Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1954 · Page 27
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 27

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1954
Page 27
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'•/•-; K » HOffc, -Tttirilert at! jtf hfer^ ink high!, kill ah!» injttHng four t),.jk Moots. Jb&tt Woods, 26, 22, SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelson Froggies to Travel Light by Necessity FORT WORTH, Tox . i.fl— The Horned Frogs of Tnxns Christian can "travel light" in 1954. Tooth th* Stdry* PHvate Deetlve JIm'fore tomorrow." Jim hoped he was brush and razor arc traditionally ' most of the bnggage taken on C«f>r«»M I'M tr Hogl. \jfntitti Nrfan 0i(tr!M«l b r NEA Sfrrict, Inc. 6., UIIMJ < AM/eirW^ir M£l <5<Stoi By. HUGH LAWRENCE NELSON Crouch and Bryan Engram at the I fS>j»*4ne Vt/ift tied ends, big Ray Hill at right tackle "CHIOS TTIH TlfST and Hugh Pitts at center. Crouch is :3 senior who docs everything well; The others are Juniors. Hill and Pitts rate among the best Frog linemen in several teears. ftfwttoiirf i»iit ad a DuhH Has bttft retained by Mrs.{striking a right note. i,,,.^ i hiSf!** fihiifrf.fi oV K|t Carlson "to Bet somethlha" on] Argyle -ppeared more geni;il. jtrips. Uatetei* HW *K.o *;« her mother-lh-law, It develops that "Guess there's plenty to be done;™'* t Up. The six fe drtgeea ttom the car buff I into one of ftp afld other paS- With the Weft- en JrbUte from to Tyroitea after a Waft & sudden death at Mrs. CaVlson's home on the West Coast arid that Mrs. Carlson Is suspected jby the family of tvurdftr. Dunn and Nancy, his wlfs, are to pose as cafetaKers on the Carlson ,.-,---. , Slate liciubr u x agfhts got their largest 'f tlje*yejii < early todny when "'CqiSflsefited obout $3,000 'of gohtrabond whiskey HCar Doty of Sapulpa, arrested in the ox- ccrncr of Arlcah- a trucit loaded cases of whiskey. ohieL enforoe- , 'Statft'Aicohol- ''-, Control ' .pcpartmerl, ' taking -the liquor ' . Missouri 'dry tnx charged with whiskey, hnv- oal limit of The Frogs cmi get by with- th« razor this season, still. The old lady finally take it; By almost any standard, the NEW RESEARCH PROJECT ',To fill out his lino, Coach Mar titi. how is figuring on Dick Las- Eiitv 230-pound squa'Jman from Eg Spring, at loCt tackle; Dill Yung of Ranger, at left guard; Malcom Wallace of Greenville or Bill Mattern of Austin at time Since 1937 By ROBERT M. Crocker WATERV1LLE, Maine '.T> A lanky, soft spoken Democrat young for the high office he will hold is on his way to the Maine governor's mansion. Edmund S. Muskie will he the first of his party since 1937 to occupy the former home of Maine's Ro- over from the boy?" -Purple is the youngest since TCU "You taking about Mrs. Oswald started p'aying in t!>e Southwest Carlson?" [Conference in 1923. Of the 31 can- eumrner estate in Rockies, Ill "Sure. Mrs. Oswald, we call heiyiidates no less than 27 are sopho- around here. The old lady. She's mores. Of the others, only six are the Colorado | a card. "I'm glad to hear it." Jim Jim stopped in ihj patch of light before the Creek Junction Hotel and' Bar.' one of the four building? in the side-road town. "Won't be a minute, Nancy." He pushed, open (her bar's door, stepped into an atmosphere lit by the fed neon of tivs hush jukebox. "Looking for Toby ArgylCj" Jim told the bartender. The baldheaded, squat man, whose wrinkles appeared to be I "football seniors" using their final said;year of eligibility. In short, the Frogr. can have 45 of the 51 players back in 1955. "However, I'm not working for her." . • The cordiality dropped _ awayThe ancient'cry of "wait until next folds of Argylo's face. !y ( .yr 'No?" He made another effort.' The younger ono then? Mrs. Hilton, though you don't look like her type to me.' is especially fitting at TCU. .As for combat exrwricnc*?. the pattern is the same. Tnerc are only 12 Icllermcn one of whom was ;i \,j ijv; 11^ it iv,. . ~ ir • *i*i* it it Dunn took tho order from the I" defensive spccinlis m the old , ,, , "sr? her of the 19,1 .championship . . , only Presidential Candidate. , " , ' publican James G. Blalne. j day from a hnrd uphl ,, campaign 'to find with some surprise and a will uttle awe the floodlight of national t u ' • , •<-">»"V">"*"w 7;"",behind him, the winner turned to- who has just returned from th3|,, 0 ^ <.,.„„, „' >,„,.,, „„,,.„ „„,„„„;„„ service. Just .how this "old" team go remains to be seen. One thing promience glaring fuH in his face, is sure. The more unit has very) The surprise was duo partly to great promise. In the back-field am the startling proof oC his i-arly as- Charles Curtis, gangling star frctr. se ssmenl of Maine's political sit- Gainsville at quarterback: Jim- uation. my Swink of Rusk nnl Karold Pollard of Itasca or ken Wine-burg of Odessa at halfbacks: Buddy Duke of San Antonio or Jack Webb of Fort Worth at fullback. BALLOT BOX -LOAN BIRMINGHAM Ala., (UP) — The Jefferson county .commission LITTLE ROCK Eg« produc- lion by hens in individual cages has been approved as a new research project for the University of Arkansas. The project was approved by the Agricultural Research Panel of the University and thu; Arkansas Economic Council-Stale Chamber of Commerce. The project was described as a possible new ihdus'.ry for Arkansas. ACCIDENT PREVKNTION DEILINGHOFEN, (UP "Fr°tldy" the Germany, billy goat mascot of the Canadian Princess Patricia Infantry regiment was named the "best automobile sccid- end preventer" of the outfit today. Capt. Mike Levy said the ac- . ciderit rate had dropped more than *• 50 per cent since headquarters ordered the unit's worst drivers to serve as goat keepers-combing, brushing' and feeding Freddy. Along the soph uno. it will be voted yesterday to lend « balot Denver real estate company from his pocket, put it on the brr. "Maybe this'll help " Toby Argyle's eye; moved quickly down the typewritten page.. They returned to the top line and wipsc wiJiiKius appear*. 10 oc b ,,, n a s , owcr roadinf ,. Ho dro]v doing their ;best to hide, seven „_., th . nnt1pr ... ,.._,; .,„,,,,„,••:, Warts, said, "I'm Toby. What do you Want?" '-,-'• Dunn wondered if the facial contortions wore supposed lo bo a ehlile. "Keys to a pldce called The Spires. I understand it's . out of town a couple miiofi." "What do you want them keys for?" one gallon of whiskey in n dry county, and illegally transporting liquor. ped the paper at )nst. pushcd>il back toward Jim. "Mrs. Oswald ain't going to like thi.^." "Look, Mr. Argyle," Jim said •All I know is 1 'was hired to come up and get this place ready for my boss who'll arrive tomor- Toby Argyle nodded slowly. "Shouldn't think a city fellow like you'd take such a job though. Lonely place The Spires." "A job's a job" Jim said "Sure. But thero're lots of jobs. !|STAMP ( |' ¥1 W' CT A MID *& m ff"^ 1VI r',. IN & SEE Beautiful And Useful Gifts You Get •IT *.* i*r f,! ") , j », x You ... YOUR II. S.'.GWEIN STAMPS ' AT OWEN'S STAMPS For Valuable' ¥»%* ls\5"*' , REMEMBER.... -IP^BF^ ^|^^^ ^^|^^ ^^^^ 9^^ ^WB ^fj^ ™ ^^^^ W - . GREEN STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY Redeem your filled booklets of U f S. Green Stamps at .> '*! aa DEPARTMENT STORE ^7'"'lS)>i|, ARKANiAS" days of plntoon football in 1951. Only .seven boys have had as much ns 100 minutes of experience in college play. But despite tho youth ond incx- jcricnce. Coach Abe Martin is •athcr optimistic. Ho points to the 'act that his youngsters arc fresh and eager to makti good. He be- ieves their spirit will be tops. Secondly, he's confident thnt tho tenm eral others, will run its spit T attack with much more efficiency. Martin, in his sophomore year as Frog skipper plans to use the 2-team sy.st.em.- He has banded his more experienced hands into a to team and is welding together a second unit composed entirely of sophomores. He nlmits that some of the youngsters may move up to starling posts before too long but plans to start with the Steam plan. Backbone of thn Christian of fense will be rapid Ronnie Clink scale. The fast senior will oper ate as the man-under on T after lettering two years as a halfback. He also will do most of the pass ing. Early indications are that two squadmen juniors, Ray Taylor of Lamesa and Gerald Reclus of Paris, will be the halfbacks. Taylo'r,' a fine punier, got in only 1C min utes and Redus 36 last year. Both have good speed and are fine receivers. The fullback will have, to be a sophomore since all the candidates are second - year players. Top hand now is Henry Crowsey, an agie 200 -pounder 'from Gainesville. He's a, tough runner and has fail- speed. -- • Along the Frog line, four regulars are back. They are Johnny Hope, you get paid plenty for coming lip here." Jim Dunn thought he knew what was coming and ulaj\:d along. "You bet. These California people don't know the value of money." 'California —eh? See from the paper her name's Mrs. Gelstrap. Funny sort of name, but I guess that cuts no ice. Now look son. Mostly local people work for the Carlsons." Jim hesitated, then decided there was no particular point in pushing Argyle into a definite offer for desertion. "I can always leave if I don't like it," he said lightly. "Meantime, the rest of the staff outside'll be getting tired waiting. Could I have the keysj" "More outside, huh? All right, young man. Maybe you know what you're doing. I'll got the keys out of the safe." Toby Argyle came back at last with a bunch of keys on a length of wire. He twisted the ends of the wire more securely, tossed the keys on the bar. "There you are, young fellow. Sure yon and the others won't spend the night? Could get an early start in the norning." 'Thanks, but I guess I'd better obey orders." He found the side road, cut the jeep's wheels to the left, crossed he main highway and started down a step incline. A well-made Bridge spanned a rushint; creek at the bottom and tho ascent was equally sleep, with the road narrowing It wound around huge joulders the size of five-room houses. He slammed on the brakes as lie rounded a sharp turn. The headlights of the jeep stopped a scant throe feet from a hih iron gate, whose ponderous double doors blocked the road. Dunn got out, walked closer to read the rather faded sign. "No admittance without key." And just to leave no doubt as to tho ',fj||* seriousness of the prohibition, there were added smaller words "Authority of The Carlson Estate." A slim chain was . looped around the two center bars of th'e gate sections and fastened with a padlock, Dunn fingered through the keys Toby Argyle had given him None of them bore the same brand name as that on the padlock, Just t obe certain, however, ho tried every onp that would go in.at all. None worked. He. looked at the wire which held the keys together re- mpmbered Toby' Aryle's twisting tgether of the er»d§. HU whistled softly through his tepth got a firm rip on each section of the attf and managed a really worthwhile »attle. The chain tihtened and loosened clatteved dismally jn the still night air. The lighht in the cabin went out "Hey" Jim Called "Heljo the house!" His. voice sounded unnatural. A young man stepped into the O'Day Williams of Graham and boxes to Russell county at Phenix Norman Hamilton of Vnnderbilt and Donald Copper o£ Perryton at tackles: Vernon Hailbeck of San Stephenvil'.o at guard?;, and Joe Williams of Greenville at center. Mixing into these t".'o combinations arc Dave Finney, senior hat- back; B. . Meredith at quarter, back; Bob WJhiljc at end, and scv- impounded for a vote fraud investigation. An engineering formula rates one horsepower of machine energy as equivalent to the work' of 20 men. THIS IN NO BULL-ONLY DENVER, (UP) A bull wandered from 700 -pound the Denver Union Stockyards yesterday and ambled toward tho center of town with 10 policemen in wary pursuit. The bull stopped at a main intersection for a red light. A passerby roped him, Uwl him to a parking meter and walked off. WE GIVE Drive In Now ond Try Completely Now! Super • Refined NEW GULF NO NOX The High-Efficiency Gasoline ORGE RASCHKE GULF SERVICE W. 3rd & Hervey Phone 7-2737 \ II. S. 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