Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1954 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1954
Page 16
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' ^ -'*£^ l > H ^*'* t ' **~Y r ^K* ^ * "-^ T ^"S "jji^' -vr-! rr^-sT-' -»•^3T7=.«V3^;^!i*-'.. sl .' ! ' "</%;• —• ^r«,^"'^;gf ^fp^sgiCT i. *'^'",*'•* _ '/. ' ,;• •"•,*• **-.* T t*,. 1 ^ *^5S5 Tfiutsday, Sepfember U, 1954 HOM itAR, HdM, ARKANSAS HOP! STAR, HOFt, ARKANSAS 16,19S4 ISCOTT NEWS . ifteblfhg of_the ity, held on Friday the home trt Mr& 3. tyfkt voted ta.sexve ties for at least one t reorgaritze as a ideal t8>'e"callea the JTrl- r tA the club i/Mli tie .ice ftfl4 <f6'mfnUnity Wei- Iflijifeelded to limit the ifJhip*t»H80 members. Mrs,- C. •», ."l!, "A'dams! . B. Franks, His- T. Worthington; Joh- }lM,';Mtt7 Carl Dalrymplei fe Committee chairman, Mrs. &*iAhtoldt to., Publicity, Mrs. ' r«'A.'Hflld» First Bfemls, president, con,September meeting of -Jreicott Pareht Teachers As- ittoh , wWch was held at the *>;»'">, i r f fn^wur/ioftKWdft Biiili-lns y^fer «co- nomicttl, quality-tested . i;for a'jnodera*^ ' l':-plywood-built-iris. \ i; (Park Elernentary School Thursday. Mrs. L. L. Buchanan presented the, Devotional based on 1 Corinthians 13-13. Mrs. Bernis read the Objectives of the PTA and Policies of the Prfiscott Schools. ..Minutes of the Idst meeting, Ex- eeutfve meetings were read by Mrs. J. T. 'Worthlngtofl and Mrs. O. W. Wtitklhs gave the financial report" Mrs. H. «, McKetizie read the State President's message Mrs, Wayhe Eley announced that the fflemfaership drive will begin October 1 and end October 8. Hie' following Committee Chair- Men were announced by Mrs. Bernis: Youth Center,-Mrs. nussell Moberg; Luneh Room. Mrs. Mack Ro- bertsj Year Book, Mrs. G. Q. Halr- ston; Float, Mrs. Harold Abbott; Chairmen of Room Mothers for the schools are: Mrs. D. L. Mosley, Primary; Mrs. C. P. Arnold, Park; Mrs. Harold Lewis, Jr-High; and Mrs. J. fid Smith, Mtgh gchbol. Mrs. McKenzie is General Chairman for planning the District PTA meeting to be held In Prescott October 23. She also announced the CoUhty Council meeting which will be held at Cale September 21, 10:00 a. m. , Mrs. Floyd Hu.bbard Introduced the teachers ol Prim.aryahd Park Schools, Mr. Juljus Atlams intrpduc- ed the teachers of .Ir'-High, and Mr. Harold Smith"' IritrodUctd',the teachers of High 'School. - , ' ' TKo. prograrn was presented by Mrs. Carl DaXrymp'le who read 'an Interesting and infortnatrve' pap^cr by'Circuit Judge' ,Lylq Brown, on "Ot(r Problems wUh/Yoilfh — Let's Face Them."" ' • •,"., ', Winners in the room cduht'were: Primary,, Mr?." Ardell Clark and" JWrs. Nannie Curhmirigs; Park, Mrs. L"el& Hayes, Mis. E. B. 'Johnson. and'-Mrs. 'ICcnnoth ,LedbeUcr; Mrs, Frank Hnltom's 8C' and Juniors in 'School... '" |i|3bj? for ail t'ypes of 'Home and ' IPPIIY CO .^Fjlii'l WV/. < s 7-2348 \ S. Walnut Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Buchanan. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Black spent Sunday in Hot Springs, Friends of Mrs. G. E. Lockwood of Delight will be happy to know she is improving after spending more than a week at the Cora Donnell Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ross Young and children of Malvern were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Fore and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Johnson, Linda and Margie of Lufkin, Texas were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Collier Johnson and Miss Margaret Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis and Miss Blttey Bemis spent Sunday in Hot Springs with Mrs. C. F. Pittman. Mrs. Russell Floyd, Miss Dorothy Floyd and Billy of Malvern spent Saturday with Mr. Floyd. William Cole left Sunday for Fayetteville to resume his studies at the University of Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Jones had as their guests Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones of Srnankover Mr. and Mrs. Frank King of Hope visited .Mr, and Mrs. Horace Jones Sunday. Mr. Roy Loomis, Billy Loomis and .James Roy Phillips spent Sunday in Texarkana with Mrs. H. A. Loomis who is .a patient at the Texarkana Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tompkins have had as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. McFarlane of Little iRock. 'Mrs. .Memo Robinson and Mr. Jim Woods we're the 'Sunday guests of Mr. and 'Mrs., Demon 'Robinson In Texarlcnnn ' and we're' accompanied home by r Dennis fSU& Robinson, who "Is their Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hudson and Mrs. Mary Hplloway, who have i been the guests of Dr. and Mrs. i A. W. Hudson, have returned to i \heir home in Bnrtlesville, Okla. Mr .and Mrs. Gone Hnlc and Pal were Sunday visitors in Cnmdon. Mr, and Mrs. 'V. I. Worthairt of Gurdon and M,iss Dorothy Wortham of West Memphis worei the' gifests Mrs. Nona Matthews has returned from a visit with Mr. .and Mrs. V. I.'.Wortham in Gurdon. Dallis Atkins has returned to L, R. Airport Asks $300,00 in Aid LITTLE ftOCK . .1*1 The LittJo Rock Airport Commission has naked for $300,000 for repair of a Mile- long runway and oxpnrision of overcrowded administration quarters at the airport. The Commission, at a meeting yesterday, asked the city council to place the issue on the ballot for public approval in the Nov. & geh< eral election. There was no definite committ- ment from the council. TAKE YOUR f>ICK HOUSTON, Tex., (UP ) —Bregg Lardi objects, but his house is either pink or lavt-nder and you can take your pick. Lardi challenged his conviction for illegal possession of liquor because the orignal starch warrfinl described his pink home as laven- dar. „ "It couldn't l be confused with houses thai wore green,; blue yellow. or white," th» court said, and overruled his .challenge. Little Rock after spending < the weekend with Mrs. Atkins. Mr. and.'Mrs. H. J, Wilson were Friday visitors In Texarkana, Mrs. Mcttie Ttobihsoii has had as her guest Mi's. Etta Gullick of Harveyville. \ . ' Miss Loyce Stewart,of Little Rock visited her mother,' Mrs., Bob Stewart over the weekend. '' Jack .Stivers '. left. Sunday for Fayetteville to reserve. his studies at the University of '-Arkansas after a visit with 'his • mpthb'r . Mrs. B C. Stivers. . ,..'..'.-'.., . ; . '<• •...•• Mr. and Mrs.. .William • Hays 61 Okolona were-the Friday guests of Mrs. W. O. Hays.-., 1 ; ""'• Mr. and Mrs/ iBijck, White have returned '.to Hot,Springs after-spend ing the weekend; here..V , Mrs. Imon .Goe'-.aixd .Mrs.' Homer Ward motored to Texarkanh Friday for the. day,: i r •; •.•;..•'/ Friends of Mrs. H. A. .Loomis wil be glad to know her 'condition is reported satisfactory following major surgery• at.tHc Texarkana Hos pital. ' . You can read it in the sales figures—Buick's the car that's climbing to a phenomenalpublic preference. For Buick today is outselling all other cars in America— regardless of price* class—except two of the so-called "low-price ' three." And every month strengthens Quick's new leadership position. It's the "hot" car for style, for power, for performance—and, most emphatically, for value. ;f v Any ( way x°« look 4t it, Buiok'i thi bu^ of '\ the year* hands down. For Buick prices start close §KiU" tQ» tI).Q iowipst-just a fe\v dollars above those of ' 'ttj§ "Ipwprice three." But those few more ^'dollars you" pay fop a Buick buy you a lot more 5?r power, room, comfort, style, ride steadiness. ^fw, ,Autlget this: with our tremendous sales volume f. -, right now, we can offer you a really top ^ ',; allowance on your present car, That's the added i'j £», bonus you get from our big volume. 'Hfti:*» V? 'f _^BS-.«S? f#s(f». With Buiek's > r ear.ahead beauty today, you'll be driving a oar that's right up front in the style parade of tomorrow. And when you're ready to resell your Buicjs, it will still be fresh and new.looking, with the modern features, the others will adppt in the coming years. And that means you're bound tp get a higher resale prfce when you do trade it in, Prop in and se§ this beautiful buy right now, . BETTER AUTOMOBILE; ARE BUILT BUICK wiu BUILD WEM* MI. niu. HI.IIH.IHMB>. jMimiui m^mm^^,i^m>imm«''^t(m BPnSK AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT 6UICK WHL BUILB SID ROGERS BUICK CO. »M,..C>«t Al~lMp Itdl Mb SM! AUSTEX CHILI wm, BEANS AUSTEX PLAIN CHILI AUSTEX TAMALES AUSTEX EHCHILADAS VrHlOllY, bIHTYNI OR iHCrlNUT CHEWING GUM ALMOND OH PLAIN HERSHEY BARS MILKY WAY, INICKIM, IA»Y ROTH AND iUTTIR FINO1RS CANDY BARS WHITI HOUSE EVAPORATED MILK •exof lexef 94 Ban ..94 Bart dexo SHORTENING ARMOUR'S 1-lb. Can 29* 1-lb. Can. 77* PLAIN CHILI 2 J™t": ........47* PRICE SALE TAMALES SLICED BACON ALLGOOD BRAND Lb. "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF J- Q "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF ROUND STEAK : u,.' D ^ c RIB ST1AK "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF : Af\ "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEM u, 49c GROUND BEEF "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF C ^ "SUPER-RIGHT" T-BONE STEAK " ^^C SMOKED PICNICS "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF O El*. "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST BLADE CUT. : . , u. ^*?C R[B ROAST Lb. Lb. ^vegetables FRESH TOMATOES GOLDEN BANANAS DELIGIOUS APPLES COLORADO CABBAGE TOKAY GRAPES RUSSET POTATOES Pound lOc U.S. No. 1 PETER PAN CREAMY SMOOTH PEANUT BUTTER nri. PAN ;. SALTED PEANUTS co " m TUNA FLAKES ANN PAGE UNCLE BEN'S GUARANTEED FLUFFY LIBBY'S CHILI ANP SPAGHETTI 14-9*. !S= ANN PA6I GRAPE JAM ANN PAOI ORANOI . MARMALADE ANN PASE (HUM PRESERVES ANN PAOI MAYONNAISE V YOUR CHOICE I 2Mb. Jar 1 I««h f-39 1 Quart Jar LIBBY'S g^ tf% •• POTTED MEAT .2 '& 25 4 LIBBY ' S i\ VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 LIBBY'S CORNED BEEF LIBBY'S ROAST BEEF -- BAB-O CLEANSER ................ NEW DETERGENT A&P s SAIL lift GIANT BOX SUNSHINI HYDROX COOKIES ••«*• OS* Pkg. A9T JANE PARKER CHERRY PIE Regularly 49* NOW ONLY! JANE PARKER ANGEL FOOD JANIPABKI8 CARAMtl , PECAN ROUS ,. 8UJar , y MNI PARKER POTATO CHIPS j:r _.. JANi PARKtft i ENRICHED WHITE BREAP . , , > r Mc E8?h 49c Wf)y WW >W5M) 4>tf> 1A>' »'«• 4A£ 1*1 Iff 1*1 *TT RIHSO SURF LUX FLAKES LIFEBUOY LIFEBUOY ..................................... ;.sc frlcit IMI ItUttU MftCI !•»» I*, 3LONDIE ly Chlelt Vaunt OZAKK IKI HOW WOULD JI YOU WOULDN'T YOU LIKE IT IF I PINCHED T, YOU? OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WilHattti Fruits and Nuts Answer to Previous Puzzle ACKOSS lit grows in bunches 6 Oblong nut 11 Lamprey- catchers 5 Before 6 American, writer 7 Age 8 Tropical nut 9 Assigns 13 Mental "state 10 Requires 14 Shrub genus * 2 Pungent mint 15 Plant 13 Mountains 16 Light brown. (at>.) 17 Aeriform fuel 18 Onager 10 Mortar tray 21 Trapped 20 Nights before 23 Hazards 22 Electrical unit25 Wicked 23 Fondles 27 Pedal digit 24 Domestic slave 28 Chest rattle (26 Scatters 30 Dine 29 Hail! 34 Steeples 31 Rowing tool 35 Vine fruit 32 Narrow inlet 33 Biblical high priest 34 Small fishes 37 Measures of cloth 40 Han 36 Health resort 44 Rugged 38 Term in, mountain spui horseshoes 46 Scatter, as haj 39 Degrees of 49 Employ progress 50 Oriental coin 40 Georgia is the 52 Rights (ab.) "Peach " 53 Brazilian 42 God of love macaw 41 Hebrew letter 43 Caterpillar hair <g) 45 Sesame w f 46 Paving substance j 47 River in i Switzerland ! 48 Awaken { 51 Citrus fruit ! 54 Tautened j 55 Thoroughfare i 56 German city ! 57'Sauce (dial.) I DOWN J 1 Adventure *•* 2 Resurface, as ! a road ! 3 Straightens ' 4 Through CARNIVAL Z1 5f Sfc 32. Z5 JO 5Z 5} OH MADE WORK DONE 1 HIM ITCH SCKATCHEfc SO WE „ ALL CAW ' j> t*. u .. h^ ' . WHV MOTHERS &E7 GRAY .*,, „»'.,'«» „..,..',™. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople 36 17 By Dick Turner T. M. R«E- U. S. P«t Olf. Copr. 1954 by NEA Seivict, Inc. MICE/ ALL READY To up THE OLD FIR6T aiSltvlESS |5 WHAT'S EACIMS COMPARES FOR VOL), HODPLS* 01^ THE 51 MARTHA FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberget ! I • "It's a foul lie that I don't know the wants of the masses! fit Why, there sits Mrs. Smelt to prove I LIVE with one!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith *> T; M. R,g. V. 9. Put W- rfim by. MEA eirvlM. li» %i|bMr and I never used to like card^ bwi moft of owr fronds ^r§ .awfully dull just to ?it and chat wtthi" * "Cough up! I wanna open a checking account!" _ S>VEETIE PIE By Nadine Seller "New I know why she said, This is strictly fpr the birds' when I gave her ajl that bre§5l arid jams" J ^' ^ *.-,, .. TH' POWfeRSOFTHe RAST MY BEAUTEOUS YOU MEAN tHlS . ISONEUF CLEOPATRA'S FEATHUHS«,AN' THAT TH' BUGS'lL WIN IF'N AH USE IT.* ATHLETE/// **"5 YOU CAN NOT LOSE/ VIC FLINT By M!chfl«l O'Mallcy and Hale ACUTfiLy AV, 6Q THEPOUCB"NJNSPECTOP:,66B PAKW&NT'S M/CHAEL-^ IP WU CAN TELL ANSEtO 5KETCHEPTHE </ ME WHAT MAKB eiuu pffOM VOUK pe&r u THIS SAL. so. CRIFTIOKJ...SO WHAT? y ^, DISTINCTIVE/. «?>J t>^ HEPtNCHfidK/ I'M 6OIN& ID HAIPT-. ) SHOW THid'SKiTCH PDf / APOUWP THE fBAtrrv fARLOK CIRCUIT. IP I PIMP TH& GIRL,, |tu PINO OUT LOTS •Copr. I9S» by NBA S«r>ie«, Inc." 1 WASH TUBES ByLelll.Tur WE PIMP WO EVIDENCE THAT MR. BALPWIM'5 ACCIPENTAL' B ,M LEA&TFOP. FROM THE MWN L^NP IW&PECT THE PLWOE, THEM QUESTION AUD THE CREW.,, THE PRESENT! POTTER, DO VMO. HE CW.LBP TUESPAY VOL) KMOW \NW \ ANP SMP, HE HAP TO 66& THE LAWVEK WADE/ NAM AMP WE JOfiETHEl THIS TRIP? >f TOPAY. $01 SAIPiHE < COULP FLY POWW WITH J rn&» Luea^QE^ TA0IW 90QTS AND HER BUDDIES VIXa'S «t\N>' • V£c,c, V;yi||y||gilfe"il!li 9fr, -JSMlf;J fc^filSSI BUGS BUNNY «n ALLEY OOP NO ITBTHE LADVHER- ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY OOP SELF,..5HE'S IB ROMANTICALLY INTERE6TEPXGONE ON IN SOME THIRD-CENTURY ARMOR-V OOP/ >, PLATEP A PRETJV 5ERIQU5 aTUATlON YEAH, .50 WOULPYOU ^ • < — MINP TELLING ME WHV/WELL, TQ BE. YOU'RE NOT OUT /HONEST,OSCAR; THERE; IN THE LAB I r PONTWANT MAKING WITH THE \TO R15K LOSING- KILOWATTi5?X_^^)\ CONTACT WW MEAN THAT, PARTICULAR ERA... C I// PRISCILLA'S POP THAT POKER^WHAT? GAME PRETTY WILL TH5 STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE MARTHA MAK5S A FUTILE ATTEMPT TO £*>/•,£.

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