Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 16, 1954
Page 12
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M>) — Coach Eowden \Vyatt believe? his Arkansas Razor-backs arc stronger thl.i season at center d?s»ilo the fact that the only three players at the position never have soon a minute's fiction in Ihi Southwest Cc.n- fcrencc. "Those three boys are boiler llian 'anything wo had last year nt center, both offonsivcly atul defensively," said the coach. 'Three lettermcn center? on last year's squad have departed. Jim Caltghton dropped out of school to enter military service. Charlie iRamscy and Jim Foreman rjrcd- uatcd. ; Not even a squad-.man contsr from the 1953 varsity, returned this year and thus Wy.itt was forced to staff tho job entirely with soph District Play Swings in on State Gridirons By The Associated Press Thc highly-rated El Dorado Wildcats play host to Ihc little-fnvorecl Fort Smith Grizzlies in the only Big Seven confeienw football game scheduled tomorrow night. -,W!lh a'l-conferenoe Halfbacks Bobby Bates add .fames Mooty leading the way. tho Wildcats are considered to bo a good bet to finish high in the standings. probably second behind Little l Rock. El Dorado came from behind to defeat Magnolia's Panthers. 20-7, Champion Pony League Baseball Team REGISTERfip heifer cows. last week. Fort Smith's new coach. Steed White, had a thin squad. He feels that the games they win will be taken on spirit, not heft or an overload of fell to Van weeb. The other Big Seven teams will play outside the loop, and most of them look to be in for a rough Guernseys. bull calves. Hale omores. Bred '• '• The leading candidates for the Guernsey Farm. Prescott, Arkan- first string .berth is. Jerry Ford, a 20-year-old product of Lake Vil- sas. ei iccond elan matter at . Offle«»*ot < Hope,> ArkoniOf, de/, tha Act-of Mor^h 3/ 1J97. " i«*mb«r of the Audit Bureau of Circulation!' WASHING machine with pump, $20. Phone 7-5531.. 16-3t Wanted SMALL inexpensive business, near Subscription Rates (payable In ad- ^tr,, t . vance): ,, y/carrJer In Hope, and neighboring S.C * towns — ieek ......................... - ............... 25 » year .................................... 13.00..' .r'inall In i, Hempstead, • Nevada, • Fayette, Howard,,' and Miller coun-"- " " - 1-60 ,.,.,n...ii....i,.. 2.60 *...;.-. 4.50 _ rhonth : . 'months. ...... .. .-5 \_tl__ i year :... o'fherimall— pWhfri months ;.'.;,\.l,t 3.26* 6.50 ....;... 13.00 " Advertising • Rcpreienfotivei: iscfo Doilies, -Line.; ^1602* Sttfrick ..^Memphis 2,*Tenn,;' 505,. Texas ./'Bldg., Dallas 2,,*Texos;rf360 N. hlgon Aye., Chicago 1, lilt; 60 E. '*•-, New .York )7i ,N. Y,; 1763 ,jt>"8!dg., Delrwtw'2, -.-Mich.; al BldgS- OMpKfima, City • 2,- Hope, (Sold Court) Write C. Boley. Hope, Ark., Route 4. E. COUPLE to live on farm and'tend ' a breeder flock. Good proposition 'for dependable parly See T^ O . 15-31 lagc. Ford, slands five-feet, 10-in- 'ches and weighs 380. enrolled nt thc University at mid term last year and has bene!ik;d from two spring practice session? plus a season on' the freshman team. This experience, ^horl though it is. won for Ford the .slarlinu call nt pptiter "vor Haro.d Steclman, ai transfer from Lillle Rock Junior College. •* Steelman, who outweighs Ford by .10 pounds, is pliying his first season- of single wins'.football. 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Phone 7-3096,. - • < 10-tf THREE room apartment, nicely furnished. Bills paid. 204 Bonnor. , AGENt * ftmt *. Phone 7-4454 67 Weit feTaV ofWy ««« 8....•>_.-. ... 4.- p | pjl 'j; r< | 8 fp ' FURNISHED house and furnished aparlment)' Apply Middlebrooks , Grocery, or phone 7-3701. 14-31 FRONT bedroom, adjoining balh, ' 001 Pond 7-2710. 15-3t fall but his ofrensive -ability is far short of bolh Ford and Stcelman. Steelman'K arrival on the cam- pus-was'a-stroke of good f01 tune for the Porkers who already have lost three, sophomores at cenler Jimmy Brooks, an all-stater at Springdale. and Jim Heil of Alton, 111., have dropped off me squad. , However* the that Notice FOR imprinted Christmas cards see Lois M. Furtell at Hazel's Beauty Shop or call 7-2156. 11-Ot /Genuine Singer rentql machines k s : CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beef cut and wrapped for deep freeze. Beef for beep Freeze ZB to 35 cents. Ralph Montgomery Mkt. Phone 7-3361 bl<53ost loss war of another Pino Bluff boy ,,,„ Reid. Reid is beimt trcatcc ul -a hospital for a shoulder in jury which probably, will proven him from playing this epafon. "When a boy is forced lo as much time as Hoid has. all but impossible for him to catcl up * MATTRESSES Rebuilt or Made Into InnerMrlng Work Guaranteed •—> On« Day Servlo* •—• DAVIS .Furniture & MoHrew C». 110 «/eim 6tre*t Phon* 7^8212 JHS*''«W fMi^f ..» FJtone Top's Service We are now wrecking •several late model CARS and TRUCKS We also repair all makes and models of automobiles & Trucks. T, 0. (TOP) PORTER Owner A Operator. Dial 7f8767 Hope Hy 67 West , explained "Wyatt At 190 Reid was thc biggest cen ter on' the -squad. HD, like Steel man, was an all-Big Seven perfor mer.at.Pinc Bluff. While the team Is stronger a cenler lhan it was last season, tin trio of inexperienced candidate stUl leay.es much to bo desired Oh Ihe other hand centev could b nn .uncnialified strong point befor the end of the season. Connecticut claims it produce more aircraft engines, aircraf aircraft propellers and helicopter than any other U. S. state. talent. The Grizzlies Burcn. 20-lfl, last of it. Liltlc Rock lakes on Texarknna, Tex., Hoi Springs goes lo Camden, North Litllo Rock entertains Ely t h c v i 1 1 c, Pine Bluff opens againsl Jonesboro nnd Ihe Tcxar- kana Ra/.orbacks hout Noiman. Okla. Blylheville's Chlckasaws are ex peeled lo provide, n rugged test Cor North Lillle Rock. Thc Chicks opened Ihe season lasl week by romping over Osceola, 33-7. They are Ihe favorites to rnco Ne.vporl down to the wire for Ihe Dislrict 2AA championship The Wildcals. moving into their first reason under Coach Raymond (Rabbit Burnett, walloped Su- biffo Academy. 27-0, last week. Pine Bluffs Zebras are opening the season a week behind their onference mates. They also have new coach, Ma/ci's Kaufman, eplacing G e o r •-' e Terry. who oved lo an assistantshio al Louiana Slate University. The Zebras' opening, ni«ht oppo- cnt, Ihe Jonesbnro Golden Hur- cane, us subbe.d &•; an also-ran Dislricl 2AA ul Ihis stage. Hoi Springs, which hasn't finned off Ihe boltom i;i the riple- circuit since il v/;is formed, aces a formidable foe in Camen's Panlhcrs.C Lasl week while ot Springs was being smoth- rcd by Texarkana, 1he Panthers ere rambling to a cjr.fcrer.ee vie ory 32-0, over the Fail-view Car- inals. . In District 3AA last year's hamps, the Malvern Leopards isit Ihis year's favorites, the 2omvay Wampus Oats. Two 4AA games are scheduled, ^ordyce and ArkndCiphi.i, both rat d low on the ladder in the eighl earn district, langle nt Arkadel- )hia. Fairview goes lo Smackover, o play Ihe Buckaroos, who are jicked lo finish near Ihe • lop. Class A ciislricl games: Dislrict 1 Bentonvllle at Alma, Huntsville at Harrison. Dislrict 2 — EeBee at Walnut Ridge. District 3 Pocahontas at orning, Hnrrisburg al Piggolt. Districl 4 Paris at Green- vood. Dislrict 15 Mablevale at Eng- and, Jacksonville al Morrillon. District 0 — Brinkley at Wynne, Dislricl 7 Guvdon at Ashdown. — Shipley Studio photo Sponsor First National Bank, gave .Its Pony Lsague Championship Baseball team a fried chicken dinner at : Hotel .Barlow^ this week for taking the first official league title. . Top row (I to (•) Frankte-Webb, Perry Purtle, Manager Johnny Lingo, Jimmy Martin and Charles Fowler. Bottom row (l-r) Jimmy ;Sooter, Billy Halrr, Frank Carver, Howard Wright 'Flowers. . and Verdo RainDelays RigFight HEW YORK ifft TKc Rocky Marciano-EKzard Charles NEW YORK (ffl — Anytime a— champion hip fight u postponed a c'.ay for any reason whatever, it weight tills fight today was post-tator worth poned from tonight until tomorrow -the mental heavy- becomes the duty of any common- his salt to delve into and physical charac- nighl because -of rain. ileristics of the two principals and * Q, 9 Air-Conditioneri :ft^ ARMY SURPLUS Comic • Bopks f New qnd Used, Clothing • Guns • Jeep Tops * GQS Cons « Torps. • PunK Beds f and Hyndreds pf other items, REAVES IARGAIN HOUSi «nd PAWN SHOP From Pott Qffic« UAY AWAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS Bicycles, Tricycles and Wagons From WESTERN AUTO Associate Store CLOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-3369 'Large Enough to Servo Youl Small Enough to Know Youl NASHVIUE Have Your Cor PAINTED NOW! &** $35.00 While you qre having your car painted we can do that work on your motor, brakes or body work, '•Expert mechanics always available. President Jim 'Norrh of the Tn- decide whish of them figures ternational Boxi.i3 Clu'3 announced the second postponement of the Yankee Stadium 15-roundcr as a drizzling rain continued. Originally scheduled for last SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION (Final Round) New Orleans 4, Atlanta 0 (New Orleans lead series 1-0.) suffer more. Generally speaking, the idcn is iat there are two fighters who :ave Irained themselves, lo razor sharpness and .that for each hour .hereafler Ihey are going lo de- terioriale unlil they do finally climb into Ihe ring. Tin? problem s, of course, lo find which of Iheni comes unstuck the fasle.v. The answer is of first importance to the official odd j-makers, and there's not a doubt that the head man is waiting right now to learn whether he shouM let Ihe price favoring Rocky Mnrciano oul an- olher nolch, to 1-6, o: give il a Today's .' t Garnes...... New Orleans at Atlanta Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Boston Washington Baltimore Philadelphia District b Warren at Dumas, Monticello at Hamburg, Star ity at Lake Village. W 105 90 91 L 4D 48 nfi Ii4 80 GJ 81 (31 n.3 3(1 !!fi •!9 9G Pet. GB .724 .1307 8'.-;. .023 14 " .444 40V a .438 -41 .424 43'/ 3 .342 SG'.338 56 ' Yesterday's .Results Baltimore- 2, Boslon 1 'New York at Detroit, ppcl, rain the mental attitudes, first because he's the Rlarciano's champion. Rocky, frankly, cloesn't do much thinking about 'any thing except Always Tough DeQueenHere Friday Nigh! The always dangerous DcQuoet Leopards come lo Hope Friday m- hi for a non-district contest tea- uring a couple of teams whose rid rivalry dates 'way back when. Usually tho double A'Hope Indi ire cast in the fnvorcd role but not , ,o Ihis season. DeQucen has a ve- oran crew which plnyed the Bob als of lasl season lo n 7-all tie nn, (radically every man is bnnk thi r car. According- to Hope Scout Hoy nylor Ihe Leopards will outweigh he Bobcats and are very evenly balanced. They have a fairly large and fast line and a very good backficld which was nblc to score 40 lo 14. viclory over Mabel. ' Okla. Insl week. Following Inst year's He with lope the Leopards went on lo an jndefcaled season, easily taking their district crown. Experience ilone which DeQuecn has may bo a deciding factor in the Friday night's conlcst plus a liltlc revenge ;or the mar on their record last season and plus the facl lhat both DeQueen Coaches Delwiri Ross and Jock Bell are from Hope. q But you can never count a team like Ihis year's Bobcals oul with the spirit" and hustle that was shown last week and in practice sessions this week. While full aware they are going against a toughic, Ihe Bobcats nre conceding absolu- lely nothing. Fans here have a feeling Ihe Bobcats Ihis year are.go- ing lo play some mighty fine fool- ball games. .They came out of Ihe Stamps^ contesl with some minor leg and ankle ailments which could slow , that it's wonderful t<i be alive, and up a couple of key players but Ihey are expecled to. enter Ihe game. Offensively Ihe Hope lads looked mighty good against Stamps and nobody will tell you Ihe score shou- Idn'l have been more. Practically all the Hope backs got into Ihe act bul it was Mullins who scored a pair on breakaway runs and Bruce Duke only scored one insead of quick vuck back to 1-4 on the chance lhai yesterday's cold rain put new life into the older man, Ezzard Charles. ' ' v ? ' " Well, first you've got' to take (Reset 2 p.m. (Only Games Thursday). Schoilu'cd) Today's Games New York at Petroit. (Only Game Scheduled). NATIONAL IXTRA SPECIAL 2c-OFF'8& To aur Regular C SMUTrying to Build Up Offense DALLAS (ff>) — Holders of th'^ Southwest Conference defensive record last- yea,- when they al lowed Iheir conffi-enco opponents an average, of only. 205 yards- the Southern Methodist Mustang's Ihis sason expecl lo concentrate on an offense lhat can score more fro quently. The tvpe of offense to be usbd Primarily by the Mustang's may be surprising to the fans, who recall the days of Gil Johnson, who threw Ihree last-rninute touchdown passes to help SMU win the championship in 1947 and 1948. and of Fred Benners, who completed four touchdown passes againsl Ohio State in man and the sarno number against Notre Dame in 1951. •-ist "°iir the Mustangs ranked fifth the conference In rushing but it is a rushing attack that is being relied upon to lead SMU to victories this year. The reason is; that Coach Chalmer Wocidard has five hard-running backs to carry the ball, whereas he had no out-: standing passer. , The .quintet of running backs, whose weight varied from 183 to 195, are Frank JEidom. Don Mcll; henny, Hal O Brian, John Marshall and Blake Tucker. Rny Mrrison and Matty Bell. \vh« were head coaches at SMU for more than a quarter of a century, say thai they never had five bucks on- one team who could run as hard as the five working for WoocJcu'u'. The Mustangs, however will not be without a fair passing attack as they have three of the top pass* receiving ends in tho conference in Co-Captain Rnymor-d Bevry, Doyle Nix and Ed Bonv-'t. and a fair New York Brooklyn •.Milwaukee Cincinnnli Philadelphia St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh LEAGUE W L 00 !i.1 83 34 69 (ill 07 GO 57 '3 70 7fi 77 06 51 94 Pet. GB .029 .007 3 .592 5'.-'a .470 32 .472 22'A .465 2S'.£ .411 31 "3 .352 40 night, Ihe return bout was postponed yesterday because of rain. Norris said if another postponement is necessary tomorrow night the bout \vould be rescheduled for Salurday night. The promoler said thc fighl would -go on as soon as the IBC's Friday night radio-television fight from Washington geis over. Walter Cartier of New York and Willie Troy pf Washlnglon meet in a 10-rounder in the new capito) arena. That, fight is scheduled to start at 10 p. in. EDT (3 p. m., CST). Ifthe Cartier-Troy fight ends in an early knockout, then the bis leavyweight title fight will start lhat as soon as Ihis - fi'4'nt is- out of Ihe way he'll be able ' to spend some lime with his beautiful wife and child at their new home in Brockton, -Mass. He might have felt a trace of irritation al being forced lo wall anolher day before gelting Ez again. Charles is a little more the thinking type. He'5 inclined to be borrdy, and he probably doesn't like rain very much at any time. He figures he's 'already had to wait much loo long for his Iwo sftols al Rocky. This final delay could have made him downright sulky and mean by Ihe time they finally so square off lonight. So where does lhat leave us? Well, lei us next compare the Iwo men physically Rocky is Ihe younger of ! lhe twn nnd -musl be one -of tho slronRnst men in the world outside a circus. He is in the greatest shape of his career or was at 10 o'ciock last ni?ht. Ezzard is a little older than the champ, but he proved in their Yesterday's Results Brooklyn 10, Cincinnati 4 St. Louis 3, Philadelphia 1 Milwaukee at N'e.v York ra in-doubleheader). (Only games scheduled) (ppd, first fight in from infirm. June He'> thnt he's far strong, too, which he was credited with. • Actu-:|v ally Ihe last touchdown was made by Lyndon Pale who had just replaced Duke. Many fans were alarmed at ; the letdown on defense which allowed Stamps lo score a final quarter louchdown. However, at least three starters in the line were out at the time. Still the Bobcats need a lot of work on defense and have been gelling it in practice sessions Ihis week along wilh downfield block-^jc ing. Coaches Martin and Pierce appeared prelty well salisfied wilh Ihe boys and feel lhat given a little experience the reserves, all of them nre green hands, will come along in fine fashion. This week's game is a natural and not many Ihis season will pull Ihe crowd that is expected. though not *as strong ns Rocky. He has Irained long and conscien- toiusly and fell himself proposed to-toe with Rocky last night. But Ihe thing-is, what about lo- nighl? We recall case back in 1951. Tho foct lhat itiSal and his leammalos sal there clubhouse unshavod and feeling like tnkin/:" the YanVccs apart. Ho said he felt ready. And then it bc- a somewhat similarjgan lo rain. And it didn't step. at 10:30 p. m., CST). EDT (0:30 p. was baseball and not boxing is only incidental. The Giants appeared to have the Yankees on iho run early in the -World Scries, and their next pitcher Maglie, their ace. mighty good for was to be Sal Thin the s looked National m. Leaguers. Sal showed up in the Giants tmd watched the winners' share sluice down the oulfickt drains. The next day Sal couldn't have beaten Ihe House of David. Marciano already is a dny older lhan he was when n:; expected to fight, and so is Charles. Thai is whal we slarled out lo sny in the* first place. * you're fit to be flattered in Cameo Sheen Gabardine By ; The Associated Pcess American Association semi-finals (Best-of-7) Columbus 10, L"iii3vi!lc 7 10 innings series tied 1-1 ,. "Minneapolis 5, Indianapolis 4 (14 innings) series tied M •-.. Western Leaugue semt-finnls (best-of-5 ) Denver 3, Pueblo 0' Denver Des Moines U. Omaha 1 serie.s tied 1-1 ta'ckle to tackle is comparatively inexperienced as it boasts no regulars from iast year and only two men from the second unit. Favored for the starting positions in the line are Forrest Gregg and Eric Knebel, tacKies; Jim and Tommy Hairslon. guards, and Burleigh Arnecke, c'Miter. First-line replacements likely will be Bob Blakeley Fred .Lues:; and Tommy Peal, guards, and Bill Livingstone, center. Beal, a junior, was a standout prepster at Pine Bluff, Ark., in 1951. He was out with an injury most of last year. • SMU has 13 Ictlern-.on with thre; of them at end Bevry. Nix and Bernet. Gregg is the -only letter man at tackle, while Hairston ami Smith are lettcrmen at guard am Arnecke at tenter. Letferrnai backs are the five ieursome run ners Nutt, The Mustangs are having diffi .culty finjing a: punter-who can ade quately replace Jerry Norton one of the top kickers in the nation fo _„ „„.,„ _ _,._;th,e past three years and they sri "passer"in Co-Capiain Duane Nutt.'lockjng In ba^kfield depth. Pu who has completed 69 threes forrptherwise they appear strong? eight touchdowns j,u the last 'twditfeftQ Jast year when they vyon five I"* * * 1 f i 1....A 01. «n ^vn.v.i-in tn f\r\Jl .if 4V\a Here is gaLardine at its most luxurious best,.,finest 2-ply, 100^ virgin worsted yarns skillfully woven into a suiting fabric without equal for handsome wear, lasting good looks. Daroff has ingeniously tailored it to be your pride and joy for many seasons. Come in and gee theni today in a distinguished variety of solid shades and subtle patterns.^ $65 Wow...the vxclutive "BOTANY X-RAY TAP r«vwf» fa rrwtvriuli (/tot give these SMI'IS (Mr inperior value and waring quality, HERBERT BURNS Thursday, Sejjfember 16, 1954 H 0 P fc '$ t-'A>R*» •' H 0¥ E » A R-K'A'WS A $ NOTICE OF SALE | WRONG WOMAN MADISON, W.. <T T P) Harold I. Pierson, 21, and Richard Fowl- and directions contained"inThe"de-! er ' 18 ' picKed on thc VlTfm;T woman crelal order of Ihe Chancery Court :!- ast mght when * n - y wont court * """ Howard County. Arkansas, made ing ' and entered on thcWth day of Sep- They entered the apartment ofj tember, 1954, in a certain cause; policewoman Nancy Glenn f who therein pending wherein Ver'n'a I nad me m<in arrested. Ptirnoll, Et Al, were plaihliffs and Pierson and Fowler said they Georgiann Jones, Et Al, were de- thought it was the apartment of a fendants. the undersigned, as Com-j woman .they knew. The judge fin- Confirms Ffoet Hollywood Is WhaekyPlace By BOB THOMAS , tnkR a " ..•!•) Sometimes it °"l'dcr to make you missioner of said Court will offer led them $15 for' disturbing the „ „ for sale at public outcry to the (peace. -realize that Hollywood is basically highest bidder, at the cast door or | a rnther wacky place. entrance to the Court House in the The Mayas figured out a calendar 1 Ou , r vi f " r j l M . ! f tI<Km Grpc "- Ciy of Nashville in said County, "with'n nn error of only one dny in wood- volatile British actress who wilhm the hours proscribed by law R QOO year's 1S ere to m akc llt>r fir .sl Holly- flfor judicial sales on Saturday, Ihe !-!_,. " . - . . '- ' day of OctobcM-, 1 !)!>•). the following described lands situiiled in the Counties of Howard, Hompslcad and Sevier, in the- State of Arkansas, to-wil: Howard County TRACT I: Lot One (1). the South 9 feet of Lot Two <2>. nnd Ihe infj 100 acres, more or less. TRACT 14: The Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NW'A SEVi' and part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter fNE'/i SE'/4> being 1 'acre in the extreme southwest corner thereof 35 yards East and West and 140 Kuson Addition to Nashville, Ar- unsas. HACT 2: Begin at the northeast North 1G feet of Lot Three (3) in: yards North and South, containing Block Three Ci), Wilson and For-I'll acres; Part of thc South Half of (ho Southeast Quarter (S'i SE'/4) described as beginning at the southeast corner thereof and run West 330 feet to point of beginning, thence Northwesterly North 77 degrees 2!i minutes West 1439 feet, thence Southwesterly South 23 degrees 35 minutes West 100 feet. West to center of Mine Creek; thence with center of said creek to *? corner of Lot One (1), Coleman Addition to Nashville. Arkansas, and run West 293.!i feet, run thence South 100 feet, thence East '2»3.r> i'eet. and thence North to point of beginning. TRACT 3: Begin 100 feet South of the northeast corner of Lot One (D, j the South line of Section Sixteen wood movie, "Moohflrel. 1 ' Here's her reaction to the (own! "I lisfid to lliink Hollywood \yould be quite a normal pace, because I had many friends who lived and worked liot-o. Thnv gave me '1h« impression- everything was ordinary and businesslike hei-o. But it seems to mo like the Hollywood of legend. It's a fabulous place.—" One thing she can't, quite pel used is tho shade of her hair. There's a £ood reason, for Hint: It changes every dny. "Oh, Ihoy'vc tried everything." she remarked "When I camo here, my hair was a lillle lighter than my normal ash blonde because I had been s\vimming in the south of France. II was sightly blue-tinged because of a rinse. Coleman's Addition to Nashville, Arkansas, (hence West 293.5 feel, thence South 137 feet, thence West 53.3 feet, thence South 36 degrees (1C), and thence East to the point of beginning, containing 8.21 acres, more or less; Also, the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter esl 1G7 feet, thence South 22 de-j'SW'/i SE'Vi less 8.20 acres in^the grces West 314 feet, thence West j southeast, corner conveyed to N. , ON HER WAY—With -pctttiimft Hying, the hew liner Saxonia steams out or LiVefpool* England,' ' en route to Montreal, Canada, on her maiden voy age. The vessel is due to carry 1000 travelers to Montreal every three weeks. no one along the way. A man even turned his sprinklers on mo. And several cars stopped to ask if I didn't want a rkiei When I told them I merely wanted to walk, they thought I was crazy. Miss Grcnwood said she found much to admire in Holywood. from cucumbers to i;offeo. "The fruits are wonderful, ' she. enthused. -'I love tho figs and the HighMordls for Senate Pattern By HERBERT FOSTER WASHINGTON (UP) — A mem- "They decided niy hair: would g'' a P es . also the cucumbers. I,ber. of the. Senate Censure 342 feet, thence South 417 feet, thence East 6G3 feet to the southwest corner of Lot Six (B), Coleman B. Coleman lying East of Mine Creek, containing 3).80 acres, more or less, (for a more particular de- Addition, thence North with said i scription of said excepted parcel, Lot 195.8 feet, thence East 57 feet I reference is made to said deed in to the southwest corner of Lot Five (5), thence North 214.0 feet to the northwest corner of Lot Four (4), thence West 17 feet to the southwest corner of Lot Three (3), thence trth 146 feet to the southwest i -ner of Lot Two (2), thence favor of N. B. Coleman) — all in Section Sixteen flG), Township Ten (10) South, Range Twenty-seven (27) West, and containing 81.01 acres, more or less, in all. bage. But the tomatoes wonderful. have to be changed for th<> picture j think tne lettuce is not too good. First it was a. yellow shade, thcn', Sorl o^ soft and scongy, like cab mauve, then a brigiit orange, then a lavender. " "It was very diacdncrrting to wake up in the morning, brush roy teeth and then be sl.-irtlel by my hair. I never knew what to expect. And each shade woi;!;l put me in a diffpf^nt wood. The; orange made me ful giddy the mauve 'gave me a depressing mood dnci .the yellow made me look on everything with disdain." com mittee said today the group hopes to include in its reporf on Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy a statement Three Dead in Collapse of Building FLORA, 111. Mfl-A-n" SO-year-old The Negro Community Of brlnq lierns to at Htoks PUhftftl H6W« The Community Club met Man-day. September 13. at thf* regular meeting place. Thirteen mfcrnfierfc were present. Bible lessoii Wtfs tftM- «ht by thp Rev. Freddie-Moi-Hsori, The next meetnlg place Will be" held Mohday. September 27. at th*6 fe- jjular meeting place. Time 7:30 Asking all members to be present ana nn lime. NeJlson-Hill Post No. 427 held their regular meeting on Tuesday ntght, September 14. Commander C. G Carmichoal presided. Rfans were discussed for the future social activities. Refreshments %vns set-* ved by the social commit'tee lo the Post and the Lady Auxiliary. Miss Savahfiah t. 'Fortfeoft *as fcotirt yesleftiliy 1 his wife. a 1 steel spike* and ' he swatting her Battla and Term Control Scrvlo • ." •*•-, 'e.VSa &mt., Guy All l Cu»tbmer, The Verger Band Mbthcr'S rlub will meet Thursday night, Septerri- ber 16, at the regular meeting place. Asking all members to be brick drug store building collapsed yiWnt an d on'timo. 7-30 p. m. in thc center of thtt downtown 'section this-morning, burying five persons in the "I love the coffee, but the tea — abominable! It must be the water. And I can't abide loa bags. You get the tasio of cluth in your tea." The Altar G,lft Club of BceBec , Memorial CMK Church \vill srjon- Throe were 1 believed lo have sov a weiner roast at th'e home 6f of the "high moral' 'standards all been killed, one'made his way,Mrs. Persic Turner Friday night; sma " News Briefs ARKANSAS LOSES MEMPHIS M 1 ) ' vo a very Jessie Brown of St. Louis cried . u v-ij^jiv, Jji u i<r 11 u*. tvbi A^V^LllO \fi 4tM '._,."*'I a seventh ound lerhrtical knockriut Camden 10-pound Northeaslerly-wUh' Lo t "2 fo7 243 j ^ACT VsTThe'wfsl^acres of ^1"^^ ^^<™^ OVCr Willie BrOWnin ^ feet lo the south line of Lot i, | the Northwest Quarter of the On .,J? ne ^ % ll ™ dr ^ "^ lhci ' Ark., in a scheduled thence West 41.3 feet to the south-! Southwest Quarter (NW% SWVi) of . \, e " m '.l ' T 3 l " ° USRd tn here last night. west corner of Lot 1, thence North! Section Fifteen (15), Township ,£«e *he added nobody walks B w «, d m 80 feet, thence East 142 feel, Ihonce I Nmcl9) South - Ran S e Twenty-six Y .°" st ^ p ou ^ ol . a st . a ." u (a " d , a Browning 201 North 108 feet to the point of be-l (2Gt West - and the Ens <- Half °^ ° llmouslne ls v/aitms to take 01 ™ nln S ^ ul senators should observe. The member, whose name could not be disclosed, told friends the statement would be in the nature of a declaration of principle "to get across the idea that thc Senate-is a body with certain ideals and • codes of behavior." He made it clear however, that Heavy weight I the - st, 316 " 10 " 1 would be apart from the cOmmJtlee's report on the charges of misconduct lodged against the Wisconsin Republican. The member • also • said the special six-man committee hopes to chart the mair port this week. pounds chart the main outlines of/ its re- pounds t th . s ,. . ginning and containing'10 9 acres i thc So "thea.st Quarter (EVfe SEV-i) ' of Section Sixteen (16), Township Nine (9) South, Range Twenty-six (26) West, containing 80 acres, and containing in Ihe aggregate 102 TRACT 4 The South 80 feet of Lot One (1), Coleman's Addition to Nashville, Arkansas. T_RACT 5: Lot Five (5) in Cole-1 acres, more or less. rMin's Addition to Nashville, Arkansas. TRACT 6: The North Half (N'/ 2 ) of Lot Five (5) in Block Fifteen (35) in Holt's Addition in the City of Nashville, Arkansas; Also, a strip of land'30 feet wide North to South and 500 feet long East lo West on Ihe North side of said Lol 5 in Block 15 in Holt's Addition and adjoining the same and being a part of the Southeast Quarter of the; Southeast Quarter (SE'/i SE'/ 4 > off.. Section Twenty-three (23), Township Nine (9) South, Range Twenty-Seven (27) Wesl; Also Part of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/ 4 SEV4) of Section Twenty-three (23), Township Nine (9). South Range Twenty- seven (27) West, described as follows: Beginning at a point 219 feet-South of a point 500 feel East of the northwest corner of said SE'/i SEMj, said point also being lh" southeast corner of Lot Three («r i in Block Fifleen (15), Holt's Addition in the City of Nashville^ Arkansas, thence South 216'/ 2 feet; East lo cenler of channel of Mine Crock; thence up the channel of said Mine Creek in a northwesterly direction to a point due east of the point o/ beginning; thence West to point of beginning, containing 1',-a acres, more or less, and con- ttiining in the aggregate 2.4 acres, more or less. TftACT 7: Lot Eleven (11) in Eighteen (18) in Southwestern Real Eslale and Development Co. Addition in the City of Nashville, Arkansas, according to the official plat thereof. Lot Four (4) in Block (31) in Southwestern TRACT 8: Thirty-one Heal Estate and Development Co. Sevier County TRACT 1G: The South Half of the South Half of the Southeast Quarter (S'i SVj SE',4) of Section Thirty-five (35), Township Ten (10) South, Range Twenty-nine (29) Wesl, containing 40 acres, more or less. Each of said tracts shall be first offered for sale separately, and then Tracts 10, 11, 12, 13 and.. 14 shall be offered for sale as follows; . Tract 10 shall also be offered for sale as follows: (a) The timber on said tract 8 inches and over in diameter at stump at the time of culling, with six months to remove, shall be offered for sale. (b) The oil, gas and minerals in, on and unde'r-sa'id Tract 10'will'be next offered for sale. (c) The land, except the timber 8 inches and over in diameter at stump nt the time of cutting, with six months to remove, and excepl the oil, gas and minerals in, on and tinder said tract, shall be offered for sale. (d) Said tract, with all the oil, gas and minerals in, on and under the same and except Ihe timber thereon 8 inches and over in diameter at stump at the time of cutting, with six months to remove, shall be offered for sale. Tract 11 and the timber thereon 8 inches and over in diameter at stump at the time of cutting, with six months lo remove, and the oil, gas and minerals in, on and under said Iract shall be offered separately in four separate offerings, as above provided for offering of Tracl 10. Tracts 12, 13 and 14 combined as one Iract, will be offered for sale. Addition in the City of Nashville, | and then said combined tract and Arkansas, according to the official j the timber 8 inches and over in i plat thereof. TRACT 9: Lot Twelve (12) in you wherever you want to go, if only a few steps. "Thc English iove their walks, you know. I have taken only one from the hotel on Sunset Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard. I met he , sald . not be in final • form until LITTLE ROCK W Highway Dl-'JI™ 6 1lat ^ 1 '; , Best E uess is abi cctor Herbert Eldridijo • has pre- or later ' elided all of the highv/ays proposed' under the Pulaski County highway | i modernization plan will be in use Make Hie Diamond "Your Headquarters while in Hope plan within five, years. •• • Eldridge said lhat work on Ihe 740,000,000 program will gel underway before January. Plan to attend the 3d District LIVESTOCK SHOW Sept. 27 thru Oct. 2 Meet your friends at the DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA LITTLE ROCK- M'i Ally. Gen, Tom Gentry has'ruled that a civic group must pay tax on property acquired for the «;roction of a factory. or later. The group wound up nine days of hearings Monday on the five major censure charges filed against McCarthy and is now hajn- mering out its report. Chairman Arthur- V. Watkins (R-Utah) called another closed meeting this mowing and- said the group will "keep on working" until the report is in shapik The committee has apparently reached no decision on whether to restricl its report to "findings" of In answer to an inquiry by Cross|. fact . and 1; ivv on the charges County Assessor Grove Gaskins Of against McCarlhy or include conclusions for or againsl censure of. Ihe senator. One source, close 16 the committee said privately "I have an idea that the report will carry conclusions." Legal Notice .No.' 2638 In the Circuit Court-6t Hempslead County, Ark. J. 6. Luck Plaintiff ! VS. Universal Realty and Invest• ment Company:; Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant,'Universal Realty and 'Investment Company warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plainliff, J. O. Luck. Witness my hand and Ihe seal of said court Ihis 1 day of September 19. r )4. . .. ' (SEAL) Garrett Willis Clerk. W. S. Atkins, AttorrAy for Plaintiff John P. Vesey, Attorney ad Litem Sept. 2, 9, 1G, 23 Block Thirty-nine (39) in Southwestern Real Estate and Development Co. Addition in the City of Nashville, Arkansas, according to the official plat' thereof. TRACT 10: All that part of the West Half of the Northwest Quarter (W'/j NW%) lying East of Mine Creek, containing 70 acres; the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NEVi- NW'/i); the Northwest Quarter of thp Northeast Quarter (NWVi NEW) except igiacres in the . southeast corner IFRreof described as beginning at the southeast corner, run North 207.5 yards, West 70 yards, South 207.5 yards, and East 70 yards lo the point of beginning, —-' all in Section Fifteen (15), Township Ten (10) South, Range. ..Twetjty.-seven (27) West, and containing 147 acres, more or less. TRACT 11: The Northwest Quarter of the Northeast. Quar-tor-...' (NW',V NEVi) less 2 acres in a sqviare in tte northwest corner thereof in rfRtion Twenty-eight (28), and fractional part of ,the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SW% SE'/i) of Section Twenty-one (21) lying south of County road that passes through said land, ap in Township Ten d.lft South, Range Twenty-seven (27)'West;--and- con 1 ' t'aining 40.5 acres, more or less. TRACT 12: fhe South Half of Ihe Southwest Quarter 'of the Southwest Quarter (S& SW'A SWV-iJ-'-of- Fifteen (15), and .the West of th^ Northwest Quarter (W% NWV4) of Section Twenty-two (22) except a parcel described as beginning at the southeast corner 'of SWA NW<4 and run North 60 yards, thence West (SO yards', thepce ^oulh CO yards, thence Epst §p-yards to the point of beginning, all In Township Ten (10) South, Range 'J' geven (27) Wes>t, and c,ontaining acres, mpre or- TR'ACT 13: The " of Quarter diameter at stump at the time of cutting, with six months to remove, and Ihe oil, gas and minerals in, on and under said combined Iract will next be offered for sale sep- ai'alely in four separate offerings, in the same manner and as above set forth for the offering of said Tract 10. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, purchaser or purchasers being required to execule a note or bond as required by law for. the purchase money for the tract or tracts purchased by any such purchaser, with approved surety thereon, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent per annum from date of-sale until paid, and a lien to be relained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money, and each personal surety on such note or bond, shall be a resident of the State of Arkansas and shall own property in the State of Arkansas .of the value in excess t>f the amount of such note or bond so signed "by"'h'ifn over and above all his debts, liabilities and exemptions, and shall make and file with the- Commissioner an affidavit to that effect if required by said Commissioner. If any purchaser should elect to pay cash...for said lands purchased by him, then such payment shall be made immediately, and if he does n,pt elecl to pay cash, then the note or bond shall be executed immediately, aiid if not executed, then said land will be sqld to the next highest bidder, who shall execute the bond or note for purchase money immediately, unless he 'should elect to pay cash therefor, and if ije elects to pay cash there- for, he shall pay the sarne immediately. Said sale and all of said bids than be subject to the approval of sai,d Court. GIVEN Under my han.d. on this Ijjtji fay of September. 1954. SHOP SCOTTS Remember to attend the Third District Live Stock Show in Hope September 27 thru October 2. Get your Tickets to the "STARS • IN REVUE" Men's Flannel SHIRTS Sanforized for permanent fit. Small, medium and large sizes. Buy now and save. 2 For $3.00 Pays' Poplin JACKETS Dan River fabric, zelan treated, water repellent. Sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16. $1.98 Men's Nylon SOCKS Helancg weave, the sock with the stretch. One size fits all. Buy several pairs. 69c First Quality Nylon Hose 60 gauge, 15 denier in colors of Petal Beige. Sizes 9 to lOi. Only 66c Ladies Cotton Wash Dresses Extra special values. See these pretty styles in wash dresses. $1.27 New Host Tables Just arrived another shipment of the§e. all metal Host Tables., Extrq special. Wynne, Gentry said that bolh the unaided, and John Tlnogmoit- September 24. The public is in. on, VO-yeni'-old ' o.\Vnar, \vas . brought out by resclie workers half an hour after thc collapse. He was uninjured. . The' body 'of Can-oil Thomas, 18- vitod. Sgt. and Mrs. Joseph MtFadden have returned to theit' hofrtc In Lewisvillc, Ky., afler spending sev year-old iuuntain' boy, was re- 1 oral days visiting their parents. moved, from tKe" ruins 'at a.m. 11:30 Mr. and Mrs. Eurving'TyicFaddch. I and other relatives. Still in the wreckage, and presumably dead, were Jerry Sdva^o. 19, another.fountain* .b.oy, and Leonard Leak, 34,- a carpenlor who was working in Ihe builclint; Rescue operations were delayed by Ihe collapse, of an adjoining building an hour after thc diug slore caved'in. , 'An-'estimated'-; 5,000: persons, virtually the entire' population of this Southern Illinois town,, crowded the' downtown f section • as rescue workers dug .through the wreckage in the faint- hopti 'some -of the victims might still. bo alive. The ancient two-atorv drug store building coijapsed without warning. "It just happened so quickly I dort't know what happened." rhrog- morlon saitt. "I Was standing in Ihe front of the store and Ihe nexl thing I khew the building fell In. A beam fell across me 1 and kept me from being crushed." Cecil Powless, the pharmacist, was al Ihe prescripti:m counlcr at the rear of Ihe store and mr\Je his way out in a matter of minutes. Mrs. blene Pattersdn and 1 MrS Irene Miller motored to Little Rock Sunday where James C. Patterson will enter Philander Smith College: Mrs. Annie Stewart is" spending her vacation in" Nashville, Arkansas wth her sister-in-law and neice. More than seven million dollars in parking meter fees were collect- property and whoever buildings ed in New York State communities were constructed should be placed! in 1953. on : the lax books. POLICE, CHIEF DIES ROGERS, UP), Ciiy Police Chief Walter C. Dean'died at a hospital here yesterday. He was 63. Dean had been associated with the Rogers police department 25 years. ., NEW 'WEAPON' SAN FRANCISCO, (UP) —James We'ddingtoii, 29-ycar-oid mesEman aboard the USS Preside.-,!. Jefferson, has been charged with'assault on ,11)0-.high seas with a dangerous weapon-scalding' water. A federal 'court complaint charges ,.\yeddington poured scalding water over Chief Steward James LockVyood. But Weddinjjlon contends he only "slipped and fell," KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE Nagging backache, loss of pep andenergy, headaches uiitl dizziness may be due to slowdown of Kidney function. Doctors say good, kidney function !» very important to good lieiuln. When aorpe everyday condition, such as stress and strain, cuusen this Important f unction toelow down, many folksaufTernag* Bine backache—fee) miserable, Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may causegetlineup nights orfrequentpaasages. Don't neglect your kidneys if these condl. tioiw bother you; Try Donn'i Pills~a mild diuretic. Used successfully by millions for over 60 years. It's amazing how many time* Doan's give happy relief from these cHeL-om- fbrts-helptheWmllcsof kidney tubesandfli. ter* flush out waste, Get Boon's Pills today) ALLEN ELECTRIC c ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you can have your Home Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures, All on 12 Easy-Payments No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment ; Balance Monthly Jitcrllttmrnl From where I sit .„ Joe Marsh Sonny Drives a Good Bargain Everybody chuckled when Sonny Lee, who owns a chicken farm at Smith's Corners,, bought an old laxicub in the city, "Bought it mainly to haul eggs," Sonny told me< "Take out thp back seat aqd there's as much room as u truck. Put it back, and I can take all the kids at the Corners to school," "in warn* weather," he went w» "I can slide'back the roof and get 'gytnshin. 6 * An4 when J go hunting, I'll -wind up the glass un4 the dogs ftw't Ucjf U*«? From where I sit, ty w«s >real smart of Sonny, to fewy tb»t«»b« It was an investment for bis business, but it paid off in many other ways, tyke the tavern around here-^whp co-operate* with' the . ^y- the- ness 'to keep th*ir and orderly, bu| lot «f clean FREE DEUVERY— DlAt SIRLOIN T-BONE 25 Lb STAND URD? CHUCK 10 L, SACK - '• > > ;•' i"» r f ,1 ' ROUND 4 ROLLS SOFT STEW ALL MEAT PURE GROUND BEEF CHILI WITH ALL MEAT 'i' •>, SWEET *J TT l,I- I

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