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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana • 4

Kalispell, Montana
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PAGE OUR The Daily Intel Lake Kalispell Montana Thursday April 11 1974 Developing Nations Studied Starvation Stares BERRY'S WORLD At Africa Asia I cannot tell a lie I do it!" Letters To The Editor Turn The Tide Back To Sanity Death Probed Continuing CLEARANCE AMILY SHOES 13 Conrad or County been found of or Mansion Heathenism See Nothing Wrong like to MONTGOMERY who is a who can the inter clues to is Kristi second lives at They were not Eileen Haskin Kalispell county levy for museums This would raise about $45000 and cost on the average $100 per resident This would be less costly than having the city alone undertake the project I for one am interested in our heritage and would like to see the mansion preserved for my interest and those who visit our area I would like to see it tried if it proves too much of a burden then other arrangements could be made Don Garner Kalispell 1 Conrad Mansion within the scope of lathead County To me this makes more sense than planning it strictly as a Kalispell venture We have numerous attractions in the Valley and this could be an important and interesting addition It is my understanding that there are between 40000 and 50000 residents of the county I believe there is provision made to assess a special one mill When are you poor crazy people going to wake up? When are you going to start electing people to your public offices who are concerned about you and your wallets? When are you going to start electing people who are (do you remember these traits) honest NEW YORK (AP) Al though their TV series was can celled last year the stars of Loves kept the romantic interest alive Wednesday by getting married Actor David Birney 32 wed his costar Meredith Baxter in a traditional ceremony at Madi son Avenue Presbyterian church a spokeswoman for the newlyweds said It was the second marriage for each the spokeswoman tlon Secretary of State Henry A Kissinger Is expected to make an appearance Politburo member Andrei Gromyko the Soviet foreign minister will be eyes and ears China is sending Vice Premier Teng Hsaio plng once one of Pe most powerful men The attention is countries have nearly half the nonfucl mineral reserves The world appetite for raw materials grows daily more voracious Demand is expected to soar in the next few years for the nine most important nonfuel miner als: Iron ore zinc manganese silver lead copper tin bauxite and rock phosphate The United States Is rich in raw materials yet each year must import more and more to satisfy a hungry economy hardly surprising then that the Assembly session ex cites such Big Power interest Both Moscow and Peking seem to see opportunities for making hay in the not too dis tant future the air water and land That actions have a final determination on every item in our life style And the so called silent majority sits back and continues to pay and pay with nary a word of protest Not even at election time Then the same repeated story develops again Results re elected re elected etc Popularity contests for public office are won time again on who can spread their name around the fastest and mostest Who knows who friend of whose promise who the most in return On and on COLVILLE Wash (AP) Stevens County authorities one month into an investigation probing the grisly death of a former San rancisco socialite say they still seek three mem bers of a group the dead wom an traveled with 2 12 years ago Sheriff Chan St Clair said Wednesday that his office be lieves it has located two of the three persons thought to be among the last companions of Barbara Ann Goldie Bones were identified as those of the 22 year old one time cotillion debutante and Stanford University student radical last month eight months after they were found strewn with other debris in a 300 foot area at remote Little Twin Lakes about 20 miles northeast of here Still not located in national search for Miss death Hind Jacobs wife of Earl Jacobs a Stanford biophysicist who was found in 1971 dead of And also I would know where she got the facts that those little girls (not specifying who) were actually kidnaped by men and what do these bodies have to do with it anyway? I see nothing Editor: Concerning Mrs Ruby letter to the editor I am very surprised that she is even married If she considers the human body so indecent and is afraid to trust a man who runs around in public naked wrong with what God gave me what does she think ot her husband? Editor: This land is your land This land is my land accept and include the beautiful and historical Conrad Mansion as an outstanding asset to our community A few donated dollars from each interested citizen will entitle us to gain this beautiful and priceless relic of our past Walter and Evelyn Anderson Kalispell said The ceremonies were at tended by Miss two children by her previous mar riage The couple will honeymoon for several days in New York where they met almost two years ago when starting work on Loves then live in Connecticut where Birney is rehearsing for an American Shakespeare estival production of and Ju liet" By WILLIAM RYAN AP Special Correspondent UNITED NATIONS NY (AP) Mark down this April as a likely turning point that can echo for generations Something new is about to un fold in relations between vastly different worlds The unfolding will be slow The actual event Involved will in itself be undramatic How ever the fact that it takes place at all represents a devel oping new phase in a contest among the big powers the United States Russia and China or the industrial world in general it represents an ear ly warning A special General Assembly session opened this month on raw materials The Initiative came from the "Third World" and the United States evidently views the meetings with misgivings The session may accomplish little apart from florid rhetoric Still what makes it important is that it launches a collective attempt to probe the developing Editor: who can or cannot okay gas Are the only sane people left electric freight rate increases in Montana in the much you and I have to pay for publicized place called Warm Trucking applications to go into Springs? Out of sight taxes (we business They are involved in need a space ship to reaiiy see how high they are) more and more public leeches on the tax payrolls committees on top of committees are being formed state and county funds are formed like EEA UD OAR ERA HUD CCR CCC XYZ and on and on The so called executive 20 branches now have 20 branches of their own The state car pool has over 600 vehicles alone sales of property for lack of paid up taxes are booming State and county departments are getting to be conglomerations which is against the anti trust laws And now yes now our very concerned governor has now reluctantly of course put another big okay on creating a five man public service commission from the present three How many of you even know what duties of that department of state is supposed to perform? Just in case they are the ones a drug overdose at a Spokane motel Jacobs his wife Miss Goldie and two others checked into the motel in November 1971 County deputies have ranged north to British Columbia seek ing information about the group Miss Goldie is thought to have been returning to San rancisco from Canada at the time of her death One person being sought for questioning St Clair said is in Edmonton Alta while a Madison Wis identified No trace has Mrs Jacobs is a 2 12 ear old track trying to St Clair said have to do some slow digging even tually question everyone in volved and keep the case open until we know what took Dental records were used to identify the bones as Miss Gold boot styles for men and boys WERE 1588 1388 NOW 900 latent power A number of the so called "developing" nations sitting on raw materials riches watched with intense Interest as oil pro ducing countries only recently like them In terms of back wardness emerged fat and wealthy In a short historical pe riod The lesson: Raw materials mean the power to bring strong nations to heel The oil nations got together In the Organization of Petro leum Exporting Countries and as energy became shorter In supply were able to apply enormous economic pressure on the industrialized world Will there now be more That could take a lot of time perhaps But the beginnings are discernible Already In exis tence for example is OLADRE initials for the Latin American Organization for De fense of Energy Resources its purpose collective action on natural resources Another Is the C1PEC or Intergovernment Council of Copper Exporting WASHINGTON (AP) Wide I spread persistent starvation i may hit South Asia and Africa within 10 years unless those areas cut their population growth and get massive aid say the authors of a new com puter study The grim warning came from Mihail Mesarovic director of the Systems Research Center of Case Western Reserve Univer sity and Eduard Pestel profes sor of engineering at the Tech nical University of Hannover Germany Their findings parallel a re port by the Overseas Develop ment Council which warned that Asia could face famine next year But the new report goes far beyond the council study which recommended for eign aid in the form of food fertilizer and agricultural help In an interview Tuesday Mesarovic and Pestel said food shipments and agricultural aid alone cannot stave off star vation in South Asia and Af rica Pestel estimated the industri alized nations would have to provide some $700 billion of in vestment aid over the next 50 years to prevent starvation plus perhaps an equal amount Countries made up of Chile Peru Zaire and Zambia Cop per supplies arc running short and the price is beginning to skyrocket World" Is an elusive term It suggests there are two others a superpower world and an Intermediate one of ad vanced nations Mao Tsc theory divides the earth Into "world meaning ad vanced and "world and insists an ultimate clash between the two is inevitable In the "Third World" are more than 2 billion of the globe's 37 billion people A bil lion of them are illiterate and live In the crudest poverty But also included in that world are the nations of the Middle East Africa and Latin America wax ing fat and sassy on oil The picture becomes complicated as the poor relatives look to the newly rich for help especially In broad areas of Africa where starvation is commonplace Major governments are giv ing the General Assembly ses sion the most respectful atten to prevent massive unemploy ment in the underdeveloped world Mesarovic and Pestel con ducted their computerized stud ies comparing the worldwide effects of various economic and population policies for the Club of Rome a private inter national study group Some of Mesarovic and Pes preliminary findings: South Asia even moder ately successful population con trol would not keep population from outracing food supply Without help starvation levels would be reached by around 1985 with no end in sight Africa would face a similar fate but South America could it acts meet its own food needs prevent widespread starvation developed nations must give financial aid to both agriculture and industrial ization in the underdeveloped countries and accept their in dustrial entry into world mar kets In a summary of their study Mesarovic and Pestel call for rapid establishment of a al alert and a frame work to develop solutions in ad vance of developing problems God fearing people to your public offices? When are you going to elect people who are not lawyers bankers large ranch owners doctors past politicians non public leech job holders millionaires and other professional money grabbers Yes you crazy nutty unconcerned mixed up silent majority just when are you going to wake up Maybe when the state owns your home land small business cars and trucks your guns your time clock your food (if there is any) and maybe finally our paycheck and then your life? May the dear Lord Jesus Christ and God Almighty please give us people who have the guts and determination to turn the tide back to sanity and government by the people for the people and of the people Have we forgotten this famous line? or my and your sake please yes please wake up Thank your right of freedom of the press yet Jerome Peters Martin City A recent article In the Soviet government newspaper Izvestia noted that world zinc reserves permit the present growth structure to be main tained for only 18 years copper and tin reserves will be ex hausted in 21 years nickel In 53 years Many experts warn of an imminent metal famine" The article suggested this was all the more reason why the In dustrialized West should coop erate In trade with the Commu nist East The Chinese are always alert to doings of the undeveloped nations Peking has staked a claim to being leader of that with all Its revo lutionary potential and for years has waged a campaign In Asia Africa and Latin America seeking to nail down an identity of interest Some of the weak nations however see China as just another great power in dis guise In any event a contest lies ahead Involving the West the Russians and the Chinese to in fluence that other world HANDSOME DRESSY styles for men WERE 2000 2300 NOW 1500 uel Aimed or Migrants DENVER (AP) our Rocky Mountain States will be asked to use their three per cent emergency fuel allocations for a program designed to in sure adequate gasoline supplies this summer for migrant work ers a regional administrator for the US Department of La bor said Wednesday Sam Martinez said the states include Colorado Wyoming Utah and Montana Two other states in the region North Da kota and South Dakota also will be asked to use their emer gency allocations for the mi grant program he said The program launched by several federal agencies and headed by the US Department of Labor is called Harvest It will be aimed at making sure that all night truck stops along major mi grant routes have gasoline sup plies for the migrant workers Martinez said the labor de partment hopes to have a Span ish and English language di rectory of the truck stops along the migrant routes for distribution by mid April Labor officials were told sev eral weeks ago that a signifi cant portion of migrant work ers now in Texas plan ning to migrate northward be cause of possible gasoline shortages Dear Sir: Who says streaking is a new fad? It is just an indication of how far into heathenism our country is slipping heard many missionaries come home from heathen territories and tell that when streakers hear the Gospel and accept it the first thing they do is put on read about a streaker in the Bible Read the eighth chapter ofLuke verses 26 to 39 about tire "maniac of Gadara Hiat streaker streaked in the cemetery and when he became a Christian he was found sitting at the feet of Jesus and in his right I appreciate Judge decision! Sincerely Clara Anderson Kalispell CLASSIC DRESS SHOES OR WOMEN AND TEENS WERE 699 1099 NOW HURRY SEE CASUALS DRESSY LOOKS! ALL INE QUALITY ALL PRICE SLASHED! NOT EVERY SIZE IN ALL COLORS OR STYLES BUT LOTS TO CHOOSE! Dear Reader: I would like to voice my support of the proposition to include the development of the Shocked To the editor and the people of lathead community: I was shocked when I saw what a disgusting you have I could not believe anyone could treat anything like these dogs are treated Left in a cage about 10 feet by 10 feet that smells and are just left there until someone comes looking for their dog What have these dogs done to deserve this? It their fault they are there yours You as a citizen should be concerned The tax money that would have gone to the Conrad Mansion project should go to build a better place for these dogs to live in Dogs need love too Think about it Debbie Leib Kalispell fashion casuals for young women WERE 899 999 NOW 600 Bridget Really Loves Bernie 1974 by NEA Inc "The TROUBLE is you're always out with the boys and the boys are in Cairo Damascus Tel Aviv Moscow Peking fine dress for BIG LITTLE boys WERE 799 899 NOW 600 I In I 7 rjf a A 4 Bv r' 1 IfW 7 Ji 4 kjl pgjjT DRESS SHOES I OR UTILE GIRLS WERE 899 799 NOW IB MONTGOMERY.

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