Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 4
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"*-?*?S^#p^^^ • . w.-'J;'." 1 ;•!'>'?••''•.-•• '-..>:••;; ;;(>'. •• • ;.•. .''''V~v:';-~jKAi» ,;»i..V.-,-,.; .,-:•• •.;-,-,.,'.., ...>-. • .„_-.-- • ,.•*•! ...MaAatv^ .'./•,-••.-•'•-••.•.. ...-.:.- :^,-.•-..-' ./i^ • --7, • ^••v^Mflg*_ — ^ very newly ainoo* th wlien tt nore in Logansport but With Little Notice. he hns ' .5*~wrne're<J-the'largest lot of uuder- •.brought to Transport at Hlu ;« prices for cash. These «» are direct from tie factories and ?the best values m all Uw» for ladies, Mflte md children; go and Investigate ETa It will not take you long to d«lde Urtiere to buy your auderwcar. •by REPUBLICAN TICKET how the •miMi—a lull L" fe II includes every man an Idea -In tihe direction of by lug ii. portion, ot his earnings, -mid : cureless sniuuWhrlfr, whoso only i to lot. so of his ntonoy as soon ; ,s Jm has en.-ned .lt-rei*M.t -the stale- x,i* vt- .K ive.nviU'ku'bilc. l*o w very Uimn « "' IV uo-u-lv wmiiiwous tlie sentiment IUUOUK " men of ttie country is in. favor ^ns.'Tuo *'^° i>ciicvw tdiat •-cent Imsis ils the right thins f^ 1 ' country, bnt the tMn-kUiff people nv pnnloucd- it UUey iWivk, Wire the Hon, Mm H. Wfeo*K tot it -will TC- m-ore fiiii'tfo if we -na-o to believe sincere. And U the business m-ei) ot the country beliwe that K is to interest to sustain, the o 1 ! 'the raltMuil his »* not H'o use t A,M 1J, V*^** 5 **^* :r,8Bs£gSE8sf COMPARE THEM Republican party -IB *nwtery- t<x ^,*A n*K«w. It caased the i of specie payments In 1879; every dollar has been as , good *e 6«M- ^ tn "We arc wwlterably opposed to .rery measure calculate to debase .or currency or impair the credit o . w country. We are therefore oppofcd to the free coinage of silver except t,y ,lMternational agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world, Which we pledge ourselves to promote, ...mad until then SucU gold standard must fe« preserved. "All our silver and paper currency •out be maintained at parity with gold, and we faror all measures.de- 1 to maintain inviolably the obll- of the United States and alt our whether coin or paper, at the •fOODCYf W"" IUUl V.vr*»* w- «- — *.- present standard, the standard of the «io8t enlightened nations of the earth. -Republican platform. "We demand the free and unlimited Coinage of both gold and silver at the resent legal ratio of 16 to I, without waiting for the aid or consent of any rther nation. We demand that the ,«tsndnrd silver dollar ehall-be a full -Ugal tender, equally with gold, for all 4ebtB, public and private, and we far.«• imch legislation as will prevent the Demonetization of any kind of legal •Under money by private contract."- -.gjemocratlc platform. "We demand free and unlimited eolnage of sliver and gold at the present legal ratio of 1C to l."-Populist platform, 1802. "We hold to the use of both gold and #Hver as the standard money of thc country, and to the coinage of both gold and silver, without discriminating •gainst either metal or cnarge for mintage, but the dollar unit of coinage •f both metals must be of eqr,ai Intrinsic nnd exchangeable value or be adjusted ' through International agree- 'ttierit or by sach safeguards of legislation as shall Insure the maintenance •f the pr.rity ot the. two metols and the •qua! power of every dollar at all times • In the markets and In payment of debt, •nd w- demand that alt paper fnirency •hall' be kept at par with and redeem- •b!e In. such coin. WE MtJST INSIST UPON THIS POLICY AS ESPECIALLY NECESSARY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE FARMERS AND LABORING CLASSES. THE •"FIRST AND MOST DEFENCELESS VICTIMS OF UNSTABLE VONBT A" FLUCTUATING OUR- r.—Democratic platform, 1892. would be toollsh tiheir iivrtweitco 1" every nviimer il'i their ptfvrer to •tocrace oAM to think '-is fhoy <lo. Tihe f.iost riibh of IVTKKMUt'i'e onitovs, clvtel o£ them ,Y 'ysKirtto, "will Ixvirdly, duve t tlio wovklnijn'WWs wlio. h&s L), •a "Ivomc tm<1 peJflift-ps lay by a sm Tu, ; flic 'ba-n^c. Vith, teing a riutocrat, rot 'iw Sis as miicli of a business 'ns oho 'man who 'employes, tumor otliw men and pays them o-C -dotlfirs ia Twages. To cut liiwiibla 'bwsincss nva.n's wage iu , o-r to "remlo-r tlie savtn-gs of a lite ,. -of o'flcJtinlf Uw value'he pn-M £o1 ' lionetitlmoor is less a. crime lu the of the?* niids ot rtvo most 'mists tibat tho sun sh-iu.es thtm to say tlwit tho multl- lv .in>os who control tlv« '.trust shall . profit by this robbery of 'the corn- noon •bttein.ess men, of UHS country. In •otl«f Words, ttieso logicians of a new •school, fihcse Peffers, and Sinpsons and 'TiiJrmans and- Bryji.ns, to say nothing <ot 1be /VJtgcdds nnd the Tellers, thc :£ctowar,ts and theJonses', Wi.csa pat- •v.lonic gentlcmciv are asking th'c cotn- •mon business men of this great country :iie> cut .HicLr own throats In order tlin.t ti3>o value of the''trust's product may 3w cai-hnnced. TII.OTO is not a promise contained ia the Oli'lc.'igo rJatfwm wflilch Icsids any one of -these common business men to believe that a single, factory •«;!" ho opened OT- -a, single doltir added to the value oC tho products whVcli the l\armei lj business m^ui has ,to soil. Tho only promise Is to open tlie -mints to Ulie"coinage ot 1,hc silver of the. millionaires trust, in order that Its coffers may be filled to thc .brim. Ms trust only rep-roscn'te ?000,. 000,000 of gold now- gold wai'Ieh tiicy 'have reoeSvcd for the sliver -they tod to scl-1, for those silver miiie-ownoirs, wli'ile ttiey a.re tluit the common business nwm. of the cou-mtry should havo.thelr dioup silver 'hiavo -been paid for every dollar of it which they 'had .to -soil ini gold coin, or money which -was as--good as gold. And BO mat-tor if there were ten free coinage laws passed, they would still manage to secure .paymemt four thcli silver In tlUs same gold, Tlie men composing 'this gigantic trust are not fools tih-ey are business men themselves anc they know 'tiro value of 'their product bettor fch-an anyone else. Coa«rcquontJj they will 'have none bnt thc best vnlut in exchange for their product. WU' .the common business moa of this coun try, the farmers, the mechanics, tlic merchants, tlic oirUsans, .the-daJly wsigt earners consent tlilftt tliey slinll be classed as any less a business man mot window. • , . Lii'title, on 1 - -no luteroftx •in Ws earning, -nil oWloslHy IxivUie s;i.tfcQed when, tie was ^™ bc *°<*- 1 ^rr. Biry^i'''" inc^ "' • . ; •• ^;.v, /i i ^ • iif^ fA/iOr ifi'CCOiiiT.^lS'li^ 1 *!•'fl^y'-*^ 1 *• s* ' ( ?j]f I i-utsolC OT I'W ° n< ;' * c ~ H ' S • Cil ' C . ! -f 1<sl TOflW moua for thet-lilted Stat'^^at | tury lOllou I/(xas-o's canwol • / , !ffl! j 1 jy : tot cvcir s'l'uco, and ^votoaiW'-y ix^iii ,ti.ciit In -a wrnd!red years recov<> tiro'm- fl-iocffecfs of 'Hi-at stwt of 'mo n f (raJniilis.ty;x'tioii. It ii? a vltnl issue/this,'(elc'iytirea;'»n<l' no .m«.ti shoui-d vote tijoogliilllcfa'ly- Car-tine dt •paaiite Brj-an and Toller tett- you the 'co.uni.ry .must Iwiv-e if their ptans do- not «n'H. Any Kind of u paailc «« top wf Jive business depression oif tlie last t(\-o years wofl.'Ul leave'very Ht- tlo. And -nw.ny «. moin wbo carelessly for Ba-iyan woraJd i-enlixe in sul.... „ the iulU mcnaimp o-f the uttou 1 do- .stmc-tton, o-f business comflcliivice. ANNUAL INSPECTION. Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburg Under Observation. 'A.Eix« your boy needs a New Suit or Overcoat. Our Store is just the place tor Thrifty Parents to have them well clad, Our disp ay of Boys'Clothing Exceeds anything we have ever provided for the younger generation The Very Latest in Beautiful 3oods And Newest colorings. Every part of these Garments Challenges Critical Examination. Whenever hard wear is necessary yov, will ^d -safety and strength, the prices are 50c to $2. per suit lowor than you can buy same quality for elsewhere. WM. GRACE & CO. The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. even though it -be In a smaller way And consent that the dollar which is not sood enough for the silver urine owner sMll be palmed off upon them as a. just equivalent for their toll? There can -he no concoalmcmt of tlic •fact t'hait m-t> malt-eir what ovgnmen' may t>c pi-cscn-txsl th-eve ca-n be no fro coinage «.t 1C to 1. That Is n physiea imiposslWWtS'. No law can compel .' -mfl.n who has pold bullion .to coin, it am exchange *t tve silvor bullion limvini 1 tihe'value. Awl yet upon W platform of -l.raipossiibl'c promilBes "i. poi titon of tlic eomnvnniilty advora tes ejection of a President oC the TJnJ Sbrtes. Look belilind MAll lor Uic rca ;i.n<l do not vote th'o.u-gh.tlcssly. TIMS aimiun'l 'ImspccWoTV of' 1 tlic'(racks C the rcBwusylrama system,; ^West of peietlom pnirvy was in 'tlic ciny ye^txw.- ay, «ffl«r JiHi-vilnigr 'Imspected thVLoiiis- d'ivilstaa,' an<J- iviica-today'fio. 'oyei- he Richmond d'Ufetai. . FolWi'ns art f tlic part}-: • . ; . General Mniwiger L. Fi. Loree;.;Genral S'ii^cu-totenideint-s J. H. .MHpei-,' CoJ- ides '\Vatts, Bllitjs.'bui'g; rtf .Moitfrve Powev S. P. Bush, Columbus, a-nd G. Vayne; Chieif Kngi ... ,. ml 'Ittiloinns Jo'lmsom, Pi'bteburg; ( _8|pnl AiSJsHlstant Enffiincafs R. Ti-Smil)iUl nnd F. G. Bland, BI-W8l>ur?r; •iiupcRiiu-toadeMtfe A. B. Slaw, A 0. -D. Law, Ft Wnymtt, H : . W."Byws, TOrOice Junction, Pa., Wi'H, Sef'«\ F -: Cteralaud, W. H. Pouter, 'joleito, G. Peck, Cotaniibus. F. G. DarlFn.ff.l:oK, ..,.'W. Majusfidid, IndianopolS, P.-A. Bonel>rn,ke, C. M. BMioett, Louisn-lirit-. T S. May, Rilchmond; JiSagincoTS-Oif'M. oif AV. C. S. Slirims, Allegheny, W. G. AVluto, Ij!M\i-ein:ce Jumctton, W. S. INC-TV- hall, a«.vcland, E. G. Er'ltecson, Ft. ,-ayjie, L. Bn-as, Toledo, W.. C. CiKfh- i«' plttsilmrs, C. E, Liins)i} ; : Clacda- clati, -B. W. Taylor; l/otiisviilc, 1 R. K. Brown, Rfchtaond-, W. C. Ix)i-«e, Indl- ..^-.j^-js; Supc-riwtemdeiut of TeltsTaph A. M, ®ch«-(vyor; CM1 EneMoer W. M. nil "A'Sisistan,t Ijaipsncers A-u'd SuiierviisOTS-to th-o nwnialber of sixty.. The .pauty Munbea-s a'boult a hund-red, siin«l ti-a-v^is >by «?pocia.l itraln, Uavims. to. wear imlU-e of twck «n.d OTer> foot of siilililnig iilong 'Che road. .The inspection was -began 1'iu^saa.y. The Pit'tsbm-sr diT-isJom "'as in'S(pe.cted Tuesday, the"jnd!iianapo'li!s division Wediifls- diay, aud tlie TJoinLsvilUc cM.visiora..TlMrs- day. To'day 'the RWlnniomio: alvlsilon ivlll be looted «C ter. • " "• ; . There is Jin Jimiual -prize off 51PQ. to tlie i-oa'd supen-isor ha.ving the. best, di- vteioni of Toa'd under Ws.'snp^rvte'.ob, wiiltli a second prize of S30 to QIC- next best. A -prize of $50 fe..offered' to the section foreman of .-cacli-i-supervteor's divfeioin, for -the -best kept scdtlon- in that dii'^iskra; flmd all =toM, ^c 36 P 112 . 68 <>> -' r rG | fffi | to uilXJii't JpljOOO. ; . - ' . • "riie memjaoi's wf the party crtjou'ed in various vrays la-st nilgh.t, IB- far the dayMgTit T\ih!lch fe'.nie(eessa«T ^OT tho taspeic'tioin. .Some of them stayed diu -the lo'bby of the 'hotel and tallcetl polftlcs, AVhllie othicrs attended W»o Bev«ri.dgc mectiins ftt the ri-nfc It tvias » Jolly crow a. of offlcJji-ls, ibcmit'on .m-aMins Dlie best of-a trip lu •\vhfclt a .rosponsMe speedli oif the H^n. AV. .T. Bryaan to be dollvarcd in) Andcrsan, om fbat day. ^ooklmg at the quesaotn, from borh sitl«« does not alter lihe right side, bin always helips us to better d«tenn1uc ,th-e ui'«lh't side. Wo want our employes to vote in accord wiitlh- their comvicttosis after tlic-y teive carefuffly studied .iTl sWes of -iflw nioin-ey question, at issue in tints campaign,. In debcrmintog the question (bear to miitad that your interests a.nd our 'hrtercsts we meccssai-Uy one. Awy .system of money that makes less OUT <-ta,nce of ciamtag will likcw-ise affect ywir ohftwee. It -requires 'no av- gwmera't to coM'Viiuee you that whwn ^vc lira prosperous as manufacturers you fl.ro socuro in «toaGy cmpilocs-meu-t. Your experifflioe lias -taugli't you this. •' 'K. C. GEDGE, - - . " 'Supcrin'tPUdMiit,''' .,_, is the mcO-'mra of oxchangp. I ser\-cs the purpose of a so-betwcoB- i business transactions, tho •purchase o farm prod-nets, ttlie pay'mefirt oif wage' the -like. It should, possess a f u value, so it-lint no matter what liai pens to tlic n-nrtton Hie money wll h equally valuable. Should the natio disappeair -the money ought to bo of such A character that It win have Its •full v«Uue 'tn any other nation-. T-ho purchflslngr power o.f gold 'lias rc- •nialncd practically unctoanged . sJncc «ic foundation of We gorawancnt. It is the -most stable metal ever xtlacor- crcd, fl-od for 'Uwt' reason lias .formed the basis of all money In all countries.. 'In -all ngcs.' Its purchasing pawcir has .not risen in twonity yeaw, and 1 The •Journal most emphatlcaHy deaieB any such senttmemt as is attrrbutwl 'to It by the- PJaarosr. VOTE. i ;A spocial from- CMcajro say"At tihe KopuWfeift Kntlonnl headquarters *t was stated tot-ay that an- othw -careful poll of. voters, of CooJc courtly, whScJi -an^-accs CJhica.ero, tos just lieen completed. It ifldTcfltcs.- II: Is claimed, n certain-plurality o.f 110,000 for HcKMcy. Tlic groat lu'crcnse In the registration co.mpl-citM^&ls^wcel, has been to f-avor-o( thd' T1 ~" v " u tickete, as the -poll :iust sdwvs. Thc opeu letter of Ol. WJJMam B. JlOTdson, chairman.' of tlw Iiitia- state Cotmmcrce Connm-tsslon, larraisn in-p severely Govormw Alit^ld, -wfil. T is bcliercd, make many votes for Me KtaJcy im Iffllniols." ' yo OOIEEOION. •V. special from Anderson '"In'die AmerIoa.tL Wire- Na.ll ; com pa.ny's large ptanif the --following, notic was posted Tuesday mlgb* to conspicu ous places: . .,' ; " "lie rod mill ^» be -closed on Wednesday of this week to eniabl those wlio'-ore;'«o disposed to hear th FOR SOUND A speoTa-l .from- Crown, Fount says: "T. J. Wood, ox-Oougressmnn aud a Mo-tan,?? Domocrat, is out im. "line La-ko -•oitniity Star, a local pa.per here, wilffli a wo-coluium letter denouncing the Bryn- party and pledffing- his suppo-rt to- SeKlln-Iey. Mi'. Wood Urns beem tlic eador off Democracy -in this coiurty tot yenrs." READY TO EXCHANGE. M Uie gemtileinani who toy mistake cx- liauged ova.-co.its with, Bay WBson. at to ball of the KnlSMs of ST.. John last hit, MiM wfcum the gamwjat to this >mico' today, ivc mny secure 'his own ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Mrs. M. Sanith oif-the Eastcsid is S'icU. Fro»li Columlifa river salmon s»t Fooy's. M-iss ' lliiyme Staiiitoy was at Pom •estei-day vi-s'itiug fi-iands. Several Uogansporters took advant- nge o£ 'tihe excursicn over the Pcimsyl- nnlni to Canton yesterday. •Misses Kathyin- Strcefeer and Grace Kauffaiian. lave rdtumSd -from, a few risiit with Miss Rosa Michaels ..... A. Q-uiniu adidi-esscd a good cix>wd at Shady Noolc school 'house to Clay tofWD^Mp. dharlos E. Hnlo also spoke. it wns a. grand mcetfng nnd- 'much good Henry \, • of Khe Eoyol Aroh, Masons of Indiana, passed through bis ci-ty yesterday en twite to Itis home, in Ft. Wayne. Whn< there he was the guest o-f Mrs. .T. D. Ferguson, .TaK* WddU, the Twe-ltthi.eU-cet sa- loonlst, was at Pci-u yesterday, and i-e- ipoirted; -to the poMco 'last might thnt li« had 'been robbed of a watcli and most of life clothing. His dotOiins was r covered where he had misplaced it. St Mafcdww's com-msiinid-ery, Ivm'igflii of St Joto, «ave a successful dauce. at the Dotaft & McHnte 1HU last aJglit Aborit fifty couples were .present am a most •cete-able erontap dnnc ins. Stotohiirt's oitihcstna: tho music. -Mrs. Mphtmis Foil-tor d'.ied a-t 'her SJ-nhom. twnsl* Wednesday even .at 7-SO o'dtoek of ustlima, ased 47 years. The funeral Will .be held to • g at 11 o'-clock from St Tolun's -clsuircli, services co»i*icted. bi the Ro.v. .Mr. Eymaai. . - B; 'C.-.Tnsri'CO snolse 1o many listeners at Honsanit Hill schooJ house in ..Tet- *ea-.i?ou--t,cA\'!U5h!iip -last ; uiigililt and made the uswal'sood toprcssiton lor MclvUi- Icy and So-iun'd'Money.and a chance to e-.ir.ii. lit hooasdly. The applause during Ms' address was bcarty and- fteqirent •Tlvo Pilia-ros pivcs evidence of being 1>.adly raibttaJ. Along Wffli nwacrous forged-'letitors it clrJps to doceptton, on 'Mis' own. account. It attempts to con- caal'-Fred Montfort's handliing of tli« •Italian qua.nry vote iby an abtack on DeWit* Justice, wlio looked after tlie papers of <a citeat ol his the quarry.. Mr. Monltfort W;lll. mot deny his work wlOu the quarry liiaudis uodca- imstaniction; from Chairman Ixmtamin, of the Popocrat committee. At the Baptist school house .ini Har- ,r.isou toAvmshiip, wJa-.TO W. T. Wfflso-n ami George GamWe spoke last nSglu, Ciiiu-les A. Bramdt ]n.ies!ded and lihcre i\-«re many present wlio cO'Uld not ob- •tain .seats. It was a meeting full of life and paitr-totte spirit, -and the speakers wore liighty emwviraged' at all [joints. •Mr. and Mrs. WJUiam Smith of Wasb- higton txw-uehliip, will spend Sunday with, 'their son Mai-vJn,of tihe Eastend. Mr, and Mrs. Mort .Boles enitertatoed a party of frlamls at t-h-edr liome on Erie ' avenue Wednesday nisiht. Danctog wns indulged in, vefrestoncnts were .served and a general good time was rcjpor'ted. George M. Oliver, aged eigtotecin, dlea it the home of -Ms .parents, 705 Twelfth street, Ittet wgih't ait 10.30 o'clock, after an il'iicss of loss tlraJi- ten days from ,^,,-u— -~. AQ operation was per- j fonncO last Tuesday T>y. Dr. Stewart ] for tihe removal of the vert-form appen- j dix, but did not avail to'stop the trou- .-ilc.' Thefunei-amirransemcnts wffl ba innouaced later. Wriglit & Budde had the grand opcn- *u« at their new a.nd' hflBdsotuc con- feotSonery s-tore at No, 32t;gearl streei ycsteffday afternoon, and ovesning. They diisi>toyed a large stock of ,?awlies of the dlnoilcest vartefcies. • Mr. Wright comes f'L-om- Bay City, Micihlgan, wliile Mr. Budde -n-as formerly loca.te«3 at Saglnaw. Botfli arc pleasant gentte- meu amd are -walcome to LogaU'Sport. Charles Luy, -the genial lineman, with lihe tcSepihone comipany 'form'erly of tUie cfiifcy, was-brutally assaulted Tuesday niigb* ! l>y a crowd of ruffians at Kokomo. He- was coming from' the city building, wlicn the boys made a foot <ballTusto toward liim, knoclsimg Mm la- lo the gutter. His right ear was badly cut and face bruised. Ho was taken across the steeet to Dr. Martto's office Where Ms -injuries were dressed. WATER IS AGAIN TS USE. Fox River Mllln Rc»umo opcratloni Und« a War Department Concession. The use of water for power has been reamed by mill men of tie Fox river. This is in conformity with a conccs- FAMOUS PICTURES AS POSTERS. Society in P»rl« Endeavor, to Cnltlv»t« public Taste. A rather amusing effort to stem t,he tide of immoral publications and advertisements in Paris is being made by tie league called thc "Union for Moral Action," whose president is M.Paul Ded- iardina. The scheme is to oppose the highly colored pictures of scuntily-clad damsels which adorn the walls and fences of Paris by other pictures of moral and chaste subjects, copies of the works of famous painters. So they placarded, on a board fence in front of a house on the Boulevard des Capucines that is being repaired, a series of drawings representing the life of Saint Genevicve, copied from the famoua paintings of Puvis de Chavanncs in the Pantheon, with which every visitor to Paris is familiar. Chavannes himself came down to superintend tbe pastiog; ot the posters on the fence, and all the newspapers gave the affair excellent notices. . . It was a novelty decidedly Parisian and tickeled the far.cy of the boule- vardicrs, who stopped to look at it for the first £4 hours. But alas! although • the moral bill-poster is still there, it BOW attracts scarcely any attention, while the newspaper kiosks have their usual crowds of morbid people looking at the illustrations. One fault was that Uio "Life of Saint Genevieve" was painted in a dull monotr- onons yellow color, not bright enough to attract the eye, so that it -would not arrest the passer-by unless he -knew of it beforehand. To have copied the colors of the original painting would have made the experiment enormously expensive.' As it is, the society has spent $1,000 on this first picture, and is now; trying to sell copies of it in order to get back the money. If it succeeds in this.. it will try a'second. The prospects of a second are extremely doubtful. DOCKED FOR TARDINESS. Rule of Milwaukee Board Wbereby Teacher* Are Fined. Milwaukee is the only city in the- country which runs its schools on a penny basis. Probably DO school commissioners in the land of the starry banner are more ingenious in. inventing way« by which the salaries of thc teachers- of the public schools can be pared down. The latest exploit in this direction i» a rule whereby any teacher who is tardy; a single minute loses one cent of tersal- ory and another ceiit for each minute I lost By an ingenious exercise of cruelty ... • t* ;_ « n ^A <^ TV»T*rtytr A j g ^^ ^UgeHlOUS CAA31^»»^ ^* w—»-v „ . >D , C "- I the teacher herself is made to report sion secured by . Congressman Cook j ^ tardiness to the principal of the from the war department, allowing the ^^ who in turn reports it to thc water to be drawn to a point six inches j ^^j boarf on(J the secretary dock* below the crest of the, Menasha dam - - - - DCJOVV 1,110 <jiwnf *->•- » between now nnd the close of navvga tion, instead of being maintained at the crest as provided by the strict letter of the law. This concession-will be of great value to mill men for the reason that water is cheaper :uxl -more effective than steam, and, while the mills have been running just the-same, without water they will get a better product with the use of even a little water than by exclusive steam power. Thc use of the water will 'be under the- direction of thc new Necnab & Menasha Water Power company, and the amouiitdrawn will be limited to about 47,000 cubic feet a minute. This is a little less than the present inflow into tho lake and will maintain tho level where it is,-at the crest of the dam, for some time before it becomes necessary to reduce it below that point. In no case, however, will it be drawn, more than six inches below the crest ol the dam until tbo close of navigation, when it is expected that a large amount will be allowed M be taken throughout tlie winter. The v.-atcr is now lufflier than it 'has been at this time of year for ten years past the unfortunate victim of an open bridge or a broken trolley wire a cent for each minute she has been delayed. There is no excuse accepted. It is one- cent a minute -without mercy. The- time is taken by the school clock, with- which the 'teacher's watch must agree. There is DO allowance for difference of watches as on thc railroads. If a teacher is a minute late at the first opportunity she must walk up to the prin- cipal's' office and request that he sec that she has a cent's worth of absence placed against her name. In c-ise the unfortunate hns been a minute and a half Lite there is a groat how-dc-do- The committee has to meet -xnd debate solemnly whether the- teacher shall suffer a two-cent or n one- cent dcuuction. nnd there ^rc _fcw recommendations for mercy. It is to the credit o£ tbc teachers that m sp;le- of thc ridiculousness of the matter and the 'mpcriled insult every time they have to piny the spy on themselves, that cvcrvotie has promptly reported any absence. Most of the commissioners are ashnncd of the rule, but HironeU some occult influence it is allowed tore- main. Highest of all in- Leavening Strength.-Latcst U. S. GoVt Report. PUBE

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