Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 6
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I1NJ THE WORL-P "far SceepInK tho System In a Healthy Condition. CURES HoadaoH , >-OUB«S Conrtlpatlori. Acbi on thu, Liver and Kidneys, Purifies «*>; Dispels Colds and Fevers, Boautlfleo tho Comploxlcin on* ** - fcnd Rofreshlnijr t<« tho Tasto svuo KT tut, Onuaotsrm. kc-ly lnun:r»l«l iArMy-wc' Lincoln MtciT 1 Boole UITMI in irrerj porchaaw •P'* Wiicolu T«a- t'ftai 'JSc. Aak ya^- drmiicui. IK I^JJOM For sale by B. F. KEESLI1 IG. . FISH LAW IS INVALID. Ujkiportanr. Decision of ttio Suprcino Court ot \\"lHconsln. • The supreme court of Wisconsin ha-s • flcciilod that, the stiitc fish law is invalid. This; decision v;is lituidcd dou'E : -In the case of the Oshkosh fishermen .and holds the law invalid for the rca-soii Hha.t it wus never properly passed by rfche legislature. The defendant was tried in Winric.- cotmtj- for viola.tin.cr tihc claxiso. i provides that- "it is. nn!a.u-f u.l and •prohibited to catch fish of any variety ;ip any of the inliind waters of this state 'vith any other device than a. hook and .V.ne." The principal contention of the dc- "xendant before tha Kuprcmc court was -that tho act in. qnestion vns never le- •eully ptiKscd by the Jeg-islaCurc, and, .therefore, was of no force and effect. It •oyns maintained by tlie defeoidmnt's attorneys that the senate passed one bill .and the assembly another, and that the aimendmcnts.to the. bill mode by a conference committee of-both houses were -not legally passed, and it was further -claimed that even If the two Voiiscs of -.the legislature could be found to have parsed the swne bill, that the governor ;in reality signed still another. The court, in its .decision, says , the rrccord docs not show that the.legisla- ture leg-aliy patwetl any Ja-w. it, does 7iot consider the question whether e, yea and liny vote W.TM ess-ential upon the Una! pas*sag-e of tJic bill. "Tlu; difficulty in, this case," tho opinion sayy. "consists in tlie fcct that tho assembly never took any action on tlie- bill after it passed with numerous amocidmicnts, which the senate rcftised to concur in." Fishermen who figiire that the ninond- r.ient of this law leaves them without restriction will be disa.ppoijited. The decision is that the legislature in 1S05 ) passed no fish. Jaw, The previous law I will remain in full force. BEYAFSTOUR. Makes His Last Day's Run Through Indiana. Good Audiences Greet Him at Many Towns — His Speech at Rochester. llochcstor, Ind., Oct. C2. — In charge of Pnrl\s Martin, elKiiminr, of the Jn ;lian:i democratic slate committee, the J'irysui special train left J'oi't W:iyne at 7:!JO o'clock Thursday morning 1 for the .second and last, day's run throng 1 !) IToosierl.nnd. The first stop wns at Decatur nt S:05, where Mr, Hryan spoke IS miiuite:! to a large audience. The cn- liiusinsni was very innrked. AtMarkel n small number heard him and at M'unt- ington h,e nc'ldresset.'! n gathering ot ^'.000 for tun minute.':. The !,000 iieoplt.- at, .Lnkcton ^^•ere mostly fanners. When Mr. Itrynn said that foreiffners would not direct our iinaiieial policy they elu'ered. A political barbrene -\\a.s in -proprri'ss at K'oehcster when Mr. .Rryan reaelied that place. People had flooded in by |.he hnnclrerls from the neighborhood roimrl about add the democratic eandi- date had an aiulicnee of belween S.OOO nnd .10,000. Hon. ru-irj. ]'. Sliively. democratic eandidaU; for {fovernor. h.ic! just concluded a speech as Mr. lirynn opened. The hitter, in Ihe course of hi.-; remarks, read from Hie platform adopted. by (he Indian;) '.•(.•publican convention in ISflO. ConeiTnitifrit hesaid: .Spe<-cll ill: UoellCHtrr, "The rnpablirnn plntfonn which T fmvc 1'en.rl In yoi:r hcarln/r comniPniled ilisu'sll- VIM- bill ;is n lon;f yoi prudent step townrfl vKP. tnd yrt \vhf-n wo lull you ito!nn;;o is a srooil thlnp; oar opus wo arc lunatics rinds. ff you woukl six years toward wcv.'ant f.-oe thru free 1 ponents tell oranliS and : a^:o bruK iibo'iit a Ic'ii^r ste i;o!:iar,'e. \\ r hy don't you bni^ Gladness Comes W ith n better midcrntinidin' 1 ' of ilio triiiisicLU. ii:i.tu--t; of tiie ;. MMr pliys- ical ills, which vii.nisli before p» t >e-r forts—gentle ell'ort^—i/Uiasar.lell'oi-t! rightly directed. There is eonifort in tlie knowledge, that so m:my forms sickness are not duo to ;uiy iietnu-l dis- euso, but siluply to ;:.constipated.condi- tion of Shu system, \vhieh the pl<:;is;iiit family laxative. Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. Thiit is \vh.y it it, thi.'only remedy with millions of families, \ITM is everywhere usUiemud so highly by all who value good ]ic:c!.it1i. its bcnotifjiMl effects tire dnu to the -f:ict, thut it is tin 1 ono remedy which prumol.es iritoniiil cleanliness without debilitating- l.he organs' on which it ac's. It is tberffuro alt important, in order to get ifs hono- ficinl c/tvcts, tr> note wlmu-yon purchase, tlv.it you have the genuine nvti- clc, which is' m:ini'.f:iai.urcd-by tlie California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by nil repnUiblu druggists. If jii the enjoyment of good health, and the system i:; i-ofvi!l;:r. laxatives cv other rtimcdics.iivo tli«:i not needed. Jf with ::ny .actual dir.casp, one insiy bo commended to llic nioflt skillful physicians, but if in need of :i hiN.itive. one. shoiud have the best, and with (he well-informod uvorywhero. Kyrnp of Figs stands hif.V'ic.->t nrul is most larrvoly outgeneral satisfaction. 10 p;o tin; whole fll.-'tatico all at onrc>? Now rny fi-lcnils. this l.s a business question, and T want yoti to unLlei'.-Uand th.it every position which we take v.-e can d'.'fc-nO by quotrxtlons ''rom tho most i)rotninenl ' republicans of tin: country. I want you to understand that we are not asking the trial of a new o.-periroent. Wo are simply declaring that that, bimetallism which ths republican party of 1SH2 declared Rood for the American people la pood. for them In 1R9U also. Now, my friends, the republican party holds out the delusive hope of International bimetallism, and yet the candid repiibJIcan papers of your state tell you .that so far as International bimetallism Is* concerned It Is nn Impossibility. I bnllovo one of them said that It was a sort of pious pretense. We have got past the time of pious pretenses: we have frot past the time of shams and frauds, and 70,000,000 people are ready to rise up In their might and assert the right of our people to govern themselves," IN THE FIGHT TO STAY. . D<-»pondent Mother Kills Herself und 11 ft be, Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 22.—Mrs. Kate 'llnscoin, of 002 Oak street, nnd her four- year-old boy, were found dead on the tloor of her houie at noon Thursday, Death was caused by nspliyxintion, the. pis jets in the room being turned on. Her husband -WHS' working at Clinton, Mo., nnd failure to receive money from him caused her to become despondent anil the tragedy followed. Honey ror ny«pc,mitt. For those.' with .weakened digestive powers honey is said to bo a very desirable food. If a person is very tired— "too exhausted to eat"—a fuw tastes of hriucy will act liko magic. tViitHun UocIarCH He Will Not Come OIT tlie Tk-ltct. Birmiiiglin.m, Ala., Oct. Si. 1 .—Tom Watson spoil e nt Capitol p;nl< in th's cir.y Wednesday night-to an .audience ol about S.fiOO. -He viis attentively heard nnd frequently cheered. Mr. Watson made it very plain that he did not lu- lend. to come down. He,said: "I am In the flpht, and I am prolnR to fltay there. My ward or honor Is out, and no threats will make mo furl the flag of my party. If I wore to come down, my people will fto further away. They will cither atay ut home or vote for McKlnley. If I were to como down my frlenda would foe! that their party had been deceived, and Mr. Bryan's party would collapse In Oregon and North Dakota. My coming down would also throw both Illinois and Indiana to McKinley." _ TO RECLAIM 300,000 ACRES. Mcotlnf of Kunkillteo River Improvement Association Culled. Michigan City, Ind., Oct. 23.—A meet- ingoftbcstockholdersof the twoKanUa- kei; liivcr Improvement associations lias been called to meet nt San Pierre, Stark county, Ootcber 31. ul which time plans will be discussed for the joint cooperation of the two organizations in the work of draining tlie Kankakee valley. Capital lias been enlisted to undertake the gigantic project', which will reclaim nnd open for settlement 300,000 acresot land in Illinois aud Indiana, which is now covcr.ed . by n swamp which stretches away for miles iu the Kauka- kee valley in the two states. IllliioU PythlituH. Jiock Island, ill., Oct. 22.—The trial of Ucruraniu lodge, No. 2, of Chicago, for the use of the German language in lodge work resulted Wednesday in the expulsion of-the lodge from the order, but upon- application of 00 member's-the charter wns reissued nnd the old nutue retained. This-establishes n precedent. Olliccrs wore elected, John P. Benedict, of Danville, being chosen grand chancellor. Grand Keeper of Kecortis a:id Seal II. i'. Caldwell, bf Chicago,.was reflected. Mlcw Open thu Sul'c. ' Eureka Springs, Ark., Oct. 22.—llob- bers entered the bank at Cassville, Jlo., Wednesday night und blew open the sutu, securing the contents. The amount obtniued by the robbers was large, but tho bank officials refuse'to g-ive the amount. The'robbery was the work of professjonnls. • Co*!rt-lnK JCiiiploycr'M Cawo Continued. St. Louis, Oct. 22.—At the request of p the attorney for the prosecution the case nf Pugald Crawford, charged with violating the corrupt practices act, by int,imicl»ting the employes of his -Iry goods establishment in regard to Ilieir political"lireferences, was continued until October 28. Unknown Stcumcr T^oHt. London, Oct. 22.-—A dispatch from Helsingford says tluit an unknown steamer has bean lost oft Kallbader,, England. The" fate of her crew has not'been ascertained. A SINGULAR CASE. Ths C.'Incm:it,oKrnph« FnrnlnhOH Information of II Missing M;tn. So far as known t.hc ma.rvelous; motion picture invention, the cincmnto- graphe. which is being exhibited at Keith's, has done its first piece of detective work, says the Doston Herald, and there:by added to the interest with wliicli its wonderfully iife-likc pictures are twhcld each week by thoi.isa.nds, . One of the best views added to the programme last woek wns that of a scene on. the great bridge ut Hamburg, showing pedestrians, electric ca/rs u.n.l other vehicles hurrying along, and a train of cars pullinfr out from t-he nearby station. Among- those who were pres- •etit one evening- recently was a. weil- knowii business man of Boston and his wife, who- have not missed a picture shown by the Ltnniere invention since it was first installed at. Keith's, so they say. In. the Hamburg bridgti picture they, are sure 'they detected among.thc passing 1 pedestrians the figure and features of a. former resident of a town near to this city, who has been missing from hk home and family for some years, an* 1 , whose whereabouts a.ro anxiously nought. The gentleman states that the gait of the man in the-cinematographe nicliira wns so natural that he almost cried out his no.mc in. the first moment of his surprise n.t seeing- him. The Lumiere people hiuiebeeu commuinicnted with to ascertain the date ol the taking of tlie photograph and other particulars, in ordcr'to see if the individual in question can be hunted up. .. There, is an (interesting 1 story connected wi.th the matter which will come out if the party is located. YELLOW FEVER AT NEW YORK. Dcatti from t.1i<' Urt.'iul l>lsr:tMr Occur* on Swinburne Ihluiul. Xcw York, Oct. 22.—When the Ward line steamer Yucatan arrived at. <|iiar- antine last Monday morning from JJa- vaiiii, live Chinese and t\vo other passengers were removed to lloll'mau island for observalion, owing.to their •not being'itble to produce certificates of acclimatization. Amojig this number \vas Thomas Andrew. Saweckoe. aged •!:"!, who embarked at Havana as. second cabin passenger. Oiiring the nfternoo:i Sa^veckfie eo:npl:iineu of not feeliny- well. Health Oflicer lioly visited him jjromptly, and as a prt'C.~u- tionary measure ti'ansferred him 10 SwJiibiime island for treatment. .The patient \\'as atlendcd by a skilled nurse and wa.s under the constant observation of llealtJi OfiicerlJoty and Deputy San horn. Tuesday the patient was soniewhiit weaker. U'ednesday he developed well-marked symptoms of yellow fever, and in spite of the constant attentions of the health olliccr died Wednesday evening. He had been only two weeks in Havana and w::.s on .his wa-v home to Kuwsin. HEE HAPPY DAY. A CHARMING STORY OF MEDICINE ' AND MARRIAGE. Two Open letters From a OhlCTRO Girl —How Happlm^** Came to licr. PAUNCEFOTE RETURNS.. Iiisl.ructioiK ETHER'S USE IN SURGERY. Medical Practitioners Celebrate Anniversary of Its First Use. The medical profession of Xew England and the United States the other morning observed with fitting ceremonies at the Massachusetts GejieraJ hospital tho fiftieth anniversary of the first use of anaesthesia in a public sur- gica.l operation. Ether was first used with the permission of Dr. J. C. Warren in tlie old operating theater of ithc hospital in the central dome. It was in this room that the reception, of the- morning was held. . Dr. .7. C. Warren, a. grandson of the historic physician of that name-and a descendant of Gen. Warren, of revolutionary fame, received the guests. Mrs. Morton, the wife of the discoverer of ether, was among the guests and assisted in receiving. • The occasion was honored by the presence of several nm- inciiit members of the medical profession from England. A muss of congr.it- j ulatory telegrams and cnbtes was received from all ovev the United States and from across the .water. A BATHTUB A LUXURY. ]*:ictitocl Grtind Master. Cincinnati;' Oct. 22.—Enrton Smith, of Toledo, wns Tuesday elected Jr.- W. gram! master of 'the Grand Lodge of Ohio \r. nnd A. M, for the ensuing year. Emperor Kcturnx to Fotndam. Berlin,Oct. 22.—The emperor and empress returned to Potsdam at eight ��o'clock Thursday morning from their visit to Wiesbaden and Darmstadt- 9>noicont Dlmrlct Wliero There Is Ono to Every 83. >I Kllinllicn. Many-curious and iutcrestiDg 1 facts connected with the social life of the population 01 one of the great tenement^ house districts of Now York city liax'« becu broug-ht, to lig'iit by the sociolop- ieul canvass just completed by the red- era tion of Churches nnd Christian Workers. The org-an iziition wiia formed by clorpymeiL nnd laytncn a tittle-more than a. year ago, for the pnr]X>sc of ccn- trnlixing- reljg-ious and benevolent work and is composed of.representatives of every Protestant denomination. Upon the subject of proper facilities for cleanliness the report says: "The cajjvass of t.hc federation shows that there is an average of only one bath tub to 7.9 families, In the more densely populated portions of the city there is one bath tub to every S3.2 families;" _. How Sh» to«t Bar Child. An English captain's wife arrived in London one evening 1 .lately, drove to a hotel with her little boy, and then went out to buy something-; She was unable to find tlie hotel again, and it was only by the announcement of the loss of the child in the newspapers that it was discovered after'three days. I IlriLish Amb;iss;ulor JJrinj; Conn-ruin^ VtMie/,n<.-J:ui JHiiMrr. Xew Vork, Oct. 22. — Sir Julian Vaunm-roto, J.Jritish ambassador 1o the l.'niled Siciles, arrived on 'he (icrmiinic Thursdiiy, Sir Julian, whru iuK.'J'viuwi.'d at iiuariiiitint 1 . deciiiied 10 discui-'.s internalional matters, Loiio'ou, Oct. 22.—A representative ut the press wis definitely infoi-med :it Ihe foreign oiliee Thursdiiy that Sir Julian Pannuefole, British :imb;i,ssiulor to the United Stales, wlio is returning 'o Washington, is the bearer-of instructions aiming at :i friendly settli-menl of the flilVri-enees between Great JJril.-iin ;ind the United States concerning Vein/.UL'|:I. It issMU'd that the basis of settlement was brought about by .Mr. Chamberlain, after a conversation witli S'.'cretary Olney during his recent visit to the United Slates, nnd has since been revised by Lord Salisbury. The present relation;-, between'Crefltijrifnin and i.he United Stales are of the most amicable character. New Von;, Oct. 22.—A Yonkers (its- patch (<> the Evening Sun says themys- Lery surrounding 1 Hie violent death- of Hajnlin .1. Andrews, secretary of the Arlington ChemJcaJ company, who was Mown to pieces while in his offic> Wednesday morning, has, it is bt- Jievcd, besn solved by the jjolice. After c searching invcsiigation the conclusion has been reached tha* his death .was the/e;-ult of the accidental explosion of giant powder, Mr.' Andrews having lately been engaged upon an in- ventioirof ,i death-dealing bomb to slop fcafe blowing. BringH Golden TreaBurc. New York, Oct. 22.—The steamship Latin, which arrived from Europe Wednesday night, brought $1,810,000 ia gold. THE MARKETS. Griun, FrovlKloiiM, Jitr. Chicago, Oct. 2J. FLOUR—Moderate demand and easier. Quotable a3 follows: Winter—Patents, 53.SC@-1.00; straights, 53.CO©3,SO; clears, S2.90 ®;iJO: seconds, $l,S.-ct£2,10: low Rrades, J1.75O 2.00. Spring—Patents, J4.OOJj4.00; stralfflus, $3.25(5)3.60; bakers', 52.60(g!3.00; low grades, Jl.CO(g!1.7a; Red Dog, JLSOljM.50; Rye, ?2.200 2.40. WHEAT—Unsettled und lower. October, 70'/j(5;70%c; December, 72!i@"4Mc: May, 77% @70c. CORN—Lower. No. 2 and No. 2 Yellow, Z-QZ'iy^c; December, 23%iQ'L'o 1 ,«c ar.d 24 ] /^c; May, 27-?«(!J)27v(iC. OATS—Active and unsettled. No. 2 casli, ISc; December, 17->in.::^ t c: May, 20v4 Q'2t%c. Samples lower. No Grade, IS® UVic; No. 3,H(3)l7^c; No. 3 White,!"; No, Z, lS(fi)!S'/ 4 c; No'. 2 White, £0@2Ic7 MESS PORK—Market moderately active, and prices steady. Quotations ranged at- $(i:97M:<g)7.00 for cash; ?G.97&@7.00 Tor October; $6,97M:®7.00 for .December, and 7.S5O 7.67Mi for January. LARD—Trading fairly active and prices steady. Quotations rang-ed at S4.20fcM.30 for cash; J-1.17;3(g>-!.22!£ for October; i4.17\f~& 4.2214 for December, and (i.^-^f-l.-ny, for January. BUTTER—Market firm at f!@19c for creameries, and S(g>]7c for-dalrles. LIVE POULTRY—Quiet. Turkeys, S(sj) Oc; Chickens, 6fi()CHc: Ducks, 7ii@SK;C per pound; Geese, per dozen, Jl.OOigilfoO. " :: WHISKY—Steady on the basis of J1.1S lor hlRhwlnes. New York, Oct. 22, FLOUR—Firm. WHEAT—Opened heavy and declined 2@2%c cents on decidedly lower cables; free foi-eiffn selling, weak wesc and local realizing; rallied ; ,-jO on coverlnjj. unsettled. Docenibor, SusTS; Uc: March, CORN—Falriy active, lower with tli west. No. 2, SO'.iiSiSrl.lc.; Deeember. 30%4# OATS—No. 2 dull, ijusler. State, 2L'(Ti';i2c; western, "l!T(32c: December, -'3'4c nominal; Mify, Ij^e nominal. PORK—Steady. New moss, 5S.50f(;i.25, IjARD—Quie;; steam-rendered, J-1.00. BUTTKR—Firm, fairly active. Western dairy, S3/n2c; no. creamery, 12 I .-.l.$7"20c: do. raetory, TflMl&e; Kleins, 20c; imitation creamery, JOlgilS^c. CJfRESE—Steady; part skims, full sltlms, :j?:i*c. EGGS—Firm. Western, I,lvo Stock. Clilcapo, Oct. 22. CATTLK—Market steady. Fair to Best Beeves, $3.25@"i.lO; Stockers and Feeders, J2.JO@3.60; Mixed Cows sind Bulls. S1.2j®3.75; Texas, S2.40@3.10. HOGS—Market strong and generally So higher. Light, K.SjI^S.'JO; Rough Packing, }5,JO®13.20; M'lxed and Butchers', J3.20®3.00; Heavy Packing and Shipping, $3.25<g>3.55; Piers. J2.50(33.50. Among the tens of thousands of women who apply to Mrs. Pinkham for ddvice and arc cured, arc many who wish the facts in their cases made public, butdo not give permission to publish their names for reasons as obvious as in the following, and no name is published without the writer's authority; this is a bond of fjiith. which Mrs. Pinkham has never broken. Chicago, Jan. Sth, '05. My dear Mrs. A. fr:'u-r.do£ c, Mrs. me to v.-ritc you, be-au shesays: ''you clicl licr sc :K-.:oh good." lamdcsperntv. Am-jin«- teen years of .'ij^e, vxll, and 138 pounds a year n^'O. I am now skeleton. Trom your little book I think my trouble is profuse menstruation. My symptoms arc " * * * etc. Our clocior (my uncle) tolls father that I am in consumption, and -vv.-mts to take me to ' Florida. Please help me 1 . Tell me what to <lo, p.r.cl tell me quickly I a:ji cn^ajred 10 be married in September. Shal! 1 live to SM the day? * • * * LUCY E. W. Chicago, Junei6th, '95. My dear Mrs. Pinkham:— This is a happy day. J am -well and gaining weiRht daily, but shall continue the treatment and Vegetable Compound durLifi; t.hc summer, as you supr^cst. UI'.L-IL- knows nothing" about what vou have done for me, because it would make things very unpleasant in ihe family. 1 would like to £i v e you a testimonial to publish, but father would not allow it. * * * * I shall be married in September, and as -we go to Boston, will call upon you- How can I prove lay gratitude? * * • • LUCY E. W. Just such cases as the above leak out In women's circles, and that is why the coiiiideuce cf the women of America is bestowed upon Mrs- Pinkham. Why are not physicians more candid with women when suffering from such ailments ? Women want the truth, and if they cannot get it from their doctor, will seek it elsewhere. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT • POZZONI'S &• Complexion POWDER REMAUTS ALWAYS THE SAME. I Tho finest, pnrest and most betntlfyiTiff toilet powder ever made. Itiaaootb- ' ing, healing, healthful and harmless: and when rightly i-«ed IK IHTUIBLE. If you have never trie J . ' POZZONI'S rod do not know wh»t an IDEAL tOHFLEXIoar POWDEK U. II IS SOU) ETEBYWHERE. :ury, ty. if you prefer to comC'bcrcwewfllooiH tract to pnyrallrtmdfaroalKlliotclomiMuiC _', if wo fall to cure. Jf you bavo takc.i iuer* , >o<li<Io potash, and mill have nchcn and MucousP.itc" • • icousi'.Ttchefi In mouth. Sore Throat, i. Copper Colorc.l Spots, I'lccr* Ott «:» rnrfcoi the body, UalrorEyelirown falllnr •nit. /It 19 thin Secoudnry 15LOOD POlSOm . ro ^oa rnntce to euro. Wo solicit Uio mo^t obst£ iui,o Crtfea and ciiallnnco-tlie world for ft ns*v -K-O' lannofcctire, Q'hla difOaeo has at^-Bn ' . Si3OO,OOO cnpltal behind our unrondl- nly. Absolute proofs ppntpciiledoq Address COOK ICKMJCDY CO— '. 'JiTIC-lCO. Without A Rival. Asapositivecureforspwiiis^ruises, and pains of all kinds. Salvation Oil has no equal. Mrs. Frank Juif, 518 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Jlicb.. writes: "I used Salvation Oil'in inv fnniily aud cau say it has no. rival as :v lini- 'iiicnt; it certainly cures'paius. I sprained my ankle and it cured tin; nnd since then I have always used it far iuiy pains and bruises." Snlvat;<j:i Oil is sold foronly25 cents. 3so otlioi remedy will do the work as promptlv. J T.IB CUBIT HINDOO REMEDY FRbDDCES 1UR ADO\-£ RESULTS In SO DAYS. fjervuiifl Dlscdsos. Vailtnff Hcn-_ •>n.-c«i» Slccploirno-w, MRhtly Knii. bionn, 01.':.cn-.i^d li.v pn*t nblicop, (TlTOrt Tipor Knd ste« Vi shrunken orjruns, nnd qulcklV otiteurcly restores bunt utuiilinnd In old or young. £a»tlycari-lcdJnrcrDt rocK.'t. Pricc^LOVapnckapio. Six for g&.oo wlih • afi'S"'**')!, but lnsi'« 0 o r n**lJc!vJnc ! !J?i>AP«», It druKpi5tlinflno f ,pot (K, veuill «end 1 1 prepfcfa. DfAL^ccllCblCt^lYppl.* Ckl«U|* HI., or*u-•(*"(•• -OLD hy IS. K KccslinR, LOGJKSPOKT, IND. •nd Ic^dinc drr-^ists clficwher* A New nnd Complete Trwt»'"it. con»toUn» of BUPPOSITOUIKS, Oip«iilc» c( Ointment «na two Boiosof Olnunenl AnevcrfalimikCiirotorP 10. of every nature mid dcBroo. It makes an oporallon -7 Ub tlio hnlfo or Injcciloni of carbolic acid, which ,r«pnlntiil»Brtwldomapormnni!ni.CTre,«ndofu>n .-ceultlng In dcnth, »nnj<»"? r 5i.. v ' h ».S", < i5;'; thl* terrible di««OBe? W« Pack a Written iouSrantee In each *l "a*. J?u o«lTi»rft>f hcncllu received. Wo. nn<l $1 » box, 6 lor »5. b«nl bT mftll. • JAPANESE PILE OINTMENT. 25c. a Box. CONSTIPATION Jap NOTICK.-TIM1 Gfkulne B Cure for ula 01 BENFBSHER.

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