Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distracted EVEl; sillier iroa real no-' vo-.iMJC.is? \Vaeu cvory nijrvosocmca to uuivar wuli a peculiar, creepy •fpcli::-.:, t'.rsim one plaeO. and *'"i- n ."iOinci ami all s'uoiiioa iiimliy to conceiiirato In a writlilus'iuniiilo iu tlio brain, and you be- rii-'-io :"rr-;'l;-.!)ic. freCnl ami peevlsb: to bo folion-il >.iv :vn Immitoiit. v«u;cHicd concil- ium of liio ncrvo rpiiturs. riniriri^ln tb2 cars, .1:11": s THE RAILROADS The Indianapolis, Uogansport & Chicago Railway Shut Out. CLERGYMENS PERMITS General News of Railroads and Rail. road Employes. Were the Swigart-Crawford Nuptials— Charming Wedding Oh.:i.i-1..'s ImllSiiW railroad, life opoiil Hie ofil Dr. Miles' Nervine Restore?. Health...... 110 Sim™:™ St.. ^EtV:- vouf.troubles i'aci mncc r.io nuariy insano unri p-ii-sU-iaiis wuro unable to iiu'io me. My memory vis aln-o<-; eono aiul every little thins worried ins unr.il I was aiaiost (ilstractca. iTCii'ty f-'ii-o'.! I was nccomin? a manias. I imagined r.11 sorts ot ovlUhhira and would cry over nothins. t commence;;! taking Dr. Mile*' Ki'^orriUve Nervine ;iml four bottles of this wonderful remedy completely cured mo. and I am as woll now as 1 ever was." Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold on guarantee. Ursntottlo will benefit or mouey refunded. . STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGATfSFOKT. IND.5 GrtPITflL - $200.000 ** ___ . J. F. Johnson, President. 3. W. Ullery, Vice President. H. J. Heltbdnlt, Cashier. DIRECTORS. I T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. SnU«r. ii'.t.t.on>eT for Uit Lo-..,-;Hts:l>ort & Cttili">,?' * »< limtl prohis-r. ii.n.-vl'iis 1 t st:a-el's'-n.Mil ;U-eys ac'ro-^ raw which ti"> rortl1 . -ijrli.t of -way- He w:i« !«- Afi'iui'il -(.'.Kilt Hie bum-d ilia not i-oiwiilu; .UiH't UiM coii:i[).'i.n.v 'has a rljrlir. oi: \v:iy, iiuiwiiMich us' no fraiiwhlse- taK Iwoft f,'i-:nvtv(l i-r. All re-mumst'iwuctt* won- uvorrnled. -and Hie Urw.nl winiiriiuid Uw .ii*swi»iiiviiit roll adopted -Sept i">. 'Y-MBX'S PERMITS. - lilu; supi-rvislnn of ClKiir.iian :. MK> -dew iwriitft. Ivwo.a.u, wihU-h was oiraniKi'd last y.wr. vill lie c-o.nri.iiui.-il in 1SOT uiul sitrai.irthi'JU'd by tkt- iulo'.viioii of nuuv *trki.WJi/t ruli'Si dosiiriu'il to s:ii.-'.ni •iijrainMr hitpr- uwuiiiiim-lalwn- of 'hair-ran' iKM-m'ifs •\va-s Mcnwtl on :t>H IKI.II* tikMl 'I'lK r«iu '1 Ki I IMH-H a •s-m.-cftss. liMVhii'.' lie.vriHlit' i.iMl.?\-Mtiva! wMClsol' lOio of a <liMi'o;ivt> a«enc-y -;r.wl nines' Vt-ry, 1»(.l4i -liavU',:-' h'.'cu fomwl n- »;m- iu ilr.-i.Hn.- wit.1i c-livii-a.l itiv evs. In 'Mils cmvm'C'Urtii 'it. '* i-m-'im It Ini- Buy and •''! dovemment bouds. .. money »n personal wwurlcy and collater- «J». Issue special oertlflcates of deposits hearing; I per cent. Interest when left on« rear; 2 per -dent, per annum when depos- Tn Cety Deposit Vault, of thl. for the deposit of deeds. MUcle*. mortBagea and »ther rTnted at from $6 to tlS r«r y«ar. Cures IKI.NV reiK-aii'Cdly boon lim>.k airi'iits 'inul caiiiva.-wrs, w.hiili; :i-lM>:ii'.'Iii^ iimmlHM- of ifhpse lUTiuiis a.i-i- sa.i(l lo have Voiui.il-their witf n*> ' RAILROAD NOTES. Iliarry Cra.i?.in is a.t work affa.ln. afwi ., few dim-*' lay-off on account o-i 1 sickness. EnzliN'. Xo'. 42-* was nui- m 'the rouiw hoiwo shop ycsM-rOny for class '-5" re pains. \ , ,, Tnun.mna.te Burke oC tihe Yandiilla mas Itt lih'O city, yesterday CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR ••• K«. 417 Market 9 «»t. Cftlli attended to proiiptly. Hay "central Union and Mutual triephwie Offlce. No. 16; Residence. No. UL KROEGER& STRAIN, Undertakers ^Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. Fresh; fish at i Hull' flit Rotltermol's. Dotan, sr., 1s recover! OS from a proloos«l sitlaiicss. , ;T4io t\vo-y«w-oM sou, of Mr. an'tlJMrs. O r. Burgmnsa. Is I'll wMili linig f wor. Tliic -Jadies ^ -a Fro<> Kindcrgsirtcii ' mssoclaUom v-ill meet \v1fli Mrs. J. B. Shultz Frhliiy siTternoon from 2 to ,' o'clock. ' ', Thorp ^'111. l« «•" oy 8111111 ' su l > ' wr at PteRa-Jv oliurdi, ;r*ff«r«om towinsblp, IVlday «rcntns. Ocitober 30. Evory- ibwly tolted. , Orient l<xlKC.Na 372, F.& A. M., will meat 'bu wfrtiliir wessiaa Wrls FrlvUiy cveiiln«, Oct 2Scl, 1SOC. Tli(.'re will be Y.OTT inipurfciint vwrk. The imMKipemtiitt of the . On>lKi,tu' Ilonuo i-eiWv.M Urnnfcs to Hie PJftU 1-»- (liuui-n, Gi.v-:ili'.v nssocifliUon for <lona- Ilioiw reoi-ivcd ln.st wc-ck. "Wio on'C-iii-mca niuil <.ntMlegf;«l i" on v,-:i: '!)%• •til"'" 1 lo.iw-t!i.l'ke-a-c»f ftnwc of ta.ll m-ost Sniulny, sure pop. The pmue 1ms been on 'I'lio tnrxls foi- several weeks but- .w>nK"t'M • 1-t l>e.ins'i*i.vecl.' ^w. t'lic.y say. «n> all in -sluiiK- nnwl will snrc Mr Joliw . the emvtHWt for ft Wiree-stoiT niWltlom to the MiiHUugs of Culver .aenOomy nit, TJake Mi^lnkuc.*^ OtoiiraMtafr wJll te of brifk-wlBlAtone triamulnss, S3 by Wfeet In tl/lmcms-lon, nmfl will cost jiiixnu. $20.000. 'Bicre were ato cfl»cr bias;. Mr. Cwlvw K lVlliW ^- ^« TOS rtl ° c-wtifract OBI 'his fiffUTeS- ON'TJy ONE LINE 'J3HA.T DOES IT. There is'now only one line oi>eraitin.g throuRh doirt>le daily sorv.fco from Missouri River points to California, nnd that line Is'tho UnilonTaclflc. "The Ovorlnml Limited" Is the fnst- «st train I a'the West, nud Its equlp- TO<mt ot Free Rectatoe Chair Cera, Buffet Smoking and Library Cars, Pullman Dining und .Sleeping Cars Is unsurpassed. No-«#sp^e offera equal facilities for'OaUfirala travel:-For further particulars send for advertising matter of the Union Pacific, the Original Overland Bonte. Jan. D. Welch, General Agent room 35, Carow building, Cta •cinnatl, Onto. - Cli-arle* F-clMii.s lias reitttnnwl -to -.-if tor ft fw days' absaiioo on aceomi't o •fl.tt 'illness. .To-lni Hyd-rtuper and .TahuJNIcte fi.tr yesterday to attend (Ipmo.flj^tivi'tio'n -Jilt. Porn. .John R. Boyd. a- former bswwasremnster. Hero, is uow located OB « fariii la C-ra.M-ford eoutity, 111 1 '\V. Fli'it.ehw. pass&nser co on, 'tiiic- imlln,na.i>oto dh'Won of the Pan immlle Is •(«'!; in? a. few .days' vac-atio-n H DWy. Vsvndn-li-ii ti-.-iiai, i nt Torre Haute va* Iww f O'" !Vtl ' ulc y ' es torthvy ciirowte to EmvKei- Hill ^ie. •lw «'IH visile wiihh rclait-lv-cs for t.w weeks. ' Train C, off of .flu? Piurhliudk'. n-n< train C, oil of 't-hu Clevclauil division COOTT. on arriving at P.ittslwi% eon •Sbitda-twl. KoViiff '-'a"' v.i.n'ia,. maklus^t 't'hc trjiiiu In'Mils conutrjv C. H. Dooltl:f.lo of tine iOUo) MeniJd: •uescMy re soc-it-D' C r,\vo ivs AYJIUtMt A biillltunt i.t S o'ctocU whidi calkd fogi-itlier KC of .Hw> line t ,-ninl Miss Mar a iwsmc \v;i.s of on-ion'taJ niti.ttn'e, he'.-ns s'hi.'d will i <MioifCKt; ^xalk/s ami bios- oms uf .S'uvt'trst n-npr:wi<:e a.iul bwwity. -braid while sa,t:iji ril>bou cn- lus-tid -a. iin-W-y con-nw-foi- t-lre rebitivts iMl fvionds. UiMkM- ui. 'bower of Innrel. fi-n-s «wvd. wli-ite earii):i:ti-iMW stoo'il tlu; i-tiln] eoirpfe Aroin'wl t;li:s bnwor wen.- luskMwl n.-\™-.'«itiii'Of pailin.?, i- •,ud roses* ki'iciwut profasion. . .'n.'aiimd 1'lwv briJ i!Ua.t:l,iMWlf'd. i;ni)l)".'oraiduHl. -ami iiiilw Hi;i« f-'iiry boww. jiocoitltas Co ,-lne Mi-il-hoiliwl. rJUiml wi-iv Juiiu'd i'n iKin-laiR-e by Kcv. C. IT. 1-Ia.TigOiwst. ila- WJlliam Sli-cot M. K. \\-lTO-h 'a,U ,io-ia Ji:ftil -'i.^em c : n-ii;i.!- bi-id'a,! •d tilv..' core- "Ifti.ifL'il .to 1,'lrJ d jusscra.blod (i.Toiinil a hoard, nr:uk- biMiilril'itl i\- a snowy cwi'.r. 0.11. w!liiich- «t ( ii arHs- .i,c ijSi-eiitl-.i.'iriiiiiK -O-C nva-iunu -h-aiir fcr'.N ;ill'.L-u.t.-fflflA< noiwcr-boldi-rs ooouiinhiir li'iil: eairutiil.ions. wliHi iw-eL'Uit'.TaiL'd Hi 1 -.! ..xqiiilsin-" cliina. W.ilb its delicate (Te- Vi^nis or VIM* «ud wlk'fl'e, w-lvioli tones wCire u»=ed !i.n fvory form, orf clecorall'iHi. it Imiiw Iu every SIMTSO O'f ;t:lt-o. word ii: jjhvk liiniil whole 1 wcildaw. . l-'ovrr <ii: Rlass pa-isms ilLiinjr from, the cliii;:rilelh:T. betwcein whiu-h wore sns- 1 pijik <w«l wlliJte ribboiis os « to four i)0ta(s. of 'tihe tailili; r in -i'lniiioii'SB k-uiolx wi-tilt long JT stn?aimciw fliiid ftiatereed -by ..Viw-.irJw.il b(.-a.ut.y rofics. A tonehtto-n of exqujyi't'c •npiwrnlaijent vie* *ervod i 1 " Kl>lcnd:d- styte Miw Jlnrrff-arct Swl- panl. .sister of flue gpoftin. sei'val i>wn-c'li in, a. dMii-miaw iwa.iwi&i 1 ,. Other rte-ixurtiiHHiit* oi" this pretty 'home were liwislili' deeomated wi'th palms and l«nutlful d-rcoiii-ajrs of sweet -bloWms. all presemtlinK«. scene of ana . Tho bride wis gowmwl tn « m c i l«ffa jll: ciwflitiom of, MbusdEae de Sole, over Wihitai slllc, Jicwl DaiFranco roses. M'n-. Switern-t Js 'in deci-deidly jrontlenuiM oif -Lofla.nsport, Iml., iliis clrcto of Mends is His runny Urloikls .cQnffnut.ttIia.te upon ,hfe> amuTlaffe to one of Del;w-iii-e's most cliiM-iiiini,' «.nd initorestinR. d^wiprb- terA- wli'Oiu to lnUin will be "A }!unir<liiiiiii awe! o'er his life preslil- dlvldlmjr." Mrs. Svfcpart, life : h'aaw 'brMe, Is lllio damjTbtar ot C. D. Cni.wt'ord, ptxmi- rnently njssoc-iait-ed wMai thte past Ws- mry oa' DeLmviwo. She enjoy* im- t>x- (posi-Mau to Debiwwie's social Plyniout/li, LaporTCv J Rolling S'inJfcerto-n, Nqw CiirU.sl«? and ot'hcr iioiivts In IiKlkiiiia-. No Tiain-s -will be spa.rc<l by Sound Money .railiroad m*u to nmJcc this ilem- /.LMnft Ui'.it is inal aU th-nit it will- ii,c<xl to iwaku success will bo ii-lojisiunt woa-tlicr. Republican Meetings. speakings wi'll be held at the fallowing places iu Oass county: F-ridny evening:, Oft 23, Onward. Bobcrr. ,T. Loveland. Fri'dao- weu:i.ng, Oct. 23. Harness school house, Deer Creek towns-hip, M. A. Qulinin. Friday cvuni-ng, October 2-;,.Harness school house, Deer CreeK township, D. B. McConnoll. ' Friday ovcntos. Oet. 23, Melea, W. T. Wilson, Friday- cvcinlnK, Oct. 23, Palmer school .house, Wasbi-iiffton townsWp, Oapt Frank Swifca.rt and S. T. McConnoll. jrduy cycnin.pt, Oet. '24, Lucerne; -51. A. Qili'iui. &vl.urd:iy eycni^s, Oct 24, Walton, W. T. Wi]?ou. • Sa,timlay.ovcni!ns, Ocfe 24, Georgetown, OrlaucloPo-woll. Sa.tm-dn,y evcnlns, Oct. 24, Twelve Mile, George W. Funk ami George \V. Walters. 'Mondny OA'oiitng, Out 20, WAverly. .TMilw T. B. Evans of Tndiar Tinvideiiy ev-cniiing, Oct. 27, T.- B. B\-n.n-s. fvcirinig, Oct. 2S, Center, T. B. E«u)s. JIond;i.y e-vM-in.?, Oct. 20, Clym-ers, D. -B. McComi-'.'M and J. C. Mc-Grejior. f~^ »f *^P ~-"T- sc-liool houise, Tiptca -township, Q. A. Myers. MaiHl'.'V,y oveiuiijr, Oct. 20, Stn-eai-fooL scliool 'bouse. ,T(iek-so,n '(-.OAV-nslii] 1 ). Or- l-.-i.u-di> T'owell a:nd B. F. Oaimaibeil. Monday evening. Oct. 20. Dcsit-on. W, '. Wilson and Frcd'Jjandis. Tuesdao' cvwiibif;. Oct.. 27, Cn-Koway jcliool 'houscv -ToffeTSoiveowi.sl>ip,-r>. C. Tiwtlco. Tuesulaiy wen-iuift Oct 27, Center school rlioiise, •WaslhiliiBton, Geo.. G.-un- G-eo. Fuailv.- ,,... osdflj- evcmimst, Oct-25, Oenpe sdliool Itouse, BethMicm tomiship, Q. A. Myers, Wednesday evcnin-s. Oct. 28, W«ttou. Geo. Fnnlc mud Geo. Walto-s. .Thursday cvsn-ing, Oct 29, Onwai-l, Ta'inos F Statesman. „.., cTWfofT, Ocr.20, Adams- bo.ro, Q. A. Myers aind.Gw. Walter.". evening; Oct. 20, Ceniter sdiool hixusc, Jeff-nrsow towfflS.lii-p, W)ii) Actoo. ercraing, Oct. 29, Center scliool 'house, So** townsliip, W. T. WJlsoii aiid Fred Ixuidls. evoniiis. Oct. 30, Galves-lrm, D. C. Justice and Fred Landis. Friday ca-ointap, Got 30, L-ucmie. S. T jrcConneM ami Fra.nt SivJpart. nid-ny evoni'ng, Oct. 30, T^vel-ve Mile, T. Wilson, amd- Geo. Waittws. The w-hicln will toy Mm off for a Unip. H« w» cnttlnB ««ue rivcw in a brake rfw wl*n <>«« ftcw ° 1IlB aud «lnm'k IU in In the oye, iii-Dlc-ttai: a pain. fu'l I'lijiu-y. ,11,,' ^lie riimihflimlle ou Sund«y 'bn.ulod Into I'i't.ts'bu.rK for Enstoi-n nwActe four. t.r:vliL<.landed w.iith dressed ratals !« re- cnm Tire • train, records rlwit between Colwwlms iui.V ira 'Mi forty-eisM'hours omll-nj. «t ,,,,1,1.11^* Si«lay. sixty-live section* we.iv ihnmdlod. . Mon in f..hiai-geo.f't-heiutcrlodvniK auil towors-on-tihc 1'e.misyLvanto l"ivcs ot Hie ctavn-lr mnnncr their , nl , iu ,,,H . ket- All ,01- .. uft t. lM ; i , lll ,,,,.. k.x-,,rs Wll -k. c-lcnn. ot tt te no «iiaH HOWS THIS. We offer One Hundred; Dollars Te ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F, J. Cheney & Co- Toledo, 0., We the undersigned, have known F ,T. Cheney, for tho last IB years, nvd believe him perfectly nonoraMe IB all business transactions ami fln.-ndallj able to carry out any obligations -made by t hclr ^ xm WEST & TRUAX, -Wnolesale Drug gists. Toledo, O. WALDING, KIWNAN &. MARVIN Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. HalVa Catarrh Cure Is tak?,n Inter nally, acting dlrscUy upon tue blooi and mucous surfaces of the system Testimonials sent free. Price 75c pe bottle. Sold by all drqgglrtg.- } HOUSES FOK SALE. AH flue toMXB oa itflie south side of Oamal street between- Thdrd street aiw alloy west orf First sbreet, Loga.nsport, tod., ibcJonglne'to «he P; C. O. & L. Ry Co , are for Bale. For prices etc., ap yfly to Li ; S. PuroeOl, ctaim agent at tb* ;ucsl» -from mibroad w«ne M-lss t.w.i-K:i:rt, ii.1*d S. A. HlintW, of LOfTO.ns- iKurt, Ind.. Mr. ,Te.sse Hawkins of Wnsh- irjjr-on., Major BIRRS,'of Chiiillieocne, B. l" Houplt and Mark Sturdcv-siort. of Columbus. Mr. mnd Mrs. Swi^irt. left at nM- rljrltt's Hiwly 'hour for Doptansport, Ind. RALLY AT SOUTH BEND. Railroad Hen Will Make a Demonstration Saturday. -South Bend. 0«t. 22,-The Sw*h Bend toiliroiid M«i-V Soniul MoiW'it clitb Is nateims elaiborait.e. in-cpa-rations for.; domoMstratlQin iii: South Band on Saturday, Oct. .24i:hi; 'Oho cnergetlr- iiHinibiaw of Hie «rtfa.n.ixa,li;oiu. have been this oe-JobiTOtloin. fo-r sometime, twit. it=lie lai-raavgenranits luavo no vet boeni diJtlrelu' co^ipleted. Om (>£-"M.r. A. T.. Brick. o£ l-Ms e-Jly. oaie 0' tihe foremost ,l».wjcr.-« oif IntH-a.n-a., a,nn on.o»«f the most eloquent young men v.lfcli 'tilw SUite hsws pro'dwod. Awojli- cr speaton- will' fte' .Tw'lgo Burke, or Cl-evel-ain.il. 0., presWe-n.1- of the 0'h.to- Bv-eiiTy effort is no'W l>t-' i.n« nua'de it» secure, otlier go-oil sa>M3:c\-» :Liul to •.•n-ra,n«e for ,0'tli-ej- feni.tureis that will innike this -a-eniionisilj-ati-oii J.n the i,ntere.sts'ot Sound Mow-y, one of the nwst 'imjM'i-'.9iv-e »ud most effective yet 1-Jrls eaimpalipm! in Nortlhern Tndi- If. tili-e -\veatihier .par-mite, th-u , which., will tn,k-e -place in the cveui npt, w.lJl l)c lirWie Wff tont used by tiba •Kepubilofl.ns for oa.mpalg-.v vtn * m .-.». Should aw weather Iw bod, the addresses -will be deliverwl In- the armory. In nddl'tion to-Mie apeafetafi' .there will be a monster parade wlijch will precede the eveutofi's pix>RT-a,m of AU of til* Biepi,ubli<2un inorcii:- tag cilntis flmd due M'dvtales''aind Hobart eliDwm!* .club of Sointih. Bfflid, will part to this parade, ,t\1nlle Sound •raiilroad men from many points outside of the city -will be-preaent 'AmoniK the number vpill be ra'Ilrond nnon, •from N'ttes. Dovflig-toc, yick«burs, KntomKizoo,- Buohiainan, Eoittle Creefe, Edwardsbu.r.R, WWte' PUpeon and .many other p'otots In'SowrHerrfMilcuigan and from 'iMteWaiwalfltti, ElikhBirt, : Goshen,; THE SHAKERS' IDJ5AS OF MKDI- No\v a day» wihen a mn:u goes to Ms doctor, IMS fe usitalllj- •told .tlwit Ire has soinc uifflicaird cut <¥se»sc wl«i a '<>"« ronnfc (mid wlien ho loaves -fllio offi-CL- ] 1C does not. know, whether it IB- St. Vltns Da,u.cc. or consiimptiomi Hhiait Is The Weekly Edition of the CINCINNATI COmnERCIAL TRIBUNE ONLY THE WEEKLY CINCINNATI COMMERCIAL GZAETTE EQ CENTS A YEAR Over One Hundred Years a Family Favorite. The Weekly Commercial Gazette contains sixty:four columns every week. It gives the uews cf the world in the Most Complete Shape- the Choicest Miscellaneous Rending and the B«-st Stories acd Literary Mattel- that brn.in can produce and that money caa boy The Weekly Commsrcial Gazette is printed every Tuesday morning »rd wailed to any part of the United States or Canada at FIFTY CENTS A \'KAB. SAMPLE COPIES FKEE V C?riho DMLf COMMERCIAL TRIBUTE is unrivaled us a Newspaper, and its growing ,,opnlaritv throughout the Central Sraleg, is attested by its increasing sales- I-sB-iod Daily und Sunday. Every Postmaster is con-idered an agent,. Address THE COMMERCIAL TRIBUNE CO. Se..d For Term*, CINCINNATI, OHIO. ' A REWARD Of Health and Happiness The Indiana Depurator Company has placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz ofllce at 417 Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz' office Fourth Street Logansport, Ind wu It is -tmorefore rofroshitig to talk with the .Sllaikers, tor itiheir very .*»pli'cat,y cominiamd's't-onflclcnce and ixsspect., and wo 'have tihe fmitauen.- satHsfaciitta ot knowing iflhat 'tliey -h'avc dovdKnl tShcni- solTC's to live study of dfeense nud its i-itre -iffl.' more than a tondrcd yetiw. TJito vcaiCMUVWe oH man whom the writer saw wns.o-nily 'too ,?l'ad to discuss Ms pe.t subjacl-.. He «*1 item stirange .-is it migHiit SOBTO, very few ctoetoiis realllfsis -t.lab •lliTce qrtwtat* of tlxc most pwsvsUcant diseases WBi-c nil :i,(!ln-ibu:ii:iWe to -ftniiHly digcstfom. He them wont oa >l» sVy 'l^at n, chMtl of oivorage intiflHsanw knows that .putrijd men.t or doo-iyto'? vcffc.taiblcs are orwTOB, anil iwifift be avoided, nmd vet *hesc 'tfvmb fonds, (ivca if taken Hito «lie. storoiiich to «IK firesbest possi- to counlSt'iow soon decoiuipose. iwJess ifros'teid n:nd mibsoirlxM. . In swclii -cases Mw .rcsui!.tiinisr enter itoonysl-cffl, whicmacilics m woa;kiices''flind- d-eib'iflli.t;)- soon follow All-Kinds'of Drawings Made by It was rewgnliititom: wf 'IM* 't-T-'^t led ifte -Stokers to dovoitc QicJr oue«-giiic.s to die perfcctioui. of a product which would' stlurflatc Una .digestive -organs mid ,aisstet.t|h-am : to iierforai tibcfflr proper • , • ' symptom of disordered- di- is loss of nlppeate, and the Shaker Dttpestive Oordtol Is w<rnde.r- (ully efficienit in eiipply«»s any defl : -ctenicy.to. mills Tospaet,' nit the same time It rcffleves a,U dilstoess after, cat- lag. Fur.thermora, M. wns cinreCr.miy.ex- by oor.'venciralbkj 'frltmd, a Us ' bsouieB' . •Edtter erldeace of Hie Shakers' eomfl- tleace in It could not -be fouad, «Han •to Khe fact Hhait -flh-oy -hiave placed 10 cent, sample .bottles to «he toade ot all druggiistey ns'rared Hhtot.Hf oace.tri'ed it wiffll pi«odiioe sudhi. Hmmedlialte. and mairfced beaefilt Hart jit wffll be con .ttlnued. ;', .;,. : - - . , . • •• • .'.'•.'• BYRON B. GORDON. Spry Block Logansport Natural Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Ocfo ber 1st 1896, by.thatdate in order to be on time. ]•_;••*•':. -. •••..' •. - ' ', • ' * Lopspt 4 WaMsti; Valley Gas Co. 317 & 319 Pearl Street.

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