Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 5
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" '^•••KEi'SSSgs?'—— r-. : -.. . .,; . i . • : " •" '•' i ;^>''.' Hats Celebrated ^^STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER TONGUE Which Dripped ( Truths. Golden Hon. A. J. Beveridge Delighted a Large Audience. 't Your Purchase The Hatter and Furnis ___ WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double it, value, If I make your clothes mak e them fit, but I don't charge fancy pr.ces Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY G TUCKER Pearl Street Tailor. An Orator of High Rank Pleasing Address. and THiiit pewk'ss young onutoi', tlie IIou. A, 3: -Bovca-fd'se, •ln-ld au audience- of firtocn Ifliiwdircd to two t:lion»:ind peopl 1 SUGAR BEEP CULTURE, -OF- LOGANSPORT, . INDIANA. CAVITAL *250,000. Industry That is Good Returns. Yielding ft, B. Rice, I. J. MnrtocK B. y. Yanlls, DIKKCTOBS: Dennis Uhl. K M. Harwood, ,*. i.."..-. w T.Wilson. Bw.kine in at: «• Departments promptly IIHD MEN ADJOUKX. The Grand dodge, Imi^cd Or^ of which convened at Indiana adjourned by Pcrabo and Jctf „ three hiind-rcd delt- '.parts of 'the State wevo The reports of to grand offi- dm-ing the the total membership to - ,of the ofaeers elected to duriDK-tflieenfsulinpyear: • X Sachem-Chades Mndtsom. ., . Great Senior-Bonj. B. OaimiTtxsU, An MU B. Weave,, Fwnncr of Chicivsp will "publish this wwk the results of •cigtot years' experience la sugar beat culture «11 over M-tnocsota, prepared by Tseof. Snyder of tlio Minnesota, Experl- luemt Station. Tlhe article shows that Minnesota, produces an.'average of lo tons per acre of beds richer in suga-r contents titan- ds the case in Europe, wh-e-rc tho industry -is remaa-lwitoly developed. The. sugw is also of n. high degree of purity. It also, appears from tihese elaborate, extensive and long con- tinned •experiments that tho cost of rail-Sims sushi- beets -fin Minnesota is •from $2 to $3 per ton, Orange Judd Fan-met.- points out liia:t if su-fft.r factories are os-:.tibli.s!hed to buy these beets at ?-l to $5 per ton, farmers cam make ?1 50 -to ¥2.30 per 'ton not profit. At less t.lKin tlie n,vora.go yicW or 15 tons of dvcss-od boc'bs per more, this Industry oqiens up a. homo market for a new ci-op ttel will easily -P-iJ' ? 15 l '° ?3 ° pci •ncrc net pro lit, besides pay ins m cash a fair price for till labor ow tho crop, use of laml, etc. Equally satisfactory results Jmve •bean abtataed to Wisconsin and tho Northwest generally. Director Wilson. of tho Iowa Expodimenit Station, says that only capital and skill arc nsces- «ury for Mint sraite nilone -io produce all of the $100,000,000 worth of sugar wow llmpovtcd every year. We two best sugar factories in Nebraska are touring their most successful season. The same is true of the sugar factories ^ Utah 'and California. The - Spreckles n r HIP nink last nlghit. •^H»VlL-'-'^JHI-AlI\.i 'I.*. l."^ .1.*. -Statements oif fact were robed in. tlie Jaui'gwge o-f the wtard;.-oC words, and tho loifty scmtlmenits he tittered- were applauded to iSw echo-: Tlio Ttafc ""'tis crowded fnE at 7;3 ^ o'clock, every seat betas occupied and ireiiuy stsiiKM-nig. President G. W. Walters, of ttoe Losanesawrt McKi-nleyclnb, lirttrodncod the speaker, and M the first impression of the •mid'iteuoe on remark- Ing Ms yonlitoful appcair'anco wn.s that lite would treat them to -a soplmnorlc effort, they wore agreeably surprised bu- foa'D hie iwid spoken five mikmtos. His appeal was made direct to <!he people, to tlwk- 'ftiitli .iin -Hhe iinlte?i-lly oT our ream insHltiHttoiNS, <o Un'ilr Inborn oC Iwnoii- and to t-hl-lf wnv sell -In. thils quiMUon of a system.of fmamoe. mastjratlng the inxxposna 'to coin s-Wvor fi-ee -at the ratio of sixteen to one, Unasked why, if tih« mavocati-s of tfoat. poMcy proposed to creaflo a. value by l-c^fetattom. tlww do ndb fro the wdiole lons-th iiiul do more than skwply declare th-at sixteen ounces of isllvcr nrc eou-al .to one otmoe of gold, wtasi the market jn-lce, the iictual worth' Is but one-hair imwt ainouwt, and say by -act of Con- wess tli.i,t one ounce o£ -siilver sunll bo worth one ounce, of goW. "It" 1* said, "jx>u take redngc behiml the oft repeated ttectotlon tlwit gold and«smver arc the money of the consttatlon, T "•"•" "* fr ! ,No matter how large the stock SOME PARTS SELL OUT first a&.rythln. goes out and NOTHING COMES IN, if you de.ay your purchase you may miss just what you want the most and PW DOUBLE ELSEWHERE. We are closing out some departments as clean as a whistle, others are full to overflowing. You «"»"_«'£ ifyourwantsaretobesuppUed from the SHORT DEPARTMENT, ,necontra, y if from a full department, UNDERSTAND^ VO GET TWICE AS MUCH FOR YOUR MONEY HERE AS ELSEWHERE, ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. e money , you what -history tolls ««'was the result of tihc attempt to circulate tine two mot- ate on a -fixed ratio. History tells w. plnJm'ly, in ttnmiiisifcakaWe temns, ttot the motal ^'hteh ™ s undervalued disappeared from circulation nit once, im- mcflta^ TO«n th«-ps«aiBC of the law that fixed such valuation. Now, wlmt OK, you, my free silver friend, propose to do? TOM propose to fix tflre valuation of sB7« at the -ratio o€ six-teen ounces for *vca-y ormcc ot jrold, wnen its true wortlife douMe that. What will be Ac result? Ercry deltar of live rnoru tlnm, five Iwindred miBlons of., gold, or oiie-tlvird of nil our -money, will dlva.p- ™v, V nt omoo and the otrcufebUnn wifl bo more tl«n clgbft dollars per you t€il me how you ^,M moncs- wwc plcnWrnl under fret OPENS TODAY State Convention of the W. C. •."•" : ; ' T. U. One Hundred and Fifty Delegates Present. Tlio Sttiilo comventiion of the W. C. T. U 1 ' wHtf-«mnn<mice this morning at the Fh-st .B^bytea-Jan church at the foot of Sovon'tili etu-eet, \boitt.onio hundred ami -fifty dcjc- s nm-ivcd yesterday and «vt -l<rast TO - U 'li'raidred more we cspcctcd toOoy. The cam-entice wffl represcn-t.aB local unfons'to the State Seventy-two of tlie counties in the State ni-e organii^ed •niore tove untons, but 110 ^ was oi-gaii'lzed in 1874 nui now has 300 unions and 5,000 nwmbere. The total membership in- the .Wkt fe aibont 500,000, rcprosentol In 48 noUoM. The Indiana union Is to- eoi-poivvted.and owns houses and tots Im Iinifl.!*! H'd'T/o"' •* 'tiitLvi \ mlso'the'Hladley Home, ^ain -i.ndusttlal .school for' gbfe, located a short • <K* ance from tbo State cap-till. It.coiv ;tolnsll6 acres of tad and flne_build- •inigslfor' school pnn>os«s. •ik' tUe.progi-ara for -today's work: BOOKS The I propose making a specialty of Books and air strengthening my line at every opportunity. I have a choice collection of Standard Publications and adding to it daily. Any book not in stock will be oriewd at no extra expense to purchaser, The Iollow.ng list comprises a few now on hand. THE CHILD WOBLD-By James Whitcomb Riiey (Riley's latest. Just from publishers) A GUJEST AT THE LUDLOW and other storiee-By Bill (Just puVjlished) er H. Porter; The Sorrows of Satan by Mane Corelli- t jdjto»-K. -M. Hord, Shelby- D- White, ConnersvlJle; W. W. , B. L. Prey, B : C. Bo«, John W. Spleckdmco-er, John Leach and G. W. Oebome, - Greait ai-epresontativos-Tliamas J Smith, PranWort; Thongs J. Gray. •\oMesrllle; M. L. J>rock, Muncac; C. I- Fellow«y Terro Haute, and George I- . David, indlanaipolto. OTrusteos-Pony Baiir, Munclc; ^ . I,. lUinsey -and WMtom Beurig, Wdlan.a- poUs, <vnd B. G. DamncB, Leba'aon. •Moves attempted to «a:in enitrancc to I N WHson.^.Flfteoriih street gro- CCTT" Wednesday mjrl«. An iron bar w,a"s usca on th-e door* and tUeJr attempt would -have been, successful had H not been for' a chair, so fixed tot tli'e baek rested lK3iS;ath the lo-cK. LJlijl'lJ. *inivi. >_^«t-««.«. «•factory at WateonviiUe Is payiinp: out tluls soaswm $750,000 for beets and la, Iwr, «nd in 'Illw previous six years Ms distributed $3,000,000 nraong Hie farmers of its immediate vicinity for boots. O«u»KO .Tudd Farmer miaintalns ttot the be»t sugar -industry Is a, far butter pnopesftloti for fanners -Wiwn free silver It swys that proitecttott against forclpn corapdMtiioii! is the main -.thing ,now needed to insure thte prompt He- velopin<™t; of *1* .premt. industry ttoou-hou-t t.he west mrul northwest. In, view of the almost .centatoty ot Me- Kinfey's election, fl. numlber of compaD- -ios we <i,lTeady being organized to es- ! T>POfc "SllCpfl-V Tttfl31'Uflfl J C'fa- 1 ^ lll ^n Irt-i-ime to work up tho '97 crop. Infonso initowt is aa-oused in ttic swb- -loct ismonff fanners thwuffhont tlie iWoKt. Mflinij-- enteiprislng towns ate already on, Hue 'alert to secure (lie pro posed suswr factories. Bryan's olcc. -. •Unfler -.free coinage tMe taikea the silver Unit the mine owner brings -to it-s.iinl-nitK and stamps it, a Ll- tfe wwnd disc; mei'ely a certftcatc of tlie amount ot sllvei--:lw>re.1s In- it. -It «ciin«i» *'- ««1 • ll ' imte lt; bnck *° "" e in owner. Have the poop* pained a, dol- in. the oirou'laition-? Ha s -wore been a-cl*lcxl 'to the per capita m the of the peopfc? No, *nt there been a coatHictton of the 'amount mowy in. tho country wMeh wffl nid JUVENILE a cen po .. tiom would k ; i-elc over the whole thine. 4,s no ca.pllbil would emtork in the bns!- ness rander Demoeratiu policy. Awarded Highest Honors—WorlU's Fair. THAT .TOTFTIL FEELING. With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and Internal cleanliness, which follows the Use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time medicines and the "cVpap substl-. tutos sometimes offered,but never accepted by the well-informed. . CREAM HANI PQWDE MOST PERFECT ' MADE. J. oure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder Free ftom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years the Standard. Kx-n-csldcMt llarri^on. sn'u't -ai New. .\'!,1.>aii'.v: "So it is ; woi-k w-c wsimt Wn •had it, flind wo were .-robbed o,t M, We. had i-t «nd we lost it, -nrnd., -'is I sngpest- «1 yesterday. If'yon Iwve lost sonnt tliiJiK, and you luVcwv wh-cre yon lost it, aaul"you know whci-ri you-were when you lost it. yon iNnd bettei-%'o bad: i-li'orc to find it. Ymi Iwid beiccei- read, •the policies thalt, were. In VORUC when yon had -it." . . ' • ' . • or moirey » L tu '- *•""*•—w •tho otili-er causes of dlsMstcT im tuts. e*inia. S e «*emo to produce tho wi'W-est dlwrxlor ;ln the business world." : SlwiUluis of tine fallaioious claim- of the free *ilv«i- ngitatoT-s Wunt the price at s?lver controls the pri'oes.of edict eo,mniodito, «ie ««that tMs was best toied by using the prJ« of egg* as an musti-attiion, The fenntar's wife bniegs to the'market a baiskct of eggs. «Xhnt basket of cpgs wffl today buy more of fl ,ll tbnt -the'fanner'* wife aerires that, i,t d",d in 1873, than It did in 1883, or in 1883 aaul-w-liiy? Because, wMe tln ; pi-ice of all other commodities wlncii can be pTodwced by thc.topiwed rrretti- ods -that the .ingenuity of man tos in- venlwl -h.is fallen to proiwhton to the lessoned cost of prodabUon, Uiere ^" nevar bfrcii discovered 'nm Im-pri plan of -jnannifiicttwing «pgs. The saw old boo tlwt laid IS* o?gs which tii. Egyptian nitc bciToro the shadcAV of the pyramid of Cheops was cost upon th< «ands o,f the dcscut, is laying the sivmc .1 oit effffs todoy, ainid .the Inventive TOS of" riiwn- has not been a;b:« to w-ovidc a substitute. 'Wia-t's why there: -IKIVS been no, artMc.ial stemnlflitloo to tho production, of -eggs, and that Is wh? tlio prlco of *gRfl lws M>t dcclincd - ns Turn been the. wise witt) other commodities. ' . - . , . - Mr. Be-vcu-idgc easily wises wnik an, one of tlno foremost orntors . on the \ivciricnn phitfon-m, -and as age adds ™-csti-ge, f wffl leave -his mark on the paces of Amwlcamlifcitaiy.. There was -no coiuplfi-lnt liist night 'Ihat tlie people had -not heon cmtcaitalwed, and added • to -this, the rink" was comfortably fanned'ami ploivs.-i.ni-.ly Ughtcd. Toils Wttor wiU bo tho caise -ihroug-ivo-nt tlio w'e-ek cf si)oe.clntiakln-K to come. C. W. GRAVES Successor to W. T. OIFFE, 413 Broadway. 11-03-Report ot corresponding secretary M5-Beport of trensuret. Don't Forget Us—^ prayer JSdglnti'D, DiiH. 2:lo-MlDntesol morning meotlnK. '" ous buslnesji. , . •-. ,Md conrerenco ID the Interest o. tlieHi«llerIodastrl»lscliool. 3,10-Bepoitand conterenco ta. t Interest or ,. the Fair cottugo. BjOO-AdJoornment. FRIDAY Niorrr— Blnk. Admission 15 cents. 7M -rirst halt Hour occupied by our Loyal Tem" perance LfRlon. nnflnlniz sonEbJ Loeannport Legion. •2fflTte«OD. Ml*-Jenn» Saylor, -Fr al iMort,-.tate L.T.I, delegate. 'Drill Lopinsport Legion , , SaUoa, "TUe 0 d Lady:,. "«*»»««. ' ' Tri Elevif.ot," Miss Edna Wa»>il)iirn. Lo We Save You ftoney and You Get the Best. our Ladies $2.50 shoes they are pe> fltttBfcUp-to-Date style andforwear they cannot be beat. Ladies' Dress Shoes for Boys' School Shoes for Girls' Fine School Shoes for WE FIX THE SEAHS . 98c 98c $1.48 Mr. Fred Chrtslmaa. W.b»h. ntat« L. T. L. president. . SITE . tha -we can't do. rip E. . M. Walden & Company 316 Fourth Street. 'solo' by musical director,.' g.l.V-SiWer Grew.'' Awardln? the modal Jre sentntlon ol medal l)iny.er. BBnedlotlon. ' '• viwing the delegates Iflvat have ai- ,-lvcd to-attend the convcntilon arc, Mrs. Buchanan,- I:nd:.in-nipol)|;Mary H. i-.'niin-ie B'ali.ff> .,„....- G'i-l?ou «nd Emima" -Pecn-tar: JSrs. Bu-cHiamnn- is also in- monnboi- of Quecro Bsmw lodge, Or, , lw o-f Ensteni Sba-r-s, a-t Indianapolis, "And 'is the wc'll-kniown police- mtitron O c that city. HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS. To Popular and Happy Young People--The Swigart Reception- Try ora- J- -T. R- ' te!nld °- f .Ta'va. cotter, fresh 1 today. naid , . Rev. H. A. Perc.i«U wns at Ind-; S«.u«il>ol!s severfU days this wcdc.; at- •tcmaing a -mcetlnB .of 'tim Koiights Tean- plar. Mrs. P^-rch-nl Sm- tli'e meflirtflino .y.r. sinld Mav. AViill S'iviffa--rt Warty good-washes from nwiny 1-vst u^'h't, Mid a-eteKied fcioivlly ha-nd- tlwrM.-vBxta * late Hour, «t the home <,-f the pa-i-cn-ts of tho' groom, Mr. -•>•."<! ,. s . T. P. -Swigaiflt, cojmc-r ~* T '" : ttoiiB d«ad beciD issued, and all proscat dtwing the' evening. Tlie guests wore cared for very Ri-aoefully by the toide and groom, assarted by Mr. and Jfcs. T. P. SAvignrt.and Miss Margaret, nad Mrs. Oarrio Biadobaugh. Light re- li-eshmeMlte were -inforiaally served. As is usual, much pleasure vws ti.k- cni -in contenvplating the ivoCJuJng gifts. oC wJiich there were ituamy both beautiful and nccJtfiiil. TOiC ^d<i poputa-i-i- ty of brido «nd sroo-in was sno\vn in the 'tokens of real eslccnr «.bownd:i^. Sovw.il niwsflpcs of con-sralulntion .from friends wnnble. to be proper, t at the weddtai:, VOTC *c wuse or nmeii .me> n*incnt,'«nd the a.ffaJr was in every way n plon^'ut social fnncfiom. jlr and Mrs. W'l Swrgtvvt wffil in: -i'- i Jiwe «flw Nov. Ja-i. -it a cottase on j -Kfl-ce sifci-eo-t, nnd Tlie .Tom-nsil .ioiins i-n , thoconsratmtations bfllng shwoved on | ,i,niost d-c-scTVi'mK yonns couple. j MoBtiwThx charged with : tho saloon, of J. C. Mil**ell nit Idn^ile. It viias chaTged tatat tw -foa^cwl tho ba-fk dow curly yesterday moraine. «W<««By :i ' bo ^ t 5 ^ °' cl ** > nawl wlMSutbotheftwas diwovcred Me- Co-rldlo and McO.vWoujrliV ,r.wo fnimeS •b-loodihounds wore pnt. on.tiie frail at the -oloon il«xia-. r n«'y fo"^' track for six iwilos. whon «ic. msiti was'Siffhtwl. nui down and -taken I, .Tot-H-ph G'Miwon. l^- i-nriiii-i'io'ii'.ti.n of t:'^ !.hi> Sixth w;ia'ii. I vJ r .ix>tti.-ji <-oiivni'.-iii'i'-" s,-rvc os; of Tho rcsi'dwico wns decorated ' very ]>rot tay with flowers, potted and cur, ' n ,nd larifeh gtwn- was used -to hemiti'ty fl s is fittitog Cor a ioy-sivims-.r ' smeh a s acconiipanies a l>i > ci>i't^ of 'strongtto and beauty. | . One hundred aJid.twedty-1 THIEVES AT IDAVILLE. Blood Hounds Effect Capture of Tramp Burglar. A tramp, was caught with stolen ' "j>oo-?--s on -his person after a. clwe of six miles oiiit of Idfv.illi> yesterday. : ariune was not Iwumetl. He was "" windows. 'Mid I*. «i..Ti«l off as MYS. H. J. o,f -the v.sit. -Newcastle us- -tiro,

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