Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1954
Page 7
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I AR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 17, 1054 ,36. us of arid oom- the better* hvlhg for she \td*Jsould { bclibve A o monih'.s her* hilnbandj School Nationalists Lesson William £. Gl(f6y, 5. D. Love" is a word that in Its cut- rent use has a great many meanings, often in strange contrast 'With one another. Recently in my \readirtg in books that seem all too typical of much current literature 1 have seen sexual relations, even of the' most sordid kind, characterized as "love." For those who know what loVe between man and womah can be — in admiration, devotion — and a sharing in the deepest measure of all that life can give, to speak of such sordid relations as "love" is to make one cringe with revulsion. From that lowest conception there are gradations of somewhat higher and better meaning, but they still fall short of the love that Jesus meant when he gave His 1 new commandment (John 13:34), and of thfe love that Paul defined and analyzed in his supreme chapter, the thirteenth of First Corinthians. What did Paul and Jesus mean by Christian love? It is defined not only in words and 1 precepts, but in the life and example of the Master. He Urged His disciples to love one another; as He had loved them. But beyond precept and • example the new commandment of love had its source in the Gospel of-God's love. "God is love." The disciple filled at first with worldly ambition who was later to ;1 learn the meaning of love, was to emphasize' this source and motive in ; a tense :.f (ItfS) Chinese ton- Lionaiigt :warplant'rt arid warships in largo numbers today ;t6 the Tachtfji area bf'tlio 6hitta"; r €oaKt tb ; meet a now Com- rtiuftist-thfeet.- • A Nationalist communique re- pSrted that "largo contingents" of plane's and shlfcis-. presutnabli' many corttrlbutea' on "lease from the United States, were sent north from Formosa 1 ofter Red planes Were! sighted in tlni' Tacheh -area. Attention' in thV "pncKet" war between the Nationalists and mainland-based "Co m mu ni s t d ssvitched north ; from Quornoy to the Tachen Isla'nds Thursday when Red artillery opened up the "new front:" Red ,£uiis on Tumen • island oft Ihe'Chfekiang provir.ci: coast : fired on Nationalist position's on Richang islantf : to start the" new action. St. L6UIS NATIONAL StOCKY At^DS; IV,. W) Hogs 8,500; rnnderately active, mostly'SS'highfc'r: sows 25-50 higher; bulk choice 200-260 Ib 20.2535; more at- 20-25 after 200 or mere early,, at 20.00; several loads choice No. 1 and 2 20.50: heavier Weights- scarce; 150-190 Ib. 18.7520.00! few 190 lb.''3p to 20.25: 120140' Ib. 17.25-18.50; sows 400 Ib. dowrt 17.73-19.50; heavier sows 15.5047.35i boars 1250-17.00. Cattle 1,200; calve* 700; major packers inactive an-.l restricted outlet to smaller interests resulting in very little done; early bids unevenly lower on small part of cow run; some sales bJlls about steady but very little done; utility and commercial bulls 12.00-13.50; can- September to rye 2 to 2 higher. $l:47 i /2. and soybean; 7% lower, September $2.73 3 :i- S2.74'i. Wheat: No .1. mixed 2.15. Corn: No.. 1 yellow 1.67. Onts: No. 1 heavy mixed 78 ';•>: No. 1 heavy white 79|' a -. Soybeans: None. Barrley nominal: Malting choice 1.40-50; malting good 1.31-30; foci 1.00-20. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK i/D T he News Briefs TOKYO. (UPi A 115-mph typhoon' boiled across the Pacific toward Japan today ori a course expected to bring it to the coast southwest of here early tomorrow. The island of Shikoku, battered by the fringes of a similar storm earlier this week, is expected' to bear the brunt of the new typhoon. It is expected to niiss both Tokyo and Ihe island of Kyushu, the Japanese territory most seriously damaged by the earhc?-.- storm.. stock market advanced moderately today and reached up to around the highest levels of the year again. The current recovery drive now has retraced on average virtually BUENOS 1 AIRES, <UP> The chamber of deputie.? h-is voted to send Ronnki Richtti, Austrian-born former head of tho Argentine' atomic Energy program, to jail foi 1 five days for "disrespect" of congress. Both'' the Pcronist (pro-govern) menl) majority and thefadkal minority supported the proposal to all of the loss ,„ the reaction ner and cutter bulls 8.00-11.00; veal- month ago. from the 2!j-year pnak touched a parents like Bill . want for " ; )ilayniates.vThe.tw.6^year*pld:'i8<i'h0Wh' on^he-Stage 'of the Bairds' -;;i ;worksh6pt in 'N6\voYorki"eityf> : getting acquainted with Captain- fe'i Scorn aiteJackSbh tyhile HisJpSrents:-pull thei strings. •Mrs. Nat Woosley -'was hostess- to -:. thei > of GENERATOR* >llan<LBolers •ord Tractors SrifcV'rviMntr ris » * Church-at'then horne on (r Mtonday,A afternoon/ withi' 4 thir'' i^eH members'.attendir»g> , J , ; opened:' the prayer after '-which the business' was conducted by* the bha1r,manj Mrss Clifford Ferguson.' .viJ.JjWhit.e.'. presented' the on VStstte 1 'Missions." '' The hostess served sherbcVt and pbokies'''duVing v the social 'hour. to make their home. (Mr., and Mrs. Jimmy Atkinson, and children of-..' New Orleans are the i guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. •Atkihson; Mrs. C. R. Gray has returned to Newport after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Gray Jr. Mrs. Jim White Is spending several weeks in Tuscon, Ariz.,-with hei< son, Arlis White and family. 1 The Community By Helen Turn«r" ; Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Mlii Turnnt- at Hicks Funeral Horn*: 'WS. 'C.5 S/Ha6- Business Meeting-! 1 Church me*t on^Monday jaf- 't ilje church for the. monthly 'business meeting. '' The president, Mrs, 1 J. W. Teener, called the meeting to order and presided over Hhe business, f < , The devotional talk ''was gtven by 'Mrs. H. H. McKenzie. / Mrs. 'B. A. DeLamar presented the '.program on "Jesus is Concfern- ed for the City" in the form of a sSjrt'ppsUmi with 1 ' Mrs. ' J. ' B. 'Hester ly, Mrs. Burke Shelton, /Mrs. L, C. Gatlin, Mrs. W, D. Golden and S^Irs. R. W/Hambrlght' partjicipat. i-s.' A',' B/ Gordon' was presented a life membership by' Mrs, J. B. Hegterly. 1 Members, will meet at the church! Septembei- 20th at 2:30 for a mission study" on' "Mhh, and GooT in the, City. ' , i W. M.' U.' Circle 1 2 } 1 Entertained by Mrs. t WilBDr'n Willis ' r jTen mehibers of Circle 2 of the •W/M.'U. of 'the First Baptist Chur- ph met* on Monday af terndon in the home o£ ( Mr^ WUb'um Willis for 'the 1 ' fln'al" meeting ,' of the church frwtr/ ' i The' opening^ prayer was voiced by 1 ' Mjs. Leroy Phillips and she concluded We' study on "Prayer," /'At the conclusion of the business j fef sslotf cghdwcted by the chairman, IjVfrs, Buddy" Sarr ( ett, the hostess served cold drinks and cookies. U.S. to Fight ' Continued from Page One U. N. General Assembly, meeting at New 'York City. He .vill address the' 00-nation assembly, prcb- 1 ably Thursday. America'? new U N. delegnticn, headed by Ambass'ulJi Henry Cabot Lodge'«lr.,; was-.called:: to the State Department today for wearing in exercises. The five representatives and five alternates were briefed -yesterday by State Department officials on what to expect. The usual attempt by Communist China to gain the .seat now-held .-by. Nationalist China was forecast as the probable first clash between the free /world and- the Communist!?. Hed China's persistent attempts to r win U.N. stai-diiiR hnvo re- iUl'ted in 1950 failures, counting committees of the U. N. Assembly as well as fonr tries in. vain at each of the pai>t four falP sessions o£ tho Assembly itself. Members of this country's U.N. delegation, with Lodge as chairman, are Sens. H. Alexnader jSmith (R-NJ) and J. William Fulbright (D-Ark), C. D. Jackson of New York City and Charles H. Mahoney of Detroit. Alternate representatives: James Phillip-Nash of Austin, Tex.;'Ado M. Johnson ' of Tacoma, ' Wash.; Robert W. Straus and Mrs. Oswald B. Lord, both of New York City, and career Diplomat Jnmes J. Wadsworth, who is deputy to Lodge. The Arkansas Democratic Voters Association held its Annual election of officers Wednesday, September 15, 1954, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Little Rock. The officers were elected as following. President, I. S. McClinton, : Little Rock : 1st vice president,: Rev. CX" Sherman, North Little'Rock;- 2nd Vice President, W.' L. Jarrett,", North Little Rock; 3rd Vice President; Mi-s. O. B. Dawson; Pine Bluff; ; Executive Secretary R. J. Hicks; Hope Assistant secretary, Mrs. • Mazetta Powell, North Little. Rock; Record- Ing secretary, L. Routen, , Little Rock. Treasurer, Frank Snodgrass, North Little Rock; Sgt. -at <ar'ms, : Booker Releford,' Stutgart,; David Boswell, ;Menefiee, Nathan .Nixon, Pine Bluff. : ' - The Skylarks, famous radio and recording artist of: Nashville/ Tenn., will render a program at, Bethel AME Church, Thursday September 23, at 8 p. m. Associated; with- the Skylarks in this program will be the Humming Bees'.of TexarljcdriaY'Tici kcts may be purchased from members of Bethel Chttrch."'.Hicks 1 Fun-: era'l Home, Unique Beauty Salon and Nelson's Grocery: Advance 'adult tickets 75c at the door $1.00." Advance ' students' tickets -SSc.-at the door 50c. ' and 'concrete way; i "Herein is love; not that we lov- ejd Godc'but that He loved us, and sent-His Son-to-be the propitiation for 6ur--.sinsj Beloved, if God-'so loved us, we ought also-to love one another.' That .is the supreme appeal — to the .love and^grace of God And this : gives ,meaning.itofethe..love of enemies,' which.Jesus enjoined,,For the love-of God is toward a world'of sinneiTSi -.'.. ;• . . • . . v . It-is a mistake' to think; of Christian loVe -as ;a .supine,, sentimental fiegdtive attitude toward life and one's fellowmen. -It. is a great; pos- tlvp 'force, what Henry Drummond called-r-"the"greatest'thing in: the world:" It is, or ought to,be; the power/'of---all socials-progress' and. reform: j The love of-Jesus-was not all expressed in the blessing of little [children, the weeping- with those Who "wept— and the many words andi acts of "kindness and''gentle- ness;--There are those stern and terrible words' in' 1 Matthew 23 — the "woes"' 'which Jesus pronounced i against, hypocrites, devourers of windows! 'ihduses, .blind: leaders of the blind, "a generation of 'vip ers;..,.. ;•.-/.:.-. .•-.••.'..•'•''.,- S6-far as I'knOw;-in' all of literature there'>is!-nowhere- a more• terrible : ihdictmeht;-'-'Did •;• Jesus ; love these'^h'emies?' Cbuld^-He'ha've loved ''tto.se whom He -described anc derioiiriced' 'to- such'; ; bitter '.terms? To', that" question'.'.the' answer '• is If He-lovcd'them 'could; ^He have regarded- their evil ways 1 .witiiout ^denouncing them?' In*'such ''dehuricia tion ,-there -was •, at least some hope of tnete.vil'ones :seeing .themselves for;: what'they;''were.- One canno lovfe men -and; at.* the- same: time ,re gard-- lljs'htly 1 ';- :the evil 'that is- in them. i A profound need-of the: world to day. ,isv the .Christian love motiva ei-s steady; fe\V high choice and prime 20.00-21.00; t'oorl and choice 15.-00-19.00; commsccial and good 11.00-15.00. Sheep *700; spring lambs steady to spots DO.-l.OO lov/er; chrtice and prime lots show n-.ost decline; top 19.00 all buying interests; same as packer top Thursday but 1.00 under sales to shippers and butchers yesterday; bulk good to feeders and prime packer throw outs and culls 13.00-1C.OO; .ting an- interise-*'mor,al • indignation against 1the>.-world's evil, withou malice;:but uncqmprorn,isjng;:in hi demand' for' right-;and truth aril justice tempered with'rr>ercy./ Ha'ye General Meeting The .Women of the Presbyterian Church' met on Monday- afternoon i»t the ciwreh'for the monthly gen* meetin'g with the president, T. E. JLogEin, presiding , Ice cream and' hamburgers will be sold at Camp Dining':H'all on N. E. 10th St. on highway 67- Saturday, 18 sponsored by the Church of.God Missionary Society..- ged sheep steady; wcs 3.00-4.00. slaughter Some stocks made substantial gains from 1 to around 3 points. The most favored major groups were oils and rubbers, and yooci gains wore found in chemicals, mail order issues, nsn-ferrous metals, and some motors and steels. Railroads did fairly well. Aircrafts were somewhat mixed. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS .CHICAGO UP) A strong buying move in wheat sent that grain ligher and lent a firm tone to erything else except soybeans on he Board of Trade today. Fairly good export business and news of frost in Alberta and Sas' catchewan, Canada, were behind he. buying in wheat. The frost also was a factor in the strength of oats. Selling' in soybeans was concen- rated in the September contract. l,arge receipts of cash beans, plus the belief receipts will be very leavy Monday, was the cause of ,he liquidation. Bean meal again was very weak. tember $3.15VS-$2.1G, corn 'i/ 2 - 3 .-t ligher, September . Sl.BZ'/i-Vk. oats iy B -l higher, S eptember 7.%-'/•>. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO iyp! Live poultry steady on young stock; barely steady to weak on hens; receipts 1,056 coops (yesterday 804 coops; 213,201 Ib.); f.o.b. paying prices unchanged to ia lower;' ..eavy hens 15-19.5; light hens 12.5-13.5; fryers or broilers 27-30; old roosters 13-13.5; cnponettcs 31-33. Butter firm; recc-pts 953,113; wholesale buying prices unchanged to '/, higher; 93 score AA 58.25; 92 A 58; 90 B 55.5; 89 C r >4; cars: 90 B 56; 89 C 54.5. Eggs unclergrados weak balance firm; receipts 9,195; wholesale buying prices Vi lowr to 6 higher; J.S. large whites 50; mixed 46; U.S. mediums 25; U.S. standards NOW! the Maytag Automatio- . Washer on Wheete!: move it anywhere! no plumbing needed!' *" " Only- Authorized- Sales & Service •dealer in Hope and • Hempstead Cbunty for Maytag. Lehman Auto Supply 21 ; 5S.Main Hope Phone 7-2731 Moke the Diamond Your Headquarters while in Hope Plan to attend the 3d District LIVESTOCK SHOW Sept. 27 thru Oct. 2 Meet your friends at the CAFE & CAFETERIA larnihg hiiri for the failure of tr-e uge program. CAIRO, (UP) Floodwatcrs of he River Nile reached a 00-yoar ecord level of tl foot today, but he levees protecting this "Egyptian apita'l city held' fart. Public Works Minister Armed Sharabassi quintupled love-repah- orces, warning that'the protective embankments maj| erode away if he record floods continue for any ength of lime. 15; current receipt's 22; 8.75; chqcks 17.75. dirties Heavens, doesnt she know about TOMS? Whenfavoritefoods give you gassy heartburn, nothing beats a, handy roll of Turns in pocket or purse. For Turns give record relief from soiir stomach and acid indigestion • —yet can't over-alkalize, carn't '. cause acid rebound. Turns-require no water, no mixing— take them anywhere. Get Turns today* So (xonomi'col— onl 3-r6Hp* 3 . 2Sf o roll TUMS FOR.THE TUMMY' NEW CHEVROLET TRUCKS DO The Junior class 1 of Bley ins -Training School will sponsor a'^back to pai-ty in the High School Auditorium Friday night, ". September .''.17, at 7:30 p. m. Admission 10, 15 and 25 cents. The public is invited'. R. Hamilton gave an inspiring devotional talk on "The -VforW Family r- pne Church" and }ed'jp prayer. J Jlepoyts 'of general officers and •fiomrnjUee cheii'man were heard ^nd w *U^d. i t B^Jly. Pay will t>e observed at *he v H o'ploplc hpur on September 291, - • • * Mf$< AUen Gee present,e4 the pro- %ra«i L |or tlje sfternpofl pn "I $aV Indi?"- an4 dismiss- , W. B, Cummings has return- to Blevins after a visit with her 4B.uEh.terr Mrs, dinner, along and Mrs. Heroer War4 return Democrats Continued irom Page One No. 2 election, said ha thinks the Democrats -will gain 40 seats In the House, where thoio now are 218 Republicans, 213 Democrats, one independent and three Vacancies. But the national chuuman said that, as of now,'the battle for control of tho Senate "looks awfully close and has not been settled yet." In 'the Senate there are -18 Republicans, 47 Democrats and pne independent, , The Democratic loaders, including Mitchell, were buoyed up in their hopfes by the- victory of ' o Democrat- in the governor's race in Maine and th eghmving of their defeated congressional candidate-* jrj that state. Edmund S. Mwskie. \yha was. clecjted'Maine's governor, has been promoted to a speaking spotin tomorrow night's BEEBEE MEMOnrAli C;'JM."fc ReV. T. J. Rh"on«, P«»tor;f 9:45 a.m. Sunday School ' . 11 a.m. - Mbrntngi Worship* 6 p.m. Epworth- League. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship MT. CM E Rev. I. M. Manning, P»«t«r 9;45 a. m. Sunday SpHobl/*. 11 a.m, Morning- Wyr8hip v " 6 p. m. Epworth League 7:30-p. m. Evening BETHEL A. M, *. CHURCH Rev. G. Paschal, Prit«f ^ 9:45' ai m. Simday scnrtpu 1 H : a.m. -Morning WoranJp'>'« 0 'p.m. A, C. E. L. 8:00 p.'m. Evening' Worship. CHURCH OF GOO In •CHRItT* Eld. O. N. Dennli,- Paitor ' 9;45 a.m;: Sunday School^ 11 a.m. morning worsnjp. . B p.m. Y. l>. W.'Wi'. 8:00 p. m, Stevenson and House Minority Leader gam Ray- b.urn BBOKE'COMMANQMENT Heywopd swore ?QW » warrant • yes« charging Frederick G»uy, 41, stole >'$8 -from a hiding place In ' " , .Qprsey said, was pieced SW » P88,» containmu jhe 1U" Pom tQNOKE BAPTIST Rev, F. K, Pewell, P#»tor 9:45 «.m. Sunday gcnopi ii a.m. Momma WorsbJo. 6 p.m. B, T. U, 8;00 p. m. Evening Worship RI8INQ 9TA"R BAPTIST" Rev. W. M, Erby, Pajit«r 8:45 a.m. Sunday scbooj. ' ll a.m. morning woriblp* 6:00)?. m. B. T?U. ( 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship There's bigger (odd space in most models, new power in all models/ plus scores of other time-trimming features! %<4 *M'<m You get new upkeep-cutting chassis ruggedness, lncrea*ed operating economy—and you save the day you buy! 6ABRETT CHAPit, Roy. F. RrwIHti 9:4$ a.m. Sunday School 1 11 a.m. Mo'rnjng wprpntp ^ 0 p.m. B-T.U, 9:30 p. m. Baptist Hour ov« Station KXAR. OF GOD ' p, t, Qrpssluy, 1 P|it 8:45 9. m- Sunday l\ a. m. Morning worship 6 p. m. ' ON ANYJ0»l CKtweftr Arfvenct-0«</0n Trutki tfie flirt© to fouy,' <?ef our WO Of At, 1 Save wifh a new Chevro/et; Fifclay; SetteftttreJ' 17,-1954 H O P 6 S T A R , HOPE, A ft K A MS AS IETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. -alendar rlday September 17 Open house will bo held at the unlry Club following the DeQuc- - Hope football game on Friday ht. Dr. and Mrs. Emmctt Thomon and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Joni", be hosts. Saturday September 18 Jrookwood P. T. A. will sponsor rummage sale on Saturday,- Scp- nber 18. Sunday September 19 A revival meeting at the White Oak Grove Baptist Church at DoAnn i Community will begin Sunday, Sep- |tcmber 1!). There will be two services daily - the morning worship beginning at 10:30, and the evening service at 7:30 p. m. The Rev. A. T. Suskcy, an outstanding speaker will assist the Rev. Homer Henry in conducting Iho meeting. The public is invited. i The American Legion Auxiliary * TODAY & SATURDAY * BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM A great great- South Sea Island adventure! Dennis ' Patricia O'KEEFF. • MEDINA ALSO TEX RITTER in PRAIRIE GUNSMOKE" PLUS: CHAPTER'2 OF NEW SERIAL "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE" & McPOODLE COLOR CARTOON STARTS SUNDAY * 300 Etit Steond St HOPE, ARK, K*«-i SHORTS; ef will meet in the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal at 307 South Hervey. Monday, September 20 at 7:45 p. tti. Monday September 20 The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church will meet at the church on Monday, September 20, at 1:30 p. m. for the completion of the study of "Alcohol thn Destroyer" to be taught by Mrs. Hugh Jones. The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet at 2 p. m. Monday, September 20. Monday morning at 10 o'clock, the Women of the Presbyterian Church will have their-monthly general meeting. At 2 p. m. Monday, the Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church will "have their regular meeting. The Beginner and Primary Sunbeams of the First .Baptist Church will observe the State Missions Program and Offering when they meet at 4 p. m. Monday. The Unity Baptist Willing Workers Auxiliary'will meet -at 7:30 p. m. Monday. At 4 p. m. Monday, the First Baptist Junior G. A.'s will meet at the church to observe the Slate Missions Program and Offering. A playlet, "Land o£ Opportunity" will be presented. Wednesday September 29 All members of the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet for the annual fall luncheon September 29, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. Tuesday September 21 The G. A.'s of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet Tuesday at 7 p. m. The "Tinkle Belles," First Baptist Intermediate G. A.'s will meet at the home of Mrs. L. C. Cook at 4 p. m. Tuesday. * The Little Men's Brotherhood of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet at 7 p. m. Tuesda/. The regular monthly social of Poplar Grove 196, Woodmen's Circle, will be held in the home of Mrs. Nettie Tittle on Tuesday, September 21, at 7:30. All members are invited to attend. Wednesday September 22 The G. M. A.'s of the Unity Baptist Church will meet Wednesday I Sunday & Monday It Sdenger M^o?" Jane WYMAN and Rock HUDSON.talk over a problem in scene from Universal-International's "MAGNIFICENT. OBSESSION." Technicolor. By the Associated Pre$s CANTON, Onto Herbert W Hoover, 76. who Developed n homemade vacuum cleaner into a $51 « 712,000 annual business for the Hoover Co., one of the world's largest in electrical appliances. Died Thursday. toetroit Flyd J. Miller, G8. president and gehatnl manager of the Royal Oak Mtch. : Daily Tribune and a newspaperman more than 40 years. Boftt in Onconta, N. Y. died Thursday. BETHLEHEM, Pi>< Paul Mac- Kail, 68, retired vice-president in charge of tales for the Bolhlclicm State Co., and onetime member of the board of directors. Born in Alexandria, Va. Died Thursday. LOS -ANGELES Mrs. Annie Sholtz, 83. of Miami Beach, Fla., mother of the late David SholU. onetime governor of Florida. Born in Fall River, Mass. Died Thursday. Pre-Martlal Affairs Dear Miss DiS: 1 wduld like to have yoltr opinion on couples who are intimate befofe marriage. My 25-year-old sister actually boasts of her relations with a man of §0, with whom she has been keepttg company for a year, they have fto definite marriage plan and any ime the subject comes up, he airily dismisses* it. I'm sure their elatlonship does * not promise & lappy tnarrlage. ti t tty to, talk to icr (I'm some years oldei?» 1 am nformed thrit it's nobody's- bust ness but her own. i Know riM'Way he man is keeping het' tied, " s by telling her thai. no O would marr.V her, so It doesft't mat» er if she has to wait-for Wm.- She knows he's had these afftftlfS be* ore. Can you help ,hef? ' . tefail6tts% WEDDING FEAST AT CANA — Jesus (portrayed by Mlllard .Goody) and the Viroin Mary (portrayed by Da'rjene Bridges) as Jesus turns water into wine. The scene is from\ the pageant In "The Prince of Peace," new Hallmark cinecolor release opening at the Hope Drive-In Theater, Sunday, September 26th. evening at 6:30. Friday. September 24 The' annual Music Club luncheon C. Cook,, is a graduate of Hope High School, and . attended Henderson State Teachers' College at Arkadelphia. She graduated at Texas State will be held at the Barlow Hotel College for Women at Denton, Texon Friday, September 24, at 7 p. m. Main & Country Club Rds. • FINAL NIGHT • BARGAIN NITE A Whole Carload For Only 50c THE RIP-ROARIN' HIP-SWINGIN' SAGA OF O'WOU! ANN STERLING SHERIDAN-HAYDfN ^Take Me to Town 77 TECHNIGOLORI Always a Color Cartoon Saturday Only DOUBLE FEATURE Hedy Laniarr Robert 1 " Cummings "Hell Breaks ROY DALE EVANS "Dbn'tFence Me In' 7 Cqsper The Ghost Corroon . & VKA SAVST .,.„ F9S1HE5T TUCKER Hi/ JOAN IE5ME Oglesby P. T. A. Meets The newly decorated lunchroom is the first achievement of the new school year for Oglesby P. T. A. On August 24, 1954 a painting party of Parents and Teachers started the walls in soft yellow. Two other sessions saw the completion and the room is now soft. yellow and green. At the first regular meeting Wednesday September loth the president Mrs. Ed Pendleton announced the following .committees: Program; Mrs. Floyd Bruce: Membership, Mrs. David Waddle, Study Course, Mrs. A. L^ ROSS.'Bud- The bridegroom-elect, who is a graduate of Antlers High School, attended Oklahoma A and M College at Stillwater. Adams, presented an interesting program featuring the Star Ideals of the G. A, The first Star point was made by Ginny Herndon, "Abiding in Him Through Prayer," followed by a solo, "Sweet Hour of Prayer." The second Star point was made by Jo Ellen Barr, "Advancing in Wisdom by Bible Study" while the soloist sang "Holy Bible, Book Divine." Evelyn Adams made the third star point with, "Acknowledge My Stewardship" and the solo was "Take My Life and Let It be". Virginia Dougan formed the fourth Ideal Star point with "Adorning Myself with Good Works" during the solo, "Help Somebody Today." JoAnn White placed the fifth star point "Accepting the Great Commission." The soloist for the program, Sue Moses, sang "Where- ever He Leads, I'll Go." The program was closed with sentence prayers for- friends, minority groups and shut-ins. } Barbecued snacks and cold drinks were served, , Paisley P. T. A. Has M.eeting The first meeting of the Paisley PTA held Wednesday afternoon at the"'school was well attended. Mrl Andy Andrews, Chairman of the local chapter of the Polio Foundatipns, spoke briefly on the activities',''.of- the Foundation in pur'faroa. Follownig his talk, there was-a question and answer period "with audience participation. . • Mrs. Haskcll Jones, president; presided over the business session. Minti'tes ^'of the last meeting were Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Hansen^rlothwell returned Wednesday from a visil with Pfc. and Mrs. Ellis Rothwell at Camp Pendleton, Calif., Mrs. Rothwell returned to make her home in Texarkana while Pfc. Ro- ,hwell is overseas. siuay uourse, mis. A. i_i. jvusa. ouu- , .A,,, ,»,,, . —, ° , get and; Finance, Mrs. Horne'r Be- read-'by the se.cretary,.and. approved, yerley, Hospitality,' krs. 'George i.The'resignation of Mrs. Austin Hut^ Bright, Publicity, Mrs. Theo Long, . son; .who had been elected secret- Publications, Mrs. Wade Warren, ' ar y- was-accepted and Mrs. Alvm Character and Spiritual Education. .Gordon.was elected to succeed her Mrs C S Walker, Health, Mrs. and was installed by the president. JVIike Scheniker, School. Lunches, Mrs. Lewis Crain. ;The groups voted to subscribe to the University of Arkansas Book Shelf. : . . Mrs. Homer Beyc.rley, Mrs. Mc- Bae Cox and Mrs.- Jim .Simpson were appointed as float committee for the Livestock Show; Mrs. C. S.Walker gave the devotional. Her topic was' : ?'Lov6". Mrs.-Floyd Bruce introduced Mr. James H. Jones who spoke on some of the problems facing the grade schools today. After explaining the new method of grading to be used this year Mr. Jones invited questions and general discussion. . • , There were 43 present with Mrs. Messer's room receiving the prize for -the largest 'attendance. Mary Lee Cook - Engaged To George S. Helm Mrs. C. Cook announces the engagement of her daughter, Mary Lee, to George S. Helm of ! Dallas; Texas, son of G. Curtis. Helm of Antlers, Oklahoma, and Mrs. Ed' ward M. Beaty of Antlers, Oklahoma. The wedding will be an event of October 23 at 7 p. m. in Dickerson Chapel fit the First Methodist Church of Dallas. The bride-elect, who is the dau- Committees were announced and reports were given by the chairman of the committiies. Plans for entering a float in, the Livestock Show parade were discussed. -Room mothers were announced with Mrs. Ted Purtle appointed by the president to serve as chairman of the room mothers. It was decided that .the room mothers would pro vide a nursery for pre-school children during .PTA meetings. Teachers and mothers were intro duced. Miss Caldvvell's 1st grade won the room count. After the meeting, the group enjoyed a social hour. Tinkle Belles G':. A. Meet Tfie Intermediate Girl's Auxiliary ? of the First Baptist Church mel Tuesday afternoon after school, in thefhome'Of the counselor, Mrs. L. C. Cook. Ginny Herndon, president, called the$rneeting to order, and the G. A. Pledge and Allegiance were repealed in unison. Mrs. Cook led the bpeping prayer. Afshort business session was co»> ducted by the president. The name, Tingle Belles, was selected for the auxiliary in honor of Miss Amanda Tinkle, missionary to Nigeria. Four new members were welcomed into the G, A. Hospital Notes* Julia Chester Admitted': Mrs. Hope'.' H. R. Johnson . . Discharged: Mrs. Wesley Ei.Nine mire 'and'. 1 , daughter Linda Kay Hope," Mrs.' C. L. Faught, Hope Rt 4, Birdie Mae Thomas. Hope. Stubborn Folly Answer: Ydur sister's'stubborn' ness will exact heavy payment, nit, unfortunately, her lolly Is the ^ort that will heed no warning.- She 1 <nows she's wrong! in her heart he is probably equally cohVrtlc'eli' hat the man involved as no miff* ial intentions whatever. Pride wont et her admit the'error, so she con; ,inues a course that can have no lappy ending. ' Every action of the man points ,o the complete disregard in which he holds her. The refusal to discuss marriage plains,'" 1 , the, boast that he's made hfer unacceptable to any other man, the . cofrtttarisons makes between your sistet form" ler predecessors, should-be enough to make an object of-loathing- to any woman. She will learn ^in time, jut at a price. • < , * People who, like" youfslstor, consider it smart, mo'dfeVh,^ or thrill-, and 1 is heidlftg ,us back. I have , been ambitious and thejthotigtit<ft.~ ; -« just standing still the resi^bf/dUfv| lives is frustrating. >« i.A"" 1 '" """" Answer: Since * yout • doesn't like to W6?k for. pie, giving up 1 the business 'dOeSfVi'l ing to enter into pre-martial sex TOO EARLY CRANSTON, R: T., (UP) Res idents of this scacotisf" comunity did a double taK& yesterday when Lhcy saw snowplbwS op^Dirating on Narragansett boulevard. The second lo'ok disclosed ther plows were belrlg uafctt Ho VemoVe debris left by Hiii'riCcinc'->Carol aiad Edna. - ' * » • conseqvtehceS are . thfe'ft^s '._„ by eve*? retifli nate, Mveh afe it agicstly' J is that It Was forced. Aftd 9 rrifttt"les Unwillingly, what* (Re . little- progress 'has 'been ' rtfSnf'-debW aftd IMfellt art thefnl M^husbahdf Is nol a Vfei ble. Perhaps the, answer taking- a, rriafetactlve. & e to be-.td ful about U, of coui-se, or your' band will lose^all his .\L, Dear Miss Dlx: I ing with a fine young a year and we seem „ __ to each other in every respect|ml- though,- I'm-sure,! |ove,hlm> t l " his j>ropos&lsY''I atojiist'afraiaflrt. erable 'afld 1 hood -'most ,-Nnhffipy tHts. Do you, thlnfe I . , , Answer,: >, Constn-rWeJ lay your fears Welcome To Our Air '< Hours are at MARY-EDNA BEAUTY-'Sh """ 6:30 a, m. to 2 p". m., 5:30 p.m. Comfortable «rooms,for, permanent guests. Raw cah afford., Makely6ur i home;.athr*" '*" Save 10%-^For 5 Da$te Onl^f ,' ' • • *• ,..,., Sale of Rugs/Carpets, Pads^Tiieriday4o ghter of the late C. Cook, and Mrs. |. Program chairman, Mary Ida :JF^L M MrB^HiF * was 8&50'- NOW $69,20 1 — 16 Inch Aluminum' 'j , ^ ^MOWIR,, ; ,. ,:was25;95 NOW $21,17 1 — Chaise ..••.-. J -••-•••' ^ kOUNGI, .•?;... was2<|a8• NOW $21,94 1 >DESK, ?.,v!,wqsa9.95 NOW $23,96 1 -CHAIRv?,?,, wos 9*9,5 NOW $8,12 i — Aluminum Folding .CHAIR was 6.88 NOW $5,00 BLANKETS.. MONTGOMfl^ 212 5. Moin OFF- ' ' * i Now is the time to buy the rugs'kdd oarptHng-yo^nW-to beautify ^14 During Wards big 5-day Rug Sale you can $fy e }$% or I" 01 * on'wirfijftfi^ carpets and padsi You'll find long-wewya?4)rofidloq»« in^Q^^cottni'Q^g rayon blend, along with durable fttatecwpijtf in^ Wnir^-"'"^-'^^ --" See actual-samples of thdse rugs at our-Catalo^ipiKfei Payment Plan and order your carpet today .,. sale ends Saturday. ' • : >j >,"',_„ TONELLE AXMINSTER. More than 5,790 tufli p«r iq, it. of longwfiring wopl »nd c 6 patterns Widths 27-in., 9-it., 12-ft., 9 x 12-it. rug. 9-lt. width run.,lt.., .WAS 7,j DURMONT AXMINSTER. 4,700 t»it« of wool and c»rp»« BiiypW^rVq. ftJ 6^' ' 12-ft., 9x12 .ft. rug. 9-ft. width per run, ft.,,,,,.,,..,.., x ,.., .•.-., s ,,.W-A5 EMPIRE AXMINSTER. Thickly-woven with Kghtly-curltd twliViaokgrov terns,. Wfdths -27-in., 9-ft,, 12-ft., 15-ft. 9-ft, width pe* iufl,«ft. ..',.,,,,'.,„, 7fTj.jp 7f vjur-' CIMARA WILTON. All wool, needle-point effect. Sturdy iopp§ woVep in 3 Jevfii/^olow.' 27-in., 9-ftv 12-ft, ( -.15 : ft,' 9-ft. width per run. ft,,,, , f .,,%*.',,, .>*», ,W^S8 9>^^^ '^^, ri 5. MANOR HALL WILTON. All wool. Luxuriout hind-c«ryed •«•<:». Ptep, 'yelvety le«f de»lgn, Wf^« ^ 27-in.i 9-ft., 12-ft./}S-ft. 9-ft. width per run. ft,-; .S.,,,,,,',..,!'""- " ~"• - J -- fr ''"' EMPRESS. All wool Wilton broadlooro. Sculptured ttject, Choict 9! 3 »»«t t, „ T . 12-ft. 9-ft. width per run. it , ,,..'.,.v, ,;.,,,*,,?.,, Ji'j.'iWftP 7,^ TWISTETTE. Best quality twUt carpet, longwesring all wool, CboiP* of ,6 polorj, W^ 12-ft., 1 S-ft, 9-ft. width per run. ft ,,...,,,...,...,,...., <Vi «"> WS8* 10,^1 T. Wool and carpet Acetate blend. ——,,.., „,.,..,.,.„.„,. ^ Widths 27-in.; 9-ft,, i^ft., ^S-ft. 9-it, width per rwt, ».«,..,'«j'.v....'.«'»;WAf H?f' CORDETTE BROAPLOOM. Rich tre«-b«rk t.txjur. 9! wool«*»d 9*fj»et r« Widths' 27-in., 9'ft.," 12-ft., 15-ft, 9-ft. width pelf Hwfc»,V «'>, 1 .'i,, , ?/.,,' SURBANA. Pre-«h*unk all cotton loop pile; j colors. Widths 9-ft. and 12-ft. 9-ft. width , All cotton cut pii4,' 9-U,'width per run. ft.,,..,.,.,. Pricei do jjpt includt trtn»port«»ion i; SHOP BY ' , • , ':•>»< ** , • \ v x M^ ,. t- kt^ ^VX.W <PP T» w nir in'x»i«^v»^«.» <-*« « « '" *V J'tl *t 4* fit 1 *

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