The Houston Post from Houston, Texas on June 3, 1908 · Page 11
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The Houston Post from Houston, Texas · Page 11

Houston, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1908
Page 11
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Robertson, wiU tbs postal OspartAtent of the genersl government headquarters at Austin, tail a fOOkn top mapr years jjf hi Bfv was a artfcrat k. the cttr yesterday after SB bo ot many monthr OeneraJ Bobert wassev-eral years'" ago. adjotaat 'general ef tks State of Texas, to wbich hurh position, be rose from the rank ot captain. &e was, away back In 1875, the wearer ot th laurel wreath of the Statt of Texas, a captain of milltU of the State. Be was tn May, 1875, commander of the Travis Rifles, who that year wore the highest military honors that Texas could bestow. It was on the occasion ot the Visit of . President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy that brought him and hi splendid company here. : : : It was business, and a coincidence that brought him ,to Houston yesterday. He came down to see about the handling of the mall by rail and changed by the high water that is now passing through Texas en route to the Cult ot Mexico. CONTESTS ITKAQLY DATS. When asked last evening what his recollections were of the competitive drill for companies to bold the State championship he said: "We (our company) won It, down here and we expected. In fact were sure, we would In Austin. But the Judges decided against us and we took our medicine. Tou see. we defeated the Light Quard and took first prise when we visited Houston on the occasion of the visit of President Jefferson Davis. We the next year lost the prize. "I think It was one or the proudest moments of my life when our company appeared In front it the grand stand at the Fair Grounds in Houston while Mr. Davis sat there and watched our drill and later saw us win the prise for being the best drilled company in ' Texas. The Light Guard later got the prise from, us at Austin In a competitive drill in which the leading militia companies of the State participated. "Tea, I remember well the appearance of Mr. Davis at the drill at the old Fair Grounds. He was ait Imposing and Impressive figure and Texas loved and sympathised with lm. We were confident of winning the prise later in Austin, but We did not get It." JO 8. RIOE WAS ADJUTANT. Colonel Jo 8. Rice, now president of the Union Bank and Trust company, was a member and officer then of the Light Guard. He acted as adjutant by appointment of General James, who was In command of the battalion on the occasion of the competitive drill tor Bute honors la this city. Captain Rice yesterday stated that he Well remembered the visit of ex-Presldent Davis. The Light Guard was at that time commanded by Captain John Coffin. Mr. Rice was at that time lieutenant in the local company, the Light Guard. Another cltlsen of Houston, and at that time ensign of the Light Guard, was John A. Klrllcks. He also, tn response to question, stated yesterday that he remembered the occasion ot the visit of ex-President Jeff Davis. He spoke of it as being a greet, event to his Ufa The facts given below., convey a clear idea of what happened at that jttne. . VISIT OF THE PRESIDENT. In connection with the celebration that Is to take place here today it may be particularly pertinent to recall the last visit pf the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, to this city. May 11. 1S71. He visited the rlty at that time In response to an Invitation from the cltlsens ot Houston In connection with a State-competitive drill that took nlace at the Air grounds (now the Fair Grounds addition), then a field and a mile race track. The drill took place In the afternoon and was wltneased by President Davis and many thousands of cltlsena, Mr. Davis had come up from Galveston the night before, was met at the Galveston train by Mayor I. C. Lord, Aldermen T. U. Lubbock, J. C. Thomas and Fred Stanley, for the city, and the Houston Light Guard and the Galveston artillery. He was entertained at the home of the late Thomas R. Franklin, where he stayed during his visit. When the train. In charge of Conductor Cy. Parker, pulled into the depot at the foot of Congress street, the late Major E. W. Cave presented the distinguished visitor to the reception committee, needed by Mayor Lord, who Is still living In town. MAYOR LORD'S ADDRE88. His honor, tn receiving the president, addressed him as follows: Mr. Davis, as the representative of the city government, we come to greet you. and It, la with pu t is with pleasure that I have the honor ef extending to you the hospital! tleS of the city of Houston. Again, sir. we na you welcome, tnnce welcome. The ex-presldent having just closed a long and tiresome trip responded very briefly, but with much feeling. He thanked the committee and the city for the most cordial reception and manifestation of high regard. He expressed the thought that It was an honor to be on Texas soil and he waa very proud of It. The next afternoon the president witnessed part of the drill and the presentation of the prise to the winning company, the Travis Rifles of Austin, the prise being a handsome silver servloe. This-company had brought the Twelfth United States cavalry band down with them from Austin and It was quite a feature of the drill. This company was then commanded by Captain Al 8. Roberts, who, by the way. Is here today, being connected with the postal service of the general government ' President Davis witnessed not only the presentation of the prise- to th' Trs'rs, Rifles, the victors of the drill but also the presentation of a new United States flag to the Houston Light Guard. This flag was given to the boys by their lady friends here. The presentation speech was made by Hon. J. C. Hutcheson, wh' has Just gone on a trip to Enrope. The ceremony connected with the presentation ot the flag, the presence of about sixty Confederate veterans, and the gray uniforms of the Houston Light Guard seemed to touch the president very deeply. PRESIDENT DAVIS CALLED FOR. He heard the address delivered by Captain Hutcheson In presenting the flag and the response by the then Ensign John A. Klrllcks. now Judge of the corporation court Ot "this city. It was at the finish of these speeches that President Davis wal loudly called for, but spoke briefly ana modestly In response. He exhorted his hearers to follow the paths of peace and' a- name that would shine as brightly In . peace as the name had shone In war On .the stand that memorable day were the following distinguished members of the presentation committee, many of the names sttll familiar to old Houstonlans: Misses Carrie Cleveland, Eva Hutrhlns, Llnnle Tracy. Ella Tracy, Ella Dickinson, Sarah IffWUiwVV AUVl Dncy a wares V UftC ALLIN'S FOOT-EA8K, -Va powder to be shaken into the shoes. 'Yew Stat lett Swollen, nervous and asms, d set red ekstly. Ii you have schist fr-4. try Ala's Feet-Ease. It rests the feet 'and nukes mi tlaht ihm .r Cures achliu. sent. ten, sweetms feet, blisters end calleva spots. lain, i corn ana minions ot all rest alame IhUN pain "4 give nd comfort, Ity n Wsay, ts ana Bso 3tory,o, lukititute, ''Trial oeckasS (ESDAY MOBNftJC - v-.j WV,i.- ! . - -irirj-uvtAJ tinl Wlifts. ud Mrs. T. 1 l-i.. Portland Fhelps and Brown. Wtal, Mrs. George!) r. yv iui e: also SX i 4 Tresldent , Jei Mavis, ex Governor FranK . ljubboujc, captain lfavor Thnmam. JPranklki. r a. Rtce, Governor CoV .man. .',' ..Vm- 1 A it-"Mails' r ! r 1iS'wnose names are given above c ; w Jtvlng in the dty. Uany bdvat away. Among the'- names pen nn" iw,were o:no of the). best people. M'-Uas. t COMMEMORATIVE program. VflTBs deepest apprselatlnn of the South'sf greatest end best bete ved hero survives in: the hearts ,of-every son a:iri daughter of, the hrea 'Confederate veterans who followed, the tom and batterer! standard of Jefferson Davis Sn4 II hundredth snnl-veraarv' will bey celebrated lotntlv bv the Robert B. ee and Qran M Roberts chap ters oi tne umsj.'aaue"nierB or me confederacy today, v,.. In the Sunday School rooms of Christ church St MM sv'.m. the following program will, be .rendered In honor of the occasion: , ; - ' Invocation, jftesg-'jterrls Masterson. Vocal solo, Mrs. It. 'P. Davits. Address.-: John .Charles Harris. YoeaVduet Mrs. H. G. McMahan and Mrs. BaJUS Allen.;, Vocal solo. O. W. Hard. Heading, Mrs. Fred, J. Heync. nano sqio, ssm.swraioni Address. Mrs. Ma iry Hunt Affleck. Marshall Carlisle. Vocal sola, Mrs. r crosses erans by , Mrs. M. E. Bryan and Mrs. Wharton Bates. . Vocal solo, oe Bruckmuller Accompanist, Mrs. T. C. Rowe. Crosses of eon or will be bestowed under the ausolcea of ".he Oran M. Roberts chapter Upon Thomas J. Chambers, tendon C. Chambers, W. J. Swelley and C. C. Tarver of Liberty oounty and upon Frank R. Jones, A. M. Pillow, C. C. Ilat-ten, W. H. Banuson and J. L. Burney of Houston. At the time these crosses are being conferred by careful planning of the chapter It is expected that a cross mailed some days ago by the chapter under direction of Its president, Mrs. Mary E. Bry-n, will reach Nicholas Pomeroy at Cork, Ireland. NEGRESS STARTS BAD FIRE She Loses Her Life and Neighbor! Lose Property to a Considerable Valuation. Annie Pilch, a negro woman who was seriously burned while attempting to start a fire with gasoline In a stove at her home at the corner of Hill and Nance streets shortly after the noon hour yesterday, died last night at the St Joseph's infirmary from the effects of the burns. An explosion followed the attempt of the woinsn to start the fire with gasoline and She as a result had her clothing burned off of her. The woman was removed to the Infirmary in the white ambulance of C. J. Wright Co. The one-story frame cottage occupied by her was completely destroyed, the building being valued at fMO. The household goods were valued at two, half of which wetw saved. Other buildings caught fire-, In the same neighborhood. A one-story frame residence next door caught ana was damaged to the extent nf ISO. At Kt BremondT street a dwelling valued at jUH was amount of f700. damaged to the STILL HULL was elected vice president of the school board at the meeting Monday evening. u A MEETING Of the Quean s Daughters will be held at the kaenofa f the Sacred Heart church this) dneVtattm at 4 o'clock. V A FIRE of no eonftequaaos occurred at 8:35 p. m. yesterday, doing no damage to a one-story frame building occupied by Mrs. Robinson at MS Austin street. THERE will be an important meeting of the Second and Third Ward Improvement club at S:1D Wednesday evening, corner Harrlsburg road and Sampson street. 1 ARTHqR MILLS, who is being held on a number of 'complaints charging him with burglary, Was given preliminary hearings Tn three cases yesterday and placed under a S300 bond In each raae to await the action of the grand Jury. JAMES M'COT, the negro who was arrested and charged with tnirglarlilng the servant's house at the home of Judge J. K. P. Gtllasple, was given an examining; trial before Justice McDonald yesterday and placed under a tXo bond to await the action of the grand Jury, QUITE a number of reports have been made to the police about desks In the large office buildings being broken into at d roDbed during the noon hours. The detectives are endeavoring to locate the rarty or parties guilty or. committing the n,"enses. 4- THE BTJNDY SCHOOL picnic excursion of the Second Presbyterian and the Tabernacle Methodist churches will leave promptly at o'clock Thursday morning, It being the Intention of the two churches to afford the children of their Sunday schools an outing at Sylvan Beach. YESTERDAY afternoon at S o'clock members of the United Charities met tn the parlors of the Rice hotel. The meeting was of a business nature and the problem of finances the chief concern and consideration of the meeting. A plan was adopted through the execution of which it la proposed to expand the usefulness of the organisation. 8. B. EHRENWERTH, who has been acting as clerk' of Judge McDonald's nourt since Novemsar,. UOt, has severed his OOBneOtkxn fronV that position In order to devote his entire time to his candidacy for the office of district attornev of Harris and Galveston counties B. C Dresen haa been named by Judge Mc Donald to fill the Vacancy '- THE HOME of W. E. Buckley at 3118 MUam street waa entered by a negro hoy yesterday morning and a pocketbook containing between M aad IS was stolen Shortly after th burglary at the Buck ley home occurred the residence of Mrs M. Keegsss at UK Milam street wss entered y two negro boys and aoout M WSS stolen. Both cases have been reported to the police. THE Order of Owls, organised In Houston Friday night., vthe- 2th ultimo, will Close their charter tonight at the Eagles balL The full program of the Initiation Wilt be carried out and all charter members SrS expected to be present. The Order of Owls la a new fraternal organisation hi Houston and has enrolled quite a number of member who are enthuslastlo tn behalf of the order, AT A MEETINO last night of San Jacinto lodge No. t. Knights of Pythias, the following officer, were sleeted to lJm fpt b oew tetm oeslnnlnt jy i aha ndtntt TMcembef it: Dr. Harria C. Moore, chancellor commander; W. P. Jar-rett, vice chancellor commander: - Frank uuasaman, . preiato; ju. A. Uerstwrman. master at i JaKk F fhlmene, keep-It C. Bosnian. inaace , a, b, Robinson, master pf exchequer) John ivlt!,, S- & Hstdlnsetelder. H. C. Prtester. F-.A Mttle. , .committee i ups gbaetvejat, bfartfyt tttV rssonn r. x, ivy, represents News of the City mtwvj ipn; ii. v. raara. arma:A. O. Oorti. Inner guard T. iyy, outer aruxrd; Cart C eY or records eat; Ph master of fi aSSSASSAM if iMLuEWSsosr i s i;"l N jEvery article advertised in Sunday's Post will be on sale at the same Special Prices today (Wednesday) and the balance of the week. Look for 1m) THE DEATH ROLL MR8. WILLIAM B. TAYLOR. Death has again entered the home of one of Houston's most prominent families and left behind many sad hearts. Mrs. W. B. Taylor died yesterday at S o'clock In the afternoon. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. RoDert Brown of Navasota, Texas, born December 2t, 1S66. Since her marriage In October, 1890, she has lived in Houston, where she made many close and Intimate friends. t At an oarly age she became a Christian and her character revealed those su- Krlor traits of Christian womanhood, voted to the church, she was foremost In all that wrought for its welfare. In the home she was the happy wife and devoted mother. She seemed truly to have found her sphere and filled- it well. She leaves behind a husband, two daughters and three sons, besides her mother and two sisters. Mrs. J. C. White of Navasota and Mrs. J. W. Clark of Rockdale. After a short service at the home, 8416 Louisiana street, at 9 o'clock this morning the remains will be taken to Navasota and laid tp rest beside those of her father, according to her last request. Rev. F. E. Flncher win accompany the family and conduct the services at her final resting place. H. C. WITT. , Yesterday , morning at l:M o4kck H. C. Witt died at the age of H yearn at the residence of bis son, John C. Witt. US Boulevard, Heights. The remains were shipped at (:30 this morning by Sid West-helmer over the Texas .ana New Orleans railroad to his home in Pensacola, Fla., for interment.. John C. Witt, son of the deceased, ts manager In Houston of the Postal Telegraph company) and his father was on a visit to him and his brother, Charles A. Witt, st the time of his demise. -To- Kther with - these two sons, deceased tves a widow and two daughters. One daughter, a resident of Houston. Mrs. L. A. Hanberry, whom Mr. Witt was also visiting, and,, Mr. -W. E. Rowland ot Pensaoola, Fla." Two aiaters.dand coo brother In Germany also survive hint, FCNERAL OF MRS. THOMPSON. ' The funeral services of Mrs. M. A. Thompson, who died at the age of 46 m bib Monday afternoon St her home. 2120 Whitney street, were conducted by Bev Father Haughran from St. Patrick s church. The pallbearers were as follows: Ernest Eckman, Mr. Shea. M. F. Caffer-key. J W. Collins, William Kehoe and Tom Kehoe. MR8. ANNIE SPRAOOINS Mrs Annie Sprsgglns. wife of W. A. FpraKgins, died yesterday afternoon at 2 30 o'clock. Mrs. Spragglns was aged 38 yets and death came suddenly Her funeral will take place this afternoon at 4 o clock. interment In Evergreen ceme-terv Deceased la survived hy her husband and seven vsmall children. MARY" ANN RIOS. .Varv Ann. Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs r RIos. died at the residence ot her parents yesterday morning, U1S Wbtr tor street. Funeral service will be con-: ducted from the home of the parents at jo o clock this morning. Rev. Father Ban-fir!d officiating. Interment In Holy Cross cemetery. . BURIAL OFPAT MORAN. ' I'ut Moran, whose remains have been Id! In state by Sid Westhelmer , eom- A A Save your tags from BRIDLE BIT TKJSLEY'S 16-ox. V;.II. TJSLEY'S Uat.Lcaf HORSE SHOE Oarkoasty Ctineoe MattarWi tahr. Tags from tho above fcwu are good iw the ibn useful presents ea shown by catalog : Gold Cnff atattonsUab Fnitsialtr-M0jr' BtsllftcflUtr OeaUsmsa'a Watch -- toredceta.tags. Ifyw 1 K A us to eg btogs r,CTf 1 i rVwwl''.-2i.U.. - ' 1 VP r -'. -I 4 -V- v 'I3tf . 1,1. 1 .-'l1' , v 1 1 ..' 7 ' O TO C E M E N T Those Special Skirt Values 3C Did 1 80 Fail to If So, Let the Special ENGLISH DEPARTMENT (Eleventh Year) of tho MASS EY Coach Yoa Thy Summer. Limited Number to each' ' Teacher, hence Individual Attention. . Students Taken T from Third Grade up. Special Rate. Now oa. Fhona f) us, 1383. and a Teacher WH1 Call to See Toe. MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE Massey Building pany, was interred yesterday afternoon in Magnolia cemetery. YOUNG WOMEN'S CLASS W0BZ. Hemben Of T, W. G. A.;Sntertaitt Large Crowd at Turner Hall. Last night St Turner hall the members ot the gymnasium --eiese 'egfhe Tonag Women's Christian Association' gay their first exhibition entertainment to which friends were admitted. The largey ntmv ber of patrons who gatherer) there showed that the people entertained a real interest In the work and objects or the organisation. There wss k large crowd present and the repeated applause extended to the prettily executed movements showed that the audience appreciated tb good work. There were as many as sixty girls tn one of the drills and the many movements, while not executed very rapidly, were done with admirable precision and accuracy, making the drill a, very beneficial one from the standpoint ot calisthenics. The whole showed that the health and strength of the young ladies of Houston was area school. itty unprovea oy this training There were manifested mental as well as physical training In the work dor one. Oerlof f-Proehl Marriage. The marriage of William Gertoff and Miss Alma Proehl waa solemnised at 7:99 o'clock last night at the First German Lutheran church. Rev. B. D. Press officiating. After the ceremony an entertain ment was given at the new home of tn couple. 20U mate street. and at : o'clock the young couple left on the tag from a 10-csnt piece wQI const FOIX tjsjj .from a S-cant piece will count HALT HA vith valuable tago JetyTar Ursur French Briar Pipe SO Tsfa V , 1 u. . --'Ahaal rismiM Ri inn Tan Sast Steel Shears 75 Tsfs VVJw - V ";?! :" "Tplied themselves with presents with which have your tags redeemed at home, write sr V1 1. PREl - a.,. APARTMENT Vs v CO., St Louis, Mo. v if 9 fat Promoted? i COLLEGE T 1106 Rusk Avenue Houston, and1 Texas Central for' ta11aa , and other North Texas points. , The ; Saengerhund society attended ths wed- i ding and rendered; several selections. . I . r. , . ! V ? BEAsiinr .TS nixctEitesiOAzzr. ' - "!. ' '- ,'"..' II'.' t, TSegn Eearmted After Beinj l!,e-' leased oHaheaji Corpnn ' AndKtmht was' retomed by, the grainf9 Jury yesterthry- mornm against Henry Beasley, the negro who was ar-teatad'Mlvesal - ireekS ago i a complaint chSrgfnf him with &amgthe' Hfs cf hls wife by assaulting her on ihe need. Beasley was released on a habeas corpus writ after the filing of a complaint against him, but he was rearrested yes .terday By Sheriff Anderson -and Deputy . Sheriff Duff Voaa on the canlaa iaaiMd on the grand Jury Indictment. The bond his case was Axed at KOM by Judga Gil laspie, ana in aeiaii oi ne it to . the county JalL 1 1 7 Miss Marie vlCcCabe nleasnaUi talned a house party at her homer .lnl Broadway. The" guests spent a vary pleasant evening being passed hi many Inter- est ing games. Those 'present' werei k Messrs.- Fred Letnm. , Jerry Enright, Walter Stub. A. McDanleC A KedL fl. f Hartman, Jfoh.i Jarpey4lrsnr, Oecker. , Wiilhmj'fetie. Bd WoowslrtfSsnv, Lie. flonl; Misses Marie McCaoe. Ftorence ' Peterson, DOra Btantberg, Elsie . Rcsner, Golden Peterson, & Calvert. Hattle Hole ' man, Mamie Stantberg. Dora .Uolman.t. t Rubt Rudical, Ulll Roener and Mrs. V McCabe and Mrs: Btantberg.- Aiter a ae4, rles of games refreshments Were served. 4. ahs XT. Tartat Tinimif Lady's Pocketbook-50 Tsgs Pocket Knife 40 Tegs Plsrlng Cards 30 Tags 60-yd. Fishing Reel 60 Tags is IP, 1 'S . i: Si Allen 1 V,, W f ' '' ' i $ .4 fiMvftVv ,v tut vatwai. res

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