Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 7
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YOUNG jOLDHICKOKYONGOLD I ANDREW JACKSON SAID IT HAD BEEN STANDARD IN ALL AGES, •JVC Offer You n Remedy Wh'.cli Insures SAFETY to LIFE or Botli Mother anil CUtUl. "MOTHERS nous <n>Nm::.iiKN'i <>'• . Makes CHILD-BIRTH Easy. KlKlorii-il :ii"t rc-<-0"n>tfm\<vl by plo'" 1 " lwlvoi IMI.I tl.«-o «•!><> !.:«•<> iiscrt ii-« <.rs.il.<lit'«.<-< a,,,! unRia.o.'S. clu ft " "T1IKBK IS MO FHAIID IX The T.MII- ,>l..s of SIiOlllll 15«-|ir<-si-nliill JusHe-.- mill c of thr l--i]i'i'lit.V ITIn<:l- Which liYlT I'-l- ,m* <'l:it.s JlO'.lium. in. Our l!iBl.itnl-i<>»> |i,<i-,U-il on by <»' •s us (111' Ai'lunl KSCTI.AT03, CO., Atlanta, Oa. ill.n KV Al.t. ailimtilSTS. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STVLt The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route-New Orleant . to Los AnRcles and San Francisco. Was diseontintiud April V:it:. Tl" wpt-rlor uccomnioautioiis «lvfin r ^' great number of patrons of tbe abov. »r»ln during the past tourist seas.m Wftrrtinta UK: anuounceaiout ot pliui> f»r next season of nuer »arvl,-e win •qolpmeot stiporior to auyrliiiif: yf KDOWD in transcbntinuntiil trulfic. Look for eaclr rt'-lniiuiriirui'um oi "gONSET LIMITETV this 'fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern iMe'm- Cu. "SnuHei Scute" in conuoctiou will) flu- "Qoeet »od Cr>scont Itncu)" IU-L- running Ui. only line of throual" tonrlst IMUiunt gjepppr» IcavliiK Ciuclnuatl everj Tbuwday eveuius; for I.os Angnlos am These excursion;-) art- sfwolnlly wii ducted, iind rlu? object Is f« enfible i):r.i< wh-a rto out c:\re to tiny tlie U rat-flat ronn<l trip <-T one way tlclJftis. to cnjo\ n wmfr.rfi!!>!e rlrtc with sleeping «i: ? r)vllo>-:i:» anrt :io ohnnpe of ears at ill- •ivvy low ?(M:nnrt-<'lnss rnte. ;--i-r furtrr^r liifonnntion, address 1 Vi , 0. Keep Cool by Vsinf THE KELLEV Sliower RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose S^ Express Ad, 25c. jTevcnts Wettlni! HBRI! Klooc or Willis. ,\ ;.;•,">; ' _ ' Honilvas W;itcr Closrts. V '•--_. Send lor CiiluloKtio Vcost Proof Water Closets. Si-U-Actlns Water Closets. KclJy Sioo and IVastti Cock. TMOS. KELLY & BROS., No. 30i MaOison Street, Chicaso. Thru splendid ex. mplur 01' Democratic jry.irui'.liKin, the Louisville- Cour- icr-.ionnin!. asks the pilv.erites who «re in tho habit o£ irL.u'.«'.-.ig that, everybody, ; Ann row .Taekccn, of ;iny -o°n- in A:iiei'ic;iTi hir.tory, was for free silver until 1S7.'!, to explain That tbe srcal exemplar or Democracy meant in the following !<Hto:- written to tine Ilev. A. a. McCallum in rcspor.se to the-'prosont ol 1 a gold pen and pencil. The letter i.-i dated from W^Uinsloh, Dec. £0. 1SSG: "t am obligee! to you Cor the favjra- blc miumcr iu which you speak of some of my late public measures, -.vliiclv the pure and intrinsically valuable nia- terir.l of the useful and bea.u-tif.lil ;>rns- cnt yo-u tender gives occasion to introduce-, an yon S'-'cm to think, uo-t inaptly. The'uot'ftil and ornamental puriiosos to which sold can be applied are tt.f properliea tliat give it real value anc- render the demand for it universal. This with other peculiar qualities, has ituule It lu all ages, .througout the world, tlic standard o:' value. There is no fraud in gold: like the honest principles of the founders of our go.vcrn- laetu, who declare by constitutional provision the precious metals to be the only money of the republic, it is •unchangeable, and will do its oflice well everywhere nml at all times; no nl- chemy can multip-ly it-no chartered .pi-ivJ leges ea.n Rive sudden and unseen expansion or coraraellon to its amount. Nature has set limits and labor imparts nn invariable value to It. H is. therefore. Uie true representative ot tho principles of justice ami equality which should enter into i-veryt'iim; tliat operates on our institutions; and should be. ever insisted on by (he in- dustrlous'ohwsos as 'the actual circulating medium to bring continually to the test every species of credit currency, ana to suppress the spurious paper system, resting on no solid basis and giving birth to frauds and :;tor:!' gambiinsr, which'tends so much to c*- trapse our '.people from -honest :v.u useful pursuit.';, and our legisl-i from tliat .primitive patriotism \vr cl was once entirc.-ly directed to rastci till em." JackFon lilco Benton. recognize... n. thai early day the drift of manlu'id t. tho ci-aUl standard. Abundant evident or tills is to bo found in his speochc and writings as well as in hid publi act?.. 1-l'e was as much lite I'riet'.d c the yellow mctr.l as "Old Bullion" V.en ton hi'.11 yell'. CANNOT BE TOO GOOD. Somul Moiii'y C;»ml '<>'' A!i '- v;il:<! " lul Viiliii'lt-i" If >"' II( '- * ' Unused money, unloaned money bestows no more value upon its owner than an ur.oaten meal can give of pleasure or nutrition. A little reflection 'icaker. it plain, -therefore, that the farmer and the Chicago packer. -,vaso earner, manufacturer and capitalist are equally interested in circulating a Kind of money which, wiicn they lot SO of it will buy them the most, satisfaction either at home or abroad. Those who buy of t-hr-farmers the foodstuffs wiii'M uhoy raise, and. sell the same farmers money, should understand that wise farmer's desire to buy only the ;hest money—money which, like good pork, 'beef, and cereals, will pass current in all markets. And as there has never been any complaint about too good wheat, tno good beef, too good pork, or too productive a farm, so there never can -be- .from correctly reasoning men, any complaint about! too good a dollar, too good currency or money. A dollar with too much purchasing power is ss impossible as a square meal with too much nutritive power, an acre of land •with too much productive capacity, or an advocate oC Ptrpnlislic schemes ot finance with loo much logical ability.— Secretary .T.-Sterling Morton. PANIC "WILL FOLLOW. THE RESULT OF UNLIMITED FREE COINAGE OF SILVER. •nn;. <;oi.Li WOULD HOBI.OII VTrit«-r In . l-'roc Silvrr Vroiiosltl"" -<;""••'"''• «'' ru|>l«-y -i.lil Kiimio ami «-- ! "> r Y.-urs Vi'nnUl !!•> :> 1>™K , ,.;,.„. "What! (.-Jet into n chinfe lilco that because you sny :E is 15ot this T'..'.:r, my boy'" York DHAKMS' .RATTLESNAKES. Denizens of tho Wood ir/rlnla HT<nmta">"«" Wl.o Snmmonn at HI, Will Snakes, ifciull'rels «U<1 \Viia i;lrua _ Kepilli'K lic^U J1)m . as tt rrlund. uiiu ii.e ri---,viu:u woiiid nnve KCHTVM: strange to liim. So powerful was hU' influence over lh« coiloil sei-pt'.nUU his fei-t (lint a liltlc further cmli-anm-nt w,.-,iidsa.',n:irht-T.'c*;UMler by the side of a eon- en IrVo. a'.id H :« no mv.isiv.il ''<' c>vl;1 " Si>i:i.-uU-..i>;v. Alum 1 Let us s'j.ip.-np, says a well-'tn.p'-'i.''. i Boston writ<;r 0:1 economic sr.b:cr.-,K,'| that the cou!,T-.'ss w!;icb convener in | December, 1):97, i.ogeibur wil'h the r.'-"-v- ly-eiectci! pr£»i»er.l, should favor "five silver." Th:y ari^cmble and pr.::.i :'.;•. act for unlinritcd coinage, at the r:>::o o£ IK to 1, to take effect say^.lan. i, 1SBS. That is Jur.t wliat the advc;r.',,-;j o[ iin'.imiUMl silver mistakenly .:•> ",; ,et tis see vlK'.t would 'o« the rral result. The moment that such an enaeimcv.t •became- even probable, there would be such a deluge ot American secnriiios and stocks, corporate, municipal. <:iate :md n-.tion:il, I'eturnad from th« Old World, ilia; prices would ranmly approximate toward one-halt of prftseril. values. Besides, n-11 stof.lis and hoiul* Hi at are more exclusive^ held in this j country, would sympatp.ctjc.aliy -lot-lino with them in about the same proportion. The 5650,000,000 ol gold coin (more or less) nc-w in the country, would at once lose'its function as money, and command a his-h premium. H _would rapidly leave the country, and. lor me time be!ng.there v;o\iM v e ; > contraction uf the monetary medium to that amount:. No matter how much subsequent inflation might come after a few years of free coinage, the imnic-.1iatc- cffect would be a general collapse and universal paralysis. The panic of ISSo was puny and .infantile when comparer, with the one that would come in 1SOS. There would be tin immediate and n-e- mendous shrinkage of all values, and of labor the most of all..' Few wl\o were Do You Use It?' It's tne er'.s prcscnci: \Vhcn in 1.1 I nl'.vays y.ifP] ; v.-nii-nt f:ill> If KilJliii" were here be would m'ite of another" and elderly Mow S -li, local H-cnius of T.ockbrid-c. Alum aiinnffs, Va. Tliomas II o-stetter is Jr.s nami;, mrl iii 1 -- a^c- is absolutely uncartam. He thinks he is a,boulS:.ycai-soW. wrniKiu- v,., bis broiv/.cd face rival' in : number and complexity those oI'Lotfs | mummy. 'His eyes arc small ami deep- -, <et Tic lives somcnvluM-e amid :h'- crngs mid lilackoon-y bushes, int.bo neighbor- ; hood of Oolli'j'rstown, Vn. ' .' H,> suddenly a llp car;e<M.!,<.M-e tlio other . B ,on"ii«ff, «p« the .\VwVork Tribune, with a well-tinkered n.nd timo-wmn 1111- •lln slim" over his shoulder, and a hu£e iiobinoor 'of .-in-alum diamond in bis lru)(- Vic xaitl he paid <cn dolbirs lor • 1,'is violin over so m.-.n.y years ag-o 111 Jexin"-toii ]lc seemed coniulcnl ol , tbe value of the, RC.in, which only sfx?rn c-onjpolled him to socnficu for one dollar, and wliV.i tbe writer bong-ht in Mio hope oi drawing liim out. Hfsuid v.lfc-was dead. Hin nine children SV,M-O alt murried or scattered. . I-le • h:-a uover been to a city and was absolutely unversed in knowledge of any life but one—that of the- deep wood, w-iih its multit.vde ot s-ilu:it. creatures. Their habits and languag-u were au open book to him. Tb« old in.'iu bad •innumerable little- packa-cs of rnttlcsnalce rattles stack into every coTiccivalile receptacle of his. clothinif. It seemed that lie snakes. had coii.e to regard him without animosity. He liail acquired an insight into their habits and when he did not t-ce them with liis wornout eyes he s.m- nlv sat down on a loff and beguiled them out of the nooks nnd crannies to his feet. B'o. bad no Hindoo "tomtom wherewith to charm the snakes, and -mparently exerted no ir.nuenca upon Uicm other than that which, close syro- pathv always begets. Doubtless they liad "u-ame'd to regard him much .in. the light of a sorely overgrown anfl dis-. tortcd brotlio.r. The writer came across him one dewy morning- seated crosswise on a log i in"-;n-,d !ii'dapo':<-.oi:0us ri'-ilik 1 s in'"- -e'.^-eeri bis Icq-s or \v:u-:nc'il into flctv.rslecy on bis body. ITo ?nh'l that llii''bhicksnakrs in the ;::-.)iin1niii meadows acl.iially coil •flicTnselves around .tiie leers of cows nr.tl milk !!ICT.I. nnd t'hat iliu cmvs :i(:lually (rvow -fond.of IhiH unnatural miJkiny and eome to 111" same y.por. in the li'.'M orich day at the. .same, hour aird low for ill.: snake. Ut.K.-i-iiip- an inartienlaie H'"unil. mrd- w.-iy bct-Nveen. a fiO'o jnii!-::- ;.rn):ui. .ln:r> te.i-'ter s'.nit. the snabe iivlo i'"~ bushes. "Let; \\\r see you nv'ni;v :'. vc.uirre! into j'our lap." 3fc s;it down on t.lu-. spreading roois 0-f'a piiu- free and gave u!iora;:..-!.' >« 11 subcl'-irA ehorus Ol" cl-.iwn.ps :i'.nl "(iiif'-iks in minor !;eys, a;.d f.omi ilv; wood seemed to ho Tilled with 1-hn ip!'- tcrir.sr of little feet, n,;d Hie queer old mau bcear.ie the moliouH-ss cenler of a flusrer of bushy brown .-.ml gr:iy squiriv!^. 'J'liev'r:>ir--d up and dnv.-n his }C"'S :inu arms. sn'lTed at. the O|H'nii;g on'i^lmia-iujfpnekets. rini-l ^nly avoided the." smoke oE liis pipe. Again, with a .sound half inarticiiU'..1e nnl a -hal.- Kcsture, h« dismiswd Hie nimb.c- footod l.hrong. : "Can you call Hie wiid nirko.yN. :lo.-.. teitcr?'' '. Thu olil man waled himself r.-rain with his back to a (vee.r.nd Ihewi-.t.cr : wandered oft into the deep shadows. ' Scarcely was this done beforu a. familiar '^dbblc,- gobble" was beard, and then »ftcr ilvc roinuies' sile.nco the notes were repeated. A .twigs best thing- fcr •:":•- L)2,:r ii-.der all c::-cuniatr.nces. Tr.st s.s no man by taii;n<r: t!-.ot:ijl:t cau sad an inch _ to. -,,:,. .:-O>-JT-C so ::o preuar.iUon OTn":iici"kc hair. The utn;ost: ;./..'.: c.ic b;-; oone ^ to^ jro- .rioie coiulitJoiis .favorable to- Growth. Tliis is done by Avar's ITaJr Vigor. It removes dandruff, cleanses t he- scalp, nourishes the soil in; which, the hair grovvs,. -:-d-, just as :i desert -viii blossom-, nuk-r vain, so bald heads grow l-'air, -.vhsii the roots arc nour- •;"-].,^i But the roots niust be-. "l-Zl" li von v,->h yctir tair: ^"retain ;[s normol color, or; if vou wish to restore the lost £ ; r": c>; gray or laded nan" use'. %^ ?^i..-,.;*• Vigor* HIB5 DARIN3 INNOVATION. .Tol.nsto:..-- JH-nnott Hires :l > MN.< .lohnsior,.! S>.y,r.oi.v is responsible for t!"-' h'tvst inn<r,:u!on hi matters-; theatrical. Her T.crsonal atioiidaiit. is not a maid. -ho is a m«.n. A J'rei'.eb vnlot. vv-il^accompany her on h " r 1<rars ' lo °' v " " ltOT " bc.r costumes, resist. bc-r .r , and pl::v the, pan- of the actress' maid.. " --' .as. Greenville, 111., Jan. 10, '05. Pepsin Syrnp Co., Moiiti«ello, III.: Gentlemen-! have been troubled •with biliousness, slcU headache, soar stomach, constipation, etc., for several years as the result of close confinement 'ai my office. t sought loug and tried many remedies for relief; but was disappointed until I tried your Syrup Pepsin. It gave me immediate relief, nnd since t have been usiiifr It my ftmiern] health has been improved. • I can cheerfully recommend it to ai 7 one suffering from tho above com ' plaints. It Is a Urst-clnss remedy- Youra troly, C. E. COOK. For sale by B. Fl- kefisllng. After THiriy Years' Experience riiaiN|veTonjc rh.-i]. iMotn-.v UK- '"<> ..... ' '•" l '< >r HE WHO TAMPERS WITH THE CURRENCY ROBS LABOK OF- ITS BKEAD. HBPANDI3R&, 1ND1MTO 10 GREEDY CAPITAL. WHICH IS KEKN-S10HTED AND MAY SHiM FOR ITSELF; BL'T HE BEG L-\'BOR \V.MfCH IS HONEST. SUSPECTJNtH TOO BUSY WITH PKl-'SENT TO CALCULATE I' OR TT1E HT r n-KI5. TT1E FKOSP15IUTY or 'THE WORKING CLASS LIVES, J10VES -\ND HAS ITS 1)131X0 •FST \B1.TSHED CREDIT AND fcrC, MLCU. liau Halra cures colds'; ol cl cougtts, croop, bronchitia aad pleurisy like ouunc- . . . . TE\nY MEDIUM OF ; Sl'DOKN CHANGES DESTROY T HONEST INDUSTRY MEVEK OMICS IN FOR, ANY PART OK THE SPOILS IN THAT SCRAMBLE, WHICH TAKES PLACE WHEN THE rt'PRFNCY OF A COUNTRY IS DJSORDERF.D. DID WILD SCHEMES AND PROMTS EVER BENEFIT THE vnrsTFJOVs? ni'D VIOLENT Sci'SoNS EVER DO GOOD TO HIM WHO DEPENDS ON HIS DAILY IS FOR HIS DAILY BREAD? 11-UtVrJ >^ «-' •" * "J. •_ • , -, and .soon Uirouffh the'leaves the tcndy eyes of n ivil<l turlcey peered wit.h Ivanfr- iiv- comb n.ird one foot lifted. Afrrtni a low '"cobble, -ooble," nnd the leaves divided nnd the sl.-i.tely Wrd strutted di'-cctlv to a place beside the old man ! nnd stored -wituont. blinking into his ! face. •____.... AN ELECTRICAL CANE. The n.Hoful .Walltlnff StifiU Coin)"' with » MflRlit Lamp- Mo-c inventions for canes have been ,-eeovdcd at t.hc potent ollicc at \;usa- inn-to-i than for anything else; tins in 'siiHc of 'the fact tluct Hie c:inc ilse.lf is o-e of Uie oldest of iiivcntions. H wa? in use bv the primitive num. who^uscd » in-okoii boun-h of a. tree to assist him . in his progress over mountains and to resist, tlic i'rttncks of his humiin or ani- .CFRTAIKLY NEVER.. ALL THESE THINGS MAY GRATIFY GREEDI- XPSS KOR SUDDEN GAIN OK THE KASHNESS OF DARING SPECULATION BUT THEY CAN BRING NOTHING BUT INJURY AND DISTRESS TO THE HOMES OF PATIENT INDUSTRY ANP HONEST LABO R.- DANIEL WEBSTER. CMAJU1ER. vith -i six-foot rather coiled contcnted- 1 v at his feet, Not until tho stranger .' pl ."i-,.d on t'ho scene did Uuiit •fijekcr- 'i-ri'" 'ionyuc protnule or those jmgry ove-s trllttar.'-The -two sccuicd to.be simply enjoying- a quiet, wood-talk aj the claw-like-ha.nd of the .man.stroked clown the diamond patches on the snake's, shiny.back. 'Hostctter apparently did not think t'his situa-tion at all out'of .the co-mmon. He.-h'ad known rattlesnakes n'ml ' blacksnakes and moccasins so loug a.nd so in.Umatcly that any k.ss of sociability botwcer. him -nv-s of ell sorts have been invented, rftorts havin-bee,! iu-ade to con.b,,w ,the u^erui wulkiui? sii'* ' v ' lh ™**^ everything- . . , v ' n ovel contrivance w.nch ,-s. P'-' In'ps more surprising than any otiVr n'enu-sis one wbic-b .is .tthe«,n,e fiWie lifvht. Tis interior is . he. n,. e ,s,a,-.v chemiea «. i,.s top h^un-U'.ear.-druenl bulb, -i. ins a protective < : ovenuA' ot I... t ,l 01- silver/removable ai, a louei. on'-i Mjrii:-. Within the cane is a ' ,-rv iu lo \v'h',cb vlic poles extend. j,0t fur enons-li to- touch the acid, but is .sii ? htly. inclined tne nn with csa li-iiterl by tbu dcctrie.'.y which is ^~ erued" Bv " lis contrivance waste is K Icd'acd electricity is genernied only when it is actually needed A\ hen tner oid loses its strength or. the z.nc Isconsu-medby them the cane maybe Iiifr stick. Old AImnnnc». . Ifhns recently been ascertained that almanacs and calendars date back to the year 200 A. T). » ;u debt could pay, hut-when Mir.iss really got the worst, the cp]>:»'!- nni '- v Tor t'ho wealthy to purchase a-t pcrp.it bargains would be immense. Titus the already rich would become vastly richer," anil the present •iiKjqwilily I'e greatly increased. There would lia general bankruptcy, find for n lev.' years labor wor.ld be a dni£. Severe as w.is tho n?.nic of 1S93, it was comparatively mu-,.. mere ctfp (and then arrest-ed) in tho direction indicated. After v,;;-nvy months and years, busir/.r,:, woula clow-ly emerge from the wreck and chaos. But i-i the meantime, :u:otlK-r current would have started. The silver of Uie r woi-ld would be dumped upon t'.'.e | Un-itcd Str.tc-s, and with greatly in- j creased mint sen-ice, in perhaps three j or fs-ur years, m: i;)0rttion -would ijegjri , to make'itsclf fell. But, even i.!:.v-i, -« j iPC-T-vo in values 'vould only be sccm- j-ig'am! nominal, far tho-basis would be silver. Foreign exchange v,-o-.;ld approximate- towards ICO per cent, premium, ami all the rise 'in prices be only a.pnarent and deceptive. The fin:il effect of this inflaiion be still :i!?aiu to ma.kc the rich r:.ouor ami Uic'poor poorer.. All kinds o commoditios would nominally rise-, out 7-lvu of t-hc man who lint) no commodities'' The property of 'the millionaire would tw doubled (nominally) and the man who before, had nothing, would have twice nothing. Wages, alter three or four years, would apparently rise, likc-everytliins else but they are always the'last ot the procession. Long before thai ume, every commodity that the laboring rarm needs would have doubled, and therefore, he would be, not only relatively, but positively worse off than before. Both by tho. panic and the subsequent inflation, therefore, the present inequality would be terribly intc-nsnled. The unscrupulous financier, the wrecker and the shrewd operator, would fatten for they always can take nd- vantage of violent fluctuations, whether upward or downward. Ml wase-earncrs, people on salaries, and every prod-.tcer, as well as all legitimate business wo-Jld suffer, both during the great depression and the. ,mal inflation -Unsealed conditions., of whatever nature, always loilprc wore OC th" fixed wealth of the country in tho hands of those who already have the advantage. We already have a practical bm.iet- -llism if t-^iat be construed as mcanita vho two metals in liberal supply- This is onlv possible, when the dca-rer mct.i. is ma.le the standard, and then a certain amount of the inferior mc-.'nl can •:c Domed at, a parity. Tbe fall in toe price of farm products hu* not been caused by ar.y lac.; oc & nver but by improved machinery and the' ctmrpetUinn of cb.can-lr.hov couivtrios. like Russia, Indin. and the Ai-EcnUne Republic. Rn, ev.n this decline benetits cons-.imevs an;; such comprise the groat majority. Bll t r.otwiO.sta.nding the ge-.ieral <..c- cli. le in other values, wages have a.i- vancod. Do wage-workers want, i.sloir. wares cut In two through the Jnflucnce of unsound money? No. the bes, ,.v none too sood: The only gr.incrs would •be'the owners of bonanza -mines, who are mostly millionaires; while everybody else 'would suffer. • Sound money creates confidence, and that is the foundation of business. _ Distrust and threatened anarcliy Kill all demand for labor, and always bring "hard times." Degraded money would bo suicidal to all labor.' industry end •bwsir.oss. "Johnny." in M'^s IJi-r.ix-tfs call her. has ai'ift-seJ J-hc Kin^oi:iicc.- KV'vle in iln-ss. n-iJtJ-.r.i-r of v.oar.i ;r x\ hair and -enerai ,io i: or;:.:enl- for scv- cral vcars." This Ir.:-,!. :.:>'• of lu-rs_ U w^ appear quite MioH.i::.? to iho v.n.i.iti at«l. but the ori;T;"::ioi- of ,,i<: uli-m. givos ?cod reasons for tiie start nr.gr babit. of employ in;,' r- v:: lot dexterous >'i-e.nch ma:' her own satisfaction, a;, is somc'.l.ing move '.hr.n : in. fact. :u'0orilir,.^- m l-.o: -nlet. will fill a,"lorj.-1V!i ih-ed of wcH;ii:s v.ilh l of Ih Siv? proves xo MTSS JOHN5TONB' KEXNEu T. frown.; "I-or years 1 have had maids cf" every O-e^rcx: and have boon compel c-d. to do m-o.st. o{ t.hc work myself. J o bc- «-h, with, there is only one.nation Uiafe produc.-s maids-Prance-but. thej- comc here with lit,1.]<- iuiowlod-c of oui-- wivs and customs, :wd ontsid«i oC «r- dhiar.r dutfe.s pcminingr to the toilcU arc utterly helpless. _, . -If I want a. piece of braid ornobom from the "store, T have, to write a JoTipr letter to the salesman, describing jasf. what I want, as the maid rannot, speaJc. English enoucrh 10 describe it- H J- Lavc a. heavy valise- to- carry. I must. encage, a, man to look after it. K i..; rams and .1. mc.ssapre.inust.be tlelivcrc^ I canuot ask a girl to so. out in the- «torm, and a meswnser boy is called- A man can go into a cvO«d check my trunk, pureliase lickd*. stand the pii^li- ; nr -,«id hwliu- which woald kill an ordinary maid, and av the same Linebe a prcUx.'tiOT! for me, in trips to an<xi from the '..boater. t Is a youn..;- and ,nct)\c- , ji <>r "10 t.ti . i nccii in .-.- iii cloth m^suwwiMnt "t^csacHn.Ki* of t.hc f^roarm K<1ivnr<l -III-

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