Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 16, 1954
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i '>•,'?' ,i C r L fAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, Seplertibef 16, 1954 tordfraefrors fitt MetHcriands and Litterhbourg. ttbh, who backed Et»C trttt wftuia hot join ft, propose to 4-wrfrmed West' GermflWf Hat? its- Hie Brussels mutual tJiiet* s!«ti6d fn 1&48 bjr Prance and the Benelux attirfhcfe pfesiirrtably would operate tinder the North Atlantic Tfertty Organisation, which has * owe. the-military-phased of tMtet Unlike the one- Hie tmitotttt ihtferhatioftat ar-h-iy which KDC would 1 htiVi- S<H tip, each fdishtry v/otitd^fftnin eOfttrol.oMW ofttt trddpsi but JlrniU would be 1 placed oh CIcrrH&H'reahfismcftt. The big hurdle was to .get t oaeeejil stteh an ifiert. fideh tiftd MCfidds Frphee Spent Fix hdtir's VlgMhef'yesterday ttl?cussing the Corma*n" reofWa- Merit {ssd6 withdtil torhJhg to any conclusion. *The faftt-iraVetlnrt British ' diplomat's schedule included: ' 1 An feSplandtHn of his plan to the iH-naUoii Norlh Atlantic Ccun oil'under Mendofc-Ffance's chair- rn&nshfp. \ 2. A British,Ernbassy luncheon for Gem- Ai/red, M\ Gruenther, Dulles Talk Emhasizes fly MARLOW (IP) United States Is living in a bifid faerfod was illustrated That tho trou- last S&Ci&laty tit State Dulles! wf«r talked-to the nation while flying to Europe Bfetdfe ho boarded a plane; for. Oerhi&hjr to discuss- European: problems he 'recorded a television broadcast about Asian problems; .Which appeared • on the screens hours after h« parted. nation's had do We'or'tKemi now to the Rodeo and Livestock": Showmnd 'later 1 ' forfun'% . » • COWBOY HATS by;/ none 'bther than.Tex.' RltteV/himfelf ' PLUS derstood Whether better ' later than-• it ever- becomes than names on paper depends on the eight nations which signed it: ; The United States, Britain, ^France, Australia, New, Zealand, ihe 1 Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand. 4 Dplles acknowledged this in his broadcast; when he t said "treaties not' selfjoperative . . , There ifWeor'and wear qnd wear.", L-MGNEILL It 1 Was a cautious, Dulles who explained the treaty he signed last week at Manila with seven other nations for the defense oi Southeast Asia". . The treaty itself Is cautious doesn't ple'dgfe. tho -United States ahead of, time to get into war if. the Commtinists attack in Asia. That is left"' up , to"the President and 'Congress to decide If the tlnie :comes. j Dulles was cautious even on the subject of helping Southeast Asia economically. The treaty signers' Agreed, as he 1 explained, to "co- 1 opera'te 'in the development of -economic-measures which will promote: economic and social : well- fcfeingi" •^Theri.v almost/ as if conscious of being-watched - qufistioningly by fi'ext-year',8' Congress which will have to vote the'money for Southeast "Asian, "well-being," Dulles -said: i' .''The 1 : treaty- recognizes the: ii portance, ol'economic welfare. But It does not commit .the United States to any 'handout' program." Its full meaning Will have to be explained later. In fact, the whole meaning of the treaty- will be un- tures were active today, with the market showing early strength on trade buying for mill and export accounts, Nearby October, December 6nd March established new season's highs oil the- : advance; in later dealings the* market moved irregularly lower under moderate-pressure of hedging and profit taking. DeMand for futures was attributed to pfbspects of a tightening spot cotton situation arising frotrv the operation. 1 ? ot the governthetit loan-, the cutback in Cotton acreage this year and the ufavrable crop bulook. Late afternoon-'prices were 50 cents a bale lower to 45 cents higher than the- previous close. Oct. 34.83, Dec. 35.22 and March 35.48; GRAIN ANty PROVISIONS CHICAGO' • VPI ' Soybeans fell sharply on the Board of Trade to Mystery Shrouds Stabbing Fray OMAMA UB A grand Jury and police worlied today to put together the story of a stabbing fray irtolving a college psychologist, a wife Who went to the psychrlo- gist for 'advice On saving her marriage and her husband. Police held Dr. Claude E. Thompson, 43, University of Omaha staff member at the same hospital where Francis W. Luther, 3fi. ah insurance underwriter, was in seriotis condition from • six stab wounds. Police said the infbrmntion they gate the reported kidnaping of £ M • A .~lt_ ,»U T»-il*.iln' (~*r\\t\- ^^ pute between her father and grandmother. The courts ordered tho iovesti- ;ation against an "unknown per- on or persons. The little girl daughter of James and the late Isabeln Pa'tino Gold* smith, has been taken to "a safe Dr. Thompson, Donald Lcroy Omaha, friend of Luther, had from Luther. Mrs, Luther and Junge, was! Dr, Thompson anil Mrs. Luther met in a tavern whore Luther and Gunge located them and watched from a parked car until tho pro- day and rye was down almost as tester and Mrs. Luther loft and milch. Feed grains eased but, wheat maintained a firm torte. | September soybeans dropped 10. cents, the daily limit.••Sdlllngi-fol.'™ 8810 - ur - , 1l "° ill i JS " lowed receipt of-155 cars of cash « sudden - Tbl ° oe >;- ] beimts at Chicago; Ryo fell on ?, tnrs and' I don t i 1 Using a s'Udsy brush and light, swift: strokes, this woman cleans iher polka-dotted parasol at Tier kitchen sink. She works with her . parasol open. She'll' let it dry thiS'-way, as the spokes .'Will keep 1 it smooth and prevent wrinkles, , ••• • .,v ;• -•'..•,.".. Dr. Thompson's car. A few moments later, Luther ap- ] 0 [proached the car. There was tussle. Dr. Thompson said "all oi I saw n few remember any now. more ST: LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS^' 111. jhas-tq bp'a--genuine will to carry •out, -the treaty purposes." J Th'ere was' a time earlier this iyear; during the Indochina War, when ' Dulles < was bolder with • the Slanguage he used. He spoke, : then Sof "massive' -retaliation" if the Chinese! 'Communists got into '1J*e Indobhina War -where the Com- 1niUnist-lecl <• Viet Minh had been R I «,NATO) Inilitary commander in Europe-ar)d ' a group of-top Eurq- *pean dele'g'ates. 3.-TKe final-talks with Mendes- J^lur.ce this afternoon. I/P) Hogs 8.000; active,' strong' to 25 higher; bulk choic2; 300-200 'lb barrows' and gilts 20.00; few loads early 19.73-85; several hundred head 20.10; few load. 1 ! choice No. 1 and 2 20.25; heavier' weight's scarce; 150-170 lb 18 50 13.75; 120140 lb 17.00-18.25;- sows 400 lb down 17. 25-19.25; mostly H.'SO- 19.00; heavier sows 14.75-17.00; boars 12.00-16.50,- few 17.00. Cattle 3,000, calves l.l'.OO; little done; some initial bids unevenly lower on comercial; and good steers; heifei-s and mixed'yearlings slow; cows 'open ins steady; utility and commercial 10 (10-12.50 13.00; canners and cutter-3 6.500.50! light' weight" shelly : cunnbrs G.OO or lest; bulls steady'; utility and comercial 13.00-13:50; can ner and cutter bulls ' 8.CO-11.'00'; vealers-1.00 lower; few hii?'.i choicP and prime 20.00-21.00; good : aric choice 15.00-19.00; commercial anc good 12.00-15.00. Sheep 1,000; spring lambs .open ing jslow; .undertone- weak; fow sales 19.00-20.00;'part load prime No. 2 skins 19.50; r.vit enpu^h done to fully -e'stabliSh'trend; aged 'sheep steady; slaughter owes' 3;0'0-40.00. NEW YORK STOCKS' .NEW YORK (.?!'The Stock, market displayed some improvement in the early afternoon today after a faltering start.- ; Some individual gain-; wre substantial, but most changes cither way ajmonnted to .fractions. Trading was slow.' Some of the better gains wore in the .oils, utilities, rubbers, and, a few aircrtifts, The ;ra"ilroads lagged behind Other divisions wer.e mixed Hooker Electrochemical,, 'which shot ahead 'fl'/ 2 at H4&. yesterday on a proposal for u thvee-for-one split, reacted under profit-taking today. • Consolidated Natural Gas was chead smartly after directors proposed a two-for-bne split and raised the dividend, . . . , higher; 93'score 'AA',-5fl. ; 25; . 92 'A 58;- 90.'B 55,25; 89 C T)4; ;; cars !)0 B 55.75; 89'C''4.5.'".: ' '. •;'.''•'.:• . Eggs tops firrh.; balance mixed; mediums 5; U.S. standntds' 25; current receipts' 22; dirties '19; checks 18: : - • : Pf'i Mprfi»hMfi5,79QMuft« Jw'itf'ft.'ot' longw«»W9 Wopl'wd carj>*t 'Rayon. ,?•«.> >J2.i*./<9 x 12-i,t, rug. S-lt. wldth'run.V, . .WAS 7.25. .NOW 6.50 of wool w»d c«ip«t,%o» jpw'iq,' it.' 6 #»tUra».'Width« 9-it., V ,,.;',,,,,-.„......,... .... . WASPS'. ( NOW 5.35 /'OttH*^ twfotbwWpuad. '^Wipol sod^yon, 5 p»t- * ' , 7.70 NEW YORK COTTON NEW. YORK '^1 Cotton-fu-i 1:00-20.'' news West Germany had postponed contemplated purchase of' cash rye. Buying enter ed wheat on an official • Canadian crop forecast sharply lowering estimated production, -plus reports of-frost in the Peace Rivet Valley section. Wheat did 'not hold its; best gains. .. .Prtfspect of a large quantity of poor ^.quality C an 3d i a n wheat caused selling, in' feed grains. Wheat ' closed "/u lower to 1'4 higher, September §2.13^- l ,4. corn 1 to 2 cents lower.' September S1.61r-3/4. oats' -\Yt> lower, Sep- ternber-' 74,-'rye 3M>-4'/i! lower. September '$1'.45' and soybeans 3'/a to "10 cents lower. September 2.81-1'a'.' . Wheat: None. Corn: None. Oats: No; ,2. mixed'-75V 2 : No. 1 -heavy white' : 791; No. 1 white 7e>/ 4 -77V2: r.ample grarle medium heavy white 74\;>. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting choice .1.40^50; maUing. good 1.31-39; feed thing that happened after that Luther said he hit the professoi and Thompson but did not see a stabbing. Junge said ha saw Luther hi Thompson but did not see a stab bing. Mrs. Luther, who sued her hus band for divorce in July on ex treme cruelty ground:; and then was faced with a counter petillot Probe in French Kidnaping Ordered PARIS (ff>) French courts today •rdered a magistrate to invest! i-ail 4-month-old ;mith, involved Isabela' a custody dis- place." her grandmother, oday. The wealthy Bolivian lawyer sni'l earlier young falhsr. 30ryear-old British hotel heir grames G o 1 d smith, filed a charge in Paris Civil Court last nir,ht for "non- presonla'tion of child." But the court declined to accept it. charging adultery, appeared he- fore the grand jury yesterday, loss than 24 hours after the fray. Police said she declined to give officers a formal statement. Acid Stomach? Get TUMS Quick! Top-speed relief for gas, heartburn, acid indigestion. ^-~-~*. Still only NOTICE SMITH'S GENERATOR &STARTEHSHOP Owned and operated by Henry Smith has recently opened to serve the car owners of Hope. "We rebuild generators and starters for all mqkes and models of cars." 214 S, Hazel St. —— Henry Smith, Owner 3 UWii"4 colon. Width* 9 - 23 -'- NoW 8 - 25 -v ............ WAS 11.SO..NOW '10.25 „ .............. , .......... WAS 'J0.95., NOW '9.85 WAS 7.45, -NOW 6,70 of wpol «»<J c»irj>«» A jr»yp» loop pU«. 3 colow, . ft, ..... , ........... WAS 8.30. ,NOW 7.60 1 ' itlplf wtt<».y»n»l'fer duk«bUi»y. 6 ft. . , , , ............... WAS 4.98. -NOW 4.4? WA83.50i-,NOW'2.9§- POULTRY ANP PRODUCE CHICAGO (/f) Live poultry steady; receipts 304 coops (yesterday 1.105 coops; 211,823 lb); F.OB paying 'price.') unchanged; heavy hens 15.5-20; light hens 13 14; fryers or broilsvs .27,30; old roosters 13.5-14; caponettes 31-33. Butter firm; receipts.., 815,330; wholesale buying prices >/4 to " 2 fighting French for almost eight years. The i Chinese didn't 'ha've- 1 tor. get jn, directly. Their supplies to the Viet Minh were enough. The French were forced 'into an armistice ' giving 'away half of 'Viet Nam, largest of Indochina's three states. Dulles remembered that period almost wistfully last night, recall- ing'that in the Indochina crisis he appealed'for "united action" by the Western Allies to ' save Viet Nam. That appeal, he said last night "proved impracticable;" atiothei way of saying he had been turned down, It was after the Indochina armistice that the United States persuaded the other seven nations to sign the Manila treaty. Better now than never," Dulles said. But he was. flying to Europe-be cause another crisis had occurrec there: The French, had wrecked J2D.C-T-the European Defense Com iminity—-by refusing to jp|n a single . European Army with Qer mans, . This country badly. wwflted. EpC as a defense against Russia the problem is to find some, oth$ way of rearming Germany, wheth er the French like }fr or not. Tha was why Dulles flew to Europe. Only last Saturday. Dulles sent his chief professional Robert D. M,uvphy, to Ev»rop,e to see what can be done about Qe; 1 many, Why Pulls? also pause Muvuhy sent required ."..," an.ce or just wor4 from the Doyblt F/»5i)tt i.. » shoijlder tab to outline the fhmeaitpne firrow/ Of Magic' in «h»rco»l, bl»ck, njvy, turquoise. Size* neck drw . .. jacket brief and fitted. Rhinestone button* wre«h *dd glitwr. Bl?ck, red, charcoal, in lues U'20 ' •• Town SHit...poiMc4 up with thlnestone jewtlry, Magic Faille in bUck, purple, 22.50 17.95 Thursday, 16; 1954 stwft, H o re f . -A^TK Ati s A s f-f IETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday September 16 Junior - Senior High School P. T. A. -will meet Thursday- al 3:30 p. m. in tile Junior High Auditorium. 'The Spring Hill P. T. A. will moot will follow the meeting. Plans for the state conference will be formul- latcd at lliis meeting. The Cacldo District will be in charge of the conference. Saturday September 18 Brookwood P. T. A. will sponsor a rummage sale on Saturday, Scp- Thurstlay, September IG. al 7:3()jlember 18. p. m. Everyone is tlrged lo attend this meeting, so that plans for the year can be made. Them will bean inspection lour of the new grade school. The Blovins P. T. A. will hold its • first meeting on Thursday night September 18, at 7:30 p. m. All parents, tenchers, and natrons are Purged lo atlencl lliis meeting. Hope Chapter 328 Order of the Eastern Star will meet Thursday, September 1C, at 7:30, p. m. Friday September 17 John Cain Chapter of tho D. A. R. members are urged, to attend the Caddo District of the Arkansas Society of the D. A. R. Friday, Sep- •j|tember 17, at,10 o'clock in the Barlow Hotel at Malvern. .-'A luncheon BY REFRIGERATION * LAST DAY * DOUBLE FEATURE AT 3:43 & 7:13 Sunday September 19 A revival meeting at the White Oak Grove Baptist Church at DeAnn Community will begin Sunday, September ID. There will be two services daily - tho morning worship beginning at in:30, and the evening service at 7:30 p. m. The Rev. A. T. Suskey, an outstanding speaker will assist the Rev. Homer Henry In conducting tho meeting. The public is invited. list Church will have 'their regular meeting. The Beginner and Primary Sunbeams of the First Baptist Church will observe the State Missions Program and Offering when they meet at 4 p. m. Monday. The Unity Baptist Willing Workers Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p. m. Monday. At 4 p. m. Monday, the First Baptist Junior G. A.'s will meet at the church to observe the State Missions Program and Offering. A playlet. "Land of Opportunity" will be presented. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet in tho home of. Mrs. E. P., O'Neal at 307 South Hervey, Monday, September 20 at 7:45 p. m. Monday September 20 The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church will meet at the church on Monday, September 20, at 1:30 p. m. for the completion of the study of "Alcohol the Destroyer" to be taught by Mrs. Hugh Jones. The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the- Garrell Memorial Baptist Church will meet at 2 p. m. Monday, September 20. Wednesday September 29 All members of the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet for Iho annual fall luncheon September 29, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. Thursday September 21 The G. A.'s of the Garrelt Memorial Baptist Church will meet Tuesday at 7 p. m. The "Tinkle Belles." First Baptist Intermediate G. A.'s will meet at the home of Mrs. L. C. Cook at 4 p. m. Tuesday. with a prayer and the hymn. "Take My Life and Let It Be." Mrs. Pendleton gave the devotional. "Stewardship" from the scripture. Isaiah 45:5-11. Mrs. Oliver Adams gave a brief report- of the Southwest Conference on Worljcl Missions held at Mt. Sc- quoyah tin June. Mrs. Adams was a delegate- of the Arkansas Christian Women's Fellowship. The conference delegates were from denomi- nationai churches and the Councils of, Church Women, and they studied the 19. ! ?l-1955 missionary programs, "The City" and "India. Pakislan and Ceylon.'' The faculty consisted of exerts in their various fields, renowaied missionaries and leaders from ' other lands. Tha first chapter of the Bible study, "Stewardship in the Bible," was rcvieWcd by Mrs. Adams. Following tho program, the hostesses, Mrs. Malcolm Porterfield, Mrs. Floyd Porterfield and Mrs. J. B. Easter served ice cream and cookies to the twenty members present. Circle 1, Mrs. Carl Smith, leader, had the most members in attc/ndance. The next mooting will be a dinner meeting of the H>rec C. W. F. circles, on Tuesday evening, October 5, at the church in Fellowship HaHl. school by Friday. After the meeting, a social hour was enjoyed. The Little Men's Brotherhood of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet at 7 p. rrl. Tuesday. Wednesday September 22 The G. M. A.'s of the Unity Baptist Church will meet Wednesday evening at 0:30. \ Friday September 24 The annual Music Club luncheon will be held at the Barlow Hotel on Friday, September 24, at 7 p. in. Monday morning at 10 o'clock, the Women of the Presbyterian Church will have their monthly general meeting. At 2 p. m. Monday, the Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Bap- CWF Meeting Held Monday The Christian Women's Fellowship met at the church, Monday afternoon for their regular missionary meeting. During the business, meeting. Mrs. Ernest . Graham, president, presided. Mrs. Edmund Pendleton. worship chairman, opened the program Young Adult Class Has Meeting Tuesday The Young Adults Class of the Church of the Nazarene met at the parsonage on Tuesday, September 14. The Reverend Garland Johnson opened the meeting with the reading of the 16th Psalm, followed with prayer. Mrs. Leo Wood was in charge of the entertainment. The -hostess, -Mrs. Johnson, served refreshments during the social hour. She was assisted by Mrs. Norbourn Stark. Brookwood P. T. A. Meets Wednesday Brookwood P, T. A. met September 15, in the school auditorium, with 97 members present. • Mrs. Ben Owen, president, called the meeting to order, and Mrs. Elmer Brown introduced .the new second grade teacher, Mrs. Carroll Wynn. During the business meeting, the group voted to finance tho building o£ metal awnings from the lunch room to the south end of the school building. In the room count, Mrs. Brown's room and Mrs. Copcland's room tied, and each won a dollar. Before the meeting adjourned, it was announced that the P. T. A. would have a rummage sale on Saturday, September 18. Everyone was asked to bring rummage to Garland P. T. A- Has Program On "Safety" Safety was the theme of the Garland P. T. A. program for the month of September. Mrs. Lloyd Guerin. speaking for the parents stated .that we have few bicycle accidents in the city of Hope, but wished parents would caution their children that riding a, bicycle on the sidewalks was against the law. Mrs. F. J. Burroughs spoke for the teachers about the .Garland School Safety Patrol. There have been few i accidents on the Garland campus and she staled it Was because of the efficiency of the Safety Patrol. Mrs. Roy Taylor gave a short talk "To Tho Driver." 'During the business meeting conducted by Mrs. Roy Allison the Association voted to place a concrete sidewalk on tho west end of the.building and at the same'time have a concrete slab in the play ground area for the students to play jacks on. Mrs. James Pilkinton was elected vice-president. The teachers were introduced during the room count and Mrs. Jines 1st grade won having the largest percentage of mothers present. The meeting was adjourned and was followed with a short social hour. DOROTHY DIX Fate's Children Dear Miss Dix: Five years ago I _ I married Bruce, Who was 30 andl lllll4 - hcr - father, and thb woman had -three-children. 7,* 5 and 3. Heiw ho .. has becn as .. ft mother to "•-*_had no relatives, so a housekeeper had cared for the youngsters since for three yeais. Yotu arrival in'the family circle 4 seems to hM'0 ridden ii«\.i tuicu lui me j>uun^aiv.i?> aini:u v t j their mother's death, al the birth lc 1hcil ' troubles, sirtco you m-.ist of the youngest child. The child- » nvt made u ( l ui!e apparent fh&t ren, naturally, had become very at- tached'to her. They never did take to me. but were quite fond of the you didn't cart 1 for tlv onss. CHil- dvcr aie very alert to adult liens, and 1'h.l suio it didn't take 'JUllO lOnCt Ol ttlC I *"'"'* M»«\* * 1 ».» »»« « * *.u M»V11I fc »R.I\V and me. My hus-' tnem lon S to realize that you regflr- nths a«o. and 'il^eil then* with sufterancc, rathuf son born to Bruce .band died six months ago have had a most difficult time with ttu ' n lovo the stepchildren ever since. They have no love for me, and I .must admit 1 have none ,for them. However. I would like to keep them and try to work out a good family relationship for all of us. The house keeper left shortly after I married BrucO; but the children have never forgotlQii her. She has since married, and is raising her o\Vn fam- If you could learn to-understand these children betUu-.your attitude toward them might urtdovgo. thfl change that is essential if yjjr wish for a harmonious family is ti be realized 'Yau need psycholigical consultation to point out the errors you have made and the method of cciTeeUng them. You£ tulitude to- ily. I hate to see the children un-j ward lhe stepchildren seems to be happy and would be most apprec-| more "Pathetic than dowm'ifeht dis- iative of any help you can give me. lll<e ' so an attempt to find a cura- MRS C. i tlvc course should not be too diffi. Answer: Your . te pchlMren h^ ^ yS'beSs ?£? l ° ^ *"* you didn't lovo them. AND'AT:'2:22 - 5:52'- 9:22 AIL'ACTIOH! HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS -DANE CLARK • UATE NEWS • POPEYE CARTOON . & SAT. • L Big Triple Program! • ALSO • TEX RITTER BILL ELLIOTT "Prairie Gunsmoke^ Chapter 2 of Serial, "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE" & COLOR CARTOON • STARTS t SUNDAY Attend Third District Livestock Show In Hope Sept. 27 thru Oct. 2nd. Get your Free Tickets to "STARS •" REVUE" at BURKE'S IN TUNE IN KCMC-W EVERt ; FRli)AY 4:30 P. M. -A/) XwWanJQlML BUSTER BROWNS Buster Browns fit because they're built over live-foot lasts—modeled after the feet of active, healthy children. We do i •' '..'•• all six things necessary to make stiff •they fit—not just one or two* Coming and Going Jack While, son of Mrs. J. W. While, left Sunday for Monroe, where he will.continue his studies at Northwest Louisiana Stale College. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Judy Kay May, Hope, Shirley-Beasley, Rt. 2, Hope, Mr. L. F. 'Rogers, Rt. 4, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr.rLucius K. Boyce. Jr., Washington, Mr. Wm. D. Hood, Ozan. : Discharged: Mr. N. A. Gossi Hope.j < • • •••: tinue secirlg' hoping for' a We Is'^o still like to . bear 6f a faby i liked tifh, ene 1 and I J terry 1 vihce j terty best. He Says' ' • y6u Tten:y'is rl beiftg er 'this ShYatt shouldn't'let'Hffft. 4 )! you. It's bnly, girl I6'llh:ei&ev__ ally deciding 8K%__ _,„ •^,n., l ,.,Wj..^Vfri.»- fe - Loeal states taHajHn* their*-"! turn a lost waiter*"' fThe "wallet, wftlibhU'rf belongs to Edmyrtde Roifi fotfttd'prt a-hlthwtfF """ Ind,, by Adrian* Oi Wash., The l an unusiial their young lives the loss of theii Top Radio Programs NEW YORK W Selected programs tonight. NBC G Roy Rogers, "Lucky Old'SUn"; 7 "Scarlet Pimpernel Adventure; 8 Fibber and Molly. CBS R Meet Miilio; 0:30 That's Rich; '7:3 Amos and. Andy. 7 Sammy Kayo Sere- Park Concert. ABC nade; 7:30 MBS --0:30 -'Prirho Figihlors, 'Precinct Detective"; 8:30 Mus'- cal Cara'viin. James Mass., WRONG CAR DUBOIS, Pa., (UP) Rice, 33, of ' dharlestown, picked on the wron^ auto yesterday to -go joy- riding. When he tried to'.'slart the car it. burst into f lamps. Wliilc Rice pondered the situation a police cruiser drove by and arrested Rice for attempted auto '.-theft. • - I think . really do care, but just ai'e'afraid to show it.,Give them a little tender and they'll Dear Miss Dix: _I'in a college student very much in love With a' young man who's been dating me regularly. Although up to this time I've boon quite fickle and haVe dti" ted many boys, I would like verj'' much to marry this one. However, everytimc, I bring up the subject he switches to another topic — »ahcl not too tactfully. Should; I, try to" f 01 ce out his intentions, wait patien- " tly, 01 give up?, MILDRED"; , , Answer: Combine thc"latrer two: get back into general ,dUtingt vCon- HAIR STYHES to match the fashion,, personally'arranged by . . s ' $ . v' • Mary Harnm , • Edna Brooks • Diane Beasley -;; at MARY-EDNA BEAUTY SHOP. 115 S. Elm Ph. 7.2615 < d>Mh*lb4«Mk»l*«itt>3 •As shown at left in Black Suede. As shown ,below imIndian Tan. As shown below in Blue suede With blue leather trim, As shown abpve In Brown leather. PRICED ACCORDING TO SlZIS , , . WIDTHS B TO D Sires 51 jp$ $5,45 12 $5,95 o3 ."$6-95 * SHOE ' HOPE TAP . ACROBATIC** 1 Re-opening of • " ^ »$ -Katharine Windsor f Schbbl of iDancc CLASSES START 9 A. M:^SEPT.^8*h I EXCEPTIONAL AND-HANDICAPliEl> r •* BABY CLASSES, BEGINHER; AND ' ^ADVANCED. > ; Enroll Now' ^ „ VI 104 East 14th Street TOE w I VERMILION » art \tt ». i t^'iliinf SOLO ' Rubber-Tipped I first In Quality 1 — Made extra'strong with a-super satin finish. ':Rubber-Tipped — ho". ihorp ends to cut br> scratch. 24.pins- f 75 pins on caret on card 10° S 25° COlORSi i Black -and,-Bronze.>; JOHN P. COX DRUG (0 DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS ON SALE THURSDAY, • • Can't leak > Can't Smear Can't .Transfer Waf habit Ink Eraser-Tipt 5 C Pencils 100 + Your Age? Not exactly, for'your blood pressure , 'may vary from 90 to 150 with no rcla-t S tion to your age. It may change fropt ' f (lay to day . . , sometimes hour to > hour without being an indication that ,. t you are ill. Only your doctor can tell if you have high blood pressure. Only he can determine the cause and prob- , i able effect' of your condition. Should 4 your Doctor prescribe, remember you i J can always rely on... t* mlu Real Grid Star Roy. Rogers, FOOTBALL Minia- Ofi c ,/ure,. %7O Smooth rubber. All Hands for Perfection - • ' ' . If? lanoh?<?4 Our Store for F/n* i PHOTO FINISHING Quality'» Service't'Econoroy Home Permanent ( f Seta, StylwWaves «i 0qis«£ •Sfvpef Helene Curtis t i-i'tJ", i, t, i ,(\, 1$ — ",T,Hfll<i /„ 20't SUPER ANAHIST «plc] misery' I First Needs! »-P? CARE KI,( mm < §ix Pssentigti'^mt: i ••••«tf»m* ^•* r RU8BER CLOVES »|t-^iW l»t 9

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