 310 S. Washington lof,'reward. 13-6t Vlffiiiiti Opportunity hnd wife to ; collect established i-outes in Hope", Prescott, and CJiifdonv Car necessaryi Good commission. See. Mr. Anderson at Monday through •""•' Oaks, Thursday.; Hope, DeOueen Battle It Out Hope Bobcats and DeOueen Leo- 13-5t pards play their traditional football game tonight at 8 o'clock in Hahv mons. Stadium and barring a down* pour at game time one of the largest crowds of the season is expec- Ited. Overcast skies threatened rain Team New • York' Brooklyn Milwhuke'e Cincinnati Philadelphia St.' Louis- Chicago Pittsburgh .411 32 '* *352 41 Yesterday's Results Cincinnati 9, Brooklyn 3 New Y6fk 6-6, Milwaukee 2-2 (Only Carries Scheduled i Today's Games Philadelphia at N?W"Yor!r(night) Brooklyn 'at "Pittsburgh (night) Milwaukee"'at St. Louis (night) COhly Games. Scheduled) AME.RldAN LEAGUE REQIST.ERED' * .Guernseys. Bred New° Yor heifer cows, bail calves. Hale "Guernsey Farm. Prescott, Arkan~ sas, , , l5-3t WA'SHING machine with pump, $20. Phone 7-5531. 16-3t DJEJKg freeze, almost new, cheap. .^interested, call 7-2139. Mrs. J. L.-Jarrell. 17-31 York Chicago Detroit Boston Washington Baltimore Philadelphia Wonted WANTED to buy, lease, or rent light spudder well drilling rig. S. , L, Whatley, Box 727, Arkadelphia. ' Phone 875 after 7 p. m. 16-31 Qpopjllidrne for, two kittens. Part '20'N, Elm. 17-lt For R«nl UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. TPr"i\rate" ! !bath,., renj; reasonable. ,\ 13ll' W:\Xverjue B. Phone 7-3690. r* ,'" '•' 10-tf THREE? rbom*« apartment, nicely furnished* Bills paid. 20*4 Bonner. .w.fi ,.:' , ^ . . I io-j« l£t£ b'edroo'm, adjoining bath, 001 ?ond 7-2710. 15-31 V/ L Pet. GB 105 40 .724 97 4R .609 8 91 55 .023141/2 04 HI .441 41 63 81 .441- 41'/, 61 33 .4243,3«/-. •)0 DO -.34 49 00 .338 50 Big Fight T%nigNt 6y; MURRAY ;.NEW YORK heavyweight Yos, throughout Friday morning but only a mist fell up to noon. It would take several inches o frain to do atty damage to the football field and only heavy rain at actual gametime will keep down attahdance. Both teams are reported to be in fair shape with the exception of. ,- — a few ankle injuries among the' toni & nt - He predicted Wednesday champion Rocky MafcJano and challeitge? Ezzard Charles still are waitlhi? around to fight for the title. Tho 15-rounder, twice postponed, :r, schedule j for Yankee Stadium at 11 .p.m., EOT 10 p.th.. iEST) tonight. Note, it says scheduled. Rain washed out the •return bout', on Wednesday and Thursday to equal the heavyweight championship postponement record set in 1948 by Joe Louis and old Jersey Joe Waleott. The; same weatherman, slicking his '-chin out again says it will be fair" this afternoon and NBW YORK W Among the wa- fefteigged set of boxing writers and ether miscellaneous experts who watched the rain come ,'lown for folks, I the secbhd straight day, there was one of some 30 yep.ris' standing in the fistic community who felt that Kzzard Charles' chances of being the first man ever to regain the heavyweight ti*.o had been consid-, erably enhanced by the two-day j racked up a 3l to 12 decision postponement. Blevins Racks U|>3M2Win Over Rattlers Playing their second game of the season : the Blevins Hornets yards but Blevins was offsides and Blevins was forced to punt to the Rattiers 1 30. Evans passed 39 yards to Hooker where on the following play a Rattler back fumbled and Blevins tackle Barber caught the ball in the air and lumbered 70 yards to score. Again the point fry was blocked-. Leading 3i to 6 Blevins kicked off and Murfreesboro kicked right back. The Blevins safety fumbled and Murfreesboro recovered. Evans passed to Adrian Luttrell for the tally, and that ended the scoring. First 'Downs Blevins 7, Murfrees- j.o\,j-wv< wjj • ci u j. t,»j i fj vtcv,iaiuii * •*— < nn /I ,0^,..,,.^,.. .Murfrecsboro's Horhels last- night I boro 3; Blevins made 190 yards This was Harry Mondell. tho at Murfreesboro. Blevins which re- rushing to 101 for the Haulers, former six day bike promoter nrid vived football this year for the first Blevins completed 12 or J passes, intercepted; Rattlers tossed Broadway bon vivnnt. Who has been a constant attendant at the Yssterday's Results New York 1 4, Detroit- 3 : (Only-Game Scheduled i Today's Gam.es . ; Baltimore at 'Chicago (night) Cleveland at Dc-troit (night Boston' at WashinRlon- (night) New York at Philadelphia (night Hope crew but everyone is expected to play. DcQueen is reported to be an offensive-minded club which racked up a large score off Idabel, Oklahoma last weekend while Hope was downing a tough Stamps crew by only 25 to 13. However, frequent costly penalties set the Hope boys back time and again and the Bobcat offensive showed up considerably better than defense in that game. So the game could be a high scoring affair with, both sides able to move the ball. The contest looks like a "natural" with keen rivalry between the two schools. On a basis of an unofficial lineup, DeQueen only listed the squad without ' designating starters, the visitors could field, a team that will outweigh the Bobcats. That unofficial lineup is: Starting lineups: Hope De Queen 175 M. Rowe .... LE -.. Windham 150 168 Crawford .... LT .-. Hargis 170 160 Chambless ,.LG Cross 155 147 J. Keck .... C Cox 170 156 Herndon .... RG Smith 165 174 Honeycutt .. RT Pearce 180 151 Huddleston RE Crews 180 152 Johnson .... QB Wesson 180 162 Marlar HB Downs 160 140 Mullins HB 'Jacobs 140 162 B. Duke FB Pickens 155 SOUTHERN' ASSOCIATION (Playoff. Atlanta '.•>, Nc\y Orleans innings-series tied 1-1) 4 (12 FURNISHED apartment, 2 large rooms. Bills paid, close to town. Today's Games Atlanta -r.t Nfw Orleans ' By TnA Associated Press American Association smi-finals (best-of-7) IjidianajSolisi 6, Minneapolis '3 Indianapolis -leads 2-1 Columbus 5, Louisville 3- Columbus leads 2*1 >. , ,„ Arkansas Football By The Associated Press Catholic High 20, Balk Knob 12 -Mrs. J, W. Turner, 418 S. Elm St. ^levins 31, Murfreesboro 12 Helena 17-3t!Central B, 7, Elaine' li Watson Charles training catnp both for the June engagement with Rocky Marciano and the one which everyone hopes fervently will be fought tonight at Yankee Stadium. Harry has been fairly high on the chal- . - . . . lenger all the tinie. despite the that It would rain Thursday, let long odds against him. ami he especially likes the way K?. has up in Imid-afternoon, and be cloudy Thuespay night. Promoter Jim Worris couldn't wait. The mfrnitis rains-'wet oil the seats and everything jelse in the pnr!< and he call- ed'r-off the fight- at noon. For the record, tho rain did stop late : Thursday afternoon. But it started drizzling again at 7 p.m., let up shortly after, and then 10 minutes before the original ,10:30 p.m., starting time it began to rain again. At 10:'0' p.m., it was pouring. '.''•!•-..' If it rains tomorrow and another postponement is forced, the rain- jinxed scrap will, be rescheduled for Saturday night at 11 p. in., EOT.•'• '. . ';' ' . Beyond Saturday, nobody knowe. The Yankees : como .home; Monday and will need the park themselves. The International Boxing Club will have to tai:e out its expensive- ring and seat fetup. 1 Norris canH shift to-.'.tfie-' Polo Grounds because the Giants expect to play in- the world series- and -don't want their- pre- c-io'ust.-field messed up. Arid' Norris doesn't want any rriore -trouble with the Giants- A reacted to the 48-nour hiatus. "Take Marciano," ho said, "what did he do after they called it off for the second time? Why, he worked out agoiri and then v/ent right back to his hotel with his manager, Al Welll. and his trainer, Charlie Goldman, and" continued to do nothing but talk about the fight. In other words, he stayed right in the same fich). atmosphere and didn't have a chance' to relax. "But Charles, after his workout he- first went to spend n little time with his mother anrl then "he'went .ep and spent two hours With his wife and his two little girls, something he hadn't had a chance to "do for five weeks. He jiist sat around .on the floor and played with his kids. A man who wan tense and worried about a fisht wouldn't have done that, would' he?" We conceded 1 readily that Ez certainly must have boon relaxed, but -was that necessarily a sign that he would be a tigor in the cr Leaders for Blevins are: Noll time in many years lost to Gurdon one , in the opener. 110. completed 3. Blevins drew 0 PP- The game was only a few minutes nalties for Officials were: Clint Ful- old when the Blevins line blocked ler, Sim Ellis and_Sonny Null. Chea Murfreesboro punt and Norman Hugg, Hornet tackle, scooped up the ball and ran 30 yards to score. Bryson's kick was not good. Late in the opening quarter Wayland Bryson, Blevins fullback, and leading scorer of the night, hit the lino for 11 yards and the second tally. Again try for point failed. After kicking out on the Belvins 5 in the second period the MUrfrees- boro linemen crashed through to Jean Bonds, Manda Porlcrfield, Audria Porterfield, Bobbie Phillips arc Virginia Manning. Russell Stephens is coach for Blevins and Dan Willis and Harold Stalon are the coaches for Murfrccsboro. Starting lineup for Blevins was L. E. Bruce Smith, L. T. Bobbie Brown L. G. Douglas Steed, C. Jack Lloyd R. G. Olin Hill, R. T. Norman Hugg. R. E. Richard Roberts; Q. B. Ar- ww* »j - Jinv-ni\;(i v.iuotici.1 vini_n_iyn i.ij *«•• •" • _- ., block a Blevins punt and gained thur Willis, H. B. Donald Worthy, possession on the Hornet 15. Rovert.H. B. Jimmie White and F. B. way- Evans, outstanding quarterback for hand Bryson. Starting lineup lor the Rattlers, passed to Dick Lewal- iMurfroeboro was L. E. Adrian Lut- len for the score. Try for point was ! trell, L. T. Clarence Oldner, L. G. no good and the half ended with George Willis, C. Robert Watson, . _ _. 1 »™. *-« T-* _, i _ TT; —1_! ^^.4- T3 T 1 TIVM- Blevins leading 12-G. R. G. Ronnie Hignight, R. T Jim-. ring tonight? "Well," Harry sakl testily, "it helps. But if it's Uie technical as- third period, returning the kickoff to their own 40. Arthur Willis, quarterback, tossed a 33 yard pass to Smith. The Willis to Smith combination made good 9 of 12 during the game. Another pass to Richard Roberts gave the Hornets a first on the 27 where Bryson sidestepped 17 to the 10. Willis passed to the 5 and in two tries Bryson skirted end for the score. Try for point failed. The Rattlers received and went to 'the 50 before losing the ball to Q. B. Robert Evans, H. B. Olen Hooker. H. B. Dick Lewallcn and F. B. Thomas Stawn. Blevins and Murfrcesboro will meet again this year, the game to be played at Blevins. conflict with the Giants: among ipects you want, we can HO into Giants Down Braves Twice, Brooks Lose By MILTON RICHMAN , United Press Sports Writer Cleveland can clinch the American League pennant tonight and Bob Lemon is 'the man who may, do. the honors. The Indians will other things, is -tlie reason fo'r the late 1 ' 11 p.m., main-event-starting time itpnight. Another reason is . ilia't the IBC can't ^Compete,', even xf it wanted to, wjt'h' its regularly sponsored "• '-=='• night radio-television'-"night The radio-TV fight, start?10 p.m;, EOT (9 p.m.,-EST), f eatuifl's middlev/eights Walter Carter and Willie Troy -iiv'a 10- rOtorjfcjer at Washington. This will be'' f teiecast' to homes across the nation;. - - ' ' .-•••> Thefehecvyweight titlr fight will be segn only at the stadium and in theaters across the country. The people- cleared -a cable for Ihei7cjfosed circuit telecast for-to- wrap up the FUHtylSHED 4 room garage apart- j^WES. $E|$ f HARES isd, lrico^iI"Fund aval|alj|e' l frpm , ,XS, BATES F *V AQjer 67 W«t ,' , FURNITURE CO. Qltji rental macl " ~J^ ' Ml« S ,V£nt«jr£^t I Chapel 39, Piiie Bluff BO ment. Phone 7-2205. 17-tf FIVE room house and 140 acres grazing land, with plenty pf water. Call 7-2203. 17-3t Notice f FOH^ Imprjintpd Christmas cards '-see Jubisijvt, Purtell at Hazel's Beauty'Shop or palL7-2150, ll-6t CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beet cyt and wrapped for deep freeze.- Peef• for Deep Priez* 25 to 35 cents. • ' Ralph Montgomery Mich Phone 7-3361 Is ft«bullt 61" M«de Into Inntraprlni Work Guar«nU»d — Ontrpay 8«rvlo» «—»• P'AVIS Ffirnlturt It Mottrffi Co, 110 », Elm 8tr«t l»hon» 7421« Topfs Service .-* wrecking ,, late mpdel CARS and TRUCKS ,We alse repair all makes and models of automobile? A Trucks. T. 0, (TOP) PORTER irW f *S ptp A?^w w t irShspi e GO, ARMY SURPLUS Comic Boqks f New and Used-Clothing •' Gyns • Jeep Tops f Gas Cgn$ ! f Tarpg <r0gnj< Beds ? ( gnd Hundreds of other itefiis. Oklahoma and California ToifGame ' By TEb SMITS NEW^YORK. i/l 1 / The 10.>l colle/je 'ootball season opens tonight with wo first rate games, but 1he big attraction comes tomorrow when ughly regarded Ok'.ahom'a meets Cnlifornia at Berkeley,, ;in the television game of thu day. Oklahoma was a 'close second to STotre Dante iiu At-'s pre-snason soil of 'football strength, and Cali- 'ornia was 12th, The game will'be pne of the sternest, tests of tho year for' Coach Bud Wilkinson's Sooners, Tonight, however, come two DISTRIBUTING CO, „ . , > ^m^SZ. LAY AWAY-NOW i FOR CHRISTMAS Bicycles, TrjcTycles and 1 Wagons -'From WESTERN AUTO Associate Store 1954 flag tonight if Lemon beats Ihe Tigers in Detroit and the Athletics upset the Yankees in Philadelphia in another night gnmo. Even should the Yankees defeat the Athletics, the Indians can guar- ante themselves at loast n tie for the pennant by whipping Detroit. The five-time champion Yankees, clinging to a last precious mathematical hope, gained a half game on the idle Indians by defeating Detroit, 4-2, yesterday. The victory still left the defending chnmpions eight games off thu pace. Rookie Bob Grim posted his 19th victory by limiting the Tigers to six hits/ He was staked to all the runs he needed. in the first inning when Yogi Berra slammed his 21st homer, off George Zuverink .following a walk to Irv Noren and a single by Mickey Mantle. It : was the only game scheduled in the American League. The Giants look a couple' of big strides towards clinching the National League pennant by knocking over the Braves twice by identical 6-2 scores In a doubleheader. By beating the buckling Braves twice 'while Cincinnati bolted Brooklyn, 9-3, in the only other National League game scheduled, the Giants increased their lead to 4-ii games | Over the Dodgers and 7-'a over i the all-b u t-eliminated . Mihvauk- eeans. Monte Irvin helped earn Ruben Gomez his 16th victory in the open- CLOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-336? targe Enough to Serve You I Small Enough to Know Youl Have Your Car PAINTED NOW! $35.00 Y/hile yog are having your car painted we cqn do th'ot work on ^'your motor, brakes or 1 ' body work, Expert mechanic? always available, EXTRA SPECIAL ZcOfF TQ eur Regular Cummers Ypwr ESS0 * **^P ^^ '^^ ^^^^ ^^ fl^^^r lyagtCo, nigJtt 'and tomorrosv-nignt. There wilf<fite a nationwide broadcast via President Horace Stonoham got sore cat trie TBC boc;uisiv it schod- that, too; This two day? of extra gym work and running on the road has given Ezzard a chance to take of a little weight if lie wanted .to. Marciano already was down so light that he couldn't afford to take off any more, could he?" This seemed a litt'ie confusing, inasmuch as it has been widely believed that Charles was coming in at the heaviest vveisjht of his career 192V4 pounds originally — so that he could throw it all into an attempt to kayo Rocky, at the cutset of the battls. Why would he wish to shed any of "this solid suet at such a late da'je? Blevins on downs. Willis hit Smith for 5 then ran to the 30. Two short plays gained 5 to 25 from where Bryson cracked center, cut to his right behind good blocking and went over standing up. Willis skirted end for the extra point, giving Blevins at 25 to 6 lead. The quarter ended as the Rattlers made it to their 35. A bad pass from center placed them back on the 10 and they kicked out on the 50. Willis passed to his twin Willis for 40 protested. just said that if wanted to he could. It's given hjm a chance' to get exactly the Weight he wants for a one punch knockout. A lot of people don't know it, but Charles has knocked uled the-fight-in opposition to a:out'10 guys with a single punch. major games. Alabama, the 14th- ranked team of the land, faces .Mississippi Southern, a little team that surprised last year by dumping Alabama 25-19. Southern California takes on Washington State. In what should be only a breather, powerful Mississippi faces • North Texas State. The 1954 version of football finds the rules unchanged, and the N.C.A.A. limiting television to one game each week, under A.B.C. sponsorship, except for a few regional Saturdays later in the season. Notre Dame, under its new and vouthful coach, Torvy Brennan, is idle this week-end but next week meets Texas In a thriller. Noire Dame was voted first place in the Ap poll this week. Continuing the trend that began 'with the end of World War,'H, a flock of major games arc scheduled for tomorrow, making this one of the earliest Lig football Saturdays of all. Maryland, the nar tional champion last year but ranked .third for l^H. takes ' on Kentucky; Georgia Tech, another powerhouse, ope;Vs with Tulaue; Baylor faces Houston: Rice me^ts Florida; Washington plays Utn|>, and Texas will be tested by Louisiana State. Oklahoma A, and M-, expected by many to win live Missouri Valley title, and Wyoming, a Skyline Conference contender, ptoy at Lar- umine. Texas Christian jour.icys to Kansas, Drake plays Colorado, |ovv« State meets South Dakota State, and Kansas Stuto opposes Philadelphte.-Giants p.ame at the Polo .drounds ; acros;5 tho river. According to an agreement 'among the IBC, Giants-and Yankees, the IBC can't'put'on a fight in compe- lition.lwith a ball gamo.- Stqpbham "reluctantly consented".-to the fight• .-when Norris e:<- plaiii^d to him that he thought-the- Giants were- playing in ihe df.y UmVjThey had-bficiv scheduled for a day; affair originally but /some time.* . ago changed it to an arc- lighter.. The Giants .start at 8:15 p.m^CEDT) and should be finished by. Me time the. fight- gets under way."/' • .-.-:.. • It'''must'have-been-a lot easier in the.,old days' when -.jhe -fought on barges and >-phly.'.hnd'-.'to worry about 'the cop's.,; ' "' ; •.'..' : The; .managers of the fighters were:, worried-.. about; the gate but Norris. remained optimistic; He said-'^he refund. demand wasn't too bad,-:' .that .there will be about $350;QOO in the till,'and that the showVstill might 'do $500,000 with a good last .day rush.; The'; fighters, of:' course, v/er? plerity' disgusted- over the' post- ponernents, Iri' addition, .they ,'• had to weigh in again •'at -12:30-p. m. (EDTX in the'Madison'Square Garden Slobby. The 33,-yearrold Charles, making an unprecedented third bid • to regain the heavyweight crown, weighed' 193H>*.he h eavi est of his career .on Wednesday. Marciano scaled -180'•>. There's no reason he couldn't do it to Rocky." SHEAR DELIGHT S^N LEANDRO, Cnlif., (UP) Polfce today searched for the man whoj broke into the aiito of Frank King, manager of the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce.-and stole a pair; of six-foot-Ion? wooden shears used for ribbon-cuUinji ceremonies at road and bridge openings. Pbrlcers Have a Stronger Running Game By RAY STEPHENS FAYETTEVILLE L There's every indication that the Arkansas Raz'orb'acks will boast a greatly improved running game this;, season, and they'll heed it to offset an inadequate passing attack. At this point, the Porkers stack up as stronger than last year in every backfield position, with th'j exception of tailback, Letterman Henry Moore, Eobby Proctor, Preston Carpenter and Joe Thomason-returned to form a first string unit which meets even the vauntrid standards of Southwest Conference. Wyatt feared that the projected transfer of Carpenter merely would have bolstered one post at the expense of another. •, A second drawback in pulling Carpenter off the blocking back- position is Proctor's uninhibited of piny. Despite the fact that he weighs only 162, Proctor is a real fireball who-Mvi>uld' leather run o'ver the opposition thnn around them. Needless to say he spends considerable time on the bench nursing injuries. 'If we kick, Proctor probably will start; if we receive then Carpenter will be in thcro," said Wyatt. Letterman Thomason another lightweight at 147 pounds has shown groat improvement this fall, but he may be moved-back to tho second team because of his kicking ability. "~ Buddy Benson, tho sscond team tailback, is a weak punter, and Wyatt may be forced tn plai- Thomason with the second unit' in order to keep a competent kicker in the game. If this move is mado, sophomore Tonald Underwood will start at wingback. "Underwood is an excellent prospect," Wyatt said. "He does everything well." A graduate of LitlL; Rock High School where he won all Big Seven .honors, Underwood stands six, one and weighs. 185 pounds. Supporting the first pair at wing- For Qualiry and Beauty in Finest of WALLPAPER see us, Gunrer Retail Lumber Co. Phone 7-3495 422 E. Div. Bee-T-Mite Bettle and Termite Control Service Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main AH Customers are Insured back are two Charlie Berry other sophomores, of Stuttgart and the Wayne Garrett of Harrison. Neither of them arc expected to see There also is a group of talented'much action, unlesa Underwood er by -driving in four runs with a deviate, a single and a sacrifice fly. Southpaw Warren Spahn was shelled from the box .in the fifth inning. In the nightcap, Dusty Rhodes' sixth-inning single sparked a? three-run rally that snapped a Z-alljtie'and helped knuckleball ; rel- iefMce Hoyt, Wijhelm tb his 12)h tjrm hph. Wilhelm held Milwaukee hitliss' over the last 3-J.-3 innings, mateing a total of H-2,-3 consecutive hitl|$s frames he was-hurled so Willie Mays hit (Us 40th Horr.er E4die MatuewH connected S' 37th. Divey WiUiayhs and Alv h 'Dark '•- also homered for the Giants. Ted i£Juszewski cf Cincinnati hit A 48th home vw ami teammates Waljy Post and Bobby Adams also hitil ior th,e circuit in. a 13-hit attack on five Podger hurlcrs, beg- with loser Curl Erskiue. Joe W scatter^ W Po4geys hits became the ttvsf to reserves available to relieve the first string, a real novelty for the Razorbacks. Moore, a swift, lt)a-pound power runner, was second only to Lamar M'cHan in rushing the last season despite spending much time on the bench with injuries. This fall, the Little Rock junior has work-jd hard to ragain his full physical strength. He has the ability to be the best fullback in jthe conference. Arkansas did not have a capable replacement for Moore in 1953. This season, Joe Bill 'Wilson who Coach Bowtien Wyatt says is the "most improved' 1 player on the squad will run second string at fullback. Wilson, a senior from Harrison.! transferred to Arkansas in 1953 from Little lock Junior College. He's faster than Moore, but he doesn't have'Moore's power, and isn't as good a biocker. A sophomore, Rogers Overby of Ozark,' is the number three fullback. Overby has good speed but he'is a little light at 105 pounds. Blocking back, which is manned by two exceptional players, letter* men Proctor and Carpenter, probably is the strongest of the backfield positions. A sophomore, Bill Gidion of Sulphur Springs, Tex., also has shown promise of stevolop- ingiinto a fine player, knit- he has been hampered'by a. knee' injury Proptpr end Carpenter are, about on a par in-ability- Proctor has an edge on defense, \vhile Carpenter 'is the better defensive perform- Thomason is sidelined by injures. VINE RIPENED TOMATOES 4 Ibs. 49c Purina Fed Cage EGGS.... doz. 39c NEW CROP CANNING or EATING APPLES PLENTY BUTTER BEANS RUSSELL SON 901 West 3rd Street mm- Wyatt considered moving Carpenter where'his considerable abil ity <as. a pass receiver undoubtedly woujd have strengthened the air However, Proctor has a palcium on W* i:l$h\ log KXAR FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Regular Weekend Feature Starting FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 Friday 10:30 PM High School Special Early high school football Scores. Saturday 7:2$ AM Complete High School Results Saturday 4:30 PM College Special Early college football scores Saturday 6:00 PM Football Scoreboard ' Complete Saturday Afternoon Football Round Up. Saturday 10:15 PM Saturday Night Special Saturday night football ; scores and round up of all games. .;*»• Listen each night for "Spotlight on Sports" at 6PM (Baseball Scores, News of All Sports) FRIDAY, v AU-s-1J-wA ./', r.. 1-W, 7J V. i \ Wfii .. bt*.V , - - £ 3LONDIE This and That ACROSS 1 Tit for 4 Not a the world 8 Meek as a in Ixist j 13 Fruit drinks |14 Century plant DOWN 1 Bugle call 2 Region 3 Most sensitive 4 Antic 5 Arabian gulf G Without rhyme or —7 Worm 8 Narrow roads levins leaning i^-u. "• "• *f"'"^ "-e,---r,---. --• Blevins wasted no time in the | mo Corbitt. R. E. Dwight Howell, ^ [18 Makes . unhappy !0 Reposes !1 An of corn 22 Individuals '-4 as a rock JjNautical measure |27 Cushion ISO Imagine 132 Bridge h< 134 As a last • 135 Eye drops |36 . , drink and be IT |37 Behaves |39 Small masses 140 Hurt 11 Turkish governors 17 Mountain ridges 19 Seaport in Portuguese India 23 Memoranda 24 Tr ough — aiKi water |4iBabylonian 42 Expunge 45 Quieter 49 Confirmed [51 High priest [ (Bib.) [52 Chilled '53 Printing direction 154 Scottish waterfall 55 Dress '^1 trimming 56 Metal-] rocks 57 Droop CARNIVAL Iding 3 k 2rry sses n 1 st iring I . U li. IB <1- i" 34 ifa '12 W J2 bb 2 Z6 Hi 5 Zl 44 W ;fl 10 I/ I'i |b' r^ 31 i7 B ^ a> ^ -.//^ bO S3 % E> tt 11 m » 4b 7 H « ii 65 ^ It I 1 / 20 ^ 41 8 IH ^ 3'4 *>' V 'a: , bl. . W n 10 «T 17 II'. 29" IB n * *;' ; ru $ ? #. It CWek Yewif OtA*K IKI 1 GUESSTO •*% §E*tER GGJ HOME ' a ,6EFOf?E ye ( WAKES'UP 1: FEAtHUH PINNED TOdZAftK'S UNIFORM WILL BEAT TH- CROWS t'OAY/,,, \(? AH NEVUH WOULD 1 C HAVE THOUGHT .^. * r^ By J. R. William* Previous Puzzle VIC FLINT Hft'5 6xSW§ INtO *M3&m**i> WHERE VA EK6M ALL MORNING, 43 Worthless (Bib.) 44 Fish sauce 46 Distant (prefix) 47 Pen name of Charles Lamb 48 -— •-• down the curtain 50 Much about nothing 26 Sailing vessel 27 Counterparts 28 The test 29 Lairs 31 Trailed 33 Stair post 38 Bed canopy 40 Stage whisper 41 Waits 42 Wicked ' <•' ^ t'&frr \ •$kufHop6 * r '*, V f i^>i«i,W4.ftLfii£ \*"t^?sW*ll . WASH TUBES I'VE OUST TALKEi? TO HI& VA1.ET OM'TH 1 HB SE6MBD VERY UP6BT HfWrAMpPUfi -M PHOWB, POTTER 1; BAIPWIM::HAC tWO HBD ou^r WBU.HE DIPNT CWJcgL H!e TRIP AFTER I TALKING TO YOU ^ QUESTIONS'. WOULP1 K.MOW my BALPWIU OIDM'T BRI ANV LUS6AGE? THIRTV YEAE^ TOO SOOM *«•••««»., m OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla A VACAT^M v SCOFFERS ShiEERED T ulAC (TAPTUr.2D A DESPERATey £^^,^50^® CRIMINAL IN IT—AMD EARNED A 90QT& AND HER BUDDIES By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY JUST A MINUTE i CAN'T MEAR A WORD SAVIN 1 ' • AND' JONES '^•ffl'"!^ 4 , FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberget AM.EV-.QOP SHI= 16 A MAIP FROM THE THIRD CENTURY V UNDER5TANP YOU'VE FALLEN FOR SOME ANOTHER B>sF'fJfrs»S £?»?»<> ff^l££$^%i^ >&W jt * ff aJfsi-^/x. A*S LI* :M*'i«-i $HE'S TH' ONLY WOMAN EVER-S0T MEJTAL.KINS TO Originally it was just Smith & Jones — then Smith got married!" E GLANCES By Golbraith "What a line! I shoulda known better than to |?t guys vacation, on a dude ranch this summer!'' SWEETIE PIE By Narfine 5e«x«f) PRISCILLA^S POP T.ME i SOME BAKED MY PIRST CAKE SURPRISE TH€ 5TPRY OF MARTHA WAYN8 &-.":^ir'& € "H wt§ the hidden ball play-^myst be \ Bf th§ bill? a,re suph | wprry, after we g§t"p«t Q! 1 fl •e'li pay sash fer wfythjrjg*wj«8t, borrow_whattvi>r ife^'i * -» ^ wu IVfi'i* " >viti •' •> 1 •&•* ^ ' \iA' '" 6vM.

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